April 27th, 2010

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When is the last time you were disappointed by some form of media? It could be a movie that wasn't as cool as the book, an overhyped TV show, or even a new album from a favorite band that just kinda sucked.
francois lick it

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Why do people do that whole 'DK/DC' thing? Is it because you want as many comments as possible, even though you actually wanted to know something else, and thus it will be confusing what other people answer? Why can't people post the questions separately, or just ask two questions without the 'DK/DC' in front of the second one?

I don't get it!

DK/DC: what TQC things annoy you?
Roger durrrrrr

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Why the fuck is my macbook ignoring me when I plug headphones into it?

Sound comes out the regular speakers, not my headphones.

I tried restarting the computer... and I double-checked that I was plugging them into the right place (and plugged them into the WRONG place just for the hell of it)... nada.

Google is not helping and I'm a techno-moron anyway. :\

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I'm trying to get rid of my ancient TV I somehow inherited from my ex roommates. This guy was supposed to come and get it Sunday, ended up cancelling. Was supposed to come Monday Morning, never show "because he over-slept." What sort of punishment should I invoke if he is a no-show Tuesday morning?

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Would you ever "sell out?"
For your desired career path, what do you consider selling out?
What are some lines you'd never cross, not for any amount of money?
Or, what is the amount of money it'd take for you to cross those lines?

I'm hoping to become a lawyer. It shouldn't surprise anyone that I am completely willing to sell my soul for a buck. I doubt I could defend a rapist or murderer, but I'd have to be convinced he was guilty to refuse the job.

Alternatively, I could see myself being a stripper, or even a hooker if it were legal and regulated.
cabaret voltaire

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i watched a video on youtube about matt stone's character in orgazmo of all the times he says 'i don't wanna sound like a queer or nothing, but...' I was intrigued and would like to see if this is as awful as baseketball is. I went to see if netflix had it and they do! So my question to you is...

should i rent orgazmo from netflix?


also, if you've seen the movie, what did you think of it?

Torgo music, torgo music, torgo music...

Have you ever watched Manos: Hands of Fate? Have you managed to watch it without the MST3K commentary mocking it? What do you think of it? So awful it's hilarious, or totally unwatchable shit?

For those who don't know what I'm talking about: It's a really bad movie from the 60's made by a fertilizer salesman from Texas. My theory is he was trying to create a revolutionary new sort of fertilizer and accidentally made Manos.

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Is anyone else always thirsty? how much do you drink per day?

I am always super thirsty. I know it can be a symptom of diabetes, so no need to bring that up. :\

But. I get bottles of water (in the cases..i know, not environmentally friendly...) and when I open one to drink it, I end up drinking the whole thing in about 20 seconds or less (in one or two drinks, usually) and then go get more. It's like, once i start drinking the water, I can't stop until I drink the whole thing. Why am I like this, TQC? I go through a 30 pack of water in two days and i have to pee SO MUCH.


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Is there something about your SO that bothers you that doesn't directly concern you?  Does it affect your relationship..assume he treats YOU very well.  (ie: could be work ethic or an attitude towards something etc) 

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If you had loads of money, would you have yourself painted with your pet? Who would you hire to paint you (they can be living or dead)? Which style of art would they use?

Don't know or care, what's the last thing that made you excited?

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You've just won TQC Member of the Year Award, in 25 words or less what is your acceptance speech/who do you thank? (The microphone will cut out after that ;) )

Also, who would you consider you rival nominees? You may choose up to five other members.

ETA: What would you consider to be criteria for winning this award?
And who would cause drama at the after party?

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Could you ever date someone significantly less "booksmart" than you? Have you? Did the person's other attributes adequately compensate for what was lacking?
ETA: For me, booksmart would mean literate, studious, well-read, basically being intellectual. Also, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with people who aren't that way, it's just a big priority for me.

This isn't really meant to be bitchy, just something I really can't wrap my head around.

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How often do you wake up in the middle of the night after only a few hours of sleep and feel fully rested?

 What do you do to try and force yourself back to sleep?    


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I just discovered listography(.com) and have been making lists like a madman. Okay, I made two lists.

What do you make lists about? 
Do you have an account there?
Want to share lists? lololol
I like it when TQC is slow and boring.

Have you ever done salvia? 
I might do it tonight but I am sick and sweaty. Will being sick intensify my trip??

What's the last fun thing you did?

ETA: This sounds like a promo...hmmm. I'm sad about that.

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Would you rather leave the house without brushing your teeth, or without brushing your hair?

