April 17th, 2010

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do you have any posters on your wall? what of? (sorry this is worded poorly)

what are your favorite websites (other than target and ikea) for inexpensive furniture/home decor?
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What is a name that just serves as a reminder of bad memories to you?
I can't look at "Craig" without everything being stirred up, but it doesn't bother me like it used to

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What was the last song that you put on repeat for a very long time? Why?

Me: Earth People by Dr. Octagon. Because I'm high & I like the lyrics: "Earth people, New York and California / Earth people, I was born on Jupiter"
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I'm looking for a video which was shot in a foreign school with little kids, interviewing them about their classmates, and was used as a 'tolerance' commercial - I believe. The little boy had a crush on a girl in his grade and she liked him as well, so when he found out he was all "OH RELE!?" or something along those lines. Anyone know what video I'm talking about? What is it called?
That's what she said

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Let's say your lounge room walls are some off white colour, and you're going to get a mural painted on one of them. Anything you like, don't worry about cost or ability or any of those annoying reality issues. What would you get?

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I'll be turning 25 this June, still unsure of what I want to do with my life, and thus am considering going back to (graduate) school this fall. It's a 2-year program, meaning I'll be 27 when it's over.

Do you consider 27 to be a bit late for a woman to launch a career? Also consider that there are societal pressures around this age range for women to get married, etc.


For anyone that has done highschool or college cheerleading:
Is cheerleading absolutely hard?
Does it require for you to work out every day?
Do you thing anyone can do it?
Should i try out?
I'm thinking about trying out for college cheerleading. I have had about two years experiance from age 12-13, but it wasn't the whole year only two seasons. Im not aq very flexible person, nor have strong muscles. But If i decide to do it, I will start going to a gym.

Thanks. (:

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My husband and I want to go on a day trip for his birthday to Philadelphia. We'd go May 1. We live in DC but are going mostly to try cheesesteaks at Pat's and Geno's. :)

What other things would you recommend that we do on a day trip to Philadelphia? We don't plan on staying there that night - just driving in in the morning and driving home that evening.

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Have you ever fancied/had a crush on someone whilst you were in a relationship with somebody else?

How'd that work out?

Is it really true that you can look at what's on the menu, as long as you don't order anything?

Help TQC

What's the last stupid thing you did?

I work overnights and I was almost falling asleep this morning at 7am so I drank a cup of coffee, which I never ever do. I get off work at 8:45am.
I can't sleep and have to be back at work in less than 10 hours. I have to go pick up my kid at 4pm. Looks like I'll need a lot more coffee for tonight's shift. I'm shaking and I feel like crap. I don't know how I'm going to get through tonight.

...so much for getting my bike fixed.

Know anything other than Gravol that could get me to fall asleep within the next 30-40 min?
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So, I got fired this morning. It sucks, and I was sad about it for an hour or so, but then I realized how much I'd hated the job for the past year and more, so I'm actually really relieved right now. Is that weird? To be more upset with the term "fired" then the actual firing?

DK/DC: What are your plans for today?
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I had a dream about you fine folks.

TQC, do you often have dreams about mundane things such as taking out the trash, reading the paper, updating LJ and etc.?

Do you tend to remember your dreams well?

Do you dream in colour or black and white?
Not terribly often, though last night yes.
Sort of. I remember the gist, and strange bits but rarely details.
Full colour, baby.

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Why waste your breath moaning at the crowd? Nothing can be done to stop the shouting.

If every tongue were stilled the noise would still continue. The rocks and stone themselves would start to sing.


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what have you accomplished so far today ?
do you do housework on a certain day?
who does the housework in your house?

I cleaned the livingroom, kitchen and bathroom. Swept and swiffered all the floors and washed the towels. Next (when my roommate wakes up) i'll wash his sheets and mine, sweep and swiffer our bedrooms and make lunch.

I do housework on the days when my roomate doesn't work so i don't wake him. (He works third shift)

I do all the housework. If i'm lucky he takes the trash out for me.

