May 18th, 2010

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How much do you spend on a bottle of shampoo? How long does one bottle last you?
How much do you spend on a bottle of conditioner? How long does one bottle last you?

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Would you rather sanitize or economize? Why?
(Spend redundant capital on sanitation equipment, or save all that money, while having an unsanitary home)

DK/DC: What's your favorite section in the New Yorker?
mr schadenfreude

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*What's the funniest site you've come across recently?*
Someone linked me to (NSFW) Lurid Digs the other day and I was honestly crying with laughter at some of the entries. Don't click if you have an issue with graphic images of gay men posing in badly decorated rooms. The best thing about it is the commentary which attempts to ignore the half naked men and instead focus on the bad interior decorating. My personal favourite is the discussion about an ugly attic that just happens to include a man suspended by his scrotum.

*What's the creepiest/most horrifying site that you've come across?*
Someone linked me to a site a while ago that is without a doubt the most disturbing site I have ever seen. It's even worse than the infamous "anorexicrecroom", which was a Not-Safe-For-Life pro-ana worship/kink community. Anorexicrecroom included pictures of a game I can only describe as "bulimic bulls eye" wherein emaciated bulimics tried to hit a target with their vomit. I kid you not :\
Yet this other place is far, far worse. It is the embodiment of Rule 34 and not in an ~OMG that is so disgusting hahaha~ way but rather in a ~jesus christ does Interpol know about this?~ way.
I actually contacted the federal police about the site because it's one thing to enjoy having someone pooh in your mouth whilst wearing a gumboot on your head and quite another to involve people &/or animals that are inherently incapable of consent. Unfortunately a google search shows that the place is still running :(

DK/DC? How was your weekend?
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I need to use you guys. So, srs only plz.

I'm writing a paper on Color-blind Racism in Education, but I'm having a hard time coming up with an actual thesis/question/whatever.
For the sake of flexibility, Education can mean higher education or public education or whatever works best for you.

I am just at a loss and it is making me sad. I need to be more specific, but damn.
Maybe I should take a nap?

EDIT: oh right.
What would YOUR topic question be?


Should I take a nap?

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tqc, have you ever been friends with someone who thought that they weren't worth saving and who had basically given up on themselves and pretty much thought they were worthless? is there anything you can do besides just listen and be there for them?

on a happier note: will you tell me the best thing that happened today, this week, and this month? and you can't say the same thing for all three. :P

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These questions are about the T.V. show LOST. You have been warned.

Do you like, love, hate, or ignore LOST?
If you've been watching religiously, how do you currently feel about the latest episodes?
Who are your favorite & least fav characters (dead or alive)?
Which character would you sex up?
Why do you think Kate isn't a candidate anymore?
If you could bring back one character that has died and kill off one that is alive, who would they be?
Will you just use this post to talk about LOST in general? Anything goes. Even LOST hatred. I don't care.

AND: A question google could probably answer, but I'm google-tarded: How many episodes are left?

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You are on Facebook and one of your female friends tells the whole world that she is expecting by posting a picture of a used, positive pregnancy test.

Is that tacky, gross, creative? What do you think?

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Update on this delightful creepy phone calls post...

Three days now, and I'm still getting the calls.

I've called the police, but in the absence of a concrete threat there's not a lot they can do. The phone company either can't or won't trace the withheld number/unknown number that's calling me, and apparently the police brains trust hasn't been able to do it either.

I can't go and stay with my family. They're a couple of thousand miles away, so it could be awkward. Most of my friends who I'd trust with this are also a couple of thousand miles away, and the ones that aren't so far removed - like my neighbours - all have small children who I wouldn't particularly want to see caught up in this if it turned bad. Creepy Phone Call Person should not get his kicks from watching me and a four year old.

I'm home alone for at least the next month - just me, a cat and a dog who's well on her way to senility. It doesn't seem to matter whether I answer the phone or not. They call every four minutes like clockwork either way.

What can I do to make myself feel safer?

What can I do to actually be safer?

ETA: Changing my number could be difficult. That's the number my husband's command uses to get hold of me if something bad happens to him, and military red tape is very slow to recognise when something's changed.
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Would you date someone six years older than you?

I've recently started seeing this guy who is six years older than me, and for whatever reason, when I sit down and really think about, it kind of freaks me out. How do I get over this?

TQC, this guy is so cute and sweet and amazing. Whenever I think about him, I get all giddy and excited and distracted. The problem is this whole situation seems to be interfering with my ability to eat. Yesterday, all I had to eat was some toast and yogurt, a few green beans, and a chicken thigh.

