May 19th, 2010

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I started using Neutrogena's new Pink Grapefruit Facial cleanser. It helps clear up the blackheads on my nose and chin plus makes my forehead oil free. BUT it's drying out my cheeks and they're starting to peel. I've been putting aloe vera on them so the skin doesn't feel so tight, but it does nothing to stop the peeling. Any one have some face moisturizer suggestions for combination skin?

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I'm freaking out right now. I just had to call an ambulance for my fiance.
He didn't have anything on him (ID, SIN, Health Card). Do I need to find this and bring it for him? I don't know where any of this stuff is. He doesn't use a wallet and he puts it wherever, but he always knows where it is.

I'm waiting for my mom to get here to watch our son but I'm having a panic attack and I don't know if I need to bring anything?!  
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- how can i mend my torn sweatshirt sleeve ends best?

- i am trying to surprise my friend by getting a whole bunch of people to donate to his page for the walk for ALS (he lost a parent to it). will you donate/spread the info if i give you the link?
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Music question!

I just made some room on my mp3 player and borrowed some cds from the library. Thing is, there's only room for one of the cds. Which one goes on the mp3 player?

Lady Gaga's Fame Monster, Ke$ha's Animal, or Backstreet Boys Unbreakable?

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should i dye my hair a strange color? i'm almost 22 and have a job that doesn't care what my hair looks like, and i feel like if i want to dye my hair a strange color, i should do it before i get too old. : /

what color should i dye it? i was leaning towards bright red or maybe pink or purple, but i really have to dye it something because my roots are showing. i will probably be using manic panic, so these are the colors available to me:
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what do you think miley cyrus' fate will be?

fade into obscurity
end up like lindsay lohan
go on to become a huge pop princess
get fat
give up on pop and become a respectable musician
homeless crack/meth/heroin/whatever addict
stop working but still get her picture taken and invited to parties

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Do you have an annoying co-worker? What do they do that's annoying?

Mine is a lady at my job that whenever she passes my desk she tells me what she's doing. "I'm going to go get lunch" "I'm going to the bathroom" "I'm going to go move my car" "I'm going to go use my phone" - Sometimes I just want to yell, "I don't give a damn, just let me work!" :K

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All my life I've been shy but now I'm starting to come out of my shell. How did you overcome your shyness?

Will you subscribe to my YouTube or befriend me on YouTube? I sing covers of songs. (If yes, I will give link).
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To all sexually active TQC-ers in possession of a uterus:

Do you have an IUD?
If you have one, what kind? (Paragard, Mirena, etc.)
If you have an IUD, did you have kids before it was inserted?
If you haven't had kids, did your doctor try to talk you down from getting one?

I'm thinking of getting a Paragard IUD for several reasons. 1) I'm uninsured, don't make much money, and don't plan to have children for a long time, meaning it's much cheaper in the long run. 2) I cannot deal with hormonal birth control and the side-effects. 3) Using only condoms is making me antsy.

I'm just worried I'll get talked down from getting one (I am well aware of the downsides) because I've never had children and I'm only 22.

DK/DC: What "weird" food combos do you like? I keep hearing that 7-Up and milk is delicious.

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What do you do to pass the time?

What's the best advice you've been given? If it needs explanation, what area of your life does it pertain to?

Should I eat my roommate's pizza for breakfast? He didn't come home last night, so I should assume that some strange girl is cooking for him this morning, rite?

I'm dating a new guy but live with my ex and a guy that occasionally stepped in with us. Awkward, y/n? For who? Because it really isn't for me.
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You're reaching into the cupboard for a mug for your daily cuppa joe. All of a sudden, SURPRISE! The Genie of the Coffee Mug materializes. He explains that as he is only a Coffee Mug genie, his wish fulfillment isn't quite as far-reaching as those fancy-pants Lamp genies, and he has this to offer you:

He will send you anywhere, to any time period (past, present or future), for one week.

Where and when will you go? Why?

At the end of the week, you are given the choice: Stay there in that place and time period forever, or return to your regularly scheduled present-day life. If you stay, all your family and friends will know is that you up and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Do you stay?

ETA: Let's simplify this shit. No, you won't fuck anything up anywhere (or anywhen). Yes, you instantly are away of all the languages and cultural knowledge you'd need in order to not get yourself killed.
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Do you consider yourself a good listener? When someone is talking or telling you how they feel do you actively listen or do you try to put in your two cents regardless?

