April 20th, 2010


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This is going to sound weird, but...

Is there a way to tell if I'm getting enough air through my nose?

Because I often feel like I'm not, but I don't know if I'm just imagining things or overreacting to something normal or what.
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Do you ever get random intense bursts of energy where you feel like you're going to bust out of your skin?
I know I'm a littttllee crazy but sometimes I just want to scream and dance and wiggle around..but it only lasts for five minutes or so

Does your chest feel taut and lean, especially around your collar bones? Do you work out or are you just skinny?

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What would you do with several hundred condoms?

(I got them from a friend, and I've been using them, but they're not my preferred kind--and I'd kind of like to try the Trojan Intense condoms. The ones that I have don't expire for almost two years.)

What is in your purse/pocket right now?

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Who is the police helicopter looking for? They've been circling for almost an hour. Seems to have stopped now. Do you think they found who they were looking for? Or gave up and we're all gonna die?
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more college scheduling questions...

TQC, have any of you taken science classes over the summer?
I'm considering doing a Chem class and I'd be in lab from 8-11 and then in class from 1-3 two days a week. I'm trying to decide if I want to try to take anything else or if that alone will burn me out. If it matters, I'll be taking Trig that evening.

In your experience, if class instructors are listed as "TBD", is that pretty much always a bad thing? Do those classes usually get canceled? Or wind up with shitty teachers?

DK/DC: Do you volunteer with an organization regularly? If so, what organization? What do you do with them?
I volunteer with the USO. I cook, do care packages, greet, do luggage, and redeploy.

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should I take a night off work to see one of my favorite bands? it's only 12 bucks.

the last time I went to go see them, they were opening up and I missed them because of the stupid train. so, I haven't seen them in 2+ years now (august 2007 was the last time).

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I've just been having some really bad memories stirred up...

Did you have a good childhood?

Do many people in your life know about the bad things/traumas that have happened to you?

When was the last time you felt belittled?
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A good friend of mine pinned me to my car as I was trying to leave his house, in order to convince me to stay with him tonight, please please pretty please. I got away fine, other than him calling me 5 or 6 times on my drive home.

TQC: should I discontinue my friendship with this creeper, or should I just chalk it up to "lol he was wasted"? Something in-between?
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TQC, I need your opinion!

My friend and I are going to be renting an apartment together in a little while and she has two children. The kids are going to share a room, she'll have her own, and I will have my own. There will be two bathrooms, with one being private in the master bedroom.

I'll be splitting the rent and utilities 50/50. How can I ask for the master bedroom with the bathroom without sounding like a bitch?  I'm not going to be asking her to pay 2/3rds since she's technically getting two bedrooms.

Would you rather pay 1/3rd of the rent and share a bathroom and a wall with a two- and four-year-old or pay half and get your own bathroom and slightly bigger bedroom?

Have you ever lived with someone with kids? I love her little munchkins and I'll get to play dress-up and tea party and princesses again.

ETA: What's the best way of introducing a not very friendly cat to two little girls?
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Will you talk about something you like and follow it with the phrase 'no homo'?

ETA: I have issues with ruminating about this thing that happened over a year ago, and whenever I think about it's like I want to shoot myself in the head. A thought popped up and I hit my head with my fist maybe a half hour ago and the back of my head still hurts. Is my brain hemorrhaging?

Things that plague me at 3.25am

Is Tarzan ever depicted with a beard? Do African tribesmen shave? I know hot weather is supposed to slow facial hair. If he did shave, how? Was there a shaving kit in his parents bungalow?

How does Superman shave at all? Or even get a haircut for that matter?
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I'm making a mix cd for a friend. When I write up a track list, is it more appropriate to format it artist-title or title-artist?

When did you last get a mix cd, and from whom?

Do you care what songs are on this cd I've burned?

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Is this volcano causing anyone else distress?
I'm losing sleep over it already , and my trip isn't for a week yet

WHY is Mrs H giving me such grief about wanting to buy a used car?

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Is there anything that Thailand the Lab will not destroy in seconds? 

(non-serious is fine..but if there are serious answers I might just get it for him)

How many people do you chat with online regularly?   Do you know them in person?

I know everyone I chat with in person really except for the odd one that pops up.  I mostly only talk to my boyfriend, a couple of local friends, my mother who is in another town, and my aunt in Chile online.

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I want to go to a park today! I'm going to take a picnic, an ocarina, and some drawing/painting stuff! It will be fun! Which park should I go to though?

