May 12th, 2010


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I have a job at my college this summer, about an hour and a half from my home. I have no car.

My mother isn't doing very well physically and keeps telling me to prepare for her death (which is really freaking me out), and I could probably get a job around my home's area. Should I quit my job at the college and stay home for the summer?

Perks to this include learning to drive, and being closer to dad/half-brother. Cons include not being able to see the SO as much, but I'll get to see his white ass all the time once school starts up again.

Also, I start the college job this Saturday. How would I go about quitting? I've only had contracted jobs...
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Have you ever found yourself doing an exercise or activity that, in theory, should be easy/relatively do-able....but for whatever reason your body just won't cooperate, and all you can do is laugh at the ridiculous failure of it all?

A month ago I was collapsing on the floor attempting push ups with my limp noodle arms, and tonight I'm trying jumping squats and my legs are like "Haha,'re funny." I also have horrible balance so standing on one foot, which most four year olds can do, is usually an epic and humiliating battle.

ETA: Actually now I'm curious. Can you do pushups? How many?

Can you do this?

How about any tongue gymnastics? Tongue to the nose, rolling it, or that weird foldy thing?

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Does anyone else get nervous in social situations? As an example, there's this thing I'm thinking about going to on Friday night. However, I'm not going to know a single person there. Just thinking about doing this makes me nervous as hell and uncomfortable. I need to make sure the event is actually happening (one of those things that can be canceled with no notice) as well. I'm actually sort of hoping it doesn't so I can avoid seeing other people.

Reflecting on it, that's kinda messed up. I want to go do something but am having such anxiety about it I'm hoping it doesn't happen so the anxiety goes away. Contradictory!

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Which one describes you the most?

PARTY HEARTY! (you like to cut loose and have fun)
Artsy fartsy (you have sophisticated interests and tastes)
Mario Kart-y (I wanna play it now)
Always tardy
Paul Blarty (hefty of girth and sedentary of lifestyle)

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what's a good shampoo and conditioner for someone with dyed red hair and who wants her naturally semi-curly hair to curl more?

what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?
do they do anything special for your hair (encourage it to curl, combat frizziness, etc)?
would you recommend them?

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What song should I sing tomorrow for musical theater class?

-Part of your world (Little Mermaid)
-Still Hurting (Last Five Years)
-Easy as Life (Aida)
-God Help the Outcasts (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
-Roxy (Chicago)
-Maybe This Time (Caberet)
-Other (suggest one)
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Do you ever have a day where you just do not want to get up and moving? How do you motivate yourself on days like that? I have to leave in half an hour, and I've done pretty much nothing to get ready. :-/
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Why do bands always put me front and centre when I'm not a lead singer?  
It's awkward sometimes because I feel like I'm being watched the most and I'm hardly doing much really.. so then I feel the need to dance and my dancing is just silly. They're gonna regret putting me front and centre after a while LOL.

We have a show tomorrow with a new band and are supposed to wear any bright colour on top.  What colour should I wear seein as I'm front and centre? :P

Should I have huge hair for this show? 

DK/DC bout my buziness:  What helps you sleep properly? 
also.. what do you usually have for breakfast? 

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In college or grad/law/etc school, have you ever submitted a paper that essentially ignored the professor's suggested revisions? How did that work out for you, grade-wise?

I'm in law school now and I spent so much time studying for my finals that I only left a day to revise this 30-page brief. The professor gave me notes on my first draft and I don't have the time/energy/brain capacity to work on this anymore. TQC, will you inform me of how much this is going to blow up in my face?

Alternatively, what bad decisions have you made lately?

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Do you play some version of the game where you punch someone when you see a volkswagon?

What do you call it? How do you play? Do you only do it for a particular car?

I just saw a commercial for Volkswagon and they were playing the punch buggy game, except we only do it for bugs so it made it seem sort of irrelevant.
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If potato chips, fast food and candy had the nutritional value of eating celery (that is, if you eat it, you burn a few more calories than you consume), what three junk foods would you be forever eating?
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Do you think TQC will ever die?

How long do you see it lasting? Ten years? Twenty years? FIFTY YEARS???

What will TQC look like in 50 years, if nuclear holocaust doesn't wipe us all out together?

I stay awake at night and wonder....

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TQC, I've got pancetta, cheddar cheese, chicken salad, sandwich rolls. I should combine all of these to make the most awesome sandwich ever, y/n? Got any amazing sauces I should make to put on it? 

