May 4th, 2010


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There is a cartoon or movie or video or something with a girl (?) and at one point she shouts, a little crazy sounding, "BEHOLD!" Of what we are supposed to behold, I don't recall.

Can you tell me what it was?

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What is your favorite ride at Disney World/Land?

What is your favorite song by The Beatles (if you listen to them)?

What is your favorite fruit and vegetable?

What is your favorite name for a girl and boy?

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you know how in movies the man and woman are lying exhausted next to each other post-coitus?

postulate as to the techniques that they used to have *SUCH GOOD SEX*?

plz be as non-srs/detailed as possible??
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The very idea of this tat amuses the crap out of me

What's the minimum amount of money you'd ask for to have the guy, cheeks spread akimbo, tattooed over your stomach, with the gaping butthole aligned perfectly with your bellybutton?

Edit: what's the minimum amount of money you'd ask for to have the appropriate tattoos inked over your boobs to make them look convincingly like lotusboob?

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Today my friend and I drew upside-down crosses on our foreheads, pentagrams on our palms, drunk loads of vodka and went to a church in China Town and rolled around on the floor.


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There is a newbie influx on TQC. They haven't read the rules and they are posting like crazy!! As a veteran member, what advice do you have for these newbies so they can avoid the snarking that will certainly follow their posts?

DK/DC: What is your favorite sex position?

Still DK/DC: Would you put this on your car??Collapse )

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So I was going through my contacts in my phone and I decided I want to get a ringtone for each person that matches their personality. There's a few I can't think of any songs to match. If I describe the person can you name a song that would match?

Collapse )

ETA: You guys are awesome. Keep them coming!

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TQC, ten years ago today my dad walked out of my life and left me in the hands of my mother, while I was watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?". (I was 8 at the time.)

I still can't get over it, despite the fact that I've been living with my dad again since 2007. How should I get over this?

dk/dc: what are your summer plans?

EDIT: non-srs answers appreciated, they'll cheer me up
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so two carless people are going to the Oregon Coast this summer.  We are coming from Vancouver BC so we have to take the Amtrak train to Portland and then from there take a bus to the beach.   There is pretty much no way this is happening in one day so we have decided to stay a night in Portland and go to the beach in the morning.   Is anyone from Portland or has anyone been there? 

Do you know of any hotels you can recommend near the Amtrak station which is at 800 NW Sixth Avenue?   Otherwise, what would you recommend we do if we're there for about a day?

DK/DC/haven't been to Portland: savoury or sweet breakfast? snacks?   Coffee/tea/other?

Savoury breakfast for me..I used to like only sweet but it's changed.   As for snacks I like sweet ones.   Usually I drink Coffee but I go through tea phases and feel better while I do haha.  Having some tea right now.

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You guys, I just saw a little baby bunny in my backyard! What was the last small, everyday thing that made you excited?

Did you know that oil is just as natural as the ocean and if we silly environmentalists would just leave it alone it would all take care itself?

When was the last time you were tempted to inflict violence upon someone? What did they do to incur your wrath?

What was the last trip you went on? How was it?
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If a friend of yours screws up royally, but you know it's because they took some lousy advice, do you feel bad for them or do you think they should have known better?

Does your opinion change if it was you who gave them the lousy advice?

Do you get annoyed when someone asks for your advice but then doesn't take it?

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TQC 911!!!

Somehow a sharpie got into my dryer. Obviously I didn't search my SO's pants hard enough or my three year old tossed it in there. How do I get black sharpie out of clothes? I had a bunch of the clothes I got as birthday presents in there and I really am stressing out over it. HELP!

I just googled and it says hair spray. Does this work?

UPDATE! Hair spray is working. I'm going to call and thank the people at TRESemme.
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Inspired by this post...

If you were an asshole, or had a terrible romance novelist friend, what would your self absorbed personal description look like? 


"I'm conventionally hot with long reddish brown hair and velvety gray eyes. I have a tall, slim, white hourglass figure, and a small frame. I have the body of a model."

