May 16th, 2010

TK and Kari

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So my dad and I went to a French restaurant for dinner and he ordered a bottle of wine that had no price tag. Check came, wine was $130. LOL.

Have you ever had a fail-moment like this?

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How do you cook your chicken boobs?

I usually dip them in a mixture of egg/salt and then into bread crumbs, then I fry them. It tastes good but I wanna try something new.

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Can we play that game where you name an actor, another person names a movie they're in, then another person names a different actor from that movie, then another person names a movie that person is in, AND SO ON?

Can we start with GEORGE CLOONEY?

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have you ever smoked "herbal incense" aka High Times weed? a friend of mine texted me talking about how fucked up she was and said she smoked herbal incense. does it really do anything to you? she's not really a pot smoker and she has a very low tolerance, so maybe it's a placebo effect. have you ever been ripped off buying weed and it was that fake High Times garbage?

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I need to get my driver's permit quickly, probably here in the next two months at least. I have my booklet and I've skimmed through it several times.

Would it be necessary to study the parts about the motorcycles and things like that if I'm not going to be driving one? It'd probably be wise to just study the entire booklet, right?

When it comes to tests, I get extremely nervous and usually mess up. Any study tips so I might be able to memorize better?


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alright lushes, i need your help: i have a bottle of pinot grigo from 1999. it has never been opened. i just removed it from the fridge, where i've kept it the past month. there is some shit in the bottom, but it goes away when i swirl it.

should i drink it, y/n?

dk/dc: what is your favorite kind of wine? for all the non-winos out there, what is your favorite kind of sauce?

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my downstairs neighbours (in a duplex) made sauerkraut. if you've never had someone make sauerkraut in your living space, let me tell you: it smells like if a drunk stinky homeless guy threw up on himself and then decided to light some old tires on fire in a mcdonald's trash compactor.

either that or they all died 3 weeks ago and that's what smells.

how shall i get revenge?


Who's the last person to amuse and disturb you at the same time?
What did they do?

My fiances friends were sleeping over two nights ago.  "R" got really drunk and decided that he wanted to sleep where "S" was sleeping (ON the sleeping bag on the hardwood floor). Since kicking "S" didn't work  he whipped out his penis and urinated on him instead. 

Of course "S" rolled over and freaked out. "R" finished up peeing on the sleeping bag, then proceeded to lay down in his urine on the floor and fall asleep. He woke up the next morning and went straight to work, without showering. Classy. 

What are your plans for today?! 

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Did you ever read The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis? Why do you think filmmakers/production companies only concentrate on making the first 2 or 3 books of the Chronicles of Narnia into movies and none of the others?

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When you answer your phone, specifically your cell, do you look at the caller ID and greet them accordingly or do you still pretend you don't know?

ie: "Hello?" or "Hi mom!"
Bite me, bitch...

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The add/drop deadline is tomorrow and I'm still trying to decide:
Should I add one more class and be a full-time student or keep my 9 for part-time?

Scheduling is not an issue and my financial aid already covers everything. Beyond getting the extra three credits and being eligible for certain programs (I'm trying to find out what they are are if they're worth it), does it make a difference?

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Thanks anyway, TQC. ^_^;

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You have been offered a million dollars to make the world's most boring movie. What sort of movie would you make?

Of course, there's a few restrictions on this: You cannot make "Watching Paint Dry: The Movie" or anything similar. It can't just be a camera pointed at the wall, sky, ground, etc. Something has to happen in the movie; there has to be some kind of plot. Also, it has to be at least 75 minutes long. There's no limit on maximum length.

So, within those restrictions, what would your boring movie be about?

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My boyfriend and I decided it's time for me to get on birth control.  Problem is, I don't have insurance and I've never been on it before so I don't know what quite to expect.  He's offered to pay for it, so I was wondering, what's the going rate?  How much would it cost for the doctor's appointment?

DK/DC:  What's your favorite non-alcholic drink?  Alcoholic drink?  Mine are green tea and pomegranate martinis. Yummm.
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TK and Kari

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Let's say you went to the gym for the first time in 2 years, and the next day your muscles ached all over.

It's been 2 days and you're still sore. Should you wait for your muscles to stop aching before you go to the gym again?
all you need is

Gift Ideas

   While I'm temporarily homeless I'm staying with my dad's coworker's mother for about a week. She's the sweetest Dominican lady you'll ever meet who doesn't speak English very well. I'm trying to think of an appropriate gift or gesture because she's been so kind in letting me sleep on her couch (and feeding me as well). Do you have any ideas? I'll keep an eye out throughout the week if anything pops out at me, but I'm not sure if there's an obvious answer. She won't accept cash and her apartment is really tiny, so there's not much room for a nice plant.

