May 11th, 2010

TK and Kari

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Did you ever embarrass your parents badly when you were little?

Once I was a guest as a wedding, I was about 5 or 6. When everyone was eating, I went up to the stage and said into the microphone, "My dad as hair here (point to armpit) here (point to other armpit) and here (point to crotch)."

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does anyone know if these Duracell things are allowed in carry-ons? i tried google but that didnt work so well and i'm going through the customer reviews right now. (I really don't see why it wouldn't be ok, but better safe than sorry.)

on the other hand, what are you doing tomorrow?

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do you have any tips for getting lipstick to stay? i just bought this awesome bright red lipstick from sephora but it doesn't stay very well.

do you use lip primer or eyeshadow primer? what would you recommend?
TK and Kari

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Me: I think I'm bi.

Friend: Why?

Me: Because I was talking to a girl in my Journalism class and she was so pretty I felt nervous talking to her.

Friend: That doesn't make you bi.

Me: Why not?

Friend: That's like being nervous when you meet a celebrity. Now if you wanted to DO her, then that would make you bi.

Do you think what my friend says is true? I've always been under the impression that if you're nervous when talking to someone because they're so good-looking, that means you have a crush on them.
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My grandfather has been hospitalized and I may need to be down there ASAP to see him. Is there a way to get reasonably priced last minute flights? I know if you buy one through the airline, they can be twice as expensive as a normally-priced one. Thanks a lot.

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Is it okay to wear jeans to a job interview at Lowe's, if I dress them up with a nice top & accessories? I just realized that I have no idea where my nice pants are :(

Found some pants.

How is your week going?

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Are you creative? Do you ever get overcome by creativity? What I mean by "overcome" is you get so caught up in creating something (working it out mentally in your head) that you forget what you're supposed to be doing and just sort of stand/sit there thinking about your idea?

It happens to me a lot. Just this morning during breakfast I mentally wrote a biography for a porn star who never existed. (He really liked doing stand up comedy but ended up in porn anyway. But he always worked 3-4 minutes of standup into his movies somehow. Died of a drug overdose after doing 3 movies and part of a fourth.)

That can't possibly be normal, can it?
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i'm bored of writing my essay about reagan's foreign policy so will u please tell me which world leader past or present u think is the greatest? or at least which one u find most interesting?

how much better do u think the world would be if justin bieber was supreme world leader?
Deathly Hallows Poster

Who Needs Sleep?


It's 8:06AM. I'm watching Hulu and I haven't slept in over 36 hours.

Will I fall asleep after Fed Ex shows up (at approximately 12PM or hopefully sooner) or will I fall asleep and miss the knock-knock-knocking, thus forcing my husband to answer the door when he desperately does not want to?

Non-srs welcomed, I think I'm gonna try to stay awake.... uggghhh.
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Have you ever been found on Facebook by someone you really didn't want to be found by? There is an old friend I cut out of my life on purpose and she's popped back up via Facebook. She wants to take me out to lunch today and she doesn't care that I have a ton of stuff to do around my apartment. Should I just suck it up and go, or should I bail out on her? I have already bailed about 3 times in the last couple months but dammit, I have things to do!
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I filled out the census forms for our business this year, and today at the office I have a phone message to call them. What do they want? I'm skeered!

ETA: omg I just called and they seem to have made a mistake, as my address didn't match the case # they left in the message. HUZZAH I'M NOT GETTING DEPORTED!
going to hell.

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Say you're a 21 year old female.

What would be the age of the oldest man you'd become involved with, if you were really head over heels for the person, and age didn't matter all that much to you? Where would you REALLY draw the line? Would you even draw a line at all?

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I volunteer with a fairly large company in the UK. I applied to help out at the UK's most famous festival.
The person I applied to wished me good luck, told me she was going through the applications on Friday but to keep May 22nd free.
Am I in with a chance?
I'd say at least 50%+ of the other volunteers are 50+ and not interested in doing this.
TK and Kari

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You drop your 13-year-old brother off at a burger place, and 20 minutes later when you come back, a smelly homeless man is sitting opposite from him and they're sharing a plate of fries.

Do you praise your brother for being a good Samaritan, or lecture him for how disgusting that is?
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Should I go see Iron-Man 2 with my mom today?

- I'd get to see Iron-Man 2, which I know I will enjoy immensely.
- My mom will pay for my ticket.
- I have no one else to see it with, since all my friends are lame.

