April 30th, 2010

she blinded me with science!

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Would an external hard drive survive a house fire inside one of those fireproof/waterproof office safes? I'm not talking about running it while it's in there... just putting it in there when I'm not using it. Personal experiences with this kind of thing would be especially welcome.

DK/DC/SRS/NON-SRS: It's the middle of the night, but I feel like it's the middle of the day. I'm super bored and anxious, and slightly ragey. What should I do?
zombie baby cede! :D

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I'm thinking my up-coming move will be the last one for a long time- how should I celebrate?

I'm also returning to work after a rather long absence, should I bring muffins for my co-workers or something?

How many times have you moved in your life?

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TQC, I have to fill out some paperwork for a job tomorrow. They asked me to bring my driver's license and social security card. I don't have my social security card with me, and I won't be able to get it before tomorrow. Do they need the actual card? I can't remember. I have my number memorized.

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Did you ever go to restaurants and drink underage? 
Have you ever ordered alcohol underage and not been carded?

This is something I don't really understand. A few girls are always talking about going to get margaritas at some restaurant and stuff but they are ALL under 21. Am I missing something? 
girls » barbie
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TQC, I got a never been opened Proactiv gift set from a friend. She thinks she got it Christmas of '08. The expiration date is 3/2010. I've already used it tonight. My face is going to rot off and I'm going to resemble the crypt keeper in the morning, y/y?

DK/DC: What is the last movie you watched?
Sixteen candles.
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Do you currently have a song stuck in your head? If so what is it and do you have any idea why it's there?

DK/DC? Move along then, no loitering here, especially if you're wearing a hoodie.

I currently have "Panic" by The Smiths stuck in my head and it's because counterfeitfake made a comment in another post saying "Hang the dj"...Oh and listening to the song hasn't stopped it going through my head either.
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TQC, I want a new phone.

Should I:

1) Buy a used one off eBay or Craigslist for $100+ that will be scuffed?


2) Activate another line on my contract for $100 and then swap the new phone to my line and the old phone to the new number.


I'll be paying about $10-15 more a month, but I thought about keeping the extra line at my mother-in-law's house that way I know there is always a phone there that works while my kids are there.

What do you think TQC?

writers block

so i had a 6 page paper due yesterday which i didnt turn in because i was exhausted and  wrote a shitty paper. now that im a day late, im still stuck in a writing rut.

any advice to get my literary juices flowing?

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If you ask someone a question via text and would like an answer eventually (not urgent really but an answer is needed eventually) but they don't respond and they respond to something else on facebook on their mobile facebook. Are they ignoring the question, are they thinking about it, or did they forget?

Yes I'll ask again via non-text but it's annoying that they didn't even say "I'll let you know"

DK/DC: Favourite milkshake recipes?

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So my boyfriend's mother is currently taking care of my puppy and he will continue to live in her house for a year or two. I am kind of the dog's babysitter now, I come by and hang out with him during the day while she is at work, take him to the vet, and he goes on day trips with us and has an occasional sleepover at my house. So his mother and I both spend a lot of time with him. 

I named him "Hurley", and have been calling him that, but I just found out that she has been calling him "Marley", because she couldn't remember "Hurley". 

Is this confusing him? Or are the two names similar enough that he doesn't notice?

Should I start calling him Marley now just so he isn't confused?

I'm not sure why she's calling him that, he's not a lab... 

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I'm having a total memory blank.

What are those temporary buildings called? Sometimes schools have them, and mining work sites will have a few to use as offices or lunch rooms.

I think it starts with, D, maybe even DO.

Nevermind! They're called Dongas.

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1. How much is an appropriate monetary gift for a wedding?

The couple in question is my cousin's daughter (What is that? Like 2nd cousin?)

2. Are you offended when there is a cash bar at a wedding? Does it matter if no one tells you ahead of time?

My opinion - it is rude to invite people to a party (that's what a reception *is*) and then expect them to pay for things. Especially when they are buying you gifts.

3. Do you think that proper wedding etiquette has gone completely down the shitter?

It's really gotten bad, imo. A friend of mine went to a bridal shower where they just decided not to give out favors. WTF? People brought gifts and gave up their Saturday and you can't even give them some freaking mints as a token of your appreciation??

