April 18th, 2010

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Did you ever inhale laughing gas? What happened?

If anything happened, what did I do wrong? (I just felt hot in my head, like sniffing some poppers, but without the horniness. not that I ever did poppers! don't judge me!)
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Who are your favorite youtubers at the moment?
I have watched GloZell all.after.noon.

College kids: are you doing summer semester? if yes, what are you taking? if no, what are you taking in fall?
I am not doing summer classes but I am doing fall, and I'll be doing French, Chem, Trig, and Econ. Gag me now.

Do you actively use FastWeb? How many scholarships have you gotten through them?

DK/DC: I'm going to the ice cream shop! What'll ya have?
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When did this DK/DC thing come about?

What are your opinions on it?

I don't like it, ask your necessary things then move on. You don't need to cater to those who don't know/care about your question.

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Its the end of the world. You and a few others are the last people on earth.

What item/person/animal would you be least likely to discover?

(A surge of creativity has caused me to draw. And so I've started a kind of end of the world/nuclear holocaust type scene. I already have a radioactive cabbage and demonic clowns among other things but I'm running low on ideas. Any suggestions? The crazier the better!)


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what is your favorite lifetime movie?

what is your favorite non-tqc-related lj community?

do you know where i could watch the movie the room online?

do you think "from langston to lenox ave." is an ok title for an essay re: the harlem renaissance and hip hop (thanks to pastorlenny for the inspiration)?
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I'm looking for a pair of brown sandals or boots that are kind of prairie/hippie style but can't seem to find them anywhere. Brown leather, slouchy boots or strappy, flat, almost gladiator style sandals. Any ideas?

Do you ask questions even though you know your chances of an answer are slim?

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would you be so kind as to walk me through the steps of boarding a flight? starting at arriving at the airport.

if you would rather not, please tell me the last type of food to enter your mouth?

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Read this article here Volcanic Ash Causes Cruise Disruptions, all about how current scheduled cruises are impacted by the Ash cloud.

However with the situation in Europe the way it is, is there any way that the major cruise lines might cancel things like Caribbean vacation cruises, so that the cruise ships can be put into service ferrying people from North America to Europe? Anyone know the logistics of how something like this would work? I assume it would take making deals with hotels, air lines, and people whose vacations might be impacted.
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My friend and I are having a scary movie night this week and we need some really good movie recommendations. We want actual scary, not like gory thrillers like I consider the Saw movies to be.

Can you rec some good scary movies? Is Paranormal Activity really that scary?

(Plz no insect/arachnid movies)

What's your favourite thing to have when you're watching a scary movie? Drinks, snacks, cuddly things?
Do you watch scary movies with or without the lights on?

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Do people actually respond to those creepy-ass personal ads from middle-aged white guys seeking "interracial" relationships with women? It just seems too creepy for words to fetishize someone like that.

More question-y question:

Do you still watch kids' movies now that you're a grown up? What's the last kids' movie you enjoyed?
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Bruises: Serious Answers Only, Please

Why did I randomly develop a purple bruise in the shower? I was sudsing and magically, a purple bruise surfaced on my waist. I wasn't scrubbing any objects against it and my hands aren't strong enough to create a bruise like that. Also, I felt no pain or physical signal of this appearing. Are there any conditions which make you vulnerable to these weird bruises?!

(No, I did not fall in the shower.)
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Ok so my year old cat just had a violent tonic-clonic seizure that lasted for about 30 seconds.  He seems fine now.  We've been giving him, as directed, Otomax for a yeast infection in his ears. Other than that he has a rather typical kitty life.  I'm trying to find an emergency vet but I live in Tucson and the only one we went to before is totally terrible and I won't go back there.  Can anyone suggest anything that would help me? Advice about seizures in cats would be great.
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A fifteen year old girl is pregnant. She is not married and lives in a cave in an outback area with very little money or resources. The man she hopes to marry is not the father of the baby. There is no hospital or doctor available. Would you recommend that she get an abortion?

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Okay, so I'm pregnant. Thirty weeks, and since my boychild is apparently going to be enormous, I'm 'gifted' with one of those epic bellies.


