May 10th, 2010

MALL-- crash


I'm going to grad school! I'm going to study (something hard and full of math). Problem: I didn't get my BS in anything related to (something hard and full of math). You think they'll let me apply for grad school (as an temporary undeclared) and satisfy my undergrad level course work before changing my status? Or are they going to make to do the undergrad dance first?


*(I'm emailing my future adviser and I'm sure they're going to tell me what to do, but I'm stressing right now and want an idea of what to expect...)

*I heard through the grapevine that this department is desperate for fresh meat!

*I'm being vague because I dont want to jinx myself... it's a stupid superstition I have. It's a subject I majored in as an undergrad, butttt shit happens and I switched to (something easy). Biggest regret of my life thus far. I already have a ton of credits that can go toward (something hard and full of math)! Give me hope!

*ALSO!, my BS isn't a complete waste; it will come in handy later on.

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What's stuck in your head right now? (a song, a quote, a thought, anything!)

Thanks to lava sharks' awesome icon and The Boondocks, I'm singin BOOTY BUTT CHEEKS in my head. more for good measure: BOOTY BUTT CHEEKS!

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Do you think people who constantly rant about video games, who are over 20, are considered lifeless?
What made you rage at your parents?
Have you shopped at Tiffany's?

EDIT: Loser-like, pathetic instead of lifeless.
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Two questions.

1) I haven’t been on here in a few days. Was there ever an update on the post where someone’s dad was watching child porn in the kitchen?

2) My husband’s cat pisses on EVERYTHING. She’s a little bitch. She pisses on laundry, on bathroom rugs, on my son’s bed, and she tried to pee on a folded blanket on the couch. Before I throw her on the BBQ where she belongs, what can you tell me that might save her life? I know I’ll get questions like “Is she angry?”, so yes, she’s angry in general. She scratches, she bites, she’s obnoxious. She’s also fixed (Is it spayed or neutered for females? I always forget). I have never in my life hated a cat... total cat person... but I detest this one, and if I can’t figure out how to at least make her stop pissing on everything (hoping she’ll grow out of biting and scratching - she’s under a year old) I’m going to give her away or send her on an all expense paid trip to Shelterland.

ETA: I'm nearly positive it's a behavioral issue and not a medical issue like a UTI. Also, she's at odds with my 5 year old... they hate each other... which is probably why she pisses on his bed and not my 10 year old's.
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I've been having so many problems with this computer for a long time now, most recently not being able to get the sound card to work.

As of right now, I am watching a Youtube video. With sound. IDEK what I did to fix the problem, so I'm assuming it was just...magic.

What wonderful, magical things have happened to you recently?

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What TV show do I want to watch in bed, TQC?

Batman (1966 TV series)
Ren & Stimpy
Red Dwarf
Twilight Zone
Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job (season 5)

Orrr should I just put Dylan Moran on again?

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You are hanging out with a friendly acquaintance. You leave the room briefly for whatever reason. You hear your phone ring and come back to find that the person reached into your bag and answered your phone and is talking to the person who called. They don't know one another.

Are you upset by this, or is this perfectly fine with you? Does your answer depend on who was calling?

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How annoying would it be if every question that was asked in TQC was in audio form via Vocaroo? (10 being OMG FUCKING ANNOYING)

Mean: 8.56 Median: 10 Std. Dev 2.04

What are you?


When your partner has an orgasm, do you find it sexy when they moan?

Not applicable

Favorite condiment?

Hot sauce
Something else in comments

If TQC didn't exist, what would you be doing right now?

what would YOU do?

Let's say you leave home for work at 9:30PM to work your normal graveyard shift. Typically you come home around 3:00AM for a lunch break but recently you haven't because you're saving gas. You return home at 6:30AM to find a BAG OF TRASH SITTING NEXT TO YOUR FRONT DOOR.

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Which of these world leaders (or former world leaders) would you sleep with?

