May 13th, 2010

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OMG my ex is coming here from the US this weekend and will be sleeping on my couch. How awkward will this be?

Based on that you don't really know anything about us (just that we live in different countries now so we don't see each other much), do you think he'll end up sleeping in my bed?

the one

For those of you who are married, or in a lifetime commitment, how did you know that your SO was "the one"?

What was different about this person from previous relationships you've had?

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Do you like honey?  What do you use it for?


I haven't had much honey since I was a kid because I decided I hated it then..but I have just accepted a small tub of organic honey from a friend who was giving some away.   

I'm thinking to sweeten my coffee or tea.. any other uses you can think of?  

for the record I don't hate it anymore I just haven't bought any :P 

dk/dc/don't like honey:  How do you sweeten your coffee/tea?


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Why on earth can't I write on anyone's Facebook wall this morning? I'm already mutual friends with everyone on my f-list.

Firefox and its stupidity. :[

What was the last thing that made you say WTF?

All of my life

All of my shaving life I've had extremely sensative skin under my chin and my neck. Along the lower jaw, my chin below my lower lip, and my upper lip aren't as bad, but still bad. I've tried various mosturizes, various shaving creams, and shaving oils as well as electric razors, variable number of blades razors, and women/men's razors. Thus I can only shave every 3-4 days without much blood. If I shaved every day I'd have no hair, but that would be because my lower face and neck would be one big scab. : /

Any suggestions how to improve my skin?
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What are your feelings on being the only survivor after a major tragedy such a fire or airplane crash etc?
Wouldn't that actually be awful and not really neat and miraculous or am I being a Debbie Downer here?

Inspired by that poor little Dutch boy who sustained some severe injuries but was the only survivor of a recent plane crash that took the lives of his mother, father, brother, and everyone else on the plane. I think it would really mess me up both emotionally and physically, plus having to deal with all the trauma afterwords... I don't know if I'd be able to handle all of it. It sounds like the boy has a great set of aunts and uncles to care for him after this though, which I'm really happy about.

DK/DC: What the last furry thing you touched?

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1. My coworkers want to take me out to lunch for my birthday today. We have limited options. Where would YOU go out of the following choices?

J Alexanders
A local seafood restaurant
A local irish pub/restaurant

2. For those of you that get a summer vacation, how will you be spending it?
TK and Kari

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In my Eng Lit class, a guest lecturer talked about slide rules and a classmate asked, "what's a slide rule?"

The professor started laughing so hard she started to cry. The lecturer also said the student made him feel old.

Without looking it up, do you know what a slide rule is? And if you do know what it is, how old are you?

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TQC, this is a long shot, but has anyone here ever lost their taste? I did. 2-3 weeks later I can sort of taste chocolate and sweet/sour. Beyond dipping chocolate into sweet and sour sauce I'm not sure how good of a position this leaves me in. So my question if you have, when did it come back? And the cause - if you ever found out?

Otherwise, or also, what time is it where you live, and how has your day been so far?
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America the beautiful

For those of you who live in America - are you struggling financially?

Is it job related? If not, what do you think it is?

If it's job related, what is the issue? Is it difficulty finding a job in your field (and if so what's your field), or difficulty finding any job at all?

Is it something you feel is temporary?

If you are not struggling financially - what line of work are you in?

If you don't live in America, where do you live and do you feel that you're struggling financially?

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I was just listening to an NPR program about people who own chickens in the city and suburbs. Do you know anyone who owns chickens? Do you own chickens? Why is chicken-owning becoming trendy?

Don't know or care, what's on for this weekend?

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I'm vastly pregnant, due in about six weeks. It is a completely new experience for me in just about every way there is, so the words HOLY CRAP OMFG ARGH do not adequately express how unnervingly close this feels.

What vital thing have I forgotten to do before the spawn arrives?

boring web domain question

Do you have your own website? What is it? And most importantly where did you buy the domain name and do you know where the best place to do that is / how much it ought to cost? I've heard godaddy is actually the best but I have no idea really.

Alternatively, will you tell me your thoughts on Collapse )

Who's better?

Who's a better entertainer/musical artist?

Lady Gaga

Who's a better band?


Who's a better host/comedic star of their own show?

Stephen Colbert
Conan O'Brian (back when he had a show)

Who's a better actress?

