April 19th, 2010

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Last time I was home from college I accidentally left my retainers. My dog found them. Long story short, I need to replace my retainers...

How much does it usually cost to replace retainers? I don't wear them often but I've already noticed my teeth moving.

Does it matter that I got my braces off about 4 years ago?
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What do you think of Pretty Wild?

Who is your favorite? Or do you just hate all of those bitches?

if you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, what's your favorite thing to do in Cabo?
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What's the last thing that made you really fucking angry or disgusted?

Inspired by finding out my cousin's husband is hiding her pain medication from her because he 'doesn't want her to get addicted." wtfwtfwtf

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What is something that you loved to do but had to give up because of major drawbacks?  (I hope I worded this correctly)

I volunteered at an aquarium for 7 months working directly with penguins.  I loved it, loved the birds, etc.  But I've developed very bad eczema from it and stopped volunteering two weeks ago.  It makes me sad but it was affecting my health way too much.
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I am watching A Haunting in Connecticut (the movie version). I'm all alone and it's 2:15 AM...how scared do you think I'm gonna get?

Do you get easily scared at movies? What was the scariest you've ever seen?

DK/DC: If you turn to your right and take a step, what would be the first thing to impede your path?
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I have class in the morning and I work until close after, so no time for naps.

Should I...

Stay up until I get tired?

Go to a Walgreens and get some Nyquil?

Just try to sleep and see what happens?

Also, if I make this phone call I'll probably end up more anxious...but I can't stop thinking about it. Should I just call or leave it be?

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Ladies, how do you deal with cramps when they are so bad they are making you cry and feel like dying? Medicine is not working well enough. :(

will you tell me about your most physically painful experience in life?

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I've always been interested in girls but haven't had much chance to explore that part of my sexuality so far. I'm so inept even when it comes to hetero dating that I'm afraid I'll never figure this out and I really don't even know where to start. To gay/bi/pansexual girls: how do you meet other chicks? If you were interested in someone and found out she had only dated or had sex with men before, would this be a big problem?

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Did you have an older sibling that trained you to do strange/embarrassing things?
Did you train younger siblings to do strange/embarrassing things?
If you're an only child, what would you have gotten a younger sibling to do for the lulz?

I idolized my older brother, so it didn't take much effort for him to 'train' me, lol. When I was 9 or 10, he taught me that when I saw a police car/officer/anything I was to yell, "It's the popo! Duck!" and hide. Mostly I did this in the car if we saw a police cruiser etc. But once, the FBI had come to my house for some internet-related thing. My mom brought my little brother and I out to say hi, the FBI-man went to shake my hand, and I.. did as my older brother had instructed. My mother looked like she could have died on the spot.. And thus, that habit was quickly broken.


I've been married to the same woman for 23 years TODAY (18 April).
What should I get her for our anniversary?

What odds are you giving me that we make it to 25??
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I'm looking for a chic , classic messenger bag with a bit of "zip". Any suggestions. i can't find anything that fits my criteria :(
Either it's too sporty or too grandma-ish.
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What the hell is up with my ex?!

He met my sister briefly ONCE, and he writes on her facebook wall to see how things are going, and comments on her pictures. He recently commented on a photo of my sister and I (posted on her album) saying, "sexy!" I recently wrote "Happy Birthday mom!" as my facebook status, and he marked it as "like." In fact, he does this for many of my status posts. Also, I'm of Korean descent, and after I broke up with him, he went to teach English in Korea (of all the countries in the world he could have gone to). And now he tries to write in Korean on me and my sister's walls.

I mean, we're still friendly, but I don't go out of my way to talk to him while he always tries to keep in touch. Does this potentially indicate that he's still into me and trying to stay "close" via the internet?
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DILEMMA: I have class tonight but my friend is offering to take me to see the Flaming Lips for 20 bucks. I'm not a huge FL fan but I'm always down for a concert. However, I have class tonight that I'm slacking in/failing, but that's just because I've been lazy this semester and haven't handed in anything. My grade will pick right back up once I get all my assignments done. TQC, should I go?