George W. Bush
Gordon Brown
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Vladimir Putin
Kim Jong-il

"None of them" is not an option.

[edit]Maggie Thatcher for those of you who prefer the womenfolk.
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Do you think most fiction authors are hotter or uglier than average? Why?

Brought to you by me being surprised how hot some authors were when I see the About the Author flap of a novel.
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What's the worst thing about working retail or food service?

Stupid/annoying customers
Picky requests/orders
Standing on your feet for hours on end
Annoying coworkers/management

The government is cutting down on restaurants. Don't ask. They just are. They are only allowing restaurants of one type/kind to be prevalent in your country. Which do you choose?

"Fast food"
Greek or Mediterranean
"Southern" US

by andos

Way new territory.

Throwing around wedding plans currently.

Is there a such thing as an "open" tattoo artist? Like someone who will just hang out and do smaller tatts for anyone who wants one (most of the guests would be into this)? Is that a terrible idea, or is it super awesome?

What do you like at weddings? Like, things that made them not boring? (hookers and blow and an open bar are already on the list, of course).

The ceremony will be under 20 minutes, tops, and there are alot of traditional Hawaiian stuff. Think people will be able to bear it?

ETA: Apparently, my lack of knowledge with tattoos shows here. Never mind, then.
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Have you ever taken shoes to a repair shop?

Is shoe repair a dying art?

WHY ARE THERE NO SHOE REPAIRS NEAR ME? (well, there is one, but it has awful reviews so that's out)

I have a super cute pair of heels and I broke the strap off of one. I can't replace the shoes because I bought them out of state and don't remember the name of the store :(

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Halp tqc!

Over the years, I've been repeatedly told I don't have to file taxes if I made under $5000. Is this true? I made $2400 in 2008 and I suddenly have a collection agency after me for failure to file. :/

ETA: If I call up this collection agency and say, "yo, how much do I owe?" do I still have to file?

Taxes confuse and scare me, sorry guys.

ETA2: Thanks for your help guys. I filed anyway just in case (Forty-fuckin-dollars :/) and don't owe anything, so I'm pretty sure this is a scam. I just hope they don't take me to court anyway.

based on a discussion on the radio this morning

What are two good things about you that are appealing to suitors and one bad thing about you that drives suitors away?
Then we'll tell you which outweighs which.

For example: I have a good sense of humor and am nurturing without being clingy. But, I'm lazy when it comes to my appearance and only get "dolled up" if I have a really good reason to.
kesha roxxx

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I'm taking my friend to a clinic for std screening and he's freaking out because the website says some of the tests are "culture samples." He swears up and down that this means they're going to swab his thing with that cotton swab.

Do they even still do that? Or can they just request for a urine sample?

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My macbook has started displaying a progress bar on the startup screen since I updated Snow Leopard, and when I run disk utility it says there are 'invalid thread records' or something like that.
What's wrong with it?
How do I fix it? (I don't currently have the installation disks)


TCQ, have you ever met a "celebrity" of any sort in real life and were completely disappointed? I'm using "celebrity" broadly here to mean everything from a moderately internet-famous person to A list actors.

Were they complete douchebags? Smelled weird? Did it affect your feelings about their work and decisions to buy/read/watch/etc. it in the future?

If this hasn't happened to you, who do you think would be a total asshole in real life?

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I haven't been 6 in many years, and I've never been a six year old boy. If I was one, and it was my birthday, I'd want dinosaur legos. Or that giant Death Star lego set.


Pretend you're a boy turning 6! What do you want for your birthday? :D


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Coachella is over but its still festival season! Are you attending any festivals this year? Which ones?

If you're not much of a festival person, do you have tickets to any upcoming concerts? Which ones?

And lastly, discover any good music lately? Please share with us!

I love seeing what TQC is up to this summer. My answers in the comments :)
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I got a job, TQC!!! I'll be delivering papers two nights a week in the nearby area, which works perfectly with my schedule! The thing I'm nervous about though, is that it would require that I do/pay all my taxes myself. I've never done that--have you?