Collapse )

Which park should I go to?

Park A - Walking-distance blah park
Park B - Short drive ok park
Park C - Long drive HUGE park
Go to the beach instead
Get a job, hippy
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Do you have season passes to anything? Zoo, theme park, museums, local theatre, symphony...

Were they worth the money, do you use them quite a bit?

We have passes to the zoo and to Sea World, definitely worth the money. We go at least once a month to each.

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A Question About Google Earth:

Can anyone here tell me how to make my placemarkers behave as some of the objects that are already there? I have a placemarker in Tucson, Arizona that takes up much of Southern Arizona when I zoom out. Is there a way to make it stop growing at a certain eye altitude?
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For those who are married or have been with a SO for a few years, particularly if you have children, do you have 'Date Night'? How often and what do you do?

We're nerds and love Doctor Who. Once a month a local movie theatre shows two episodes on the big screen for FREE and it's 2 miles from my parent's house so it's VERY convenient for babysitting. It's one of those theatres that serve food and beer so we have dinner too. Tomorrow we're going to see the 1st 2 episodes with the Matt Smith Doctor and I have intentionally not watched it so I can enjoy it on the big screen to the fullest extent.


What are you excited about?
Do you like Doctor Who?
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If you have ever lived in an apartment/rented, what were the most important factors in your search?
What style of apartments/rentals do you prefer? (House, Townhome, Condo, Lofts, High Rise, Traditional, etc..)
If you're going to rent, would you prefer to be in the city or in the suburbs?

Alternatively, describe your ideal rental (including location and amenities) if you had to rent somewhere.

(I'm apartment hunting, if you can't tell.)

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Americans, do you like the state in which you live? International members, will you answer this question for your county/province/cantons/departements/etc.?

Which state/province/county would you live in if you had the choice?

Do you prefer processed cheese or natural cheese?

[edit] Will you give some indication as to where you live?
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Have you ever had to change something(s) significant about yourself for a relationship?

If yes, what was it? Did the relationship last long-term? Did you ever resent your partner?

Farmville question

How do you feed the dog?

It's going to run away any hour now. I don't see anything to click and when I hit 'use' on the dog kibble, there's nothing for the cursor to apply it to onscreen. Does the game just take the food out of my gifts?
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Another wedding question!
What songs do you want played/did you play at your wedding, besides your first dance song?
What would be on the "DO NOT PLAY EVER!" list for the DJ?
What about the color scheme of the event?

DK/DC/Extra Credit: What did you have for breakfast?
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When you die, would you rather be buried or cremated? If there is another option you'd like (cryogenically frozen, maybe?), let us know.

What songs would you like played at your funeral?

Bonus: If you eat cottage cheese, what do you like to mix it with?
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Relationship advice

jraven and I love each other but he was born liking the penis and I was born with quite the opposite.

Which of us should make the drastic personal change for the sake of our relationship?

I enjoy a lot of guy-like things already (like not wearing heels, playing sports/video games, peeing standing up, having wet dreams, wearing pants and things like that), but... I think it would be a lot easier for him to just stop being gay versus me growing a penis. y/y?

If you haven't caught it yet, non-serious answers, please.

ETA: thephoenix29 wins this thread. I'm gonna use Dickspritz / Boob-B-Gone by Schemeco and see what happens. Thanks for all your help, guys.
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My vitamin is making me feel ill

I took a vitamin this morning (which I rarely remember to do) and I feel all weird and dizzy and sick to my stomach.  It didn't really help that I didn't have a chance to eat anything until I got to work.

Do vitamins do this to you?  Why do they do this?

Do you remember to take your vitamins?

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Is there anything sort of trivial that you have fierce brand loyalty to?

Long story short, a doctor suggested I eat more pickles and I realized that I will ONLY buy Claussen brand dill pickles. And it must be Claussen brand if I'm eating a pickle on its own (with the occasional exception if it comes on the side of a deli sandwich).
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I think I'm losing my mind.

I'm thinking of a DeviantArt series where the artist took a little cow figurine and put it next to a burger, and the cow said "Mommy? Daddy?" or something similar. Everyone I've asked says they don't know what I'm talking abot--TQC, do you know?!

EDIT!: kill_inhibition is the greatest and found it. It's called The Sad Cow.

DK/DC: How is the weather where you are?
Rainy and chilly
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Have you ever gone to a meet-up? (or I guess, random club/get-together with people you've never met before)

How did it go? What was it for? 
Did you think it awkward, positive, negative, bodacious?
Did you go back again? Make any lasting friendships? 