ETA, better example from reddressorblue :

"I am the glowing offspring of a Celtic warrior with shoulders to hold the cliffs of County Clare and an Iberian goddess. My body curves like the hills of Santa Teresa, my chocolate brown curls are like the knitting yarn of Jesus Christ himself. My farts are a sweet wind from the South."


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1)Do you ever do independent research/read about non-fiction topics just for fun?
2)What do you like to learn about?
3)Would you please tell me something interesting and possibly obscure that you've learned and that you think I should know about?

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1. Does anyone know how to fix power door locks? I can go into the whole story if needed. If not, does anyone know of an active car repair community on LJ (or elsewhere)? The people at the dealership have been less than helpful.

2. I posted a question last week about open bars/cash bars at weddings and got a lot of flak. The wedding reception I attended on Saturday had sodas for $1. The only complimentary beverages were water and coffee. Am I wrong to think *that* was a little rude? Am I stupid for opening up this can of worms again? I really only want to talk about the sodas, not the alcohol. =) Please be gentle. I really do love all of you.
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How dare you?

How could you be so heartless?

What gives you the right?

Has anyone ever said such melodramatic things to you? Did you have difficultly not laughing in their face?
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What can I do to distract myself while waiting for my last two grades to be posted? I'm refreshing the page every few minutes and I can't stop. Leaving the computer doesn't help because I just continue on my blackberry.

Similarly, I'm waiting to find out my internship placement for the summer and my heart jumps out of my throat every time I get an email. I'm on an anxiety roller coaster and it's exhausting.

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Freaky ..Tuesday!

Who was the last person you touched or that touched you? If you switched bodies with them who would you be?

The last person I touched was the cashier at the store when she gave me my lottery tickets. I'd be a cute petite twenty something woman, I probably got the better end of that deal!
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 Pet owners, have you ever administered comfortis chewable tablets to your pets?  Do they have to ~~chew~~ it to work, or can they just ingest it?  My dogs don't really chew smallish things, they just kind of gulp it down or whatever.
I stopped by the vet because of Frontline not working, and he prescribed my dogs this stuff.  It almost seems too good to be true!  
Just wondering how any of your pets reacted.  :)

If you don't have a dog, what is the most grotesque thing you've had to clean up?

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I am a 19 year old female who is considering joining the military. I'm not sure what *branch yet but I've been toying with the idea for awhile. I was wondering if any other girls in here have been in the military and if they regret it/love it or whatever. If you have would you share your experience?
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For those of you who don't consume caffeine, what do you do to wake yourself up from midday exhaustion? I'm in the process of cutting out coffee/soda from my diet, but I'm really struggling with keeping up my energy levels at work. I sleep regularly and try to exercise every day, for what it's worth.

DK/DC: Where was the most disgusting toilet you've ever had the displeasure of using?
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TQC, what's a good movie to write a paper on that's "clearly marketed toward teens"? It has to have positive, negative, and informational messages. I keep thinking The Breakfast Club but I don't know if I can make a paper out of it. Also, please don't say Juno.

Because I currently have a sweet tooth, what's your favorite dessert?

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What is the most awesome date you have been on? Awesomeness up to your own interpretation.

I went and had a picnic with my partners whilst watching The Dark Crystal in the open air at a very pretty harbour, and as the Urskeks ascended, fireworks started going off elsewhere in the harbour! Awesome timing.

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Yesterday I found out that a lady hanged(or is it hung?) herself on a swing at the playground near my neighborhood pool. Then I found out that she was the wife of my 12th government teacher(he also coaches the varsity basketball team). They had 4 kids together.

What shocking/weird news have you gotten lately?

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Say you're moving to a place on your own.  You don't have any furniture really because it belonged to the place or the other person/people living with you.  Would you buy furniture in anticipation of finding a place or would you wait until you found the place and knew the measurements etc?   If you bought some "necessary" furniture what would it be?  

Assume you have the money for this

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Okay. You have the following:
Pancake Syrup.