Should I skip class to see the Flaming Lips?


ETA: Told my friend I'm not going, I'm going to be responsible. =/
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I got really sick last semester and could only finish the work for one of my four classes. I received grades in all of them thought, with the promise I would finish the work this semester. Two of the classes have been squared away, however for the third class, I was supposed to do a series of four presentations in front of one of the professor's current classes. I gave him a tentative schedule, but he never got back to me about what class I was supposed to come in to talk to or what time it was. I started work on the presentations but I honestly sort of forgot about them and there are now about two weeks left in the semester.

...do you think I would be able to quietly sneak off with the grade he already gave me without completing the work? Is this a dick thing to do? Also, I lent him a really interesting, out-of-print book about post-mortem photography that you can't find anywhere for less than a hundred bucks. If I just let him keep it, do you think that will make up for it?

ETA: lol I already decided to do the work, this was really just a roundabout way of seeing if my mother gives me horrible advice sometimes. RESULT: SHE REALLY, REALLY DOES.

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who pays for dates (dinner/movies whatever) in your relationships? do you split it? do you alternate? etc.

I try to alternate but my bf always complains when I pay lol.  I complain when he pays.. SHEESH.
I keep stealing the bill from him and running to the front lulz. 

DK/DC:  how early do you get up on weekends/days off?

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Which path is better?

Taking a job in a field you're somewhat interested in to make some money and gain some professional experience,


Going back to school for 2 years to prepare for a career (in the same field as the one above, but a different division) that you're pretty sure would make you happier than the aforementioned option.
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Last night I had a dream where I was working with Rachel Maddow in a candy store, and we were competing against Sean Hannity's candy store. One of the things we had to do was keep the hamsters out of the store so they wouldn't pee on our ferrets.

What does this mean?

Ok, PC question

Ok TQC, I haven't had to shop for a PC for about 8 years now. My home built PC is going to crap out at some point, so I'm starting to look into a new one. So the question for TQC is: What CPU/motherboard technologies should I be looking for? I'm not doing any PC gaming now, but that doesn't mean I won't in the future. I do a little photo editing work, but nothing with enormous images (over 4MP JPEGS). Any advice would be appreciated.

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Who is tqc_slash and why did they add me as a friend? What was the last weird friend request you had?

Don't know or care, will you describe your favourite dessert?

[edit] non-serious or serious welcome. I'm curious.
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I have a .rsm file that I need to upload but it's not "application/msword (*.doc, *.dot. *.wiz *.wzs)".

How can I get this thing uploaded?

Details to consider:
- Microsoft Office Works 7 doesn't count, apparently. Nor does Notepad or Wordpad.
- I can't download anything.
- My google-fu is failing.
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My long-term boyfriend dumped me yesterday. I feel sick, haven't eaten since then, and still have to study for finals this week. Yadda yadda, I'm a mess.

The thing is, I told him not to contact me, that I would contact him when I was ready to talk. The thing is, this really blindsided me - Friday night he spent 300$ on plane tickets so I could come visit him as soon as my exams were over (we're long distance right now), Saturday he was texting me asking for pictures of the two of us asking so he could put them as the background to his phone, Sunday morning he's still telling me he loves me - and by Sunday afternoon he can't deal with this relationship anymore. And all I want to do now is call and ask him why. I know it's a bad idea to call right now, I should give both of us time off- but how long do I have to wait? I have to admit, I'm still holding onto hope that this can be salvaged, and I don't think I can even try to let go of that until I talk to him again.

As a side note, my next final is on Thursday, so Wednesday night is off limits.

tl/dr: My bf dumped me, how long do I have to wait to contact him?

