April 29th, 2010


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Why do so many people hate New Jersey? :(
How do you feel about New Jersey?

ETA: Besides Jersey Shore/guidos. I hate that part of NJ, too. But everyone I talk to thinks it's this awful place and I've had nothing but good experiences there so idgi personally.
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I've decided to write a sketch. I've also decided it's going to be a fish out of water kind of thing involving Michelle Obama.

Where would you like to see Michelle?

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I'M DRUNK!!! :-D

How do you feel about runway shows? Do you feel they are important in society and how we dress or are they pointless? Do you ever get ideas from the outfits presented on runway shows?
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Are you easily distracted by other computer users in a public computer lab?

I find I am perpetually exchanging glances with a new boy every three seconds. It's distracting. What should I do?


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I am writing an essay about whether or not animals should be given equal ethical consideration as humans are. It is not long enough and I need filler.

What should I write for filler?

cabaret voltaire

work questions

is it appropriate to talk religion at work? today some of my coworkers got into religion sort of, one said she was catholic and another said he was too. he then asked what i was and that made me so uncomfortable because i'm an atheist and i was afraid if i said i was they would be like 'SHUN THE ATHEIST'.

i really don't like it when people i don't know well touch me. like a coworker will touch my back and i just cringe. i know they aren't trying to threaten me or hit on me or whatever, but i hate it so much. would i sound like a bitch if i asked the next person who touches to please not touch me?
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Laugh defecit

Have you ever caught yourself forcing yourself to laugh because your friend, and/or everyone else in the theater, was laughing at something you didn't find funny?
What movie were you watching?

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TQC, can you halve this chocolate chip cookie recipe for me and put it into measurements I can actually bake with? I need this shit in cups, not ounces. Whenever I use one of the sites that are supposed to do it for you it always gives me wrong measurements, hence why I'm bothering you all with this boring question.

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What do you wish someone would bake for you right now?
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Dr TQC, I need some advice. Over the last few days, these little tiny red spots have shown up on my legs. They look kind of like very red freckles. They don't hurt or anything, but they look very odd. Should I be worried?
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For those to which this applies...

How much do you, on average, tip bartenders? Is it per drink, or per round?

(A person I know in New York says she tips $1 per drink. Based on this and if everyone did this, on a busy Saturday night I could see a bartender becoming a millionaire.)

DK/DC? That's ok, questions both before and after* this one (*Please note, there may be a slight delay in this area, but our LJers are working frantically to rectify this situation.).

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So for the first time in my life I plan on opening and building a savings account.
I just got my first pay on my new job and it's a hefty amount and I can afford to put some away after paying down my debt.

If you save money:
How much do you put into your savings every payday? 
How long have you been saving money?
Is there anything specific you're saving for? 

Are there any sites out there that I can create a budget document on/ record my finances?
I want to keep track of my money not that I'm making some again.

Mint.com doesn't seem to have a Canadian log in page so I can't use it.

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Can a lack of sunlight when you wake up in the morning make you feel tired or depressed?

I used to feel fine, but ever since my brother put black trash bags over the windows of our bedroom, I've started to feel tired, even when I get enough sleep.

The pee question reminded me

My freshman year of college I had a roommate that participated in strange bathroom activities. When she would use the bathroom I would often hear splashing around (note: there was no sink in the bathroom, just a toilet and shower. The bathroom connected two suites so we had sinks in our individual rooms), and if I went into the bathroom after her most of the time there would be water (NOT pee, you could tell) all over the toilet. I didn't investigate too deeply because I didn't want to gross myself out, but it appeared that she also had a cup of water that she took with her into the bathroom and dumped it into the toilet, or something.

What was she doing, exactly? And why?
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Do you have a "type"? What is it? Even if you don't (because srsly wtf does that even mean), do you find yourself attracted to people who share a similar feature or personality trait?
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Should I straighten my hair today or leave it wavy from it being wet and in a rubber band last night?
What are some weird phobias you have?
What is something most people are afraid of that you are not?
What are my chances of getting laid today, oh mystic TQC?
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8-year-old plays a couple notes wrong in a song on the piano. Parent demands kid to do it again. Kid messes up in the same part again. Parent demands the kid do it again. Kid does it wrong the third time. Parent locks the 8-year-old out on the porch late at night for an hour, weather is maybe 50 degrees F.