- Possibility of it being very crowded in the movie theater and getting bad seats (but I don't know if that will happen, since it's a weekday afternoon)
- After the movie is over, my mother will probably want to talk to me about how much she wants to have sex with Robert Downey, Jr. If I tell her she's making me uncomfortable, she'll tell me I'm just being a prude and continue talking about having sex with RDJ anyway.

How comfortable would you be if one of your parents started talking about someone they'd like to fuck?

Jobs that everyone hates

I'm really tired of my job. On top of disliking my job, I've had my hours cut severely so I'm working 6-10 hours less per week than I used to. I'm spending my paychecks practically before I get them. I applied to a few jobs and got rejected, and then my friend, who works at one of those huge corporations that has a huge turnover rate and hires everyone, told me about her job and I applied for a position.

I applied on Sunday. They called me back yesterday. I called back today and they told me they were going to put me into training on May 24, but I told them I wanted to give two weeks' notice at my job so they said they'd have someone else call me to train for a different position that starts training on June 7.

I'm worried because they obviously accept everyone who applies, you don't have to have any qualifications whatsoever, the training starts almost immediately and I didn't even apply for the position they want me to train for (in fact, they didn't even tell me what the position WAS) so they're obviously really desperate.

BUT the job pays a little more than my current job and would guarantee me 40 hours per week. Even though I would only make about 35 cents more per hour than I do now my paychecks would be almost twice as much! But I'm worried that since the job has such a high turnover rate that I would end up quitting after two weeks and then I would be completely out of a job.

Should I take the risk and start doing this job? Working both jobs at the same time is not an option. I've tried working two jobs before and it's always been a nightmare.

It's not telemarketing, btw.

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Do you and your SO’s mom get along? If your SO’s mother hated you to the point of not inviting you to your boyfriends birthday/ignoring you and giving you dirty looks while you’re at her house (i've always said hi/bye and been respectful while i was there)/getting into fights with her family because she refuses to be civil towards you.. what would you do?

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How old are you and do you live at home? If you do, do you like it? If you don't, do you like it?

I'm 22 and I LOVE living at home. I wouldn't mind living on my own, but currently makes more sense economically for me to live at home because I go to school locally. Don't judge me!

SORRY edit to add: Do you live at home with your parents.


I wanted to get a shower before going to look at this apartment today. My boyfriend takes forever in the bathroom in the mornings, so I tried to get him up so he'd go beforehand.. but now he's in there and it's late and there is NO TIME TO SHOWER and omg my hair is unclean, you guys.

Do you feel embarrassed if you go out somewhere unshowered, even if you don't smell? My hair looks mad greasy. :(
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you drop your 13-year-old brother off at a burger place, and 20 minutes later when you come back, a smelly homeless man is sitting opposite from him and they're sharing a plate of fries.

why did you drop your 13-year-old brother off at a burger place alone for 20 minutes?

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when's the last time you felt really fucked up?

i can't remember anything much from 2 months ago, and when i was watching "a bug's life" last night i must have blanked for 5 minutes and didn't understand what happened in the plot. am i turning into a burn-out? i feel high from last night even.

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What are your favorite Biggie Smalls quotes?

Some of my sorority sisters had the idea to make Spree day shirts with biggie quotes on the back (I have no idea where this idea came from other than one of them is obsessed with biggie). Unfortunately I don't listen to biggie that much.

doing flips and shit.

why did i do that?

what's the last thing you did that you regretted (small or big)?

i cut about six inches off of my hair yesterday. i don't really care that i did it, because i'm going to be in the hot-as-balls florida sun all summer, but i think it looks stupid. oh well.
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you drop your 13-year-old brother off at a burger place, and 20 minutes later when you come back, a smelly hippie is sitting opposite from him and they're sharing a joint.

Is TQC really fucking bored today?

If yes, will you spam this post with your favourite macros?


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if you applied for a job and didn't get a response, but they reposted their ad (say two weeks later), is it inappropriate to reapply? if not, should you mention that you applied before and how?
lulz//juan taco meirez

in all seriousness...

Today is Taco Tuesday; I'm not really wanting tacos... should I get tacos today? I have a million things at home I need to cook.. but the Taco Tuesday thing's really got me.

I only have 13 dollars. Should I coerce my boyfriend into helping me buy stuff to make flat tacos? (I kind of want to go to walmart as I haven't been in awhile. but he just wanted to go because they've got this new asian stuff he wants to try.)

