May 17th, 2010

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When you are in your own house/apartment etc., and you go to use the bathroom, do you lock the door or leave it unlocked?

Does it depend on whether you are on the toilet, in the shower, or doing other bathroom related things like brushing your teeth?

I don't know why, but I always have to lock the door. No matter what. I hate visiting my cousins because they have one bathroom in their house, which means no locking the door since people regularly shower/brush teeth/go to the bathroom at the same time.
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Parents: how much is the most you've ever spent on an item of clothing for your kid? Non parents, how much is the most you ever would spend? Does it depend on the age of the kid? How?

Sorry for another jury duty question, but they said to wear proper attire, and say "No shorts, no short skirts, no tank tops, no weapons". Does this mean I can totes wear jeans, a tshirt, and flipflops? My aunt seems to think this is a terrible idea.

I'm going to the bar for refills. Whatcha gonna have, TQC?

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when's the last time you had really great sex?
when's the last time you felt really sexy?
when's the last time you smoked some really fucking dank bud?
when's the last time you did something really stupid?
feel free to go into details.
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What are some good songs that are about being friends, friends moving away, etc? Genre doesn't really matter

My friend is moving away and wants a video like I made for another friend when she moved but I don't want to use the same songs.

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Is there a community on LJ devoted specifically to bitching about your job?

What's the latest thing that annoyed you at your workplace?

Mine: I work at Mickey D's to save up money for school. Glamorous, I know. I'm just sick of getting shafted on the closing shift because I work steadily and don't take smoke breaks or text my boyfriend or whatever, & therefore end up doing a lot more work than anyone else. And, of course, because I'm good at closing, I'm stuck always closing. But tonight just took the cake: my shift manager and the grill person spent almost an hour smoking in the back and talking about all the pot they were going to smoke when they got off work. ARGGHGHGH.
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Haaay TQC. I'm starting a new job today! And I have to be up at 4am to get there but it's already 2:30am, so you're all going to tell me about your first day at your current workplace. Or, failing that, the worst first day you've ever had. Because I'm optimistic like that.

Anyone want a lockerz invite? Leave your email addy if so, or inbox me if you don't want your email plastered on a comm.

What's your best feature?

Smokers: Why/when did you start smoking?

For a boy. I was 15 and kept daydreaming that he'd ask me for a smoke and idk, we'd fall in love all of a sudden. I...I was a stupid teenager.
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What is the difference between non-profit and not for profit?

Finally found a coherent example: a non-profit is an organization that dedicates time to and usually actively pursues income for a specific cause or charity. Examples: PETA, The Susan B. Kolman Foundation

A not for profit organization is a group that participates in an activity and does not actively pursue income, and may fund operational expenses through things like membership dues and fees. Examples: a school club, a sports team, a support group.


1. Is there a television series you used to follow religiously but looking back now you have no clue why you liked it so much?

2. Have you ever cried over a television series? Which one?

3. What's your favourite right now?

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It's 4am, and I have to be up at 9. Assuming I do get tired, which do you think is better: an all-nighter or a couple of hours of sleep?

Is there a situation in which you'd go against what you'd normally find morally wrong/have you done this? Details?

(e.g. stealing food because you're starving, attacking someone to stop them hurting someone else, sleeping with a married person because they're your fave celeb and it's a once in a lifetime thing, etc.)
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do you frequent any coffeehouses? which ones? what do you order?

i go to a local coffeehouse in uptown minneapolis a couple times a week and get a latte. and every morning when i'm in school, my bus stop transfer where i have a 20 minute layover is in front of a starbucks so i always get a green tea shaken iced tea lemonade, sweetened.


post cute shit.


I'm pretty sure my roommate is incompetent. I asked her to get a whole fresh chicken for me to boil and use in my chicken and dumplings recipe for our dinner tonight. After answering all her dumb questions "like a rotisserie chicken??" "where do I find the whole chickens at the grocery store??" "what kind of chicken??", she ends up buying a fully seasoned oven ready chicken complete with roasting bag...ugh. I really didn't think she could mess this one up.

So do I take the chicken out of the roasting bag and boil it as usual per my chicken and dumplings recipe, or do I just oven roast it and cook it according to the package directions and add it to my recipe after?

dk/dc: What things does your roommate do that makes you shake your head and question their chromosome count?

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TQC, My student worker is graduating on Friday. What awesome present should we get her? (She's transferring to a 4 year, but she isn't moving away, so she doesn't need dorm room stuff.)