Other: Post things to make me happier? I need to study, and I can't.
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I live in a dorm suite with nine other people and I've noticed that some people will clean all the dishes left in the sink, regardless of who they belong to. Personally, I'm not going to go cleaning someone else's dirty dishes, especially the really, really fucking dirty ones (also, I'd be paranoid about breaking something). When I asked the girl I last saw doing this why she did this, she said she "just couldn't stand it anymore".

If there is a giant pile of dishes/pots/pans/mugs/mysterious containers/possibly food in a sink, are you the type to roll up your sleeves and tackle it or would it not bother you and you'd just let them chill?

Obviously, if you live alone, this doesn't apply. Clean your own fucking dishes. Or don't.

You can include a picture of your sink, if it's especially interesting/disgusting.

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I just got a FedEx delivery notice - thing is, I'm not expecting anything, let alone something sent by FedEx (I'm in Australia). It'll get redelivered tomorrow.

So, TQC, who sent it to me, and what is it?

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dear tqc crystal ball,

i am meeting with my professor today to see if he will give me extra credit to bring up my grade. i will pass the class definitely but the max i can get at this point is a B- and i am one of those assholes who is unhappy with anything except an A- or above. WILL HE LET ME DO IT?

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I'm looking for options for a desk. I want something made of solid wood, or all metal. No particle board. I kind of like the idea of something as open as a table (maybe a small pull out drawer but nothing else) Do you know what I mean? Nothing bulky with lots of storage. I feel like just getting a small table would be too high or too expensive.

What are my options?
Any innovative ideas out there for me?

Ready to give up, yep.

My roommate decided she has to move out, because getting to school from where we live is "too far," despite the fact it's pretty darn convenient. Not the point. I don't want to stay in this apartment and find a stranger to live with, mostly because she's let her cat destroy a lot of it and I would rather just have her pay for it and me not to have to deal with it. I can't afford to singles that are offered here, my budget is pretty tight and I'm fairly sure I'll just have to be homeless.

Where did you find your apartment? Craigslist is always the same, either too nice and expensive or too cheap and shady. Does driving around and looking actually work? I don't know. I spent all my savings moving here the first time, I basically don't have any money and will have to sell things to make a deposit.

What was the last thing that made you want to throw up your hands and give up?

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Why won't my computer open any of the Microsoft Office programs?

I get a little error sound and this message comes up: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel."

Um...WTF? I'm pretty sure I have the programs. Seeing as I use them almost every day.

Recently my computer's been sick with this weird-ass "Windows Security Center" virus, and I think that might have something to do with this. Have any of you had that virus? <strike>it's fucking impossible to get rid of</strike>

Luckily I opened up Word before this started happening, but now I need Powerpoint and I can't get in it. :(

fml fml fml.
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Have you ever tried the allergy medication Allegra-D? Did it help? I'm afraid to take it because my body doesn't like "stimulants" but OMG I feel like crap and I just want some relief.

What allergy medication do you take?
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For those with a SO:

Do you have a lot of photographs taken of you with your SO?

My SO and I have been together for almost five years. When he was making a memory book for my 25th birthday he realised we do not have a lot of photos featuring the two of us.

For those without a SO (or anyone really):

Do you keep photographs of a SO once the relationship has ended?

There's a photograph I have which I look really nice in. Unfortunately it's with my ex-SO which was a bit of a dickhead. So it's buried at the bottom of a drawer.
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(no subject)

 What's the age difference between you and your best friend? If you claim your SO as your best friend, will you answer with the next closest friend you have instead?

Has that ever been an issue?

And since pictures are always fun, will you post a picture of you and your best friend?

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i have a book i have to read and write a paragraph on for my class tomorrow. it's 150 pages and apparently a really easy read, but the book smells SO BAD i can't open it without gagging.
do i suck it up and power through it? or is there a way to make my book smell less disgusting?
it seriously smells like it's rotten or something. and it's new, so i don't know what's going on.

