April 25th, 2010

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When is the last time that someone really surprised you?

During an episode that of L&O SVU, my fundamentalist born-again mother turned to me and told me that if we would just treat prostitutes better, and legalize their job then the world would be a better place. That it was just a job and she was glad she didn't have it. And then we had a real conversation about something we agreed about that I never would have guessed. It was kind of amazing.


Can some salts be saltier than others? I have noticed in the past that dishes come out practically inedible if use equal amounts of Fleur de sel as I would if it were regular kitchen salt. But maybe I'm just convincing myself here.

If you don't give a crap about salt; what's your favourite food/dish/...
I'm growing fonder of one of my grandmother's fav recipes, mashed potatoes with corned beef and onions. It's so disgusting and weird, I love it :3


i'm thinking of buying this but i don't own any dresses in this style, nor have i ever tried one on. i don't know if this style would suit my figure and i'm also unsure if it would look good on my complexion. i don't have any great pictures for reference, but i have black hair and eyes and i'm really pale. as far as my figure goes, i'm pretty top and bottom heavy (my measurements are, or at least they were the last time i checked, 36-28-42). knowing all this, could i make it work?

EDIT: i understand that this dress, especially the pattern, is definitely not for everyone. i'm mostly just wondering if it would look alright on someone built like me, but if you think it's heinous and you absolutely have to say so, i guess you can let me know.

do you find jenny slate (relatively new castmember on saturday night live) adorable or fug?
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I have an internship at the Cannes Film Festival next month. The main focus of the internship is networking, so I was told to bring business cards. However, it's really geared more toward film production students (directors, actors, writers, etc.) and I'm studying film history & criticism. Mainly history, but obviously I'm more likely to come across critics.

WTF do I put on a business card, TQC?

Obviously my name and contact information, but what do I list as my "profession?" I'm an undergrad, and I've only been a film student for two semesters. The people running the internship said to put "Director," "Actor," or whatever, but I don't really feel qualified to call myself a "Film Historian" when I'm only an undergrad. I was playing around on Vistaprint and wrote "Film History & Criticism" in that space. Does that sound valid?

Also, there's a space for a web address. I have a classic film blog, but it's just a hobby. Should I include this or leave it off?

One last thing: If I do go with Vistaprint, would it be worth it to shell out $20 for a cinema-themed business card, or should I stick with the generic free ones?

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ted haggard was on larry king last night to discuss some christian singer who just recently came out. he didn't say homosexuality was a sin but then he really didn't say much of anything. am i a bad person for starting to feel really, really sorry for him?

T.I. ICONS (and also iyaz) - can you help me find some of these?

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Anyone know of any good books that are set during the great migration on the Oregon trail?

how about a book about a post-apocalyptic dystopia?

Any good books that explore a villain's point of view? (ex. perfume: story of a murderer or wicked.)

I'm just very, very disappointed by this book I just finished reading and I'm trying to find something the exact opposite of it. IT being "pretty young thing triumphs over her personal demons with the help of her new beau". It's a formula that usually works, but this was the weakest ending ever.
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Do you believe in Life after Death??

Do you believe that there Is something More after we die?

I ask this because right now I am watching stupid ghost stories, and it makes me contemplate these things. I mean I have heard and felt things that I wouldn't consider normal feelings in creepy, and not so creepy places, but could there really be a heaven or Hell after we DIE? or do we just wonder aimlessly around what was familiar to us? let me know what you think.
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Do you consider yourself fashionable?

Do you post pictures of your latest fashion in websites like lookbook?

what is your favourite look?
(mine has got to do with oversized tanks and high waisted shorts
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At my old job, full time workers got something called a "floater holiday" for pretty much every major holiday (christmas, new years, easter, fourth of july, memorial day, labor day, thanksgiving, etc), that they could apply to any pay period for a little something extra. Had they actually worked the holiday, they would have gotten regular pay + time and a half, but none of them ever did, and they always stuck a part timer with it. The part timers get no floater holiday and no holiday pay, so they only way they'd get extra $$ for working the holiday would be if it put them into overtime.