But then, at 4am this morning, I woke up with a killer tummy ache. Probably because my stomach was collapsing in on itself.

Do you get this way when you start dating someone you really like?

Any tips on getting myself to eat?

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I rarely to never eat red meat. I tend to eat Quorn products, chicken and fish - I'm not a vegetarian but as my other half is, we eat veggie together, I eat white meats if I'm out.

Lately I have been craving steak though. I had one saturday and I really really enjoyed it - something before I couldn't have even stomached. TQC why?? It's not an iron thing, I have high iron levels in my blood. So what is it?

srs and non-srs.
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So someone organizes an Ice Cream Social at work (let's say it's an office). The best frozen custard place is hired to come on-site and set up "shop". Offered are three varieties ofthe creamiest, most delicious frozen custard ever with a few toppings such as chocolate sauce, sprikles, nuts and even fresh fruit. The custard is fresh made (that morning) and so is the fruit. This is quality stuff we're talking about. The table where they are serving is covered in a pretty little tablecloth with a couple balloons - all around well presented treat for the office. The cost to you is $5.00 - this happens every month through the summer. Are you in? If not, why not?

tinkerbell sparkle

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I need a new laptop. All I ever use it for is internet, and MS office suite. Would it be better if I got a netbook instead of a regular laptop? Would I be able to do what I need to on a netbook?

Any opinions from those who have made the switch?

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So yesterday my boyfriend was telling me how much his mom loves me and that she blurted out that we "have to get married in the same protestant church as her other sons" ...
I'm Catholic for one..but am not really involved in the church and wouldn't even want a church wedding (I'd want an outdoors one or something).  My boyfriend is Athiest even.. 

Do you think she'll really make us do that?  Am I wrong for thinking it'd be "wrong" for us to get married in a church where neither of us practice that religion?   Am I being ridiculous and she was just joking, silly?    Am I thinking too far ahead (ie: we're not even engaged LOL)?

I had a nightmare about his mom having all the say in our wedding planning last night...lolol

If this happened to you when you were actually planning your wedding what would you do?

DK/DC:  What is your favourite type of chocolate?

How to announce a name change

I got divorced and changed my name back to my maiden name.  I kept my maiden name in parenthases in my email signature the whole time but most people won't know/remember that.

Should I announce this somehow so everybody knows and can find me better in the search directory or should I just start using it?

How should I do it so I don't have explain myself?  Nobody at work knows anything about this divorce.

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I'm in the final 20 selection process to man a stall at Glastonbury Festival this year.
Should I wear my old festival wristbands, or would that look try hard?
(A lot of people in the UK never take off old festival wristbands so I doubt i'd be the only one)

ETA: I know i'm overthinking, it just couldn't hurt to have a physical demonstration I enjoy this kind of thing, could it?
Also, I have already paid for a ticket, what do you think the chances of it being refunded are?

Do you enjoy music festivals?
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women and their decor

I am a very decorative 22 year old woman.  I live in a townhouse with my husband and I can't stand bare walls.  Everything needs to be neat.  Walls need to be filled with pictures or artwork.  Furniture needs to fill up the room tastefully, not overly crowded.  Are all women like this or am I just weird?

For the guys: does this bother you too or do you just not care about your living situation?

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Have any of you ever bought something from

Did you have any negative things happen with your order?

I am trying to find a dress to wear to a BBQ wedding at the end of this month, and something to basically lounge around in all summer, as well as wear to my rehersal dinner for my wedding in June. I am about 6 months pregnant right now. Which dress do you like?
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If not one of these, do you have a different inexpensive dress in mind that I should buy?
TK and Kari

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You ask a casual friend to see a movie with you and then they don't show up and don't answer their phone. You see them the next day they don't even apologize and simply say something came up, will they still be your friend?

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1. Ever built your own computer? I'd like to, but I'm lost on figuring out which motherboard to start with. How do I know which motherboard will fit into which case, and which motherboard will accept which CPU? At that point I can narrow down my choices ... I know I don't need onboard video or audio because I'd rather add separate cards for those.

2. Y'know the fucking Sultan of Brunei and the other oil magnates - how do they work?


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Are you a "live for the day" type or the "zomg! i need to plan for my futurrrre!" type?

Does the light (skin, eyes, hair) vs. dark (skin, eyes, hair) issue exist within your racial group/ethnicity? It seems to have gotten worst in mine.