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I got my tax return and it's pretty decent because I had a pay cut last year and I apparently donated more than I thought to charity:

Poll #1553243 return!

Should I:

put it on my visa? (debt isn't too big since I've been dealing with it...it was caused mainly by my ex... -_-)
buy a new bike? (mine sucks and is too small)
buy a new camera? (mine sucks..lol)
put towards the $400 it takes to cancel my ex's cell phone line that nobody uses and I'm paying for?... -_-
other.. (comment please)

DK/DC: would you tell me about a cool place you've been to?


does anyone else have a problem getting into the Urban Outfitters website?
all i get when i go to the site is a black page with local UO store address'. it's been like this for months.
if this is normal, anyone know why the site is no longer working?

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What's the age difference between you and your significant other? Do you tend to gravitate towards people older/younger than you? Is it a big deal? Do other people make it a big deal?

Do you think facial hair is sexy?

ETA: How old are you?

My SO is six years older, my last ex was 9 years older. Pretty much everyone I know is significantly older or younger than me. It's not a big deal to my friends/family, but my mom's friends thinks it's weird/unsafe for some reason?

I have a facial hair fetish.

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TQC, I have an itunes playlist named "Quitting." In theory it is supposed to help motivate me to quit smoking.

It currently only has one song on it: Choices Made by Good Riddance.

What songs should I put on that playlist, TQC?
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You're in your front lawn. You see a cat that's clean, friendly, well-fed with a collar and a tag (with his name/a phone number on it). What would you do?

Why did my neighbor think it was okay to take my cat to the SPCA and THEN call us hours later to tell us about it? Why didn't she just call us in the first place?

I now have to pay the SPCA $50 for watching him for the night. >:(

Are you angry about anything?

(no subject)

I was prescribed aripirazole/Abilify today. I have chronic anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder as well as depression. Have you taken this drug, what did you take it for and what were the side effects like? Are you glad you took it?


(no subject)

hi tqc! i'm emailing a list of interview questions to an old teacher. should i attach them or send them in the body of the email?

whats the biggest thing happening with you this week?

will i have an actual break before finals? :(
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Weight Management for free

Can anyone recommend any free weight management websites?

I'm looking for something that I can keep a food journal and will keep track of the calories for me, track my exercising and how many calories I've burned, and that can output estimates for me about the progress I'm making and where I'll be in the future. Recipes for weight loss would be an added bonus.
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Help me decide, please.

Hello TQC! 
I need help with this - please decide for me whether I'm rightfully worried or just a hypochondriac.

4 days ago, on Friday, I fell down the stairs in my house. Long story short, I thought the stairs went upstairs when they went downstairs (don't ask), which lead to me tumbling 30 steps down the stairs.

It hurt a lot the first couple of days, especially my knee, so yesterday I finally decided to go to the ER (in Silkeborg, where my dad lives because I was visiting him yesterday), just to be sure. The doctor checked my knee and he told me that I just needed to take 3 painkillers every 6 hours and then rest my leg for a couple of weeks until the pain goes away.

The pain has, however, increased since and the 2 painkillers work for about half an hour and then... nothing but pain. I can't walk because of the pain in my knee, so I'm tied to my bed. 

I obviously don't want to overdose, so taking more painkillers won't be an option. I'm considering going to the ER again, this time in Roskilde (which is in the other end of the country) where I live, to ask for some stronger painkillers and some crutches. My mom doesn't like that idea though, since she believes that I should just do as the first doctor said. 

So, help me, TQC. The pain is unbearable and I can't do anything but cry, because I'm not able to move, but I do see what my mom mean. I also have school (and what we're doing this week is pretty important, since it's just before exams and graduating and what not)
What do you think I should do? Go to the doctor or don't go to the doctor?

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I just got my new phone, so now I'm re-adding apps. I have an Android phone, so other Android users: what is your favorite (free) app? I can't remember all the ones I had downloaded on my old phone. D:

Anyone else: what is your favorite feature on your phone? Or favorite app for iPhones?