Which do you put in the fridge and which do you leave out?
I put them all in the fridge, except a stick of butter if I've used it. My boyfriend leaves them all out but the butter.
Where do you live? Apparently everyone born here in North Carolina do the same as he does.

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Which fairytale should Disney ruin turn into an animated feature? Bonus point if it's something out of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Don't know or care, which fairy tale is your LEAST favourite?
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For those of you who had a non-traditional wedding/marriage ceremony, what did you and your spouse wear? Have you had or been to a wedding in which, for example, the bride didn't wear a dress or skirt?

I'm more interested in opposite-sex weddings than same-sex because I'm thinking in terms of my own someday wedding.

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Im sick TQC :(

My fever is "only" 100.1 last time I checked but I feel horrible! Terribly sore throat, and chills so hard it hurts :(

I am taking TheraFlu Flu and Sore-throat every four hours.

What would you do if you had these symptoms, TQC? I haven't had a fever in a long time so I'm all paranoid.

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When you read the headlines are you glad you 1) don't live in NY city and 2) don't live near the oil spill?

And if you 1) do live in NY city or 2) do live near the oil spill, what do you think of people who are just glad they aren't you?

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Does any one know the side effects of taking 50mg zoloft? and is it safe to drink/smoke pot while taking it? Has anyone ever had a bad reaction the the mizture?

I was prescribed zoloft for anxiety/despression like a week ago and I'm having reservations about taking it seeing as it could interfere with my "hobbies".  
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At a thrift store yesterday there was a vintage craft book I wanted *badly* (I collect them, mid 60’s-70’s), and it didn’t have a price tag. The thrift store won’t sell anything that doesn’t have a price tag, so I asked them to put one on it. As they were busy doing other things, they couldn’t tag it right away. I would have had to come back in the next day or so to check if the book had been tagged, at which point I would be able to purchase it. Well, i didn’t want to risk someone getting their hands on that book before I had a chance to get back there. So can you guess what I did? Yeah. I found a similar book (size and subject), snuck the price tag off of it, and placed the tag on the book I wanted to buy. I made absolutely sure I was paying fair price, or maybe even more than fair price. But it was still a sneaky act, one that the thrift store would frown upon.

So am I a turd, or do you think that what I did was okay?

Would you have done the same for something you wanted badly?
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I just received a phone call from a number that I don't recognize and is not from this area. When I picked up and said hello, a man said, 'Yes. What do you need?' After a moment's confusion, I said, 'I'm sorry, do I know you?' and he said, 'Oh. Bye.'

What did he think I needed? How did he get my number? Should I call back and pursue this?

Edit: aw, you guys are no fun. :P

What is the weirdest/funniest wrong number call you've ever gotten?
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Have you ever been overheard or overhead someone having sex before? 
In either circumstance, was it awkward? Did you say anything to each other afterward? If it was a parent that heard you, did you get in trouble?

Inspired by my boyfriend and I just having sex when his dad was supposed to be gone for 45 minutes but came home way earlier and we didn't know until afterward that he was home. D: I'm too scared to leave the room now.
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I need to spend 44 cents on in order to get free shipping. I can't think of anything I need to add to my order, so what's something cheap I should look for that won't be a complete waste of money?

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Do any of you have this Creative Live! webcam? What do you think of it?

My mom just sent it to me and I'm all wary about setting it up because I am a freak and worry too much. Will it give my computer softwareherpes?
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Do you ever see stores and wonder how the hell they stay in business?

There's a huge store in my neighborhood that sells saw blades. I never see any customers in there. Obviously this is a meth lab, yes?

What are some stores that make you wonder how they do enough business to stay open?
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If you have writing/photography/journalism experience, how can you use these skills to teach English in a classroom? I'm looking for specific projects/activities incorporating one or the other.

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You move into an apartment. You give in first and last month's rent. For whatever reason, you have to move out/break lease-- you find someone to take over for you.

Is the new person REQUIRED to pay you the last month's rent deposit, or if they refuse are you stuck?
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When you tell someone something, do you think it is ok for them to tell mutual friends without asking, particularly if you confided in them about something personal?