What are you eating?
Do you know of a food that you think I don't know about that I should probably know about? How boggled is your head right now?

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This Saturday, I'm going to be walking in the Relay for Life cancer walk. I'm on a team and the relay part is that one of us has to be walking every hour for 24 hours. Because a couple members backed out, it leaves just several of us to relay it out and on average we're allotted 4 hour shifts. My shift is 1-5am. This is the shittiest shift in the bunch, but I know I keep weird hours anyway and I can function adequately with less sleep, so I accepted this shift without a complaint. However, it's going to be really late and it's 4 effin hours.

What essentials should I bring with me for that 4 hour duration? What would you bring?
Joker Heath

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What worldwide happenings (issues or otherwise) do you keep yourself updated and informed about aside from things involving your country and/or your family or friends? (Things that don't affect you personally unless you've chosen to involve yourself.) How do you go about keeping updated?

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Did you know that about 220,000 gallons of oil are leaking down where the oil rig blew up?  

This is sobering news.....29 endangered sea turtles washed up on the shore dead.

Anybody scared of what is next?    I'm sorry for posting this, but I am worried. 
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if you have pets that have feet or paws that will let you do this, will you please sniff them (the paws, on the underside) for me and then report back with the scent so i can further my investigation? thank you for your time.

here is another question but please don't ignore the first. who is or was your favourite character from scooby doo? mine was always daph, i wanna be her.
kim possible

why does the health care system suck?

why does the health care system suck?
why do we spend the most on health care costs?
why cant most people afford medicaid?
why do a lot of people go to medicare?
why does health insurance not cover a lot of medical stuff?
why do insurance companies charge more?
why do we live in a poor environment?
and why does America suck?
and what about the poor people?
and what about Africa and AIDS?
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How do you pronounce:

pecan -- PEEkan, peeKAN, PEEkahn, or peeKAHN? ... ... ETA: puhKAHN.

coupon -- KOOpahn or KYOOpahn?

lilac -- LIElack or LIElahk?

chocolate -- CHAHklit or CHAWklit, and do you say all the syllables?

Any variations that I missed?
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When was the last time you burnt the roof of your mouth?

Were you just so hungry that you didn't even care how hot it actually was or did the food look so delicious, you couldn't help yourself? What kind of food was it?

What gives?

A month ago I changed my lifestyle habits dramatically. I was living off fast food, pop, and sweets/junk food. I never went outside... I never did housework. (I know, pathetic life)

Now I follow the food pyramid and the breads I buy are whole wheat only. I have my fruits, I have my veggies, I have my occasional meats and glass of milk. My house is so much cleaner because I'm up doing my chores, and on top of that I'm easing into exercise. I go outside every day even if it's for a little bit. I don't binge or have any emotional eating issues. I only drink water and milk.

I feel so much better physically but ...I haven't lost a pound. Honestly, the only 'bad' foods I've had in a whole month are a fast food burger, two pie slices, three tiny candy bars, and three pizza slices. Which isn't even much at all compared to how I used to be, I'd eat that in the span of a day if it was available to me.  I really want to lose this weight because I'm going to be going to concerts, water parks, and theme parks this summer and apart from wanting to look nice, the extra weight makes my legs hurt when I walk for hours at a time.

(I'm 180 pounds, '5"3 by the way)

Does anyone have any idea why I'm not losing any weight?

---If you DK/DC - What color are your nails ATM?---

EDIT: Thank you for all your support and answers <3 I'm going to start logging my calorie intake/physical activity to make sure I'm eating/burning enough to lose weight
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So I live on a limited budget since I'm a student and unable to work full time. I'm about 40-50 pounds overweight, so I want to really get a start on getting healthy. My number one battle is FOOD. My cravings tend to get the best of me, so I eat crappy foods a lot.

I'm going to the grocery store either tonight after work or tomorrow afternoon.

What healthy, delicious things should I get? Mind you, I'm on a budget and can't afford to spend A LOT on things.

What are some things that are healthy that are easy to cook?

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From a tropical country, I'll be moving to North America in a new months. When I used to just visit and stay there for a week or so, I'd always get dandruff that was just so bad and my skin would dry out and get a bit dull. Is it because I used shampoo on my hair everyday, since back home that's what I do because of the heat? Should I have used conditioner as well? I didn't put moisturizer on my face either because I didn't see the need to buy one because I thought It would be a waste. I did however apply sunblock as a substitute. 

Please share skincare and haircare regimens to a clueless girl :( 

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My computer died yesterday and it was a long time coming.