(no subject)

If you were an incoming freshman at a college or university and were presented educational (but simple) information on student loans, what format would you prefer it be in (website, flyer, pamphlet, video, power point, etc)?

For those of you who have been college freshmen, were you educated about school loans (if that applies in your country) and how so?


Anyone have experience with using the clear stamps from Stampology? I'm doing my sisters invites for a party and they a pain...I have a different design than pictured, I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Tips?
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Have you read or seen 1984? What do you think? Compare/contrast?

ETA: I was asking to compare/contrast the book with the movie. I have been out of school for some years, so this is definitely not a homework question. I saw 1984 was on OnDemand and was wondering what people thought of the book vs. movie.

To sleep, perchance to dream

I've been shorting my sleep time all weekend and I wonder if I go to sleep now (6PM) can i sleep all the way though till morning, say 11 hours?

Are you tired?
are you a heavy or a light sleeper?
any special conditions you need to get to sleep?
Do you think anyone will make a new friend in this post?
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(no subject)

 TQC, I had a really long day at work and am mentally and physically exhausted. I want nothing more than to veg out in front of the TV with my daughter. Problem is, I promised my neighbor I'd babysit his son tonight, and his son isn't a big fan of vegging. How can I rejuvenate myself? Unfortunately money is a problem so I can't get any sort of energy drink.

(no subject)

soooo i am writing a letter to the biology department chair at my school... but i am retarded and have no idea how i am supposed to format the address. this is what i have right now:

school name
city, state, zip

is that correct?? do i need to include the department as well?
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∀x∀y isa(y, Donkey) ∧ isa(x, Farmer) ∧ owns(x,y) → beats(x,y)

What do you think that well-formed formula says?

Is that a good example for a lecture demonstrating how to generate natural language using first-order logic?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know if banks in the US are required to take cash deposits?
I brought $1100 in rolled coins to my bank and they refused to take them. I was just wondering if I could go make a big stink and they'd be forced to, or if they actually are allowed to not accept them.

I've been told yes from some, and no from others. When I try to google it, I only find information on cash deposits over $10,000 being reported to the IRS, and that doesn't help me at all.


If you read many books for fun, do you read mostly non-fiction or fiction? If you have a clear preference, is there any particular reason you prefer one over the other?

What do you think is different about the minority of people who prefer to read non-fiction, as compared to the majority who prefer to read fiction? Do they just have a disinterest in escapism? Are they typically "intellectual" types? Are they more serious people?

I'm a lifelong reader of non-fiction, all the way back to elementary school. So far in 2010, I've read a dozen nonfiction books and one comic trade paperback and am reading my first novel of the year. This is pretty typical for me, but my reading tastes have always seemed very unusual compared to almost all my peers and I'm trying to understand why.
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(no subject)

I was contacted by someone on Flickr about using one of my photos for a presentation they're doing. All I know is that it's for an agricultural group (in the US). I wrote the person back for some more details because I while I was really excited I was also thinking, "What if it was for some crazy group that has totally different values than me and my name would forever be plastered on something I don't agree with?" I'm waiting to hear back about more info.

What kind of crazy group needs a picture of some apples? Anti-Apple Group? Pro-Banana Campaign? (I hate bananas so that would go against my ~*beliefs*~)

Srs/non srs answers are welcome.
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(no subject)

How much do you and your significant other, if you have one, have in common?

What is the most important thing to you in a "romantic" relationship? Is this different from what is important to you in a friendship?

Is physical stimulation or mental stimulation more important to you in the long run?

And MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL, what is your favorite kind of cake?
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(no subject)

What was the last thing to disappoint you?
I bought some Annie's Shells and White Cheddar because everyone always raves about how great their products are. It's bland, chalky, and not very cheesy at all. I'm pretty disappointed by it. I wanted it to be rich and cheesy.

