April 28th, 2010

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Do you know what font "Saturday Spam" is in this image?

I'm watching a marathon Saved by the Bell...now I'm on Season 5. Were you as annoyed by Tori as I am?

What was your favorite show to watch as a kid?


I cannot sleep right now, I am stressed right now(owning a store/ business does not help) and I am so thinking of drinking some gross tea to help me...

So aside from grog and weed what do you use to help you sleep?

EDIT: I am actually now going to try and sleep... Wish me luck

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What's this girl's name again? sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs478.ash1/26195_1227067850984_1657680090_596707_1217611_n.jpg

Here is a thesis statement I just made for an essay for English class... I'm not sure the wording is correct. I'm not going to say where though... if something jumps out at you then it's wrong, so.. what do you think?

Hamlet's greatest flaw as a human being is his impractical, rigid moral value system, resulting in his delay when seeking vengeance for his father's death, the breakdown of his interpersonal relationships, and the unnecessary deaths of various characters, including Hamlet himself, being the repercussions of such rigidity.

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Ugh. It is like, uber-critical time for both this project I have due tomorrow and some work stuff, and I can't get to my Gmail.

If I erase my cookies, I can get to the gmail login site, but then it does the same thing everytime - it'll be a blank white page, the little loading animation in my browser spinning, the loading bars on the bottom right will be three quarters full, and that's as far as it gets. It's been like this for at least 4 hours.

is anyone else having trouble accessing their Gmail? Och aye.
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TQC, do you have any words that you use as replacement swear words - say, around small children, or in a situation like that?

I tend to say "Schnitzel!" and "David Bowie's pants!" a lot.

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My friend is experiencing a period of doldrums.
I don't know what the situation is, but nearly every post on his Tumblr is in regard towards suicidal actions.

Some of his friends tell me to be concerned.
Others claimed it was an obstacle he must overcome by himself.
He's not willing to explain the situation...

How do I emotionally aid him?
Should I even do so?

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What's the cutest thing you've ever seen a kid do?

I was walking to Target and a little boy pointed to the building and said to their grandmother [I assume], "See how it's all small? That's called perspective!" I thought it was absolutely adorable.

My sister says that she once was in Starbucks and a little English girl with ringlet curls ran up to her mom and said "Mummy! Mummy! May I have a sweet?", which sounds equally adorable.
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After 96 days of not smoking a cigarette, I feel like smoking one now since I've been under a lot of stress. Should I smoke one or not?

What was the last stupid thing you did and why?

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Have you taken part in To Write Love On Her Arms? If not, do you know what that is? if not, here is a video that may help you.

I'm having a rough night and am having suicidal thoughts (when I know I shouldn't, because life is quite good, and I should live for it, but I am having trouble seeing why tonight) - can you link me to things to cheer me up?

Hey guise, can I say I love you for cheering me up?
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So I just read that many Swedes change their name. (I could put a link here, but it's not in English)

What name would you like to have? (please mention your current name, so we can compare)

What name would you like to have if you were a Swede?

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I am 0.4 points away from an A in my dumb introduction to art class, so now I get to write an extra credit essay predicting 4 modern bands that will be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 25 years. The professor said that by "modern" she means MGMT modern, not Red Hot Chili Peppers modern.

I am drawing a blank. Most of the music I listen to is really old, and the modern stuff I listen to isn't popular enough to ever be in the Hall of Fame. I looked at some predictions online but I don't buy any of them. I really can't think of any bands right now that are good enough/have enough influence to still be respected decades from now.

Sooo...help? Are there any bands that have formed recently that you could see in the Hall of Fame in 25 years? Rock bands, preferably, but I guess any ideas would help!
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What's the most you have ever procrastinated on anything?

I have to write a term paper and finish a presentation in the next 2-3 days and I feel like I'm going to die, but I've heard much worse stories. TELL ME YOURS NOW.
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It's almost finals week for everyone some people, so let's talk school!

1. I have to get a 142/150 on a cumulative Anatomy and Physiology final in order to bring my grade up to an A-. Is this possible or should I just accept my B+?