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I think I want bangs. I have curly hair that I am growing out from a bob/mushroom do. I like the idea of bangs but I'm not sure about on me, but I haven't had them since 2nd grade and my hair wasn't curly back then. I want my hair to have a more modern style, it's most always been one length. That being said I'm REALLY low maintenance and I'm a SAHM so I want something I can wash, put some product in and go. Not big on using styling tools. I'll use a diffuser or straightener a few times a year. Also I'm in Texas, super humid.

Collapse )

Should I get bangs or not?

Edit: So everyone is saying No Bangs!

New question: How old do I look?


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why does this shit always happen to me???

why is it that when you are looking for work you can never find any, but when you take the first job offered, all the other employers call you ?

why is it that when you like someone and want to date them they aren't interested, but once you find someone else, the person you liked to begin with staarts to show interest?
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 TQC, my boyfriend seems to have a weird problem letting me wake up on my own. If I'm sleeping in or taking a nap, he will always come in and wake me up for no reason. Why does he do this? I let him sleep so it gets really frustrating. 

Edit: Also, over the course of 3 weeks, my neighbors and I have found 4 animals starving in the stairwell of our apartment, which is exactly how I found my dog 2 years ago. Why has my apartment complex suddenly become a dumping ground for poor, starving animals?
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The Fucking weather says it's 56f but I'm freezing, Why I'm i so cold?

I have 2 videos to watch:

Doctor Who "Victory of the Daleks" or
Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season Finale

which should I watch first?
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If you had a tree that could grow anything you want except money, what would you grow?

If you could travel to 3 countries this summer, one for each month, where would you go?

Would you go out in public with the way you're dressed right now?
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How many jobs have you had in your life?

What was your first job?
Sandwich Artist at Subway

What was the best job you ever had?
Best Buy--solely for the discount.

I'm applying for new jobs cashiering. I'm looking at Kroger, Publix, and Home Depot. Out of those three, which would be the most awesome?

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So my roomie is going to Texas Roadhouse and offered to get something for me.  The problem is she won't be back for several hours, so I'd need to reheat my meal.  I was going to get steak but I don't know how I feel about reheating steak, it usually doesn't taste as good.  I like my meat medium rare too and I'm afraid that it will cook too much if I reheat it.  Should I get it anyways?

Or should I just get a loaded baked potato?

Do you have the day off tomorrow? 

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Do you know of any good music festivals going on this summer?

I have been going to the same fest for the past 10 years. I still love it, but this year I want to find something new to attend as well!

dc: If you were to get any words/lyrics tattooed on you, what would you choose?
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my boyfriend likes to lightly trace patterns on my back with his fingertips as we're falling asleep... but if he traces the same pattern in the same place for too long, my skin starts to hurt! like it will start to resemble an uncomfortable burning sensation/friction, no matter how light his touch is, until he starts tracing a different pattern or moves his fingers away. it's hard to describe, but I've always had that problem... I asked my boyfriend if it was weird, and he said yes.

so... do any of you know what I'm talking about? have any of you experienced what I'm describing?

and secondly, I want pasta for dinner... but we have no pasta sauce. SAD STORY. :( what delicious things would you guys put on pasta instead of tomato sauce?

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Why does the space near my desk smell as if one of my animals has had a little accident? I've checked the surrounding area, the entire room, and all of the adjacent ones and there are no little surprises of poop lying around.

If you gave birth to/adopted/got custody of a baby right this very second, what would be the full name you would put on the birth certificate?

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I'm going to NYC for a week to see Broadway shows, but I'm going to have all day before/between shows and very few ideas for things to do that I haven't already done.

I've been to NYC many times before, and I've done the typical touristy things(bus tours, statue of liberty, top of the rock, empire state building, Moma, etc) so I'm interested in other cool stuff to do.

What are some cool places to visit/cool things to do/places to eat in NYC on a student budget?

Any ideas are welcome!

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Have you ever drank Kool-aid? Did you like it? What is your favourite color/flavor?
What is your favourite regional food/drink?

Don't know or care, what is your favourite piece of classical music?
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When you go to a concert/show, how often does a band say that your city was the one they were really looking forward to? Not that they're excited/glad to be there, but out of all the other places on the tour, this was the one they were really excited about. What city are you usually seeing these?

I'm just wonder if it's something bands just say at every show. haha. Last night when I saw Yeasayer, they said that. And I'm pretty sure I've heard it before from other bands.

