May 14th, 2010


I like pandora, but recently, I've had some odd combos. Like Florence and the Machine with Louis Armstrong, ABBA and Tom Petty, and the craziest - Jeff Buckley and NIN. Do you think there are any similarities? How so? What is your oddest music pairings?

ETA: now I've got the ABBA channel on, and not one ABBA song so far.. now it's The Killers.
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Is there an "odd" or extremely trashy food that you love, that your friends judge you for?
I'm a hopeless addict of Yoo-hoo. Its lack of any vital nurtrients or any, truly natural ingredients tend to receive digusted reactions from friends and family.

Are you in possession of an HD TV? I seriously feel totally alone, in that I have two, ginornous boob tubes, instead of the sleek awesomeness of a flat panel HD TV. I can't even find stands to fit the TVs that I have.

For moms... is there a particular age a chils hits where breastfeeding stops being vital and starts becoming creepy? Just curious.
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Lets Kill Time!

So I'm going to be on crutches for the next 6 weeks and not able to do as much as I would normally be able to do.

So I thought I'd try to find a few games or something to play online or on my mac.

What's everyone favorite (FREE) game online or downloadable for a Mac?

Any suggestions of other (FREE) things I can do to entertain myself while I recover?


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My partner and I have been fostering newborn kittens. Recently a kitten that we've been nursing to health for the past few weeks died.

My partner is very broken up about it. What should I do to cheer her up?
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My car is about 29384738093 degrees hotter than the outside right now and the A/C doesn't work so I've been driving around with my window rolled down. However, this means other people on the street can hear my music and are JUDGING ME HARSHLY. Do you ever feel such a tinge of self-consciousness when driving around with your windows down? Or do you only listen to your 'cool' songs, you fucking hipsters?

Also, why has everyone on TQC been using the word 'hella' today? Do you ever use that word irl?
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Today I had Girl Scout cookies for the first time EVER, I felt so American!

When was the last time you did something very other-country-ish, and what made you feel like that?

If you had to describe your country/culture in 3-5 words, which words would you use?

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Do you think sex would be better if you could turn off your sense of smell? 


Okay, it should've read something like "Do you think no sense of smell would make for interesting/weird sex?" because now everyone assumes I'm sleeping with a hobo :D

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have you ever made a post about a topic that was really uninteresting iyo, but figured it would a. ) make you look important and smart or b.) be an excuse to make it some kind of ffa thread bc u just wanted to chat?

where do you the place where you live...

What do you consider yourself?

All but the rich must cower in fear!
No gays, but non-whites are ok!
I'm just trying to get by, leave me alone!
The poor are just like us, the rich! I mean really, they are!
Where's my fair trade, enviromentally safe, self made strap-on?

Positive time!

 What do you think are some personal traits that do or will or would if you wanted kids, make you a good mother/father? Not like 'I would breastfeed them for 9 years' but little things about you. 

For example: I love to cook and bake, am really creative and imaginative, and am super affectionate. 

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Speaking of books: 

Where do you get your books from? Do you borrow them or buy them? Do you know any cheap places to buy them? 

Our library around here is horrible, so the library isn't really a good option. I find books at thrift shops for cheap but can't find a specific one I'm looking for that way. I used to get some from but then got stingy with which ones I wanted to let go of and ran out of credits.

moving temporarily

 So, I am 99% sure I am going to move to Minnesota (I live in California) in less than a month to stay with my aunt over most of the summer because my mother believes I need to regroup, so to say. Have you ever done something like this? I am coming to terms with my anorexia and going to get away from everything, get better, and find my independence and happiness again. Totally sounds like a good idea, but I am leaving a week or two before my 21st birthday and also leaving everyone and everything here. Yeah, only for a few months, but it is scary.

So yeah, have you ever done something like this? Did it help?
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Which utensil do you use most often?