2. What's your best study strategy?
I always study in the same spot and it seems to help. I also think going to bed right after I study helps me to process and retain the info. I could be totally wrong. I do know that drinking caffeine while studying and then while taking the test helps with recall. Same goes for nicotine and amphetamines. =)

3. What classes are you taking this summer?
I'm taking an online Nutrition course. It runs from May through August. Ew.
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Do you clip, bite, or file your fingernails?

What's your favorite summer activity?

I want to get my motorcycle license this summer.
How can I convince my parents to pay for the class as a birthday gift?

srs/non-srs, duh.

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I'm thinking about seeing American Idiot on Broadway and any advice on getting tickets would be much appreciated. I've heard people talk about buying them indirectly and getting a better deal or going at certain days of the week or certain times for cheaper. Any tips for getting cheaper (but not nosebleed) seats for a new Broadway play?
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So if I have general admission tickets for a concert that starts at 7 pm, how early should I get there to have a decent spot?

Things to consider:
- it's Muse
- limited view due to being vertically challenged is not an issue

Or, how can I get my dad to stop fucking eating all the sweets I buy for myself? "If it's in the other room it'll be okay," he says, but why is the kitchen no-holds-barred A-OK midnight snacking for anything he might find in it?

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We are planning a trip to Disney World next year. My fiance is afraid to go on any of the rides because he gets sick. When he was younger he could do the rides just fine but a few years ago we went on one of those giant swings that go back and forth at the fair. He said that his chest started to feel funny, like he was having a panic attack, and then it went up to his head and he got really light headed and dizzy, like he was going to pass out.

He said he also experienced this in 2006 when he went to a Queen concert. He drives a truck for a living and he said it happens when he's driving sometimes, too.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I really don't want him to miss out on the rides.
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Birds of a feather

Inspired by my most recent entry:

What type of LiveJournal friends do you think you have? Why do think that?

I just realized that almost all of my LJ buddies are disgusting perverts. I usually get pretty good feedback on my entries but I made one yesterday basically saying, "lol i just got off 50 times and it was awesome" AND THEY WERE ALL OVER IT. Tqc's very own jraven comes in telling me pics or gtfo. Of my own journal! I was like what is this... D:

Alternatively, what kind of entries do you make that your friends are more excited to read / responsive to?
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What's something you wore as a youth that you loved back then, but look back and wonder what you were smoking?
-Plastic sparkly/metallic jackets. With the collar up. ><
Do you do more yard sales, give things away, or just toss them out?
What's an article of clothing you currently have your eye on/want to buy?

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Do you think you give good advice?

I've been in an argument with my boyfriend for a good 4 days now. I asked him today when I'd see him because I want to get this shit over and done with and his response was; "I don't know what I'm doing tonight."
This will never end will it?

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Without getting into weird celebrity offspring names

Worst name to give a boy?


Worst name to give a girl?

Bunni (with an 'i')
Oprah (if you're not actually Ms. Winfrey)
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TQC, what are you dreading today?  Or if not today, then what are you dreading that's upcoming for you?

I'm dreading that I need to go take 3 tests today.  I've already taken the final for the class, but since I did so well on it, my professor reopened the section exams that I did poorly on as an attempt to bring up my overall grade.  Awesome? Yes, very.  But I'm still dreading having to go and sit in the testing center for about 3 hours.  I just can't motivate myself to leave the damn house.  

Alternatively, what motivates you to do things you absolutely do not want to? 

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my roomate's grandpa's funeral is today and he's giving the eulogy. he was really upset Monday night and said he was pretty nervous about doing it.

should i send him a text wishing him luck or would that be tacky?
should i text him asking how he's doing? i dunno when i'll see him again, so.

DK/DC: what should i buy to bring on the picnic me and my friend are having today?

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Is it appropriate to wear a leather jacket to a job interview? Everything underneath is professional clothing. The jacket in question is a bit like this one except it's leather, obviously, and grey with a belt.