Cate Blanchett
Kate Winslet

Who's a better singer/entertainer?

Katy Perry

Who's a better comic actor?

Seth Rogan
Paul Rudd

Who's a better actor?

Leonardo Dicaprio
Christian Bale

Working music

Do you listen to music at work? 
If at a desk job, do you play it on your computer (so others can hear it) or your mp3 or cell phone w/ ear phones/ buds so others can't hear it? 

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How do you deal with a neighbor who can't seem to understand that she is not the only person who exists in an apartment building? We've spoken to her personally once, asking her to refrain from hammering in the middle of the night (hanging pictures or something...). We've also spoken to our landlord about the fact that for several nights in a row, she and her company were keeping us from sleep by stomping around the apartment, screaming, slamming doors, acting like drunken idiots outside...until 4am. I wake up at 5am for work.

I'm beyond disgusted with her at this point, seeing as nothing is seeming to get through to her. It's to the point where I'm not above resorting to childish behavior, like turning my music up on full volume when she's blaring her shitty "indie rock."



I don't think calling the cops would really do anything.  I mean, I called the cops once a few years ago at our old apartment when drunk idiots at the bar across the street were shooting fireworks towards the apartment buildings, and they didn't really do much of anything. If that gives you any idea of how worthless the police is in this city...

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When you go to a fabric store and buy tulle, can you buy it by the yard, bolt, or like a whole roll of it? I'm trying to figure out what to expect tomorrow when I plan to buy it. I would rather buy it in the largest quantity possible.

What is your favorite thing about your cell phone? You can't say that it has the ability to call people, we know it does that.
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A sheriff just knocked on my door looking to drop off papers for my downstairs neighbors.
What sort of paperwork do you suppose it could have been?

Alternatively, what was the last thing that freaked you out?
she blinded me with science!

Video players

Does anyone have any experiences with digital media players you can hook up to a TV, like the Seagate FreeAgent Theater or the Western Digital WDTV?

I basically want something I can load a bunch of movies onto and take to someone's house.
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When was the last time somebody said something completely tactless to you?

"Oh, honey, you know there are ways to remove those freckles, right?"

How did you respond?

"Oh, but I love my freckles!"

How did they react to your response? Did they get the hint, or did they become even more clueless?

"Trust me, you won't KEEP loving them."
just a bill
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Other than craigslist and facebook, what are some other good places to advertise for a roommate?

Alternatively, does anybody want to take over my lease in DC?

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How uncomfortable do you find it when people are working in your apartment and you are the only one home with them? Or does is not bother you?

There was a leak in a pipe in our bathroom 2 weeks after my boyfriend and I moved into our apartment... do you think this is a bad sign or a fluky incident?

Forced Gratuity

Let's say you and your significant other received some of those gifts cards that require a forced 18% gratuity by default. You absolutely despise the concept of forced gratuity, but you lose $300 in these gift cards if you just don't use them. If you went to one of the restaurants and altered the gratuity yourself, then only paid the altered gratuity (let's say you pay 15% instead of the forced 18%), are you violating any laws? What if you choose not to pay any gratuity at all? Does the fact that the requirement comes from the use of the gift cards vs. simply visiting the restaurant and paying with cash/credit make a difference?

If you DK/DC... how do you feel about forced gratuity? Is there a better alternative?
TK and Kari

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Last week I was on a train when this woman found out she had gotten on the wrong one. She didn't have the cash to switch trains and was freaking out and begging our compartment to spare her 11 dollars to switch trains. She was really, really panicking and ready to cry.

This old lady gave her 4 dollars, I only had a dollar on me but gave it to her. Anyway, the compartment had over 20 people, mostly from some Christian church group going to the beach, and everyone else pretended they didn't have any cash. The woman was panicking and ended up getting off 6 bucks short, looking really lost.

Would you have given this woman money? How come out of 20+ people, only 2 people were willing to help this woman?
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Now with more choices!

Do you like incense?

Yes, as long as it's Nag Champa
Yes, as long as it isn't Nag Champa
I do but it gives me a headache/nausea/teh sneezes. :-(
No, not at all.
Love it!
Meh, it's okay
Yes & I've even made my own!
Yes, I burn it to help with my meditation.
Only to cover up the smell of weed.
I have another answer in a comment

I can has gif party please?