I use all of them equally
I use none most often
I do not use utensils because I am a barbarian and eat with my hands

I find myself running out of spoons most often.
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Hey TQC,

I wanna know how many colleges/universities in Canada offer a Linguistics bachelor's degree, and of those degrees, how many of them can be earned part-time instead of full-time.

What's the best way to find this out? Anyone know a good website where I can run this kind of search and get a big list of schools? Google isn't being as helpful as I'd hoped.

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Would you feel uncomfortable if you saw someone laying on the grass in a public park area?

Do you see why that would make someone feel uncomfortable?

Why i'm asking: Yesterday me and friend were doing just that in the park area of our apartment complex when two people came around and told both of us to leave because 2 people called and said we were making them feel uncomfortable. I really don't understand why.

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I just finished my last exam at uni, EVER. I kind of screwed up the last question so it was a bit anti-climactic, and I don't feel like really really celebrating. I'm definitely not in the mood for drinking.

What should I do, TQC?

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For those of you who have started your own business ( or have experience that would help), what advice would you offer someone who wants to start their own business? Right now all I have is an idea and connections.

Just asking for general advice about running your own business. Stuff you wish you'd known, websites, etc.

Do you do that "push on the toe" thing when you buy shoes or do you just walk around in them?
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I'm back with more style questions! If you're still playing along @ home, it's still the same dress but now...can you suggest ways to wear my hair?

The wedding is this weekend & in a different state, so there's no real chance of going to a place and getting it done (plus it's not as if I'm in the wedding party, so it doesn't matter that much). Basically I need to be able do it myself or have another person do it for me. We're driving, tho, so I can bring as much hair product shit as necessary.

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How exactly to you pick yourself up by the bootstraps?

It's 12 pm and I'm still a blubbering mess and I have to go to work, sooooon. I can't call out but I can't be actively losing it, so I don't know. I have alcohol, but I feel that would be the worse thing I could do.

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I am a female. I feel way more comfortable having a male doctor than a female doctor; however, almost any time I go to make a doctor appointment, the secretary asks me if I'd prefer a male or a female, I say a male, and am then informed that a male is not available. They then assume it's okay to just give me the first available doctor.

Is it okay to assume that I am okay with having a female doctor just because I am a female? Because as far as GPs go I am really NOT comfortable with having a female, based on past experiences.

If I were a male who preferred to have a male doctor would they be more likely to try to accommodate me?
omg. onoz.


My grandma left me her house in Detroit. I grew up in this house as a kid and my grandfather built just about everything in the house since World War II.

However the foundation is getting bad and the house sits uneven. It needs A LOT of work. All the plumbing needs to be re-done, along with all the electrical. Everything needs to be replaced.

Should I restore the house or tear it down and rebuild it from the ground up?
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What do you think about the lady who met President Obama on her lunch break and called him "A hottie with a smokin little body"....Article/ interview here. People have some unsavory things to say to her - what are your thoughts? (Fyi: This will not make much sense unless you see the video behind the link...)

Do you love to tell people about themselves when they mess up or are you the type to tell people positive things about themselves or neither or both..?

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Hand-me-down underwear, ever acceptable?

ETA: Maybe I should mention my scenario. I've just purchased new undies for my 6 year old. I have a boatload of undies that are now too small for him. They're not stained (ew!) or worn out or anything. I have a 2 year old that will eventually wear underwears.

So maybe this is acceptable? IDK, I feel weird, but maybe that's just my own silly issue.
I will bet my luggage that my 2 year old will not give a fuck. Maybe I should just go with that?
Bite me, bitch...

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tqc_anon is hilarious. y/y?
If you selected the non-option of no, what do you think of it?

I didn't think I'd like it cause people love to talk trash when their name isn't involved (which is cowardly and lame imo) but it's actually kinda fun. Even though most of my posts are very much not anonymous anyway, it's nice to know they can be if I like.

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TQC, decide my life for me?  

