April 23rd, 2010

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I am getting THIS dress in the mail tomorrow, after a lonnnnng wait. I'm going to be so excited, I'll obviously need to wear it somewhere that I'd look absolutely ridiculous and completely overdressed for. Suggestions?

What is your favorite snack food?

What color hair did your last SO have? Did that have some bearing in your interest?
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I'm in a bad decisions making mood tonight, TQC. I have already drank 3 Mike's, I'm watching Leno, and I currently have processor in my hair that is dyeing it from a dark auburn to a Gaga blonde. I am in the mood for more bad ideas.

So, what other bad decisions can I make tonight?

Note: Hookers and blow are, in fact, a good idea and can only enhance this, so they're out.
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When your neighbors (assuming you live in an apartment or dorm) are unbearably loud, do you sit there and tolerate it or complain to whoever's in charge of the building? Do you consider this snitching?

Edit: Assume you've tried to talk to the neighbors.

DK/DC: What's your favorite class that you've ever taken?

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if i get a netflix, what movies should i put in my queue? i will likely be watching most of them with my boything, and so far we've watched sherlock homles, shrek 2, angles and demons, paranormal activity, boondock saints 2 and our first date was seeing clash of the titans. we also both enjoyed avatar, LOtR, and harry potter. any suggestions?

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eta: he is very irish, if that impacts anything.

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I'm filling out my statement for an accident that occurred over a year ago (I rear-ended someone and the passenger is suing me for a BONE SPUR WTF), and I'm confused. "If you were on the business of your employer, in the scope and course of your employment, at the time of the incident involved herein..." <--is this asking if I was doing something FOR my work? or is it asking if I was on my way to work? or neither (and if so, what!)?

eta: guess that's resolved. thanks guys. :D

If you don't know/don't care: what is your most played song in your itunes?
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I just applied to a low-level entry-level job I want at a law office. In this day and age, is it considered to proper to walk into a potential employer's office and request to speak with the HR rep? I've heard with airline employees, it may help to buy them lunch to get on their good sides. Does this work with HR reps?
Every time I've had an opportunity to call a potential employer in the past, I always get "we'll call you if we're interested" or "you'll hear in about a week" and then...nothing. I want to take initiative over the couple hundred other applicants. Advice?

Thanks TQC for the future inbox notifications.
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dumb post

It's 2:41. I'm a little hungry. Should I make mac&cheese?

Do you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

UNKEMPTRAMBLINGS! I totally can't remember your corresponding LJ name. I'm collectingroots on tumblr. Help me out, poetry friend? :) WHO ARE YOU
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Three of my friends joined this facebook page and I am considering removing them because I had no idea I knew such ignorant people. Would that be rational?
What are your thoughts on this?
I think it's sad, because while I got a hell of a lot of heat for not agreeing with Bush 100% of the time, I never wished death on him. Nor did I ever call people names for not supporting Obama.
UGHHHHH my country is disappointing.

DK/DC: What are your plans today?

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I read somewhere that those who drank water before a test do better than those who don't. Obviously, this doesn't mean that if I drink water, I'll perform better but I still do it. I also chew gum and eat an orange.

What sort of things do you do that may or may not work to ensure that you perform better on texts/presentations/life?
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Financial Aid Question

Looking for someone who's financial aid savvy. Do post Bacc. Certificate programs count under the undergraduate aggregate limit for student loan borrowing or the graduate limit for student loan borrowing?

Dk/Dc Are you seeing any concerts/shows this Summer/Fall?
I am! KOL in July, Vampire Weekend in September and Jack Johnson in October. All of them at the Hollywood Bowl!!

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I went in for a job interview on Tuesday, and I think it went really well. I met with 4 different people. I have to go in for a second round interview soon.

One of the women I interviewed with kept saying things like, "You'd be starting here at a great time..."

Does this indicate that there's a pretty strong chance I'll be offered the job, or is this a vague statement that can be said to any interviewee?

