May 9th, 2010


Is there a way to set a certain amount of random journal entries to appear on your friends list per day?(my other communities are being lost in all tqc posts!)
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Do you ever look at the expiration date on food you don't normally check? Say, like salsa?

Yesterday my friend checked some polish sausage links in the meat section at the grocery that is suppose to expire within the week.
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Do you think our genitalia would've been better if they're located somewhere else?

would it be better if your penis were on your forehead, or if your vagina were in your armpit(like the question below LOL), etc.

dc: how would you "redesign" the human body? would you keep everything where they are now?

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I just realized I'm going to have about 1800 extra dollars as a result of some very generous graduation gifts. 

HOW SHOULD I SPEND THIS MONEY? Besides on the obligatory hookers and blow.

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my little brother is doing a science project on how music affects people's heart rate and we need one fast/upbeat song and one slower more mellow song.

so, will you guys recommend a fast and slow song for us?

sad questions...

Long story short, a few years ago, a friend gave birth to a baby with MAJOR problems (missing half her brain was only the start) and the baby ended up dying at 6 weeks, after numerous surgeries and being resuscitated twice.  The Friend has gone on to have 2 healthy children and is now pregnant with a baby that has worse problems with the first...the doctor wanted to terminate immediately, but she's 'going on faith' and seeing what happens.  She's told the other kids about it, and has even named it. 

Would you carry on with a pregnancy where you know you won't be taking a baby home?  Do you think it would be easier to abort early, than wait and see what happens and have to live through that horrible stuff again?  Does it matter to you if you had other children or not? 

  I find it to be a horrible situation..going through it the first time would have been hard enough for me.  I wouldn't be doing it a second time.  :( 

I also have no idea what to say to her, and I always hope that I don't run into her. 
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You've landed on a magic lamp, and a genie comes out and tells you he can grant you ONE wish.

What would it be??

and no wishing for more wishes, haha.
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what would you do if you were a new hogwarts student and you were sorted into hufflepuff?
leave and go back to your old life?
kill yourself from the embarrassment?
stay in hufflepuff and accept that you're destined to a life of failure?

which of the harry potter books is your favourite?
which of the harry potter films is your favourite?


I have this MP3:

And right now I'm trying not to pull out my hair due to the fact I cannot figure out how to put video onto this thing.

I did manage to put a music video onto it but it told me the file was not supported...
(Format was WMV, video was Lady Gaga Bad Romance and I'm using Ares to get the said videos...If you where wondering.)

What the hell am I doing wrong? Is this so simple that you're all gonna laugh at me for not figuring it out sooner or I shouldn't be so hard on myself?


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Are you as afraid of wasps as I am? They are building a big nest on the outside of my house.
I hate the fuckers. But I DO have a healthy respect for them. One autumn after smoking a blunt and sitting in the sun drinking RED wine all day, I was in slow-mo mode and apparently, so was this wasp. Drunk on my gi-normous blackberry patch which (because I am a lazy cunt and don't pick them) were fermenting on the vine, he decided to buzzzz me slowly and lovingly. After numerous purposeless passes in front of my face, I indolently raised one sunburned arm and swatted nay PATTED him on the butt to get him out of my field of vision and he desultorily stung me on the palm of my hand. I was shocked and dismayed that a fellow drunkard would do that, as I did treat him gently and without malice instead of smacking him into next Tuesday as I should have done.


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How do you like your eggs? If you hate eggs or don't eat them, no need to answer this one.

Do you prefer the radio edit of a song or the album version?

Do you prefer censored albums or explicit ones?
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What is your most romantic memory?  u guys, be more specific ^^

How many times during the day do you think romantic thoughts?

Not gonna lie, I'm boy crazy. Especially when I have a crush.

The most romantic memory I have is me and my puppy love.... they're as much romantic as they're awkward, but I think the awkwardness is what makes it so darn romantic.. our first kiss was a disaster. we spent an hour or two trying to make the other make the first move!!

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Are you against or for medications like anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds and precription pain killers?

What about Xanex and Percocet?