For macheads

I'm trying to edit the soundtrack on a movie that I am making.

Basically I have 3 songs as background noise, and I want to make certain lyrics come up more prominently and then the song fades back.

iMovie isn't very flexible; it only raises the volume of one entire track, not portions of the track.

What idiot-proof audio editing/remixing software should I use?

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On a recent trip to the beach, I was poking around in the sand and found a bunch of shells that had natural holes in them that were perfect for beading. So I took some home and now I'm making shell jewelry! What has inspired you to *do* something lately? How's that going?

Some of this jewelry I'm making is for my best friend. I want to make something for my boyfriend too but the only non-girly thing I can think to make is a rearview mirror dangly for his car. What other things involving beads and shells can I make for him?

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magic eight ball TQC:

my subframe on my car has rotted away ....

do you think my car is safe enough to make a 20 mile trip to and from work tomorrow? or should I look into using the bus system?

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What are you doing right now TQC? What time is it?

I am listening to Interpol and dancing in my underpants while trying to shake off a massive hangover. It is 6:06 pm.

What are you doing tonight?

I am going to a poetry reading! Probably celebrating one of my friends' birthday too, since she's going to the same one. Also I need to shower and clean out the rats' cage and eat something eventually.

ETA And for the TQC-ers who are studying for finals or finishing papers: how long until you graduate from your current program?

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know home remedies for burns? ice isn't cutting it anymore.

when was the last time you burned yourself? how'd you do it?
i picked up a metal handled lid that was on a pot in the oven...talk about blonde moment. ugh.

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One of my friends never tells me when she has a boyfriend. I think she has a boyfriend. Should I just straight out ask her if she has a boyfriend?

The only indication I have that she is in a relationship is that she and this guy write on each other's Facebook walls like five times per day. But I have a hunch they are "more than friends".

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I will be having a college graduation party next month. A lot of family friends will be there (around ages 50+). These people have been there essentially my entire life, and will probably give me money, so in return to say thank you I wanted to give everyone a goody bag of sorts.

I would like to keep this goody bag simple and fairly cheap (I will make about 20-30 of them). I thought about getting some cute boxes online in bulk, but I wasn't entirely sure of what to put inside. My initial thought was a baked good, but I don't know what everyone likes.

Is this a stupid idea? I would obviously attach a card of thanks, but what else other than baked goods could I put in the goody bags?


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TCQ! I've lost absolutely all of my will to do any school work or do anything besides be a vegetable. How can I get myself motivated again? I have 2 weeks left of class and then finals, and I also have to do summer classes starting May 17th.

Is there any sort of haircut, make-up/hair color or something similar that makes you wish you were another race/ethnicity so you could pull it off?

I frequently wish I was black so I could pull off a relaxed afro or a really short textured hair cut.

EDIT: I don't really think I'm being offensive with the second question...I just mean to say different ethnicities have different kind of hair and coloring that would make certain cuts and colors look better on them, and I was wondering what you would like to pull off but can't because of how thin/thick your hair is, or your skin tone...

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I felt my baby kick for the first time yesterday, and now it just keeps doing it! It is making me smile every second. What was the last thing that made you smile a mile?

When someone is engaged AND THEN pregnant, do you think more or less of them? What if they were pregnant first? Why did your opinion change?

Should I get this dress as my rehersal dinner dress for my wedding? http://www.sears.com/shc/s//p_10153_12605_031J5791000P
I'll be six months pregnant and the wedding is in June :)
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Are there any songs that make your heart hurt when listening to them? (In a good way, not an "Oh my god this is considered music nowadays..." way)

Can you post the youtube link to them?

Body language stuffs

Alrighty, here's a random one.
I'm intrigued by body language/handwriting etc..stuff which is meant to mean things about your personality, mood etc. I know when I hold hands with my SO, his hand being in front means he's dominant, but when we hold hands I tend to hold his little finger with my first finger, instead of us holding complete hands. Any idea what this means?

Serious/non srs welcome

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I've been without my laptop for almost 4 months now and we now have the money to get a new one. I am ordering an Alienware M11x.
I've heard good things and am excited. Anyone else play on Alienware?
If not, what is your computer?

