May 7th, 2010

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Summer is coming, and when that hits I just...hate my hair. A lot. So I usually just end up cutting it off to save myself the trouble of dealing with unruly hair as I work outside every day. I just never seem to find a good style that works with my face, sadly. It's rather round, and while I want something short (a pixie cut of sorts, maybe, but with just a bit more length; a shaggy pixie cut...?), I'm aware that "round face" and "short hair" don't always go hand in hand.

I look like this, if that helps at all. (I'm on the left, in the second one...and no, I don't know what's up with my friend's face. She's normally quite pretty, but she can be odd when being photographed.) I was thinking of something like this, but I just don't know if I can pull it off with such a round face. Yes or no? Or can you post styles that perhaps would look good on me?

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Man, things are for serious around here tonight.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
What movie and/or tv show did you love most as a kid?
Do you remember joining a trend as a kid/teen that makes you cringe now?
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I'm downloading old MSDOS games. So far I have Jazz Jackrabbit, Wacky Wheels, and Alone in the Dark. The first two were nostalgic choices; the last one I chose 'cause it was described as ~Lovecraftian~. It seems neat but then a werewolf with chicken legs smashes through a window and my character "fights" it until she bleeds to death.

I'm downloading Lemmings right now.

What other games should I download?
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To those of you in the UK;

I live in the US and am a nutrition student going into my senior year at a university. I've been looking at some universities in London to get my masters degree in nutrition and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions of upstanding schools in the London area that have a good reputation for nutrition. The University of Greenwich has really stood out to me and seems like a good school, have any of you heard of it and if you could fill me in on its reputation I would be forever in your debt.
Thank you all
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Oh, come on, I didn't even get to post my Lee Greenwood video I had planned for that post! What else did you have to say to the poster??

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Alternatively, will you use this post to exercise your GOD GIVEN RIGHT FOR CAPS AND BIG FONT?
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Holy run-on sentences, Batman

1. Is it rape if the girl consents to sex, and they do it with the light off and she has no idea that he's hung like a dromedary, so when the intercourse happened, it was uncomfortable and painful and in the morning, she's sore and feels terrible and regrets the entire sexual episode?

2. Is it rape if, say, twins are dating twins and one day, Anna is having sex with her boyfriend, Otto, but halfway through, she realizes that all this time she's been banging his brother, Bob; the sex is good so they finish, but afterwards she feels hurt and used and experiences major regret. Bob, not the sharpest brother, really did think he was having sex with Ada, who's Anna's sister.

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Is a bathrobe too boring a gift for Mother's Day? I'm trying to convince my mother to stop wearing the robe she's had for more than twenty years, but it feels a bit prosaic for a gift.

What disgusting item of clothing do you wish you could make friends or family stop wearing?

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Do you just HAVE to look at yourself when you pass anything reflective? (windows, etc)

If you were in a grocery store and your cashier's head was spinning around 360 degrees while they were ringing up your items, what would your reaction be?

Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids?

Swedish Fish
Sour Patch Kids
N/A - I've never had them.

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What's your favorite form of online chat room? (IRC, AOL Chat, Tinychat, Stickam, etc.)

Is there a chat room for thequestionclub somewhere on one of these?

Yes there is. It's on AIM. It's called thequestionclub.
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guys did you know if you have firefox you can rightclick>view page info> security to see how many times you've visited certain sites? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU VISITED TQC?

mine is 8,116 times (only counting this laptop which I've had for <2 years)

what pages do you visit most?

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Have you ever gone skydiving? How was it? Did you pay for the video afterward?

You must weigh less than 225 pounds, baby included, and be over 18 to skydive.

Would you EVER take your baby skydiving with you? WTF?

ETA: Even if she's pregnant, and that's what they meant, still WTF?

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TQC, it's totally warranted for someone to hit their partner if they provoked them right?

Or at least, it doesn't make you a bad person to think this is acceptable.

(I don't normally do this kind of post but I'm burning with rage right now.)
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Is Skyping with a stranger cheating while you're in a long-term committed relationship?

I already know my answer, but I just wanted your opinion as to why or why not.

Do you feel like any sort of technological intimate interaction with someone is cheating, like 'cybering' or texting?

