May 2nd, 2010


I Will Buy You a New Life

A disaster levels your home, destroying all the contents, except, miraculously, the ones to which you are truly emotionally attached. The next day, you win the lottery. Assuming that you had $10 million to build a completely new life with, what would you do?

Tell me about your new houses, your new wardrobes, your new careers.
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Decisions Suck!!

If you had the choice to take one of these two jobs

1. A good job with a chance for advancement, a good to more than good income, work that you don't mind doing so much. You can save for retirement, and get a dog. (which you really want)

2.A job that allows you to live some of your dream of traveling the world (which you really want to do,) pay is crappy, can't really establish roots, but at least you get to travel! But you can't get a dog.

Which would you choose?

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So today, all of a sudden, I was speaking with a customer and I started to get very hot. Then I started to feel very nauseated in my head, and I had trouble speaking. Then I felt very weak, and started seeing spots and got very shaky. I sat down for a minute, got back up, and was perfectly fine.

What do you think was wrong with me?!
Adam - idk my bff jil?

(no subject)

When someone in front of you in the grocery checkout line puts the plastic separator thing down behind their groceries so you can put yours on the belt, do you thank them?

Also for Firefox users: Do you use Echofon for Twitter updates? Does it randomly STOP actively updating if you lave Firefox open too long or just... because it feels like it? Is there a way to fix that or a better app to use?

Help me decide: Go to Berkeley or the University of Washington?

I just got accepted to UC Berkeley as a transfer student (junior level). I had had my heart set on it until I realized how much money I would need to pay. My parents will pay for my undergrad if I go to UW since it's an in-state university (and I will have to live at home), but I will need to take out loans and pay for it if I go to UCB. I will only go to UCB for my last 2 years (so at least I won't have to pay for all 4 years). I have never lived out of state, and it might help me grow if I live on my own. But Berkeley is at least 47k/year in all (with housing/etc.).

Tell me what to do! I'm so torn. I am majoring in math, and Berkeley's math is ranked #2 (tied with MIT and Stanford), but it might be only because of its graduate program.
I have always planned on joining the Peace Corps after getting my undergrad, but I might become an actuary for a couple of years to pay off the loans if I end up going to UCB. Then I'll go to graduate school to become a math professor after I pay off my loans from working as an actuary (because I hear you make bank from working as an actuary). What do you think of my plan?

So do you guys think I should go to UW or UCB? And why?! Please help me decide! Thanks a lot!
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My friend's Facebook has ironic, semi-facetious responses instead of straightforward facts. I told him he failed to give us real insight into who he is. He disagrees. Are YOU amused by this?
I'm not active in life. I might even be dead.
My interests are uninteresting.
Favorite Music:
I'm sort of in a disco phase. Shut up.
Favorite Movies:
My parents banned me from the theaters, so I never watched many films...
Favorite Books:
I'm illiterate.

(no subject)

if you had a power similar to those seen on heroes, would you try to keep it a secret or would you tell everyone? or something else?

it would depend on the power, but i'd probably try to keep it a secret.

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Who is the first person you think of when you hear the song Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe?

And I, get sick when I'm around,
I, can't stand to be around,
I, hate everything about you!
Everything about you, everything about you, everything about you!

ETA: I think of my dopehead boss
bowie - growing up

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Good morning, TQC!

I'm curious about the special effects in the 1963 version of The Haunting, specifically where the characters breathe into the cold spot and you can see their breath. Does anybody know how they achieved this effect without the wonder of modern CGI? Anybody care to wager a guess? The reason we're perplexed is because you can't see their breath at any other point in the scene and there is no cut to the part where you can see their breath.

ETA I mean, special effects OTHER than making the room cold.

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Since I was labeled the "weird Mozart girl" at my last pole dance class graduation I'd like to break free of that title for my next graduation, which will be held on 16 May.

The best song I can come up with currently is "I Kissed a Girl" by whatsherbutt. While this would work, I'm not exactly a big fan. What are some apprx 3 min songs that are like that song, but not that song?