DK/DC: I'm marinating some chicken wings with buffalo bbq sauce. Should I bake it or grill it?


do you ever get queasy from being hungry?
in the morning i usually dont have time to eat or am not hungry, and then around noon my stomach starts rumbling but i also feel sick at the same time :/ sorry if that makes no sense i tried my best to explain it.

DK/DC: what was the longest you've ever went without throwing up?
mine is 8 years.
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I just got a call from a Law Firm that is representing current and former employees of California Pizza Kitchen. There is apparently a class action suit against them due to violation of pay and breaks and shit like that (which is totally legit. We were never "allowed" breaks and if we worked overtime, we had to clock out for at least 10 minutes then clock back in to somehow not get the overtime pay. Total bullshit, I know).

Should I be apart of the class action and wait 4 years for my 20 dollar pay out or forget it?


I have a macbook and deleted every song off of iTunes and just kept it in my iPod. Is there any way to put these songs back into iTunes from the iPod? it's a lot of songs :'(
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i'm really quite happy. when's the last time you were really happy? what made you happy?

if you have the sads and are never happy, will you explain what it would take to make you happy right now? i will do my best to get it to you.

doctor who - tardis

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will you tell me stories of seeing people years after high school is over (they've gotten married/had kids/been arrested/etc)?

i just stumbled across the facebook of a girl i knew in drama class. she is now ridiculously hot and has a cute girlfriend. totally blew my mind.
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1. What is your most unhealthy comfort food? How often do you eat it?

Mine is McDonalds, and like once a week. I am ashamed.

2. How can I stop my unhealthy McDonalds habit?

3. My SO and I want to go see a movie tonight; should we see Robin Hood, Iron Man 2, or Kickass? Something else entirely?

4. What body part do you wash first in the shower?

aw | blink

Cell Phones

Which one should I get?

Similarities: bluetooth, speakerphone, qwerty, still cameras, price

(1) Keybo - 2MP camera + video camera, opens like a book to reveal qwerty
(2) Banter - 1.3MP camera + no video camera, slides open to reveal qwerty

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Too many? Sorry.

At what point does "just dating" turn into "boyfriend/girlfriend" ?
Does there need to be a conversation about this?

Do you think that having sex on the first date sets a bad tone for the rest of the relationship?

What's the best relationship advice you've ever been given?

How long have you been with your SO?

Where did you meet? What's the worst place you've ever met someone you've dated?

Skins and nudity laws

I'm wondering what the laws are in regards to age and nudity/sexual representation on television in england. In particular the E4 channel where Skins is shown. In the seasons we've seen under 18 yearolds naked on their side, side boobs, and/or butts of under 18 yearold actors and actresses. In the US that would not be allowed. So I'm curious, what the laws are like in regards to "minors"(not sure what constitutes a minor in the UK) in the UK? As well are they different in scottland/ireland/wales than in england or they're all under UK laws in regards to television? Are there different laws for E4 in comparison to BBC?
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1. If a restaurant advertises itself as having "Mom's Home Cooking!", what would you expect them to serve?

2. Did you get an allowance as a kid? How much? Did you have to do chores for it, or was it just given to you?

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The lights are on, but you’re not home
your mind is not your own
your heart sweats, your body shakes
another kiss is what it takes
You can’t sleep, you can’t eat
there’s no doubt, you’re in deep
your throat is tight, you can’t breathe
another kiss is all you need
Whoa, you like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh Yeah
it’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough,you know you’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to love

How can you tell if you're addicted to love?

You got those junkie shakes if you don't get your love every few hours
You're breaking into people's homes, stealing their tvs, which you pawn for cash so you can buy more love
Friends and family have had an intervention on your behalf because they're concerned you need to cut back on your love
You've said to strangers: "Gimme some love and I'll SUCK YOUR D*CK!"
Whitney Houston knows you by name
You've followed a complete stranger back to his house, then to his unlit basement just because he mentioned he had some love for you
You've started a 12 step program on curbing your addiction to love
You've said the words "It's not an addiction. I can quit anytime. I just like love, is all"
You've been in a situation more than a few times where you had to defend yourself against other 'love addicts' just because you were eying their love
I really don't know what the hell you're talking about. It's a Robert Palmer song about sex, isn't it?

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Does anyone here have a f21 promo code for free shipping? They are asking $10.50 for shipping and I feel that's a little much, and it's just standard 5-10 day shipping.