Have you ever used ChatRoulette?

If yes, have you ever had a great conversation with someone that actually lasted a while before they (or you) hit 'next'?
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I'm going on a vacation with girl pals where we're doing water parks and whatnot for a week yay!
Have you ever had a bikini wax? A tidy up or a full on scalping? How soon before the vacay do you think I should go?
Will I just be lying there legs akimbo with my hoo exposed? Is it as mortifying as the the little scenario my brain has made up for me?
How about leg wax? Is it worth it? How long do you have to let the leg hair grow beforehand? Do they usually just wax knees and below?
Anecdata much encouraged.

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So I've heard that there may be some big thunderstorms tonight where I live. 

Do you like night time thunderstorms or day time thunderstorms?

What about snow storms?  
Were you impacted by one of those huge storms in Feb this past winter?

I like day time storms because they don't wake me up.

Snow storms can be fun, but now that I work and have to drive in even in the snow.....I don't like them so much anymore.

Yes and it was fun until we had to shovel every day for 5 days in a row.  
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I want to try leggings! I have thunder thighs! Do you know any online stores that sell fat lady leggings?

edit: I want to wear these under skirts and dresses because my legs get cold and pants are too much sometimes. leggings as pants?! not my thing.

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Have any of you ever forced yourself to eat even though you felt like you were going to throw up? I just did this because I knew that if I didn't eat something I would still feel horrible and just die later today of not enough food.

What is your favorite lunch to pack that isn't a sandwich? I'm trying to come up with something else to pack my man for lunch that isn't PB&J, or tuna fish, or a meat sandwich.

What is your favorite sumemr fruit? I love peaches.
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I'm going nuts making smoothies with my magic bullet

So far I just have a few bags of frozen fruit, coconut milk yogurt and these acai berry frozen things I throw in... but everything's getting sort of repetitive

What else can I make a smoothie out of? It has to be dairy free, is all

Do you think I'm compromising the nutritional quality of the fruit by 1. eating it frozen 2. blending it? Probably a dumb question

Do you like smoothies?

UK Election

For those in the UK -
are you happy with the result of the General Election?
Did you predict a hung parliament?

Who do you think will form the coalition to make government work, if there is a coalition formed?
Will that coalition work well, or be volatile?

Do you think we should just go back to the polls till a party gets the right amount of seats?
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TL;DR: I play a show weekly.  It's cutting into social life and though it's meant to be paid I don't always get paid..but when I do it rules.  Should I stay or should I go?

dk/dc:  can you do origami?  if so what?  pictures are good :)  

I can make cranes, butterflies, frogs and hearts.  :D  I dont' have pics though.

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Is there a polite way to tell someone to take a chill pill? Because there are a few drama-llamas in my life, and any time ANYTHING goes wrong they just go off the deep end.

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day? If you're a mom, do you know what you'll be getting?

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Guys, I'm moving 3000 miles away from home to sunny Hollywood. Me, my dog, my cat, my jeep and a uhaul. I'm taking my furniture and everything I can fit into said space. However, in my search on google for a "moving list" of items that I should not forget to bring, I haven't found anything helpful. I'm not talking about a little list of things like "bathroom stuff. kitchen stuff. stuff." No I mean like "toilet paper, dog bowl, stapler" (i dunno, random examples) but THINGS that people don't want to forget.

So, to anyone who's ever moved (and to anyone who hasn't,) will you post stuff that you personally would not want to forget/did forget and wish you hadn't, in hopes of sparking some sort of 'ah ha!' moment with me, so I don't forget it too? (packing sucks.)

also, any tips on moving with a uhaul/animals are greatly appreciated. both things are new and scary to me :(
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music and sex

When was the last time you were having sex or making out and an inappropriate, unsexy song came on? What was the song? And, what music do you like listening to during sex?

My answer: a few days ago Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody came on when my SO and I were having sex. I just had to stop and get him to change the music.
I enjoy Bjork and The Shins in some moods, and harder, more electronic music in other moods.

bad skin

Dear TQC,

Why is it that I had almost perfect skin as a teenager, and now as a 21 year old I always have at least 3 large zits on my chin, and I'm constantly needing to blot my face as it's turned insanely shiny and oily (but also dry in some places)....?