Does this sound unfair to you?

How does your job schedule work on holidays to ensure everyone is treated equally?

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I live in a dorm building and there's been a crazy knocking sound in the walls for the past two days. Every five minutes or so, it sounds like someone is knocking on the pipes. We can't find the source. We're on the first floor and it sounds like it's really close, but we talked to our neighbor on this floor and to people on the sixth floor and they can all hear it too. It's pretty loud. During the day it's just annoying but at night it gets kind of eerie, so I'm sitting in bed creeping myself out imagining what it could be.

What the hell could this be??? I know heating systems make weird noises sometimes but I'm pretty sure the heat is off, considering it's almost May, and this noise is waaaay too weird to be the heating.

Who do you think you are?

Can someone please explain the big deal about the TV show "Who Do you Think You Are?"? I understand the basic premise that they take a celebrity and trace their genealogy and make it some big deal on TV. I had fun tracing back my families roots back as far as I could go and it was a fun adventure for OUR family to hear about. But I didn't go bothering the neighbors with what I found. And I really don't give a darn about anyone else's family tree. I don't care who Sarah Jessica Parker is descended from or who Brooke Shields great-great-great-great-aunt's first husband was. I don't get why anyone else does either.

Also do they edit out all the "bad" parts? You know the full term children born 4 months after the shotgun wedding, horse thieves, drunkards and whores? Every family tree has a few even if they are famous.
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What was the last thing that made you go :) ?
They have Aero Mint bars at the convenience store around the corner, which I haven't seen since I was in England. I, of course, bought one. It was yummy.

What was the last thing that made you go :( ?
The head bartender at my local bar was close friends with Peter Steele (a metal signer who just died) and they have his picture up and I saw her linger and look at his picture and it made me all sad.
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My mom bought a bag of frozen brown rice and I have no idea what to do with it besides adding chicken and broccoli to it. What's your favourite way to have brown rice? I don't have any white rice recipes, either.

Have you heard about Candlejack? I just learned about him today and I'm really frea


My best friend just called this am to tell me she is pregnant!!! I am seeing her later today and am wondering what gifts would be best for her? Also, for those w/ pregnancy experience can you give me any pointers on how to be a good best friend for the expecting mom and dad?
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I'm selling about four books plus a t-shirt and keychain all in one auction on ebay. When i get to the shipping options it won't let me charge more than $4 for flat rate medium box priority mail. I don't really want to add the left over money for shipping to the starting price. Plus, if i change the category no one will really be able to find it.

Would i get in trouble for sending in media mail? Or is there some other way to fix this, or a different shipping method you'd suggest?


does anyone know when the voting is over for glee auditions on myspace? i know the last day to submit is the 26th. but i'm pretty sure you can still vote after. also if anyone finds out can they post the link of where they found out that information here?
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Are you taking advantage of Dairy Queen's buy one Blizzard get another for a quarter promotion?
What's your favorite DQ Blizzard?

I have the remains of my classic Snickers and Heath Blizzard in the freezer right now and am considering eating it for breakfast, having some for lunch, bathing in it and finishing it off for dinner. D:

ETA: Get a move on, people. The promotion ends today. =/
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I was taking my dog out last night after I'd had a few drinks. I managed to step on a rock and twist my ankle really bad. I've done the ice and elevation, it's wrapped up and I've popped Ibuprofen. TQC, my ankle still hurts really bad. Do you have any other suggestions for me that'll help it feel better?

Also, what was the last drunken injury you got?

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My boyfriend made pancakes this morning, but there is a minor issue...no chocolate chips! I always eat my pancakes with chocolate chips or fruit or something sweet on top. I HATE maple syrup.

Could chocolate syrup be a legit compromise here?
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Advice please!

