May 8th, 2010

Taken for a ride

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Does anybody else find the word "panties" creepy? Especially when older men utter it... ::shudders::

What are some annoying cliche' phrases that get on your nerves? I hate it when somebody dies and people say, "Well, they're in a better place..." Yeah... that made me feel SO MUCH BETTER.

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My boyfriend has been in the shower for an hour now, and I have yet to hear any water running.

How much longer will he be in there?
He sleeps in the bathtub (full of water) or on the toilet on a regular basis. Is this what he's doing?

Do you fall asleep in a tub full of water? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

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if you were a hogwarts first year student, what house would the sorting hat sort you in?

would it be the same house as the house you would want to be sorted in?

for all you busty girls (i'm talking D cups and above), what is your favorite pushup bra?

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My mom has been getting mysterious phone calls on her cell and at her job, and they're saying inappropriate things. This happened about a year ago, and the cops didn't do anything because it was a cell number. This time it's a land line. Think that'll change much?

If not, should I spam the internet with his number?
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Why have my heels been EXTREMELY itchy since last night? I don't think they identical bug bites, but I didn't really check for that. Is this an omen that I will be getting lots of money soon?

Should I bake chocolate sandwich cookies, espresso brownies, or focaccia bread tomorrow? Two of them? All three?

What's your favorite spice, that you would put on all foods if you could?

Is a breadmaker a good investment for someone who often bakes gluten-free bread? Would that make any difference with a machine?

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If you were an author, would you allow fan-fiction? Why or why not?

If you actively read or write fan-fiction, which fandoms do you participate in?

This is inspired by a post over at grrm.

Don't know or care, what are your plans for today?

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My husband was supposed to have tonight off work. Before he left this morning (he works 10p - 7a), they asked if he could work tonight in exchange for having any other night off (Sunday - Saturday).

Instead of swapping tonight for tomorrow night so we could do something for Mother's Day..he opted to swap for Monday night so he could have 3 days in a row off work.

ETA: And during the day tomorrow is off because he works 9a - 1p for his other job..which was his choice.

I should kick him in the balls, y/y?

If kicking him the balls is too drastic, what should I do?

I'm all grrrr because I know he has nothing planned for Mother's Day...again this year.

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Is anyone here really good at always using your reusable shopping bags?

What's your routine with them? I mean, do they live in your car all the time, do you hang them by the door when you unload them, or do you just never go to the store if they're not with you?

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I always thought that it would be nice to have my VAGINA situated in my armpit. Having a hand growing there as well would be just fine and dandy. I could play with myself alll day long without anyone knowing (not that not having a VAGINA in my armpit area has stopped me from doing this all day anyway because hey! I am playing with my VAGINA right now). I'd be at a crosswalk playing with myself *tickle tickle tickle* and I would start to giggle, *teehee, stop that* I would say and people would point and stare at me.

Do you think that it would be nice to have a VAGINA in your armpit too also as well?


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I'm a chef.

In one of the LJ comms I'm in, I do a column where I talk about where your food comes from, how to choose good quality produce, looking after your equipment, which cut of meat or variety of a certain vegetable is best for particular things and why, how to store things, how to do certain techniques like filleting fish or boning a chicken...anything a cook could conceivably want to know and not be sure about.

So far, I've done columns on
- Salmon
- Flatfish
- Rabbit
- Choosing and caring for your knives

What should I cover next?
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What was your experience dating someone within your "circle".

I have known this girl since highschool and she is both a part of my people I know from highschool circle and people who I grew up with in my neighborhood. As anyone had experience dating someone who is a part of the "circle" of people they hang out with. I feel like for one, it makes meeting the friends part easier since she is already part of the group. So that would be a positive but the obvious negative is if the relationship crashes and burns everyone will know about it.

So does anyone have experience dating someone in a similar situation and was it for the most part positive or negative?


The 8th of December is Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day. The only rule is that you must not tell anyone you are a time traveller.

If you were to participate:

When would you be from?
What would you wear?
What is your time period like?
What would would you react oddly to, and how?
Other amusing scenarios that might arise?
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My stepmother is a psychologist, and would like to be able to record her sessions (and sometimes spoken relaxations for clients) and put them on CD. So she needs a recording device that can pick up two voices in a room quite well, and records the audio in a digital format. She isn't very technologically minded - she handles her phone well but she wouldn't be up to like, attaching a mic to her laptop and recording that way, for instance. So the simpler the better.