Does your SO/spouse always know your plans? It seems lately, every time I make plans with friends, the husband wants/needs to know what I'm doing and it is driving me insane.

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I'm getting creepy phone calls.

Over the last two nights, around midnight, I've had about thirty calls. They're all exactly four minutes apart - I've timed it - and when I pick up the phone, no one speaks. There's just a metronome clicking over, and a song starts to play.

Whoever it is, something about the song they've chosen makes me think they might know that my husband's away and I'm home alone no matter what.

I've called the phone company, but apparently they can't track the number. It always comes up as just an unknown number anyway, so I can't see what the number is to call this person back and tell them to fuck off. It's not threatening as such, but...

What should I do, TQC?

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I'm going to Toronto alone on Wednesday. I have never been to Toronto (I'm from Rochester, NY.) How lost am I going to get in this city? What interesting things are there to do in Toronto that won't cost me a lot of money?

I'm going up there to see the Buzzcocks. I don't know any punks with a passport. Is there anyone here that would like to join me?

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I have a literature exam on Wendesday. We can write on one or two texts. So far I have only revised one. Do you think I should revise the second one?
(It would be comparative, and I would be using Frankenstein and Lord of the Flies)

When was your last exam?
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I found a dog on my front porch this morning. It's raining and she's scared, could have puppies somewhere, and has sores all over her. I just posted on craigslist, but it looks like she's either been missing for a long time or abandoned. I can't keep her. What should I dooo? Right now I have a box with a blanket out there with food and water

She's being picked up to be taken to a no-kill shelter. I cried after I called, but after so many of you saying how cute Little Mama is I'm hoping she has a chance.

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if you speak arabic:

can you please tell me what the english word for what sounds like "edefique" means?

got it

what was the last thing you lost?
did you end up finding it?
any strange stories of how you found something?

Need video advice.

Okay, so this may be a dumb question but I have way to many videos on my computer, like home videos and such. I want to be able to update them to a site like Photobucket to save space. If I upload them to Photobucket is there a way to get them back on my computer if I should choose to do so at a later time? If not, is there any website where I can upload videos and then re-save them to my computer at will?

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I'm having a crappy Monday.
AT&T took their money out of my bank account 2 days early.
My "pumpkin ball" on the rear axle of my truck seized due to a loss of 90 weight lubercant.
And once again, my roommate fucked me on his half of the rent.

What else can *possibly* go wrong today ???

How's your Monday so far???
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What language should I learn next semester?

I'm an anthropology major, concentrating on primatology. I really like archaeology too though. I've taken French in the past so I'd rather not take that.

How many languages are you fluent in?
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Census takers of TQC, are you working relatively close to home? Have you been working consistently? Are you enjoying being a census taker?

The area they gave me is like 30 miles from my house because they put me in the wrong group. I haven't worked in a week and half. The ~crew leader~ told us that there are no new cases available because our local office can't get their shit together.


1. Do you fly often? Are you usually alone or with friends/family?

2. What do you bring with you to entertain yourself?

3. What snacks/meals do you bring with you? Do you buy food at the airport on layovers?

4. Window, middle, or aisle seat?

5. Will you tell me about your worst airport/flying experience?
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I'm supposed to be moving today but it's raining. Is it going to really suck?
Have you ever moved in the rain?

Should I put it off to another day? I don't have to be out of my old apartment until the 31st, but I really want to move as soon as possible.
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on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 not being a big deal and 10 being jfc, wtf get this phone away from me) how much do you enjoy making phone calls?

what kind of shoes are you currently wearing?
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Are you one of those people that pronounce the H in words like when and whip?

Why do people who pronounce the H in words like when and whip put the H before the W?

In unrelated news:
Do you like fruit and/or raisins in your chicken salad?

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Option 1 (Mondegreen):Will you post some lyrics you misheard and let us guess what song it was?
Option 2 (Sing-a-long):If you don't want to do Option 1, will you post some obscure lyrics to a song so we can reply with the lyrics that follow it? (no googling)
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Camera/film question.

Probably a dumb question, but... I just found an unused Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash camera (disposable camera) in my drawer from when I went to my high school senior party, lol... apparently the film expired 4/2008. How critical are film expiration dates anyway? I was just going to use it for taking pictures of the shoes I have in the closet and develop the pictures so I know which shoes are in which boxes. I'd say I kept the film under okay conditions... is it worth a shot to try to take pictures or should I just throw it away?

What goes into a good PBJ?


