May 1st, 2010

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I'm up combing Craigslist looking for a secretary gig in Los Angeles and I keep coming across those "Give the gift of life - make $30,000!" ads. They're advertising for egg donation / surrogate mothers. Now I'm thinking, what happens when a woman sign up to carry a child for a couple and she changes her mind. Let's say it's the 6th month in the pregnancy and she decides that she want to keep the child. Does anyone happen to know what happens legally?

I start my new "eat healthy and exercise" life today. Words of advice?

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It's 1am and I'm eating Lucky Charms. What, if any, foods do you tend to eat at odd hours? (Note I also had an english muffin prior, so apparently I've decided to eat breakfast at 1am...)
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My friend and I are both bored and want to play a drinking game together. Problem is, he's 1000 miles away. What drinking games can we play over skype? I have cards, dice, etc.

dk/dc: What do you do when there is a ridiculous rumor going around about you? Do you try and stop the rumor? Ignore it?

I always love to play along, especially when it should be obvious that it's not true, then after a while tell them the truth.

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I only have 243 dollars and no job. Should I buy the 30$ 210+ userpics addon? I only have 80 odd userpics and could easily fill up those userpics quickly. However, I'm not sure I'll get a job soon, and my mother will likely yell at me for wasting money.

ETA: ahah, okay, I gotcha'll. NO.

I love Big Bang Theory, Stargate SG-1, and Top Gear. Based on these 3 shows, can you recommend any good shows for me to watch?

How many questions do you think you post here per day? If you don't know per day, can you estimate per week?
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Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?
Do you hate the laugh track? I do. I hate how they laugh every 5 seconds, as if to tell you "HEY IT'S FUNNY HERE. NOW LAUGH."
And I know the show is filmed in front of a live studio audience, hard to believe people laugh THAT often though.

Maybe I'm just used to the comedies without the laugh track.
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I'm a little drunk, are you?

When was the last time you were drunk? Do you like being drunk?

What's your favorite drink? Non-alcoholic beverages are acceptable, we're equal opportunity here! 

Happy Friday Night/Saturday Day wherever you are!
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Do people still go to chat rooms to chat? Do you?

Because I just went in to a few yahoo chat rooms and they are all full of porn bots.


What are your plans for this weekend?

I might go see the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' remake with my family but I'm afraid it's gonna suck hardcore. :-/
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What has pleased you, recently?
I wrote an email to MAC about whether their products contained animal ingredients, and they answered me very thoroughly and it was all good news :)

What is the last word you heard?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I have to be up for work in two hours and am utterly and completely restless. How wonderful is my day going to be?

What languages do you speak?
Do you have a preference when it comes to wine?


I should have asked this long ago, but for any of you Canadians who shop at/have walked by a Jacob store lately (Or anyone who knows where to buy cool boots), have you noticed these boots?

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Do you know where I can find them or something like them?
Any help at all would be appreciated.
I've gone into stores and asked but Jacob doesn't even sell them and usually the person I ask tells me they've been after them as well :(
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Mac users, I need your help. I've had to force quit Safari 7 times this morning. I'm not running any other programs except itunes, but every few minutes the stupid spinning beach ball comes up and doesn't go away. What's wrong?! I've tried google but everything basically says that I have to many programs running.

dk/dc: What is/was your major in college? If you were to go back, would you change it, and to what?
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I have a job where I'm on the phone all day. We just started working on Saturday, but nobody knows we're open yet so nobody is calling us, and our phone number comes up as blocked, so most people don't answer. So my Saturdays are pretty much spent doing nothing but leaving messages, which gets REALLY boring. TQC, how can I keep myself entertained at work? I am allowed to crochet, but I'm not allowed to read, listen to music, and my ass will get fired if I'm surfing the internet. Help me out here?
Jesse St. James

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Please help me help someone make the right decision:

He is 30 and he has social anxiety issues which he is being treated for, but anyway, he's never really had a lot of friends and no girlfriend that I know of. Then, he started an entry-level job last year and made friends with a bunch of people around his age and he has pretty much told me he's never been happier.