In other words....

Why has my skin been freaking out on me this past year?

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I have freakishly large clown feet. I wear size 14 sneakers. My currents sneakers are nearly dead (holding them together with duct tape right now.) The store I used to buy sneakers at has closed down, and I cannot find _anywhere_ around here that sells them in my size. So, I started searching the web and came upon ... they have plenty in my size... but, buying shoes off the Internet? That sounds like a bad idea.

So, my questions: Have you ever bought shoes on the net? If so, how did it go? Have you ever used specifically?

Also, just of curiosity, what size shoe do you wear?

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Why does my bank hate me so much TQC?

My boss transferred the money that was taken out of my account because of a bounced paycheque; that apparently went through yesterday, even though the bank teller said she couldn't "see anything" on my account? And then AFTER the transfer went through, they took a "partial payment" of what money I was SUPPOSED to have left and now I have $0.26 in my chequing account FUCK YOU TD BANK AAAAAAAAAAAGH

Funny macros/anecdotes pls?
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How many 'networking' sites do you belong to? Which ones are they?

Which do you like most?

Which do you use most, if its not the same as the one you like most?

Do you have pretty much the same people 'friended', or just a few, or is each site different social groups?

Would you like me to friend you on any of them?

also- do you x-post the same things too all of them, or update different things?

(this inspired by the fact i just realized I have an lj, tumblr, twitter, facebook, myspace, formspring, and every form of messenger and use all regularly for different groups of people, and its driving me insane.)
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What pop-culture quote has since become a part of your everyday language?

Example: "Quick like a bunny" is something that I have been saying forever to express my desire for someone to hurry the hell up. My entire family and a lot of friends now use the expression, as well.

Bonus points if you can figure out from where someone else's quote comes.
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1)Have you ever met one of your LJ friends just one time and then you kinda wondered if they completely forgot who you were after a while?
2)Do you have any friends from years ago that you're so out of touch with them that you wonder if they remember who you are?

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Your SO calls you from the road and you are at work. They ask you where the nearest Wells Fargo bank is in relation to where they work. You quickly pull up google maps and there shows to be two in the area. You read out the address of the first one on the list and the call is done. You get a pissed off call a few minutes later telling you that there is no bank there and that you should have used the bank website instead. You tell them the second bank from the list and they reply that that is the one that they recalled being in the area. 

Am I in trouble or is google to blame?

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I think this is my weirdest question yet...

Do you guys know anyone who will gush profusely about something they did--and I'm not talking once or twice, but multiple occasions over a series of days/weeks-- but the thing they did isn't actually that big of a deal? : /  And if so, what do you usually say/do?

For example....I have a friend who will go on and on when she cleans her house, or packs a suitcase, or organizes something. "Oh my gosh I know I already said it but I am SO PROUD of myself! You should see it, my bag is SO organized!" 

She's 32, if it matters, has decent self esteem, and is perfectly functional in every way.
I dunno, it's confusing and happens pretty regularly. I feel kind of 'bad' about not sharing her enthusiasm because she's clearly stoked....but I don't really know what to say when she does it, especially not without sounding patronizing ("Gee, that's great! I'm so psyched about your mad bag packing abilities!"), so I usually wind up ignoring it, letting the moment pass, or saying "good!" and changing the subject. Until she brings it up again a few hours later, that is. And I feel awkward every time.

Any ideas why someone might do this?

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For some reason today I'm really short of breath and dizzy. My chest feels really tight and when I stand up I get all wibbly wobbly. I have been drinking glass after glass of water, eating bread and lots of fruit, but it's not helping. What can I do to feel back to 100%? I'm 5 months pregnant so I'm scared as to what this is. I have to work today, and even though it's a four hour shift at my job as a receptionist, I still don't think it would be wise to go. I have to drive for about 30 minutes there and same amount of time back, and I don't want to get in a wreck on the high way. Should I call in sick? I called my doctor and I'm waiting to hear back.

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do any of you have call of duty: world at war?
if so, do you want to play online with me?
what are your PSNs?

what was the last birthday present you bought for someone?
how does that person relate to you?
what book are you currently reading?

my psn is siriuslynoir.

i haven't bought one yet for the person that initiated this question, but i will be buying zoo admission tickets and a video game for him.

new moon in the twilight series. its my first go, i decided instead of constantly ripping on twilight to actually give it a try. its kind of slow right now and the only person i want to read about is edward, but he hasn't shown up in about 200 pages. boo!
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TQC can you please determine my educational/career future?