Also, I may get the chance to run my first D&D (Dungeons and Dragons for those who don't know) campaign soon. Wanna toss me some ideas to throw into it for some fun?

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justin bieber: annoying or precious?

would you rather have gaga or cyndi lauper do your makeup?

EDIT: the latest issue of teen vogue says that a justin bieber movie is apparently in the works. justin says it will be "kinda like [his] own 8 mile" (lolwut). WHAT SHOULD THIS MASTERPIECE BE TITLED?
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I'm considering a career change and have been looking at both Master's programs and two year accredidation programs in the field I'm considering switching to (nursing). I'm finding out I don't have some of the required pre-req courses like anatomy and physiology or chemistry, and these aren't part of the degree programs I've looked at. I have a BA, but I didn't take these courses since I majored in English and could choose things like zoology to satisfy my science requirements.

How do I go about getting these courses? Could I just take them at a community college? Who would I need to talk to about this? I don't even know where to begin.
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What are your ex's initials?

Do you allow your pet(s) to sleep in your bed?

If you could choose between a free car or a free house, which would you take?
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I woke up this morning and my legs and back were super-sore like I'd been running a marathon. They still hurt and it's past dinnertime! What did I do last night TQC? Will it happen again tonight? :O

Am I a werewolf?
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Did you take a language course in school?
Are you happy with the language you learned, or would you rather have learned something else?
I took five years of Spanish throughout school, but I really wish I had taken French now.

just 3..

I'm full of energy right now. What should I do?

Did you have a nice Sunday?

How hard do you think it would be to be a freelance traveling journalist and actually make a decent amount of money?
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i can hear someone in my neighborhood singing "we are the champions" and i used to wake up to 'goodbye yellow brick road' every morning.

tqc, is there anything about your neighborhood that amuses you?
Georgie - Smiles

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What is a song that always cheers you up when you're feeling sad, or trying to take your mind off something sad?

My friend's dog has to be put down tomorrow and I want to sing her something she can listen to on her iPod at work. So, y'know, uplifting, but not insensitive?
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Netflix just became streamable  on the Wii and I'm more than a little overwhelmed right now. TQC, what do you do when you have a ton of movies you want to watch and you can't make up your mind? 

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what is your opinion re: labiaplasty?
(meaning for any reason, whether it be as part of sex reassignment surgery, for any medical necessity, or for mere cosmetic purposes)

are there any lj communities that you enjoy lurking but are terrified to post in?
(idk there seems to be some judgmental ass in every other poor_skills post)
Rachel is beautiful


I have a deep hatred for school and all associated activities but I'm under a lot of pressure to think about gradschool. Is it possible to feel accomplished in life without a "Dr." in front of your name? How long would it take for my family to get over the shame of having a kid with an undergrad degree?

edit: Thanks for the replies. I like the idea of taking time off to figure things out. Let's see how they take it.

New Music

TQC I need some new music to listen to/acquire. I'd like to stay with the Metal,Heavy Metal, Classic Rock genres if at all possible.

Other than the typical generic answers, What songs or band should I try listening to?

Edit: To be more specific I already listen to AC/DC, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppling, Pink Floyd ect.

Also by generic I mean bands the majority of people may recognize by their name or their most popular song, I'm more interested in the lesser known bands that not very many people have heard of.

select my classes for me, tqc

Should I take Arabic or German?  I will take need to take two semesters of one of these languages.  There are other options, but these are my top choices atm.

Some facts to help you reach your decision about my academic future:
1. I've studied Arabic before and the first semester will probably be very easy for me. 
2. Both Arabic professors available for fall and spring have horrible reputations (and I personally have had a terrible experience with one of them). 
3. I've never taken a lick of German, but...I'm interested in studying it.  And from what I can gather, the German professors at my uni are great.

dk/dc: What is your favorite type of pastry?
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Alright, so I am obviously the most ungraceful person on the planet. How does one fall out of a van, DIRECTLY ONTO THEIR KNEE and onto pavement? All the details are under the cut, it's not long. I thought before getting into a search to try asking here.

Does this sound like something I should ask my doctor about, or what?

Is it really anything, or is it just that knee injuries take longer to heal completely?