The problem is that he was offered an interview next week for a job that pays substantially more (I think 25K more) but it would mean he would have to move back here and be closer to family. This job is virtually a sure thing. There are also rumours of a couple of similar positions becoming available in the city he currently lives in within the next quarter so I think that means in 3 months time. If he waited for one those jobs that would mean he could stay closer to his friends.

Should he go for the pay raise and leave his new life or should he stick around in the hopes of getting a promotion where he lives now?

My first instinct was to tell him to go for it, but now I'm not so sure.

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Dr. LJ!!!

I started my new medicine Tuesday night before bed. I've lost 13 pounds, my blood pressure is through the roof, and the security guard at work threatened to have my car towed because he didn't think I should be driving.

I should stop taking my medicine, y/y?

The husband is like yay weight loss!, boo security guard. Most of my friends are yay weight loss! Only one of my friends is urging me to call the doctor and see about not taking the medicine anymore because he's worried about what it's doing to my health.

WWYD, TQC? Yes, I'm calling the doctor on Monday.

What are your plans for today? I should be working on cleaning the house and I need to make my grocery list because I'm out of everything, but it is nasty outside and I don't want to go out. :( I was out of milk, but I had my dad bring me a gallon to hold me over when he came by earlier. :D
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Do people in your family re-wrap gifts they received and regift them to someone else?

My mom does this all the time. Once a friend of mine got me a basket of shower goodies for my birthday, and my mom made me rewrap it and give it to my cousin for her birthday to save money on presents. I cried, I was eleven.

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i am at the potsdam hbf.
i am supposed to meet two TQC poeple here in 20 min at the dunkin donuts.

what do i do next?

I am freakin out.


EDIT O MATIC- at least i can ride a train. w00t

Fuck marry kill - Disney edition

In each of the following sets of names, which would you fuck...which would you marry...which would you kill? Only one name per category and you can't select a name more than once

1. Gaston, Belle, Beast (human form)

2. Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, Will Turner

3. Captain Hook, Jafar, Malificent

4. Tarzan, Jane, Mr. Clayton

5. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep (assume they're human and full sized)

"just in case", but not really

Why do we keep things we perceive as sentimental yet we haven't looked at them in years and may very well never look at them again?

How do you decide what to throw away and what to keep?

If you do decide to keep lots of sentimental things that you never look at, where do you store them?

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We're going to the May Day potluck at church later today and we can't figure out what to bring. We'd rather make an entrée than a dessert. And since the thing's in four hours, it can't be anything too complex.

What are some easy-to-make dishes that we could bring to the potluck?

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If you are a smoker, how would you respond to someone asking you not to smoke around them because they are trying to/recently quit?

If you have quit smoking, does it bother you when others smoke around you? How long has it been since you quit?

DK/DC: What's the best birthday present you've ever gotten?

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You're at home alone one night, watching tv. You hear a scritching sound coming from someone above you. You write it off as a rat or something. You turn the station and you start watching this scary movie. In the movie, the protagonist hears scratching above him and it turns out to be a zombie, clawing at the shingles on the roof, trying to get in. In your mind, what is now making the scratching sound above you?

It's still a rat
It' my imagination. I turn the volume up to drown out any 'imaginary' sounds that I may or may not have heard
It's SANTA! He's on the roof! With toys for me! This is so awesome. I run to the roof
It's just the house settling. Totally natural noises at night
This is really strange. I should go check it out. I strip down to my underwear and go exploring like they do in the movies
Whatever it is I'm calling 911
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Today was my first day of Census taking and I didn't have much luck. I wore a knee length black skirt, a purple v neck, and a lightweight 3/4 sleeve black cardigan. Do you think a lot of people assumed I was a Jehovah's Witness and hid? Would it be better if I wore jeans, and some brighter colors?

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Being called a tease, flattering or offensive? Why?

(I went out with a bunch of friends last night to some bars downtown for drinking and dancing. Supposedly my drunken dance moves and cuddling on the couch put me at "tease status". I didn't think much of it then, but now I'm not sure if I should be flattered or offended, heh.)