My bath and hand towels were used to clean up beer-flavored vomit thanks to my little brother. This was Saturday night; it's now Monday morning and they're sitting outside the laundry room, rancid. Is it understandable that I'm really fucking pissed about this? Consider that he had to move two stacks of his towels to get to mine, and they're still sitting perfectly clean in the closet.

DK/DC: What piece of jewelry do you wear most often?
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I have a drive test in roughly an hour. Will you please remind me of any little thing I may have forgotten? I already know to try not to hit the schoolchildren as they cross the street.


What was the last really dumb thing you did? Today I got up early and went to school. After nobody showed up to class (including the professor) I realized that it was finals week and that there was no class. >:(

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Have you ever moved into an apartment or house with someone that you didn't know, or didn't know well?
If so, how did that turn out?

How much do you pay for rent per month?

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What is "being a woman" to you?
What is "being a man" ?

I really just don't get it. I see men and women as people who choose activities because they are gender stereotyped and they should, and other people are just people who do things that they like because they like them, gender stereotype or not. Thus you could still be a 'person' rather than a 'woman' if you have a vagina and your favourite activities are cooking and knitting and shopping, so long as you like those activities because you like them and not because 'that's what women should do'.

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I'm waiting to get an oil change as we speak and I'm bored out of my mind. What can I do to keep entertained? I've already read the paper, there's one older gentleman waiting for his car, and the place is full of tires.

Non serious answers please

**shit guys! The mechanic left me all alone in the waiting room AND I realized there's a liquor store next door. NOW WHAT??**

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I'm trying to pick a quotation for my wedding invitations. I don't want the traditional (i.e. two hearts become one, today I marry my friend, etc.) 

Do you know of a perfect, little used quote that would work for this? 

Would you rather eat nothing but veggies for a month or nothing but meat? (Or if you're a vegetarian nothing but veggies or nothing but fruit?)
TK and Kari

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There are some male insects like bees that die right after they mate with their female counterparts. Yet humans and dolphins are the only animals that have sex for pleasure.

So what makes them do it?

Tricks of the trade...

So I got an iPod for Christmas and I am totally new to that whole scene...I admit I feel quite intimidated by it all, like a whole new language I have to learn or something. But I can not bring myself to buy another CD and my car is ready to go for my iPod to be hooked up, so I need to take the plunge. I am also back into a financial place where I can spend a few bucks a month on new music, so I'm at Where Do I Start?

What are the secrets? (Are there any?) 

Do I basically go to iTunes and buy an entire album and see if I like it? 

Can I sample the music before I buy - like the whole song, not just a clip?

99 cents a song sounds cheap but actually not really, so I'm not looking forward to that...I do remember the days when certain artists would put out an album with 18 tracks for $13 but at the iTunes cost, that would cost me $18 for the whole album, etc...

Anyways, help?

Friend Drama

I had plans Saturday evening minus my 2 children, and had a friend scheduled to watch them at her place. Another friend, Heather, offered Friday to watch the children for me at my house, since she would be next door watching my parents house. She calls me at 4:30 Saturday afternoon, saying that she is not going to be watching my children because "my family is going to the beach this weekend and family comes first." We are not talking about an acquaintance, we are talking about someone that is more a best friend. I was pissed, but I got over it because my other friend was still able to watch them. Anyway, it got around to Heather through my parents that what she did was wrong, and she basically just sat here and told me HER feelings were hurt because I should understand that her family comes first. I told her I was over it, but you don't commit to doing something and then not do it, and that SHE would be pissed if I did that to her. She did not deny it.

So tqc, am I right to have been pissed?

When's the last time a friend pissed you off?

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I've found a good apartment I like, but I really hate the counter tops. Any place I look at in my price range are going to have a really cheap counter top, but this one is in this really abrasive shade of gray that just magnifies how ugly it is.

Is there anything I can do to make the counter look less ugly?