What was the last thing that cheered you up?
My husband surprised me with chocolate truffles last night! Yay I love presents!
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(no subject)

When you are utterly sick of dealing with someone's repetitive bullshit (from your boss, stepmother..people you can't cut out of your life easily), how does your behavior towards them change?
My stepmother absolutely loathes me but won't grow a spine and address her issues with me face-to-face; instead she constantly writes passive-aggressive notes or gets my dad involved and I can't handle people like that. I've gone from playing nice to being hostile and avoidant when she's around.

What's your living situation?

marathon monday!

Did you get work/school off today because its Patriots Day?

Any people in the Boston area, did you watch the marathon today?

Do you know anyone who ran in it?

Have you ever run a marathon?

I watched it with my sister and her boyfriend because his dad runs it every year. He's 55 and he is pretty damn fast, actually. I would die before I would ever finish running a marathon. & I had school off today, mostly because the marathon runs pretty close to my school.
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(no subject)

TQC, I have to give a persuasive speech tomorrow. I was going to do vegetarianism, but I am afraid it will polarize my audience too much. So, what should I do my speech on??

What did you have for dinner?
angel hair pasta and tomato basil sauce
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(no subject)

What are some of your hobbies?

What hobbies should I take up over the summer?

Which class should I take over the summer: Democratic Theory or Legal Theory & Social Problems?

(no subject)

Have you ever heard that popping pimples in your t-zone can give you a brain infection? Supposedly the bacteria can drain to your brain. (Note: Google holds no solid evidence outside of Yahoo!Answers that I can find.)

I've been popping pimples for over a decade, but this kind of freaks me out. I only pop them when they're a whitehead, because I mean really, you have to then.

What's the last unnerving thing you heard about?
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TQC, my fiance and I are creating our iPod wedding reception playlist. We have like a billion old-people and indie-slower and 80's songs, and we only have like 5 good dance tunes of the young people. What do young people like to dance to besides GaGa?? We do not go out and we do not know these mysteries.
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(no subject)

Has anyone had to have a root canal done twice in the same place? If so, did you have to get a new crown?

I had a root canal and crown done about 2 1/2 years ago. Out of the blue on Sunday I started having the same pains and symptoms I had years ago, all centered around the same tooth. I'm calling the dentist in the morning but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's infected again. I Googled and apparently crowns can leak and it's common to have to take the old crown off and get a brand new one. And of course, I cannot afford that.
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(no subject)

1- Where do you want to retire?

2- Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

3- Who was the last person you went out to dinner with? What did you have?

4- When was the last time you had a run-in with the cops?
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today at work i got two voicemails from some guy named "Gary" looking for "Tom" about a "drill bit."

then later i'm biking home and i check my phone and he's called AGAIN, and he's left ANOTHER VOICE MESSAGE. and i'm thinking, this is so not Tom! how has he not gotten the picture yet?

HOW did this guy not realize he was calling the WRONG NUMBER ALL DAY?

yes, my voicemail is Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand, so it was a man's voice, but he says, "Hey, this is Emily's phone and you better leave a message after the beep."

it's like... did he not listen? did he not notice he was Scottish?

seriously, how do you make that mistake three times?

also, how entertained would you have been? because me and my friend were tickled pink. i texted her about the third time and all she texted back was "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha"

(no subject)

What is a good book that is a page-turner but is also somewhat intellectual? I like to read modern classics and I haven't read a book in a really long time because I haven't been able to find anything that "does it" for me.
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(no subject)

We had a new system go live at work today. At one point I looked behind me to find two of the supervisors, the trainer, and the IT guy all huddled around behind me watching me work with it. 

On a scale of 1-10, how uncomfortable would this make you?  

Edit: I'm babysitting tonight and the boy's dad was supposed to be home an hour and a half ago. I haven't heard a word from him. Should I assume the worst?