Do you consider this child abuse?

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1. Did you ever play Super Smash Brothers Brawl? What character or characters did you use?
2. For those of you who are married, how did you or your significant other propose?
3. How many times do you pee a day?
4. Girls, are you a jealous girlfriend?

i didn't used to. it used to make me mad to sit down with my boyfriend and his friends and always die first. and on top of that the only character i use is yoshi, and they all told me i couldn't because he was hard to learn, but fuck that! i learned and now i've beaten my boyfriend a handful of times. and the funny thing is you can see the sweat on his brow when i'm close to killing him ;)
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wedding dresses, TQC!

I'm thinking about asking a friend if she'd be up for making my wedding dress.

What do you think of this pattern? I'd go for the short-sleeved, no-train version, because it'll be a summer wedding.

Have you ever commissioned clothing from a friend who sews? Or have you been the one to take commissions? What would you pay/ask to be paid in this situation? An hourly wage? How much?

I'm thinking initial fee plus hourly wage.

Married ladies of TQC - how much did you spend on your wedding dress?

I hate the whole bridal industry and the societal pressure to spend scads of money on a dress you'll only wear once. But I'd rather pay scads of money to a friend than to a bridal shop that might deliberately make incorrect alterations to entice me to come back again for a second fitting.
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Have you ever seen endofworld.net?

Are you a fan?

Did you know it has its own facebook page?

Where do you primarily get headaches? How do you get rid of them?

Do you have a paid LJ? If so, is it automatic withdraw every year or is it manual or what?

ETA: Why is old so bad? Old school stuff is the best!

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Do I buy this jacket?
Considerations: I have a very similar one in grey, but I have on occasion thought, 'I wish I had this in black'
 I tried it on in the shop and it fitted well, but the collar was slightly odd.

ETA: I just bought it =] And it was £5 cheaper than in the shop.

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Have you ever had dreams about people you knew from the internets? If you recall, what happened in those dreams?

Is there anything unusual about your dreams like you only dream in black and white or there's never any sound in your dreams?
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Plz advise

Tqc, I have an apartment lined up and the current tenant is moving out tomorrow or Saturday. I want to call my apartment manager and ask her when she thinks it will be ready but I feel like I've called her too much and have begun to bug the shit out of her. Should I call? What do I say?

What was the last totally new thing you did?

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TQC, do you have friends who have directly opposing viewpoints than you on issues you feel are important?
Will you tell me what these differing opinions are?

Do you feel it is important to have friends that disagree with you, to foster intellectual debate? Or would you rather surround yourself with people that think similar to you to avoid heated discussions and possibly hurt feelings amongst friends? Or do you prefer to stay away from certain topics in order to avoid those situations?

(I'm mostly referring to "hot button" issues in the area of religion, politics, race, etc. But if hair color is a heated debate topic for you and your friends, that's cool, too.)
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geeks unite

In what ways are you a nerd or dork?

My husband got me a couple gifts for our anniversary that are tooooootally dorky, but I LOVE them, even though part of my brain is making fun of my own nerdiness.

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People interested in UK politics:

Will you be watching the debate live tonight?

The theme is economics, but only for the first half; the second half is anybody's guess. I want to make a bingo game for the debate. What would you put in your bingo square for tonight?
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Congrats. Your friend is like, totally getting revenge on you for setting them up on an awful blind date. You're on MTV's Disaster Date.

What would your _______ hates be?
For example, mine would be:
Sasha hates
- Guys that are intolerant
- Guys that ignore her
- Guys that are inconsiderate

What could the actor say/do to get you running out the door?
If you watch the show, do you have any favorites?
Will you tell me about any actual dates you've been on that were disastrous?

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I shifted my birth control by a week about two months ago.. aunt flo is now very very light (VERY). Is my body adjusting to this or am I preggers?