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why do i have so much trouble getting to and/or staying at work these days?

i never used to be this restless there. i actually used to be able to tolerate it just fine. but now i can't stand all the sitting and the time passing so slowly and i get so crazy and antsy and i'd rather just call in sick and one of these days they're going to tell me that's enough and fire my ass.

what should i do?!

obviously finding a new job is the most logical answer but that's not an option in the very near future.
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I haven't cut my hair in two years, but the summer heat is coming around and I'm really bored. I have no idea what to do with it, barring shaving it/burning it all off.

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1. What do you think I should do? I'm too lazy to maintain anything that requires straightening, since that usually takes me a few hours, even with shorter hair.

2. Do you like your hair? I used to hate mine because it got me teased and because I had no idea what to do with it until a few years ago.

3. Have you ever dyed your hair any ~unnatural colors~? I had bubblegum pink for a summer.

DK/DC: What is your favorite song remix?

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TQC, a bunch of my friends from high school just joined a group on Facebook in which a girl is pleading for donations so she can buy a round trip ticket to Martha's Vinyard to visit her friend. You see, her parents don't work for an airline so she ~never~ gets to go on vacations with people besides her family.

How does this make you feel?

So far there are no negative comments, just people sympathizing and saying they'll donate.

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What is something that you recently discovered?

How may I help you today?

That Starbucks' coffee really does taste burnt. I usually buy their bastardized drinks (caramel macchiato and the like).

[edit] Will you also tell TQC what sort of drinks you like to purchase from Starbucks or from your coffee place of choice?
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Hey TQC! I just accepted a job doing data entry from midnight to 8am on top of my 35+ hr a week day job I work. I have no idea when I am going to sleep! This overnight job is only a temp position for four weeks, so what are some recommendations you have to stay away during this time? I don't do coke and I hate energy drinks.

dk/dc What is the worst job you've ever had?
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is it OK to wear this dress if my bra strap pokes out a bit?

it's just the straps are thin. my bra straps are thin too but you can still see it. but i don't have a strapless bra and i really want to wear this dress tonight.

dress in question

i'd wear a white or purple bra.

Happy thoughts

What is a small thing that has happened to you recently that made you smile and brightened up your day?

(I found an old journal of mine where I'd written down the answers to this when I asked it about a year ago, and everyone's replies made me smile)

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Reading my town's breaking news blog, I see that there was a bank robbery this morning at a location not far from here. The article indicated:

"The suspect entered the bank and demanded cash, police said. He did not have a weapon and no one was injured."

How do you rob a bank with no weapon?
Or are they only assuming there was no weapon because he didn't take it out?

An individual can go in and demand money and the teller just gives it to him/her?

They haven't caught the guy yet.
I feel a bit uneasy, because maybe he DID have a weapon.

Do these types of things happen in your neighborhood?
Do you get jittery because of it?

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Alright, so I have a 19 year old sister, who honestly can take on the world, beat the crap out of it ,and still come out smelling like a Rose, which also happens to be her middle name Ironic, true but beside the point that I am trying to get across here,
anyway the path that she is choosing in life is greatly going to effect her for the rest of her life, I mean seriously in not talking small stuff, I am talking like prison stuff to be more clearer DRUGS and no not the just the USE but selling not hard crap just WEED but still, anyway she was recently arrested for this exact reason and she takes it so lightly.

I feel like Im the only one who gives a dam what happens to her, not my mom, or the grandmother who raised her, JUST ME and i feel like I shouldn't say or do anything, but that is not in my nature. I have to help but there is only so much I can do to help her; What I am asking for is whether I should just give up?, or keep trying?, even though she may hate me, I am willing to take that to protect her.
I know shes an adult now, and I can t really tell her what to do, but I cant just stand here and watch her Fall so far that I or anyone else cant REACH her! someone please help me figure out what I should DO?