I took four years of middle/high school French, plus one year of informal study junior year. Never made below a 95 average, won a bunch of awards, etc. I was always positive that I would major in it in college, or at least continue to study it. But by the time I graduated high school I was getting bored with it. 

I'm registering for classes today, and I have a choice between an intermediate French class, or beginner's German or Spanish. I already know French, but I would be bored and I would get nothing out of it. I don't know a word of German or Spanish, but I would probably enjoy the work more, even if it was harder. It's already going to be a hard year for me, since I hate school in general and will be struggling through math and science. 

So would you pick an easy, unfulfilling class, or a harder, more enjoyable class? I know that seems like a no-brainer, but factoring in my trouble with math and science, I'm not sure what to do. 
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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the college questions have inspired me to ask one of my own.

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Alternatively: Have you ever taken a summer course in high school/college? What did you think of it? Were they easier or harder than a course taken over a semester?
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One of my followers on Twitter just Re-Tweeted this and agreed with it. Am I crazy or is this awful and incredibly ignorant? Fuck the homeless!? Wow, you don't know someones situation. Not that hard to find a job? Have they heard about the state of todays job market and economy? Even when I replied with a "Wow, really!?" they were completely oblivious to what they had said. Anyway I think I am going to go delete some followers now... *sigh*

"Preach. RT @XXXXXXXX: I work for my money. fuck the homeless!!! #ImJustSaying its NOT that hard to find a job"

Note: Usernames removed to protect their stupid identities.

What's the last really ignorant thing you heard someone says and stand by?

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Another college class question.

I have a choice of science classes: biological processes, biodiversity, physical geology, and historical geology. I get to choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. I've already picked biological processes as my first choice, but I have no idea what the other courses would be like. Anyone have any experience with a geology class? Biodiversity sounds really, really boring.  

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I run a challenge community and am hoping to host a game similar to Family Fued. But before I can do this I need to Survey for answers to my questions. Would you like to answer some questions (at my journal because I have to screen the answers) ?

Don't want to help, that is cool. Here are some questions for you!

Do you have any hobbies that do not involve the use of a computer?
If yes, what are they?
If no, What hobbies do you have that involve a computer?

Boston/Brookline/Cambridge, MA

If you are familiar with the Boston?Brookline/Cambridge, MA area...

what restaurants would you recommend in for dinner?

I am looking for possible restaurants for dinner on Saturday night.

I am trying to avoid our typical dining out locations: olive garden, ufood, panera, beerworks, unos, cheesecake factory, applebees.

The only requirement is that it must have a handful of vegetarian options.

Thank you!!!!

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Are there any TQCers in Kingston, ON?

If you are in Kingston, would you be interested in meeting up?

I'm going to be in Kingston for a couple of days (Sunday night through Tuesday, essentially) and I'd love to meet some TQC peeps.
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Omg how can I stop eating these dried banana chips?? I have eaten at least a pound of them in the last four days and I can't stop!

Should I paint my nails red or pink?

What do you do on weekends that you don't have pre-arranged plans for?

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My boyfriend and I are trying to go (carless) to Cannon Beach, OR from Vancouver,BC in July.  We can either take the Amtrak train to Portland which takes 8 hours and costs about 100 each round trip..or an airplane which takes 90 minutes and costs about 300 each.  

Which would you choose?  

DK /DC  are you pooped? I'm pooped.


I had job interview at a restaurant yesterday and they said that a bussing position was open. I've never worked in the restaurant industry before, so I figured that bussing is a good way to get started. My main goal is to become a waitress eventually so I can make money with tips.

So has anyone here bussed tables at a restaurant before? Did you make decent money in tips when bussing? If you eventually became a server from it, how long did it take?

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I'm going to a college graduation party tonight. It's at the kid's parents house, who I've met many times before. I'm going to know 95% of the people there, but every female-bodied person in our group always overdresses for everything. But then again, most of the people going are going to show up in probably a tee shirt and shorts. Plus my bladder really hurts.

Is it socially acceptable to wear pajama pants to a graduation party?

