May 6th, 2010



I work overnights and I have been up since 3:30pm yesterday. I have tried to sleep since I got home with no luck (thanks to my curiosity of coffee at work). I work again tonight and if I stayed up and waited for my shift I wouldn't be able to get to sleep until 9am tomorrow morning (at least that's when I get home).

I have a staff meeting today in an hour and it's optional for overnight staff since it cuts into sleeping. Whether I go or not I have to pick my kid up at 4pm. It is now 12:30pm.

Should I give up on sleeping, go to the meeting and make some money or should I try to sleep for the next 3 and a half hours before I get my son? 
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Has anybody here actually ELOPED instead of having a full ceremony? My fiance and I are pondering the benefits of eloping versus staying here and having a full-out wedding. Any thoughts on that?

You find a spider/centipede/really creepy ugly tiny THING in the house... do you "catch and release," or just kill the menacing offender?

Speaking of which... which is creepier? Spiders or those really face, really hairy looking house centipedes?


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Bit of info first. My friend's whole life is about being a cop. She has been working so hard to get into the academy to become one. It's all she talks about, it's her dream. The other day, and I have no idea what she was thinking. I guess she wasn't. Her and some friends were at the mall and they dared her to shoplift a necklace. She caved. I still can't figure out why she did this, it goes against everything she believes, but she did. She isn't a well polished thief so she got caught. They called the cops and gave her a summons. She is being charged with a misdemeanor. She is pretty torn up about it because this ruins any chance of her ever being a cop right?

Does she ever have a chance at her dream, or has one stupid little moment of temporary insanity completely shredded all her dreams? I don't know much about getting hired as a cop, how clean your record has to be or how serious a shoplifting charge is. Anyone know if she even has a chance?

DK/DC: Ever shoplifted? If so, what?

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So I'm finally back in Colorado after finishing my finals. While it's awesome to be home, I've forgotten that n one is up and no one does things at 1 in the morning on a Wednesday night in the suburbs. I'm used to not going to bed till 3 anymore (thank you miserable papers/finals/living in a frat D:), so there's no way I'm gonna be able to fall asleep right now.

Any suggestions on things to do?
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I flipped my Explorer upside down in 2008. Now whenever I stand up after sitting for a decent amount of time, my left hip gets really weak and I feel like I'm going to fall over. Does that mean when I get old I'm going to have hip problems? Is there something a doctor can do now to fix it?

How often do you watch the Ellen show?

I have never seen it.
I used to watch it but don't anymore.
I rarely watch it
I watch it occasionally
I watch it every single day! OMG I LOVE ELLEN!!!!

Which foodstuff would you most like to chow down on right now?

Lo Mein
Mashed potatoes
Corned beef & cabbage
Lima beans
French fries
Celery spread with peanut butter

Which kid's show would you rather watch on repeat all day?

Barney & Friends
Dora The Explorer
Veggie Tales
Blue's Clues
Fairly OddParents
Hannah Montana
The Suite Life
Phineas and Ferb

What is one of your pet peeves?

Check the statements that apply to you.

I have (a) sibling(s)
I enjoy smoking K2.
I have a pet.
I enjoy grape jelly.
I am currently wearing jewelry.
I defecated today.
If I won the lottery I would donate a percentage to some kind of charity.
If I was going to order a burger I would request it without tomatoes.
There is a candle in the room with me.
I take prescription meds.
I like polls.
There is someone else at home with me now.
I am currently naked.
I can text without looking at my phone, just like I can type.
I prefer grilled chicken over fried. (We're talking taste only, who gives a shit about calories and fat right now)

How amusing was this poll? (1 being *yawn*)

Mean: 5.00 Median: 5 Std. Dev 2.06

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i feel like this and questions like this get posted a lot, but i never remember to bookmark them. : /

i have to be up no later than 7am tomorrow. it's now 2:10am, and i only got up around 6pm today.

should i even attempt to sleep?
should i drink a bit to help me sleep? if not, what else should i do?
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 What was the last appalling thing someone said to you?

Do you call people out when they're being racist/sexist/homophobic/etc...? Does it matter who they are?