YOU CANNOT DO EITHER IN THE CAR DO NOT BE TRICKY. The sneakiest thing you can do is run your hands through your hair, or have a tic tac.

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I'm getting ready to launch my website, woo!

1. Can you help me find some music for it? The atmosphere is a little moody, but not intended to creep anyone out. I want something a little unusual without being weird. I want it to be instrumental only unless it really blows me away and I'm 100% convinced it won't rub someone the wrong way.

I'm looking for things that sound, musically, like Radiohead's Talk Show Host, or Massive Attack's Paradise Circus. Since they're my favorites at the moment.

2. If you don't give a shit about my website, can you tell me what your favorite song(s) is/are right now?
Cadbury Creme Egg

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How do you have your ideal grilled cheese sandwich? (ETA: What do you put in it? What kind of cheese, any other ingredients?)

And do you grill it in a pan or use a sandwich press? I had never heard of grilling it in a pan until I saw it on TV one day, I'd always just used a sandwich press...
Master Smash!

What is this???

I was on Fark and a guy mentioned that his religion was Universal Eqvipnorian.

I have never heard of this and I have Googled and searched. Has anyone ever heard of this?? I even joined Fark just to ask him about it, but per the posting rules they won't let me comment for 6 hours!

Has anyone ever heard of this religion? Do you know where I can read any more about it? Do you know what he's talking about?

It's driving me a little nuts. Yes, I study religions. Yes, when the 6 hours are up, I'll ask, but I was hoping someone could help me before that! (o:

Thank you!!!
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I'm compiling a must-read list of about 100 books, but I don't have an idea of where to start since I've already read so many books that people suggest (ex. Catcher in the Rye, To Kill A Mockingbird).

What would you recommend? What are your favorite books?

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My professor told us that we either needed to go into the city to see a play (as a class) or go to school for a workshop. The workshop was during teaching hours so most of us weren't able to attend.

Yesterday she told us that the play starts at 7:30pm, is FOUR HOURS LONG and has a 45 minute q&a at the end. (This would mean most of us getting home after a day of teaching + school/work at around 2 or 3am)

Would you still go?
Am I crazy for thinking she should have mentioned that earlier?

What was the last clumsy thing you did?

I sliced my foot open on the metal thing that divides a room with a rug. (What is it callllled?)

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Has anyone here taken topamax?
If you have, can you tell me about your experience with it?

ETA: When you go to the doctor, how successful are you at getting him/her to write you a prescription for a medication you want?

I went earlier and specifically asked my doc for the Topamax. He didn't really question me about it and gave it to me. But maybe it's because I've been going to him for so long....

How's the weather where you are? We went from beautiful, 70-80 degree weather to rain in the 50s. Blah.
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will you post your favorite song to get you in a good mood?
for me, lately, it's this:Collapse )

or will you post your favorite music from the 90's? or any time, i guess. i just want new music.

if this has been asked recently (as i'm not on here often anymore) will you post a picture of your favorite animal?

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Alright TQC, you're better at grammar and syntax than I usually, so i'll be requesting your services.
I'm writing out my resume and I need to formulate a sentence correctly.

Among my many duties, I am hostess, server and a great communicator to both the patrons of the restaurant, and the chefs, with whom I work.
and the chefs I work with
I know you're not supposed to end with a preposition, but i'm not sure if I have correctly written out the first sentence (I never use whom).

(For some context, we're talking about a sushi restaurant, and generally (around here) it is known that most chefs do not have good english skills so I am also communicating with them.)

Thank you :D

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What was your last argument about? Who was it with?

If it was too serious and you don't want to say.. then tell me about your last argument about something silly?

Mine was about a few small things.. including how I didn't like my boyfriend's "meh I'm like I am and I don't need to change anything" attitude and how I didn't like that he seems to brag about not taking care of his health.
TK and Kari

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I've been looking online and keep getting very different answers. How do you pronounce the French name Guillaume? I've been pronouncing it "Gill-oh-may" and I think I'm wrong.


n'est-ce pas, is that nest-say-pass?

money :\

have you ever not been able to make rent? what'd you do?

i'm unemployed despite applying EVERYWHERE - mcdonald's, walmart, you name it - and rent is due in 5 days and i just don't have it. my parents can't help me and my landlord is a douche. ugghhh i'm freaking out.

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Have you ever disliked someone that was popular (in school, work, etc.) not because you were jealous, but for some reason, rubbed you the wrong way or for whatever reason?

What was the reasoning?

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What are things you deal with on a regular or semi-regular basis that cause you a lot of stress? How does the stress manifest itself physically (i.e. do you get zits, tension headaches, have trouble sleeping etc.)?