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dear tqc:
I am about to start selling some jewelry at a local store that specializes in handmade stuff.
I think i need a name for my little business.
I cannot think of anything...and i pretty much need a great idea today.

i would consider something with SUZER or SUE or SUSAN in the title...but anything else clever is welcome.

here is a small sample of what I've got:

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Hey TQC, would I be able to wear this dress with a coloured t shirt underneath it, and not look retarded? Would it look cute with some big black buttons sewed on to it? (front/back straps and/or by the pockets at the waist)

ETA if not a t shirt, what about a plain white tank top?

I stretched the shoulder straps by not laying it flat to dry after washing, so the neckline is too slut-tastic to wear by itself. But I paid $80 for it, so I'm not getting rid of it. Also I really want a jumper/pinafore dress!

What are you most excited for or most looking forward to this summer?

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Why do the most amusing posts always get deleted?
Will you share with me your favorite thing on the internet?
ETA: It was the 420 post and it had just started to get funny.
♥ rave

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If I wear flats or tennis shoes, the back of my heels always get cut. If I wear socks, they never stay up (at least in tennis shoes) and my heels continue to get rubbed up. I've tried wearing bandaids to fix this, but they always fall off from the friction when walking.

Does anyone else have this problem? Do you know if there's something made specifically for this problem? My feet thank you.

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1. What was the dumbest reason why your current or exboss wouldn't fire someone?

2. I think everyone has met someone that has told them their life story within five minutes of meeting them. What was the wildest/funniest/really personal story that someone has told you within minutes of meeting them?
doing flips and shit.

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inspired by a group of floridians making fun of the way i speak..

how do you pronounce "elementary?"
elemen-tarry or elemen-tree?
where are you from?

apparently i pronounce it "elemen-tarry." i'm from new york.

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Do you think it's gross when people don't shave?
(This goes for men and women)
More usually when women don't shave their legs or underarms, and men their chest/stomach/back if they have hair there.

No, I don't.

How do you continually encourage yourself to exercise when you know you'll never be small and you tend to forget it's more important to be healthy than to compare your size to other people?

I need help.

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What should I name my kitty? He's male.
ALSO, do you know of any way to introduce a dog to a cat so that they will play nicely with each other?

What was your favorite Backstreet Boy/Backstreet Boy song?

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Is there a story you have told to everyone around you and no one wants to hear it anymore?

Will you tell it here?

dk/dc, Are you a fan of country music?

Anyone go to the Downtown Hoedown?!

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1. What do you love about TQC?

2. What do you hate about it?

3. If you had unlimited control of the posts/replies on TQC, what would you do? (as in, you can prevent people from posting anything before it even happens, you're an omnipotent TQC-god!)

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so... i am deaf, and i'm not really understanding this.

why do a lot of people say that they enjoy "every type of music except for rap or country"? are these two types of music just the most terrible genres imaginable or what?

looking for srs but non-srs is cool too
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the Doctor is in


Flipping channels I stumbled across a comedian who said (in her opinion and her opinion only) that if men could get pregnant then abortion would not only be legal but it would be insanely easy to get. She suggested drive in abortion clinics...

...but I digress.

Whatever you think about abortion, do you agree with this assessment?
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I bought a foot spritz thing at the dollar store just to clean it out and remove the label so I can put lemon juice in it.

I soaked it overnight and the sticky label glue won't scrub off. What should I use on it?

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I am making Cincinnati-style Chili tonight with Boca "burger" crumbles. The directions on the back of the chili seasoning bag says it calls for a 6oz can of tomato paste. I thought I had some on hand, but apparently I don't.... Would you go to the store for a $.49 can of this junk or would you say fuck it and just see how it comes out without it?

I'm leaning towards the latter.... Probably because it's been a very lazy weekend and I figure, why ruin that now by going to the store when I probably should?


Ended up getting some paste. This shit is too amazing to fuck with. Lawlz.

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tomorrow i have to stop in at work to deliver some stuff to someone who works in my department. i work in the ER, and all employees are supposed to wear scrubs. it will take me literally 5 minutes tops and i am going to class afterward. should i even bother to put on my scrubs or just go in my street clothes?

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If you could sing someone a song right now, which song would you sing; to whom would you sing it; and why?

Or if singing isn't your thing, can you tell me something funny that happened today?

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TQC, I am an idiot. I ripped the cap off of my front tooth and it hurts really bad. I also can't find an emergency dentist in my area that's open past 6PM on Sundays. To top it off, the tooth is cutting the back of my lip and will not stop bleeding. I'm also terrified of going back to my past as the girl with really shitty teeth. What would be the best course of action in this situation? (obviously posting about it on the internet is the first thing to do)

Also, what's the stupidest thing you've done in a long time?