ETA: Okay, definitely going with a dress then. What (vegan) food should I bring?

(no subject)

TQC, decide my future. What school should I go to? I'm currently considering Emerson in Boston, Syracuse University, Temple U., Kent State, Point Park U., Ithaca, and a couple other places. Do/have any of you attend/attended one of these schools? How do you like it? Any general college wisdom?

ETA: I plan to study technical theater.

dk/dc, what was the last awesome party you attended/hosted?

(no subject)

Is "real" punk dead yet?

Is the DIY ethic something exclusive to the punk subculture, or is it applicable to other subcultures and music genres?

Have you seen The Runaways yet?

What are your favourite pizza toppings?

(no subject)

i know it's a little weird to do personal adds on craigslist. but would it be that weird to put up a personal add asking for people to watch the World Cup with?

i don't really have any friends that are into soccer, so except for a couple people who said they would watch some bigger games with me, i don't really have anyone to go to games with.

BONUS QUESTION: tap into your psychic ability and tell me, is my sister going to come this weekend? my phone is dead and i can't find it and am too sick/lazy to look for it, so i can't call her.
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can you get entire daim cakes at ikea? i know they have slices in the eatery but i want one for a birthday cake if possible. brb sugar coma

what is your favourite kind of cake? pie? other large shareable dessert?
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Will you go here, type something in, set it to do the max number of translations, and then post what you end up with so we can have a bit of a lol?

Original text:
"My throat hurts."
...54 translations later we get:

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Dear TQC,

What is wrong with people these days?!

I have a friend who's been with his fiance 7 months and their wedding is all booked, a friend who's been with her man since..March maybe, and they've just moved in together and a friend who is going to propose to his girlfriend of 3 months next months. We're all roughly 21/22/23. I've been with my bf 6 months and I love him, though he hasn't said it back yet, but seriously, is this normal behaviour or have I just got wacky friends?!

Dgaf: What is making you go "seriously WTF", right now?

screen clean

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what are the chances that someone on a very sensitive alcohol sensor could violate the sensor by having hot sex with someone who has been drinking?

the person it is attached to can't use skin toner, mouthwash, or household products with alcohol in them, because they will set off the sensor. if this person's partner has been drinking and sweats during sex, it's plausible that his sweat could set the sensor off, right? or saliva exchanged during make-out sessions...

(no subject)

I was having an irl conversation about this earlier, and figured I'd get some more opinions from YOU PEOPLE.

What are your thoughts on circumcision? The ol' snippy-snippy. Think it's extreme and unnecessary? Are you glad you had it done (if, y'know, that applies to you)? Do wish you hadn't? Glad you aren't? Wish you were? Do those of you who like to love-up on boys have a preference (cut? uncut? I don't care just give it to me?)??


What do you think about naked mole rats? Think they're extreme and unnecessary? For those of you who like to love-up on naked mole rats, do you prefer your naked mole rat cut or uncut?

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1.) What is a favorite book you had when you were a kid?

I remember reading this particular book at least five times in a row when I was about 10, but now I can't even remember its title or author. It's really bugging me now. It's a ghost story about this girl who moves in with her family to a converted church in rural Maryland and becomes worried when her sister (I think her name was Heather or something) starts spending too much time in the graveyard in the back. Does anyone know WTF I'm talking about?

2.) Any lawyers/law students in the house? I'm seriously considering a law career for pretty much the first time in my life, but I'm not sure where to start. I'm going to be a sophomore in college next year, and my current major is global studies with a minor in history. So...where do I start? What steps should I take to get on the right path? What are the pros and cons of studying law?

3.) What are some stereotypes about your state/province/region/city?

(no subject)

A distant cousin of mine from Ireland has contacted me wanting to know about the 'evolution of the Casey's in America'. This is the side of my family who had deep connections with the IRA back when Michael Collins was around...this is really exciting to me!

What sort of things should I ask her?