I'm currently a sophomore pursuing my degree in Education. I know that I want to work with special ed or ELL children. The politics of schools drives me bananas so I've been thinking less of actually teaching and possibly switching my major to occupational therapy so I can still work with disabled children but not necessarily in a school. Even though I realllly want to be in a classroom.

I went and did an observation of an ELL class today and fell in love with the students. I want that kind of relationship with the kids I work with.

So, TQC, do I finish my Ed degree and work with special populations OR do I get my degree in occupational therapy where I can work with all types of disabilities and not only children?
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I guess I'm just not good at looking up info through Google or LiveJournal, so I'm coming here to ask.

If you make a post to a moderated community, do you receive a notification once that post has either been approved or rejected?

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I am looking at two apartments.

Apartment A is 600/month for a three bedroom. The appliances and counters are new, the walls and carpet are clean, and it is a little over 1100 sq ft and has an awesome walk-in closet. It also is less than two minutes from the highway. One problem: it is in a terrible area. While this unit is great, the complex is for lower income families and I hear there is a bit of trouble that happens there from time to time.

Apartment B is about 10-15 minutes away from the highway, but I would feel much safer there. They have two bedrooms starting at 650/month and they're a little under 1000 sq ft. It is a luxury community, so the pool is awesome and the sidewalks and such are kept up very well. Also, the appliances are fashionable black instead of lame yellowish-white.

I really could use the extra space that Apartment A offers, but Apartment B is a bit less of a scary area.

Which one would you choose?

DK;DC What is the best video game ever?
I &lt;3 TLV

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I have a job interview in an hour and they said it would include a personality test. What should I expect? Will it be one of those long surveys with vague questions that are impossible to predict the correct answer? If you've been given a personality test for a job, what did they ask you?
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We are having a special event at our work tomorrow, and everyone is coming in super early to help get everything clean and ready. To show some appreciation I was thinking of waking up early and making breakfast and bringing it in.

What breakfast foods should I make?

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Should I visit my mom for a week during my vacation? If so, should I go by Amtrak or by Greyhound? Flying is not an option as it's too much of a hassle.

Don't know or care, what do you miss?


If I land at terminal B in Philadelphia on time and I have an international flight leaving an hour later in terminal A I going to have enough time to make it? I have a ton of anxiety about missing flights and since this is my honeymoon I am EXTRA nervous. (I usually get to the airport 2-3 hours early for my flights)

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Where can you purchase online really cheap aviator sunglasses? The cool plastic kinds with reflective lenses and neon colored bands. They were selling them on the streets of nyc for $5

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I watched Transporter 2 last night. I thought it was really, really fucking stupid. What was the last really, really fucking stupid movie you've seen? Why was it so fucking stupid? Or any horrible movie you've seen, I guess...LET'S TALK SHIT ON HORRIBLE MOVIES, TQC. RAGE.

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How do you feel about affirmative action?

If you have the time, I'd love to know the reasons behind your answer. And any personal experiences you or someone you know has had with it.

ETA: The consensus seems to be "I understand why we need it, but I don't think it's the best solution." Do any of you have a better solution?
(not trying to be rude, just wondering)

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Poll #1561565 She's still preoccupied with 1985

Best John Hughes movie?

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
Weird Science
Pretty in Pink
I am a terrible person and have never seen these/do not like John Hughes
You did not put my favorite on here, you fool!

Favorite 80s romance?

Dirty Dancing
When Harry Met Sally
Say Anything
Children of a Lesser God
An Officer and a Gentleman
Randi, both romance and the 80s are for lesser beings
You moron, my favorite is not on here

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It's my second question of the day! This one is about Chatroulette.

I'm assuming pretty much everyone here has at least tried it. I held out for a pretty long time before I tried it, but eventually did try it in the hopes of getting someone like Merton the Piano Player. I didn't. The best I got was Sleeping Fat Cat. (A webcam pointed at a... err... sleeping fat cat. Someone was typing in the chatbox trying to be funny, though.) Anyway, for those who use it, why do you use it? Do you hope to get gimmicks like Merton, or do you try to actually talk to whoever you get?