Do you have any recommendations? Any brand or models of anything that you think are particularly good?
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Do you ever participate in those 'win a prize' things at fast food places (ex: McDonald's Monopoly)?
If so, what's the biggest prize you ever won?
Know anyone who got anything really good (worth over $100)?
Ever win anything from those quality surveys they have either?
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 What's the last thing you regret doing?

I regret dying my hair with the same colorist just a day before we had our pictures taken at school.
It's red now and I look terrible (And I love red hair, but not on me)
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I Need Movie/TV Recommendations!

So, I live in China, but I originally hail from the US. And I find myself every day explaining to people that despite what they see on TV, we are not all supermodel millionaires and that contrary to how it seems on TV, we do go to class in high school. I am also fully aware that no movie is going to be completely realistic, because, well, we live in the real world.... we don't need to watch movies about it. But I figure, as much as I try to explain myself, there have GOT to be some things I can tell people to watch. I'm always being asked to recommend good movies anyway... so, I figure, two birds with one stone.

Anybody have any recommendations for movies/tv shows that accurately portray life in America?

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Would you rather have sex that varies in goodness (bad, mediocre, good) several times a month or only have sweet, awesome sex once a month?

Have you ever had sex so good that your legs shake and you just want to tell everyone how good it was?

Have you ever bought a house? How difficult was the process? Any advice? 
Bite me, bitch...

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Did you go to anyone's graduation yesterday? I went to my older brothers and once he was called up on the stage, I officially became one of the most embarrassing people in the auditorium. It was pretty epic.

If not, whose graduation was the last you attended? How'd that go?
If you've still got nothing, what did you spend yesterday doing?

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do you ever get the urge to listen to bands that you listened to ten years ago, partly out of nostalgia but mainly because something happened to remind you how great they are? is this not an issue for you because all the music you listened to ten years ago sucked?

i just met silas howard last night at sister spit and now i can't stop listening to tribe 8. i feel pretty awesome about this, but i'd definitely rue the day i accidentally bump into stephen jenkins or something.

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What do you think of Tumblr?

What does your favorite shirt look like? I'm in the mood for some new graphic tees/tanks but I don't like any of the ones I can find where they'd usually have good ones (AE, delias, forever21, bustedtees). Where should I look?

This is the best one I found recently- I think it's my new favorite- from Old Navy of all places: Collapse )
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What do you do with those nail polish colors that you thought you would like, but don't?

Do you just throw them away? Keep them around thinking that you'll like them some day? Give them to a friend?

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Should I use my money to pay off my library fine fees (because I am unable to check out books while they're there) or should I use it to treat my friend to dinner tonight since she normally pays?

DK/DC: What is your biggest fear?

Life is

What metaphor best explains your life?
  1. A Battle - Everything is a competition or a struggle.  You are always either winning or losing.
  2. A Garden - Relationships are cultivated like flowers or vegetables.  You work at growing, flowering, producing.
  3. A Mission - You believe that you have the truth and you need to convince others that you point-of-view is right. 
  4. A Journey or an adventure - You travel from place to place meeting new people and exploring.
  5. A Building - Starting with a solid foundation, then adding floors and rooms.
  6. A Roller Coaster - Life consists of ups and downs, and you are just along for the ride.
  7. A Stained-glass window - full of light and colors. 
  8. A Mountain Climb - Life consists of hierarchies.  You are always climbing the corporate ladder.
  9. A Race - always finding the fastest route, "keeping up with the Jonses."
  10. A Courtroom - Everything in life should be fair.
  11. Stepping Stones - You barely get comfortable where you are before you are looking for better job or a bigger house.
  12. A Prison - Feeling like you don't have choices, like others have all the power.
  13. A Classroom - There are always new lessons to learn.
  14. A Battery - Every encounter seems to drain energy.  you need the weekends to recharge
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I'm going to bake coffee brownies. In addition to the coffee in the batter, I was thinking of adding chocolate covered espresso beans. Does that sound like a good idea? Or would the crunch of the beans be weird in brownies?
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Which book better encapsulates Ayn Rand's ideas of objectivism and individualism?

Also, which is the better read?