My doctors prescribed me those meds and they are highly addictive. I regret ever taking them, but I was just 12 when I was put on Xanex and took it for 5 years. Hell to get off of.
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So I sent my friend a text at 2:30am, but I'm 99.9 percent positive I fell asleep before then. I didn't roll on my phone and accidentally forward a text or anything (my sent and inbox were deleted before I went to bed).

Anyone else ever sleep-texted before?

If you havent, or just don't care, what is your favorite article of clothing that you own? Will you share a picture?

Stop! Grammar time!

Are you a grammar Nazi?
What are your grammatical pet-peeves?
What is your opinion of split infinitives? To boldly go where many men and women have gone before or to not go at all?
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I have steak that needs to be cooked. I am going to make my SO a steak sandwich to take to lunch at work. I was going to cook it and slice it all thin like and place it on sour dough bread. Should I make an orange mustard sauce to drizzle on top? Would that even be good? Thoughts?

So I am going out to lunch today with my friend, and I really don't know what to wear. Either I wear something that is really cute and totally weather appropriate but you can REALLY tell I'm pregnant, or I wear something that might make me a little warmer and you can still tell I'm pregnant but maybe not as much. What should I do? My friend is always really fashion forward and I only get to see her once a month or so, so I'd like to look equally amazing!

For lunch should I have Indian food or go to a bistro? They are about the same price, but the bistro has a huge open air dining area. This is nice because it's hot out, but there could be flies :/
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If you had to name your child after a famous classical composer, who would you name them after? Can be first or last or middle name.

I'd name my kid Sebastian. After Johann Sebastian Bach.

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You guys are all super awesome people so will you post pictures of things you think are super awesome that exponentially enhance your life and everyone should have one?

A brief description of what it is/what it does is also nice.
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Do you think the song 'Gives you Hell'  by All American Rejects  was actually written to be directed to a single person as a revenge-song,  or was written to be vague because they knew it would sell lots of CDs/iTunes?

Anyone up for a roadtrip?  Where should we go?

The long and the short of it

Sociologically, what aspects of life does height impact?
(I think shorter people have shorter lifespans and earn less, but I can't verify this)

Personally, what are the disadvantages of your height?

(No this is not homework, I am just making a post about how fitting into baths is one of the only good things about being short)

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How do you cope with lots of unscheduled "free" time?

I am working on my dissertation for the next couple of months and working on my own time. Alas I do not cope very well with a lack of structure. Google Calendar has been my life saver and it has been prodding me to do things by sending emails.


Do you like dogs?

What's your favorite group of dogs?
I like hounds, sight or scent.

If you could have any kind of dog, what kind would you get?
Someday I want a newfie or an Irish wolfhound. My husband wants a neopolitan mastiff.

What's your favorite mutt mix?
I've had three spaniel mixes and I think they're great.

What kinds of dogs have you had or do you have, and what were/are their names?
When I was a kid I had a beagle/cocker spaniel mix named Sally. When my husband and I first moved in together we had a lab/brittany spaniel mix named Alice. Now we have a 13 y/o beagle named Wendy Moira Angela Darling, a male 6 y/o golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix named Sprocket, and a 3.5 y/o greyhound/border collie named Phil.

Are your dogs particularly attached to anyone in your family?
Wendy always begs for my husband's attention. Sprocket loves anybody. Phil is a serious mama's boy and loves me more than anything.

Do you treat your pets like children?
We don't have kids yet and we totally do. My "kids" got me flowers and a card for mother's day while their "daddy" was out running errands. We are so pathetic. =D

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I'm An Addict

So I love playing Tap Tap Revenge 3 on my mom's iTouch, since I don't have one of my own. My stepdad got to the game first though, and he already set up an account, and I was trying to decide if I should delete it and create my own, so I have an avatar that actually looks like me. Edit: I forgot to mention that he's not allowed to play anymore, so it's all me now.

I don't mind having to start over on all my points and levels, but I don't want to gain all my music back. If I deleted his account, and made my own, would I lose all the music?
And yesterday I made a Tap Tap account on an iPad at the Apple store. Could I somehow get this on the iTouch if I did delete the account?
What should I do?
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TQC, I have a vacation dilemma, will you help me out?