I'm applying to a masters program at ASU. I'm currently in a certificate program at U Mass Lowell and have decided not to complete it. I've only taken two courses in the program and would be able to and would like to transfer one to the course work at ASU. The other class will not transfer. I'm filling out my CV for the ASU application and I'm at the point where I need to input my Education information. Do I include these two classes or just leave my BA degree info? The classes are not completed yet so I don't even have final grade info.


Do you hate Ke$ha?
Why is my leg twitching?

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Do you often feel like it's not your place to contact random people from your past, even though you want to? Or are you the kind of person who just calls whoever whenever if you feel like it? I'm especially interested in hearing from those who are comfortable with the latter. I sometimes feel like I want to contact old acquaintances because they were fun people, but there's always something subconsciously stopping me from just doing it.
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do any of you guys know where the quote by Dale Carnegie “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion” is from? i'm pretty sure it's from his famous book 'How to win friends and influence people', but i want to make sure. i've tried Google, but it just leads me to a bunch of quotations sites, without any references.

ty in advance :)
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Can you date someone who is dating more than one person at once?

My roommate is in this situation and it's bothering her, because the guy's still dating other girls while she is only dating him.

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Heeellloooooooo, tea cue sea~

I want to make my boyfriend tasty meals next weekend when I don't have work. I already decided on Alton Brown's meatball recipes for one meal.

What other recipes can you suggest for me to make? I like the idea of healthier dishes, and stuff that won't take me a bajillion hours to make (UNLESS the recipe is just that amazingly fantastic. Then it's fair game.)

What's your favourite dish to have other people make for you?

What's your favourite meal of the day?
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Inspired by the post below:
If you were to have a baby right now, would you raise your child to observe a religion? Which one? To what extent? Bonus points if you have an SO with a different religious background than you do.

DK/DC/childfree/bonus points: What is something you need/want for your kitchen?
I need a spatula. I can't make pancakes! I would also like a new filter for the espresso machine my room mate's ex room mate left here. Oh, and some outlets on the walls because there's only one behind the fridge and there's an extension cord coming from behind it, but it would be easier with another outlet.

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What things you would do for $10,000?

Act as a rodeo clown for 2 minutes with an angry bull in the ring
Get electrolysis on your eyebrows
Have sex with a homeless man/woman. He/she isn't allowed to bathe. You take him/her by the hand and lead them to the back of a van and get to work
Eat a puppy. This will take place in an exclusive Asian restaurant and there's a glass kennel where a dozen puppies are happily playing. You point to the one you want to eat and they take it away and turn it into a steak for you
Enter a bet where the loser has to chop off their own pinky with a cleaver. There's a chance you might win and get the 10k for nothing!
Not leave the city/town you live in currently for the next 4 years
Spend a year on the Sexual Offender list. Your name will be removed after that year, but in that span you'll have to introduce yourself to new neighbors as a pervert and your identity will pop up on certain internet sites
Help move a body
Give up speaking for 2 months (consider how this will impact school/work)
Eat nothing but bacon for an entire month
Serve 2 months in prison
Wax your cat/dog
Go parachute jumping while blindfolded. You can't remove the blindfold until you land
Put up daring nude pictures in your journal involving you and a sex toy. They're graphic. You have to keep the pics up for a week and you have to make the posts viewable to all
Shave your head and tattoo Home Simpson's head on the back of yours. It'll take a while for your hair to grow back

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In my personality psychology class, we are discussing indigenous personalities...personalities that exist nowhere else in the world. One of the examples my professors used was the Japanese amae. She defines it as a childlike dependence on others and passivity. I can think of a ton of people who are not Japanese who fit this description very well. I also looked up amae on the internet thinking that she may be just bad at describing it, but the further definition says, 'someone who childishly expects benevolence from others for percieved needs.' I know that I have been guilty in the past of having this mind set, like when I had to walk home from school and was dissappointed no one offered to give me a ride.

Do you agree with the idea of indigenous personalities?