Should I have another slice of cake? Today I just don't want to eat real food it seems. Yummy cake.

What do you eat when you know you need to (pregnant, sick, ect) but aren't hungry for actual food?

WTF is "Texas Style"?

I live in Texas and there are signs and billboards down here that advertise a variety of things and all seem to begin or end with the words “Texas Style”.

Examples: Wilderness Safari “Texas Style” and All You Can Eat Buffet “Texas Style”

What kinds of things pop into your mind when you see or hear “Texas Style”?

Does any other state do this?


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TQC, what if your favorite kind of store-bought coffee?

What is currently stressing you out?

Do you have somewhat of a high-strung personality or do you tend to be more laid back?

OMG this guy is too funny

" Forcing tax-payers to spend money to advertise that group in elementary school text books, and holding parades with music and clowns, can only be intended to confuse 10 year-olds to set them up for molestation at age 13 when the body starts to overtake fragile reason. Only children, not adults, are swayed by clowns. Responsible members of that interest group would agree, and have a duty to step forward and say so.

To make it worse, some judges have joined-in and actually ordered text books for children to include pictures of same-sex couples, and have even ordered adoption agencies to hand-over innocent children to them. What chance do those children have to grow up healty? What chance do yours? Those too young and innocent to know what life is about can, by one molestation, be emotionally crippled and denied the greatest joys of life, forever."

1. Were clowns created initially to molest children?
2. As an adult, have you ever been swayed by a clown?
3. Are parades just thinly-veiled events engineered to touch children inappropriately?
4. Can pictures of same-sex couples utterly ruin a child's chances of growing up healthy? Do gheys have so much power?
5. Are clowns and gay people responsible for most of the world's child molestations?
6. If so, are there more clowns than we think or are they working around the clock to meet their quota?
7. Is a gay clown 200% more likely to grope the young 'uns?
8. Would you vote for Mel to keep our children's privates away from the roving reaches of circuses and bathhouses?
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I have to take a summer biology class (gross). I can either:

-take it at a community college close to me with an instructor who has no rating on
-take is at a community college farther away with an instructor who has a pretty high rating on

what do you think, folks? which one should I sign up for?

Divulging employee information

A coworker and I were just talking about this today: when we put in a request for a vacation, our manager wants to know why specifically we want the vacation time, and then will tell the whole store.

For example, if we're going out of town for a wedding my manager will write "Out of town for a wedding" in the schedule for all the store to see as opposed to simply writing "on vacation" or "out of town". My coworker didn't feel comfortable having this information shared with the store.

Is it inappropriate for our manager to do this? If we specified that we didn't want all our coworkers to know why we were taking time off would we be justified in doing so?

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I need to send a writing sample to be considered for an art reviewer position. What should I write about?

What is your favorite sexual position? What's the most sexually adventurous thing you've ever done.
I <3 TLV

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For those of you who play video games, do you use walkthroughs? I know some people see them as "cheating" but I'm playing Majora's Mask and I don't know how people would figure out what the heck you're supposed to do without one.
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Carriers of expensive (over $20) purses/handbags:

What is the attraction to you, your deep desire, to own such a bag?

I'm not judging (much), this is just something I've never understood.
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1. I will be living alone soon with my son (who will be 2yrs) and my daughter (who is going to be born in June). And in a city I am still relatively new to... I am currently staying with my mom in Dallas, Georgia. My husband does not live with me and he's getting deployed in September. I have lived alone before in Houston. But my brother stayed with me and for some reason I just felt safer living in a place I grew up. Even though I lived in one of the most crime infested areas of Houston (Gulfton!!) I never had too many issues.

However now with two kids I am alot more terrified at the though. My mom will live close and might see me 2 times a week. But other than that I am going to be by myself. Is there anything I should do to help keep me and my family safe? Do those alarm systems work, and are they worth it?? Can you give me any advice on what I should do/or avoid??

2. What does the dixie/rebel flag stand for to you? (Or whatever its called..) I never saw this flag in Texas but ever since moving to Georgia I see this everywhere! On people's front lawns and on their cars.. I dont really know much about the flag to be honest. But I had several people tell me it was a sign of racism. Is this true? I ask beacuse after hearing that I did notice every single person showing this flag was white. And my soon to be neighbors had the flag flying in their front porch.

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I just got given a pack of DMC Satin threads for my birthday - I'm an enthusiastic embroiderer but i've never used these before - I'm kind of excited about these since they'll be a new experience but I'm not sure what kind of project they'd be best for. Any ideas?