I randomly found 35 dollars on my laptop at home. It was NOT there when I left for work this morning. Where did it come from?

Some guy at work today randomly left escorted by some other dude that works in another part of our office. He never came back! What do you think happened to him?
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Your SO gets into a terrible accent ACCIDENT (wtf was I doing?) and suffers some pretty severe head trauma.

While in surgery, you discover your partner met someone else four months ago and started an ongoing affair with this person three months ago.

Your partner makes it through surgery, but suffers from retrograde amnesia; he/she can't remember anything from the past six months. As far as your partner is concerned, it's early December of last year.

What would you do? Would you stay with your SO?

(This question is brought to you by watching too much Law and Order: SVU)

P.S. If you don't have an SO, pretend you do.

Cell phones?

Hey TQC. Sorry if you get this question a lot.

What cell phone carrier do you all use? What phone do you have through them? Do you like them? If you're comfortable telling me, what sort of monthly fee do you have? What features does that include? Tell me anything about your plan and phone!

My SO and I are moving to an area where our current cell provider doesn't have coverage so we need to pick somebody new. So far we have T-Mobile, Sprint, Alltel, Verizon Wireless and AT&T to choose from. Help me, guys, I'm so stumped.

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i accidentally applied to a job i desperately want with the wrong e-mail address. i'm not going to get it, am i?

eta i sent it through my personal email (which isn't particularly embarrassing or immature, but also not the most professional) instead of the email i usually use with job applications. i did not mistype my email.

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Are there people on your facebook whom you've never met in real life?

Have you ever encountered lyrics that made you go "WTF?" or do a double-listen? Will you post them?

Interpol's "Mammoth":
There are seven ancient pawnshops along the road. I know seven aching daddies you may want to know.
I also had a WTF?! reaction when I first heard "Control" by Puddle of Mudd.
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Are you a germophobe? Do you carry hand sanitizer?

I'm wondering because I internally freaked out when the cleaning lady used her old rag on my desk today but I didn't say anything =/

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Guys, an ex-girlfriend comes into your life one day with a child she's claiming is yours. Do you request a paternity test? Explain your reasons why/why not.

Would your answer change if this was not an ex-girlfriend, but an ex-fuck buddy/random hook-up of some sort?

Girls, if you're the ex-girlfriend, would that request offend you? If you're the ex-fuck buddy, etc, would it?

(Assume whatever other facts necessary to make this hypothetical apply. For example, assume guy and girl have had sex in the past within a time frame that would make this child possibly belong to the guy.)

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What are your favourite Snopes legends?

What are your favourite TV Tropes?

Do you know any good drinking games for just one person (bonus points involving Snopes/Wiki/TV Tropes)?
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So here's the sitch:

I am ALMOST DONE with college, hooray! I am finishing this summer with a study abroad (!!OMG NZ!!) trip, my major project, and a class in French. HOWEVER, I did not notice until a couple days ago that I don't come back to the USA until a week after the French class has started. Would it be better to go in person to beg the teacher to let me stay in the class anyway, or send him an email?

I have heard horror stories about how he's kind of a jackass stoner with crazy moodswings. I am intimidated, and bad at not-looking intimidated.

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I'm running for senior class president. aaafjksd;fa.
Have you ever run for student council? What was it like?

What's your least favorite thing about your high school experience?
What's your favorite thing about your high school experience?
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Why is my license plate a mixture of 6 letters and numbers (ex., A1B CD2) whereas everyone else in my state's plate is 3 letters and 4 numbers (ex., BCA 3412) ??

It is registered in NY state, btw. I've wondered this for so long!

How is your license plate formatted, if you drive, and what state are you in?
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Has anyone tried The Republic of Tea's Coconut Cocoa, Cinnamon Plum, or Bing Cherry Vanilla tea? They sound delicious but since they're $9.50/$12 I want to confirm the tasty before buying.

What's your favorite kind of tea?