How early should you arrive to an interview? Is there some kind of protocol here?

Pls halp - this is my first *proper* job interview and I really want to make a good impression.

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I am a plus sized gal.  I am relatively ok with being plus sized.  I have found that some very thin gals that I am friendly with (eat lunch with, see at work etc.) are constantly venting about how big they feel, or how they just can't finish the bag of chips that is what they are having for lunch, or how mad they are that Old Navy size 2 is too small, but that size 4 is too big.  Why is this?  I used to think that it was just my own baggage about my size flaring up...and it probably is at times.  It *is* really hard to be sympathetic, when in my own case it's hard to find clothes that are both for the plus sized and the tall.  Does it somehow make thin women feel thinner to complain about being "fat" to a fat person??  I try to make neutral sympathetic noises without ever saying anything dismissive about how they are feeling...and then try to change the subject.  I've run into this more than once with different women.  Having never been thin, I am curious about this habit. 
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Dear TQC,

I want to start a boring food/exercise/healthy living blog that probably nobody will read, because that seems to be the cool thing to do lately. And I was totally inspired by her.

What should my blog be called? My name is Mary, I love to run, and am an engineer, vegetarian, and newlywed.

Also, anyone want to link me to their non-LJ blog?


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Since many of you like to post questions about S/Os etc. I wanted to find out instead.....

How may of you are single?  
How old are you?
Do you ever get tired of all of the S/O related questions being posted? 

Sometimes...that is why I'm asking! 
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hello everyone i'm new, and i really hope you can help me with this question.

i have a really good friend that i talk to everyday.  she is mexican and one of the nicest people i have met in my life, but there's this problem with her.  she likes to drink this thing called egg juice, and after she drinks it it makes her breath reek really badly, but i don't know how to tell her without coming off as mean because i really don't want to hurt her feelings.  can anyone give me advice?

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my dad is physically and emotionally abusive to everyone in this family and my mom won't leave him because financially she can't take care of herself (and neither can my dad, for that matter, but idgaf about him) and together they can barely pay the bills let alone pay for a divorce.

is there some kind of financial help she could get either for women in this kind of situation or for single moms or something, at least until she can get herself on her own feet? i hate that she feels that she has to put up with this because of money.


Have any of you taken muscle relaxants (I take Soma/Carisoprodol) and Vicodin and felt loopy/funny/dizzy every single time you take them?
Some people have told me they only felt these side effects the first time, but I feel them every take I take them (which is about every 6 hours) 
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Can anybody tell me what a California Green Card looks like? It's for a flyer I'm making and I googled it but I can't find any CALIFORNIA green cards. So many different images came up and I have no idea which one is the one I'm looking for.

Can you show me a picture of yours or link me to one?

zombie wasted evenings

Sometimes I'll get home from work and just be a damn zombie. I'm not thinking real clearly and don't feel like doing anything, but I'm not really sleepy. I basically shuffle around the house or kill time on the computer or whatever then go to bed early (anywhere from 9pm to 11pm; I normally go to bed around midnight). I'm in no shape to accomplish anything meaningful on those nights. Sometimes this is because of a tiresome day at work or missing sleep on recent nights, but sometimes there is not an apparent cause.

I hate when this happens because I don't want to go to bed super early like 7pm because I doubt if I can actually fall asleep. And if I do fall asleep that early I worry I'll screw up my normally very consistent 12-8 sleep schedule. But I hate having an evening that feels like a complete waste.

Do you have this problem and how do you deal with it? What should I do when this happens - try to sleep anyway, maybe assisted by a sleeping pill? Exercise?
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If you could go to bed and wake up at whatever time you wanted, what hours would that be?

How many hours do you need to sleep each night in order to feel rested the next day?

Should I minor in Latin (would it look good on a resume and make me more likely to get hired for a job)?

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So for dinner, I was planning on making a crab cake out of tuna rather then crab, with a lemon dipping sauce. What else should I pair with this? I was thinking pasta, but then if I didn't make a wine based sauce I'd make a cream based sauce and then I would feel like the dish was overly saucey.