Me: I talk too much and have found that when my SO is telling my how they feel I often become very defensive and talk over them to try and defend my side. It is a reoccurring problem and I have not really improved much in this area.


Mobile phone games

What kind of games do you have on your phone?

I have two that came with my phone, (bubble town and soccer) The Sims 3, Life and I just downloaded Oregon Trail.

What kind of phone do you have?

I have a Sony Ericsson Equinox.

Cassette Tape Emergency

 Ok so does anyone still know anything about cassette tapes?  I have a tape that is really important to me that i found from like six years ago.  But before i could listen to it i spilled beer on it without knowing.  When i went to get it it was stuck stiff and i tried to wind it but it was stripping the .film tape (I'm not sure if thats what its called).  I really want to listen to it all and don't want to ruin any of it.  So my question is does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it?  I was wondering if i held it over a humidifier if that would ruin it even more?

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How long do you take to get ready in the morning normally?   What's the minimum amount of time you would need to get ready?

Girls, would you leave the house sans makeup?

I normally get up at 6:15.  I woke up at 6:55 this morning.  (EDIT: 15 minutes before I normally leave) I washed up, got dressed and left.  I wasn't late.

I am sans makeup at work and sans doing my hair (it's just in a fuzzy ponytail and i put on a headband)  I'm ok with it cuz I think I actually look pretty decent without makeup.   I woulda otherwise been late if I had a problem with it and had to put on makeup.  My hair is fuzzy but whatever


Volunteer work.

So, I just graduated with a Sociology degree. I'm planning on going to grad school but am still doing a lot of soul searching about what I want to go for exactly. Due to that, I won't be back at school in the fall but ideally want to be by spring or the following fall at latest. Now this leaves me to wonder wtf to do for the next few months. I have a part time job already that I don't want to give up due to decent pay/networking opportunities. Ideally I'd like a second job, but I was also thinking of doing some volunteer work over the summer if that doesn't pan out right away.

TQC, what kinds of volunteer work have you done and what would you reccommend? I'm in the NY metro area/Long Island if that helps at all. I'm pretty open minded, but I don't think I could handle something with intense physical labor (joint problems).


I'm on page 30 of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and so far I'm bored with it.

If you have read it,should I keep going or just quit while I'm ahead?
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A partial mocking, but mostly not, post inspired by an earlier post to this community yesterday or earlier today. Forget which. Anyway:

What are your first impressions of these 7 "people" based on their portraits alone? What sorts of words would you use to describe them? What sort of things do you think they do in their spare time?

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I have this weird habit of making a little "throat-clearing" noise before I answer the phone at work. I don't think I do this at home or anywhere else. Is this just me?

What are your weird tics?

Did/does anyone here stutter? How did you overcome it (if you did)? I had a very bad stutter in Elementary school and speech therapy worked wonderfully. I distinctly remember that weird feeling of words literally getting stuck in my throat. I think my phone tic may be a remnant from my stuttering days.

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Are you for or against unibrows?
If you are for them, will you show me pictures of attractive ones?
What about on children?
Is there an age where children should start taking care of their own unibrows?
Or should the parents deal with it?

Every couple months or so I nair my step-daughters unibrow. Her mother is from Chile, and her dark hair really stands out with the unibrow. One kid started pointing and making fun of her once, so I just like to take care of it so that doesn't happen. Am I horrible?

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I'm interviewing for a position as a parking valet today. What should I wear?

I'm pretty sure a suit is overkill, and it seems quite informal as they just said to come on down anytime I'm free to interview.

Here's an idea of what I'm working with: black dress pants, a simple black skirt (it's kinda too big though), button downs, some polos, some light sweaters, and a nice pair of jeans.

Alternatively, what are you doing today?

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Intelligent Design or Creationism? Why? Do you think there's a huge difference to begin with?

Do you believe that God (if you believe in God) intervenes in daily affairs or that everything happens the way  it's supposed to happen?

What do you think about the Out of Africa Theory? I know many people don't like to accept it.

DK/DC - Going with the food questions, what's your favorite foreign food?

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What are you really into right now?

What's the lamest thing you like?

What's the coolest thing that you like?

What's your favorite word?

If you could bring back any cancelled show, what would it be?

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So I'm on day two of Vicodin withdrawal (I was on it for the past week and a half for tooth pain). I'm feeling awful, listless and restless at the same time, and I have laundry to do but actually doing anything seems way too hard. Besides caffeine, is there any way I can speed up the process and just feel normal again quicker?