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Would you rather live in a neighborhood which is a little gritty/rough around the edges, may have a bit of crime here and there but you know and get along with most of the people who live in the area pretty well and you feel pretty comfortable for the most part or a neighborhood which is almost completely safe, clean and very nice for the most part but you're surrounded by people who are convinced you're a threat to society and get nervous/uncomfortable when they see you sitting on the stairs or laying on the grass?

Also, I just found out that one of my great-aunts is dying. She stayed with me and my family many years ago and my grandma(her sister) treated her like shit so me, my mom and my aunts all went out of our way to be nice to her and make it a better experience for her. I have to admit I liked her, but years later I heard from other relatives that she trashed talked all of us and gave out some very personal information. Considering how kooky a lot of the people in my family are, I took all of this with a grain of salt, but I don't really know what to make out of her anymore. I haven't seen her in 8 years and the last time I talked to her on the phone she got my name wrong, but I can't help but feel a little sad after hearing this news. Do you think it's weird to feel a little grief over the loss of a distant family member who could barely even remember your name?


So, while shaving this morning, I cut the crap out of my side. Somehow... no idea how I even got a razor in that spot. It hurts like hell. What's the dumbest thing you've done today?
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[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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When my brother came down for dinner, his eyes were all red and watery. What do you think he was crying about TQC?

And before I get wank about making fun of my brother, that's not my intent with this question. Serious and non-serious answers are both encouraged.

Just a thought after reading an entry on my friends page

Are you in a long term relationship? Short term? (If you're not, do you want to be in either one)

In a relationship, are you okay with your SO talking about their exes? What if he/she sounds like they miss (being with) them? Would your answer change with what kind of relationship you're looking for?

I'm in a long term relationship, and this does NOT fly. In my opinion, an ex does not have a place in the current relationship. Might be different with other couples, but it works out great in my relationship now. Answer doesn't change with short term relationships, mostly because I don't see how it's relevant to the current situation. Then again, he doesn't have an ex and I didn't do much with mine either.

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I'm about to spend a bunch of money on design classes for my job. But I feel like I should at least try to read up on the subject before I drop $500 per class for a two session deal. It'd be cheaper. Plus I commute 3 hours a day, I have time for it.

Have you taken design classes? Are there any books you recommend? Specifically on color theory and 2d design principles?

I'm very artistic and I've taken studio art, so I feel like it'd be a waste to spend $500 on a 2d design theory class. All suggestions are appreciated!

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Do you drink any sort of premade tea? (like tazo, honest tea, or arizona iced tea)
What sort of bottled drinks do you drink? (pictures encouraged)
What drink do you think has the best packaging?

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1. If you have a disability or impairment, what is something you wish everyone knew concerning it?

2. Who was your favorite Power Ranger?

3. When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried or your stomach hurt? What made you laugh?
SPN - Winchesters

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Poll #1565267 Feet Poll

What do you walk around in at home?

Flippy floppies
Other shoes
What's the most expensive pair of shoes you've bought, how much were they?

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Inspired by this post:

Have you ever had to change your phone number due to harassing phone calls/pranks?
What was the story?

Did you make prank calls as a kid/teenager?

Does getting a call in the middle of the night freak you out a little?
the decemberists

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Some news-related questions.

1.) What is your opinion of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan?

2.) If you had control over it, what would you do to stop the oil spill? (Creative answers appreciated)

3.) Which state has the coolest flag?
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TQC, I have jury duty tomorrow. The stupid little postcard said I could bring my laptop, but my dad says that I wouldn't be allowed to have it in the interview room with me, and that I'd have to leave it unsupervised. Can any of you vouch for that? I'd really like to bring mine along to watch movies or lurk here if I can, but I don't want to leave it alone :(

Also, is the summons number the order in which you're called? I seriously want to get this over with and get dismissed but I'm no. 125...ugh.

Is this really gonna be as bad as I'm making it?

DK/DC: what is your favorite show to watch marathons of?
The Golden Girls

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what fictional friendships are most like you and your bffs friendship or you and your group of friends friendship? friends as in not someone you're dating.

if you have a significant other, what fictional romantic relationships are most like your relationship?

if you have no friends and no significant other than can you talk about fictional families similar to yours? or fictional relationships between a person and their pet or yknow whatever i just don't want to exclude anyone.
surprise mewf

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Ok, so instead of working on a project, I got suddenly addicted to browsing icon communities... fascinating how just a little square piece of art can lend itself to representing any emotion, joke, wit, fandom, awesome quote, or commentary.
So of course I'm curious: what do you think are some of the most awesome icon examples of the above? Or ones you use that really portray a fandom/emotion/hilarious jab at something, all in a little box? I'd love to see your favorites!!

Here's a couple of mine... cats are perfect for conveying emotion... and of course Tennant's face is always fantastically expressive... ;):
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