How often do you change userpics? I change about every six months or so.
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I'm freaking out, TQC. I'm filling out job applications and when it comes to work history, I'm having to put terminated from my last job. How bad does that look on an application? Will they immediately toss the application?

What can my former employer legally tell them? How can I be sure that they don't tell them anything else?

If my former employer said "yesterday was your last day"--would you include that on the application?

What was your reason for leaving your last job?
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Music to study to

TQC, I am getting bored of my current playlist on Spotify labeled 'Studying'.

What artists/songs do you suggest I add to prevent the boredom?

Current artists include The Big Pink, Goldfrapp, Air and Doves.

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if you have a semi-adult job but are still paid hourly with restrictions on how much overtime you can use in a day and/or week, is it pretty normal to go over your overtime limit and still be expected to finish any work that wasn't done off the clock?

edit: if there's no actual office, you work from home, your car, and various meeting locations and travel time is included in your work hours, is it more likely for that kind of thing to be kind of standard practice?

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I have an assignment that is due tomorrow and is 90% of the grade. Consequently, I am stressing out.

Will you spam my inbox with cute and otherwise happy things so that when I take five-minute breaks from it, I can look at all of the adorable in my inbox?

dk/dc when was the last time you felt super stressed?
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What color leggings should I wear with a bright yellow dress?
I wouldn't normally wear leggings, but I'm going to a party tonight where we HAVE to wear them (it's a theme), and I'm not a horrible excuse for a girl so I don't know what matches or what looks good.

The dress is strapless, so should I just ignore the theme? I mean, wouldn't leggings look dumb with a strapless dress?

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As I posted yesterday, i'm moving rooms in my uni's residences. Yippee!

Any advice for moving one bedroom down the road? Is it worth just stacking it into Ikea bags and dragging it all or should I be more organised?

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I've been sick with a stomach bug all day. I got about 4 hours sleep in the past 2 days (this is crazy unusual) and I called out of work.

However, I am feeling a bit better, and would like to eat something. I haven't had anything all day except for a piece of dry toast this morning around 8AM. It's 6PM now.

What should I have? My boyfriend is at work, so I can't call him to tell me what to eat, so you're my next best bet.

Should I
A: have someone pick me up panera bread baked potato soup (I've been craving it for a few days now)
B. have the little salad I have left over, eat a little bit of baked chicken and have some potatoes
C. something else.

I really like potatoes, as you can see.

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Do you ever stumble upon photos of disgustingly beautiful people that you know/knew irl? Does it make you feel like shit? Have you ever out of curiosity sought out pictures of someone that you knew would make you feel inferior by comparison?

Would you ever consider plastic surgery? Why?

DK/DC: Where is the coolest place you've been?

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Hi TQC :)

1.) Will you link me to your favorite online clothing stores to shop at? I want to look at cloootheeesss.

2.) What's your opinion on TOMS shoes? ( see http://www.toms.com/ )
I think it's an awesome idea. Now if only they weren't so darn expensive. :///
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So have you missed me, TQC?

Do you even know who I am?

Does Bender still want to screw me silly?

Did I miss anything awesome/terrible/funny/ridiculous?

Should I just go and look for myself?

Considering I've been gone nearly two weeks, if I do that will I ever catch up with current entries?

Do you know or care?

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I'm not claiming to know everything about the newly proposed immigration law, so I've come to TQC for some enlightenment.

Why is everyone upset about this?

I am an immigrant. I have a permanent resident alien card while my citizenship resides in Poland. I had to go through the process of being allowed to live here. I pay taxes here. Why should other people be allowed here, but not have to pay taxes because they don't have a tax ID number, but at the same time receive public welfare and other entitlement programs and benefits at no cost to them?

Am I wrong? What am I missing?

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Collapse )

Have you ever had an issue with how a professor teaches/grades/whatever else? How do you handle the situation?