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Poll #1558968 cupcake

You can only have one kind of cupcake. What kind do you want?

carrot cake
red velvet
spice cake
chocolate espresso
chai tea cake
black forest cake
other (comment)

What kind of frosting would you want on top?

maple cream cheese frosting
cinnamon cream cheese frosting
plain cream cheese frosting
lemon cream cheese frosting
vanilla flour frosting (it's kinda like a whipped cream frosting)
vanilla buttercream frosting
chocolate buttercream frosting
lemon buttercream frosting
cinnamon buttercream frosting
butterscotch frosting
chocolate sour cream frosting
bittersweet chocolate ganache
no frosting, just cake
other (comment)

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i had my boobs done yesterday. i just got back from a three hour trip to the mall.... is that weird? i havent even taken so much as tylenol today. and i dont have any bandages or a bra on or anything. just some gauze covering the incisions.

boobs are the best.

easiest surgery to recover from?

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Will you tell me about a time where you completely miss understood a song lyric or quote? Or, you know, someone you know?

Until about 6 months ago, when daughter's screaming caused the permanent addition of closed captioning to our tv, I thought the theme song for CSI was lyric free and was just ooooo aaaah, oo-oo, oo-oo.


Hopefully this hasn't been asked too much, but what are you guys doing for your mom for mother's day? I want to do something nice for my mom this year but I'm a student right now and on a giant budget. Like, free and home made would be best, but I can probably spring something small. Do you have any ideas for inexpensive (or free) mother's day gifts that wouldn't be tacky?

Or if you are a mother and your daughter lived 1000+ miles away at school, what's something you'd appreciate and like to receive as a mother's day gift?
Alan - BL

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when's the last time you held your tongue and didn't say something you really wanted to say? what stopped you from speaking?

care to share what you wanted to say and/or the circumstances?

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You're at a professional sporting event and it's packed. At some point after halftime, they start to show the 'kiss cam' on the Jumbotron, where the camera focuses on couples and the audience cheers for them to kiss and they do. After the third couple, the camera focuses on you....and the person sitting next to you who's a complete stranger. Someone of the opposite sex in their late 40s. You hesitate and the crowd erupts in cheers, urging you two to kiss. People in the rows in front and behind you have craned their heads around to stare and goad you on. The stranger looks over at you and there's a 'wanna go for it?' look in his/her eyes. You hesitate 2..3...4..5 seconds and the cheering still doesn't fade but only gets louder. The stranger leans in to you, expecting a kiss. What do you do?

Kiss him/her. Just to get it over with. A quick peck
Refuse to kiss. This is too freakin' weird
Stand up and flash my boobs instead. SUCK IT UP, YOU JACKELS!
Panic and go storming out of the stadium
Lean in and deep tongue kiss the stranger, making the kiss cam hot and heavy with aggressive groping and hair pulling
Raise both my middle fingers up at the cameraman and mouth the words 'FUCK YOU'
Flustered and confused, you stand up and scream uncontrollably until the camera moves to the next couple
Lean to the other side and kiss my SO instead
Pretend you don't see the camera and pretend to be talking into your cell phone
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What song is stuck in your head at right this moment?
Do you like the song or is it the most annoying song ever that you would bash your skull in if it would only get the damn song out of your head?
kim possible

do you think it was too late for michael jackson to join the rock star 27 curse?

do you think it was too late for michael jackson to join the rock star 27 curse?
what do you think of the movie the exorcist( 1980's film)?
do you think the exorcist movie is cursed?
why did so many well known celebrities died in 2009
like farrah fawcett, michael jackson, patrick swayze, and brittany murphy?
do you think their deaths had something to do with a curse?
were their lives cursed also?
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Do you know what year the (United States) census was started?


I swear, if one more person says "I HATE OBAMA" when they open their door and see me, I'm going to...well, TQC, what should I do to them?