I hope that this version helps better than the LAST i was HALF ASLEEP, and HALF AWAKE when I wrote it earlier, so I totally MISSED the PUNCTUATION. I HOPE THIS HELPS SORRY EVERYONE FOR THE RUN ON SENTENCE FROM HELL!!!
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1)Who is your TQC inspiration?
2)If no one from TQC inspires you, who outside of TQC is your inspiration?
3)Who is your ~thinspiration~? (PICS PLEASE)
4)If all of these questions are too stupid to answer, show me an icon other than your default and tell me how you got it/what it means to you.

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I REALLY want to buy tickets for a Muse concert that occurs next October. My problem is that I know I'll have to miss 2 classes that only meet once a week. Also, since the classes are next semester, the syllabi are not up yet, so I have no way of knowing if I'll have tests in either classes.  Should I risk it?

DK/DC: What is your favorite band to see live? How many times have you seen them?


I hate sweat patches! I swear I sweat more than the average person.
I've considered getting Botox shots to reduce the sweating of my pits. 

What do you guys think of Botox shots  to reduce sweating?
For other cosmetic purposes???

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Do you ever fart loudly at work, even though you were trying to fart quietly? How does it make you feel?

How do you react when you hear someone fart loudly at work?
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My bff is getting married! She's having her wedding on Halloween and I am a bridesmaid. She instructed all of us to go all out/look as fabulous as we want (I think her mom-in-law to be is dressing up as a fairy god mother big poofy gown and all) so I guess she's not concerned about attention being taken away from her.

Right now I'm thinking I want to be a mermaid. I have long wavy bright red hair currently and I kind of like any excuse to do glitter/sequins in blue and green tones.

Anybody know how to make a costume for myself without looking cheesy/without being too literal?

Should I go cheesy and literal?

If a mermaid is stupid, what other ideas do you have?

I want to feel comfortable and still feel pretty in my ridiculousness (with sparkles and such)
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do you have a way (other than ranting) to let out your anger? what is it? with my crazy mood swings recently, i feel like i have this pent up anger i can't get rid of. i'm starting to consider hitting the gym but i'm the least athletic person i know.

do you have trouble finding pants that fit?! what's the best brand or store that has given you the most luck? all my pants are huge once they stretch out, and i never carry around a belt with me.. maybe i should buy a smaller size and suffer til they stretch?
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 Guys, I'm going to GameStop and need a new DS game. I have Pokemon HeartGold and Scribblenauts. I've looked at reviews of LoZ: Spirit Tracks, but the reviews go from "awesome" to "fucking awful".

I want something I can put a lot of time into on the side and really enjoy that won't be done in 30 minutes and isn't just minigames. I love RPGs, but not Strategy games, so that's kind of a problem, too. :/

What do you suggest, TQC?


I'm a revengeful person. I so desperately want to let all of my (soon to be ex) brother-in-law's clients & friends know just how awful of a person he really is, but no matter what all he's done to my sister, she is the forgiving type.  So I can't.

Do you think revenge is the way to go? Or are you a forgiver?

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TQC students in college and graduate school, how long does it take you to write a paper? How soon before the paper is due do you begin? Do you think I can write five out of the fifteen pages due on May 3rd by the time I leave the library today? I've been here since 10:30 EST and have two pages written.

If you don't know or care, will you tell TQC about the last time you absolutely failed at something?
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We are having a birthday party for my roommate. What is a good decorating theme? No balloons, streamers, or anything like that because we did that before. We also have done the following: prom, toga, halloween/zombie, hawaiian, rave and thrift store.

How about a good cupcake? I don't want to buy grocery store cupcakes. Has anyone tried these?


My SO and I are thinking about moving into a new place. The new place is cheaper, but there are some downsides.
Current place: apt in a complex, decent sized 1 br, 2nd floor, lots of windows and light, nice but generic, far from school. Recently had the tires on my scooter slashed while parked overnight.
New place: basement apt in a house, similar size but kind of 'cave like', less windows and less light, less nice but vintage-y and kind of cute. Off street parking that's more private. A few blocks from school.