My friends and I are planning a vacation this summer for July 5-11th in a beach house in Delaware. They're coming from DC and I'm coming from NYC. I don't have a car in good enough condition to make that drive. I'd have to take the Chinatown bus (only $15-20) to DC and roadtrip it with the girls from there.

The problem is, my cousin's bridal shower is July 10th (I forgot when we were planning). I'd have to leave early and get to the party. I could rent a car in Delaware and drop it off in NYC. But I'd have to call and find out how much that would cost. I am also under 25 and usually rental companies charge an additional fee for us youngin's. I'm assuming this will be in the area of $100, but that's just a stab in the dark.

Total expenses for the trip would come to about $300-500 (including the house rental, bus, estimated price for the car rental, gas, and other expenses). Which is expensive, but I can manage it.

Should I even go on this vacation? Or does this sound like too much of a hassle/expense b/c of the bridal shower? What would you do?
Do you have any suggestions for how to make this cheaper/easier?

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Riiiiiiiiight, last Sunday my friend got dumped by her boyfriend of 4 years so she's just a little bit upset. I'm burning her a CD of songs that you just can't help but feel happy and sing along when you hear them.

Collapse )

What songs would you put on the CD?

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Smokers of TQC:

Do you believe that giving away your last cigarette is bad luck?

To whom would you give your last one away to?

DK/DC: how often are you confounded by the gender of your [sexual] preference? I'm in this state pretty much constantly lately :O Disregard that, I suck cocks today.

ETA And, what's stuck in your head right now? I can't get this line from a Broken Social Scene out of my head: "You know it's time that we grow old and do some shit; I like it all that way"

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heyy tqc. just to let you know, I've googled this problem, but I've found it tricky to find something helpful and specific to my problem, so I thought I'd give asking you guys a shot too, since you've helped me a lot in the past. Maybe someone better at googling could link me to something, idk.

so I just bought a new mac cos my old pc fucked up, and I basically just want to put all the music from my ipod onto it, but it obviously says it's only compatible with one computer, and just gives me the option to delete everything from it or move over my itunes purchases, of which I have none. (get all my music off cds and that.)

so does anyone know how to make this the only comp compatible my ipod with now, so I can have all my music back? cheers for your time.

edit: thanks so much to all of you for your help, especially ptr28- I now have all my music back :)

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 I just got a Tarot card reading done and she told me things about my current decisions and how I will soon regret them... Involving my love life.

1) Have you ever gotten a reading? What was your experience?
2) Should I listen to her?

Make a computer appear broken.

Anyone have ideas on how to make a computer appear broken, but is actually easily fixable? This must be able to be done quickly and without logging into a user account.

All I could think of was unplugging keyboard/mouse, but anyone who spends more than 10 minutes on a computer daily should know that.
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So I went down this guy whose cum tasted so disgusting, it was the same taste you get if you puke into your mouth and swallow it back down, except with the texture of a raw egg. I gagged and ended up brushing my teeth and gargling afterwards for a good 5 minutes, and it made me literally get a headache.

What do the guys you go down on taste like?

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Do you like Baileys liqueur?

Do you have a favourite designer clothing brand?

Have you ever read Charlotte's Web?

What's on TV tonight?

Can anyone figure out the link between the above questions? (I'm so bored today.)
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How do I zip pictures within a folder? Not the folder but the pictures themselves? I already googled but it just brings me to pages where they're telling me how to zip the folders. Nevermind, I think I got it?

To make this more friendly, when's the last time you quit on something? What was it and why did you decide to quit?
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Have you ever not really paid any attention to a TV show, then accidentally watch one episode and find yourself watching a complete marathon?

FYI this is based on me and my sister watching 10 episodes of 'That 70s Show' back to back this afternoon, HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THAT SHOW?!
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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Do you think it's tacky to bring outside food and drink to a coffee shop, not buy anything from said coffee shop, and hang out for a couple of hours just to use the free wifi?

Inspired by the chick sitting a table over from me at Caribou Coffee.
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Tell me how to live my life, TQC!

I was thwarted out of being social last night and therefore kind of want to go to the bar I work at and play trivia. I'm 90% sure I'll know people there, but I also have to be up early in the morning.