For those of you that recall my last post to this effect, yes, I'm going to eventually do the "Stray Cat Strut" its just not appropriate for the moves I learned in this pole level.
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TQC, your advice please!

I'm cleaning out my room after over a year abroad. I'm finding stuff my old SO and I bought together. We haven't been together for a year and of late he has done some things to piss me off to the point where I don't know if I even want to be friends with the man!

So...throw out expensive lingerie, have a bonfire, or other suggestions?
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(no subject)

1. When typing in all caps, do you use capslock or the shift key? Does it depend on how much you're typing?

2. Do you pronounce Lori and Laurie the same way?

3. Should I take a nap or go to bed early?

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Has anyone been or been close to anyone who was/is a flight attendant? I've looked up a lot of information on it but the one thing that confuses me is base airports. When they say after several months you can choose your own base airport, is it still limited to large cities? I live 10 minutes away from a international airport but it's not in a big city so are chances that its not considered a base airport?
i don't want to be friends

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I have my eye on a pair of Nocona cowboy boots on eBay. They're selling for over 150 dollars. Are they worth that much? Is it common for them to cost that much? Are there other brands of boots I should look into?

What is something you've wanted for a long time? Did you ever get it?

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I leave for vacation on 5/29. I have a huge fundraiser this week, but then three weeks just dragging out finishing teaching up a bunch of bratty high schoolers (no offense to high school students on here, but my classes are especially awful this semester).

How will I ever survive until I make it to the beach?
TK and Kari

(no subject)

What's the best way to spell this girl's name:

other (in comments)
stop this child abuse and pick a different name


(no subject)

How far is too far? If you would, name something that crosses the line for you.

Semi-related: The rules say snark is okay but trolling is not. What about statements that are completely politically incorrect but are obviously meant in jest? Would "That's messed up. The wife beating, I mean. Laying an angry hand on a woman is never acceptable, even if she did stray from the kitchen" be considered an inappropriate response so a post?

dk/dc/dgaf: Sorbet, sherbet/sherbert, or granita?

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For those of you who regularly write academic papers, which citation style do you absolutely hate? Which one do you prefer to use?

APA style can suck my non-existent cock.

For you non-academic folks, will you use this post to talk about your day so I can have something to read when I take breaks every ten-fifteen minutes? Also, will you post links to youtube, gifs, etc.?

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My great aunt, who was more like a grandmother to me than my grandmother is, and who was extremely kind to my fiance who didn't really get a family life, died. He wanted to say something at the funeral, but ended up not as he only wanted to say it really to two of my great-aunts children, who I look at as aunts. They are also very kind to both of us, more so than most of our close family. Is it odd that he wanted to speak?

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Let's say there was a small mining town. The miners are a grubby, unbathed lot and whenever they go to their church on Sunday, everybody complains and gives them dirty looks. The miners want to start their own breakaway religious sect which tolerates one's personal hygeine as long as your heart is pure. The town is against there being another church in the area, pulling away worshippers. Pastor Chris Hansen has put his foot down on the matter and forbids anyone from attending this new church

How do you feel?


[DTMG]  Spencer

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First post, so I hope I did things right. :)

For every writer in TQC, do you prefer writing stories using characters from movies/TV shows/cartoons (i.e, fanfic), or do you like writing stories using your own, original characters instead?

(no subject)

Ok, somebody please help me here. In whatever country you're from, do you call blow jobs 'head jobs' as well?

Because I wrote a story a while ago where I referred to character a giving character b a head job, which is very common slang in Australia. And I just got this reply, but the person was anonymous so I can't reply to them;
"very good but its not a 'head job' its either a 'head' or a 'blow job' really good though"

Edit: Wow, thanks for the super quick replies. I'll have to put something in my story notes about it. I didn't realise that it was such an uncommon term. The more you know!

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What foods are you allergic to? In what really nasty way did you find this out?

Do you have seasonal allergies? Are you suffering right now? What do you take to alleviate the allergy symptoms? Any home remedies?

How do you stop your butthole from itching?