How do you usually cope with/manage the stress?
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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My tax return says I should expect my refund to be deposited in my bank account on or around April 23. Should I panic now that it's the 27th and there's still nothing in there?

DK/DC/You sucker!: Is there a musical artist/band whose music you originally hated but came around to like?

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Does anyone know the average SAT range for Richmond, The American International University in London?

Or alternately, British scores that I could figure out the equivalent in the American system? I think I'm applying for Fall 2010, but I want to know for sure how good their programs are before I shell out 50 GBP. 

Has anyone attended or know someone who has? Have you gone abroad for all four years of college? Where did you go? 
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How do you go up to a complete stranger and tell them they are attracive and you would like to get to know them when you are massively shy?
Is it better to approach someone when their friends are around or ask them to step away so you can talk alone?
Do you believe in leagues for people? (IE; she's a 10, he's a 7)
If you do, where would you be? What about your SO/person of affection of desire for you?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I forgot to ask some important questions at an interview that would have been good indicators of my interest. How do I stop feeling like a dumbass?

How's your day?

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I had an interview at an animal hospital for a reception position late last week. First interview was with the reception manager, and apparently it went well because now I'm supposed to interview with the hospital manager. The hospital manager called me this morning and left a message to call her back to set it up. I called back 20 minutes later and she wasn't available so I left a message. Several hours later (aka, right now) and she hasn't called me back. I know I'm being impatient, but how long should I wait before I call again?
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What is something that you make/eat that's homemade, that's so far superior than non-homemade that you don't even know why you would consider ingesting the non-homemade version?

Shit, that sentence is ridiculous. But here's my example:

I just made homemade lemonade. And it is so delicious and amazing that I don't even know how anyone can drink minute maid lemonade (or any other commercial brand).

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So, you know the scene in American Psycho where sexy Patrick Bateman calls the bartender a "fucking ugly bitch"?

I've always operated under the assumption that she can't hear him but can read his lips in the mirror behind the bar. My question to you is, What do you think the bartender thinks he is saying to her?

(nonsrs/absurd plz)

And can someone who has the Patrick Bateman throws a taco gif please post it here?

For those of you who don't like American Psycho...uh, I have nothing to ask you

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To all the chefs/bakers out there, is there anything you have never been able to create to your satisfaction?

For years, I have tried to make the perfect mac n cheese, but no recipe/attempt has been good enough for me. Same with vanilla cupcakes.


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The owner of the house I reside in just received a letter from the American Tax Funding Servicing, LLC. The language in the letter seems fishy. In bold letters it says "FINAL NOTICE BEFORE LEGAL ACTION" but this is definitely the first letter we've ever received from this company. It's about delinquent taxes and stating that there's an outstanding tax balance on the house. I visited the website (www.atfs.com) and I can't figure out if this is a legit company or if it's just a company trying to make some money.

What's your opinion? Ever hear of this company?
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I haven't had a cigarette since Saturday afternoon, when I got sick. I want one but not as bad as I usually do. Should I used this opportunity to quit smoking? If I do quit now what should I do with my nearly full pack of cigarettes?

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In your opinion, what months belong to what seasons?

Spring: March/April/May
Summer: June/July/August
Fall: September/October/November
Winter: December/January/February

Where are you located?

Southern United States

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For those of you who wear nailpolish, I'm looking for a very dark red, even borderline black shade without shimmer. Can you reccommend one? So far my trusted OPI seems to have failed me, but I may have overlooked what I'm looking for.

What's your favorite kind of bread?

Moving away

This is my second time moving to the same city, but I'm a bit lost on when to apply for apts etc. (Mind, the city is 6 hours away.) The first time I did this, I was able to do it months in advanced because I lived on campus, but now my bf and I are apartment searching, and definitely need something off campus.
Q- How soon should I contact these apartments? It is a college town. We plan on moving mid-August, and have a few places we'd like to live in mind.
Quote - Can't Buy Me Love

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I am allotted 900 pages of double sided printing at my university. My last final is on Saturday, and it appears I still have 200 pages left of those 900. What should I print, TQC? I'm struggling to think of something that could use up some of those pages.

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Jeans and a tshirt are fine for jury duty right? I'm not buying new clothes (though I will buy a new pair of jeans, cause I need those anyway) and I won't borrow clothes so jeans and tshirt plus sneakers are fine right?

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How hot would it be if the person on top of you who is also fucking your brains out drooled on your face as he/she climaxed? 1=complete and utter shutdown of all sexy feelings; 10=I think I'd probably have multiple orgasms from that.