Somewhat related to this worry. My BF and I have been talking about marriage a lot and starting a family eventually. He has a decent job with decent pay as do I. However we live in the most expensive city in Canada (vancity baby) so rent for a two bedroom would be at least a grand but most likely over 1500 a month. I wouldn't get paid leave but would get probably just three months at 60 % of my pay or something from EI. So the rest would most likely be on him.. If I was preggers.. Could we do it?

Don't worry I'll test and discuss etc etc.

DK/DC HOW FUN IS THIS QUESTION? just kidding. uhhh Have any collections?
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What hairdo do you prefer on the gender that you're attracted to?

What is a hairdo you've always wanted to try, but haven't?

What is a hairstyle/do that you dislike?
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Jobs and Stuff

I posted a few days ago about a phone interview. It was this morning and it went well, now I'm just waiting to schedule an in-person interview.

The job is for an in bound bank call center. Has anyone here ever worked at a place like that? Or any call center? How was it? Best parts of the job? Worst?

What's the best job you ever had? What made it so great? What was the worst? Why?
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When you find a song you like, do you listen to it once and move on, or are you like me and keep it on repeat for a while?
What is a trait you said you would never date someone who had it, but ended up doing it anyway?
It's snacktime, boys and girls! What can I get you? (One snack and one drink.)
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Anyone who played marbles as a kid, what were the rules for your games?

Did your marbles have names based on the designs on them, or did you just have general descriptions for them?

Did a particular marble design have a 'street value' that made 'one of these' worth 'three of these' for trading purposes, or was trading always on a 'one marble for one marble' basis?

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How easy would it be for you to give up all elective (YA HAPPY DOES IT MAKE MORE SENSE TO YA NOW?) internet activity for two weeks to a month? That would mean, outside of compulsory work-related internet use, there would be no email, no facebook, no lj, no online banking. NOTHING. Not even via your phone.

Have you ever purposefully given up the internet for a spell because you felt you spent way too much time playing on it? How long did you stay offline? How hard was it?
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Atlanta peeps!

I live near Memorial and Covington and have to be at North Point mall at 6 - what time should I leave? It says 35 mins w/o traffic and as of right now (3:55) GaNav is showing moderate traffic near the 85 -> 285 ramp EB. I avoid driving this time of day, so I am traffic stupid. I apologize.

Also, I asked in Atlanta, but I think everyone is already driving, lol.

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TQC, my dog is wylin' the fuck out right now. Will you tell me what is wrong with him/what he wants?

He is jumping on me and whining/crying and randomly barking. He's been walked, he did his business twice today, and he has water and food.

He's always active/trying to play and barking at birds outside and stuff, but he's never been consistently this whiny before. Typically when you ignore him, he just lays down next to you. This is no longer working!

I don't know if it matters, but based on what the shelter told us he's about 5-6 yrs old and is a black lab/german shepard mix.

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So yeah, I told you I'd be asking another one of these questions. Anyways. So my mom gave me a bunch of DVDs that she doesn't watch anymore. I have some downtime right now. Which one should I put on? I've never seen any of them and I don't know what they are about.

Which movie should I watch?

Deja Vu
Miami Vice
Perfect Stranger
The Constant Gardner


I just made some SF Jello. I used the Quick set method. It's 5:00PM now, How long will it be before I can have my Jello?

What's your favorite flavor jello?

and If you don't like jello, What's your favorite quick/easy dessert?

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If you were moving, and your mom called you up a few weeks before your moving day to offer you her help by getting you a moving van, and then calls again on the day before you move to tell you that she wasn't able to arrange anything, how pissed would you be?

Right now I'm pretty pissed.

Pretty pissed in-deed.

TQC, will you share with me your moving horror stories? I want to feel better about having to fix this last-minute snafu.

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so i made this post a few days ago, and then about two hours after it went up i got called for a job interview. i just got back and i officially have a job now! i start monday.

HOWEVER, i'm still not going to have the rent for may for about two more weeks. how do you think i should handle this with my landlord? call him now? wait until he drops by for rent on saturday? avoid him for two weeks? ha. thanks, tqc.