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Back in the eighties (circa 1983) there was this weird fad going on with all the guys at my elementary school. They'd take those 80's fat laces, tie them like ties and wear them around their neck. Seriously, one guy in my class wore so many he looked like the Mr. T of fat laces.

This lasted maybe 3 months, at most. Probably not even that long. I have Googled like crazy for this and have determined it was an entirely localized thing, because I can't find a mention of it anywhere. But I always assumed it was a pretty widespread thing prior to that.

Does anyone else remember local fads like that from their childhood? Did you ever think it was a widespread thing?

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If you had an opened bottle of cranberry apple juice in your fridge that had a "best by" date of 2/13/10 printed on it, given that it's now 5/4/10, would you drink it?

(Brought to you by me being SO THIRSTY but not having anything cold in her fridge other than that juice, and hating dealing with ice when I drink out of a glass.)

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Oh God I think I have impetigo!

Should I go to work tomorrow? Or immediately take the day off and go to the doctor? (I could go to the doctor after I finish work at 4...)

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I'm writing a story and lack a first name for the main character. He's kind of a man's man. Strong and burly, but a tad on the short side. He has short, nondescript hair and a I-haven't-shaved-in-three-days beard.

What should I name him?

Don't know/don't care:

Do you like to cook?
Do you like to bake?
Does the smell of melted chocolate make you want to wretch, or am I the only one?

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Have you ever thrown up from eating too many sweets? I just ate way too much white chocolate ice cream and I'm feeling pretty crappy. 

If not, do you watch Glee? Who's your favorite character? Musical number? 
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If you woke up tomorrow and all your clothing was clean, how long would it be until you were tapped of clean clothes?

Do you ever wear your underwear for more than one day?

My co-worker only washes his coffee cup out 2x a year.  Is that gross?

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Should I pull an all-nighter?

Things I have to do include:
-taking my boyfriend to work an hour away, then coming home
-writing a summary of a chapter about plea bargaining
-type a paper that gives a summary and opinion paragraph for each chapter of a 300 page book
-take a shower

Its now 9:30 pm and I'm leaving to take my boyfriend. Ill get home around midnight and have to leave in the morning at 6:45 am.

If yes, how do I keep myself awake when caffeine makes me tired?

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I'm thinking about taking my schools EMT courses. I'm currently working toward getting my certificate in massage therapy but I'm already bored with it and can't see myself staying with it for much longer (but I already started it and I want to finish, no sense in wasting the money and education). I'm wondering what I'll learn in my classes, how long my schooling will be, how long I should work until I should take paramedic classes, and what I should expect on the job, since I know that there's a lot I really can't expect at all.
Are there any EMT's or paramedics here who can tell me about the job or some experiences they've had, or why they like/don't like the job?
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Has anyone read the book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell? If you have, what did you think of it... any good?
I'm wanting to get this, but I just need to know if it's worth the buy.

If you haven't read it, what's a favorite book of yours and why?

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My brain isn't working today....

A semester is 15 weeks. If I take 2 courses that are 7.5 weeks, then 2 more courses the other 7.5 weeks, would I be considered a full time student still? Or would I need to be taking 4 courses the entire time?  Nevermind, I found it in the handbook! I have to be registered for 12 credits to be considered full time.

DK/DC: How the fuck did you decide what to go to school for? I'm so baffled right now.

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What do you think of LJ's policy to not delete inactive accounts/usernames?
Has there been a username that you've wanted when the account was inactive?

Because god dammit, I want the name darth_revan & the bastard that has it hasn't updated for 6 bloody years! And revan hasn't been updated for 7!!! *sulks*
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Trying to find a book

I read that the Tale of the Blue Crows by Zhou Shaomou is an online novel. I tried to find the website on Google, but all I found were news articles about the lawsuit.
I want to decide who's right for myself instead of having the information spoonfed to me. Where can I buy or view this book?
And if you can't find that one, how about Terra Incognita by Emil Malak?
I can't seem to find either.
I like ambitious fanfiction, and I like to read materials that have been appropriated from other writers, too.
So regardless of which one it is, I'd like to read it.
How can I download and/or buy these books?