What's your favorite letter of the alphabet?

(no subject)

Afternoon, tea queue sea.

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday here and I want to do something out of the ordinary. What should I do?

I have ££, a car, a boyfriend (somewhere), a huge massive "to do list" which I want to procrastinate over...and I live near Birmingham in the UK, if that matters.

DGAF: What's pissing you off right now?



(no subject)

TQC, I need your help. My friend is turning 21 in July and I want to buy her a nice gift for it. I was thinking a necklace of some sort. I was thinking perhaps, because she's such a music fanatic, to get a favourite lyric of her's engraved into the back of a heart shaped pendant, but I'm not sure how much that'll cost etc. I don't think it'll cost TOO much. So, thoughts please.

What should I get her?
Do you think getting a favourite lyric engraved into a heart shaped pendant is an okay idea?
Do you think I should get the lyric engraved into something else, if so what?
What sort of gifts did you get for your 21st?
If you're not 21+, what is the best gift you've received?


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do names that start in X make it seem like the parents were trying too hard? example: Xaime, Xavier, Ximena etc. A lot of these are Spanish so I mean in an English speaking country with non-spanish/latino parents.

How do YOU pronounce those names? I pronounce the X as an H.

Apparently I made my bf cry after 14 years of never crying...we fixed the issue/misunderstanding and are fine but I feel bad. Would you feel bad? or would you feel like it means that he actually does have really strong feelings for you?

Have you ever had a fight that ended up being about a huge misunderstanding? How did that end?

(no subject)

All that I have in the house to eat right now is boneless skinless chicken breasts.

What can I marinade them in ??
I also have:
Italian dressing (would like to know what I could add to it for a little variety?)
soy sauce
cajun seasoning
garlic salt
hot sauce
spicy mustard
bread crumbs
You think they'll save you.

(no subject)

You know those actors that are in a number of movies but they always seem to play the same character...or are just seemingly being themselves?

1) Can you name any actors like this that you dislike?
2) Can you name any actors like this but you like watching them anyway?
kim possible

what do you think of book 74 of the babysitter's club; kristy and the copycat?

what do you think of book 74 of the babysitter's club; kristy and the copycat?
do you think kristy thomas should of been punished?
do you find karen brewer annoying in that book?
do you think kristy was stupid in that book?
what do you think wouldve happened if kristy didnt set fire to the shed after putting grafiti on it?
or if she didnt participate in the "initiation" process at all?
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The screen from my window broke and while I was trying to put it back, a super huge bee/wasp flew into my room. I ran out and closed the door and now it is trapped in my room. I've never been stung before, and no one is home. I tend to be allergic to everything and I don't want to get stung if no one is here to help me. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!?!

Also, to the ladies who get bikini/brazillian waxes, can you please share what an appointment is like? Details would be appreciated, preferably how much poking and prodding goes on down there...

(no subject)

You find a wallet on the street. Upon inspection, you find that it's filled with $3,000 in hundred dollar bills. You probe through the rest of the contents. You find the driver's license (with his home address), which shows the face of what looks like a major douchebag, which frosted tips and a 'yeah, I'm hot and you wanna do me' smirk. There's also a picture of him posing with a little boy which looks like his son. The kid has to be around 5, and both father and son are both wearing matching Jersey Shore-esque muscle shirts, and both have similar frosted spiked hairstyles and the guy again has that 'I'm so effin hot and so is my son' smirk. In addition to all this, there's 3 condoms, a few different business cards with the guy's name on them, among them Hollywood producer and another that says Girls Gone Wild talent scout, plus a phone number hastily scribbled on the back of a card that says 'parole officer'. His credit card is a Visa and bears the face of Steven Segal, showing that the owner of the card is obviously a big fan. And finally, imprinted on the wallet face itself (pressed into the leather) are the words 'THE STUD'.

What do you do with the wallet?

(no subject)

Texans: I'm going to Houston tomorrow and will have several hours of time to do whatever before I have to be somewhere at 6 pm. Where should I go? I go to Houston pretty often but I never really actually explore the city. Free things would be nice, but if it's worth it, cost is alright. What delicious place should I eat at?