Is there a better way of describing amae?
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So I posted earlier about how I twisted my ankle. Well now I have to decide if it's worth it to take a shower. Would you take a shower if you know there's a good chance you could fall over and hurt yourself even more?

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So I was watching "What Not to Wear" and I started wondering.

For the people who aren't the train wrecks some of these people are:

What does it mean to dress for yourself?

Does it have anything to do with getting attention or having self-respect, or is it part of it?

How would dressing for yourself make you happy?
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tower fans

hey tqc,

Do you know if these tower type fans are worth a damn? I was looking for a new fan for my bedroom the other day, and they had a lot of those on the shelf along with the traditional pedestal type fans, but there wasn't one on display for me to try out or anything. Do they produce a nice gust of air like a normal fan? Or are they more like a ceiling fan, just sort of circulating the air but not really blowing on anything in particular? And are they as easy to clean as a normal fan?
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I am going to see David Sedaris tonight at 7pm here (very crappy website, sorry. Also my seats are in the front balcony), and beforehand I am eating dinner here.  I'm female and 26.  What should I wear?  I don't need specific outfits but something along the lines of "jeans and a nice top" or "sundress" or whatever.  I'm in Tucson AZ and it's currently 80 degrees and sunny, if that helps.

awesome stuff that changed your life (even a little bit)

What are awesome things you've discovered that you think everyone should know about? Even just the little things that made your life a tiny bit better, or even the big things that blew your mind and totally changed your life.

Here are mine:

Menstrual cups - Superior in every way to tampons/pads. More convenient, sanitary, comfortable, cheaper, environmentally friendly... THANK GOD FOR THESE THINGS.

Fresh ground coffee - I used to just buy preground coffee, but I've discovered that grinding the beans right before brewing makes the coffee taste SO MUCH BETTER. I just use a cheapo $10 grinder and a Mr. Coffee drip machine, so I'm not fancy or pretentious about my coffee. But this tiny bit of extra effort is so worth it, guys.

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When you have to be the one who always makes plans with people, how does that make you feel?

I've been trying to make new friends and have connected with a few people. However, I'm always the one to say, "Hey, do you want to do____?" and it makes me feel like I'm being desperate. Am I just being weird?

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Last night, I was copying some files over to a USB drive. I was rather sleepy, so I went to bed as soon as I was done. I am now unable to remember where I placed my drive.

If you were a lost USB drive, where would you go?
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O fashion-savvy friends, please help!

I want a skirt like this for the summer: bright print, classic, non-elastic waistband. This particular one is sold out of everywhere, and also pretty expensive. So, where can I find more skirts like this? Preferably under $45ish?

What kind of shoes do you think are just unbearably cute?
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Inspired by a convo I just had with my brother:

What movie moment was so [insert adjective here] you can't ever forget it?

For me, it was that movie where the woman was obsessed with some author that she imprisoned him and took a sledgehammer to his foot for trying to escape. It was traumatizing. I still remember how his foot just flopped over like it had nothing inside of it. x.x
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Can you recommend a good, free, anti-malware/anti-spyware/anti-virus program? I'm on a PC running Vista and all I have is McAfee.

What is your favorite thing to eat when you're super-stressed but trying to eat healthy?

what do you think?

last weekend was a friend of mine's birthday. she invited my boyfriend and i to supper with a couple of her friends. i accepted however, [very] last minute, something came up and i was no longer able to attend. i texted her to let her know this, and to offer my apology as well as a promise that i would make it up to her by taking her out for supper the following week. she didn't write back. i figured she was a little upset but she'd come around. i texted her again 2 or 3 days later asking if she was up for dinner that week and if so, to let me know. once again, no reply. it's almost a week now.

what do you think i should do? should i make more of an effort or leave it alone until/if she comes around? keep in mind we're not VERY close friends, or close at all for that matter. she's an old friend from high school which i've reunited with recently due to school (we randomly ran into each other).