ETA a shameless #4:

I'm walking for the March of Dimes on Sunday and am still raising money. Would anyone consider donating? Much of the money goes to my local hospital NICU who are responsible for saving my son's life. You can donate by going here. They accept Paypal and credit cards. Minimum online donation is $5. I would totally appreciate it! Thanks!

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For my birthday, I got a $20 Target gift card, and $9 that I have to spend at Target because my father got me a movie that he didn't know I already owned. I have a tendency to buy things that our house needs rather then I want. What should I get? I also got $20 from my grandparents. Should I combine that with my Target money? Or should I leave it and use it for gas money?

When you see a family like the Duggars, do you think their large family was an irresponsible choice, or is it their choice? Do you think of it differently when the family is made up of sets of twins or triplets, or more (a set of 8 kids or 4 kids or something)?
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Hypothetically, you and your partner are going to get married, yay! What do you decide about taking names? How does gender (ie. traditional gender roles in name taking) and the actual name (Smith vs. Poophead sort of situation) affect this?

inspired by Hot Tub Time Machine and the fact that my partner's name is really awkward and there's no way to hyphenate our names if we ever decide to marry.
fab Julie

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TQC, it seems that no matter how much I research beforehand, it always takes me forever to write a paper.

So for those of you who've churned out 10 and 20 page papers in a matter of days (or hours even lol)...how do you do it?! What techniques do you use?

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I have started hanging out with an old crush from a few years back. I am falling for said crush all over again. She just got out of a relationship(couple months ago) and I don't want to make things awkward, but I also regret never having told her how I felt the previous time around.

Should I tell her how I feel? Why or why not?
Have you told him/her how you feel? How did they respond?
Has this question been posted 230947 times before and I am just being retarded?
Ching chong potato?
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Ultimate interview question time!

What do you feel is your greatest weakness?
Alternately, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked in a job interview?
What is the most telling question you have ever been asked?

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I have an outdoor cat that was a stray and we took her in and started feeding her about 9 months ago. She had kittens 4 and 1/2 weeks ago, she had a total of 5. Now,  only one is left, the others we found dead, one by one. I'm not sure how they died, there were no clear signs of them being hurt in any way. So this stray cat is very scared of people and I can not really get near her, but she trusts me enough that she brought me one of her kittens, I think wanting me to help it in some way. My question is this, should I go ahead and start trying to feed this one kitten, I have kitten milk and a bottle, or should I make sure that she has quit feeding it before I try that? I know that she does still go in the shed with the kitten but its hard to catch her feeding it because when she hears me coming she jumps up and runs out. I don't want her last little baby to die, I want to help her but don't want to take over if not necessary.

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Let's say someone leaves you a house in their will. It's completely paid for.

What would you do?
A) Live in the house and only pay electricity and other necessary bills, while saving up money. You'd be able to save a lot more money than usual because you're not paying any rent or mortgage.

B) Sell the house, use some of the money to rent a house or apartment, put the rest in savings.

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hi tqc, how's your day? I have a few movies on my hard drive that I havent seen and plan to watch at least one. will you help me choose?

which should i watch first?

bright star
the outsiders
the shining
the lost boys

Alas, no Jersey Shore

You'd feel most comfortable hanging out with the cast of _____?

Gossip Girl
The Hills
How I Met Your Mother
CSI: Miami
Girls Next Door
Saturday Night Live
Star Trek: TNG
Reno 911
The Office
Sixty Minutes
bounce elephant

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Picking fights with other people when you're stressed-- always ok, never ok, sometimes ok? 

Stories welcome, whether you've done it or had people do it to you.

ETA: Let's sayyy...you ask someone a question, and they get all terse with you. And you try to lighten the mood, and they freak out and say they're stressed, and call you an asshole (twice!) for asking them a question when they're upset. Hypothetically speaking, of course. Is that ok or understandable?

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I was at a party this weekend, and at one point, someone was playing a song in a different room I was loving. Of course, being the drunkard that I am/was, I can't remember what is was. It sounded folky/blue grassy, and was a guy singing about how much he loves his girl. The only lyrics I can sort of remember are along the lines of "her kiss is soft, other parts of her are soft too."

