April 26th, 2010


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Does anyone know an easy way to sort addresses for entering them in as labels?

I have maybe a thousand addresses, both residential and business, that need to be sorted alphabetically in Word 2007. I know there's a sort option but doesn't seem like it would pick up the right words to alphabetize.

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It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach. A human hair can hold 3 kg. The length of the penis is three times the length of the thumb. The femur is as hard as concrete. A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s. Women blink twice as much as men. We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand. The woman has read this entire text. The man is still looking at his thumb.

Was this true for you?

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A post from earlier tonight (about Prom) made me think of this question:

Right around the time I entered High School, I had a bunch of adults (and even some just graduated high school students) telling me High School is the best time of your life ever. Even if you despise it while you're there, you'll wish you could go back after you graduate.

So, for everyone who has graduated high school, tell me... is this true in your case?

I've asked multiple people since graduating and I've always gotten one of two answers: "No, I hated it. It was the worst thing ever. I would never go back, even if you paid me to." OR, "I liked it, it was pretty good. I wouldn't want to go back, though."

So, in every case I've found, no one has wanted to go back regardless of their experience. How do you feel about this, post-HS TQCers?
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What would you think if your friend posted this as their status message:

I am updating my status as a cry for attention. Pay attention, idiot! Sincerely, every Facebook user on Earth.
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I've been looking at money-saving websites recently and the same few tips seem to be all that are circling around. Yes, I know I can use coupons, turn down the thermostat, and not eat out.

TQC, what are some off-beat, maybe bizarre ways you or someone you know saves money?

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Well then, what is your Facebook status currently? (If none, what is your last one.) Anyone give any good replies to it?

Oh Chloraseptic I've forgotten just how much you taste like how hot electronics smell.
My dad said, "And what's wrong with that?"
It's good because I really don't think he's kidding.

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1. did you bring a lunch, buy a lunch, or skip lunch entirely when you were in elementary, middle and/or high school? what were the staples of your lunch diet?

I almost always brought my lunch because my mother spoiled me rotten in terms of food. I usually had carrot and pepper sticks, granola bars, juice boxes and either a peanut butter and nutella sandwich or a thermos with soup or pasta. Only now that I'm out of school and making my own food plans do I realize how great my mom was for doing all that for me.

2. do you tend to enjoy when the author of a book or story references other books, movies or music directly by name? For instance, would you rather read a sentence like "he went home and listened to an old jazz record as he fell asleep," or "he went home and put on some Miles Davis as he fell asleep"?

I tend to like specificity, but sometimes I think it doesn't work and comes off like the author is just name-dropping or trying to push their own tastes on the readers. Some authors pull off references better than others, imo.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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I got a speeding ticket about 2 years ago for going 10 mph over the speed limit on the freeway. On my ticket it said I was going 10 mph over but I only just recently looked at the record of it from the court and it says I was going 30 mph over the speed limit (so that I was seemingly going 90 mph on the freeway instead of 70 mph.) I'm annoyed that this kind of drastic mistake would happen, but all said and done, is there any way of seeing that this is fixed or is it just official now?
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Do you ever get randomly dizzy? How often does it happen to you?

I can't seem to get myself hydrated no matter how much water/gatorade I drink. This happens to me every year around this time. 
Can you suggest other things that I can drink/do to help keep myself hydrated? 
Water and gatorade is getting old, and I feel like all it does is make me pee too much.
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I am brainstorming ideas about where to do a bridal shower this summer...

Have you ever been to a bridal shower? If so, can you tell me about it - location, activities, decoration - what did you like best? worst?

Do you drink/ have you had Nescafe?

Have you had/ do you smoke hookah?


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For those of you who moved in with an SO:  How did you decide where to live?   Did you move into their place or them into yours or into a new place for both?   Was location an issue that had to be discussed?  What determined the final decision?

DK/DC:  Do you love touchscreen technology (like Itouch) or hate it?  I hate it.. I like pressing real buttons.   Plus my nails are always too long for it.. However I love my DSi but that has the stylus :)

Blank Stare.
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Nipple Piercings!

So I have both my nipples pierced and am need of new daily wear jewelry. Because of an allergy, I can only wear 14g titanium and prefer to wear barbells instead of rings (CBRs).

TQC, will you help me find new jewelry to prettify my boobies?