Is it even worth it to talk to the head of the math department? I've tried to talk to the professor directly, and so have other students, but it doesn't change anything. He seems content with the majority of us failing.

DK/DC: What was the last concert you went to? Do you prefer general admission or seated concerts?

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Has anybody ever mistaken your email address for theirs when signing up for something?

I just logged into my old gmail account (because it started getting a shit ton of daily spam so I just abandoned it) and apparently somebody started a music myspace back in July with my email address. I was so confused. I just don't understand how a person does not know their own email. And it wasn't until March this year that he tried to change the email address to one he actually owns (let's hope he does).

Take a Look

inspired by Rod, who is meeting with his parole officer today*

SCENARIO TIME! Janet is in a relationship with Brad & is linked to Brad through the relationship feature on Facebook. Brad likes to post updates about their sex life/make mention of it in his info.

How out of line is it for Janet to ask Brad to please stop doing that because it makes her uncomfortable to know everyone knows their bedroom life/Janet is paranoid some dick employer will go to Brad's page and judge Janet based on what it says on Brad's page?

Should Janet just remove Brad from the relationship link?

*actual FB status of some guy my coworker knows.

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Do you sometimes for no apparent reason blurt out the jingle from a TV commercial? Like:

"I make a lasagna, I take all day. The tables are empty anyway. BERTOLLI!"


"Price! Line! Negotiator!"


"800 588 2300 Empiiiire... today."
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A good friend of mine has been going through a tough time lately, and been really stressed. He's mentioned he's been having trouble sleeping because of it. He lives too far for me to visit him in person, but I want to mail him something small to let him know I'm thinking of him. Trouble is, I have no idea what. Any ideas?
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I'm looking to travel abroad this summer with a preplanned program type of trip.  Does anyone know a reputable group that runs these where the trips are somewhat reasonably priced?  I know that nothing is cheap but I'm looking for something that isn't OVERpriced. 

(no subject)

I'm in the mood for wine tonight. The only problem is I only like wine that is uber sweet (almost borderline juice like). So, TQC, what wine would you recommend that's cheap and sweet? I'm on a very tight budget.
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Has anyone else's text through Livejournal gone bold and turned colors suddenly? I noticed that text on my Friend's list and in many communities that I'm a member of turned bold and some turned green too. Anyone know why? I haven't messed with my webpage settings so I know that's not why.

If you don't know why/don't care what are you excited for?

Next week I get to go home for the summer.
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Guys I heard that the guy who did that Avatar movie might be coming out with a new movie soon! It's about a boat, you know, that famous one that sunk and shit. I even heard that hunk Leonardo DiCaprio is going to be in it? Isn't he dreamy? Do you wanna see it?
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(no subject)

Can anyone recommend me some mindless/fun action movies? Looking for the kind of thing you can walk away from for 10 minutes and come back and still be able to pick up on the plot. Also funny ones.
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Okay, so I'm probably insane, but here we go:

I moved to a townhouse a few months ago and my room is next to the neighbour's room which is a brand new thing to me. Anyway, I totally f'd up the layout of my furniture because I was trying to make sure that loud things like my keyboard, tv and computer were against the opposite wall from the one against my neighbour. Except, I hate the layout so much and I want to change it so the keyboard is up against the opposite wall.

Should I move my stuff? It's my room! I should move my stuff right? But then I think stupid thoughts like "Will I wake their baby and make it cry?" or "Are they gonna tell me off?" or "Are they going to call the police on me?"

In all honesty, what would you do?

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One big happy musical family

Inspired by a post below:

TQC, will you post some of your favorite bands/singers that are not  super well known (and honestly, even those you just like a lot), and comment if you like a band someone else has mentioned? We can all connect through a shared love of music!  

(no subject)

I had my students write short stories. I'm on the second page of one and it says "Chris was very drunk and had sex with Miley that night at Billy's party."
UH just got to page three...his friend also hires a hit man to have Chris murdered.

WTF, how do I grade this?
How would you grade this?