Will you please post gifs in this post for those who are either about to take exams, are in the middle of them, or are finished and are about to go off to their summer adventures?

Will you please use this post to talk about anything?

Have I forgotten to pack anything for this weekend?

What are you celebrating?

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Are there any juices you like but won't eat the fruit? Or a fruit you will eat but do not like the juice?

I like strawberry flavors and strawberry smoothies but I don't like eating strawberries whole. Also I love apples but hate apple sauce. I also love bananas but do NOT like banana flavored things. etc etc
kim possible

why do people have no hearts?

why do people have no hearts?
why people have to criticize and judge a person just because she cant type?
why must you look down on others just because your life is nothing but shit?
and why should i bother caring about people?
people are so mean its no wonder why i quit being a christian and a human and decided to go back to my roots and become a wicca instead. at least they dont treat me like shit and then treat me as if im a little girl.

im joining the wicca community and start practicing witchcraft and cast spells so that i can become a more powerful witch.

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kim possible

why must you hate on gay people?

why must you hate on gay and lesbian people?
why must you bash on gay people and then try to threaten them even worse kill them?
and why must you hate on transvestites?

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If you were posting inspirational quotes on postits and sticking them places where you could see them and be reminded how awesome you are, what would you write?

What makes you badass?

What always makes you laugh?
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What was the last big risk you took?

I just applied for several NYC jobs and my friend needs a roommate in Manhattan. Is this a sign?

What should be in a cover letter? I am writing mine but feel like I'm rambling.

What kind of drink should I get at the bar tonight?
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Why, despite my constant searching can I never find the lj community that is something along the lines of omg _wtf :/ I suck at this.

What are the best wtf communities on lj?

DK/DC do you have a song stuck in your head right now?

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for those of you that at in school/college/uni:

how would you say what you study suits your personality? how?
how much do you care about school?
did you care more when it was compulsory or not?
are you a teachers pet? or just average?
highest mark you've ever got?
vg - Always
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I saw a guy at work today dressed as Super Mario. It wasn't a plumber, because I know he works in the building normally. He's the only person I saw dressed up.

What are some explanations for why? Srs and nonsrs.
The Dude Abides

tres preguntas

1) How would you fill in the blanks here? Why don't you make like a ________ and _______!

Ex: Why don't you make like a tree and get outta here! - Biff Tannen

2) Do you have a passport? When's the last time you used it/where'd you go?

3) When you park your car, do your normally back into your parking space?
kim possible


why does racism still exist? and why bullying is still allowed in schools? and no im not being stupid. IM BEING FUCKING SERIOUS. AND NO IM NOT TROLLING OR WHATEVER EITHER. I HOPE THIS IS A GOOD ENOUGH POST BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO FORMATS OK. SO LAY OFF.
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If you are in a relationship where someone gets a demanding job, or someone moves away (let's say an hour to 2 hours away by car or public transportation), or someone doesn't have as much money as someone else, how do you deal with it?

What are some common relationship "traps" you have overcome? (and how did you overcome them?)

*By "someone," I mean "one of the people in that relationship"

Also, can someone validate me?
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If you woke up with a huge penis on your forehead in the morning, what would you do?

Would you rather have a dick on yo head or a minge in your armpit?

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Two weeks ago the bookkeeper at my job asked the owner to give me a $1 raise since I graduated college (making my salary a whopping $11 per hour) He's been putting it off saying that he needs to speak with me first.

Would you accept the $1 raise?
Am I too cranky or is that really not enough money?
What would you do in this situation?

*I told her not to worry about it, as I plan on leaving as soon as possible but I'm just curious


What are some songs about miracles that you know? I need them for a project.

I have:
1) Miracles - ICP
2) When You Believe - The Prince of Egypt
3) A Hundred Million Miracles- Flower Drum Song
4) I Believe In Miracles (You Sexy Thing)

I need a couple more. Preferably nonreligious. They don't need to have the word miracle in the title, but they should have it in the lyrics...

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I'm looking for a camcorder.

What is a good video camera for relatively cheap money? I'd like to make some home movies.

Also, does anyone have a Panasonic Lumix? What are you thoughts on it? I know there's a few different versions, but I've heard some good things, but I trust you guys for good details.