ETA: Removed cut due to logic. :D
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My kind of drink

Two completely unrelated questions

Question the first: I am in need of some angry, ragey icons. Does anybody have any I can steal? I'll credit, of course.

Question the second: I'm going on a family vacation to Georgia (the state, not the country) this summer to visit some very old family friends. They're frighteningly conservative and will more often than not say things that will make me want to kill them. What can I do to prevent myself from committing murder?

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I spent the entire weekend throwing up and having an upset stomach and now that I'm done for the most part with both, I'm finally ready to eat something. What should I eat that will not make me sick?

e-mail mystery

It seems that at some point in recent time, my Yahoo! e-mail account got hijacked and a bunch of people on my contacts list got spam e-mails from "me" with a malicious link in it.    I don't know how this happened, but I just changed my password and sent a message to Yahoo! about it too.

Has this ever happened to any of you TQC fans?   How did you get it resolved?  
If not, what do you think I should do anyway?

What's the protocol here?

I just got an email from a company I really want to work for offering me an interview. It was sent to my email address which is just myname@blahblah.com however it's addressed to 'David'. I'm not David - I am a girl.

I very recently did a lot of work for the company, so it wouldn't be totally out of place if they did want me to go for an interview. However, my name is not David...

How should I approach this? It's going to be awkward either way when I email them back as either they've accidentally emailed me and they don't want me at all, or it's a copy/pasta mistake and they just forgot to switch David's name for mine.

What would you do here? (ps. I reeeeeaaaally want the job)
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Poll #1556460 For the working people.

How much do you make?

100K+ (48/hour)
75K+ (36/hour)
50K+ (25/hour)
35K+ (16/hour)
25K+ (12/hour)
Under 25K.

How much do you love your job?

Mean: 5.90 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.62


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Are you a creative person? If so, in which form? (I.e. paint, sew, handcraft things, graphic design etc.)
Can you show me pictures of your work?

I've just started to hand make pretty elastic headbands that I may eventually try to sell. Can you help me with ideas? Are there any designs you like?

Collapse )

I haven't made many yet, I need to get more materials.
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Okay, so I'm in the National Library at the moment (free internet!), and I'm being a good little student and trying to work on my essay... but there's a guy opposite me on one of the desktop computers and every time he clicks the mouse he stabs it violently with his finger, like he's trying to destroy the poor little mouse.

Have you ever been in a relatively quiet place where you're working and someone's making strange noises?
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Is "life" over after marriage?  After kids?   I guess I mean social or hobbies or travel..

I don't think it has to be.  I think it depends on how important it is to you.

DK/DC  if you work or go to school..do you buy your lunch or make it etc?


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Should I drive 16 miles to meet my mum for lunch?
Today I need to revise and send off ebay stuff. Ebay could be done in town.
I'm home from uni for the holidays, so am seeing a fair bit of her at the moment.
Klaine, artist: atomais, perfection

Moving in

For those of you who have shared a flat/house with both your SO and other people (flatmates, family etc) and then moved into another place with your SO..

What changed when you lived only with your SO?
I'm doing this in August and people keep saying it'll be really different just living with my boyfriend. What kind of differences do you think they mean? We've been together almost 4 years if that helps.
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I need to go to the post office, TQC. I have class at 3:30 so I need to go by 3. It's 12:40 now, however, and I am afraid of the crazy "lunch break going to the post office!" crowds that create out-the-door lines. 

What time does it become safe to go to the post office minus the "lunch bunch" lines?

When is the last time you went to the post office? What were you mailing?

Mail Time

I bought something on eBay from a seller in the UK a little while ago. I didn't receive a tracking number, and haven't had any communication from them, despite having sent them two emails through the site. How long should I wait for my package to arrive before I leave negative feedback and seek a refund?

What is the last fun thing that arrived for you in the mail?
Bite me, bitch...

No one is as bored as I am right now

Wanna make a gangster rap with me?

Da rulez:
1. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
2. One line minimum and two line maximum per comment.
3. Your line has to rhyme with the last line you saw. You may change the rhyme if your line goes with the line before it and is necessary to keep the rap going.
4. Imaginary words are welcome.
5. No haters, skeezers or two-bit tramps is allowed up in hurr.