Everyone else: What's your favorite candy bar? I just had a Mars bar for the first time ever and they are delicious.

(no subject)

Canadian TQC-ers: what province do you live in? (and city, if you're comfortable with sharing)

My mom is buying me two tickets to see The Mountain Goats & The New Pornographers in June. Who should I bring with me?

What are you doing for Mother's Day?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

What are some foods that you can't stand eating because of their texture?

I really don't...soft food. Jello, flan, pudding, eggs, etc. If my teeth can't really sink into something (or I can't just drink it) putting it in my mouth makes me cringe.

I also don't really do light, airy food either. Meringues, whipped cream, marshmallows, and that cheap buttercream frosting on Safeway cakes are just...ick.

(no subject)

Mainly for the Brits, I suppose.

Do you know anyone who supports the BNP? Can you tell me about them?

I don't, but I'm watching Young, Angry and White on 4OD and I want to understand why people support them.

(no subject)

This is a total longshot but:

Does anyone remember or know of a website where they offered jewelry for a low price for like..fifteen minutes or until it sold out, and then they bring up another item?

If not, do you know of any other websites like that? The only one i know of is Steep and Cheap. 

If still no, what is your favorite pizza topping combination? 

(no subject)

1. (Inspired by that question about that poster whose boyfriend hit that dog) Most of my neighbors don't keep their dogs on leashes. I don't know how many times I've almost hit one particular dog with my car when I'm backing out of my driveway.

What is a polite, to-the-point way of saying, "Keep your damn dog on a leash," or something along those lines?

I am also concerned because I take my two small dogs on walks a couple of times a day, and am afraid something might go down with one of the neighbors' dogs, which is a huge, really aggressive dog.

2. What are a few books you think every child should read?
baby deer

(no subject)

What's going on with you guys this summer?
Unfortunately I am taking two semesters worth of Chemistry in 12 weeks! Wooo! And maybe I'll visit my best college friend in Memphis, we'll see.

What is one country/place you'd want to visit before you died?
I want to go to Angkor Watt so so badly.
Clem & Joely

(no subject)

If anyone here horseback rides, what is it called when people have their horse in a harness with a length of rope on one side and they have the horse walk/trot/canter around them? What's the purpose of it? (Training? Exercise? Both?)

(no subject)

For dinner, should I have chilli or pancakes? Could you give me a good reason for eating what you choose? The chilli would be easier but I haven't had pancakes in a long time.

None of my bosses or supervisors will come to my wedding. I'm sad because it doesn't say in our company policy that they can't. Would you please give me reasons why it's for the best that no one above me at my place of work can attend the wedding?

(no subject)

My husband and I moved our family to our current house about 3 months ago. We've never seen our neighbors directly next door. The past two days, I've noticed an odd smell coming from the direction of their house.

Should I call the police?

(no subject)

Needless to say I am very behind in movies. I rarely watch movies and now after having a discussion with my friends and never having heard of Blow or Scarface and other "classics" what are your favorite movies? which is your favorite "must see" movie?

(no subject)

Will cows eat carrots?

The reason I ask:
I was invited to a friend's house and they live near a bunch of cows. When I was a kid, I liked to go on walks and give the horses carrots. I want to feed a cow when I go to my friend's house, but I don't know what they would like. Maybe an apple? WHAT DO I FEED A COW TO MAKE IT LOVE ME?
♥ rave

(no subject)

how do you store/display your sunglasses? wallets/purses? shoes? pictures encouraged. question inspired by me losing everything in my room and realizing i need better organization, especially with my sunglasses.

do people actually believe that every celebrity has been cured by proactive? the commercials are becoming a bit much, don't you think?

Sexy times!

What's the best compliment you've ever gotten on your 'sexual skills'?

This question brought to you by a friend of mine who I haven't seen in about 6 months. He emailed me earlier just to tell me that a blow job I gave him a year ago was the best he's ever had. And now I'm walking around the house like a fucking champion! haha

It's upgrade time for me

Have any of you bought or upgraded to a Droid Incredible, and do you love it?

