May 5th, 2010

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What's the best movie you've seen recently? Not necessarily a new release, but something you really enjoyed.

For people with pets: Do you share what you eat with your pet(s)?

For people with jobs: How did you find your current job?

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I'm doing my extra credit assignment for my zoology class, and I'm a little confused. Will you tell me what you think I should do, TQC?

For this assignment, I have to write an objective and subjective review of each chapter in a book I read. However, this book has sections, and then smaller chapter-like sections in those. The table of contents only lists the main sections, so is that what I should review? Or should I do every single section within the bigger sections?

I am tired so sorry if this is rambly.
What are you doing up?

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i have never actually washed my coffee cup since i bought it a few months ago. i just rinse it out each time i use it. i also will use the same cup for water for weeks without washing it.

on a scale of 1-10, how gross am i?

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What's something that you'd want to be famous for?

Why do I only gain weight in my middle and lose weight in my practically non-existent breasts?

Do you have any embarrassing family secrets you'd like to share?

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Is it just me, or do unwashed glasses smell like sweat?

I usually keep a glass of water by my bed, and for some reason it randomly smells like sweat sometimes. Anyone else out there have the same problem?

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Do you think that our reliance on search engines has caused us to become more distant, antisocial, and impersonal?

I find that asking someone about a relevant subject you are wondering about can be a great conversation starter (such as "what are some good restaurants around here?," "what did that senator say in his speech last night that was so controversial?," or "what's so cool about that new computer?"), but I find that nowadays that others seem to get annoyed by questions and simply reply "Google it!" I like the personal feel to questions. You can't always find the answer to a question online that includes opinions or allows for discussion. I find by starting with a simple question when one doesn't know how to start a conversation, that one can develop connections to the other people easily and make a potential conversation less awkward. "Google it" doesn't really take socializing too far.
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What are some of your favorite songs in languages other than your primary one?

I love Promise by Duel Jewel, Decir Adios by Amen
Mitwa, You Are My Sonia, and Ek Pal Ka Jeena (all from various Bollywood movies).

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If each letter of the alphabet corresponded to a number (A=1, B=2, C=3. D=4, etc.) what would your full name equal?


Is it weird that I memorized each letter's matching number a long time ago?
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1. Okay so since it's Remembrance Day and Liberation Day in my country, what's your favourite WWII movie?

2. Also we thought someone wanted to kill our queen again today. How can I comfort my queen?

3. Do you ever confuse sweaters or vests with drag queens?
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Any advice to offer about writing a resume? It seems pretty straightforward but if you have any ~*seekrits*~ I'd like to hear them.

Should I include the crappy part-time jobs I've worked as a student even if they have nothing to do with the job/internship I'm applying for?
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At what distance would you consider a couple to be in a long distance relationship? 

How do you pronounce the word genre?

When you have trouble focusing on a very tedious task how do you get yourself to keep motivated and focused on it?

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Tomorrow I'm going to a counter protest for the Westboro Baptist Church. I've never seen these guys in person, I'm oddly excited.

What are you most looking forward to tomorrow, May 6th, 2010?

a few computer questions

Do you use a desktop or laptop computer?
How old were you when you first got your own computer, and what kind was it?
Is it common for high school kids to have their own laptops? It wasn't when I was in high school not that long ago, but I'm wondering if that has changed, especially since it's easier to find cheap computers these days.

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I got a job I really really wanted today! (I posted about wanting to wear an innapropriate jacket to the interview. I wore it as well as mis-matched colours and I still got it. Blimey.) I really needed this - my life has been a bit crappy recently.

What was the last good thing that happened to you?

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What's been your prevailing emotion lately?

Mine's been anger. What should I do with it? I'd like mostly srs answers please. I really don't like a lot of the hatefulness and agitation that I've been feeling lately. It's mostly towards the outside world. Home is my solace.

ETA: Sorry, guys! I tried to click "Don't Notify" and instead selected "Disabled." Whoops!
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I have 16 pages total (double-spaced) to write on two separate term papers. They are both due in 25.5 hours. WILL I ACCOMPLISH THIS FEAT?
Also, do you have any advice for me? I lack focus, but I am trying to fix that by working on these papers in the student union because I get too distracted at my house. I am staying away from facebook and other such internet distractions. (Except for TQC, clearly, but this is a vital question)

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I had plans for cinco de mayo to lay out in the sun with a friend and drink from 11 am til we go to bed. Not get wasted, we just wanted to maintain a buzz all day. Sadly, these plans have fallen through. Now I have tequila for two and no one to drink with.