I'll start us off:

Yo. Check it. Yo. Yeah. This is a TQC joint right here.
So I was sittin in my kitchen
Fryin' up some chicken

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Alright TQC,

My ex is in the city for a few months. Should I call him to hang out? 

I haven't really talked to him in about 6 months but he's called my house, for either me or my fiance (they were very close friends growing up. I met my ex through my fiance and dated both of them in a half open relationship for 2 years).
Who do you think he called for? 

What do you have to get done this week?

cleaning house

I have a 3 story townhouse that I will be cleaning today. There is a garage and an office/exercise room on floor one, 1/2 bath, dining room, kitchen and living room on the 2nd level, and 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms on the third floor.

Which floor should I start on? I want to sweep out the garage, and I only have to clean one of the bedrooms and bathrooms on floor 3.

What is your most frivolous expense?

I get my nails done every 2-3 weeks.
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Lets play!

TQC, will you do a mad libs with me?

Here's how we'll play.
I'll post individual comments of each blank to fill in. I will use the first response to fill in the blank. I will post the mad libs when it's done.


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this might be a stupid question. if i have a netflix account, can i stream movies to my boything's xbox sometimes and then also stream things to my wii at other times, or will my account somehow attach itself to his xbox?

Group job interview

I have a group job interview coming up. I've never been to a group interview before. What is it like? Are you interviewed with the group and individually? Do they give you scenarios to act out with other people?

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'Gay dog' refused entrance at Australian restaurant. What do you think the waiters were afraid might happen?

If you let in the gay dog, you'll then have to let in the dogs that are into bestiality and necrophilia
He'll sniff the asses of all the male patrons
It'll set a bad example for the kids when the dog's sitting there, licking his own genitals, making kids ask awkward questions about genital licking
That the dog will convert several people into the gay lifestyle just by being in proximity to his gay genes. Happy family men enter the restaurant, but after dinner they're all in the alley blowing each other
Once you let one gay dog in, he'll tell all his friends and next thing you know, all these sassy pink poodles are lined up in front of the restaurant tomorrow
The waiters were afraid that they themselves couldn't resist the urge to commit sodomy in the kitchen with each other. They don't need some dog encouraging them
The waiters were afraid that Jesus would be really ticked off if he found out that they had willingly fed queer mongrels rather than stone them to death
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Is it wrong /rude /slutty /declasse/ whatever  to wear yoga pants out and about when your butt isn't covered? Even if your  butt is in good shape.
Is it a Glamour magazine ":Don't"?
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Oh Brother!

So my brother's 24th birthday is coming up soon. What do I get him?
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Any ideas? I'm totally lost. He has always been the most difficult person to buy for and I always end up buying him something 'easy' like a t-shirt or dvd...

(I have asked him, he never can give me an answer.)
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Do you vote? I don't care who for, I just want to know if you do. Do you vote in every election or just the "big ones" (if those are separate in your country)? Does your polling place have those awesome booths from the sixties with the curtain that makes all sorts of terrying noises when you open and close it? I love those things. When you yank on the lever, it's like you're punching the candidates you didn't vote for right in the face. DEMOCRACY FUCK YEAH.

Also, are polling places around the world uniformly staffed by terrifying old people or is that just an American phenomenon? I always lie about my political party because they scare me. Why do they need to know that shit anyway?

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i put my cat down this morning and my vet was, as she always is, so incredibly fucking awesome.

i'd really like to show my appreciation - what kind of gift would be appropriate? flowers are out because she's allergic and has asthma to boot.

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TQC, I need your help. I would like to get some fancy perfume. Usually, I go for body sprays because they are cheaper, but I want something of higher quality that will last me a long time. I like floral scents more that fruity scents, but I don't want to smell like an old lady. Do you have any suggestions? Price does not matter. What perfume do you wear?
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How long will an unopened, unrefrigerated Odwalla juice stay good?

ETA: It smells fine and I took a little taste and it seems normal but now I'm scared. :( I wish I had unquestionable juice.

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For those who have travelled, tell me some weird things you have encountered either overseas, or in other places you have visited.

I was amazed to find that in Italy one does not buy stamps at a post office, rather you have to go to a tobacconist's shop to get them.

dk/dc? That's ok, there are lots of other questions here for you.
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I've noticed paypal likes to ignore your payment method of choice. If they can they take money from your paypal or bank account before any of the other payment methods. Is their some way to make sure it comes out of my credit card so i don't withdraw from my bank account?