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Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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Is there any way of contacting UPS UK to make a complaint? They didn't give me a second delivery attempt notice, and the 3rd redelivery took place today, when they are not supposed to deliver at weekends, and have previously TOLD ME that they don't deliver on weekends. In fact, their automated message on the phone says they don't deliver on weekends. I had made arrangements for someone to be around to get my package on Tuesday, after the bank holiday, when the 3rd redelivery should have been, but now I cannot get in contact with them to complain, as I now have to arrange a delivery, and it won't be processed until Tuesday, and there is no-one who will be in next week to collect it after Tuesday. If I don't get it within 5 working days, they're going to ship it back.

I'm so royally pissed off with them, and I want them to know it, but there are no email contact details on their site. Does anyone know how to get in contact with them?
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I was requested by an older lady at work to send a text to a number I've never seen. She gave me the number and told me to never answer the phone for the number if they try to call me and to never speak of this to anyone. Should I send it from my phone or from one of those free text sites?

With the text site I wouldn't have to worry about the receiver of the text calling me but I have to use some mild text speak to meet the character limit. On my phone I can write the whole thing out but I have to worry about someone having my number.

This is what she wanted me to text them.

If you want to keep your man, be kind. Don't fuss. Text him everyday, tell him you're thinking of him and you love him. You will see the difference. When you see him, do the same. John 15:12

well, I called and told her I didn't feel comfortable doing it and she was fine with it. It turns out the person she wanted me to text is her daughter so she didn't want her knowing it was from her cause obviously the daughter would know her number. I don't really see why she can't subtly hint at such things.

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In going to Disney World, do you think it is more worth it to stay on site (value resort) for the benefit of the extra magic hours and dining plans or to stay off-site at a possibly cheaper hotel without the previously-mentioned benefits?

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This kind of techy, but maybe someone here can give me an idea.

I lease out a computer (or, rather, the resources of one.) It's physically in Texas, 2000 miles away. I can do anything I want on this computer. I can run servers, I can run services, I can do whatever the heck I want with it. I have guaranteed resources. (ie, it isn't a machine shared by 80 people.) The only OS it can run is Linux, though there's about 9 or 10 different distros to pick from.

I cannot think of a darn thing to do with it. Can you think of anything? I run a very dead message board (which I don't advertise) on it right now and that's it. At one point I ran a Left 4 Dead server on it as well as a Team Fortress 2 server, but I've stopped with both of those.

If I can't think of something to do with it soon, I'm going to cancel it. Any ideas? What would you do if you were in my situation? ("cancel it" is a perfectly acceptable answer. I know the idea of leasing computer space seems completely pointless to some people.)

dr. tqc

i've tried googling but i'm getting a MILLION different answers and i don't even know where to begin.

my throat is sore, especially near the top. both sides of my neck hurt when i try to turn my head or when i press my fingers against the skin, especially behind my jaw and below my ears. the left side of my sternum is what's hurting the most; when i lean forward, push against it, stretch my arm down, sit slouchy, or breathe out too deeply, there's a sharp stabby kind of pain. it began this morning when i woke up.

any idea what this could be? :\
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So long story short as a favor to my mom I'm stuck in a hotel, carless, in Lowell, MA. I'm waiting here to pick her up later tonight/blah blah blah.

I know I could call the front desk, but why when I have TQC.

Why isn't there a fridge in here?
Where can I find a microwave?
What should I do? There's nothing within walking distance of bumfuck Chelmsford (that's where we actually are I guess)
quite surprising

2 quick things

The current season of 24 is the final one. After that comes the movie....which I find confusing as a concept.

Who wants to sit through a 24 hour long movie?

The newspaper comic Marmaduke has been around forever, or so it seems to me. In the entire time it's been in the papers the dog has never spoken even once.

They made a movie for it recently. Saw some clips. Why is the dog talking?!?
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how much is your rent?
do you share this with anyone?
what's included?
how many rooms?
what floor ect...