I have to sign in to LJ like 3 times this afternoon! I haven't closed my browser. What the heck is going on? This happening to anybody else?

what ever it is I DON'T LIKE IT!
I <3 TLV

Paging Dr TQC

I started going to Curves recently, and I use the recovery boards to jog/run in place. I was fine the first two times I went, but now my knees hurt REALLY badly every time I try to jog. I asked the woman working there and she had no idea why that might happen. I'm wearing the right kind of shoes, so TQC, why do my knees hurt when I jog in place? What do I need to do so they stop hurting? They're fine when I use the machines or are just walking.
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i have a question that may be dumb.  there is commercials on tv about 'klondike bars'.  i know they are ice cream things but what does it mean when they say 'what would you do for a klondike bar'?  i do not understand this commercial!  please explain to me?

thank you for your help i appreciate it!!!

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What would you do if you came home late one night to find theferrett smoking all your pot and scratching up your Firefly blu-rays? You'd cry like a little pussy, wouldn't you? WOULDN'T YOU, you Joss Whedon-worshipping, CW addicted, American Idol watching little BITCH?

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How do you determine when to call someone a bff? Do you have to have a bff talk?

I referred to someone as my best friend today (to someone that doesn't know him) and now I'm like, when did that happen??

I gave him a sticker and said, will you be my best friend? Does that count as official?

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Do you often wear your coat like a cape?

(ie. wearing it resting on your shoulders without your arms actually being in the sleeves)

Do you think that would be weird? I do it all the time, more often than I actually wear a coat normally and my friends laugh at me and ask if I actually realize what sleeves are for.
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And this is why you allow messaging to your journal

Hey, groundbeeftaco, are you still reading?

3. Don't delete your posts, disable/lock comments, freeze comment threads, or delete/screen comments made by other users. If you have an issue with a post/comment made by another user, contact the moderators. Exception: It's okay to delete a post if it was obviously intended for your personal journal.

This is your one warning.

For the rest of you:

What is the last thing you did that was stupid, but you totally should have known better?

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I'm sure you've had plenty of these types of questions, but me and my Fiancee need help. We don't know what to eat.

We have many dining establishments around here but we are just undecided. Okay, so what I want to know from you is your opinion on what to eat?

Please choose from popular restaraunts not small town places that aren't chains. Thanks.

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What are you drinking tonight TQC? I bought a bottle of Copper Moon chardonnay that was on sale, and my friends are brining over a case of unnamed beer in 1 1/2 hours.

What are your plans for the rest of the night?

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What's your favourite accessory?
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Why does my mom have to ruin perfectly good chicken salad by putting cashews in it? :(

When was the last time you had some good food ruined by one ingredient? What was it?
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 i am being harrassed online how do i make this stop?

i have block them from contacting me by message but they make new names to keep harrassing me.

i do not know how to make the stop.

what would you do in this problem situation?

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My brother is having a very difficult time transitioning to adulthood. He has a lot of problems and is very hard on himself and I think his guilt is crippiling to his growth process. He spends money frivilosly and has gotten in a lot of trouble, but my mom is always there to bail him out so he's never really HAD to help himself. I love him very much, but sometimes it feels like all the energy/money that my parents could be putting into making my life out on my own easier has just been transferred over to him because he is so helpless. It makes me angry, which I know I shouldnt be.

Do you have any famliy members who seem to drag down everyone else?
If anything, what has been done about it?

DK/DC: Do you drink wine? Red or white?
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TQC since misery loves company... will you tell me about the time you were at your absolute brokest? what's the brokest you've ever been?

how was your day today?

what are you up to this weekend?

any movies you're looking forward to?


Today I was in a super shitty-ass mood and had 2 hours to kill so I went on over to the local SPCA to play with adorable, fluffy, cuddly kittens. My mood exponentially increased.

What's something that cheered you up today?