What sort of things do you think she wants to know? I can't really think of anything interesting to say that wouldn't show up on official records, like that my grandfather served in the war...

Do you watch True Blood?
TK and Kari

(no subject)

Who was the "funny one" of your parents?

neither are funny/both are funny
my family didn't fit the 2-parent hetero criteria
 edit: honestly I'm surprised by all the "mom" answers, I thought all moms would be like mine/my mom's friends.

(no subject)

Is there an acquaintance or friend or teacher from a while ago that you sometimes think about and think about contacting? Do you think they'd be creeped out?

Sometimes i get the urge to find my riding coach from high school. he was fun, i miss him. but i think it might be creepy of me.
Mark with girl
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(no subject)

What are your thoughts about the city you live in?
What makes you stay there?
Under what what circumstances would you move?
Where do you wish you could live?

(no subject)

When you are using numbers in your writing, numbers below 10 are spelled out (one, two, three, et cetera), while the numbers 10 and above are written in numerical form (10, 20, 30, et cetera), correct?

But you are not supposed to start a sentence with a number unless it's spelled out, correct?

So if I am writing the sentence, "22 states allow up to 20 years to file a claim..." should I write the number 22 as:

22 states allow up to 20 years to file a claim,


Twenty-two states allow up to 20 years to file a claim?

Also, if some numbers are spelled out and others are written in numerical form, is that okay? Or are you supposed to pick one or the other and write all numbers that way?

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Hey TQC,

I was invited to a birthday party with the following mandatory dress code:

"EXPRESS YOURSELF --- I'd like for you to dress up in some way or as something that expresses an aspect of you that you're proud of, like to flaunt, or just brings you a whole lotta damn joy!

You should be able to express or explain your outfit in one sentence because it will be obvious.

Wearing normal clothes does not count towards any expression of yourself for the purpose of this theme."

1) How would you dress up, if you were going to this party?

2) My main personality traits are pretty much being a huge grammar nerd and very into linguistics/writing/anything involving the written word. What's the most awesometacular way I can dress up for this party?
the killers


I'm looking for a good moisturizer. For whatever reason, I've never used one before and I could definitely benefit from one. What kind do you guys use or what do you recommend?

Has anyone used the producers PRODUCTS or the regiment from Do they work?

(no subject)

I'm about a 2X (Extra Extra large if you where wondering)
How much weight would I need to lose to be able to fit into a large?

(Considering the answers, I'll post my height/weight.)
H: 5'3
W: Last I checked...295.

(no subject)

I live in a gated apartment complex and got home from work at 10:30 PM. You can enter the complex through a gate-door which can be opened with a key but as I walked up to the gate tonight a car pulled up, opened the gate and I decided to enter the complex this way. As I was walking in some man who i'm pretty sure doesn't work for the complex office asked me "do you live here?" I then said "Yes, why?" and then he just turns around and walks away.

If you were walking around your neighborhood at night(gated or not) minding your own business and some random person asked you if you live there, how would you feel?
Am I wrong for feeling uncomfortable about this?
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(no subject)

Other than the most excellent robot unicorn attack, what is your favorite game over at

What do you do when you're super bored and TQC is being slow?

(no subject)

a friend with benefits of mine graduates tomorrow at 1:50 p.m.

right now it is 11:21 p.m. EST

we spoke a few weeks ago and i have been meaning to call him before he graduates just to see what he'll be up to afterwards, but i've been working pretty much nonstop ever since i moved back home

i have this awful tendency to call people at really inopportune times, and since it is more or less the most important day of his entire life tomorrow, should i wait to call him after he graduates?

after tomorrow, i have no idea where he's headed, other than he got a job a few towns over
BN - Bruce Campbell is way hot
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(no subject)

If the world went to hell in a handbasket (nuclear war/zombies/plague/meteor crashes into the earth), do you think you would be a survivor or a casualty?

Bonus points if you elaborate on a) what caused the end of the world and b) if you die, how.