(no subject)

I'm really angry. Like, really, really, really angry. I have absolutely no outlet for my rage.


(My mom is the cause of my rage so this is a complicated issue. ARGHHHHHHHH)


dudes, I'm so pissed. it feels like my heart is about to fall out of my chest.

narry twirl

(no subject)

I have $3 until tomorrow, have no food, and feel like eating junk. Should I go get a burrito from Taco Bell (even though I just had Moe's for dinner) or go get frozen fries or maybe a sack of potatoes from the grocery store?
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(no subject)

Is there an item that you buy without fail if you find it on sale?
Yes, I am always buying Marilyn Monroe/Audrey Hepburn posters.

Due to the above, I find myself overwhelmed with the number of Marilyn/Audrey posters (I just took stock). What do I do with them all? I do not have anywhere near enough room to hang them all.

DK/DC: what do your dishes look like?
I have these from Ikea.

(no subject)

I've got stitches on my right leg a few inches below and to the right of me knee. The stitches were really well done by the ER doc, but I can tell that there's a lot of tension in the area. I've had them for a week and there's still bruising all around the area from the stitches, but there hasn't been any redness up until now - there's redness forming around the stitches themselves, either just the holes or across the areas where they're pulling tighter.

I guess my question is should I be worried about the redness and the pulling?

I'm also worried that when I get my stitches taken out in the next few days that the still-forming scar will be pulled apart by the tension and I'll get a big fat scar instead of a thin one. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from stretching?

DK/DC: Does blood gross you out? This injury was huuuuge, like, gaping open and pouring blood and it was both totally awesome and a little scary for me.

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Should I have ice cream RIGHT NOW?
Ben & Jerry's Peach Cobbler ice cream. Mmmm.

Oh my god, can we go any faster?

Don't know or care, will you use this post to talk amongst yourselves?

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i have a while before i can go to bed(so much laundry...), so i'm just gonna keep asking stupid questions.

do you think Peter Bjorn and John realized their initials were PB&J when they decided on their name or do you think it was just a coincidence?

if they did realize it, do you think it influenced their decision?

do you think they ever dreamed girls would be calling them peanut butter and jelly? 'cause that's what i do. today at work i went up to my friend, 'cause we'd been listening to Writer's Block in the car Friday, and i said:

"You know what I love about peanut butter and jelly?"
"Their Swedish accents."
Spaceballs-the icon!

Ooo it's 11:11!

Have you ever been a member of a 'live studio audience'? Which one?

If it was a talk show, what was the topic?

Which show would you like to be an audience member for?

I'm not an Oprah watcher but I'd love to be in her audience when she does her big giveaways.

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So I was kind of idiot and signed up to participate in a psychological study at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.
It's currently 11:15 and it doesn't look like I'll be getting to bed anytime soon due to all the work I have to do. Getting up in time to go to that study sounds about as appealing to me as being stranded at Heathrow for two weeks straight. If I don't go, I won't have class until 11.:D

Will they come after me with shock generators and other instruments of torture if I don't show up?

What's on your to-do list?

If you're in college, do you go to class regularly? (If you're out of college-- did you?)

*Edit* I went to the study!

It was a lot of fun, actually.
Adam - idk my bff jil?

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Have you ever had a TV and audio-device on at the same time just because there were two things you really wanted to watch/hear at the same time and you couldn't decide which one you wanted on more?

My dad and I both do this a lot. It does occur to me that it's weird but at the same time... if I turn one of, my brain goes "but whyyyyyyy?"
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How much, or how little, stress do you have to have in your life to feel content?

Do you prefer keeping busy and having many things to accomplish, or do you favor having a lot of free time and ample opportunity to "stop and smell the flowers"?

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Inspired by seeing a man smack his kid on the head in the middle of a clothing store...

What are your views on spanking as punishment?

What about spanking children in public?

Is spanking and hitting completely different to you?

Were you spanked as a kid?