700.00 per month
my roommate
everything..gas electric cable internet heat and hot water...
livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms
first floor private driveway full backyard

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If you had a kid, would you consider naming them after:
A Greek god?
An Egyptian god?
A Roman god?
A Hindu god?
An Aztec god?
One of the seven heavenly virtues?
One of the seven deadly sins?
A city, town, state or country?
Anyone in your family?

If none of these apply to you, what would you name your kid if you had one?

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Good evening TQC,

How do you keep yourself awake when you have a paper deadline that's quickly approaching?

Don't know or care, will you please tell me about something good that's happened to you recently?

[edit for fun] You get to screw one person for the rest of your life. However, that person is a TQC member. Who do you screw?

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If you were involved in a hit and run car accident where the person who hit you drove off, would you press for criminal charges if you had the chance?

This happened to me yesterday. I got the license plate of the lady that hit me. The cops tracked her down and she said she drove off because she was scared. They called me and told me this and asked if I wanted to press criminal charges- if I don't, she won't get any sort of citation at all for a hit and run. I told the cop no, I didn't want to, but I basically have 2 years to change my mind due to the statute of limitations. Today I feel like a freight train hit me. My neck hurts especially bad and so do my knees. I went to the doc and he said that I'll be fine but that I need to rest. My car is most likely totaled. At first I didn't want to press charges but I think I'm beginning to change my mind...

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1. If you had to live in the USA but you had the choice of whatever city/state you wanted, where would you live?

2. Which combination is yummiest?
-Chocolate and peanut butter
-Chocolate and mint
-Chocolate and caramel
Tommy and Spike

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To all the lovely ladies out there:
Did you ever go on the birth control pill (or any other BC for that matter) without your parents knowledge? How long were you on it before they found out? What did they do when they found out?
What age would you like to either go back to, or skip ahead to, and why?

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What are the scariest/best horror video games out there? PC or game console is fine, and year doesn't matter.

DK/DC How old were you when you got your first computer (and/or what year was it)? How did you feel about it at the time?

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Do any of you hoard movies in your Netflix queue? I currently have about 200 movies in my instant streaming queue, and 130 in my DVD queue. Why do I have that many? I'll never have time to watch them all!

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The finals are over and I will be leaving for home on Tuesday, which I am dreading.
There is no internet connection there, and no tv. Only tamil Christian songs are allowed on radio, and I am not allowed to go out. No pocket money or job finding either. I have no friends in my hometown, so I cant hang out with anyone. I dont even have my own room. So i have to hang out in the living room all day. All my books have been sold, and I dont have a library card(no going out too remember?).

What the hell can I do to entertain myself for the next 30 days before uni starts again?

I think Im the only one who hates holidays!

What do you do during school/uni breaks?
Sue Dummy
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What's a place that sounds similar to Harlem?

I'm trying to come up with a place that sounds like it because I'm writing something. I want the main character to misunderstand someone when they say Harlem, and mistake it for another place that sounds similar.

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i have a gallon of milk in my refrigerator that says sell by April 20 2010. there is cream around the top of the jug, it smells fine and my grandpa and grandma say it tastes fine.   is it ok to drink?

Free stop motion software

Do you know of a free stop motion software for windows? I'm looking for one that will convert my pictures into a movie, not one where I should take the pictures with my video-camera and it can capture individual frames, which is the only thing I have been able to find so far...

(Even one with a trial period if there is nothing free out there.)
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What would you say is wrong with someone that wears the same outfit everyday, has only done one type of job, and has taken the same lunch in the same lunchbox for the past 31 years?

Can you drink room temperature water?

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Is anyone else annoyed by the recent changes to Facebook? I'm speaking about the fact that they now want you to link your profile to public pages.

Have you ever considered deleting your facebook? Did you follow through with it?

Don't know or care, what are you up to tonight/today?

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Would you rather be served by a waitress who's very efficient, organized and gets everything right but is cold and unfriendly or one who sometimes messes up and is kind of slow but who is very charming and friendly?

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What are the chances everybody will Wang Chung tonight?

I made $900 at my garage sale this weekend, what should I spend it on?

Is it too late to eat another bowl of ice cream tonight?