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Getting a tattoo in Hebrew or any language you don't actually speak or have any connection to?

lame with lamesauce and a cherry
whatever melts your butter
best idea since the invention of the internets

2) What is your favorite band/performer you've seen live? What was so great about the show?

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I just saw a bicycle commercial with a totally awesome song, and I tried googling some of the lyrics but I can't find the song!


"is this just a dream or is this my reality" or something to that effect is all I can remember now that I've been reading lyrics to the wrong songs. It's a slow-paced song.

It's not that Jump 5 song...

Got it! Thanks __ria

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Getting a tattoo for the 15th anniversary of my mother's suicide:  weird, or no?

My friend thinks it's strange of me to celebrate.  I say it's not celebrating, it's commemorating, and there's a difference.

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Who would give the best moustache ride?

The 'Dude'
Yosemite Sam
Freddie Mercury
Tom Selleck
Teddy Roosevelt
Ron Jeremy
Burt Reynolds
John Waters
Sam Eliot
Tony Stark
Inigo Montoya
Charles Manson
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Have you ever cheated on someone? Did that cheating experience make you more paranoid that you will be/are being cheated on with future partners?

I cheated on someone a couple of years ago, and now I get paranoid that the same thing will happen to me. I read into things thinking, 'I kinda acted like that when I was cheating and wanted out! OMG!!!' It's really friggin' annoying. How do I chill the fluff out and stop stressing myself out???

ETA: I guess I should add that I ended the relationship (it had lasted 2 1/2 years) after I cheated to be with the guy I cheated with. It wasn't just sleeping with someone else, I actually developed an entire relationship with someone else. Not sure if that makes it worse...
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 I'm having the biggest brain fart in the world. 

What's the name of the restaurant (I think it's a chain) where the waiters are mean to you on purpose? It's killing me.

Got it! Thank you!

EDIT QUESTION: Do you think being made fun of by your waiter (if you know it was coming) would be fun? How often do you think the servers who have this job are serious when they berate their customers?

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So one of my Facebook friends is all into supporting something called 'Draw Mohammed Day', taking place on May 20th.

The description from the Facebook group is this:

Hopefully this page will spark seroius debates in international forums. This page will continue to exist and the date will remain the same. PS: We are not trying to slander the average muslim , its not a muslim/islam hatepage. We simply want to show the extremists that threaten to harm people because of their Mohammed depictions, that we're not afraid of them. That they can't take away our right to freedom of speech by trying to scare us to silence.

What do you think about this issue? Should religious figures be fair game for interpretation (in this case in the form of a drawing) or should all individuals respect the wishes of a particular religion?

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I just found out that my ex lied to me about getting into his dream school up in NYC. I'm the only one he lied to about this. What the hell!

What was the last big lie someone told you? 

What's pissing you off today? Rant and use lots of bad words, please. 
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What is the best thing about being gay in a straight world?

What is the worst thing about being gay in a straight world?

(Heteros are free to answer as well)
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TQC, I've been on a cleaning purge of my room.

Do I keep a school scrap book from elementary (which was a crappy period of my life) and early high school (which was...not great but not horrific either)? I'm keeping stuff from graduation.

Reason why I ask is I do want to let go of all these memories, but that's just it, I'm worried down the line I'm going to turn around and look back at my life only to have huge gaps.

DC/DK, show me pictures of your pet!

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Does anyone know where I can find clips of Stephen Colbert talking about the space station he was almost named after? Anything and everything; when he was first talking about it, when he was talking about them going back on it, etc?

Failing that, just knowing the episode date would be really helpful.

Here in New Zealand I can't access the shows on his website. :(
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Dear TQC

Inspired by something in this documentary (Mugabe and the White African), I have three questions:

Is it possible to be a white person and an American?
Is it possible to be a white person and an Australian?
Is it possible to be a white person and an African?

ETA: Just curious. I'm massively upset by this documentary as it perfectly highlights man's inhumanity to man.

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The sun is shining for the first time in about 4 days where I live.

What is the weather like where you are?    Where are you?  (you can just tell me what state you are in  OR country if your not from the US). 
I am in PA.
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Does anyone here have a blogspot? If so, what's it about/link please?

I just started one and I've spent an hour footering with the template/background and still hate it. I hope this passes.

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Dear TQC,

I bought a new car three weeks ago and have been trying desperately to keep it clean and neat despite two messy kids and a messy husband. So you know what I did today? I stepped in gum, dragged it into the car, and smeared it across the driver’s side floor mat.