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I didn't get to have any coffee this morning and my body misses it.

What is your favorite brand of coffee?    Or  Are you a tea drinker?     Brands aside, what is your favorite variety? 

I drink ANY brand of coffee!   I also drink tea.   Darjeeling (with some honey for added flavor).  

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have you ever been to rehab? how was your experience? how long did you go?
did you ever have an SO go at the same time as you? where you apart for a long time? did you still go out when it was all over?

Poop post!

If your sympathetic nervous system kicks in when you're anxious (i.e. fight or flight), then why do people get "nervous diarrhea"?

Have you pooped your pants as an adult? Please share your experience.
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TQC, I just renewed my car insurance, but they haven't updated my forms, so technically, it's expired (as of 12:01 AM 5/12/10, but I paid yesterday). I did the payment yesterday and it's listed as processing, but in the meantime, am I considered insuranceless? If I print off my payment sheet and policy, am I going to be covered if something were to happen, or should I just be a hermit today?

dk/dc: what did you have for lunch today? if you haven't had lunch yet, what did you have for lunch yesterday?

Edit: I called and she had to make me an ID card, but everything was valid and not at all problematic.

Battle Royale (with cheese)

Who would win in a fight?

The cast from The Hills
The cast from Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Who would win in a fight?

The cast of High School Musical
The cast of Spinal Tap (as they are now)

Who would win in a fight?

Coldplay and Fallout Boy
Oasis (the Gallagher bros. and whoever's in the backup band)

Who would win in a fight?

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher
Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Miller

Who would win in a fight?

The Simpsons: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie and Abe (Grandpa)
Peter, Lois and Stewie Griffin

Who would win in a fight?

Jason Statham and Floyd Mayweather (champion boxer)
Jet Li and Chuck Norris (as he is now)

Who would win in a fight?

Seinfeld characters: Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer and Newman
Friends characters: Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe
"I love organ donation"

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inspired by a few comments in this post, if you know what your rank was in your graduating class, will you tell us?

(please feel free to guess if you don't know/recall, and stating how many people were in your class is up to you, of course.)

if your school didn't rank, do you know why they didn't?

for everyone, what's an achievement (besides finishing, please) that you're proud of from your primary-secondary education?


How can I make my dog happier? He is the best doggie in the world and I want to spoil him :)
How do you know if your pet is happy?

Bonus: Will you post a picture of your pets, and/or tell us what makes them awesome?!
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 My boyfriend lives in Kentucky and for my next visit to see him, we're going to explore the Bourbon Trail.

What's your favorite Bourbon?
Have you toured any Bourbon distilleries? What were your favorites? We did Maker's Mark 6 months ago and it was awesome.
Is there anything else interesting to do in Kentucky? I feel like we've exhausted our options over my last few visits.
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My boyfriend's 21st birthday is on the 16th, I wanted to do something special for him and bake him a cake. I talked to his Mom and found out his favorite dessert is Sara Lee's chocolate cheesecake. It apparently is this one  - which I'm told and see by stores, they don't sell anymore. - and I figure making it by hand makes it more special. I've been googling and can't seem to find this recipe, was wondering if anyone has it? Or one very similiar to this one, by taste?

I haven't ever tried the cheesecake is why I am not just picking a chocolate cheesecake recipe. I dont really know whats great recipe wise for chocolate stuff... anyways, any help would be appreciated! Or snarky comments :D But please halp! 

and for funses, what'd you eat at work today?

I had jimmy johns ham and cheese, apparently it's customer appreciation day and they drove to local businesses giving out free subs. ^_^
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Battle Royale 2

Who would win in a fight?

Inigo Montoya, Fezzik (armed with giant rocks) and Wesley aka the Dread Pirate Roberts
Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas without his bow and arrows

Who would win in a fight?

The Fantastic Four
The Incredibles

Who would win in a fight?

The Joker (from Dark Knight)
Anton Chigurh (No Country for Old Men)

Who would win in a fight?

Betty White
Joan Rivers

Who would win in a fight?

Britney Spears and Madonna
Lady Gaga and Kei$ha

Who would win in a fight?

The entire Cullen family (Twilight)
Blade (Wesley Snipes)

Who would win in a fight?

The Terminator (Arnold)
A predator (from the movie)

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1. I bought sugar snap peas imported from South Africa. They say RINSE BEFORE USE! in large writing on the package. I found a long (inch and a half?), black, soft straw like thing and it KIND OF LOOKED LIKE IT MOVED but I don't know, it might have just been a stem or a straw... uncurling itself.

