April 24th, 2010

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I just saw a guy taking a picture of a cab's license plate, screaming "DUDE, YOU'RE FUCKED" and then the cabbie screamed back. What happened????

(non srs obv)

DK/DC: What's the worst fight you've witnessed?

Needy much?

I'm missing the status quo of being in a relationship, and I miss my engagement ring. But I do not miss the boy I've been with for 5 years. It's done and over with.

I hate the dating thing and I know I'm going to be single for a long time.  I had a rebound like a month ago and I feel more broken up about it more than my actual long term relationship getting broken. The fact that my dip into the dating world crashed and burned is making me miss my EX, or at least what that relationship represented.

I need self-confidence boost, TQC. I am too damn needy today because my rebound has rebounded quick. Tell me how the boys I've been with are complete douches and they don't deserve me, and I can do so much better.

I'm tired of telling myself this, can you help please. Thank you.

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Augh, my roommate's friend is over and it's late and he's playing his guitar while I'm trying to study for a final and I swear I cannot focus with noise in the background, but he's pretty much the nicest guy ever and his girlfriend just broke up with him so I can't tell him to be quiet without feeling like an asshole.

What is your studying style? What do you need to have or can't have when you're studying?

What finals do you have coming up?

(I just finished medical microbiology and asian folklore, and I have japanese literature tomorrow and physical chemistry tuesday)

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Okay, so recently I have found that my bed was temporarily infiltrated by bed bugs. The issue has been fixed, but I still can't lie in bed without feeling like bugs are crawling all over me because of the little snags on my sheets. Do you think this is worth springing some extra money on some satin sheets, so I can get some sleep in my own bed?

Also, will you tell me about the next productive day you have planned?
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Cake or Cupcake?


Favorite cup/cake flavor?

Red Velvet
Something else needlessly complicated
I am made of stone and I hate baked goods

Is it your birthday today?

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What's something that made you happy this week?
Aside from having a shitton of free time, I got my dress in the mail today and it looks amazing!!!

What is your favorite animal to own? To see pictures of?
Minchin hmm?

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The other tapestry question got me thinking... I want to get a tapestry to use as a "door" between my room and my closet (the actual door was removed years ago and wouldn't have room to open now anyway). Besides scouring Amazon, does anyone know any good places to look? Especially for ones that might be of bands other than the usual Grateful Dead/Bob Marley/Nirvana/ACDC/they'renotbadbutIreallydon'tgiveajackfuck?

And just what the fuck is this supposed to be? I almost want to get it purely for the surrealist quality (and it goes with my color theme) but it kind of freaks me out just a little too much to imagine sleeping facing that thing every night. @_@

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What is the reason for a promise ring? And by that I don't mean its purpose but why would someone feel compelled to give one to someone else? Is it like an "I want to be engaged to you but for various reasons we can't be engaged right now" ring, or does it mean different things to different people?

I have looked this up but I still don't "get" it.
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Do any of you have a Prima television? Do you know how to unlock it?

Somehow my tv got locked yesterday and I can't figure out how to unlock it. I googled and it says "hit the unlock button" there is NO UNLOCK BUTTON! I am using the remote that came with the tv. :(

ETA: It's fixed now! Apparently "Display" is code for "unlock". Go figure.

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Is there anything that you found out or happened to you while you were pregnant that you wish someone would have told you about? Please share it!

If you had a banana and a gun, and someone said "take care of this monkey" in an mafia accent, what would you do?
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Will you vote for my cat, Pumpkin Butter, in this contest? EDIT: Nevermind. It requires registration. Poop.

If you won’t, can you tell me your favorite euphemism for someone who’s gone crazy, ie. “the cheese slid off her cracker”?

Also, besides filling my vegetable garden with nude women, or inventing a computer desk that traverses garden terrain, what is the best way to get my husband interested in helping me grow food?
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In the words of trhe man behind me...

"Why don't black people OD on heroin?"

ETA: I asked my dad (who is black). His response: "Maybe they don't have access to it."

Me "Maybe there's no heroin on the back of the bus."

Him: "Could be only crack, and sometimes coke when the Colombians in the middle seats drop a brick."
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Blood Alcohol levels

*** answered ***

Blood Alcohol levels
(sorry.. annoying topic i know..)

Does anyone know approx how long it takes for the body to get totally rid of ~3 standard drinks? I've looked around online and I just keep finding calculations to tell if you are a FULL license holder under the legal driving limit (0.05%)... but I am a Learner driver so the legal limit is 0.0%...