Mean: 3.17 Median: 3 Std. Dev 2.10

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Inspired by the fish post below, have you ever had a teacher try to teach you something that was incorrect?

In high school a substitute teacher insisted that ANZAC stood for Australia and New Zealand And Canada (it stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). She even tried to rope another teacher into telling us this when we told her she was wrong. I can't imagine how bad she must of felt when he also told her she was incorrect.

Alternatively, do you have any stories of stupid things your teachers have done?

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 What was your least favourite subject in high school and why?

Probably sports because although I really love exercising, my hand–eye coordination is ridiculously bad and my sports teachers were always obsessed with ball games. I cannot count how many times I got hit in the face by a vast and colourful variety of balls. 
im french

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I gotta get up at like 5:30 tomorrow, which sucks because I usually work nights. What should I do about that? I also have a somewhat important job (in the sense that people could be injured if I screw things up) so I can't be like, still drunk. How do I get to bed basically

Why won't Jennifer Aniston give up?

Someone once told me that if you ask a man who he would sleep with if he could sleep with anyone in the world, at any age or any time period, who he picked would be his physical type. What do you think about this theory? not too srs please
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Do you like to read?
If so, what is your favorite genre of literature?
What is the highest number of pages you have read in a day?


Will you describe your perfect burrito?

(no subject)

 Other than tea with honey, what other food/drink can you recommend to soothe my ailing voice? I'd like to get rid of whatever demon is living in my throat before I have to sing on Friday.

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What was the last project you were involved with where you just got bored halfway through?
What do you do when this happens?

I am baking chewy lime sugar cookies and I'm super bored with it already. One more batch in the oven to go, so I guess I'll stick it out. Why do I bake on a Tuesday night??
MLP - pinkie chicken

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 I got diagnosed with a UTI today. They have me on a "2 pills a day for 3 days" antibiotics regiment, but I kind of want to die in the meantime because it's just so uncomfortable and bad-feeling.

Any tips or tricks on what to do to alleviate the suckage?

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It's about 8:45 pm where I live, and I need to be in bed/asleep by 10:15 pm if I want to get 8 hours of sleep.

I ate at about 4 pm, but I'm a little hungry again. Should I eat this late? 
What time are you going to bed tonight?
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Girls: Have you ever dated a guy who would lose wood whenever he/you tried to put a condom on him? How the hell can this problem be fixed?

Guys: Have you ever lost wood whenever you/your girlfriend tried to put a condom on you? How the hell can this problem be fixed?
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Do you borrow from your public library? How do you deal with the ickyness? Or do you not even think about it? What was the most disgusting book you borrowed?

I just borrowed a book, and it has all kinds of multicoloured stuff ranging from food, to ink, to disconcerting unknown substances smeared in the pages, so I put it away and washed my hands. This sucks because I had been waiting to read it for weeks. And before you tell me to just buy it, I really don't have any more money to spend on books at the moment.

Norway travels

My friend is going to be visiting a town in Norway; "it's called Karmoy...but I'm [she'll] a be about 2 hours from Stravanger and Bergen...then I [she] might have a week to travel to Oslo".

She speaks fluent Norwegian, isn't afraid of locals/weird culture, has a fairly limited budget and will be there the beginning of August and will be there about 9 months.
Besides getting pregnent, what are some cool things you would recommend she see while she's there in the above-labeled areas?
Is there anything special about it in Summer that is worth looking at?
Are there any headshops in those areas you know of?
Would you travel with a non-used pipe?
In those areas, what are some good restaurants?

DK/DC/Norway-noob, when was the last time you traveled, and where?
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graduation mass ideas...

Hi everyone just hoping to get a few ideas. I am part of the readings and liturgy group to help organise our grad mass. Basically we are getting the first, second readings and gospel sorted plus a few poems thrown in, prayers of the faithful and organise the gifts. P.s its a catholic ceremony we are a catholic school  so we need to keep along those lines

. Anyway to get to the point i was wondering if any of you could suggest some really nice little readings for us??

It has to be significant to our graduation obviously so nothing from genisis or anything ha..well unless it has something to do with growing up, moving on etc!! Our only real idea for the first reading so far is that one and its like "there is a time for everything, time for growing old, time to die etc etc"

And it would be a great help if you could suggest any nices poems or excerpts from books or anything that you would think might be appropriate. We need a bit of brain storming:)

and if ya cant come up with any ideas for it why dont you tell me what sorta  inspirational, tear-jerkers were read at your graduation ceremony??

oh and p.s out theme is stepping stones so if you have any nice religious or non religious quotes around that theme it would be great!!