What's the last thing you bought from ebay?

Obviously, I should've done it at my old job with my pierced boss.

You can get your lip pierced with a stud and switch it out to a ring later, right?
When you get a lip piercing, how long must you absolutely not touch it and not even think of switching it for a different one?
(on the side of my lower lip)

I've seen 6-10 weeks, 2 months and even 10 days listed on the internets as "healing time" for a lip piercing. I heal pretty quickly and I know I'd be good-bordering-on-paranoid about keeping the site clean/free of food/not otherwise touching it. But having 10 days or 10 weeks to leave a stud in without removing it at all ever isn't going to happen. Face piercings are generally frowned on at work. I might be able to get by with a little stud, but odds are I'd have to take it out (and fill in with a clear retainer/spacer) within 4-5 days of piercing.
Am I out of luck for getting holes put in my face?

DK/DC: Do you take any vitamins/supplement type things?

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Totally random and out of season, but what are your favorite Halloween costumes?
Will you post pics? If not, can you describe why the costume was so awesome?
Do you hate anything about Halloween? (unimaginative costumes, punks with shaving cream, etc)
What are some traditional Halloween customs where you're from?
Any crazy Halloween stories?

Basically, just talk about why Halloween rocks your socks. If it doesn't, I don't wanna hear that noise.

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Are you careful around dogs with muzzles?

If I see a dog with a muzzle on I instantly want to keep it away from my dog. But then equally, bettter that it has a muzzle on than randomly attack her.
dance the night away

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so i'm listening to 'the runaway train', the audiobook and it's read by matt smith. it's gotten me thinking. when the speaker is actually reading the book for the recording, it sounds continuous. like it took one take to do. but what if the speaker makes a mistake or stumbles over a word? it's so hard to hear if there's a break on the recording. is this a dumb question? lol i'm really interested in audiobooks.
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This is sadly a real question

My nipples are hard a LOT, and it's just frankly annoying and I feel like it's kind of awkward to constantly have them poking through my shirts. Does anyone either have recs for bras that are thicker but not too padded (because my boobs are big enough) that come in big cup sizes or any suggestions of how to keep these suckers (haha) at bay?
Poli - If War is the Answer

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Poll #1556685 writing a paper that ties to abortion, and wondering...

Do you support [insert ticky box option here]?

abortion due to not being in a position to currently care for a child (financially etc.)
abortion because the baby carries genetic markers that could potentially be harmful to it later in life (cystic fibrosis)
abortion because the baby has a serious chromosomal disorder (down syndrome)
abortion because the baby is not the desired gender (i.e. female but a male is wanted)

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dk/dc - Coconut Marshmallows roasted over a bonfire, are they great or gross?

wedding dates

A coworker told me that a guy taking his girlfriend as a date to a wedding is a big deal. I'm not sure how much I agree with him.

Is it a "big step" for a guy to bring his girlfriend as a date to a wedding? If it makes any difference, it was a wedding that's 4 hours away and he was a groomsman.

What are "big steps" in a relationship in terms of forward motion? IE, meeting the friends/parents, first vacation, holidays together, moving in, whatever...
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Do you believe in anything that might be considered a conspiracy theory? If not, how do you react when someone around you expresses a belief in one?

Personally, my knee-jerk reaction is usually 'lol stfu'. The only thing I can accept are some things related to the JFK assassination but none of that Oliver Stone shit.

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I'm hongry, TQC.

Should I go to McDonald's, Wendy's or A&W on my lunch break? I've already had fast food twice over the weekend already, but damnit I want fries D:

ETA I got McDonald's. French fries and apple pie, awww yeah

When is the last time you ate fast food?

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If I post a picture to a facebook group, will that picture show up on my profile as well, because I am hoping to have only the group see it, not my entire friends list, and I never have posted a picture to a group. (yes, I am lol noob right now)

Do you have any last.fm groups you are part of?
Arrested Development

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About how much money would you want to have saved up if you were going to start over completely in a new city? New job, new everything, although you can keep your car and a few boxes of personal stuff if you want. Let's say you're not moving to a loft in NYC, or the slums of Bombay.

Would your answer be different if you only had to support yourself?

What if you didn't yet have any particularly marketable skills and had to start pretty entry level?