Let's assume with the new place we'll save about 200 a month betwen rent and lower utilities - saving money would be really helpful but there would be a few lost comforts. TQC, which would you prefer to live in?
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Will you please stand at the TQC podium and lecture us on whatever you want?

It could be about anything from how to make a decent tqc post to how to beat _____ on _____ mode to the proper way to put on xyz makeup to super serious life lessons. One-liners to tl;dr's, serious and non serious are all appreciated.

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not only do i gotta be the 5th wheel at dinner tonight(which in and of itself doesn't bother me that much) BUT i have to go do it at a restaurant i HATE that my friends KNOW I DON'T LIKE.

it's frustrating. but they won't even consider another place. but my friend's boyfriend is in from out of town and we're really good friends so of course i'm going.

how should i make the best of it? i'm thinking getting drunk and throwing veiled insults at my other friend's boyfriend who i really dislike. but if you have more mature/civil ideas, by all means, suggest away.

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Dear TQC,
I recently bought an Iphone, my first Apple device since using a Mac in 1998. (You know the cool turquoise one!)

Can you recommend me some sweet and entertaining Iphone/Ipod touch apps? Free or not, doesn't matter.

Are you on Twitter? What does your last tweet say?

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i know everyone is up Kate Gosslin's butt for staying in the spot light and everything. i've only seen like half an episode of Jon and Kate + 8 and whatever made it on The Soup, so i really have no opinion of her either way. that Jon guy does seem like a douche, though.

but anyway, do you think it's at all possible that she's keeping herself in the public eye and going on reality shows not to stay relevant or famous but to keep bringing in money to care for her EIGHT CHILDREN and keep them in a nice house instead of a 2 room garage a la The Jacksons?

and think about it, it could cost a million dollars just to send all those kids to college, and they should probably be in private schools right now for safety reasons. i dunno. i'm thinking too much about it now, i think, hahaha.

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If you're in a long-term, serious relationship (let's say...1 1/2+ years) and you live with your significant other, how much time would you estimate you spend together?

Do you talk during the day via texts or phone calls?

Reason I'm asking: My boyfriend of nearly 4 years and I moved in together after 6 months of dating and being inseparable. For the first 3 months, we worked different jobs. However, I quit my shitty job and was hired where he worked, so we ended up living AND working together for just over 2 years after that. Last spring we were both laid off said job and now we work in different places and different hours. I work two jobs - wake up at 5:15am, work from 6:45-11am, go to job #2 from noon until late afternoon/early evening. He works 10:30-6pm. Other than Saturday mornings, we don't talk or see each other awake in the mornings. After he gets off work, he usually hangs around and goofs off with friends (he works at a motorcycle shop and they play with their toys when the day is over) for a couple hours. I normally don't see/hear from him until 7 or 8pm unless I text or call him. As silly as it sounds, I don't know how this is supposed to work...making time for each other...since he's always just been there in the past. We go out an evening or two during the week, but have been too broke/too busy to go on any trips (big or small) together. Maybe this is just life after the honeymoon phase is over?

He sees us as normal and in a healthy relationship, whereas I feel like we don't spend enough time together. I don't know if I need to chill out or if it's abnormal for a serious couple to see each other this much....

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Inspired by this and the conversation I had with my parents about it:

Let's say you're going to be executed, no getting out of it. The "upside" if you can call it that, is that you get to pick your method of execution. You can choose any method of execution that has ever existed anywhere in the world, as long as it's been done before. What method do you choose and why? (And no, you can't kill yourself before you're put to death, sry2say).

Guillotine for me, because seriously, it's slicing my head off. More than likely pretty quick and painless with no room for error.