A friend of mine started using it reasoning that if there are guys showing their dicks all the time, there must be an equal amount of women showing their tits. So far, he's been disappointed and this theory doesn't seem accurate. I got a woman once showing a ton of cleveage, and it sort of looked like she was getting ready to flash me, but then changed her mind. So, my final question is: Have you ever actually seen a woman topless there? I'm actually really curious about this. Some woman somewhere must have done it at some point, yet I don't know anyone who has ever seen it.

Random Thought: Someone should organize a "TQC ChatRoulette Night" where a bunch of us get on there and see if we run into each other. Or maybe that idea sucks. Would you do it if someone tried to organize it? (Okay, I lied. THAT was my final question...)
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You are a 34 year old female. You have higher education, a great job, and a few close friends BUT you're a virgin and you've never been asked out on a date. Guys just don't even notice you and you're too timid to talk to them. Your friends assure you you're attractive. You would score yourself a 6 or 7 realistically. What should you do?
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So my mobile phone contract (with T-Mobile, if that makes any difference) finally runs out next month and I have no intention of renewing it. From past experiences I seem to recall that if I just let it run out I will still be able to use the service and pay my bills, I'm just not under contract anymore, is that right?

If so, do I need to call them or something to tell them I want to terminate the service when my contract expires? Do I need to give them notice of any kind?

What kind of things are they likely to say to me to try and persuade me to stay with them? srs and non srs answers welcome.
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1. What is your favorite kind of beer?

2. What type of haircut and style do you prefer on the gender(s) that you're attracted to?

3. What are some of your all time favorite video games?

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I had to get a replacement iPhone from Apple, because mine was unfixable... will I have to pay for all my apps a second time, even if I'm under the same iTunes account that I first bought them with, and I have all my purchase history readily available?
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You've been kidnapped by a terrorist group. They are torturing you for information about a person you have never met.

Your options are: lie and hope they believe you so they'll leave you alone, (though they will most likely kill you) or keep maintaining your innocence and face more torture before a long and painful death.

What do you do?

Similar situation, only this time they are asking about your partner/mother/father/close relative/best friend/dog. Do you tell them the truth, hoping your loved one figured out what was up and is on the run, lie, or deny any knowledge?

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i had surgery a week ago. i have two smallish incisions with stitches.... can i take a frickin bath yet? is there a doctor in the house?

how many times have you had stitches? where? why?
what about a skin graft?!

i have stitches under my boobs now, i had them for my wisdom teeth, inside my nostrils (nose job), on my forehead when i split it open on a fireplace as a kid, and i had two skin grafts on my foot (the first one got infected and had to be redone).

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have you even joined a program such as the peace corps?
are there any human rights programs i can join WITHOUT a college degree? (im currently in school but would like to do one in the summer).

because right about now i would just like to go do what i love doing. and i dont feel like waiting to finish college.
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Help! I have had the same song stuck in my head for like a week now. Listening to the song itself doesn't help. Listening to other music doesn't help. Meditating doesn't help. Distracting myself doesn't help. WHAT DO I DOOOOOO?

(The song, for the record, is "Like A Rock" by Bob Seger.)

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From November 2010 to February 2011 I'll be leaving the balmy Western Australian summer for an internship in Seattle. One of the things on my lifelong to-do list is to iceskate on a frozen lake (i.e. outdoors). Is there any chance that I will get a chance to do this during my time in Seattle? I am willing to travel a reasonable distance.

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How would you define a person who "has no life"?

Tell me TQC, do I have no life because I'm home schooled, don't socialize often (but can if someone includes me in a conversation), has few friends and therefore don't often leave the house, a nerd and not a pretty person?

Srs and non-srs, mostly non-srs because I want tea to spew from my nostrils as I fall out of my chair and laugh until I pee my pants.

[Edit 2: I live on a farm and therefore am usually always outside helping with something one way or another. My activties are normally walking, hiking, horseback riding... more exericsing than anything. And I'm planning on going to college next year when I graduate ;D ... so an extremely boring life probably explains it well. EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW!]