I was at a bar with an old friend tonight and a coworker of his joined us. She started getting annoyed by some obnoxiously loud women at the table next to us, and went on a tirade about black people (because the loud women appeared black), and how she always wanted to prove her racist parents wrong, but now that she's out in the "real world" she's finding that her step-dad was actually kind of right. I was appalled, but didn't do anything more than give her some eye-squints and head-tilts. I wish I had the courage to have called her out on her shit, but I didn't want things to be awkward for the next however many  hours we'd be hanging out. I'm feeling really badly about not saying anything.
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As a hockey fan and a Chicagoan, I watched the Blackhawks game. Before the game started, I told my friends that
Byfuglien would have a hat trick (3 goals) and everyone laughed at me.

I ended up being right in my prediction.

What was your last "psychic prediction" to your friends that really left them in disbelief and/or had them owing you money because that prediction was such a long shot?

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Does anyone happen to know where I could find examples of non-medical discussion of schizophrenia? I'm doing an analysis of a variety of texts on schizophrenia, and I want to focus on how it's portrayed in the general public. But everything I'm finding is medical and objective and so not quite what I want; I have found some articles about the way the media portrays schizophrenia but not articles themselves.

Even something like a rant on a forum would be ideal, just on the off-chance anyone happens to have seen anything like that recently. Hard to find individual bits and pieces like that via Google.
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Collapse )

So they say they'll call again. Much to your shock, it didn't happen again. In all fairness, you're sure there's probably a decent reason. How do you respond? If you get upset about it and the person says you're "hot and cold", do they have a point or are they being unfair or something else entirely?

Edited for (understandable but not exactly relevant to the situation at hand) semantics.
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I'm going to a rally today to protest funding cuts to libraries in my state. I've never been to a political rally before. What should I expect?

Have you ever been to a rally? What for?

What was the last thing you encountered that had a misleading name or description? I'm reading this book called Homophobia: A History, but it really should've been called Homophobia: A History of How It's Affected White Men in the Western World.

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What are the best pranks to pull in the summer time/pranks to pull outside?

I just read a book where a girl organized a huge TPing (Paper Towns) and it got me thinkin' about what other shenanigans I could get into with friends this summer.

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What's a good way to hang posters on a newly painted wall?

I tried those super awesometastic removable pull-and-unstick tabs from the TV commercials and they do not hold shit up anywhere. Everything I have hung up with those piece of shit things has fallen off the wall except this one poster that was really big so I used like 10 of them to stick it up. Everything else has stayed up for a little while then just unstuck itself. It is PISSING ME OFF. I don't want to ruin my awesome new paint job but I have no idea how else to hang my posters in my new room Halp???

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I have a good guy friend who is also a fellow musician.  He talks to me about his girl problems and such and we do music projects together. 

He recently told me that his last fight with his girlfriend was about me..because she found out I'm in his band and said "Oh no not that girl, she's brash and loud, I don't like her" or and he said "I happen to like Pam, she's vivacious and I want her in my band."  So they fought over him calling me vivacious.  She met me twice like four years ago and we barely talked lol... Also both times were at concerts so I had to yell to speak :P

Do you think she feels threatened by me?   Or is she crazy?  Or am I brash and loud :P?  Apparently she wont come out to anything social with him because she hates people.

DK/DC: DO you like liverwurst/liver sausage?  Do you like liver otherwise? 

I like liverwurst but not liver any other way.

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For mother's day, I'm getting my mom a book that is the perfect book for her. I'm also getting her a card, and some lotto scratch-offs because she loves them. I feel like maybe I should include something else though. I'm a bit strapped for cash but what else can I do or get?
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So I just finished an 12-page term paper, emailed it to myself, downloaded it, and went to print it out in the print lab... and it came out as 9 pages.
1. What happened?
2. How do I fix this? The page requirement is 10 pages minimum, and I don't want to write any more on it. I'm using Microsoft Word btw

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Do you and your spouse/SO have separate checking accounts? Do you also have a joint checking account?