Jury Dutyyyyyy =(

I have been summoned to go to Jury Duty tomorrow and I am not excited. All I have heard are terrible things about it. I am definitely not looking forward to it, but I'm kinda nervous about it just cause I don't really know what to expect...

Anyone have any advice/words of wisdom/funny/awkward/bad experiences while being there?

Despite kind of wanting to be chosen (because I do think being part of a trial would be somewhat interesting) I don't really want to actually be chosen because to have to drive to court on the days necessary is a hassle and I'm broke and don't wanna waste my gas on that and my car is very unreliable and I just hate driving period. Especially in the morning, especially during rush hour.

So, to avoid being chosen, I have been told to be as ignorant as possible. Except I think I would be way to embarrassed to come off that way...

Any advice on not getting chosen?
Can I just wear like jeans and a t-shirt (as non business casual like as possible) get away with it?

I'm really stressing this!

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My garden is just overlooked by a road (it's higher than the house, we're on a hill), you would have to make a conscious effort to look in, but it is easily done. People very often make a conscious effort to stare in, often popping their heads over several times along the 20 foot of road.
So far I have waved sarcastically, shouted and given people the "v's".

What else should I say/do/show/act out to people who rudely stare into my garden?

non-srs. ETA: but if it's funny, i'll probably do it.

ETAA: We don't want people looking in. We appreciate privacy. We cant put up a higher fence as we did before and someone complained about it. I guess because they couldnt look in anymore. We can't highten the wall as it's a Cotswold Stone wall and therefore REALLY expensive.

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I've been watching "United States of Tara" and I love it but it seems too far fetched to me. I just find dissociative identity disorder a little hard to wrap my head around. How do you feel about it? Do you know anyone with it?
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One of my close friend's mom died a year ago on May 1st.
I know that she gets VERY angry when people pity her or tell her how sorry they are / bother her about it, and generally wants everyone to leave her alone, but I'll feel like a horrible friend if I don't 'comfort her' in some way.
What should I do? Should I not make any contact with her on the day, or should I say something?

edit: she's 17 years old and brought up her 10 year old sister, and doesn't have any family to talk to
edit 2: and she's also suicidal, so no she is not coping
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For $30, would you be willing to eat KFC's 'Double Down' sandwich, but covered in gravy...then deep fried...and then covered with more gravy? Then wash it down with a nice thick milkshake (with real ice cream)

(no subject)

My 4-year-old macbook has recently taken to randomly shutting itself off in the past week or so.

Mac owners, had this ever happened to you?

It'll be working fine and then just suddenly the screen goes black and it's off. SO irritating!

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TQC seems a little slow tonight.

What is everyone else doing that's more important than being on the innernet?


Mother's Day is coming up. Are you going to do anything special for the mom(s) in your life?

another question

Have you ever been an au pair or know anyone who has? Do you know of good websites for them? I am googling, but I'm not sure how legit they all are. I mean, the first website that comes up has a bunch of typos, and that kind of scares me.
Spelling Contest

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Ok, follow-up question

If given a choice, would you rather eat KFC's 'Double Down'...covered in gravy...then deep fried...and covered in more gravy


A slice of lasagna...fitted between 2 slices of cheesecake...deep fried....and then smothered with 3 kinds of fondue?

All washed down with a thick 'real ice cream' milkshake of your choice

(no subject)

1.  Do you ever feel annoyed with someone but you don't know why?  Or you know why but it isn't legitimate (ie: you feel like they are acting a certain way but you know they aren't?  What do you do about it?

2.  I play a show every Saturday night.. I love playing, it's fun etc..  but it goes very late and cuts into my social time (ie: I don't see people anymore because of our schedules..usually they do things on Saturdays)  Also it is a paid gig..but sometimes they don't pay me for weeks. 
Should I suck it up and continue or should I stop playing these gigs?

3.  If someone jokes around all the time would you still consider them as honest?
carter arrested

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Ladies - where online do you get your cute/funky jewelry from?

Alternatively, do you have asthma? How mild/how severe? What do you do, short of taking your rescue medications, to cope with an impending or in-progress attack?
jumping bear

LOL cosmo.

I was reading a Cosmo at work the other week. It was one of those 8 page spreads with various sex/relationship questions and answers. There were two that had me WTFing all over the place.