What kind of bread?


What kind of peanut butter?

Substitute almond/pecan/some other kind of butter instead of peanut butter

Kind of jelly?

Orange marmalade
Other (there's dozens of different varieities of jelly)

Special touch?

Cut off the corners
Toast it
Add honey
Add banana
Serve with milk
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How did your parents meet? And are they still together?

My dad was featured in the newspaper and my mom wrote him a fan letter, and he asked around about her and people said she was pretty. So they met in person and started dating. No they're not together anymore.
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as you may or may not know TQC, i work retail. i have this frequent customer that comes through my line that works at the store across the street from me. we always engage in conversation, and yesterday he bought me orange juice... so tell me if i'm wrong but i'm going to take it he may "like" me. which is cool, he's pleasing to the eye and quite friendly. OH and said he "wants to be a teacher" after inquiring what i'm going to school for.

but that last part scared me. since he's said that i am concerned over his age, some people don't even think i look 18 (i'm 22), so i'm afraid he may be a bit younger and, in turn, think i am younger (though to me, he looks to be around 19-20ish wish is OKAY in my books). should i keep going for it or should i back off until i know?

what should i do?
and what are some (COMPLETELY SRS ONLY PLZ & THNX) ways to get his age out of him?

DK/DC: apple juice or orange juice?

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It's all fun and games until someone ______

Gets hurt
Loses an eye
Gets deported
Loses their footing on the woodchipper
Releases the hounds
Calls 911
Does all the blow
Shows up with a hooker
Spikes the lemonade with roofies
Releases the demon trapped behind the 'DO NOT BREAK OR DEMON WILL BE RELEASED' display case

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If you worked in a small office (with 3 people, one being yourself) and you had been/were being ignored all day, what would you do?  Coz it's happening to me and it's making me feel really crap.

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Some people who know me call me narcissistic, cocky, conceited, big headed, self-conscious, insecure, and someone even went as far to say I have BDD because of my constant complaints about my looks. I consider myself a little insecure but I have also gained a little confidence recently but people mistake that for cockiness.

How is it possible that I can be viewed as vain and insecure by the same people? Does anyone else have this issue?

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You have to come up with a name no longer than eight characters. You have uppercase letters, lowercase letters, the numbers 0-9, a period, and a dash available to you.
What name do you come up with? The funnier the better.

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Would you rather be single or in a relationship? Why?
Are you single or in a relationship?

What are your favorite things about being single?
What are your favorite things about being in a relationship?

I'm in a relationship and everything is cool with us, but sometimes I just miss the single life. Can I get some commiseration, TQC?

ETA: Unexpected result of this post: I am now feeling less "grass is greener" after reading everyone's reasons they like being in a relationship. Sweet.

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I suck at googling, but I have found some of what I'm looking for.

Will you post pictures of fashion reminiscent of the 1930's or the more conservative fashions of the 1960's (eg not anything you'd see one of Austin Power's female sidekicks in) but more high waisted tailored pants and sweaters or something?

Don't care- will you post a funny .gif or macro please?
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What the hell do you do when you have a headache that just won't quit?

I already took a fuckton of meds, drank some coffee & a bottle of water, took a nap, and whined a lot. How do I make it stop? :(
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Audiophile members of TQC: suggestions of a brand/model of stereo amplifier, that puts out a good quality sound for not too much cash?

I found a bunch of old stereo equipment of my dad's in the garage (early model CD player, equalizer, FM/AM reciever) but my brother bogarted the amplifier (Optonica/Sharp SM-3636) D: So I'm going to hunt around the pawn shops/garage sales to see if I can find one for myself. Also maybe probably a turntable. Just because.

DK/DC: What did you do today? I was out in the garden all afternoon pruning and taking photos of plants and shit.
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How do you neutralize a garlic smell?

My housemates made garlic and basil noodles last night- and the apartment still smells like it- but it's freezing outside so we logically can't open the windows. D:

What is your relationship with garlic?
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I have a bunch of celery sticks. Normally I eat them with Ranch dressing (smothered with dressing) but now I am trying to be more healthy.

What else can I put on celery sticks to munch on them with joy?
I know about peanut butter...what other combos work?

Cheers to healthy snacks!
It's Yamapi approved!

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I was watching Tyra a few days ago, and she was doing an updated story on sugar babies. This time, the girls were doing it for college. One of the girls was a college senior, getting some older guy to pay for her tuition (and other things like clothes, apartment, etc). She says that she used to work multiple jobs but was almost failing out of school and that's where the rich older man comes in. But she's not giving him sex, just being a "companion" to him.