[Edited because of my poor spelling skills]

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what is your favorite album title?
when life hands you lemons ... you paint that shit gold by atmosphere

if you don't have a favorite title, what is your current favorite album?
stakes is high by de la soul

do you consider the introduction, the body, or the conclusion to be the most important part of a paper?
the introduction

would you proofread and critique the intro paragraphs to this term paper that i am sort of stressing out about (as soon as they're finished, of course)?
no worries, i wouldn't if i were you

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how old were you when you stopped giving a shit about your birthday/getting presents? i'm turning 24 in 2 months and can really give a shit less :\ it's been like that for a few birthdays now.

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TQC, I'm real sick and can't do much other than watch movies and read (which puts me right to sleep and I'd rather sleep through the night, so I'm sticking with movies). There are lots of movies I haven't seen.

Recently I watched Love Actually and The Forbidden Kingdom, and I'll shortly be watching Crash, The Bourne Ultimatum, and Heathers (no, I've never seen it). What other movies should I watch over the next few days? Nothing too gory or militaristic, please. Pretty much anything else goes.

Some movies I've enjoyed include Delicatessen, House of Yes, The Pillowbook, Ridicule, Beautiful Dreamers, Kung Fu Hustle, The Lion in Winter, The Princess Bride, Spitfire Grill.

Is this legal?

Situation, in short: SO's on Wellbutrin. Normally he gets a certain dosage, but this week his physician changed it. The pharmacist who was meant to fill the 'script refused to dispense the drug because the old prescriptions wasn't "done" according to the system and essentially told the doctor to fuck off, forcing my SO to quarter the dosage and thereby threatening his mental stability. Is there any way we can report this guy or change the situation? Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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Have you ever had your car towed?
Yes. I <3 AAA

Died on a back road. I think my fuel filter is clogged despite the tow truck driver saying it was "Definitely the  distributor" FFS! I know cars, and it's not, namely because I just FIXED that, and I know everything is getting spark.

Did it make it home?
No! He took it to the wrong place and then it FELL OFF the ramp when he was trying to reload it!!!! It's now at a station for repair estimates...the back is all smashed up and the glass in the hatch is gone because my sub&box went through it when it fell thru. :( :( I've already talked to insurance, but I'm pretty bummed. Its a 25 year old car and I've only seen like 2 in my area. I don't know where I'm going to find parts, finding a hood before took literally MONTHS.

EDIT: For those with no car...favorite cartoon show??

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My husband leaves for work in 45 minutes. My kids are at my mother-in-law's house for the night.

WTF am I going to do for the night???? I haven't spent the night alone.....ever...now that I think about it.

I'm 25. How pathetic is that? I'm paranoid about someone trying to break in (in the last 6 months there have been 3 attempted break-ins, 4 successful break-ins, and some car burglaries). How will I manage to get some sleep and not jump up at every little noise??? :(

I could attempt to stay up all night, but I have to work tomorrow.

I feel like such a puss. :/

(no subject)

My shoulders/arms/triceps hurt from working out. But my husband is too lazy to trade backrubs. What should I do to make them feel better?

Don't care? What is your biggest challenge/annoyance when buying clothes?
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Do you have any interest in the fashion industry?

Which course would you take: a course in Computer Aided Design (designing clothing using specific programs used in the fashion industry) or a lab studying shape and foundation making things a corset? (assuming that you already know how to sew and are taking other sewing classes as well).
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(no subject)

If you have used Lush products, what have you used? What do you recommend? (I'm thinking about asking for some for Mother's Day.)

Gratuitous second question: are you good at confrontation? Any tips to those of us who aren't?

Light hearted alternative question: are bald women sexy or scary? (Let's say they're bald by choice, and not due to illness.)
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A few hours ago my dad said he didn't feel well and he has been in his room since. I just went to see if he was okay and he said his stomach hurt, I asked if he wanted me to take him to the hospital and he said "maybe" but told me to leave him alone. How long should I wait before going to check on him again? I don't want to keep bothering him but I don't want to wait too long either.

I'm worrying so much I could throw up, what should I do about this?
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Attention Span Much?

Sometimes I sit down to do something I've been planning to do for hours, but then get bored, tired, or distracted after about 5-10 minutes of it. Like writing an LJ entry: I'll repeatedly think about a topic I want to write about during the day but then I sit down to write it that night and bog down after a half dozen sentences. What the hell is my problem?
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(no subject)

If you take baths -

Do you rinse off in the shower post-bath?