Should I drink anyway? Keep in mind, this is my only free day for a while so celebrating a belated cinco de mayo isn't gonna happen.

If so, what should I do to keep drunky me entertained?

DK;DC, Where are your ancestors from? Do you place a lot of pride in that?

Edit: I'm really surprised how few of you don't have a ton of ancestral pride! I thought that was common, my whole family is crazy Irish and that's all they talk about when they get in close quarters.


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I just received a peer critique on a short paper I wrote on the U.S. school lunch system. The first paragraph starts: "Chef Jamie Oliver is hard at work on a chicken carcass, cleanly dividing it into thirds...". (It goes on to detail that part of Food Revolution where he demonstrates how chicken nuggets are made--the chopped carcass is put in a processor, etc.) The author of the critique marked this part of the sentence in red: "what are thirds?--a serving?".

...Should I bother to read the rest of this critique?

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Who was the last person to randomly comment on one of your public entries? What did they say?

If you have zero public entries, how do you expect random people on livejournal to find out if your journal is good/bad reading material?

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My SO and I turned in an application for an apartment this morning. I have no job (I'm a FT student), or renter's history, my credit is not the best... He, however makes a bit over 3 times the rent and has excellent credit and renter's history. What do you think the chances of us being approved are? I'm so nervous, everywhere else we've looked is filled to the brim.

What is your favorite dish to cook?
Baked ziti casserole (I found the best recipe on the back of a can of tomato sauce.)
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if you wanted to treat someone to a nice dinner out, what's the upper end of what you'd hope or aim to spend (per meal)?

if someone wanted to treat you to a nice dinner, what's the upper end of what you'd feel comfortable having them spend for your meal?

(if it depends on the person, please try to give an average for all the people you know, from poorest to richest.)

also, do you know a person who tends to take advantage whenever anyone else is buying? - like they frequently tend to order pricier things than when they're buying their own meal?
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Some idiot let their kid bring a vial of mercury into school today. It spilled in the school. Therefore my brother's school is on lockdown, and he won't be home until around 5:00pm today. We semi-freaked out because he was late coming home, and we hadn't see any of the kids from his bus and thought there was an accident. The school didn't notify anyone, except to post it on the school district website.

Has one of your schools ever gone into a lockdown?

quick question

So I was wondering if any one had ever accidentally taken the number 2 pack of pills in their birth control packs first. I'm an Idiot and didn't realize I had done so until now, and am currently to the last row in my second pack. Is it safe for me to have unprotected sex with my fiance? or should I wait till I'm done with this pack.

*the packs were numbered, and the first pack doesn't have the first row of white pills, like all the rest.

Creepy Mirror

I was cleaning out my closet and I'm throwing away an old full-body mirror because the frame broke. There's dried fake blood drops down it from when I went crazy with the blood on my costume on Halloween. Should I clean it before putting it outside, or should I creep my neighbors out?

Ferret Tumor?

I just found this spot on my ferret, towards his rump. I can't afford to take him to the vet until Friday (because my husband has been sick since Dec and they still don't know what's wrong with him, so we have waaay less $$$ than normal).

I've been googling ferret tumors, because what else could it be, but wanted to know if anyone here could give me more insight? He is a little over 6, so he's an old man by ferret standards, but he's still my baby. Please let me know anything you can. Thank you.

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Due to a really ridiculous string of events that are a big part my fault, this guy on fbook just seriously overreacted to something I said and posted on my wall about what a huge bitch I am. I wasn't in any way a bitch to him, I was just confused because I am computer illiterate and a little drunk. He gets into fbook arguemnts all the time and I think it needs to stop, especially because he goes to unnecessary lengths to show the world the argument he's in.

Do you do anything about internet arguers?

What, if anything, can be done besides just deleting him?
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Do you have someone in your life who has become really needy? How do you tell them to just figure some shit out by themselves without sounding like an unfeeling twat? Do you think they know they're so emotionally draining?