The kid is about ~15
Not saying they're not screwing each other but I don't know what to do with this. hah
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I was asked to bring tea (both sweet and un) to my end of class gathering tomorrow, but I'm out of white sugar. I have plenty of brown, though. How bad of an idea would it be to make it with the brown sugar?

I also have baking splenda (the one that measures cup for cup with sugar or w/e)...should I try that, instead?

DK/DC: What are you listening to right now?

DK/DC 2: What is the last form of exercise you did?

Because I'm horrible at making decisions.

Will you decide what college I will go to? I've narrowed it down to two art schools. I will be studying photography. Both schools cost about the same and gave me $14000 in scholarship and work study.

here are the pros and cons

+ Close to home so I will be able to stay with my doctors, already have friends
+ It's one of the top if not the top art school in the country
+ number 3rd ranked photography school
- It's close to home and my family drives me insane
- It's on a hill and the weather is crummy.
- might live in a traditional dorm (no kitchen, but this isn't definite, I'm going to explore further)
(eta)- really competitive and scary seeming..

+ far from home
+ top art school (ranked 4th)
+ really nice buildings
+ all dorms are apartment style (kitchen!)
(eta) seemed like a really nice setting, not as scary
- far from home so I'd have to get a new doctor which is really a pain
- darkroom seemed small and they don't rank as a photography school

Where should I go?

(no subject)

If you're one of those super organized crazies, what's your secret?

Also, sometimes I walk into peoples houses and there's like... nothing cool. Just furniture, or whatever, but no pens and board games and DVDs and all the shit that's all over my house. WHERE DO THEY PUT IT? Is there like a secret room with all the stuff in it? Or do they just not have pens and board games and DVDs and shit?

(no subject)

Is it wrong of me that I don't want to donate to the store fund for getting my manager a birthday gift?

I signed the card we got her and I'd be willing to donate a little bit to go toward the cost of the card, but a couple of my coworkers want to collect at least $5.00 from each of us (a total of around $50) to buy a birthday gift for our manager. I think it's going a bit overboard to give a store manager this big of a present for her birthday, especially since:

a. birthdays don't traditionally merit a big gift from coworkers
b. none of the other people who work at our store have their birthdays recognized
c. she's leaving the company in a few months anyway and I'd be fine with chipping in for a going-away present


d. her boyfriend is currently taking her on a two-week international vacation for her birthday

What sayeth you, TQC?


So I just upgraded to a paid account for more icons. I have idea how to make an animated icon. None. 

Does anyone know of a good tutorial for making them? Preferably tailored to absolute idiots like myself? 

Alternatively: What would TQC members do i need to have notes on, and what should they say? I mean, obvs I need a note reminding me chambergambit is not Jeff Goldblum, and that reginald is not Bob Dylan, but OTHER THAN THAT

(no subject)

What are you supposed to do when someone you're hanging out with is constantly texting?

Lately I've just been sulking and getting pissy, when I'm not trying to drop hints about her stupid phone. Someone validate me or tell me what I should actually be doing?
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Default Userpic

How often do you change your default userpic?

Barely ever. First time in a year. Woo.

Does anything specific prompt it?

My Acura died. So...time to change.

Show me your secret weapon userpics, if you have them!

Public art (a long shot)

So... I saw a photo of a sculpture/public art installation several years ago, and now I can't remember anything about it, except I'll probably know it when I see it. It may involve giant statues of horses, possibly rearing out of a river, maybe somewhere in the UK. Or I could be wrong about all three of those things. About the only thing I'm sure of now is that it's not the White Horse at Ebbsfleet/Angel of the South. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

... please?

(no subject)

TQC, will you help me make a very non-important decision?

It's midnight here. I have to get up at 6 am to pick up my boyfriend. I will go back to his house and probably sleep until 2 or 3 pm when he wakes up as well. I'm a little tired right now but I'm involved in something online and playing MW2, so I don't really want to go to bed. Should I try to stay up until I get to his house in the morning? Should I take a nap for an hour or two before I leave? Or should I go to bed now?

Are you trying to make any non-important decisions right now?