I'm thinking about opening a separate checking account for "me" money. If I keep cash, I lose it. If I keep my "me" money in the regular checking account, it doesn't get spent on me.

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TQC, I just got rejected from yet another internship that I really wanted. How do you deal with rejection?

Personally, I get very angry and begin the self-loathing immediately. Sounds healthy, I know.

When is the last time you felt rejected?

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My mom and step-father built a gazebo this week. I'm visiting them tomorrow. What sort of things can you do in a gazebo?

Perhaps we'll sip wine or build a puzzle or buy lawn furniture for it. Should we hire a barbershop quartet?
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I have a journal/blank book buying mania. They are so spiffy and cool and I always think that THIS ONE will be the one I will actually write in regularly. Which is odd considering that when I did keep a journal religiously, I used cheap composition books! I've been good for a long time, but I saw one in Barnes and Noble the other day and I don't know if I'll be able to control myself.

What sort of thing do you have an urge to buy, despite having more than you could ever use and not needing another?

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My SO and I have discussed having me ride in on a horse for our outdoors wedding. I have several concerns like if I ride in on it, do we both ride it out? How stupid of an idea is it to have a 6 months pregnant lady ride a horse for basically 15 minutes? What horrible disasters can you think of that could happen to convince me this is the dumbest idea in the world? I'm not really a horse person but he is so that's why we are considering it.

Nevermind. Bad idea is a bad idea. Not going to happen. I honestly didn't think about how easily a horse could spook and I don't want to risk the baby.

Do any of your friends have talents that you envy? What are they?
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What the fuck? I found an apartment I really liked beginning of last month and was told it would be available middle of the month. After she runs the credit check on me and my cosiner I find out the tenant isn't moving out til beginning of May. Okay, no problem. I call Monday (she never calls me) and am told she'll be painting and it be ready Friday. I call again today and she tells me the owner hired a maintenance man and now we're looking at next Wednesday. I haven't even done the fucking walk-through and signed the lease. I'm so pissed, because I know I won't find another apartment ideal for me. My friend is the previous tenant and she never had any problems. I'm supposed to be out of my place by Friday. What do I do? Call back an explain that I need to move *now*? I'm so pissed. I thought I would be moved a month ago.

This question is convoluted

One of my eyes is really bad - so bad my eye doctor told me it wasn't worth even trying to correct. My other eye is okay, maybe 20/40, but I have trouble reading. I have a pair of glasses from 8 years ago with corrective lenses for both eyes that I never really wear but I find myself needing to wear them to read stuff on the computer sometimes. The lens for my good eye corrects my vision a lot but the glasses feel "weird", like the prescription is off (which it probably is), for my bad eye.

Since I never really use my bad eye anyway, except for peripheral vision, does it matter that the prescription might be wrong? Could it hurt me at all?
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ONE: i know this has been asked 32million times on here, but i don't know if there were any answers because i didn't look at them... but is there a site where you can put in your income & calculate expenses and whatnot and have it tell you how much you can afford for apartment rent or something of that variety? 

or as most of you wont know/care:
TWO: have you gotten over any fears lately?
i used to be afraid of guts and insides, but i did a necropsy on a cat yesterday and found out INSIDES ARE COOL. i was all up in that cat with scissors taking its organs out and dissecting them.

ALSO! THREE: i have to take a board game and alter it to make it have to do with an animals respiratory system.... what's your favorite board game to play? i don't play any and i want it to be fun.

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Can anyone recommend me a good audiobook? I don't normally listen to them, because I get frustrated because I can read faster than a person can speak, but I want something to listen to while I walk everyday.

I will read pretty much anything - I like nonfiction, sci-fi fantasy, literary fiction, YA books, but I want a *good* audio book - one that's read really well.
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What are some full names (first and last) that you think sound really cool? For example, I love the name Coco Rocha (she's a model).

What about just last names? Any that you think are particularly awesome?
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What everyday or mundane shit drives you crazy? Stuff that you wouldn't normally mention.

For me, coupons (everything about them- how they're a waste of paper, how they just blow all over the street because no one gives a fuck, standing in line behind people using a bunch), funeral processions, and diaper commercials.