Now I need to get a new tower but I don't know anything about buying one or what I should be looking for. I use the computer for storing/listening to music and images (a few movies) and that's about it offline. I don't play video games or anything like that. It needs to have windows though and I don't want to build one for myself as that sounds like a pain in the ass.

Can anyone here point me in the right direction? Any ideas of quality and reliable computers? 
Where is a good place to get one from (keep in mind I live in Canada)? Where did you get your computer?

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Some random questions, feel free to answer any or all of them...

1) What is the point of "walking/running" for a cause? (as in a Breast Cancer Walk) I understand donating money, I understand gathering people and listening to speeches by survivors and such. But does the walking serve an additional purpose? Or is it just an activity that bonds people while they are raising awareness and money for their cause? If that's all it is, why isn't there a variety of activities offered? Why is it always walking or running!?

2) Do you watch The Boondocks? What is your opinion of the show? Who's your favorite, Riley or Huey? Do you abide by "homies over hoes"? Is dick-riding really okay, as long as it's Barack's?
*ETA: Was the young white girl with the blonde pony-tail only in the comics, or in the show as well? I remember her, but I'm not sure if it's from the comics or the show. (not Jasmine, but a 100% white girl)

3) If none of the 2nd questions made any sense to you, why aren't you watching The Boondocks right now on Adult

4) Have you ever been to Miami during 4th of July weekend? Will you tell me about your experience? Or anything you know about Miami during that time? I hear it can get wild, in fun ways and also overwhelming ways.

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So, i'm sort of seeing this guy who is a "pick up artist." When we first started getting together, I thought that I would be the only girl. Later I confronted him and found out that I wasn't and that he wasn't planning on changing. He's still in high school but i'm going to college in the fall and figured what the hell, i'm leaving soon anyway. So we call our relationship "having a good time" which basically means that we more than friends, but we're not a couple. I know about the other girls, and i'm fine with it. And whenever i'm with him, I'm happy and carefree.

My question is, why do guys do this? Is it just for their self-esteem? Do you think he'll grow out of it? Do you think he's afraid of commitment? Am I crazy to be involved with anyone like this? If you were in my situation would you just enjoy yourself too?

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My boyfriend came home to our apartment to find the bathroom sink's stopper was pulled up and there was a puddle of black, gritty water. We never pull the stopper in the sink and he thinks someone came into our apartment. Now, he's in the bathroom trying to plunge out the black water, but he can't seem to get it all out. Plus, the drain won't drain...

Have you ever had black, gritty crap come from your drain? I'm telling him to call the leasing office and get a plumber, but he's trying to see if he can fix it himself. If you had this happen, were you able to fix it yourself? 

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Are people ever talking to you and you're just thinking the whole time about how you don't care and hoping they shut up soon? Or is that just bitchy?

It just happens to me all the time when I'm trying to do other things (like internetting) and people will start talking to me about shit like Grand Theft Auto, asking me to watch them steal a bike or something and I'm just thinking "SHUT UP. I AM TRYING TO DO OTHER THINGS, IDC"

What are some things people seem to like talking about that you don't give a shit about?

mailing your resume

I want to send my resume and cover letter to a company I'm interested in working with, but I'm out of manilla envelopes. Would it be okay to send it in a standard envelope or should I go out and get some more manilla ones?
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if I signed a lease with 2 other people, but there parents were the ones to cosign/have their bank information used to make sure we're eligible for the apt, can my landlord kick me out at the end of the lease, even if I'm willing to have my parents cosign the lease with me? She sort of dislikes us but we have done nothing wrong in the apt and everything looks great.

We're all students and I do work but definitely not enough to be eligible for this place.

This is a stupid question so...
what's the last thing you did that you were proud of?

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I just finished two assignments in two days easily. I get the feeling that because I didn't find them difficult, I didn't do them right.
Am I going to fail? y/y?

If you are studying, what do you study? And how easy do you find your assessments?

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i want to add two bold floral pieces to my wardrobe, one dress and one skirt, and these are all pretty cheap

so are any of Collapse ) worth spending money on?

there are three dresses and two skirts, and dresses 2 and 3 come with the belts

what is your absolute favorite article of clothing? bonus points for pictures
is a beaut


will you miss the gordster? (i will)

what do you think of dave? (i dislike him)

are you scared? (yes)

do you care? (you have to)

are you slightly hopeful due to clegglet's influence? (of course)

do you like my babytalkifying of politician's names? (no)

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I have a large tub of cottage cheese in my fridge.