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Why the hell do the polls not open until 3:00 pm for school board elections/the budget referendum here?

Who can I complain to about the fact that all the errands and such I have to do up at school before class, an hour's commute away, have to wait now because I'm stuck at home sitting on my ass waiting for the goddamn polls to open since I couldn't get voting out of the way nice and early?

Will you tell us about a time that somebody else's schedule fucked up your day?
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okay we all know its 420
and are you smoking ?
do you smoke often?
how much?
what do you do when youre high?

whats your piece of choice, bong, bowl, joints, blunts, cigarellos?

whats your favorite place to smoke?

i smoke often, probably at least once a day.
bowls and joints.
i love smoking in my car, posted up somewhere.
anything is fun while high,

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What is a song that you listen to all the time that is out of your normal genre of music?

For instance, I listen to alternative/indie stuff, but I listen to Aaliyah's More than a Woman all the time.
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I'm in NYC, I wear different shoes to work than I do at work. Where am I supposed to switch shoes? Lately I've been doing it on the train, is that appropriate? I really don't know I just moved here and i know a lot of people who wear different shoes but where does everyone change them?
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 Should I spend money on college graduation photos? The sitting fee was $10, which wasn't too bad but the pics didn't turn out as great as I'd hoped. $45 for 16 wallet size pictures is the cheapest option.
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What would be the best colored contact lens color that would go over a brown eye, that would look good with bright pink/red hair?
Any opinions?
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so i've been out of the computer programming loop for a few years and am considering getting back into it.  any suggestions on resources that i could use to get back on my game?  i learned visual basic, c++ and was in the process of teaching myself assembly when i stopped about 7-8 years ago. 


if you could punch any person in the mouth while they were a fetus, who would it be?

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Inspired my boyfriend's entirely inappropriate choice of 'Bad Girlfriend' as my song...

What is 'your song'? What is you and your SO's song? Did you both pick it?

Also, do you follow the 'no roommate, no pants' rule?
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I really can't make up my mind... earlier I wanted to go for a bike ride, but now I think I wanna take my dog for a walk. What one should I do?

What do you like to do on a nice spring sunny day?

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If you were Tippi Hedren in the 1960s, would you have slept with Alfred Hitchcock?

Basically, this brilliant (and bizarre) director gives you the role of a lifetime and makes you a star. He eventually begins to proposition you, and even threatens to ruin your career should you not stick with him in both a professional and a sexual sense.

You can have the big career, the fame, and the money, or you can fade back into virtual obscurity. Do you have sex with that fat, old, bald man or do you walk away?

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Somewhere in the hustle and stress of cleaning my house, I seem to misplaced the contract for our wedding location. I can't seem to find the stupid thing. I know what it looks like, but I can't find it. I know that when my SO asks for it and I can't deliver I'm going to be in deep shit, even though I seem to have lost it while cleaning his office. I'M FREAKING OUT. If you were an important document, where would you hide?

I can reprint the contract and have the people sign it again, I just know it's hard to get a hold of the person that does need to sign it.


Do you believe in thoes shows about the super natural? I don't watch them because they freak me out because I am very gullible.

I am craving hot wings. I don't have enough money to go buy them nor the stuff to make them. What should I do? What would you do?
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Do you ever read TQC and wonder if the friends/other people that people tell stories about are you?

Have you ever had your online life and real life collide unintentionally? What happened?

Got entries?

I just found from my old emails that my entry in Urban Dictionary is accepted. YAY!  The entry is sour crotch. Guess which one is my definition? I was actually was bummed that they didn't accept my Pedrophile definition but one out of two ain't bad.

Have you submitted an entry to Urban Dictionary and was rejected or accepted? Tell me about it. What word? And what was the definition?

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So I may have to retake Accounting again; this class is the bane of my existence.

Will you suggest study habits that work for you when you hate the subject?

Will you tell me a funny story or post a funny Youtube video?
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How long have you had your phone number?
Is there anything you kind of pride yourself on having had for a long period of time?
I've had the same cell number for six years and I think it's sort of neat

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Has anyone ever heard of taking Abilify for A.D.D? I've had adverse reactions to Adderall so, my doctor prescriobed Abilify. I know it's mostly an anti-depressant but, I am not finding anything about A.D.D &Abilify on the internet. :/
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As someone who is unemployed and seeking a job, what are some things I can do in my spare time to make myself more marketable? Someone suggested becoming certified in Microsoft Office, but I'm not good enough yet to try taking the test. It is worth the $169 to take a Microsoft Word class? There are three levels, and I would have to pay for each one. I also feel that the little experience I do have would make the class really boring. What about becoming a notary?