TIA for the advice. :)
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Which of these can you believe in and still be sane? (check all that apply)

aliens exist
the world will end in 2012
all Biblical stories are real and literal
love astrology (think of those romance predictions in Cosmo)
Obama is a Muslim terrorist
Your animal in the Chinese zodiac reflects your personality
telekinetic powers

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If you worked 5 8-hr days, how willing would you be to switch your schedule to 4 10-hr days?

I would do it. Every weekend would be a 3 day weekend.
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Does it bother you when you see icons/lj names that say stuff like "J.J.'s Mommy" or paulswifey*? What do think of women who define themselves by their husbands (partners, whatever word you wanna use)/children? Have you ever encountered a man who defines himself by his child/wife?

*I made that username up. Sorry if Paul's wife really exists.

ETA: I don't mean just photos of you with your kid/partner. I mean the ones that declare you're J.J.'s mommy or Paul's wife.
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Dear TQC,

I'm shipping a friend of mine some homemade lemon bars for her birthday. I'm doing overnight shipping. They're kind of delicate, so I want to put "FRAGILE" and "THIS END UP" on the box so they don't get all turned upside down and all around.

I bought a box from Walgreens that says "Handle with care" to send them in, but nothing about being fragile or which end is up. Can I write that on the box or do I need to buy an official box that has that already printed on there? Or can the post office slap some stickers on it?

Does it cost more to ship it if I tell them it's fragile and I want them to be extra careful with it?

EDIT (In response to padding the lemon bars really well): The thing is, I'm putting the lemon bars in this pretty little box, and then putting that box in the shipping box. There's still some space between the lemon bars and the top of the pretty box, so...I don't know how to pack them in tightly without mucking up the tops of the lemon bars.

If that even makes sense.

How can I pad the space between the lemon bars and the top of the pretty box?

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So, I am dating a guy who is my friend's sister's ex-boyfriend. Right now, things are relatively casual but it probably won't be that way much longer once we are both home from school and seeing each other a lot. So, do you think I should talk to my friend's sister about it before things get serious?

My friend knows about the situation and she thinks her sister wouldn't care, but said I can tell her if I want, sooo she wasn't much help. The broke up in November and she broke up with him, if that helps. The guy also says he doesn't think she will care and I shouldn't worry about it. But I am worrying about it. So, what should I do? Thanks in advance!

If you don't care about my stupid problems, what is your favorite article of clothing? Show a pic if you want.

ngl this is a validate me post

last night tqc made me sort of paranoid that i very well might not have any sense of style. i started looking for something else and found Collapse )

could i make this work? in the post linked above there's information about my body type and complexion. i'm not sure how i would accessorize it (i like the idea of wearing a flower in my hair mostly because i think it looks cute on the model but that might be a little much), other than natural makeup with bright red lipstick and Collapse )

the dress costs $146 plus shipping and handling, but i wouldn't need to buy the shoes.

what is your opinion on hell houses?

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why does swimming make me so damn hungry? i went swimming for all of, like, 20 minutes and i'm starving. and i ate about an hour before i went out to the pool so it's not like i've been deprived of food.

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If you've been on hormonal birth control before and then went off of it, how did you feel when you stopped it?

I ask because I just stopped after 4 years and my nipples are SO sore. I've never had sore nipples in my life. D: How do I make them feel better? :(


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What are you having for dinner TQC? I made myself a delicious bowl of chicken soup (from a can).

Am I the only one who can't drink a glass of chocolate milk without adding a little bit of white milk?
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Crap, so I fucked up when I bought a plane ticket on studentuniverse. I clicked "show only youth fares" and this one came up that said it's available to students 18-35. I went ahead and bought the ticket because I'm within the age range and it showed up when I only show tickets that allow youth fares. I'm registered as a youth on the site. Now I get the email and it says it's pending verification. What happens if they can't verify I'm a student? Is the whole thing just cancelled? Or what happens?