I know it depends on heaps of factors (weight, gender, blah blah blah) but is there a general 'rule of thumb' ?

(My story: had 2 standard drinks between ~7:30&~9:30pm and a few sips of drinks until about 11pm... its now 10:30am the next morning and I need to go driving at about 1pm....do you think my B.A.C be the legal limit..?........ )

*** answered *** apparently I'm just super paranoid ! sorry ! =\
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1) What fruits or vegetables will you only eat raw? Which ones will you only eat cooked?

2) What are some of your worst failures when it comes to cooking?

3) What are your favorite anthropomorphic movie characters?
doing flips and shit.

YMCA camps, anyone?

have any of you guys worked for a YMCA day camp?

i just got hired at the ocala YMCA for this summer. i'm from new york and i have three years of experience as a camp counselor, but not through the Y. care to share experiences?

BlackBerry question

My BlackBerry won't let me use the ringtones I want. They worked up until last week, when I was traveling internationally and had my phone on the international plan. Now no matter how many times I try to reset them to my old tones it won't work. The ringtones still work when I test them, but they won't work when someone actually calls or texts me.

What gives?
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fuckin' drag, how does it work

do you drive around with the windows down in the summer? in town, on the highway, or both?

when someone else is driving and has the windows down, are you cool with it or do you ask them to put them up?

out of the places you've used transit, which had the best system?

Song recs

So there's a ton of songs about unrequited lust.

What I need are some about requited lust, if any.
Question: Can you give me some examples of songs about requited lust?


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I'd like some advice:

1: I have a really gorgeous patterend swimming costume, which has gone a bit saggy and see through, so is no longer viable as a swimming costume. What else can I turn it into?

2: I really enjoy older rock, Free, The Vogues, The Kinks, Led Zepplin etc. Do you have any reccomendations? I like upbeat stuff.

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Is there a certain type of question you always answer here at TQC? I've noticed the questions about sex tend to get flooded with answers, as do questions along the lines of "who do you hate?" Are you more likely to answer a certain type of question? Personally, I just answer whatever I think I can give a good answer to, regardless of subject.

Also, semi related: If you post questions here, do you feel compelled to respond to people who comment? I do, but I it'd he totally impractical to respond to every single comment left on my posts.

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Every time someone playful punches or pokes me it feels like I was just punched by the Heavyweight Champion of the World. It happens when I bump into something too, on my arms, legs, and sides. I've always had a high pain tolerance, but this has been happening for about 4 months. I know it shouldn't hurt this bad, but I think something is off with my pain receptors. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

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Graphic designers and everyone else! My brother wants me to make him invites for his party (he's turning 12) and he wants me to use this picture and I want to make it look a bit nicer than that but I haven't used photoshop in so long that I've sort of forgotten how to make something like that look decent. what do you think I should do to it? I'm going to print them off on photographic paper.

what's your favourite lyric(s) at the moment?

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what's some interesting things you've recently learned?

my answer;
i was watching larry king the other night and seth macfarlane, the creator of family guy was on there. i guess he was supposed to be on the plane that crashed into one of the twin towers on september 11th. luckily he missed his flight.

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I just watched the video for Fiona Apple's "Criminal" which is a song I've liked for a long time but haven't seen the video for in about 11 years. I'm pretty sure the only reason I liked the song then was because Fiona Apple got naked in it (I was 12, gimmie a break) although eventually I appreciated the song for what I deem to be its own merit.

1. Did you ever begin liking something superficially and then develop a genuine love for it?

2. What movies/music videos/TV shows/whatever did you use to think were really hot when you were an adolescant? Do you still think so now?
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1.1 I'm going to start using the Crock-pot I've had forever! All the recipes I see give me specific cooking times, but I thought the joy of a slow-cooker was that I could just put food in it and leave it until forever. Which is true? Are the cooking times listed in recipes just the minimum times? How long is too long? You can answer whichever part of this questionish-lump you like.

1.2 Do you have any favorite slow-cooker recipes?

2. Toshiba?
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Have you ever contacted a celebrity or one of their representatives and been sent an autograph in reply? Like "Hey Oprah/Oprah's PR man, I'm a big fan, can you plz send me an autograph from Oprah? <3 TQCer"
Chococat with flowers

Missing Things

I can't find one of my books for school and I need to study for a test. I feel like I've looked everywhere but sometimes things end up in odd places. My boyfriend is missing some gloves too. Can you think of places I should look for these missing things? What's the weirdest place you have found something that you misplaced a while back?
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Inspired by PJ O'Rourke's Holidays in Hell have any of you had to drive through a dodgy checkpoint with armed guards?
What was that like?