Q: 'Do open relationships really work?'
A: 'No.'

Q: 'Should your husband be your best friend?'
A: 'Being best friends would zap the spark that it takes to be together in the long run.'
(or something along those lines, I don't remember word-for-word how it was phrased).

What is the most ridiculous 'advice' that you've read in a magazine? What magazine was it?

EDIT: Also, do you know anyone who takes such magazines seriously? Sometimes I wonder, and the idea frightens me.
Fukken Nose Holes

(no subject)

what are some of the issues or debates that you see on livejournal (or anywhere else on these grand internets) that never fail to make you rage and yet you can't help but comment or get involved every time?

for example, I can never stay away from a post even tangentially related to feminist issues or weight/fat acceptance, even though I always want to gnaw off my own fingers once I read the invariably rage-inducing comments.
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In the newest version of Windows Movie Maker, I cannot find the button where you can essentially do a screen-shot of the video, but only capture/copy the frame and then save it as a separate file. The old version used to let me do that, but I can't find the button to do that on the new version. Is there a way?

(no subject)

Do you think It's a requirement for a person to be friends with their significant other's friends?

I have a friend who's dating a guy who is displeased with her because she doesn't want to hang out with him and his friends often . She respects her boyfriend's right to choose his own friends, doesn't come between them and doesn't complain or speak negatively of them.. But he thinks It's wrong that she pretty much doesn't want to be a "part of the group". What do you guys think?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I want to take something to my friend at his work tomorrow to show that I have been thinking about him and appreciate his help/all that he has done for me in my time of need. I can't afford hookers and blow, and I wouldn't mind packing him a little lunch (we're freaks) but I'm in need of better ideas. Help?

When was the last time someone really came through for you and supported you unconditionally?

Will you tell me a story about one of your nastiest scars?

(no subject)

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be driving my SO to work and dropping off/picking up the kid from preschool, so I don't really have a whole lot of time to go out and do something. What should I do? I'm having a family dinner at 6 tomorrow evening. I'm turing 19. Ideas?

Would you please share your gifs with me?

(no subject)

Will you help me think of revenge fantasies for my group-mates cope with the stress of group class work?

One a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate group work?

I'm doing the final editing, and I've found five passages lifted directly from wikipedia. Six, actually, as the two team mates had lifted the same sentence and put it in the paper twice.
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(no subject)

If you have a need for inordinate amounts of affection, how do you deal with a lack of it in your life?

(Me: I become a bitter shut-in. Not constructive at all.)
Cute mad kitty

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My SO hasn't been in contact with me for 2 days now, since I kept on calling him saturday night when I was drunk. He told me earlier that day he didn't wanna come out, but I obviously didn't leave it alone. I woke him up and he got pissed, didn't wanna answer my calls (I know this from the fact of his facebook status update) Is this a stupid reason to not talk to me for 2 days?

Slumber is important, I know... but I haven't seen him in a week. I didn't mean to do this on purpose either. Why would he get so mad at me for this and not talk to me for that long?

TOMS shoes

I just bought a pair of TOMS shoes! Specifically, this pair:

Do you own a pair of TOMS? Do you love them?

I've been needing a pair of all-purpose, comfy flats for a while. So, I finally decided to take the plunge. Plus, their business model is awesome! I guess I just want reassurance that I will love these shoes.

dk/dc: What was the last pair of shoes you bought, or the shoes you're currently thinking about purchasing?

(no subject)

1. Who's your favorite family member?

2. What's your favorite possession?

3. What's your favorite thing about your life?

*Bonus boring question: I've recently started hanging out with two people that have been friends for a while. We go to events on campus together, have a good time, etc... but afterward they just run out without even saying goodbye. Why do they do this?

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what all can you do for someone whose grieving the loss of a loved one?

my roommate's grandpa died Sunday morning and he's so upset. we talked a bit when he came home tonight after spending the last day and a half with his family. he cried and everything. i feel so awful and i never know what to do for people when they lose someone and i live with this person. i just, wahhhhh. i told him i'm here for him and we hugged a lot and he said thank you but.. i always feel so helpless at times like this.

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What should I buy my brother for his 17th birthday? I want to spend around $20-$40. He's into cars, but doesn't have one(and I sure as hell can't get him one). He also likes video games, but he already has all the accessories he needs and there aren't any games out that he wants.