What sort of storage things do you do to make up for having small closets? I have a ton of clothes and this new place has a smaller closet D:

What sorts of overly dramatic things have people done lately that make you LOL?
World in my Hands

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What websites should I look at if I'm looking for a new apartment/house for rent?

While I was out our fish tank overflowed and two or three gallons of water ended up on the floor. Do you think it went through the floor to the apartment below me? How pissed do you think they are right now?

Do you have any pictures of a decor inspiration of yours?
Gone to my happy place by neversince

tv recs

Hey, TQC, if you were gonna recommend one (recent or current) TV show for me to watch, what would it be? I just finished marathoning Generation Kill and Spartacus: Blood and Sand and need something new to watch.

I would personally recommend Generation Kill-everyone should watch it, it's bloody amazing ^_^
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if you were getting married/planning to get married, would your SO want a lot of input in the wedding? or would they just let you do whatever you wanted?

inspired by: planning the future with my boyfriend and him wanting a say on every last detail in the book. i see this planning going terribly. i'm shocked he wants to be that involved.
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How many of the people on these court shows (i.e. Judge Judy, The People's Court, etc.) do you think go on there just so they can be on TV? (to clarify, that's not to say a lot of them don't have a legitimate case.)

Would you ever go on one of those shows to have a case settled?
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I was just stung by a bee!! When's the last time you were stung?

Are you allergic to bees? How severe? I'm allergic but not badly. The finger he got is pretty huge now though. :(

What do you hate about summer?

(no subject)

If I see House of Wax with Paris Hilton in it one more time, I'm going to explode...

What are you sick of seeing/hearing?

Do you have any songs stuck in your head?

Also, toilet paper roll over or under?

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What are your thoughts on this quote?
It was a response to someone being asked if they thought God was listening.

I don't think of God as a he or a listener or a she. I just think it's a poem. It's's a feeling. It's a sense of God. I just love the word. I love using it. It sings, you know? It's sweet. It's a sweet word. I'm at ease with it. My ancestors used it. Some wonderful musicians and composers and poets used it. They must have been talking about something. I feel entitled to this word. I inherited it, you know. It gives me a bit of peace to use it but I don't go round asking for things from God, except 'God help me'.

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Do you use the 'my guests' feature to see who looks at your journal? 

I have a few people who always look at my public posts (weekly at least, some of them for years) but they never talk to me and they never add me.

What's the weather like? 
It's rainy and windy down here in Winnipeg, which sucks because my fiance and I both had today off.

Will you tell me one strange thing about you? 
I like seeing how many live wasps I can hold at once.

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I went to Arby's for the first time today. I didn't have high expectations and I was still let down. Do you like Arby's?

Have you ever driven somewhere because you knew that the person who would drive is too tired? I am about to high jack the car from my SO, even though I'm not quite sure how to get there just because I would rather be lost then get in an accident.

Pulp, extra pulp, or no pulp?
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I'm quitting my job on Friday. I have another, temporary job I am working right now, and am going to go job hunting tomorrow for something permanent. I am quitting this job because I keep getting fucked over and it is killing me.

I am going to lose the reference no matter what. Should I burn the bridge completely? Or do I do it professionally? The owner hasn't been professional to me at all, and I fail to see why I should be in turn.

dk/dc What is your favorite sappy, sweet story? Fact or fiction.

EDIT. I'm going to be professional, don't worry, if only for the fact my favorite hair dresser ever works there and I need to be allowed on the premises to get my hur did. It is just that I am very, very, very angry right now and going through some really awesome Office Space-y ways of quitting in my head.
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do you feel mean (and perhaps can't bear to do it) when you have cute things to eat maybe in the shape of animals or something? like eating a chocolate bunny. or would you just scoff him because he's not real actually?

You got a case of the.....Please don't say it.....Mondays

How productive have you been today?