Anyone have any idea what this song is?

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Clem & Joely

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1) What's your favorite kind of pie?
2) Do you have any favorite desserts or baked goods that are somewhat uncommon? If so, what is it?

I'm baking for a bake sale that's tomorrow and am looking for ideas. I'm thinking of baking a pie and mazurka unless I find something else that piques my interest. =3
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Do you or someone you know have any "mystery diagnosis"-ish stories? You know, sick forever and it seems like no doctor can figure out what's wrong? What happened?

I'm losing faith in the medical profession.

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I have a phone interview for an internship in 35 minutes and I'm nervous as fuck.

Will you help me calm down?
I just finished it up, and while I think the interview went well, idk if this particular internship is really a good fit for me.

Have you ever had a summer internship? How'd it go?

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i booked flights yesterday on easyjet and the payment hasn't come out of my bank account yet. does it take a few days to clear or should i start worrying?
how was your first time flying? what's it like? :D
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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Probably been asked a million times, but I'm watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off, so I have to ask:

What is your favorite John Hughes movie?

DK/DC/I dislike John Hughes and his shenanagins: What kind of cell phone do you have?

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What's with those stupid hair bows that young women are wearing nowadays? What the heck started this trend?

Don't know or care, I'm going to the creperie. What do you want in your crepe?
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TQC what was the last silly thing that irritated you?

I applied for a grant for summer semester and they only gave me enough to where I'd have about $40 left over after paying the fees/buying books when the woman at the financial aid office said to me "Oh, since you aren't working you should have, at the very least, about $150 for living expenses." 

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What are some of your favourite names? Least favourite?
Do you have baby names pick out (even if you are not expecting or even in a relationship)?
On another note, have you ever accidentally posted to your own lj instead of TQC?

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If you have lived/currently live in a scary neighborhood, what if any extra steps have you taken to ensure your safety, or to at least make you feel more safe?

I'm feeling like maybe it's time to purchase a tazer or mace or a big dog or a gun... as a 5'3" 115lb woman with no training in martial arts, I don't feel safe at home by myself.
TK and Kari

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I once tried to apply for a job at a Urban Outfitters. I walked in, asked for an application, and the woman there refused to give me an application and rejected me on the spot. She was rude about it too. I was seventeen at the time.

Why do you think that happened? Was it because I was young so they didn't take me seriously? I was dressed ugly? They were racist?

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If you had a little over a month between school/internship/some type of obligation that isn't paying you, how would you make a quick buck? (srs preferred, but non-srs is welcome and expected)

Will you tell me a story of your favorite part-time/seasonal job?
Clem & Joely

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If you're married, did your friends stay a priority once you got married? (Assuming they were once a priority in your life.) Did being married affect your relationships with friends, either on your side or your friends' side? How often do you see/talk to your friends?

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1. What is the best Facebook group you've come across recently?

Thanks to Lamebook, I discovered 'even tho u stabbed ma nan, ur still da 1 4 me' (If I wasn't a complete LJ imbecile I would link to it, sorry)

2. Should I make dinner from the only food I own at the moment (rice, courgettes, mushrooms and peas) or go to the Chinese takeaway across the road and get something filling and yummy?

3. What's the strangest thing a stranger has ever said to you?

I was once at a bus stop and an old man said to me 'Don't worry, there'll be another one along soon'. But, the bus I needed was just pulling up, so I said 'Oh, I'm getting on this one.' And he replied 'I wasn't talking about buses.' I had broken up with my boyfriend the week before - HOW DID HE KNOW?
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Questions about songs....

1. What are your favorite songs that have to do with a day of the week?
Mine: It's Friday, I'm in love - The Cure, On Tuesday - Men Without Hats

2. What are your favorite songs about colors?
Mine: Blue Eyes - Garden State Soundtrack, Yellow - Coldplay,

3. What are your favorite songs that are about water, sound like water, etc.
Mine: Blue Monday - Aqua, Sweet Water Kill - Rasputina

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I have two full weeks off from work and classes in May (May 17th-May 31st). What should I do with my time?
Don't know or care, what would YOU do with two weeks off?
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Why is my stupid computer not recognizing my external hard drive? The drive works just fine on my laptop...