Do you think ignorance is bliss? Why/why not?

Finally, have you heard The Trio Bulgarka?
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What is one thing that you have eaten that you never thought you would like? The Stranger the better. What was the end result?

I had Garlic Ice Cream in a cantaloupe half at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and loved it so much I had thirds. Needless to say my BF drove the whole way home with the windows down.

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It's karaoke night, and I think I'll genderbend by singing a song that's usually sung by a woman, with a woman's point-of-view. I'm thinking of Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" or maybe The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss).

What other songs would be really strange to hear coming out of a guy's mouth?


ETA: It's gonna be "Santa Baby" in the style of Eartha Kitt!

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I'm going out tonight. We'll be going to clubs and bars.
Are hold-ups a really bad idea?
Like, the stockings with a sticky bit at the top. I'll be in a fairly short dress too.

Do you prefer tights or stockings?

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Oh hello there! I am planning a birthday event invite on facebook right now for me and my sister's birthday...we will be 23. However, coming up with a witty tagline and description is not my forte, and she is currently unavailable, so I cannot get her input. So I turn to you all for some suggestions. Can you think of a witty, catching description for our 'birthday bonanza'? (see, I told you we were no good at this thing...)

DK/DC? What was your most memorable birthday?
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I have about 54901738629 different spices and spice blends and seasonings in my kitchen. What are some delicious things I can cook with them?

Do you know how to play craps?
frodo and sam by me


My neighbor just gave me 4 fresh fish fillets--he went deep ocean fishing this morning.

I have two cod fillets, and two haddock.

I love fish but have never trusted myself to cook it before.

What should I make? 

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So, thanks to Glee I've been looking at a lot more Madonna music videos lately. Particiularly 'What It Feels Like For a Girl'.

For those of you who have seen it, what do you think the little old lady in the car is all about?

I kind of thought maybe it represented how numb women are to objectification, but I'm really not sure on that.

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I am severely pissed off over something happening right now, and am finding it impossible to calm myself down. What should I do to keep from being insanely upset over a situation I can do absolutely nothing about?

(In brief: The township says our sewer pipes have roots growing in them and are, right this moment, in the process of tearing up my driveway and yard to get at the pipes. There is nothing I can do, I can't stop them because they technically own the pipes and can do whatever they want.)

*Edit: They don't think it's as bad as they originally suspected, so they just ended up opening up a pipe in our garage and sticking a camera down there and making a recording. They're going to analyze it and decide what to do. Yay, I guess?*

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1) If you had to see everything in the world as a shade of only one color for the rest of your life, what color would you want it to be?

2) If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be?

help me make a costume!

I'm supposed to go to a mad scientist party in about an hour and a half, and I'm not sure what to wear! I don't have a lab coat or goggles.. :(

What sort of costume could I make that would be appropriate for the theme?

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So I just tried Canada Dry, and now I'm wondering...


This stuff is so weak it tastes like Sprite. Where do you get off calling this ginger ale?

Do you like ginger ale? If so, what's your favorite brand?
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 TQC, have any of y'all ever removed a permanent marker mark from a cotton t-shirt with success?
What did you do?

I tried the alcohol method and it just made it worse. >.<
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Do you think my car sunroof was smashed deliberately or is it possible for the glass to just 'go' on its own?

I know the obvious answer is that it was vandalised, but it just seems so random for someone to smash in a sunroof as opposed to a window/windscreen. D:

Tips for Admins and Mods

I'm writing an article /list about how to be a good admin or mod of a forum (or I guess, comm).
I'm looking for things on all aspects of it, but I guess especially how to keep it/get it active, how to get people to join especially when it's new, how to treat members, things to remember.
What are your tips?

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I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow and I would like to (legally!) download an audiobook to keep me entertained.
What's a fun audiobook to listen to?

Harry Potter and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy are front runners right now, but I've read both of them more times than I can count. I wouldn't mind something new.
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have you or anyone you know taken the test for a county dispatch job?

I've taken the police one but I'm told they are very different and I have to take the dispatch test in a few weeks.

How are you going to spend your Sunday?