My mom expects me to eat it, and I'm not against eating it. BUT I don't like to eat it by itself, and I rarely eat that stuff.

What can I mix into my cottage cheese to make it more appealing?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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 Poll #xxxx

Which fast food places/restaurants are considered palatable by your standards?

Burger King
Taco Bell
Steak n' Shake


Dairy Queen
Tim Hortons
Captain D's
Carl's Jr
Red Robin
Panda Express
Pizza Hut
Some other one I will put in comments
No fast food is ever palatable to me

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This coming from someone who knows nothing about computers/electronics...

-Is 250 GB a good amount of space for a computer hard drive to have?

I'm looking for a new laptop to buy myself, and I want a mac of some sort, but I neeeed assistance to make sure I buy something worth the $. What would YOU recommend?

-Do you prefer Mac or PC?

polar potluck

I just got back from an after-work picnic. It was 46 degrees before the sun went down, and we've had two days of rain and it was still misty/foggy at picnic time. Some of the food was hot (in the beginning) but not all of it. Cold beer actually made my stomach hurt. I was wearing a down jacket but I still shivered.

What's the coldest picnic you've ever had?

How cold is too cold for a picnic?
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TQC, I just asked out this guy who I've been crushing on for about six months now to see Iron-Man 2 with me, and he said yes.

Now I'm so giddy and nervous and excited that I can't go to sleep, but I need to go to bed NOW because I have to be up at 6AM tomorrow.

Any tips for getting to sleep?

Want to tell me about your current crush? Celebrity crushes are OK, but IRL crushes are cuter.

The Hills

Does anyone else secretly watch The Hills?

Seriously, are Brody, Justin Bobby and Spencer the only guys these girls know, besides Ryan Cabrera?

Also, why do you hate Spencer Pratt?

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I was at a tanning salon...and they are reselling lotions that say free sample not for individual sale. the sales associates said some bs how they are owned by the distributing company and was a complete bitch about it. is this legal?! and what do I do about it?

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Has anyone else been having trouble with netflix dvds being on wait recently? It seems like half my queue is on wait. I've had some movies in my queue since December and they're still on a "very long wait". WTF is up with this?

(no subject)

On the Human Centipede post in ONTD they were talking about another film that was way scarier. A Seberian Film or A Seberian Film. Something like that. Does anyone know what they were talking about? Or where to find it?

If you don't know, what was the scariest movie you have ever seen?
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Is anyone here from Sydney?

Do you want to hang out when I come visit in June? If not, what should I do while I'm there to prove to myself that Sydney is, indeed, as fun as Melbourne?

I will ask a Sydney-community but the responses I get from here will be more fun, so.

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Ladies, where do you buy your jeans? Nothing too expensive. My range is 20 to 30$. The only place I can find that has a wide selection of jeans is Old Navy, and theirs are awful (fit fine when i first put them on, but stretch like mad and get huge later). Help?
TK and Kari

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Can you name me some famous classical songs that a middle school string orchestra can perform? A friend of mine is doing a short film and wants to shoot a scene where 2 kids are practicing a song that won't infringe copyright laws.

Really thinking of Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers but worried that's a bit hard.
Lee Min Ho Smile

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Are you reading any books right now? If so, what are they?

Will you recommend a book for me to read?

Right now I am reading Devil's Valley by Andre Brink. It's really excellent.

DK/DC: Do you walk around barefoot outside in the summer?

(no subject)

There's a zombie outbreak. For all you know, you're the only one in the town/city/community that's not infected.


If you had time to run in and snatch some things from a convenience store, what would you grab?
baby deer

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You are caught in a time warp and end up in the year 1925. You have no concievable way of returning to 2010, and must therefore go on with your life there until you die.

What things would you grow to like about your new life?

What things about 1925 would you hate and never ever be able to get used to?

Ignoring the possible changes it would cause to the natural time line, would you tell the new people you live with anything about the future, or would you act as if you were in your natural time?

(no subject)

What do you do if you need to pull an all-nighter to finish your work?
Drink coffee, energy drinks, caffeine pills, etc?

I'm usually up all night anyway, but of course tonight when I need to stay up and finish this brief I am extremely tired. I took two NoDoz pills and I'm drinking some coffee now. I hate coffee with a passion. I am STILL effin' tired. Any suggestions? Will a cold shower wake me up?