After I take a bath, I always do a quick rinse in the shower. My mother thinks this is weird, and now I want to see if its common or not.

(no subject)

wat is this EVONY thing that keeps being advertised all over the internets (the ads are conveniently vague but do feature gratuitous amounts of cleavage)?

i am a freshman college student who lives on campus. i am thinking of transferring my second semester of my sophomore year, though at this point this is mere speculation. my experience living on campus has been somewhere between "ok" and "really not that great" - i have loved living on my own, i'm just not sure if i love doing it here. next year, should i stick it out and live on campus for at least one more semester (i know who i'm living with, i've been assigned a room, and i've already paid the $100 room deposit of which i don't know if there's a refund), or should i live at home with my parents and commute from there?

Try to set the night on fiiirreeeeeee

What's a good brand for writing on mini-ziplocs (like jewelerybags)? I tried a sharpie, but the ink came off after about 2-3 open/closes. :<

Do you like yogurt?

Does your Firefox ever decide that ' = QuickKeys? If so, doesn't it just drive you batty? (I personally hate dealing with about:config.)
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1. What's the most ridiculous thing an SO has asked of you that you've actually given in to?

2. What is something that you asked of an SO that you still kinda can't believe they gave in to?

(no subject)

what was one thing you never learned in high school that you think should have been taught?

i always thought it was strange that none of my history classes ever went over unit 731
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life descisions with TQC


1.a mate who is perfect for you in every way and is everything you've ever wanted, EXCEPT that although they are attractive and perfectly good at sex, you have .0001 desire to have sex with them.

2. a mate who is disrespectful and even hurtful at times, difficult to trust, and has serious mental and physical issues, but for whom you feel passionately about and love (!!) having sex with.

3. I'd hold out for someone that is, ideally, a combination of the first 2 mates - knowing that I am almost definitely losing my chances at being with either every again and not knowing if/when I will find that ideal mate.
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(no subject)

I'm kinda in the mood to snack on something, but I'm still kinda hungover so my mind keeps on going back and forth. Nacho Cheese Bugles or no Nacho Cheese Bugles?

What's your favorite snack food?
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What should I do, TQC? I have a group presentation coming up this Thursday, and the people in my group...especially the leader is ignoring my emails. I've sent her a total of 4 emails, and she hasn't even got back to me. She just sends mass emails to me and the other people in our group if there were changes on the powerpoints...completely ignoring all questions and suggestions I have for her.

I would email the professor, but she sucks as well. I emailed her one time I missed a class for being sick asking her what went on in class, and she got back to me a week later. I'm thinking of emailing my professor on Tuesday anyways, after I try to see that girl in my lecture class. What do you think my professor would do? Is she going to tell that girl (leader) in my group to stop ignoring my emails? Or what? Because it's just really obvious that that girl is just ignoring my emails.

And of course, if you dgaf: Where did your last kiss take place...as in where were you?
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[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

(no subject)

Semi-inspired by a comment I left on a previous thread:

Can anyone here NOT roll their tongue (or am I seemingly the only person on this planet who was blessed/cursed with this genetic trait)?

DK/DC/haha, I can!: What is your absolute least favorite food?
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oh shit!

So in my music methods class, we get recorded while we teach our 15 minute segments. We then have to write our own self-evaluations after we watch the DVD-RW.

I have quite the problem.

So I just a new MacBook and I popped my DVD-RW so I can watch it. Now it's stuck. Shit. HOW THE HELL DO I GET IT OUT?! (That's what she said.)

Srs answers only please because hot damn, this is urgent!

EDIT: It's been fixed! Lesson learned: don't put a mini-DVD into a Mac because it'll fuck you up. Thanks everybody for your help and wisdom!

(no subject)

I have been doing mission101 (101 Things in 1001 Days, if you are unaware of the concept) since January. I currently have a list, some done, some not, of 92 things. My list is here. I'm well aware of sites to find ideas from, but thought I'd ask you lovely ladies & gents:

What 10 random things should I aim to do in the next erm..900/800 something days?

Gonna go out on a limb here. Serious, REALISTIC answers are best, but non-srs are allowed aswell, I suppose!