Clarification: I'm an Australian, so Ayn Rand's literature was never taught during school- I don't understand the cultural associations with her work, which is partially why I want to read some of her books and understand why everyone seems to hate her!
kim possible

medical question?

is there a cure for leukemia?
can you get well with cystic fibrosis?
what's a muscular dystrophy?
what is autism?
how would you treat a person with autism?
would you join the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization?
how would you treat a person with leukemia?
what do you think of the Baker institute?
how would you treat a peron with AIDS?
will there ever be a cure for AIDS?
ever heard of a diabetes clinic?
would you work at a diabetes clinic?
what about a hospital?
would you work there?
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Here is my story. I bought a Canon Rebel XS almost 2 years ago. I payed an extra $140-something for the "4 year insurance plan" from Best Buy. Two months after buying the camera I got an "error 99" (i think it was 99?) and researched it, found out it was manufacturers problem so I took it in to Best Buy to Geek Squad they had it for about 2 weeks and told me I had to get another one. So I just picked up another new camera. Well, a few months the same thing happened again. Took it to Geek Squad and, again, they had it for about 2 weeks and called me up and just told me to get a new one. Not only that they told me my 4 year insurance program was void since I had to get 2 new cameras. even though I didn't do anything to the camera for that to happen. So it's been almost a year with the 3rd camera and I just got an "error 05" where my pop up flash doesn't ... well, pop up. 
Isn't there something I can do? Contact canon or something? I pad nearly $800 and keep having so many errors! Help?

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what do you think of kim kardashian?

you are given the opportunity to have two one night stands in a row - one with the actor or actress of your choice, the other with the musician of your choice. so who do you choose to have your two one night stands with?
i'm going with either djimon honsou or shemar moore (depending on who's available that night and what kimora is up to) and kid cudi

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as always you should also post pictures for bonus points

edit: i'm not as weird as i thought i was awesome

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Who has seen The Cove? Care to share an opinion? (For those who haven't seen it, long story short: a small community in Japan is hunting/brutally slaughtering dolphins and the original trainer from the tv show Flipper is on a mission to have them stopped.

"Westerners kill and eat cows. Easterners eat dolphins. What's the difference?" Thoughts?
TK and Kari

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Do you know any teachers/professors who are self-conscious about or

My dad's a professor and he got all pissed when he saw a negative rating, and was all trying to figure out who wrote it, lol.

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In my family, we always gave the mothers corsages (the kind you pin on) to wear at Mother's Day brunch. I bought some for the women in my boyfriend's family to wear tomorrow.

But now I'm starting to think it might be too much or odd. What do you think? I know them all pretty well and we've been together three years, if it makes a difference.

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Where was the last bed you slept in that wasn't your own?

Can you help me decide where to stay tonight?

House: big, just me, TV and laptop, limited food, I will probably come here tomorrow, bit spooky
Flat: smaller, just me and flatmates I don't know, potential to see friends, TV and laptop, plentiful food.

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How long do I have to wait to touch newborn kittens to ensure that the mother cat doesn't abandon them? I WANT TO PET THEM.

My boyfriend and I are going to watch Hercules (the Disney version) tonight. What else should we watch?

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I just had two of three jobs interviews, for a vet's office reception position. I dressed super nice for these. The third and final interview is a "working interview" where I basically sit at the front and watch what the reception people do. The reception apparel seems to be khakis and a polo. I'm probably going to dress more casual for this interview, but I only have khaki capris. Would it be acceptable to wear capris? I'd be wearing a oxford on top, if that helps balance out.

Alternately I could wear a skirt.

Help! I have no idea what to wear!

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Do you know any people who are extreme pessimists that you want to smack the crap out of?

Did you grow up in a family with fairly optmistic people or pessimistic?

Are you an optimist or pessimist?
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1. We just booked a trip to Vegas and in my excitement I want to watch a movie set in Vegas.

I have the following. Which one do I watch?

What Happens in Vegas
The Hangover
Indecent Proposal
Ocean's 11, 12 or 13

2. For those who have been to Vegas, what hotel do you like the most? We always stay at the MGM because it always treats us very well and we're scared to chance a bad experience. But I love Paris LV.
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For those of you who have a car:

What make/model is it?
How much did you buy it for?
How did you pay for it? (ie did you save up/did your parents buy it/did you take out a loan)
What do you look for when buying a car?
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I texted my friend something silly about my boss (she called 200 cash petty change) and he texted back with "Hahaha you're giving away your housing status" and won't explain it to me
What does this mean?!