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My family have a really lovely holiday home about 10 minutes drive from my uni (however my car is parked a 10 minute walk away), and right on the sea. I came here today and found it really easy to revise.

Should I stay here tonight so I can get up and work straight away tomorrow, or do you think it works well as it's an environment away from my bedroom/distractions?

Where do you work best?

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Do you celebrate the Cinco de Mayo?

Do you live in an area that is NOT Mexico (California Arizona Texas, etc) that makes a big deal of it?

Did your grammar school make a big deal about it growing up?

What are your plans for the night?

DK/DC: Hard or soft shell tacos?
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What shitty things have happened to you this week TQC?

My paycheque bounced, so my bank account is overdrafted by $900+; Dickhead Ex-FWB sent me a Facebook message berating me for being a passive-aggressive cunt after I deleted him and then re-added him by accident; I invited a guy back to my place Sunday night, and he didn't inform me that he had a girlfriend until AFTER we'd gotten drunk, watched Conan the Barbarian and made out hXc; I found out my brother was hospitalized and put on meds for depression, and nobody bothered to tell me >:C

What good things have happened to you this week?

Mom brought me a cheque, which I can cash tomorrow for emergency money; my boss is wiring me the money he owes me tomorrow morning; I found my old black leather jacket; I have Friday night off to see some aweosme bands; my 35mm photos from the end of April turned out nicely; the hot bartender at my favourite bar added me on Facebox; I wrote and read a poem for the poetry night on the 2nd, and everyone loved it (even the featured, published poet!) :D

What is the saddest thing?

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How bad would it turn out of I washed my hairbrush like I would dishes?

I came home this evening to find all the toilet water had exploded out of the toilet, and all over everything in the bathroom (I guess they were working on the sewer system outside my house??) My hairbrush may have gotten in the line of fire, but it's a nice hair brush and I don't want to toss it!

Also, wtf, why did my toilet explode??? There's toilet paper bits stuck to the walls and everything, and I know I flushed last time I used it. ewwwwwwwwwwww. The house smelled faintly of sewer when I walked in too :(

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I'm trying to add a "Works Cited" page to the end of a paper, so I inserted a page break the end of the main body and started typing. If I highlight the "Works Cited" page title and center it, though, Word will automatically center the contents of the preceding page as well. If I try to cheat and use the Tab key to center the title, Word will push the left margin on the preceding page further and further right.

What's going on, and how do I fix it so that just the page title is centered and nothing else?

ETA: Fixed; thanks.
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What is the longest you have continually slept for? If you get up only long enough to go to the bathroom or take medicine and then go back to sleep, that counts too.
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I am currently drunk on a pitcher of margaritas and am already home for the night. What can I do to maximize my amusement during this drunkenness online as I slowly metabolize by way to sober? Any websites and such?

Oh and happy Cinco de Mayo!
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Where did the phrase "I love my dead gay son" start?

Thanks, everyone. I really need to see that movie.

Okay, I guess there should be a replacement question...

When was the last time you were abroad? Where did you go?
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TQC, later this month my convenience store is have a customer appreciation day. We have drawings, free t-shirts, beverages etc and pump gas for the customers (it's a self-serve station). We've been asked to bring in baked goods or snacks if we want. I don't bake and hate sweets (if I'm going to do any large-scale cooking I'd like it to be something I can make an extra batch of for myself and my boy).

What should I bring?

For parties, I'd usually bring a bread bowl filled with dip or hummous and veggies, but I don't want my customers' grubby fingers in shared food, so I'd like individual bite sized snacks. So far I'm thinking puff pastries with a variety of savory fillings, or homemade pizza rolls.

What do you think?

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If a very important piece of mail was torn wide open, would you complain to the postal service or fear retaliation? I want to complain but my mom thinks the person will get fired, go postal and shoot us in our sleep.

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So it was decided LAST NIGHT that everyone in the marching band will have priority registration for the Fall quarter. This means that I register at 8am tomorrow during a brief window of time. I haven't had time to fully think about these classes, and if I mess it up...well...that will be a huge waste of a priority, basically.
So, give me your opinions...please?

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ETA: Thanks guys! I'm definitely gonna do o chem, the engineering ones are still up in the air though.