Name That Film!

There was a film out last year with Pete Postlethwaite as the lead character. He's an archivist/record keeper looking back on humanity's past and its downfall. It concentrated on environmental issues, I think.

I have checked IMDB but none of his recent films match this description. Has anyone seen it or can tell me the name of it?

Question answered!

New question: Is your line of work portrayed in any films? If so, which ones? Do they depict an accurate portrayal?
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Who is your favourite commercial character? I absolutely love Flo from the Progressive commercials

Who is your least favourite/who do you hate? I hate the Cavemen from Geico.

Is anyone else having trouble viewing community pages and posts? I can read on my Friends List, but not on an actual community.
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who do you address a cover letter to if it's not specified?... i want to apply at a vet clinic thats opening in my city soon, but there's NO names anywhere. i'm confused and i really want to apply today! i have a resume, just not a cover letter.

oh and they want it sent by email, i can't go in and ask (as it is not opened yet)
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What were the last three books you've read?
Under the Banner of Heaven, Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Have you ever participated in NaNoWriMo? Did you finish?
Yes. And then I forgot about it three days later.

What writing exercises/warm-ups, if any, do you like to do?

What animals do you find adorable that most people seem to think are ugly? Pictures would be appreciated.

(no subject)

I had to throw away an orange that was meant to be part of my lunch today (it was not a good orange) and I'm hungry.   Assuming I have enough change to get something from the vending machine (since it basically won't take paper money b/c it sucks) what should I get to eat?

Question. Club.

My (former?) best friend's birthday is on Friday but I haven't seen her in over a month and every time we try to make plans she ends up canceling them for one reason or another. Or she just avoids my texts - like she writes on my wall on Facebook all the time saying she wants to get together, but then when I tell her "Okay, I'm available after 11 a.m. for the next three days, let's do lunch one of those days" she'll never get back to me. We basically play "text tag" for weeks on end and usually never end up getting together.

She's having a party on Saturday that I can't attend because I have to work. I told her a week in advance that I wanted to get together with her sometime this week. I know she is available as well because she kept telling me she wanted to get together for lunch and was free every day before 2:30. Yet she still hasn't responded to any of my texts.

Is it even worth it for me to send her a birthday card? Or should I just write "Happy Birthday" on her Facebook wall and be done with it? Getting her a birthday present is out of the question for me now since it's pretty obvious she doesn't care about seeing me, although I still feel kinda guilty because she got me some nice presents for my birthday three months ago.

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For 7 days straight, if given the choice, you'd rather consume _____?

1,400 calories combined (7 day total)
70,000 calories combined (7 days total)

You'd rather spend an entire week in _____?

Jail (not prison). You will have a cellmate, which means no privacy and the toilet you share is in the back of the single-room cell, right there in the open
Jesus camp. The most fundamental of fundamentalist exercises, training, songs and prayer, surrounded by dozens of hardcores proselytizing you sunup to sundown

You have to sleep with combination of Hugh Jackman and Andy Rooney. What combination would you prefer?

Hugh's face, Andy's body
Andy's face, Hugh's body

Would you rather have your bra/cup size go up 3 sizes (men, this means you'll have boobs), or would you rather have your pants go up 2 sizes?

Bigger boobs
Bigger ass

Would you rather work in a _____?

Nevada brothel for 1 week, 6 hours a day, sleeping with whoever can afford you
Coal mine for 1 week, 8 hours a day, doing high physically demanding labor

Would you rather have a _____?

Hairy back
Hairy ass

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How do I tell my gf to back off and chill a little? She is just all over me every time we’re alone and is constantly giving me compliments and telling me how hot I am. It was nice at first but now it’s kinda seeming desperate. She is absolutely gorgeous and a lot of fun to be around and has no reason to be coming across as desperate.
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I'm at the library and a peacock is screaming (I googled the proper term) directly outside the window.

What was the last really cool thing you observed/heard?

P.S.: Thank you to those who gave me words of encouragement about this. Maybe I should just come to TQC when a bad craving hits haha.

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Can a married woman and a single man be friends?