How great is it that I'm finally going to be able to adopt a kitten this summer?! :D

DK/DC: Did you ever have a professor in college who seemed like they were on some kind of illegal substance while teaching lecture? Or a professor who constantly talked about his impending divorce and his ex-wife? 
I do, same guy.


has anyone ever used this before? i have it working in my room right now, but i smell it and it freaks me out a little. i usually don't like to use repellents like this, but i am desperate and cannot sleep with mosquitoes in my room.



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So! I just randomly got dizzy and almost fell out of my chair. All day, I've been losing hearing in my ears on and off.

So, what could it be?

dk/dc, Whats your favourite comedy movie?
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I'm writing a paper about the Dutch and shit and 99.999999% of these motherfuckers are called Jan. Do you know anyone called Jan*? If so, tell me about them.

*If they are a lady and pronounce it like 'Jan' as in 'Janice' IT DOES NOT COUNT.
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My black cat is starting to get dandruff on his back towards his tail, he's only a year and some odd months. My mom just suggested that I should give him an actual bath, but really.. I'm not sure if I wanna be ripped to fucking shreds. Should I give him the bath or use a washcloth with water?

What movie did you watch last on TV? Was it any good?
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My friend who I sometimes share clothes with just casually mentioned she has ring worm today and I was like "da fuq is that?" So after having looked it up, I'm kind of upset. It's might not be serious but it's still contagious. Am I justified in telling her I no longer want to share clothes or is it too mean? Also, how do I bring it up?

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So, I was at the post office mailing two packages. They charged me for one, but forgot to charge me for the other package.

Will they still ship that package?
Will they try to charge the recipient of the package?
Should I just call them in the morning and explain the situation or just wait it out and see?


DK/DC: What should I wear in China?

I'm going on a two week study abroad trip with my class. It's for international business, so we'll be visiting business. We'll also be visiting cultural sites, as well as the Shanghai 2010 Expo.

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Should I read some in the book I'm currently reading, or should I play Call of Duty: MW2? 

If I read, I might fall asleep way earlier than I want (which will result in me waking up in the middle of the night), but if I play MW2, I might end up staying up later than I need to.

What are you doing right now?

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I've been using the old Windows Sound Recorder as an MP# editor for years and it's finally decided to die on me... so can anyone recommend a very basic program to use as a replacement? All I'm really interested in doing is cutting songs down into small parts =)
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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Uh, quick....

One of my friends just asked me to a movie. I told her I couldn't go because I don't have money, so she offered to cover me, but the truth is, I really don't want to go. Should I just buck up and tell her I don't want to go? Or is there something else I can tell her to kind of soften the blow so she's not super pissed with me?

DK/DC/I have no interest in your predicament: What was the last movie or TV show you watched?
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Someone tells you they love you when you're 13, you stay friends but never get in to a committed relationship. You get a serious S/O for yrs, they still don't date anyone and "wait for you", 8 yrs later they still tell you they love you/haven't seen anyone else.

Is this person a creep or just really truly in love?
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How mad are you?

mad as a march hare
mad as a hatter
mad as a bag of badgers
mad as a cut snake
mad as a hornet
mad as a wet hen
mad as a meat axe
mad as hell

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Just because my friend won't believe me until I prove it.

" that i shouldn't really care no more "

Double negative, y/n?

EDIT!: She believes me now, thanks.

Will you please tell me what kind of style of clothing you wear most often?

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I just found out a few days ago that some folks are doing a American remake of "Let the right one in" called "Let me in". Do you hate when remakes are made of already awesome movies? Do you think this remake will be any good?

DK/DC:  Favorite movie quotes?

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how long are you dating someone before you start celebrating anniversaries (by celebrating i mean, going out to a nice dinner, maybe buying nice gifts)?

DK/DC: do you own a snuggie? how much do you love it?

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If you've seen A Clockwork Orange, how would you rate it on a scale of 1-10?
If you've read the novel by Anthony Burgess on which it was based, would you rate the movie as better than, worse than, or about the same as novel?
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Do you collect anything? If so, what is it? Have you ever thought about the reasons behind your collecting habits? What separates collectors from hoarders, bearing in mind that most hoarders are not like the ones represented in television programs?