I shouldn't eat them, right?

2. Will you tell me about where you are right now? Um, geographically or mentally, you choose.

I love the clothes of the early 50's&60's,but not the undergarments. I prefer to be covered.

Poll #1563438 Fashion

What category to you fall into when it comes to clothes and fashion?

I follow the trends
I'm in style,but not trendy
I dress in a more risque style
I dress in a more conservative style
I have my own sense of style that has no name
I put clothes on that match and fit. What else is there?
I put clothes on my body.

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How large was your graduating class in High School? I'm just wondering because I read something online recently that last year's graduating class at my old High School was 1,036 people. My own class was somewhat smaller at around 780 people.

Do you know how long a 780 person graduation ceremony takes? About 3 1/2 hours. I don't even wanna know how long they take now. They're probably pushing 5 hours.

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If someone disabled their Facebook wall, would they still have the ability to make status updates afterwards and would people on their Friends list be able to see them?

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I have two eggs, american cheese slices, multigrain spaghetti, frozen spinach, frozen mixed vegetables, and three wedges of garlic/herb laughing cow cheese.
What the hell can I make with any/all of this that isn't just scrambled eggs with stuff in it?

ETA: There is also a bottle of lemon/garlic sauce in the fridge my housemate probably won't mind if I use some of, if that helps at all.
ETA2: Someone ate my vegetables. :(
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If a 16-year-old boy looks completely prepubescent and his voice hasn't changed yet, do you think he'll catch up eventually to the other kids or do you think he'll turn into one of those weird child-men in the future who look 12 and 40 at the same time?
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Do you think men should shave or trim their armpit hair? Or should they stay bushy? What about chest hair? Back hair?

Do you care if a woman shaves her armpits or legs? Do you mind if a woman’s face is a little fuzzy? Natural beauty, or unnatural?

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Hellooooo TQC.

I'm trying to transfer the company I work for's addressbook from paper to the computer.

I need to be able to print it out after, as well as be able to access it on the computer.

It also needs to alphabetize itself automatically!

Does anyone know of a program that is either free or relatively cheap that I can do this on?

Outlook is not an option :(


Bunch of odd questions

Poll #1563532 The things we'd do for money

For $10,000, would you wear a gorilla suit to the next wedding you get invited to? Regardless if you're a guest or a bridesmaid, you'll have to change in the bathroom into the costume and go out and behave like you would normally if you weren't dressed like a giant monkey. You will not say a thing, as gorillas don't speak. Just sit there and ignore everybody until you're asked to leave. You'll be such a distraction there's a good chance you'll ruin the wedding


For $10,000, would you get a 7" tattoo on your stomach of Mount Rushmore, except with the faces of Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich, with text under it reading "REAL AMERICANS"? You have to keep the tattoo for at least a year


For $10,000, would you get a hot pink bowlcut haircut? You have to keep the bowlcut and the color until it grows out. Things to consider: your real life


For $10,000, would you live on the streets for a month? Wearing only a single outfit, you'll go to work/school/whatever, and then go find a spot to sleep at night, be it in a cardboard box, park bench, whatever, and then go to work/school/whatever in the same clothes you slept in, and repeat for the next 30 days. You can't accept any other changes of clothes, but you can use someone's shower if offered. You also can't explain why you're doing this


For $10,000, would you attend a series of meetings for a Sex Adicts Anonymous...dressed in slutwear? For 30 sessions/meetings, you'll wear the most cleavagy top you can find, with the shortest skirt...sans underwear. Things to consider: knowing that you're singlehandedly ruining every guy's chance of committing to this program, and also the fact that you're dressed in uber provocative wear in a room full of sex-obsessed creepers


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Hey guys hey.

I have a spiffing pair of Doc Martens (20-eye, in the usual style) and obviously would like them to be on my feet at all times. However, they are very stiff and the way they bend at the ankle gives me blisters after wearing them for only a few hours, no matter how many socks I wear. I've had them in my closet for about three years, but it kills me to see such a fantastic pair of boots go to waste. Other people wear Doc Martens so WHAT'S MY PROBLEM? Are their feet just more punk rawk than mine? How can I make them softer/not so hurty anymore?

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I live in the city and there is an abandoned house next door to me that has a really big back yard. There is no “for sale” sign in the yard and I am 100% sure that it is not occupied. I am thinking about going over there and planting a small garden in the back yard mainly because it is almost summer time and I miss having my own yard. 