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Okay so, you've been with your SO for a couple of months. And your SO is talking about their friends and how great they are. Well, you've never met them so you google them and find their youtube/facebook. You don't add them or anything. The only reason you look them up is because your SO is always talking about them. You tell your SO that you found their friend and they claim that it is creepy. Is it creepy? Or does your SO have something to hide?
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Do you have a historical crush? You know, someone whose picture you saw in a history book and went 'UNF'?

I think Lee Harvey Oswald was totally bangable. Which further proves that I have HORRIBLE TASTE. Also, Peter Fechter, who was shot while trying to escape into West Germany - total hottie.

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i'm sick. so far today i've slept a LOT, eaten half a box of Pastaroni and a can of chicken noodle soup. i've also had 2 caprisuns, a couple glasses of orange juice and a 20 oz spirte. oh, and a doughnut, because i deserved it.

what else should i eat/drink? i don't have a lot right now. i basically have another can of soup, basmati rice, Special K and juices. and water. i'm hoping cereal will be the correct answer because i really only have the energy to make that.

BONUS QUESTION: HOW THE HELL DID I GET SICK? no one i've been around has been sick, i haven't noticed any sick people at work, i haven't been around any little kids.

and if i don't have the energy to go downstairs and make more than a bowl of cereal, how the hell am i going to have the energy to get to work tomorrow? uggggh.

another question about a dumb Samsung phone

I had to replace my old phone quite suddenly and got a Samsung Intensity, because it was one of the few phones at the Verizon store that didn't require a $$ data plan on top of a talk plan.

I like the phone OK, but the battery life seems about half of what I had with my old LG phone. I completely drained it and charged it Sunday night, by this morning I was down to 50% of my bars and tonight it's whining about low battery. I have had maybe 3 short (3-10 minutes) conversations on it since Sunday and maybe 20 texts back and forth max. I don't use it for email or web and it has no games on it--it's basically on standby all the time. My old phone would have been down to maybe 3 bars after a typical week like this.

Did I get a crappy battery, or do Samsung phones just burn through battery life a lot faster?

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You're staying overnight in a huge, run-down haunted mansion with a group of people. Do you sleep in the scariest room by yourself, or share a bed with your worst enemy, who happens to be morbidly obese and smell like a wet dog covered in poo?

ETA: This question was inspired by me watching Rose Red right now. What about if the house was known to eat people when they were alone?

I have good news and bad news. The good news is you're hot, the bad news is I'm lying

When was the last time you laughed at something you really shouldn't have?
Care to tell us a bit about it?

Question brought to you by an answer to the Writer's Block question "What was your worst experience in middle school or high school? Did it have a lasting effect on you? Do you think you learned anything positive from it?
So I think it might of been the time in 6th grade after school while I was waiting for my mom and some dousche bag kid sat down next to me and said "I have good news and bad news. The good news is you're hot, the bad news is I'm lying."

Fucking cracked up laughing, but man I shouldn't have because that would have hurt so bad =( But fuck if it isn't a good call.

where is my mind

I remember reading about how some people suffer from a brain thing where everything they see/read/hear triggers a series of involuntary mind images/thoughts/etc. They can't make it stop and it's a great distraction and nuisance.

I want to read more about it but I have no idea how to even begin googling this. Any suggestions?

It's probably something along these lines but I can't really find anything on it
[fandom] roseanne

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Can you help me figure out wtf is up with my font?

Collapse )

It's not only ohnotheydidnt - the header text on Twitter looks that way to me, too. And when I ordered something online yesterday and entered my info, it showed up the same way. Everything else is working perfectly and it's driving me nuts. :(

Thanks in advance! :)

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What are you like when you're tired? Grumpy? Giddy? Zombie?

I pretty much start spouting out my life story. 

ETA: I sort of meant "Grumpy? Giddy?" as examples of what people are like when they're tired. You don't have to answer those. 

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How did you like My Cousin Vinny?

1 star (didn't even watch the whole thing; wanted to shoot myself_
2 stars (watched it all the way through but didn't enjoy it)
3 stars (it was okay; didn't DISlike it)
4 stars (I liked it and/or Marisa Tomei was pretty hot)
5 stars (It's a fucking classic in my book)
idk/never seen it
macro - procrastination cat
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Would you ever friend a stranger on Facebook?
(for a reason outside of those games that require x number of friends to unlock prizes and stuff)

I don't mean the guy from math class or a coworker you rarely speak to, but someone you had no idea who they were.