What do you think? Is she wrong for taking his money like that? (He obviously knows what it's going towards.)
Is there a difference between this a being a gold digger?
Would you do it if you were provided the chance?
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The uncomfortable question that involves bugs and poop

You're sitting on the toilet, mid-poop. You're sitting there, straining, about to make another contribution to the bowl, when you see movement to your left. You look up and see a cockroach moving quickly down the wall towards you. The poop is still midway to freedom. What do you do?

Finish pooping and just lean the other way so the roach can't get on me, lifting my feet if necessary
Screech, clench buttcheeks (bisecting harmless poop) and leap off the toilet to avoid the bug interloper
Grab a large wad of toilet paper and smush the stupid roach with it. HDU INTERRUPT MY POOING!

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Mango rum + pineapple juice = amaaaaaazing. What else would go well with mango rum?

What's a smooth way to ask someone if they are D&D free or to put on a condom during a one night stand? Or if you're going about having one night stands, does it even matter?

Have you ever had to live in a really small apartment/house/room? What'd you do with all your stuff?
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Almost everyday I find a huge, buzzing bumble bee in my bathroom.  I always capture them in some tupperware and release them outside.  
Today I was a tad late, when I went in there I saw it go down the sink!

TQC, where are these bees coming from?!

Do you like bugs?  If so what's your favorite?

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I have an exam coming up, which is worth 40% of my final mark. I have already done an essay which was worth 40% and got full marks in the remaining 10%. ETA: There's another 10% in there which I got full marks for!

If I got 60 in the essay, what mark do I need to get in order to get 60% overall?

I'm doing English for a reason....I can't for the life of me even start to figure this out!

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So I'm backing up my iPhone on my computer because it backs up your contacts, and that's what I want. I don't want to resync my music because it's from my old computer and I don't want to lose it. The Apple website isn't helping me at all because it keeps freezing my computer. I have plugged my iPhone in, I have clicked "sync only checked songs and video". Will that not do contacts aswell? There is no contacts box.

I then went to the info tab, and for contacts I selected "sync contacts with..." and then it says "windows contacts" and then I clicked "all contacts". Will this back up all my contacts? I don't have any windows contacts saved so I don't want it to erase everything. Help?

What is your perfect dinner?

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1. My roommate has left a pile of plastic storage-ware, with the remainders of food from a camping trip, on the kitchen counter next to the sink for the last like. THREE MONTHS. It's time for me to trash that shit, y/ny?

2. Rock Band or Guitar Hero?
2a. What is your favorite song to play on either of these? On what instrument?
2b. What level do you play on?

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Is the backing band on Dancing With The Stars as awful as I think it is?
Where does that show's budget go?
Why do people watch it?

If none of this applies to you:
What's your favorite stone/metal/gem?
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No-kill mousetrap?

I'm looking to make a homemade no-kill mousetrap. The only things I've found online are assuming you have mice running around on the counters, but we have mice under our house, apparently, and I need something that sits on the ground. Can you recommend anything? My dad has evil mousetraps down there and I don't want to kill the mice. =\
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Which TV show would you like to see expanded into a movie?

Inspired by Sex & The City 2 commercial I just saw, and the first movie being so bad and unlike the show.
omg. onoz.


So I'm writing a rant in my lj and need to come up with a funny line.

The sentence I have is: "no one cares that you almost have an associates degree. That's like saying "I almost have a high school diploma."

Is that lame? Does it make sense to you?

How about this one:

That's like saying "I almost finished high school."

What do you think?

Can you one up that?

My friend is a dumb ass and tried to screw unemployment. He now owes the state of Michigan $2,100.00. His plan? Leave the state and move to Colorado to avoid paying any of the penalties. He has not finished his education yet and does not plan on going back to school in CO. Yet he refuses to work for eight dollars an hour here.

I tried the "pay the fines and be an adult" about it approach. It did not work. Is there any way I can convince him to not be such a dumb ass and do the smart thing and man up to his mistake?

[Also, sorry for offending those who have an associates degree or ones that may be working on one. Sorry, my best friend is acting like a child and I'm pissed. Again, I apologize.]

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 I'm looking to buy a new camera. It's my graduation present from my dad, but instead of giving me the camera he gave me $250 to buy the one that I really want. I have no idea where to start does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to spend much more than $250...and I think I like Nikons...but I'm kind of searching blind...not sure where to start.