Should I do it or is it not worth the hassle if I get caught?  


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1. What are some of those "little things" in life that make you happy?

2. If your friend was dating with someone who was racist (specifically against people of your race), would you be offended if your friend continued to date them? Would you see your friend's relationship as an acceptance of racism, or is it one of those live-and-let-live things since you're not the one in the relationship?

3. What is the coolest name for a pet you've ever heard?


So, I'm moving in three days. Half the stuff is packed all nice and neat and tetris-perfect and... now I just want to throw the rest of my crap into bags and boxes so its at least packed. I'm sick of packing.

Anyone else just throw shit into boxes/bags when they moved?
Did you regret not taking the time to make it nice and neat?

dk/dc: what was in the last picture you took?
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I'm spending every day this week going blackberry picking behind my house. I'll probably have at least 10 cups, maybe more. What should I do with them all? I want to make a cobbler, but I'll have more after I do that.

Do you pick any fruits? Do you have any around or on your property?
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What would you name an Etsy store that is specializing in handmade leather sexytime items (such as whips and flogs)?

You know. Hypothetically.

Thanks! She decided on "Safe Word Fantasies"!

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my friend is always saying, "I can't do nothin' for ya, man. Flava Flav's got problems of his own!"

what is it from? i did a google search but i just come up with like blogs and message board quotes.

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Have you ever had a day where one bad thing after another just keeps happening? Do you wish you could crawl back into bed and say it never existed?

Do you have anything from your childhood that has great meaning to you now? (like, an old teddy bear or toy.)

Do you bed worship or can you just spring right up and start your day... or night?
I <3 TLV

Second interviews

Sooo I just got a call back for a second group interview for a job I applied to! Woohoo. But I've never applied to a job before that did more than one interview, or a group interview. What should I expect?

Googling gave me this from Yahoo answers: "I had a group interview with the store H & M and they gave us all these bizarre almost psychologically profiling tests. Like as a group we had to build a lego castle while listening to the managers should out conflicting instructions on what colors to use.... all the while bouncing a tennis ball in between us. It was pretty messed up. This wasy years ago, almost no one believes me, but I swear it happened."

Has anyone here had to do something like that?

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OK so I KNOW that in Britishland, people put "u" in words like favorite and color, and that's just how they do it, whatever. But... I still see words like "favourite" and "colour" and all I can think is "WELL THAT'S PRETENTIOUS."

Does anyone else do this or is my brain kind of a bitch?

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You are asked to hang out with a friend and let them know you have other obligations for the next hour but can spend time together after that hour. They are fine with it, and when the obligation is over you text/phone them and they don't respond. How to you proceed?

It's been an hour, what the hell do I do?

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Say you were caught speeding through a school zone (20 mph) at 40 mph. When the cop pulled you over, you were also speeding in a residential area (30 mph). Is this one violation or two (i.e. should you pay the price of one violation or two)?

How many people do you know who believe we should have a "28th amendment" to the US Constitution to say laws passed by Congress must apply equally to citizens and Congress?

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tqc, i am really mean to my dog. not physically. i just call her a lot of mean names and tell her that she is stupid and that i hate her. on a scale of 1 to eternal suffering how much will i regret this when dogs take over the world and it is revealed that they really do understand english?
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A while ago I came across this site that sold vintage dresses, including wedding dresses. I think they had the site organized by decade. Any ideas what it was?

If you're not interested in my quest for fashion, what's your favorite summer activity?

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My mom told me about a book she read and she said "the woman who wrote it lives in England but she couldn't spell at all" and procedeed to tell me about all the words with normal for England spelling and I had to lol and explain to her. My mom is cute like that. What makes your parents cute?
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Piercings in a business casual setting?

I've been wanting to get a tongue ring, and a while ago I decided I was going to get it this upcoming Saturday. I've hyped myself up for this and my bf is excited for it.

Now, I got a job offer for a new company. I'm starting a week from next monday. It's a business casual setting. Would a tongue ring be inappropriate, or send a bad message?
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Iron Man 1/2

My friend wants to see Iron Man 2. I haven't seen Iron Man 1, and I don't mind seeing #2 without seeing #1 first, but my friend is insisting that I see #1 first. So, should I watch Iron Man 1 first? Will not seeing Iron Man 1 really hinder my enjoyment of Iron Man 2? (Note, I've tried renting Iron Man 1 at a couple places, but they're all out)
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1. When was the last time you majorly procrastinated?