Three unrelated questions

How do you stop yourself from worrying?
If you could wake up tomorrow with the perfect body, the perfect mind, or the perfect amount of money, which would you choose?
If you met your future self, what do you think he or she would tell you?

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How many 500 mg acetaminophen tablets can I safely take at once? I know the label says 2, but I've always read/heard about people taking more than that for really bad pains.

What's going on tonight?
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do you miss left eye lopes

do you miss left eye lopes?
do you miss aaliyah?
do you miss selena?
do you agree that they died too soon?
do you miss their music?
do you find these ladies talented?
or do you feel they deserve to die for what theyve done
and for who they are in the real world?
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How did you learn Cinco de Mayo was not Mexico's Independence Day? If you didn't grow up with that misconception, who taught you right? History class/Spanish class/people calling out LJ today/etc.

I didn't really know what it was for until about middle school when I was taking Spanish. Given I lived in a town on the border with Mexico, it may have been mentioned in history when I wasn't paying attention, though.

edit: Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican militia defeating the French at the battle of Puebla in 1862. Mexico's Independence Day is Dieciseis de Septiembre.

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I'm signing up for POF (plenty of fish! a dating website okay? :( )
Mostly to meet new friends, but whatever.

What should my tagline be? (I'm serious but SRS & NON SRS ANSWERS WELCOME OF COURSE)

Any dating website success stories? Horror stories? details please!
Any tips?
What was successful for you in getting conversation/messaging started.

Previously while on a different dating website I had zero luck. Most of the people who messaged me seemed illiterate or just plain useless. It was rare to meet someone with a job or any sort of future goal/paln; and even more rare to have someone understand why that was an issue. What was I doing wrong?
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How much of a movie can you miss and still count as having seen it?
Does the answer change if it's stuff that happens at the beginning or somewhere in the middle?
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Has anyone ever used you? Please share the story.

Back in the day, I was OMGZ-good at Neopets. Part of a mall. Multi-millionaire Neopian. And I was famous (on the Battledome Chat). This one boy would talk to me, and message his Neofriends "OMG I'M TALKING TO HER!" and copy and paste every IM I write to him to his friends, and his friends treated him as a celebrity because he had a connection to me.

Then the day I quit and I just messaged him "hi", he pretended he did not know me and went "What do you want?" D:

Edit: this is now a post about Neopets.
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What would be the most effective way of getting dried sand out of my converse?

Edit: They got soaked, and then I walked on sand. I've shaken until I just can't shake anymore, and it's still stuck inside. I refuse to resign myself to never wearing them again. hrmph

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I'm making dinner on Sunday and I've been asked to make some sort of pasta with white sauce.

I have never made any type of pasta with white sauce before.

TQC, what do you recommend?

What do you recommend I make for dessert?
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 TQC, I am hungry. It's 9:30 pm, but I'm gonna be up til 1 or 2 studying for exams. I also won't have time to go eat any sit-down meals tomorrow, so I am considering ordering a pizza and eating a slice or two tonight and using the rest for lunch/midday fuel tomorrow for myself and the boyfriend.

Does this sound like a good plan? What do I want on said pizza?

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Is Scabies really as awful as I'm reading on this website?! I got diagnosed with it today so have to do a two week thing to get rid of it, but from the sounds of things it will be with me for years?!
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What are some ways to help cigarette cravings besides giving in and smoking OR chewing nicotine gum?

I've been having some bad cravings lately, but I haven't had a cigarette in almost 3 years and I don't really want to break that streak now.

Serious and non-serious answers are both encouraged.

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Does bad grammar annoy you? Does a specific error annoy you? I can't stand it when people misuse there, their and they're. It drives me nuts. Though I don't see it very often, people who type "strick" instead of "strict" also annoy me. I don't say anything when I see it, though, because that'd make me a jerk.
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If the entire world was nudist-optional - eg: you could not wear clothes under any circumstances and nobody would bat an eyelash and nothing bad would happen to you because of your nudity minus, you know, hot grease and burns - how often would you wear clothes?

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i have two dogs, a boy and a girl. the boy is fixed, the girl is not. the girl is in heat right now and they have been humping NON STOP for the past 3 days. normally when she goes into heat they both start acting a little frisky but never like this man. WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO THEM?

in b4 omg u r a terrible pet owner get your dog spayed!!11