How do I get that shit out?
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This week I started a new job working as a receptionist at a college. During the downtime I am free to do “whatever” as long as it does not involve the internet or noise. I always do my homework and read the newspaper. But there is a lot of downtime and I need something else to keep me awake. Any ideas? I feel like there must be something I am not thinking of.

Any good non-fiction books you could suggest?

(no subject)

Do you know of any free sites that have really good borders and/or cute, non-cheesy love clip art/graphics?

Have you ever thrown a book away?

What is the most horrific book/movie you've ever read/seen?

What is the most horrific true story you've ever heard?

Do you find book burning offensive? 
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Guys, I have a problem.

My mom picked me up from school today to buy some material for my graduation dress, but we both forgot the list the designer gave me of said material. She was aware of that and didn't get mad at first.
But when I suggested that we could go back home to get the list and the rest of the material to take it to the designer as soon as we finished shopping, she got so angry that she said she wasn't going to help me with my dress anymore because I made her waste her time (she left her job early to pick me up on time) and I'd have to figure it out on my own. I don't have a car, and both my dad and sister are super busy right now and I'm too embarrased to ask them for help. 

What can I do?

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Guitar players of TQC:
How did you learn to play? Can you recommend any websites that might be helpful to a beginner?

Everyone else:
Will you show me a picture of a pair of sunglasses that you own?

Animal Crossingggg

Guys, Tom Nook is gonna dig me a basement. He is such a good raccoon. What color should my new roof be?
My choices are red, blue, yellow, green, pink, orange, aqua, pea green, purple, brown, white or black.

When was the last time you went back to something you haven't played/listened to/whatever in a long time?
I haven't played this game since like December.

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TQC, if you live with your parents (and you're both adults), how do you split up the household work? My dad is awful about not picking up/sorting through his mail, and I don't want to sort it and put something in the trash that doesn't belong. But it's kind of overwhelming and I just want to see the kitchen table again. And it's just my dad and me, so "getting Mom to do it/talk to him" isn't an option. Note: he also works all the time, so it's easy for things to just kind of pile up, and I feel really weird about being a nag about it (that whole housewife/daughter boundary line).
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My brother totaled his truck when he was driving back from college a couple of months ago. He's now back home from school for the summer and takes my car everywhere (most times without asking me). His girlfriend is staying with us for the time being, and also has a car, but for some reason they can never take hers (which would be the logical thing to do, since when they take my car, I'm stranded because my parents both work and I have no access to another car).

Do I have a right to be a little annoyed? When it comes down to it, I really don't mind sharing, just so long as I don't have anywhere to go/he lets me know he's taking my car and I'll be stranded.

ETA: He must have caught wind of this post, because he just took it again without asking me. His girlfriend's car is in the driveway. Definitely hiding my keys when he gets home.
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if you've seen the film the shawshank redemption, did you like it?

i have never heard anyone say they dislike it or even that they were neutral towards it. can you think of other films like that?

Picture post?!

Will you post a photo of a ~sexy~ gentleman or lady? Celebrities, models, etc., doesn't matter.

I've read every single post on hypersexed and alphamale on Tumblr, I want more hotness to look at >:O

Also: how you doin'?

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dear fashionistas of TQC,

Plaid: is it going to be out of style soon or not? I feel like if I buy plaid shorts now they will be out of style within the year. (Mens clothing btw if this affects your answer.)

dk/dc: Favorite color to wear in the summertime? Wintertime?
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Have you ever had an experience with an animal when it showed you a remarkable expression of love? If so, can you share it? I don't know how to describe it, I mean more than just random affection, more like something that surprised or shocked you?

This isn't super-remarkable, but one time when I was horseback riding, there was a piece on the bridle/bit that was bent and whenever I put any pressure on the reins the bent piece would jab the horse, Teak, in the mouth. She kept on acting resistant and stubborn. She's usually that way anyway, so it wasn't really unusual and we (my teacher and I) didn't know there was anything wrong. When Teak was acting stubborn, my teacher told me to be more strict. Well, it ended up with the horse rearing and me falling off. My teacher said it looked like Teak was going to land on me, but that she twisted her body really drastically in order to not. She also said that was the first time she'd ever reared like that when someone was on her. Once I got up and was recovering from the shock, Teak came over and kinda bowed her head and kept her nose at my knee for a few minutes. For an unaffectionate horse, that was pretty affectionate of her. <3
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I'm having a house warming party on Saturday night and I thought it would be funny/cute to have a playlist of songs with the word house in them.