2. Have you ever met a celebrity?
2a. Which celebrity was your favorite to meet?
2b. Which celebrity was the most recent?

My answers: 1. This week. I ended up writing a 12 page research paper in two days.
2. Penn & Teller!


Do you like corn on the cob?

Have you ever purchased shoes from Payless?

Lightweight scarves as an accessory throughout the spring/summer, yes or no?

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my roommates were totally disgusting with my frying pan while i was out of town.

it's now coated in a perma-layer of brown grease.

how do i get rid of it?

dk/dc worst roommate story that you personally have experienced?


my iPhone is acting up lately.

if I were to master reset it would I have to re-purchase all my apps and ringtones?

or will I be able to just transfer them from my computer back to my phone?

dk/dc: when was the last time you got laid?
was it good or no?
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I have a red dwarf banana tree (a baby one really) in a large pot on my lanai. Lately there has been this strange residue type thing showing up on the dirt in the pot. It looks like cocoa powder in both consistency and color and when I water my poor little banana tree the powder looking substance becomes airborne.

Any ideas what it could be? I think it spreads too because I found some in the dirt of my pineapple plant that is in a pot next to the banana tree.
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What do you think of women with shaved heads, that don't have an illness?
I want to shave my hair off and start over since it's all dry and damaged, but everyone I know freaks out at such notion.

What's something you have always wanted to do (or have done) that might be a bit outrageous?

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for one of my classes i have to do a process analysis.
"how to" do something.
idk what to do.
i was thinking about doing
how to be a shopoholic but idk if i want to do that.
it can be ANYTHING.
any ideas?

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What songs would you include on a playlist titled "Zombie Apocalypse Dance Party"? They can be zombie related, or just good dancin' tunes.

Michael Jackson's Thriller is an obvious choice.

What's the last YouTube video you watched today?

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Do you pick your nose while you're driving?

Do you only do so at night? Or, day or night, doesn't matter?

Do you tend to wipe the boogers on a tissue or napkin or do you ball them up? If the latter, do you then wipe them on a tissue, or do you throw them on the floor or out the window?

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I just got $225 back from selling my textbooks at the college. It's a lot of money to me because I don't have a job, but I also have no bills to pay (only need to pay for gas).

What should I do with it? Just save it? Buy myself a little something for doing well this semester, then save the rest (if yes, what should I buy?)? Something else?
the boys from queens


1) When you're waiting to turn left and cars are going straight in the other direction, do you wait behind the line or in the middle of the intersection?

2) When you're in a turning only lane, do you use your directionals?

3) How often do you make illegal u-turns?

4) What is the most dangerous thing you do while driving?

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I'm part of a comminuty service club and we've been sorted into familes. Each family needs a family name. The theme for the entire club this year is Sherlock Holmes, so my family was hoping to incorporate that or themes of detectives/investigation into our family name. What should we call ourselves?
For example, one family named themselves Mystery Inc.

Don't care - What have your past school mascots been?
Elementary school: Panther, wildcat
Middle school: Cougar
High school: Viking
College: Aggie/mustang

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So I'm hopefully going to be moving from living by myself, to sharing a place with someone in the next month. I've never shared with anyone other than family. What sorts of things should I look for in a room mate? And is there anything that I should look for in the place I'm going to live? Any advice at all is great!

Do you, or have you shared with a room mate (not an SO, because I know that can be different), and if so how did it work out for you?


I'm not superstitious, but something weird happened today. An old friend of mine texted me today to say he'd dreamt about me. In the dream, I'd met a new guy I was crazy about, and I was telling said friend about this guy. I described him as "a cool drink of water".

This "cool drink of water" thing is straight out of a Carrie Underwood song. (Cowboy Casanova.)

Looks like a cool drink of water
But he’s candy-coated misery
He’s the devil in disguise
A snake with blue eyes
And he only comes out at night
Gives you feelings that you don’t want to fight
You better run for your life

I've been crazy for this guy I was unable to talk to until today. Today I talked to him for an hour, our first time even speaking. So in a way, I met him today, since I had no idea what his personality was even like. The really weird thing is that the friend who had the dream has never even heard this song, and I hadn't told him about the guy. Could this be a premonition? The guy seems really nice from the way he acted today. Either something's trying to tell me he's gonna rip my heart into pieces, or it's a funny coincidence and me being silly.

Have you ever had a premonition that fulfilled itself? 