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Say you want to get in touch with a tattoo artist to get your first tattoo done by.. What is the best way to go about doing this? Do you e-mail them first? Stop into the tattoo shop? Call?
Do any of you live in the central Pennsylvania area and know of any good artists?

make my meal plans for me

 What should I have for dinner?  The options are:

A. mac & cheese
B. banh mi sandwich from a local Vietnamese deli (I'm craving this, but I'm also feeling very lazy)
C. garlic noodles

DK/DC: Do you have a porch or balcony or some sort of equivalent area attached to your place-of-residence?  If so, do you hang out on it often?  What is currently on it?  

I like sitting on my balcony and reading.  We have two chairs on it, and my dog's carrier.  And wind-chimes. 
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backstory: someone stole my coat at a show the other night. i tried to catch them, but little ole me failed. waaah. i'm now searching for my coat online and am not having much luck...

this is the closest i can find. it's almost identical. but from what i can tell, it's a kid's size. there's also this one, but i can't tell if it's definitely a kid's or not. i've contacted the seller already and am waiting.

my question is: does anyone know what a child's size 16 would be equivalent to in a women's size?

i'm incredibly petite, and as far as i remember, i can fit into a kid's extra large tshirt. i'm just not sure how to go about this with coat sizes....

if you can't answer that, can you find my coat anywhere online? :(

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let's say your best friend meets someone who seems to be their ideal SO in every way EXCEPT they're an alcoholic. what would you tell your friend?

eta: *functional alcoholic. this person has a job comparable to your friend's job and otherwise has a pretty normal life.

should i get a netflix account?

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This is KILLING me. How far can you go before getting too angry to continue?

When I watch hockey, I like to play mindless clicking games but I am growing tired of Collapse! and Tetris. Can you recommend something for me?

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Would it bother you equally if you always went by your full name and people insisted on calling you a nickname as it would it you always went by a nickname (and put it on business cards, etc.) and people insisted on calling you by your full name?

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Have any of you worked at Teavana? What were your experiences? Good? Bad? Miserable?

Who do you think is the most kickass president ever?

Do you have any strong opinions on any pre-1900's presidents?

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Has anyone else realized that today is the anniversary of the Columbine Shooting? I still remember seeing the news clips on TV. Scary shit D:

What awesome thing(s) happenend to you this weekend?

Will you tell TQC what your dream proposal scenario (or what really happened if you have been proposed to) is?

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How much water/fluids do you drink in a day?

Ten-page paper on crop cicles. How long do you think it would take you? Assume you need to do research but you're doing the whole thing in one sitting.

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How would you pronounce "Eyjafjallajökull"? 

Are there any movies or songs that you can't watch/listen to because they trigger bad memories? I was watching Legally Blonde when I found out my grandfather had passed away. If I watch that movie, I have to skip the part where Elle's talking to the butt lady at prison. 

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I just realized that I missed the birthday of the girl that I tutor. It was in March. Do I mail her a card with a small gift or just cut my losses?

I really want a teaching job. My sister wants me to apply for a job where she works (major publishing company) should I apply or just focus on teaching stuff?
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 What was the last gruesome injury you sustained? What did you do to sustain the injury?

I bashed up my knee during softball practice yesterday. The first base bag kicked out from under me as I was running through to second.


yayaya. But it's pretty icky, so here is your warning, squeamish.
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I'm going away for 5 months starting late May. Do you think it would be cheaper to put my stuff (the contents of one bedroom) in storage, or sell/give away all the furniture I can, and then ship the rest in boxes (as slow/cheaply as possible) to my dad's place in CO from MD? I'm not sure what state I'll be living in at the end of my 5 months.


My dad is currently in the hospital and there is a 99% chance he will be out in "a day or two." I've spoken with my aunt several times since I took him to the emergency room early monday morning and she always wants to know what she can do for me. She is really persistent about wanting to do something. She keeps offering to come stay with me so I won't be alone. There really isn't anything I need. She lives about 30 minutes away.

Are there any really simple tasks I could give her? Or should I just keep insisting I don't need anything?