Have any suggestions of good (or funny) songs with the word "house" in them?

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why do you think that many people are willing to give up choice and liberty as easily as they do?  

what is the most pretentious thing you've ever heard? 

because good things come in threes:

size of the boat or the motion of the ocean? 

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What is something you can't have but you really want?

If there isn't anything, would you get cosmetic surgery if there were no risks and it was a totally painfree, instantly healing procedure? What would you get done?

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Inspired by the margherita pizza debate a few posts below:

What is something specific about your country/state that is drastically different elsewhere, and it pisses you off b/c everyone else is clearly wrong?

(I don't really know how to word this question. I just want to hear you guys bitch in a very ethnocentric way. BEGIN!)
SPN - Winchesters

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So it turns out Lady Gaga is coming to Utah on her tour after all.  
Tickets go on sale on Friday, but the show isn't until  March 19, 2011!
How lame is that??

Now I'm facing a dilemma, because Paul McCartney is visiting Utah for the first time this July and his tickets go on sale this Monday.  
They are both likely to sell out before I can afford to buy tickets to both of these concerts. So I need to pick one for now and hope the other won't sell out that fast...which is unlikely.

TQC, which concert should I buy tickets for: LADY GAGA OR PAUL MCCARTNEY?

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I'm having semi-minor surgery Friday where I will be stuck in my bed for the majority of the weekend.

What do I need or should I have in my room with me while I recoop?

What would you have in your room if you were stuck on bedrest?

cat food brands?

I am trying to switch my two kitty-kids from Purina Cat Chow to a healthier brand.


The "good" options alone are mind-boggling, and I want to find a combination of healthy, relatively affordable and yummy enough for Picky Kitty (not pictured) to actually eat instead of knocking his dish over.

What do you feed your cats? What do you recommend?

ETA: Do you buy your food in a pet store (chain? specialty?) or online? I live in NYC and don't have a car, so it's kind of a pain carrying big bags of cat food around. I was wondering if it'd be worth it to try pet food direct or a similar site.


Ebay wont let me go to any other page aside from the first page of search options. It will not let me choose a size for search either.
Is this happening to anyone else? Am I missing something?

What was your last ebay purchase?

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What sort of animal is in this picture? (cut for size). Speculation at wtf_inc includes albino skunk, groundhog, badger, and really fat ferret. Source is which has great pictures of the little girl with other animals, but nothing to tell me what this particular animal is.


ETA: I screwed up. The pic behind the cut has the animal I'm asking about. The link that I give as "source" led to a picture of a leaping lemur, but now I've edited it to take to the same pic I'm talking about.

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I was thinking about studying abroad in England during Spring Semester 2011. Are there any really good websites I can use to help me do research about this stuff and find a good program to go with?

Has anyone here ever studied abroad before? What was your experience like?
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Anybody here use mobile internet sticks/dongles? Particularly interested if you're in the UK, but I wanna hear from anybody who uses this method of going online.

Pros and cons of mobile internet sticks? How do you like them? Are they secure/reliable? Can you really travel conveniently with them?
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NYCers, will you please recommend me restaurants in Manhattan that have good appetizers and are better than Jekyll and Hyde (yes you can say all of them because anything is better than that tourist trap)? American fare and Italian are preferred, but all recommendations will be considered.

(no subject)

Do you think this dip sounds terrible or good? Im trying to remember a dip my aunt used to make but I dont want to email her and I really want to make it for some people were having over. Heres to hoping no one throws up!

cream cheese in the bottom
chili with no beans on top
sour cream on top of beans
shredded cheese on top

bake for whatever amount of time, so shits hot.

shredded lettuce on top with tomatoe and black olive.

IT STILL DOESNT SOUND RIGHT, what is your favorite chip dip?

Should I just say fuck it and have people bring their own shit?

What should the punishment be if someone throws up in my house and doesnt make it to my roommates bathroom. (its their friends that will be doing the drinking beyond capacity) Be creative plz.

(no subject)

Will you tell me about any non-ear piercings you may have? The experience, cost, healing, etc.
ETA: I'm thinking about getting either my nostril or my tongue pierced so any information pertaining to those would be especially helpful, thanks.

What's your favortie song(s) lately? Bonus points for Youtube embeds/links.
Clem &amp; Joely

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1) Have either of your parents ever called the police on you? What for?

2) Has anyone ever called the cops on you? What for?