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Say you see an average looking woman, pretty unremarkable, you probably wouldn't give her a second glance except that it is obvious her tits (which are of an average size) are unrestrained. Gross or no?
francois lick it

(no subject)

Do you like Greece?
Do you like the European Union?
Do you like the Eurovision?
How do you feel about euthanasia?
And abortion?
And Christina Aquilera's comeback?
Do you like the new Christina?
Or the old Christina?
Where is charmecia?

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long story short, i'm about to end up with $15,000 in credit card debt. i have a full time job (which pays minimally) but commuting would make getting a second one nearly impossible. right now i sell books online and some vintage stuff... and i try to sell paintings when i have the time to paint them which is like almost never. i've yet to ever NOT pay off my credit card, but this is pretty much imminent and unavoidable.

whats your go-to way to make money when you really need it?

how long would it take you to pay off $15,000?

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Do you have any photos from gruesome* injuries you've sustained that you'd like to share? I'm starting up a little gallery for special effects makeup reference if I ever need to recreate an injury.

*or semi-gruesome. even just a little icky.

going crazy, help me!

My husband is horrible with details and blows butt at describing things and telling stories. Today he asked me this:


And that's all the information he has for me. He has no idea when it was made, who was in it or anything else about the story. That was almost an hour ago and I'm beyond annoyed because my Google-fu is wasted. I'm about to mentally slap him in the nads. So any help will be wonderful, but I know it's a long shot. I apologize in advance.

ETA; lava_sharks found it. Thank you 6 lb 8 oz baby jesus.

unpaid/LJ assigns you icons?

My paid account is expiring in a couple of days. I've had this happen before, and I never understood how LJ picked which icons to let me keep. It seems like they ought to give me the ones I use most often, but that's never happened--is there some secret algorithm they use?
omg. onoz.


1. Why does every girl I date want to get married and have children right away?
2. Does the Big Boy commercial with the talking Big Boy creep you out?
3. Why don't my friends say anything about my excessive drinking?
4. My ex still uses pictures of our trip to Hawaii. Is she trying to tell me something?
5. Who do you think makes a better suit, Armani or Barney's?

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Sooo I think I'm taking a roadtrip to Chicago this summer with atleast one friend, but there could possibly be four of us total going. I don't know how many days we'll be planning for this trip, but I would say like three days actually in Chicago, plus the time it takes to drive there from here in MA, which should be a day there and a day back.
How much do you think this will cost? How do I keep it cheap? (hotel reservations, spending money, etc)

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i was in florida last week and on the drive there (from ontario) we randomly saw crosses on the side of the road in several towns. 3 big crosses together, usually a bigger yellow one in the middle. some of them had little platforms for people to stand on.

eta: they're not car accident crosses. they're 20 or 30 feet tall and one set of them was surrounded by restaurants.

are they used for anything in particular?


I'm having a lot of trouble with arm/shoulder/hand nerve pain and spasmy things. My doctor recommended I try Feldenkrais in addition to other things I'm doing. I can't afford the cool-looking summer camp thing he recommended (it's full-time days and a lot of $) but I can go to a weekly group ATM class, and my HMO will reimburse me for one appointment with a practitioner.

I made my appointment for my one-on-one and will register for the class as soon as it opens. Has anyone here ever done this? What's it like? I have no clue what to expect.

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Would you use that with your SO after a night you both hit up the buffet, or on chili night?

Would pooping together make you bond with your SO? The common strains to pass a troublesome kernal of poop?

Would you poop side by side with your best friend?

A sibling?

A parent?

If you got this as a gift, would you install it in your bathroom?

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Do you have any money issue with your SO?

I think I have a inferiority complex when it comes to the financial matters. I like having little gestures done for me, ie (massages, cards, my fav fruits, hot cheetos), but my BF feels that physical gestures alone should be enough (hugs, kisses, etc). He tells me that it seems I only care about material things. Because of this, since I live with him, I feel like I need to go the extra mile to make sure that I am paying for at least half for rent and bills to prove that I am not a materialistic bitch, even though he makes more than twice my salary, and the apartment is really more than I am comfortable about paying for.

Sorry for the boring sob story.

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i was watching a show on tlc before with a girl who ate chalk obsessively, and a guy who ran 4 hours a day. do you know anyone/ do you have any unique obsessions like that?

where do you buy your glasses? is there anywhere on line i can get cool, cheap, frames?

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What are your thoughts on the Bradley Method?

What childbirth method(s) appeals to you the most (generally speaking. It doesn't have to be a formal technique)?