Should I go? I'm leaving my other job in a few minutes and I'm torn!

Relay For Life

For those who are participating in the this years Relay For Life here's my problem, I had someone register me for Cancer Cares Relay For Life and she said I was registered. However when I and others who want to donate to me check the website I am no where to be found.

I have sent and email to cancer care to see what's going on but no response as of yet.

Has anyone else had this problem?
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I'll only be seeing my boyfriend 1 day a week for the next month. He's at his parent's house while they're out of the country and we don't have an easy way to get me out there. If you were in my position, what would you do with all that free time?

Edit: I'm not asking for suggestions on things I can do. I may have worded it badly, but I'm asking what YOU all do with time to yourself.


Any TCQers knowledgable about tattoos? My mother has been thinking of getting a small tattoo for awhile now. However, she's on coumadin (bloodthinners) for atrial fibrulation. Would this make getting a tattoo impossible? Or would it be safe to do with some preparation, like they do for dental work?

If this doesn't apply, what's something surprising you've found out about your parents?

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tonight i found out my friend went to a star studded SNL after party last night. what's the last thing that made you feel incredibly lame in comparison to someone else?

what kids' toys/things have you seen that made you think "GOD DAMN IT why didn't they have that when i was a kid!?"
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little red hen

What is the most hurtful thing your parents ever said to you? What about you to your parents?

Why does my mom think it's acceptable to call me an ugly, horrible bitch just because I don't wanna split the meal I just made (enough for one person) with my asshole stepdad? If he or my mom would have asked me to make him some, I would have. Instead, my mom waits for me to finish cooking and then bitches about how selfish I am.
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Have you ever been in a store at the same time that someone shoplifted? As in, ran like hell out of the store with people chasing them.

Do you think people do it for thrills or attention? Or that they'll actually get away with something awesome they can pawn/Craigslist/eBay?

I've witnessed this twice in the past year. The first was at Borders; a guy grabbed a bunch of those discount books by the exit, the alarms went off, and the security guard chased him. He didn't catch him.

The second time was at Whole Foods last week. About two minutes after I walked in, a guy grabbed some juice and prepackaged veggies right next to someone who was stocking that section. She started yelling and chased him, another worker joined her in the chase, and they caught him outside. The whole thing was so stupid because the store is right next door to the police station. I feel like he wanted to get caught.
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I've always had banana bread that was dark brown. I'm looking up recipes to make some and they're all light brown/yellowy. What would have been in the banana bread I'm used to that made it dark brown? Google image doesn't even bring up banana bread that I recognize. What the heck was I eating?

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While hunting for holidays, I found an amazing discounted 12 day trip through Europe for £128 each. This is too good to be true right? It's discounted about £1000 but only for one specific leaving date.

TQC, why is this holiday so cheap?

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I live in Ontario.

I know of a lot of people from Ontario (actually RURAL Ontario) who like the confederate flag A LOT.

Some guy from around where I grew up even got a fancy tattoo:

What is all this about? Why do they like the confederate flag so much? I don't get it.

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 Straight people:

When the gay storm comes, and you are forcibly gay married, what member of your sex will you choose to make it less painful, since you will never again know the joy of opposite marriage?

My delightful queer brethren:

How will you celebrate our great triumph? Dancing in the streets? Forcibly re-animating Disney movies to make them correct in this new gay land? 

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What is your strategy for magazine reading?

I read it all in one sitting.
I spread it out so it lasts a while.
I do it both ways.
I don't read magazines so this question doens't apply to me.
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Suppose you're single, and for some reason, have no urge to get into a relationship again any time soon. You self-disclose this information if the situation arises, but suppose you have one person who really likes you and wants to be with you. They fully understand your reasons for not wanting to jump into another one, but they make it clear that they want to try when you're ready. Are there things they can do in the meantime to acclimate you to the idea of being in a relationship with them?

Flipping the coin, if you were the one totally into the person who didn't want a relationship right then, would you try to acclimate them to the idea, or would you give up?

EDIT: If you elect to acclimate, how long do you wait around before calling it quits?

DK/DC: Who is the oldest person you've ever been attracted to (celeb wise)? How old are they?
David Bowie, 63