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What movie could my old, British grandmother and my mom watch?

They like things like Calendar Girls and Gone with the Wind.

They don't have a clue about what movies are out or anything, and I can only think of Iron Man and stuff like that :/

I was thinking about Nine, with Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard.


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Do you use less electricity than your roommates? If so, do you bug them about it? If you are the one draining the electricity, do your roommates bug you about it?

Are you male or female? I have a very rough (likely wrong) theory that guys tend to complain about the use of electricity than girls.

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1.) Someone I know had surgery today for blocked arteries. So blocked, that they have to be replaced entirely. Smoking increases the chances for many medical problems. But if this person had been smoking for years and years, is told that they must have surgery, and continues to smoke cigaretts AND weed reguarly until they go into surgery....would you still feel bad for them? What if you were the only person that didn't feel bad for them?

2.) What is the best way to help a person see the error in their ways?
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1- When was the last time someone gave you the cold shoulder? Why were they doing this?

2- What are you looking forward to wearing more of this summer?
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Does coca-cola go bad?

I would say no, except that the last couple cans I've had out of my stash have tasted a bit off. Almost like someone contaminated them with rum. Just a little bit, but enough for me to notice. It's very strange.
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When's the last time you wanted to give up on something?

I'm retaking a programming course and it's even harder than the last time I took it. The more I stare at the assignment, the more discouraged I get. =[

And a happier question: What's the last piece of good news you got?
-My midterm this Wednesday is open book! Huzzah!
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Have you ever sold your gold or other jewelry for cash? I see these "SEND US YOUR SHIT IN THE MAIL AND GET MONEY" commercials and REALLY doubt the reputation of these places.  The reason I ask is that I have a huge, ugly 18k gold coin that I'd like to sell, but am not sure who or what to trust to sell it properly.

What's your favorite "simple" pleasure?
I vote... hanging out in my new apartment in the nude or ice cream cones. Or put the two together:-D
boy and girl in love

Working for a bank...

I'm applying to work as an Atm Proof Clerk for a local credit union. I have an interview tomorrow. I'm supposed to fax over my information for a background check. I am supposed to include my last three employers, but I only disclosed my current employer, and two other jobs...I was previously employed by two other companies. Does it matter if I put the same previous employers as the application, or should I put the actual past three employers?

Have you ever worked for a credit union or bank? Did you like it?

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i got this really funny text today from some guy named Joe looking for Bob. it said

"This is for bob i meet u at thrift store about 3 weeks ago man . I gave you some ty downs . U told me to call u. u mightve been getting rid of a few
Things. Im joe"

what do you think he meant by ty downs? i'm trying to decide if he meant tie downs, like bungee cords or something, or if it's some code for ecstasy or something.


I'm just emailing around to see if anyone here wants me as a volunteer. Emailed the zoo (for human related things not animal) and a local museum. :D I'm hyped, and I really hope I said the right things and that they have a need for volunteers right now.

I'm considering looking at other places too. Red Cross (helping with the elderly), homework help places for refugees, RSPCA for kitten/puppy socialisation, other museums...
How much  volunteering do you think I can do before it's just silly to do it? If both accept me I'll be doing about two or three partial days a month.

Do you volunteer? Where?
Do you want to volunteer? Where?
Where should I volunteer? Other suggestions are welcome! I like things to do with people (except for the puppies one...)
What is your 'theme' for volunteering? (eg mine is "helping people" with quite strong 'teaching' overtones).
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What are some completely ridiculous things that your s/o, or most recent ex, gets pissed about?

My ex used to rant if I didn't tell her that I was going to be doing something as mundane as having lunch with my mom at least days in advance.

dk/dc/never dated anyone cause you're a loser: What is the last thing you argued with your parents about?
TK and Kari

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Are you more polite to girls than to guys?

A friend of mine got into this conversation with me after she tried to sit next to a girl on the first day of class. The girl told her the seat was reserved for friends, and told my friend to move 3 seats down. Then said "oh my god I can't believe she actually moved three seats down." And my friend did nothing even though she would have snapped back at a guy.

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have you ever met an internet friend in real life?

i would like to but i'm only 18, and i feel like it's an episode of criminal minds waiting to happen...the person i'm talking to seems pretty legit though, so i'm unsure.

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Don't you hate it when you're like quietly singing a song to yourself and someone's like 'hm what did you say?'?

And then you have to be all embarrassed like ooo I was singing a song.