How was your (last) work day? What did you do?

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This previous Sunday, my manager called me into his office and told me I wasn't loud enough at my job (We're required to give a tour of the kitchen every time a guest enters our restaurant).He told me to put some thought into whether or not I can do this job and to call to let him know on Wednesday what I thought was best.Then he sent me home for the day. I called him on Wednesday and told him I don't want to lose my job and I'll make the changes I need to make to keep it. In an unenthusiastic tone, he asked me to come in 15 minutes before my shift tonight to speak to him (which will happen in just over an hour). Does it sound like I'm going to get fired?
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About how much money do you spend per person in your household per month for food, not counting eating out?
What's your favorite cheap meal that's not spaghetti?
What is the last thing you ate?
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Pants size question

There's a pair of jeans I want, but they're sold out in my length. I wear a 28" inseam - they're available in 32" and 36". They're skinny jeans so I intend on just cuffing them - which would be the better length to get for cuffing? Or would it not really matter? Idk if the longer one will have too much extra fabric, or if the shorter one wouldn't have enough to look right. Getting them hemmed is also an option but I want to know which length to start out with in case I prefer them cuffed. TY!
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I think I need to leave my boyfriend. 2 weeks after we started dating, he tried to get me to orgasm via erotic asphyxiation and he didn't even warn me. I was so wasted, I fled his bedroom and called 911 but hung up, so the authorities ended up showing anyway. No charges were pressed. We stopped having sex after that and a few weeks later, we were really drunk and I let him finger me while we were watching a movie. The sex was sloppy, missionary, and after we were done (a whopping 14 mins lol), he went right to bed without cuddling/kissing.

It seems like sex is just a chore now, and I feel like it's because I'm not down with the whole rape/submissive shit that gets him off.

Do you have any weird fetishes? Tentacle porn? Furries?

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What's the last meal you had?

I had chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce and then grilled and couscous with asparagus and rhubarb (which was surprisingly good).

What's the last thing you watched on TV?

I'm watching Ms. Congeniality now. I love Sandra Bullock.

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What's the largest amount of caffeine you've consumed in a short period of time?
Has anyone had what apparently is called "caffeine intoxication"?

My boyfriend needed to stay up but was super tired so he took ~660 mg of caffeine (pills + coca cola) and then another ~200 mg about 4 hours later. Now he feels nauseous and shaky with a headache. Is that normal for the amount he consumed? I'm worried about him, but then again, I worry a lot.

Don't care? Will you tell me something interesting you've learned lately?
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Weight Watchers it worth the price? Have you (or anyone you know) been successful with WW? Sometimes I use SparkPeople, and I worked with it for awhile till I stopped logging in and stuff, but that's free. Is it similar to WW Online?

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i never go out on the weekends, i prefer to be alone, and i don't go out for drinks or anything with anyone after work. i don't go to bars to search out a man toy.

am i weird? am i going to be alone forever unless i go out and start wasting money on food and drink?

what are some fun things you have at your desk at work? i just got two more goldfish for my cube.

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I have these horrible red dots on my legs, and they're driving me insane! It's nice out and I want to wear shorts! Sometimes they're not so bad, but other times, they're super red. They're not itchy. Some are bumpy. Some are just dots on my legs. It's a lot worse on the upper leg part.

I'm pretttty sure it's not from shaving, but I've tried different razors etc. I've also tried NOT shaving for a long period of time. I've tried waxing. I exfoliate. It doesn't seem like anything has worked and I've had to deal with it for so long!

Any ideas/suggestions on why my skin hates me and what I should do to make it happy?

Should I just stop whining and go see a doctor?

Will you be my doctor?
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What's your opinion on Robert Downey Jr.?

Have you met anyone famous? Who's the most interesting famous person you've met?

Does anyone else feel like complete and utter shit?
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TQc, help me! A while ago, someone posted a link to a famous tattoo artist who did Kandinsky(?) paintings as tattoos. She also did less abstract stuff, but I can't remember what else. Who is she?? What is the link??

Alternatively, will you share a really awesome tattoo? Bonus points if it's yours!