Edit: At first I was registered as a student, and then after the purchase I changed it to youth. I didn't realize you had to register as one or the other (I registered years and years ago) and when I looked at my profile, after the purchase, I switched to a "youth" account. Now what?

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 sooo I need to finish 6 portraits by this friday (according to my art teacher's homework requirements, but they're really due by may 7th) for my AP studio art class. plus my other 3 AP classes are caving in on me with homework. how in the hell am I going to get all of this work done?  When was the last time you felt super overwhelmed?
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Why does your day suck?
I lost my phone outside somewhere yesterday and now it's raining cats and dogs, I'm broke, running low on meals, and I have two research papers to write by Thursday.

Are you doing anything to make it better?
I am eating pb&j and taking breaks from writing to dance around like crazy and/or visit TQC. It's working better than I thought it would, actually!

What are you looking forward to most right now?
May 1st! All my papers will be done by then, and I get to move out of the dorms and into an adorable house where I can study for finals week in peace and quiet!!
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for people on daily medication.

Do you ALWAYS take EVERY pill, or do you sometimes skip/forget (part of) your meds?
If you sometimes take (all of) it, how often? DO you forget or is it a conscious decision?

Does anything happen if you don't take your medication often enough?
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Do you watch porn? If so, is there any specific type you like? (girl on girl, guy on guy, solo, Japanese porn, etc.) If you don't, is there a reason why? Disgusting, just not interested, opposed to it for religious reasons, something else?
Peggy Blink

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What do you do when you run in to someone you don't like (in this case, someone who used to be a really close friend) in a social setting (such as a party or at a bar)?

What's the worst rumor you've ever heard about yourself?

Should I have matzoh ball soup, leftover chili, spaghetti with marinara (no meat to add to the sauce), or Ramen? I hate having all carbs for dinner, but lord, that's all I have. I have cash on me if I needed to get something else, I just want to save it.
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A friend of mine who is a few years younger than me didn't end up being able to complete high-school this year and is going to try the GED test in a few days. He's starting to worry because he's only taken about a month's worth of chemistry and only got 1/3 the way through his Junior year and isn't sure what to expect on the test.

How much chemistry would  you advise he pick up?

Have you taken the GED-test?

When did you graduate?

Did you graduate?

Do you like to wear dress-pants?
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Im making a board game. Im using the pre-op to post-op theme someone on here (sorry I dont remember who) gave me.

You have to make it to the therapists for approval, and then the court house for legal documents. At these places you pick up tokens.


There are two other place on the board you have to stop which is the pharmacy which I just put the RX symbol on the token and the sex shop to buy packers which I drew blurred out/pixilated packers.

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Do you wash chicken before you cook it?

I just read that you shouldn't because it could spread bacteria---bacteria that's cooked out of the chicken anyway. I always wash chicken and then, you know, clean up afterward.

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What kind(s) of swimsuit do you have? Pics/links?
How confident do you feel wearing it/them?

Brought to you by the fact that I bought a bikini yesterday for the first time ever even though I told myself not to buy one until I was totally comfortable with my body. Not sure how this is gonna work out yet.

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A Beautiful Mind won 4 Academy Awards. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Where is Russell Crowe's award for Best Actor? Denzel won that award for Training Day. Do you agree that he should have received that award over Russell Crowe? Why/why not? What was your favorite movie of 2001?

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I feel like this question has an obvious answer, but I don't know it and can't find it on google.

Why did my college graduation invitations come with two sets of envelopes? One set fits the invitation perfectly; the other set is slightly bigger (it can fit the smaller envelope).

Answered! Thanks.

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Do you feel guilty when you update your journal more than once on the same day?

Does it piss you off when people do that--not just once, but day after day after day, clogging up your friends list?

What would you do if someone did that, then got pissed off when you took them off your friends list?
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you come across someone who was raised by llamas in a cave in peru who has no idea who lady gaga is. how would you describe gaga to the person in one concise sentence?

no need to translate into spanish, an indigenous language, or llama.