Can a single woman and a married man be friends?

Does the fact that the friendship has lasted 10+ years affect your decision?

edited to reword last question
edited again to fix my shitty grammar.
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what do you think is considered taboo?

what do you think is considered taboo?
what are your values?
what are your norms in life?
what are your sanctions?
what do you think is considered a folkway?
what do you think is considered a law?
what are your moral basics?

im taking college course right now in social problems
so that's why i asked all these questions
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How do you [yes, you, with the face and the typing fingers] not give up, even when you've reached the point where whatever you're trying to do is more frustrating than fun?
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House Question

My house is white. It currently has black accents (porches, and shutters). I want to paint the porches an Eggplant colour.

My shutters are made of vinyl and I'm pretty sure I can't paint them. So what should I do? Take them down all together? leave them up and have black shutters and purple porches? (there are 3 porches all together) Something else?
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I'm going to make a cake from a mix. It calls for a stick of butter, softened. Is it okay for me to just melt the butter all the way in the microwave oven, instead of trying to achieve a room temperature soft-state?

SPN - Winchesters

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Dear TQC,
I just got a wireless USB modem to get "high speed internet anywhere in the country".
I don't know if it's my location, but the connection seemed way faster at the store!
Most of the wait time for web pages is between 5-15 seconds, barely tolerable by me.

Would this connection be too slow for you?
How fast is your internet?

DK/DC: Do you have plans for your next break/vacation?

(no subject)

How many TQCers are planning weddings right now?

If so what participant are you (mother, bride, groom, etc)??

If you were to be getting married in the near future, what would be in your registry?

Do you think it's insane that I put a Dyson vacuum in my registry?
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I was surprised at how much debate is going on in the comments on this article: Baby Death Results in Dispute Over Organs which happened in my lovely current city, Buffalo.

To sum it up- an infant died this week, the parents agreed to organ donation- specifically, there were two babies that were all set to receive the transplants. BUT, the death was suspicious (the family is under investigation in relation to it) and the county medical examiner determined that an autopsy needed to be performed in order to determine the cause of death. The transplant services agency went to court to try and stop the autopsy, and failed. The infant's death, as it turns out, was determined to be a homicide.

What are your throughts?

ETA: According to the ME, there was no way to perform the autopsy while salvaging the organs.
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(no subject)

Why do people (and men in particular) refer to women as females?

Ladies, does it bother you when someone refers to women as females?

I can understand using the word as an adjective (e.g. a female doctor), but why as a noun? It always sort of bothered me and I couldn't figure out why. I'm still not sure exactly why. When I was a teacher, the biology teacher would always tell our students, "Animals are females, humans are women". Thoughts, anyone?

(no subject)

Did you ever put anything in your ear or up your nose as a child? Alternatively did you put something in someone else's ear or nose?

I put a small bandaid up my nose. My sister put a bead up her nose. My sister poured fundip in my brother's ear while he was sleeping.

User pics

There are lots of people whose user pics I really like, but I don't know who is in the picture or the story behind it.

Can you please tell me about your user pic (the main one, if you hvae one)

Mine is just Greg Proops. I thought it was a pretty sweet photo.

(no subject)

Do you believe that mental illness is too heavily stigmatized?

Do you have close friends or family with mental illness?

Do you have personal experience with mental illness?

If yes to B and C, how has it affected your answer to question A?
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(no subject)

 I was recently told that it's time to have my tonsils out and basically, I'll continue to have problems with them forever until they're gone.

Can you tell me about your experience with tonsil removal as an adult?

Don't care about tonsils? Will you tell me about the last time you were sick?
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ISO the posts about dystopian and steampunk novels...

TQC, will you help me find two previous entries?

I added this post, about books everyone should read once, to my memories. Unfortunately, there was another post specifically about dystopian novels and another about steampunk novels that I failed to add to my memories.

I'm making a trip to the library, and would like to check out some of your suggestions!

For what it's worth, I tried browsing around the tags and archives, but there are just so DAMN MANY posts made to this community every day.