Also, I'm finding it really hard to sleep well just lately - suffering from midnight melancholy, restless legs and wildly-swinging sleep patterns. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to deal with this? It's late spring in my part of the world and my bedroom has a tendency to get hot and dry, could this have anything to do with it?
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English majors & grammar nazis:

What do you call a word that is both singular and plural? Meaning, it is spelled exactly the same regardless of whether it is singular or plural -- words like "money," "fish," "deer," et cetera?

Which sentence is correct?

Back-owed child support, called arrearages, is considered a legal debt that may not be discharged.

Back-owed child support, called arrearages, are considered a legal debt that may not be discharged.

Or something else entirely?

Edit: a friend is saying I should say this:

Back-owed child support, called arrearage, is considered a legal debt that may not be discharged.

But initially said the first sentence is grammatically correct.. and the first sentence sounds best to me. What do you think?

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I've been tutoring the same girl for about three years.
I was thinking of mailing her parents a little report card/progress report for this year.

Is this a dumb idea?
Anything in particular I should include?

I would also like to use the parents are references. Do I ask them in person/email/letter? (I only see them about once a month if that)

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Let's pretend you don't have a chopstick but you have other utensils, how do you eat your noodle(and spaghetti)?

This kid got in trouble in school because he ate his noodle with both fork and spoon

They didn't really explain how he ate it. I'm assuming he pushed the noodle into his spoon(which can get messy and annoying) instead of twirling it into a ball with his fork first. Because really, people, what is so wrong about eating noodle with for and spoon?

On another note, how do you eat pizza? Bare hands or fork and knives?

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I found out today that I have to have an endoscopy next week. Has anyone had one of these before? Can you tell me what it's like so I can stop freaking out? 

If not, what's the last thing you had to go to the doctor for?

question about family size

why is having many children (more than 5) in a long-term relationship considered 'irresponsible'?

it's not an argument heard so much about men fathering dozens of children, usually only couples who have like nine kids. what's up with that?
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Going to Portland!

Hallo TQC!

In 12 days, I am leaving for Portland, Oregon. I've spent quite a bit of time there -- my husband is from Newberg -- but it's been awhile. I'm going to be reuniting with him there, and I have a hotel downtown.

So I know Portland fairly well, and have all the standard stuff on my to-do list (Pearl, Powell's, Saturday market, etc.) Can anyone offer some suggestions and reviews of really cool, unusual restaurants, or good nightclubs, or less-known touristy things, or under-appreciated shopping areas or stores, etc.? Any good events happening between May 29 and June 1? We'll have a car so while staying inside Portland is best, we're not opposed to heading out to the suburbs.

Also! I'm taking Amtrak there. I've never been on a train before. I'm pretty excited -- it's even cheaper than Greyhound is up here and with a dining car! What's Amtrak like to travel long-distance?


What are some stereotypes of your (or any other) *race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, etc* that you really hate?
What are some you think are funny/silly/harmless*?
What are some you wonder where the hell they came from?
What are some you kinda believe are true?

If you could erase from the world entirely just ONE stereotype, what would it be?
There's a catch, to erase that stereotype, you must create another that will become instantly popular, what is it?

*I know that no stereotype is harmless because there is always going to be some type of privilege or discrimination behind it. But ignore that for a second and let's just have some fun, mmkay?

DISCLAIMER: Stereotyping is bad. Don't do it. Except now b/c I'm asking you to.
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Have we discussed the little 8 & 9 year old's dancing to Single Ladies, yet?

If not, what do you think? Are the parents right in saying that it's not at all sexual? Do you feel like this was really inspired from Alvin & the Chipmunks movie?

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SPN - Winchesters

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Are there any issues that make you very emotional? If so, what are they?

The small college city I live in is having a city council meeting and will most likely vote on anti-discriminatory laws based on sexual orientation tonight. If it passes, we'd be the second city in Utah to have laws that protect the LGBT community.   I was asked by a couple people to go and support these ordinances.  Even though I strongly favor this, I didn't attend since it's an issue I get very emotional about. I'm watching this live on our community channel, and some of the opposing arguments are just ludicrous.

ETA: It passed!

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1. Can you recommend to me some upbeat songs that are not about love/being in love/getting over love? I'm thinking maybe sort of non-srs rap or something, idk. I need to de-exify my iPod.