When was the last time you were frustrated with technology?
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If you are out of college (or just about to graduate), how long did it take you? Four years like it's "supposed" to or longer/shorter?

Have you ever had a take-home exam? If so, how hard was it?

I just got one yesterday and he wants three essays, 4 PAGES EACH, due first thing on Monday. I think that is a bit excessive for a final exam.
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i went to the library today and i start to think of this weird question.  i am wondering do the inside body parts have a smell?  and if they do what is this smell like?  i look but could not find a answer to my question, maybe you will know this?  i am also wonder if i am first to ask this question???  :) :)  please help!!!

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Who would play you in a movie version of your life?
Who would play your friends?
Who would provide the soundtrack?
Who would direct it?
Would it win an Oscar?
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Out of my way!!!

I recently read an article on a celebrity getting attacked by a crowd of fans. A couple people reported injuries from getting ran over/shoved out of the way.

Who would you trample people to get to?

I'd knife people to get close to Taylor Lautner, just to whisper into his ear, "You should have been re-cast".
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TQC unity!

Can we have an 'omg you do that too? I thought I was the only one!' post?

Hopefully someone can relate to mine.

When I read things in parentheses, I read it as if it's being whispered to me.

Now you go!

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Are you the kind of person who, when someone is/has been a complete jerk, will confront them? What kinds of level of confrontation are we talking about here (fist fights, firm words, shouted words, etc.)? If it depends on the person, who is off limits to confront?

I came up with a line that I would love to tell my roommate the next time she is being a total jerk, but I kinda think it's a really really horrible idea even if she is moving out in a month. Should I say it anyways?
Purple Forest

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What are the benefits of contacts as opposed to glasses?
What are the disadvantages?
How often do they need to be replaced?
Is it common to have the contacts get caught behind your eyes?

I've worn glasses since I was little, but now I find them annoying. They often get broken (right now one of the hooks is being held together with super glue), and I'll be at college soon, so I can't be blind.

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Does Kentucky have anything to redeem it? Why would anyone want to move there?

I ask only because my mom randomly mentioned the possibility of moving to Kentucky next year. My immediate reaction was "WTF? Why would you want to move there?" We have no connections in KY.

Which state(s) would be a random state to move to? Which one would you not move to?
rpattz dali

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Hello fitness gurus of TQC,
I'm going to do this interval workout and I just had a quick question [of course]...

When it says to increase or decrease speed/incline by 2% every 15 seconds, does it mean like jumping my 6.0 to a 8.0 running or does it mean to go up to 6.2, then 6.4 and so on?  I'm just sorta confused about that.  I think it is the latter one since it seems the most logical, but how would y'all decipher it?

What is your favorite workout to do?

If you don't work out, can you tell me about one of your neighbors?

ETA:  This is for the treadmill.  I should have clarified that to begin with. D:
Calvin not entertained

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My neighbor is babysitting my daughter for me while I'm at work tomorrow. We were hanging out earlier and she suddenly says she's going to meet her boyfriend, and pretty much told me I'll watch her son while she's gone. I said yes because she's not charging me for tomorrow, but I REALLY don't want to do it. My daughter was supposed to be gone tonight and I was really looking forward to quiet time. Now all of a sudden I have 2 children running around my apartment. Oh yeah, my neighbor took them to a carnival earlier and they've both had a ton of candy. TQC, how can I save my sanity? Would it be wrong of me to just put on my headphones and let them do as much damage as they want?

tldr; How do you save your sanity when babysitting two very hyper children when all you want is peace and quiet?
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What are some good books to read?

I just got done reading most of Augusten Burroughs' books and enjoyed them. If you've read them and liked them, what else did you enjoy?

I quite like Kurt Vonnegut, but I've read most of his books. Not a huge fan of Chuck P (everyone always seems to suggest his stuff).
is a beaut

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i know you have formal things when you finish high school in america and canada like graduation (which we don't do over here) and proms and such, but do people traditionally do fun things in their last days in the actual school too? what kind of things did you or people at your school do?

we have a 'muck up day' where we mess up our uniforms (sometimes teachers wear uniforms on the day as well) and wear fancy dress stuff and write on eachother's shirts and play pranks and get up to mischief and the like.