Is there any chance anybody else "memoried" either of these two posts?

dk/dc/just wanna help me out without finding the actual posts: What are your favorite dystopian and steampunk novels.

(no subject)

I'm going to a baby shower this Saturday. Should I get a gift that's geared more towards the mother or the baby? Or should I just get 2 gifts? I've never been to a baby shower, so I'm not exactly sure how it all works. Helpful tips are appreciated!
FLORENCE by rodeo_town

(no subject)

Does anyone know of any communities on this thing where you can talk about weight loss goals and staying healthy and such?
I searched and got nothing.

Don't know/Don't care:
What are you watching on the tube tonight(if you are watching tube)?


TQC, I had an interview for an internship today and it went pretty well, if I do say so myself.

As soon as I came home, I got an email from a professor who is ~very impressed~ with my application to be her paid research assistant this summer and wants to interview me ASAP.

The research will be within my major, which I actually have decided to no longer pursue in grad school. The unpaid internship is as close to being relevant to what I REALLY want to do after college as it gets, and would certainly be more exciting.

Obviously I can't know for sure if I will get one or both or none at all. Should I still interview for the research position? If I get both, I will be juggling summer classes, my regular retail job, and the new positions, which would be 10-15 hours a week each. But obviously I fear not interviewing, and then not getting anything at all.

If you don't care about my dreadfully difficult life decision.. ARE YOU TAKING SUMMER CLASSES? Will they suck?
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So my roommates on the phone with her mother having her mom talk her through emailing someone for a job. She does this a lot, call her mom to talk her through looking for jobs, applying for jobs, handling professors that don't like her work, a making resume, etc. She's 20 going on 21. Mentally I'm mocking her for not being an adult and doing this stuff on her own.

Does the mental mocking make me a bad roommate?
Is this totally not my business?
When did you stop having your parents hold your hand through things?

Edit Not to say that I don't ask my parents advice about doing things but when I'm having problems or need to do something I try to figure it out by myself first before asking them.
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(no subject)

I would like some cookies and don't feel like going out to the store. I have all of the base ingredients for cookies in my pantry but I don't know what kind I want to make.

What cookies should I make? Imaginary bonus points for recipes included!
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(no subject)

Have you ever broken up with someone who is overall a really good person but probably just not right for you? How did you come to that decision? Do you still talk with that person?

And for people with dogs: How much time does your pooch spend alone and what do you do to buffer that (e.g., exercise, etc.)? What is his/her favorite toy? I have always been a cat person and now have a puppy... I feel like someone dropped an infant into my lap :P
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any career aptitude tests online that are free? I googled it and everything that comes up you have to pay for or doesn't seem legit. I just want to do it for fun but can't find anything.

damnit, Otto, you have lupus!

will you post something happy or give me some words of encouragement, like, i dunno, i'm not gonna die or something?

i have lupus and i'm having a flare up. i feel awful all the time, i'm getting hives, i'm exhausted and nauseous 24/7 basically, and everything seems out of whack in my brain. there's not much i can do but ride it out, though.
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(no subject)

What's something you got unnecessarily stressed out over that later on you realized was stupid?

(Pretty much make me feel better because I'm incredibly stressed out about things I know are absolutely stupid but I can't calm down and I'm just so agitated and upset.)

(no subject)

The job I'm applying for is requesting a writing sample and I could use some examples to help inspire my creativity. I'm looking for examples of fundraising solicitation letters sent to college alumni.

Anyone here recently get a letter from their college or university asking for money? And willing to type up said letter, or even just a paragraph from said letter that spoke to you either positively or negatively?

(no subject)

If you like reading on plane trips:

Do you prefer to read a book or a magazine?
Do you usually get your reading material at the airport or bring it with you from home?
Do you care that so many people will be seeing what you've chosen to bring and that they might be judging you for it?
Do you ever select what you take based on that possibility?
If you finish a magazine in flight, what do you do with it (throw it out, put it in with the others for the next passenger, etc.)?

(no subject)

What do YOU think dreams about/taking place in kitchens means, TQC? Google is just feeing me bullshit about "spiritual nourishment;" I think they represent comfort and intimacy, depending on what kind or whose kitchen you're dreaming about.