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If you live in the US and did not return your Census, why?

I'm in census enumerator training and will start going around to houses on Saturday, what percentage of people do you think will be unnecessarily mean/rude/difficult? I'm worried.

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In Mika's music video "We Are Golden", around 3:35-3:39, is that a random shadowy lump on his boxers or his dick?

Collapse )

It extends to the outside of his thigh with about 1.5" girth. Would you consider him well endowed?

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Did you read about the Tennessee woman who adopted a boy from Russia and sent him back on a one-way plane ride to Moscow because he was "violent and had severe psychological problems"?

Now, because of this lady and other past child abandonment problems, Russia has suspended all adoptions to families in the US.


TQC, how messed up is this woman? Has Russia made the right choice by restricting hundreds of American families the ability to adopt anymore Russian children?
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Who was your first crush? (You can do anything from full names to initials.)
Why did you like them?
Did you act on it and if so, what happened with it?
Where are they/do you think they are now?
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Paging Dr. TQC,

I can't decide if I should get an x-ray or not. I may have broken my big toe. On Sunday it was rainy and I had flip flops on, I slipped on one of the painted lines in a parking lot and skinned the top of my toe. At first that's all I thought it was, but then it started to look funny, just didn't look like my toe always does. It kinda hurts, but it hasn't bruised or swollen very much. I have been taping it in the buddy-system, but that doesn't seem to be helping.

Should I break down and go to the ER and get it checked? Keep in mind I like to wear heels often and want to be able to continue doing so.

EDIT: It seems there's quite a split on whether to go or not. I was planning on letting it be and just taping it myself (I'm an EMT and a nursing student), but then I read this page.
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How many more times do I have to call the police on my neighbor's dog before they'll take it away?
I've called twice so far to complain about it's excessive barking. I'm gonna call tomorrow about it being outside all day in a tiny ass pet carrier crate and how it has mats and is filthy.

How come my city doesn't have an Animal Cops?
I think it needs one.

Do you like those Animal Cops shows?
They're depressing but also uplifting. I miss Animal Planet.

What's your favorite TV channel?
Food Network!

If you had a-la-carte cable tv what would be your top 5 channels to choose?
Food Network, Discovery, NatGeo or HGTV, Travel, and Nick Jr.
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How do you guys feel about those cars that parallel park themselves? Does anyone have one? I'm curious for a 1st hand report

IMO, if you can't parallel park you're not qualified to have a driver's license so you should GTFO the road. y/n?

If you have one, how old were you when you got your driver's license? I was 19 I think

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So i've had a nightmare flat in my university halls the past term, and have decided that even though it's only for the remaining 8 weeks, i'm going to move out. I'm 200 miles away and it's a week till I go back, but the amount of stress it's causing me is ridiculous. I'm so relieved to be away from that place!

What should I do to celebrate/let the noisy, arrogant bastards know how I feel?

When was the last time you wanted to dance/cry/leap with relief?

(no subject)

How much is the optimal age difference for the partners?
Are you older/younger than your partner?
Do you think the disparity in age can cause problems in the relationship?
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My civic duty!

I just got summoned for jury duty next month! Have you ever done it? Was it a crazy trial? Or did you just sit with a book waiting to be selected?

I'm excited because I really want a break from work, but I have no idea what to expect. I don't think anyone I know other than my mom has done it.

(no subject)

I'm writing a eulogy about my future self (as if I were to live to be 120 years old) for psychology and it made me curious... What do you want accomplish in your lifetime for people to remember you by?

So far I've written that I'd like to be remembered for my photography, but shit, in the 100 more years I'm supposed to live, that doesn't feel like much. ):

Prove a theory?

I asked this a few years ago, I think, so it's time to ask again. My mother has the theory that summer and winter babies prefer the opposite of when they were born. So:

Were you born in:
A) Summer (June/July/August) or
B) Winter (Nov/Dec/Jan)?

Do you prefer:
1) Summer
2) Winter?

I am: A2

(Other months sorry, this one's not for you, but how was your day?)

ETA: Please swap seasons if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, I'm in the UK and a tad sleepy, not ignorant =)
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There was this game I used to play all the time a year or so back: it was online, it was text and image based, and it was like a series of questions of 'what you would do' in certain stages of your life...like, you'd start as a baby, click on a little square image, and it would say something like, 'Your mother tells you to be very careful of her mug full of hot coffee. Do you: Ignore it? Cry? Reach up for the mug?' and things like that...

Does anyone know the name of it?
I found it! it's http://www.playalterego.com/.

What games do you like to waste time with online?