Kill Bill - Elle
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I woke up this morning and my knees were so stiff and painful that I almost fell over. Once I get walking for a bit I'm okay and the pain lessens while the stiffness almost disappears but as soon as I'm sedentary for five minutes or so it comes back full-force and has, usually, worsened. I've never had knee problems of this nature before, never had anything like this in any joint. The pain radiates all over my kneecaps and behind them. I'm hardly 20. What the hell?

What's really getting you down lately? (It's not my knees, ftr)

"Hello, what is your emergency?"

When was the first/last time you had to call 911?
What happened?

Wednesday night I was at an intersection at my campus walking to class and saw two girls get hit by a pick up. It was the first time I've ever had to call and I was the only person, besides the guy who hit them, to stay with them till the paramedics came. Crazy shit.

(no subject)

My roommate had a wheezing attack and an ambulance had to take her to the hospital. The ambulance is school-owned, so her insurance covered the hospital care but not the cost of the ride.

They just charged her $550 on her student account, without a description of the charge. The ride to the hospital was less than 5 miles. Is that ridiculous charge for the ambulance? Is that a typical charge??

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a friend from work is having a party tonight, but a lot of people bailed AND her dad is taking everyone's keys away. i really don't want to be stuck there all night and i don't plan on getting that wasted anyways. should i go?

(no subject)

If you were really old, I'm taling 88+, and you went to the hospital for some normal surgery, and they found cancer, would you like to know? This is brought on by the episode of Grey's Anatomy that I am watching where the husband doesn't want the doctors to tell his wife that she has cancer and only has 4 months to live, because he doesn't want her to be scared.

Should I buy the American Apparel Double U-Neck dress to show off my adorible pregnantness?
I have no boobies, so putting bandaids over them isn't a problem. I just need a dress that I can throw on in the summer that will make me feel sexy and I really like how the dress looks in my head.

DK/DC: Would you like to post something in all caps and get it off your chest?
I &lt;3 TLV

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Have you ever submitted a complaint about an employee to a company? What was it about?

I did today and I feel bad about it, but I think it was deserved. I was supposed to view an apartment today, but I ended up waiting over an hour and the woman who was supposed to show it to me never showed up and never called to tell me she wasn't coming/was going to be late. I kept waiting because the rental company told me "Oh she should be there any minute, she knows about the appointment" when I called to say she wasn't there. They kept calling her to make sure she was on her way but she wasn't answering her cell phone. She had called me earlier that day to confirm the appointment so I know she knew about it. Was I right to make a complaint?

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this question may inspire wank but it's been bothering me.

you and your spouse are pretty young and currently have one small child. you can afford to take care of that child's medical needs, but cannot afford to take care of a second child unless you apply for state aid of some kind. intentionally choosing to have a second kid is a bad idea, right?
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For those of you who compost, what do you use to contain your produce scraps/tea bags/coffee grounds etc before you have a chance to take them outside to the composting bin?

As of yesterday, my city is allowing residents to put produce scraps etc into our yard trimmings bin for pick up, which will then be composted by the city!

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It's Friday night. Do you feel all right?

I'm thinking of renting "An Education". Has anyone here seen it? Is it worth getting out of my pjs for?

Edit: Yeah, so I went ahead and got it. Have a nice night everyone.
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horror movies!

what are some truly scary movies?

with every new horror movie that comes out, i don't find them scary.
it also annoys me when they try creating sequels to them, too.

i'd say for me.. texas chainsaw massacre, the remakes. i'm terrified of him, and whenever i hear a chainsaw i can't help but cringe.
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Introvert poll!

I am currently staying at home from my school musical (which my friend is in) because I'm 99.7% sure that if I go, it'll be cool, but at the end of it everyone else will be going off to Boston Pizza for the cast/crew party, or talking excitedly with the people they came with, & I'll be walking home in the dark. Therefore, what is my choice to stay home?

Totally vali(dated)!!!
Kinda sad and depressing
Odd but not unexplainable
Tiring to *me*, person filling out this poll.
A bitch move, if it's your friends' play.
advertised on the internet
something else, which I will define in a comment.