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Is there anywhere I can watch movies online for cheap or even free?

I need to watch (and write a paper analyzing) Life is Beautiful for my English class and would really prefer not to buy it.

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Would it bother you if your SO had an Ex's name in his/her phone as, 'Sexy SoandSo' and your name in the SO's was something very unsexy like, 'Ol Lady' or 'Him'?

Assume that the Ex and you have had problems in the past, but because it had been so long since they had talked, SO hadn't changed the phone name. This has only come up because The Ex all of a sudden started texting SO again.

What kinds of things do you do to trick yourself into doing things you don't want to do like dieting or studying?
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 What was the last thing to backfire on you?

I sent my friend a "let me google that for you" link, and she was just excited that it googled for her, and didn't understand I was being snarky. 

What was the last thing to disappoint you?

The food show today. It sucked so hard. So many vendors dropped out compared to last year, and the other six years I've gone. I had a few good finds, but almost a third of the local mom and pop type vendors were gone. I'm guessing because it would have cost too much to rent space, but still. I was sorely disappointed, and very glad I don't pay to go anymore. 

Will you play a card game with me? I feel lonely playing solitaire. :(
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i'm getting my boobs done on friday! i'm going from a very weird looking A to a C-ish cup. what do you think are going to be my first thoughts when i see them for the first time? (/or what were yours if you've had them done?)

also, i'm making my mom take my flip for when i wake up from surgery as i am generally very funny waking up from anesthesia (wisdom teeth + nose job). are you funny waking up from surgery? what surgeries? details please.

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How was middle school/junior high for you?

Why i'm asking: I just talked with an old friend from middle school for the first time in close to two years and our conversation reminded me of so many terrible memories. Middle school was quite possibly the worst experience of my life. :(

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Do you routinely wipe the toilet seat after you're done using it?

Do you routinely check for skid marks in the bowl after you're done pooping, and then brush them away if they are there?

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For those of you who generally wear a bra but hate the straps/parts of it showing.. how much of the bra has to be showing before you go without?

dk/dc: What is the most disgusting smell you can think of?

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Since this is apparently already been asked, I HAVE ANOTHER INQUIRY.


Staying on parent's health care?

I haven't been able to find an answer to this! Supposedly under the new health reform bill, young adults can stay on their parents' plans until 26. I'm currently on my mother's plan, which I age off of at 23 or when I cease to be a full time student. I'm turning 23 in June and graduating in May, so I meet both of those. Will I still be kicked off or will nothing happen due to the recent health care bill? I haven't been able to find any clear answers on WHEN the new age policy comes into effect, the terms/conditions of it, or how it will apply to me. I live in New York if that matters. Halp?

DK/DC - What was your first online handle/screename? Do you still use it?
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Would you leave to the Harry Potter world (or other fantasy world of your choice) under the condition that you could never see or speak to anyone from the muggle world ever again?
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i'm new to tumblr. any tricks or tips?

also, is there a quicker way to reblog posts from your dashboard? i hate having to go to another webpage. maybe something like twitter has? (...one click/stay on same page)

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What are some communities/tumblrs/blogs/etc for dieting, exercising, and weight loss support?
I was a member of a comm here a while ago but I can't find it again and I'm not a fan of how LJs search is set up now. :(

ETA: Should've mentioned I'm already on Sparkpeople lol

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Have you ever played the Tim Tang Test?

If you have, do you ever wish you could erase your memory so you could start it over cos it's so much fun? ((I do.))

Do you know of any other very hard online puzzles?

I almost typed pizzles, did you know what a pizzle was before googling? Did you laugh before or after googling?

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What's your favorite animated movie that has come out in the past few years?

I adore Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Is there any active community that you know of where you can post your resume and have people help you make it better? Or any other site? Free, preferably.

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Will you tell my your favorite club/dance songs? Or anything that gets you moving?

I'm looking for music to work out to, and so far the only songs that motivate me are on the Queer as Folk soundtracks ;)