I did what needed to get done and more.
I got today's work done. No more,no less.
I did the majority of what needed done, but I'll finish the last bit up tomorrow.
I did a few things, but I will have A LOT to do tomorrow.
I did not one thing. I was lazy and I'll be paying for it.

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Horror Questions

I'm no aficionado so I can't be 100% sure but I noticed something the other day. It seems like distortions of the human body and especially the face make for a significant amount of horror material. Not like gory stuff but unnatural positioning and movement and such (like the girl in the closet from the Ring, Leatherface, etc).

Does this type of horror scare you?

Why is that scary to humans?

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Do you have any long-distance friendships?
How do you keep them going?

My best friend and I never saw a lot of each other, and mostly contacted on msn etc. Since he went away to uni and got a girlfriend, I hear from him about once a year. I've just seen that his girlfriend is listed as single on facebook. I don't think he checks facebook very often. I should send a text straight away, y/y?
ETA: I don't have his number! I'm so worried!

Do you ever get the uncanny feeling someone really needs you?

(no subject)

When you go to the gym what is your typical routine? How long do you typically stay?

Do you go to lose weight, to tone up, to just stay healthy or are you training for something specific?
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ok so, in a little while I am filming some stuff for my media design final, and I need a shot of a guy standing with a knife in his hand. it's implied that he uses the knife to kill somebody, although we don't actually see any of that. it doesn't need to be any specific kind of knife, but I want to choose one that looks halfway believable.

so, which of these four kitchen knives that I own do you think looks the least cheesy? which one should I use?

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Dear TQC:

I am very bad at quitting things. I have a side gig being a language tutor. One of my students is pretty young and not very interested in learning, so while I normally enjoy doing this, I find his lessons a chore. Also, his lessons aren't very consistent at all. His parents frequently cancels his lessons with little notice ahead of time due to illness/vacation, and I don't really get much paid much from this gig either. I'm contemplating about quitting. But I am not sure how to bring it up.

On the other hand, I could just stick it out, since it's only two hours a week and is nice pocket money.

Should I quit or stay? If I should quit, what should I say?

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 Have you ever heard a song that is hardly heard of and you love it, then it becomes quite a big song and everyone likes it, and you feel quite posesive over it since you heard it first?

I have, mine is Hey, soul sister by train 

Lost Cat

My 3 year old indoor cat slipped out the door last night and hasn't returned. We ocassionally let him play in the back yard (which back up to woods), and he seems to like it outside. The problem is I havent see him since 10 p last night and it is now 6:45 the following night.

What would you do?

We've made a lost report with the Shelter, already put up signs in our neighborhood and have asked neigbors if they have seen him. We put out soft cat food and his litter box in hopes that he'll want to go to his smells.

ANy other suggestions, im worried sicked?

Caregiving question

Hi, TQC. This is definitely a TL;DR question, but here's the gist: 

My grandma has moderate Alzheimers. She just started wandering last week, but she knew where she was going, so it wasn't really "wandering" so to speak. But I've come home during a break in college and now my dad doesn't feel comfortable leaving her alone, so one of us has to be home at all times. We can't afford to have someone come and sit with her often. My dad's in a relationship, so I cancelled plans with my boyfriend to stay home tonight to let him stay over his SO's place, which he's never done before. The boyfriend's upset with me (as I expected) but there's really nothing I can do about it; if I went out, my dad would have stayed home and been resentful that I'd gone out. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of situation? How did you balance caregiving and having a life? 
Fruit 2 anabel_icons

learning to ride a bike as an adult

I'm 25, never learned to ride a bike without training wheels, and it's really time to learn. I got a 15-speed mountain bike from a friend so now I am ready to learn. So...

1. Did anyone else not learn to ride a bike until they were older? How did it go for you?

2. Any tips on learning to ride? My plan at first is to lower the seat (if I can lower it any more) so my feet touch the ground and try to coast to learn balance.

3. I don't understand how gears work exactly. What gear is usual for normal street riding? When would I use higher or lower gears?