(no subject)

how do you entertain yourself on long drives? i'll be the passenger* tonight for 6 hours.
*my boyfriend will be driving, so it won't be super boring, i just really, really don't want to fall asleep on him.
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I'm broke and need to come up with some cash to tide me over until I get paid at the end of May. What are some things I can do? I'd babysit, but I haven't been getting many calls to do so lately. Anything I have to sell wouldn't net much cash, and I'm moving at the end of May, so I have a limited timeframe.

(no subject)

Anyone here deal with bipolar disorder?
In you or a close friend, significant other?
Type I or II?
How long have you been aware of your condition?
What meds do you take for it?
How do you deal? *

I was recently diagnosed.

Whatchuu drinkin' tonight?

Me? A chocolate frosty from Wendy's!

(no subject)

Do you ever feel like you have high ideals that you can't live up to?

Why do humans have high ideals that are so difficult to obtain?
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Cute mad kitty

(no subject)

I'm taking vodka shots, posting on TQC, also going back and forth through channels watching two older movies.... am I lame? =)

What are you doing on this Friday night or Saturday morning, afternoon, evening? Where ever you are!
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My friend bought an iPhone and decided he didn't like it.
He offered to trade me, for my phone, so I said sure. I don't have an iPhone.
When my phone broke I just switched my SIM card into a new phone. Would it work like that with the iPhone? How would I add a data plan?

We switched SIM cards to see what would happen and it will let me text and call, but not get on the internet, which is why I assumed I needed a data plan.
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I feel like I'm forgetting something here, so if you see it, would you be so kind as to jog my memory?

I know the mass of two asteroids together, and it's 2.658*10^11 kg. Now they want me to find the mass of each one, using the equation M = 1.74*m, where M is the more massive asteroid, m is the less massive one.

How do you do that given that ginormous number and that dinky equation? I feel like there's an extra step and I can't figure out what to do. If I set 2.658*10^11 kg = (1.74*m)/M, that doesn't even make sense.


edit: THANK YOU thatgirljj

(no subject)

do you know what this movie is? there is an old man and his grandson. the grandson gets taken away and given to a foster family who lock him up and make him work making wine I think and then the old man rescues him and is dressed like a giant eyeball

(no subject)

Do you have customized license plates or generic ones?
Would you rather be taxed a lot for high quality services (such as schooling, health care, etc.) or taxed very little and provide your own services?

Don't know or care, what would you put on a customized license plate?


Boyfriend and I just got a grill for our deck!
What are your favorite things to grill? Recipes?

How does you feel about designer replicas? Tacky? good alternatives for poor kids?

(no subject)

How many pillows do you have on your bed?
How many pillows do you actually sleep with/on?

I'm unpacking from college and I have like seven pillows wtf who needs that many? Plus I really only ever use one--or even none!

(no subject)

So you're going to be stuck on a desert island. For some reason getting off isn't a priority. And you have a TV.

What three books do you bring?

What three movies do you bring?

What three TQCers do you bring?

(no subject)

My dog is in the backyard at the moment and keeps barking loudly at something. Could be a deer, could be a squirrel, could be a serial killer. That scares me a teeny tiny bit. So let's talk about happy things, shall we?

What kind of fun, exciting, neat-o things did you do this week that you'd like to share with the class? Brag it up.

(no subject)

I found a baby snail in my indoor plantpot. I gave it a little apple which it seemed to nibble on but now it's tucked itself away in a soil crevice.

What should I do with little snaily tomorrow - set it free into the wild? Or let it live indoors - at least a bit longer?
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Have you missed fourcorners polls?

yes, because his polls are the best
no, because i have secret ambitions to become the next pollmaster
no, because i'm too new to understand this question

how should fourcorners make up for his long absence?

he should sleep on the couch for a week!
he should be nice to our mothers for a week!
he should cook us all dinner for a week!
none of these are adequate in light of his extended absence
ticky! ticky! ticky!