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TQC, why to parents give you an attitude when you don't smile back at or otherwise pay attention to their kid?

Inspired by this woman in the airport where I work giving me the stink-eye because I didn't respond to her child's attempt at getting my attention with "Hey lady! Hey lady! Hey! Hey lady! HEY, LADY! LADY, HEY!" I didn't give the kid a nasty look or anything, I just glanced at him and went back to, you know, finishing my paperwork D:

What is your favourite kind of cookie?
Arrrr, matey.

all your comms are belong to us

TQC, I am very bored tonight while waiting for the SO to get off of work and bring me food.

What communities should I join that are not on my flist?

I'm in:

18_over_bodymod, all_macros, alt_models, alternative_wed, altparent, amazing_ink, bad_everything, bad_piercings, badmakeup, badtattoos_4, bentochallenge, bentolunch, bmezine, booju_newju, can_i_eat_this, captioncontests, community_promo, cooking, cooking_club, creepy_icons, darkpinupgirls, db_lounge, disturbingbooks, diy_weddings, domesticity, eat_my_bento, eyeshadowsluts, fake_ljers, freestuff, fuckyoulist, girls_with_ink, gothmacros, hip_domestics, hyperhydrosis, i_am_pansexual, ihearttattoos, ilovepiercings, indusarea_kc, iron_trash, jayhawk_sports, kansas_is_dead, kansascity, kansascitymusic, kansascityqueer, kc_progressives, kc_punx, kcsocial, lawrence_ks, lithium_picnic, lowbudgetbride, madradn00dz, married_young, medical_fetish, nsfw_ontd, ohnotheydidnt, older_potheads, omg_too_soon, omg_ur_teef, ontdcreepy, piercing, poor_skills, pot_heads, punk_makeup, real_cooking, serialmurder, sextips, sf_drama, sgirls, shitty_mods, stoner_girls, stranded_in_mo, stupid_free, suicide_girlies, tattoo_ink, tattooed, tattoogrrrls, thequestionclub, thewhyfive, thrifthorror, tmi_chix, tmi_questions, too_much_info, topmodel, tqc_drunks, tqc_lol, tqc_updates, vintagemakeup, whatwasthatone, wtf_catmacros, wtf_humans, wtf_inc, wtf_omgz, wtf_personal, wtf_stupid

So yeah, I need more comms. I'm a SAHM with WAY too much free time.
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First, two conversations from earlier at work:

Person A: But really, I think peridot is prettier than emerald.
Person B: Right?


Person A: So, would you like to look at children's jewelry? We have some beautiful earrings for little girls.
Person B: Oh no, my daughter been had her earrings.

1) Do you say things like that? ("Right?", and "been had")
2) What sort of linguistic oddities do you have in your particular dialect?

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Oh no! Every supermarket, restaurant, and food source has completely vanished. The only thing left in the world to eat is a fast food restaurant of your choice. What fast food restaurant do you choose to eat at for the rest of eternity?

And you have to choose. I don't care if you hate fast food restaurants.
narry twirl

(no subject)

If you called a restaurant to place a to-go order and you were placed on hold how long would you wait? When you hung up would you call back, go to the restaurant, order from somewhere else, or something else?
debbie harry

(no subject)

What classifies a relationship as a rebound? Is it every first relationship after a breakup considered a rebound? How do you know if you're on the rebound or if someone else is on the rebound? Are there any clear signs?

If you're over an ex and then enter a relationship, is that a rebound?

(no subject)

I just signed a contract with some people to live in their detached garage-turned-two story apartment for at least 2 years. Right now the walls are a blank, boring white, and they said I could paint them as long as they were turned back to a neutral color before I moved out.

Do you think I should paint the walls?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

My husband just brought home TONS of 7-11 food (hot dogs, taquitos, etc.) and it's midnight. Is this worth the risk or should I pass?. I have a feeling this won't end well.

What's the last thing you ate and regretted?