2. Who were you surprised to find out was gay? (Famous people, preferably) I had friends who were shocked to hear that Stephen Fry was gay! (Having said that, when I was young and naive, I had to call a friend just to double check that Graham Norton was gay...)

3. Where does the phrase 'I see you're gangster. I'm pretty gangster myself' come from? My googlefu is failing me.
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what would you do?

Anyone who's ever done auditions for theater: When the audition calls for 16 bars of a song, what do you sing -- just the first 16 bars/first verse of a song, any song as long as you can carry a tune on it, or would you go out of your way to sing the most difficult, challenging part of a song just to show you can hit the high notes? I'm helping someone prep for an audition right now and she wants to do the latter, but I'm thinking the former is more appropriate... however, I know nothing about theater. What would you do, TQC?

Who do you include in your references on your resume -- as in, what is their relation to you? Former employers, professors you worked extensively with, etc...? I teach music and I'm wondering if asking a few of my kids' parents who have seen me work if they would be a reference for me. Is that a faux pas?
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Who was the last person you looked up on Facebook? (You don't have to say their names...just who they are.)

DGAF: Who did you say "I Love You" to last?
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I read an article some time ago about Starbucks' branding schemes & how they try to tailor themselves to their locale & foster community environment, etc. Also, how they re-imagined the coffee shop as a hub of community in the 90's. I need to find said article(s) for a paper I'm writing, yet I have no idea when or where I read it. Any ideas?

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Besides birth control pills and depression, what can cause a decrease in sex drive?

Have you ever had a decrease in sex drive because you weren't being satisfied during sex? It's a bit confusing to me, since in my mind, your sex drive should double to compensate for it.
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Ok... the fiance' and I need to ask his frugal dad and stepmom if they're going to contribute money towards our wedding.  How do I go about this? SRS/NON-SRS:):)

What did you eat for dinner?

Have you ever lost or gained a significant amount of weight? I've gained a good 60 lbs since high school :\
Queen quote help

I was wondering if you can remember this quote. I have been looking for it everywhere but it still eludes me...

A guy and girl where arguing and they were in a sort of relationship, he decided to say...

"you only like me because I am broken, you like to think you can fix things"
Or thereabouts
I could have the quote wrong but that was the gist of their conversation
I am thinking buffy and spike...but for some reason its just not clicking with me.

Who can help me figure out where its from?
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If a director came to you and said that your immediate family was major inspiration for his new TV show, would you expect it to be a comedy or a drama? Would it be a half hour, or have to be a whole hour?
Comedy. Half hour. Think, Everybody Hates Chris-like.

Now, for the fun part: Who would play your nuclear family? mother figure, father figure, siblings, and any step-relatives. Base it entirely on physical features, not the actor/actresses typical characters. Pictures an obvious plus.

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Is it possible to cover up the smell of coffee brewing?  I hate the smell but we have a house guest who likes a cup before going to work.  I don't have the heart to ask him not to make it because the reason he's staying with us is he has no place to stay til the end of the month....he's in the middle of divorcing.  I've tried Googling but all I can find is ways to get coffee smells out of containers or how to use coffee to neutralize other odors.  Help?  

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Do any of you have Cricket? Do you like it?

Also, have any of you ever flashed your phone to a different service? How'd that go? How'd you do it?

I just got an awesome phone but Verizon is KILLING me, so I'm switching to Cricket and I want my awesome phone to come with me.

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Can anyone recommend a decent spa near St. Louis? Oh hell...I could/would probably even go as far as Chicago if it was worth it.

I've been stressed out lately and I think I want to take a mini vacation and go to a spa, but I've never been, so I'm totally clueless.

Links are a plus.
movie - I've got this

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Which would be worse: having to give a speech to a group of over 100 people or having someone you know (who you are not interested in dating/having sex with and this person is not a doctor) see you naked?

Does the answer change if you wandered naked into your own surprise party?
hello lion-o

i am doing a project on first impressions

What are your first impressions of these 7 people based on their portraits alone? What sorts of words would you use to describe them? What sort of things do you think they do in their spare time?

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(They know about the project but they will never see the feedback on the portraits. Feel free to say whatever you want... say something nice or mean or be politically incorrect if that is what you're feeling.)

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Poll #1566257 creepeh shows

what should i watch?

the twilight zone
tales from the darkside
tales from the crypt
unsolved mysteries
are you afraid of the dark?
twin peaks


who's in the mood to watch creepy shows now? let's host a tqc spooky show movie night!