Me: A couple of summers ago my mom was being really freakish. Probably mainly to do with the fact my dad was in Alaska for a commercial fishing job. He goes every summer but she was especially upset this summer and was angry at me 95% of the time. One day she threatened to call the police and have them remove me from the house because I wasn't cleaning my room, but she didn't. She never apologized for the threat itself, but she later apologized for her "behavior" over the summer.

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Why do I feel blah after drinking a glass of milk? Well, drinks with milk in them... like Milk Tea boba drinks or Starbucks' Green Tea Lattes. I feel bloated, run-down, and tired.

As far as I know I'm not lactose-intolerant... I used to drink a ton of milk up until I hit my teen years.
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I don't go to church but I went to a spaghetti dinner at my parents' tonight they were having as a fund raiser for a trip the youth is going on. Some guy I don't know came up to the table chatted with my parents and then came up behind me and put his hand on the back of my neck and squeezed it. I shrugged and knocked his arm away. My dad says "you didn't have to act like that"

Well, wtf, why does a guy I've never seen before think it's ok to come touch me in such a way.

What makes people at a church think it's ok to touch people they don't know?
doing flips and shit.


for those of you who run, do you prefer to run on a treadmill or outside/on a track?

i used to run on an indoor track and i could never run on a treadmill. now, i can pretty much only run on a treadmill. i don't know if i have issues with pacing or what. i tried to go for a run tonight outside and i just CAN'T do it.

i'm still going to run at the gym because i like the treadmill, but i want to be able to run outside, too. how can i improve my endurance outside?
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Right now it's 9:21pm and 73 degrees fahrenheit! I reside in Minnesota. I can't get enough of this amazing weather!!

How's the weather for you, TQC? What part of the world are you in?

(no subject)

TQC, I'm bored.
Now what? 

Do you have any amusing macros? Entertain me bitches!

(And for those who are curious my fiance is okay. The paramedics said it was a mixture of a fever, a fainting spell and most likely a panic attack. His ID wasn't an issue either. I know this should go in TQC updates but I'm too exhausted from staying up all night in the ER to go back through the posts to find it.)

Cadbury Creme Egg

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Will you add up the total cost of everything you wore today (including handbag/wallet if you had one with you) and tell us how much it all cost?

What's the most expensive item? What's the cheapest? What, in your opinion, is the best value item?

(Inspired by this question where people were talking about expensive handbags being anything over $20. I wish I could find a good handbag for less than $20!)

For me: the most expensive item was my bag, which was $260. The cheapest item was my underpants, which were only $3! The best value item was a black velvet blazer I got from K-Mart (!) for only $39. The total cost of my outfit (including jewellery, stockings, underwear, shoes, etc.) was $796.


TQC, can you help me decide which colour bag to buy?

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DC/hate both bags: what's an item of clothing, or an accessory, that you just don't care about?
I don't care about blouses, but my mum goes nuts for them. Idgi.

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What kind of body language clues would you have to be given by your date to make you think it's okay to make a move (holding hands, casual but affectionate touching, and then the first kiss)?
TK and Kari

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Is your face skinnier/fatter than the rest of your body in terms of proportion?

The first part of my body I lose/gain weight in is my face, I totally go from looking gaunt to looking like Miley Cyrus.

Thinking Things

Asked my boyfriend if he wanted to do something special tomorrow night. He said yes that'd be nice. I asked what sort of thing. He said 'a thinking thing'
I'm guessing that means something vaguely intellectual.
What should we do?
Bearing in mind it'll be a Thursday night in a quiet city.
cabaret voltaire

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i'm turning 21 on the 23rd! sadly i am well uneducated about the great big world of alcohol.

what are you favorite alcoholic beverages? (i know this gets asked every 10 minutes but idc).
what should be the first drink i have on my birthday?
what will you get me for my birthday?
will you show off your favorite gifs of people boozing?
PoT | Gakuto | holla back

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Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head?  For a really long time?  Did it make you want to shoot yourself?

Of course, it really depends on the song.  Usually if it's stuck, it's because I already listen to it a billion times a day.  But sometimes my husband will play something that I don't like all that much, and if it gets stuck, I hate him for it.


I have a $70 giftcard for Best Buy and don't know what to get with it.
1) I have a Wii and already have Mario Kart and New Super Mario but am open to new games.
2) I have an Ipod Touch and all accessories I could need for it. There is a store in my town so it doesn't have to be purchased online.
3) I don't really buy movies or music

Any suggestions on what to buy?

ETA - it's actually in gift certificates from their reward points, and it expires in a few weeks. So I need to use it now.