My Blackberry Curve turned into a brick for two days, and I've had enough. Blackberrys are seriously like the retarded child of smartphones, ugh.

dk/dc: What kind of phone do you have, and how awesome is it?

(no subject)

How much would you rate your acne problems? On a scale of 1(What zit?) to 10(IT IS HORRIBLEEEE).

How old are you? How long have you had acne?

What's your facial regimen? (Products etc)

(no subject)

How many times am I going to print out all 100 invitations only to find something wrong (or be told we should change something) and have to reprint them again?


Alternatively, what is your favorite treat involving ice cream?
I like Drumsticks, the kind with caramel in the middle.

(no subject)

I'm sure this has been posted before, but idc because I've never seen it. Will you post your favorite youtube video? Preferably funny/ridiculous.

This is my current favorite video that I just discovered last night.  It never gets old.Collapse )

(no subject)

housework is done for the night and as I sit here folding my socks I wonder....

do people in TQC fold thier socks and underwear?
do you hang your clothes in a closet or fold them and place them in a drawer?
or do your clothes sit in the basket until you absolutly need them?

I fold socks not underwear
I hang all my clothes in the closet except my PJs

(no subject)

My sister is coming home for the summer. She will be sharing my room and we will be sharing the bed each night. Would it be unreasonable to ask to sometimes have her sleep on the fold out in the living room if I really needed some space?

(no subject)

 What terrible things did you want to name your kids where you were like, 10-17? That you would never ever in a million years consider now. 

If you never had pretend time as a child, what name would you ban from existence if you could? 

(no subject)

1. I feel like watching a tacky movie right now, and I've got Final Destination in my hand. I have never seen it. BUT, OMG, TQC, I get nightmares really, really easily. Do you think this movie will give me nightmares? I mean, is it supposed to be more suspenseful or scary? If it is supposed to be scary/horror then I won't watch it, but I can handle suspense/thriller pretty well.

2. Will you post a picture of an awesome animal, and share with the class why that animal is awesome?

Collapse )
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

Do any of you get a weird aftertaste from eating too much fruit? To the point where you feel extremely nauseous?

I always get like this when I eat strawberries and apples. WTF is wrong with me?!

If not, or DGAF: When was the last time you reconnected with someone that you haven't spoken to in a long time? Do you feel like they've changed since the last time you saw/talked to them? Positive or negative?
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My Wild Irish Rose

Another question about fluffy things.

I share my room with a rabbit. She seems fairly content at this moment, but I have my light on and have for about a hour and a half now (it's half past 11 here), & I'm concerned that it might be messing with her sleeping pattern or something equally bad. x__x

Would putting a blanket over her cage like you do for birds help? Do you think she's bothered at all?

(I tried Googling but all I got were ads for cages.)

DK/DC/DR: what's your favourite drink?
Take a Look

(no subject)

Help me, oh musically inclined tea cue see! My BFF just left a really crappy situation and is now free free free, living it up on a farm. What kind of songs would you put on a celebratory/you will always be my BFF mix-tape mix CD?

So far I've got Lobster Bucket by the Aquabats & Little Help From my Friends by The Beatles

(no subject)

I think I'm going here tomorrow. What should I get? I've never had Greek food before.

Has anyone tried Valerian Root? Did you take it to help you sleep, or to deal with anxiety? Did it help? How long does it take to kick in? Will it help me sleep throughout the night without waking up?
tokio doki kitty =^_^=

(no subject)

this is gross but i need help.  i think i have worms in my poop.  you know the string from a tampon that hangs down?  it look like that in my poop.  i did not eat string or stuff that will look like string in my poop.

please help i am afraid.

--- i am serious i need help.  please do not be joking to me i need real adivce and help now.

(no subject)

Will you post a screen cap of what your lj layout looks like? I'll post mine in the comments.

What are you doing today? 
When does your next shift start? At work : How many more hours until you're done?