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Were you ever a goth/punk/emo etc?
Does a part of you still feel a little bit a part of it?

Even though I stopped wearing black and listening to goth metal about 4/5 years ago, it occasionally reflects in my dress sense and music taste now.
Bite me, bitch...

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I lol'd. Are you excited for this movie (forgot what it's called but it looks hilarious)? What about the new Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith? I just saw the commercial and my jaw met the floor.

What upcoming releases do you look forward to seeing? Iron Man fans, stfu. :P

ETA: It's called Get Him To The Greek and Sean Combs said the line.
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in which we pretend livejournal is good for us

Several months ago, thanks to a TQC post about foreign language learning, I discovered Livemocha and began learning all kinds of crazy languages and am now planning to travel and work abroad, which I'd never really considered, in a country I never thought I would travel to. (Too afraid of jinxing myself to say it out loud!)

What had TQC ever done for you?

(no subject)

My boyfriend is driving me absolutely crazy. How can I relieve this stress so I can get back to my monumental amount of homework and studying for finals?

Go for a run
Kill abuncha goons/zombies via Xbox
Snap his neck/punch him in the balls
Scream into a pillow
Sip Bacardi like it's my birthday but you know I don't give a fuck 'cause it's not my birthday
Go for a drive...
off a cliff
Retail therapy
Happy Meal with Cheeseburger ketchup only and an orange soda (classic comfort meal from my childhood)
Other, written in comments

(no subject)

Who is a celebrity you find very attractive except for or inspite of a noticeable aesthetic flaw (messed up teeth, crooked nose, bags under the eyes, some other flaw you might find unattractive on a regular person)?
liz lemon

(no subject)

you are the main character in a book.  what is your fatal flaw, ie, the source of your power but also your downfall?  something that you like about yourself but wish you could curb, or something that you hate about yourself but has its uses.

for example, i don't accept weakness in others, so i don't accept it in myself, but also it makes it a bitch to keep friends.

dk/dc: you are the main character in a video game.  you died.  where is your last save point, ie, if you could go back and have a do over from a certain moment/time/day in your life, when would you pick?

for example, i think i would pick my first week of university, given that i'm 3 weeks into my final term </3

still dk/dc: what is the funniest thing that has happened to you/you've seen/heard recently?  not "you had to be there" funny, but genuinely, still wet your pants when you think about it now funny.  the thing that happened and instantly you thought, omg i'm going to enjoy telling this story.

for example, we were ordering pizza the other night, and when they asked for a name, my friend interrupted and asked how long would it be (as in how long till it was ready) and then they hung up, and when we went to collect it turned out they had his order under the name allan willoughby ("how long will it be?").  (sorry, maybe you did have to be there.)

(no subject)

Stupid question. How come when I write an email, gmail makes the body of my text all skinny? Even when I don't do line breaks/press enter.

My friend also uses gmail but when I get his emails, the body of text is the whole size of the window or whatever.

A shitty image of what I am talking about under the cut. The blue is each of our body of text. It's starting to annoy me because it makes my tl;dr emails annoying to read.

Collapse )

EDIT: Writing in Rich Text and not Plain Text seems to fix it. IDGI, but as long as I can change it. Sheesh.
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obsessive compulsive disorder?

hay guys.

does anybody here have OCD, or OCD-like habits? do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with it? anyone who went to therapy for it and came out better?

i've got an issue with "evening out," where if, for instance, my arm brushes up against the table, i have to turn and brush my other arm against the table the same exact way, even then, if i mess up i have to do it again. sometimes there is like a goal/consequence thing going on, where i say to myself, if i can do a (really menial) task a certain way, something good will happen
 (i.e. an aspiration of mine coming true), or i'll prevent something bad from happening (i.e. something bad happening to a loved one). and even numbers-- i can't eat three or five vitamins, only two or four. 

lol i'm weird. tell me your stories tqc~!
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(no subject)

Would you rather be too full or not full enough?
When was the last time you felt ridiculously full? What made you that way?