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I got a book out from the library today and when I got home I found a random picture of two people inside it!
Have you ever found something like this in a library book or anywhere else?
Im thinking it would be cool to try and start something like this, put random pieces of art or poems in a book and see if anyone else had the same idea to do something back.

And have you ever found one of those pass along books?
Like my friend found a random book in the park and it has a code that you log it onto a website and it tells you where this book has been. The one she found has been all the way done to invercargill and back. All you do is read it then leave it in a public place for someone else to read and pass on! That seems pretty awesome.

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Which era do you belong in?
Bonus points if you pick something that's not from the 20s-90s.

Don't know or care, what was the last thing you put in that gaping hole you call a mouth?

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Are there any celebrities out there that you like, but have really disappointed you for some reason? Who and why!

I am extremely disappointed in Amanda Palmer. I loved her in the Dresden Dolls and I enjoy some of her solo/collab stuff, but god damn I can't stand the shit that comes out of that girl's mouth and her ridiculous attention-seeking antics.
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Are you someone who takes care of things as soon as they come up, or puts them off over and over?

Why have I not started the project that I had seven weeks to do until now? It's due on Saturday...any tales of epic procrastination you could share with me to help me feel less alone here?
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Are you friends with anyone you consider to be a "bad" person based on their treatment of other people or decisions they make?

If no, have you ever been friends with someone you considered to be "morally bankrupt" and chose to end your friendship because of it? Or, have you ever met someone, realized they were bad news, and stopped the relationship from progressive on purpose?

If yes, do you feel obligated to be their friend for any reason? Are you friends with them because they make you feel like a "better" person in comparison?

Is it possible to not pass any form of judgment on another person, regardless of what they do that you consider to be morally wrong? How?
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I need a laptop for college.

I don't want to spend over $800.

It needs to be able to do internet, Photoshop, and Sims2.  I hate Macs.


What laptop should I purchase?

What kind of computer are you using?

Do you think the Sims3 is shit compared to Sims2?

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What instruments can you play?
What instruments do you want to learn how to play?

What languages do you know?
What languages do you want to learn?

What is something you've been meaning to do lately but haven't gotten around to?
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I can has inspiration plz?

So in my 2D class I have to make a board game. Heres my idea, maybe you can help me fix it?

The idea is to get from start to finish first along the way gathering a certain amount of objects or something that will be represented by cards. These cards will be obtained by landing on blue squares allowing you to draw a card. Hopefully getting the ones you need to finish.
Landing on red squares will require you to draw from another pile which has consequences/traps. Some cards would require you to lose a turn or object card, the person in front to lose a turn/object card, or you could leave a token on a square and whoever next lands on that square would lose a turn/object card. Or other things you can help me think of.

But I need a unifying theme. Like WHY are you gathering these cards and whats at the finish? Are you rats scrambling for food to take to the warmest shelter? Or sperm traveling to the egg? (Someone else did that already so I cant do sperm and egg...) HELP ME TQC!

Or should I just try to turn a drinking game like Kings Cup into a board game?

DK/DC: Should I paint my new room red to make me happy and creative, or blue green cause I think its really pretty?
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I know this is a pretty dumb question, but is there any way to find out for sure which band is playing first @ a concert?

Long story not really made short: The Offspring is playing with 311. I really couldn't give a shit about 311, but seeing The Offspring in a non-festival venue would make my life. I don't know who is playing first, and I don't really have much desire to hang around Nissan Pavilion Jiffy Lube Live waiting for 311 to get off the stage, but I don't want to show up later only to realize it was really The Offspring was the band playing first.
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If you were not religious and were going through especially dire circumstances [ETA: that neither you nor they had any control over, like potentially losing a job due to fickle budgeting or suchlike], would you ever ask a religious person you were close to to pray for you? If you didn't or wouldn't ask, would it bother you if they told you they would?

Does the thought count for something even if you don't personally believe?
Is ecumenism feasible?

dk/dc: Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington DC: which would you choose and why?
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If your friend walked up to you and said, "I have a (female)friend named Brevity," what would you assume about said girl? I mean, I know we all try to not be biased, but people tend to get an image in their mind when they hear certain names. What kind of image do you get from Brevity?

Please do include any dirty jokes that come up from a name like that, too, because I feel like I've tapped them all out and TQC is so much dirtier than I am.

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Hey girls, which Sex And The City character are you?!

Permanently unlucky in love Carrie?
Man eating Samantha?
Prim and proper Charlotte?
Serious and business-like Miranda?

Come on, share!