What types of specific rooms are involved in your dreams?

What thing do you dream about the most?

Peppermint or spearmint?
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(no subject)

For people who have curtains:

when do you close the curtains? Is it when you put on the light (like, when it's not completely dark but dusk or whatever), or when it's really, completely dark?

would you answer change if you live in a busy street and there is no garden of any sort between the window and the street?

Why do people not close their curtains ever so everyone can see inside your house?

(no subject)

Have you ever had to notify the LJ abuse team of a suicide note in a community or somebody's journal?  Did they respond, and how fast was it?

I want to know that somebody looked into the threat and tried to do something, but it's been an hour since I contacted the abuse team, they haven't said anything, and the note was posted last night.  Would you get worried over a suicide note like this if you didn't know the person at all?
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My Apple Software Update seems to suddenly think I have a Mac and I don't. Whenever it comes up with an iTunes update it also wants me to install updates for other Mac programs like BootCamp, Airport whatever, etc. I have to go through and uncheck all the little boxes except iTunes and it's getting annoying.
Has anyone had this happen or know how to fix it?

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Is it possible to delete what I have saved in my "memories" section. If so, how?

Is anyone in the UK staying up to watch the election coverage tonight? Who do you want to win?
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this weekend, i'm going to visit my mom for mothers day. she lives about 3000 miles away. she doesn't know, just my dad and sister.

how will she react??? funny non-srs preferred

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Whenever someone says something that offends me I find it extremely difficult to move on and pretend nothing happened for at least ten minutes.
Is anyone the same way?
How do you get over it?
Who is more sensitive in your romantic relationships?

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 So... Today I've had my share of girl drama, been labeled a sexist, had my motorcycle stolen (recovered), been turned down by 3 people that owe me large sums of money, (My only avenue for helping my ex out with keeping her kids in her divorce.)
Had to call CPS on a family member,  and for the life of me can't find my drivers license. 

What on earth should I do to relieve this stress? (no weed or booze.)

Alt: If we were in a sissy fight, what weapons would you use to take me down?
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Can anyone who is actually GOOD at French tell me what "service number" is in French?

The context is like a military service number. I made my best guess, but I'm not positive because I suck at French. Internet translators aren't much help. It's for work and blah, resources are low at the moment.

ETA: we figured it out at the last second and my guess was correct. so instead, you should answer this question: How many books have you read (for pleasure) this calendar year?

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another question about airports. what do i need to put into bins at security? I have a checkpoint ready laptop sleeve, that needs to come out of my actual carry-on. right? what about my laptop charger? it does not fit into the laptop sleeve. my cell phone? my mp3 player? my bag of toiletries? my books?

tldr, what stays in my carry-on at security and what goes into bins?
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stupid moments

so i was browsing TQC and through some weird freak thing i ended up at the lj development community ([info]lj_dev ) and everything was in russian and they were all asking questions about code and formatting and i was like "omg wtf is going on thequestionclub got hacked why is no one saying anything about all these HTML formatting questions in a row"

lol um ok wake up

what was your most recent moment where you thought to yourself "oh my god that was so embarrassing/stupid/wtf am i doing"? or what was the most recent time you saw somebody else making an ass of themselves, and you felt secondhand embarrassment?
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If your ex was 2 weeks out a relationship and offered you dinner and booze to come to their house and cuddle (which would almost guarantee a segue into fucking) would you do it? What if you have been seeing someone for a couple weeks but haven't had "the talk?"

Can't Rape the Willing...

Inspired by this thread.

How much is sexual assault based on perception? If it's something you were hoping would happen, and you are happy it happened, is it still assault even if you didn't consent first (because you were sleep, or drunk, etc.) Can the same situation be both rape and not rape depending on the person's opinion of the other party?

I often hear people say that just because a woman regrets it in the morning doesn't mean she was raped. And to me waking up with regret is probably a good sign that you were coerced, manipulated, bullied or taken advantage of in some way or another. It makes it sound like sex is some kind of contest where the guy scored and it's too late for the woman to call foul. So I think perception does matter.