[edit] On an unrelated note, do you find that people become more or less conservative with age? Why?
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girls- (i think this might be a curly hair thing) when you straighten your hair does your scalp get really sore by the end of the day? my head always hurts even though i probably wear it back tighter when its curly and out of control.

how long can you go without washing your hair before you stink?
Don&#39;t Waltz

(no subject)

Anything I can make with cornmeal, flour, sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, beef/chicken bouillon, baking powder, veggie oil, crisco, and a few spices? Anything? No eggs, no milk.

Edited to add: No butter, either.
I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

What would be a good thing to add to banana flax muffins? The recipe suggests raisins but I hate raisins. No nuts either! I want to keep these at least somewhat healthy so I'm thinking more along the lines of fruits or berries rather than chocolate chips.

(no subject)

girls, do you ever feel ashamed for wanting a boyfriend?

i've always felt ashamed for wanting to be with someone, especially when there was no one person i specifically wanted. i know i don't need a boyfriend and that makes me feel weak for wanting one. i've always ended up being made to feel like you shouldn't want someone until you meet them, and even then you shouldn't desire them all that much. do any of you guys go through that?
Clem &amp; Joely

Eyebrow piercing poll

I was surprised as of late to hear that it seems a lot (most?) people don't like eyebrow piercings, so I'm here to see how it levels out. Do you think eyebrow piercings are masculine? They never seemed that way to me, but apparently a lot of people think they appear that way.

What do you think of eyebrow piercings?

If it fits the person, then I approve.
I go back and forth.
Usually/preferably only on men.
Usually/preferably only on women.
I dislike eyebrow piercings.
I dislike all facial piercings.
Kill Bill - Elle

(no subject)

Tips for packing before you move?
I don't have a lot of stuff, just a bunch of little things and a fuckload of books

Where do you work? If you are a server, do you feel like your job makes you fat? My body is totes rebelling against that espresso panna cotta.
How often are you nauseous?

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what's your favorite episode of Arrested Development?

i want to show my roommate a really awesome one tonight, but i'm blanking. i own every season on DVD.

if you don't like AD, what's your favorite episode of your favorite tv show?
flapjack eyes

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When you're looking for a specific .gif where do you go?
Every once in a while I want to post one but I don't save them on my computer and I never know where to find it (Right now I'm looking for that one from Little Miss Sunshine where Abigail Breslin is on the phone and screaming or something like that)

Do you have a swaptree account?
Have you gotten anything good? Are you looking for anything in particular?
アンジェラ・アキ - Blue

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If you were in an accident and one of your body parts was amputated, which part would you want it to be? Would you try to get a replacement for it? How would you feel about it?

dk/dc: What's your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?
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Yo Gabba Gabba!

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My daughters great-grandmother died.
We met her maybe twice?

My daughter is barely acknowledged by that side of the family. exes dad sees her maybe once a year...and we live 10 minutes apart. My ex hasn't seen her in almost 3 months. My daughter is 2.

We didn't know the woman all that well, but would it be inappropriate to send a card to my ex and his dad from my daughter? Obviously it would be something I picked out, paid for and signed...but i'm not quite sure what the etiquette on this is.

I don't really care for my ex or his dad, but I feel like since it's part of my daughters family I should at least acknowledge it? Or is this a bad idea? I only found out because I am friends with my ex-SIL and she mentioned it in a FB status message.

What do you all think?
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Weird question. Does anyone know if when you're signed into to MSN Messenger on your phone, does it show you as "away" if you don't mess with your phone for a while, or does it just keep you as "available"?

What's your favorite website of the moment? Where do you go online when you're super bored?
what would buffy do ~killmebecomeme

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I am moving out of my apartment at the end of this month, and today I put down a deposit on my new super awesome apartment.

The walls are currently all white, but before I move in they can paint an accent wall in the bedroom and in the living room. Which colors should I pick?

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