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i'm a choreographer and the piece i just wrote is premiering in a week. it's about how addictions affect friendships. i want to get my 5 dancers little gifts and i don't want to spend a lot of money. can you think of a really inexpensive gift idea that relates to what my piece is about?

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So what do you do when your flatmate's ignoring you and you have no mutual friends to talk to her on your behalf? There's bills due and shit, and she's ignoring EVERYTHING, including polite notes.

Phone on vibrate

I'm worried that I've started blocking out the beeps my phone makes when I get a message. I won't notice it, but then when I check my phone I'll have a message or two from a few minutes before. The phone is right next to me, and it's easy enough to hear.

Is my phone glitchy and sometimes doesn't sound when I get a message? Or am I ignoring it without meaning to?

Do you ever not notice your phone ring/beep/vibrate?

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Can you think of a (recent) movie that portrays hispanics/latinos as violent or gang members?

(Trying to prove a point to someone who thinks racism is in the past, don't watch enough movies (especially of that genre) to know of any specific ones.)


1] What is your favorite food recently?
2] What was your favorite food when you were young?
3] What is your all-time favorite food?
4] Do you go through food phases?
5] Do you have any dietary restrictions?

My favorite food of the now is black beans and cayenne pepper. My favorite food when I was young was homemade beef noodle soup. My all-time favorite food is either burritos or miso soup. I go through a new food phase every month. I've been a vegan for two years. I'm allergic to lettuce, green apples, and a bunch of other random foods. Due to my bladder condition, it is inadvisable for me to consume any liquids other than distilled or reverse-osmosis water, but sometimes I cheat and have soda.

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Should I order dresses from Eshakti or from Alight.

Have any of you ever ordered from these sites? How was your experience, did the clothing fit true to size?

Don't know or care, what are some online clothing stores where an inbetweenie (I'm a 16/18) can shop?
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I'm buying a laptop for college. It doesn't need anything fancy — I'm not a gamer, I don't have any music, portability is not an issue — but I want it to be really fast. Money is a concern, so I'll probably be getting a PC over a Mac.

Any suggestions?

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Has the weather been crazy where you are? It was literally 85°F and sunny yesterday and today we are supposed to get snow flurries!

if not, will you share what your favorite animated movie is?

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My best friend is home this weekend. Since it's a beautiful day, we decided to take a walk around our neighborhood and just chat and get caught up and everything. Two minutes into the walk, her phone rang. It was her boyfriend. For the next fifteen minutes, I listened to her plan the details of their date tonight, and then proceed to entertain him while he was bored at work. She does this all the time when we're hanging out one on one; they've been dating for three years, and he calls her almost every time we're together. I've never spoken to her about it, because I don't want to start a fight when we hardly get to see each other. But it's getting ridiculous. Should I say something to her when I see her tomorrow? What should I say to sound as gentle as possible? I know I sound like a big pushover, and that's because I am. >.< 

tl;dr: My best friend talks on the phone to her boyfriend almost every time we're hanging out. What should I say to her about this without hurting her feelings? 

What was the last thing that really, really pissed you off?

Additionally, what was the last thing that really, really pissed you off, but you felt that you couldn't say anything about without hurting someone's feelings? 


I'm showing off a lanyard/bracelet I made to a female I know here.
She says "Tashakoor" (Thankyou) and walks off with it like its a GIFT.
I was just SHOWING OFF! Now she has my bracelet! What do I do now tqc???

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Wes Bentley. American Beauty vs. P2. For those who have seen both, why is he such a terrible (imo) actor in P2 but amazing in American Beauty? He played an eerie character in both roles but fails in P2. Do you see a difference?

If you dk/dc and haven't seen either of them, wtf? go watch American Beauty!

ETA: What is your favorite suspense/thriller movie?
Rachel is beautiful

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I have a theory that if you date someone who looks exactly like you, to the point where people are making sibling jokes, you're probably very narcissistic and if you date someone who looks nothing like you, you're suffering from self-hate.

Also, if you date someone that looks like your parent, you love your parents and if you date someone that has nothing in common with your parent, you have a strained relationship with your parent. 

Is this theory scientifically sound?

EDIT: I can't believe you guys don't think there are psychological reasons behind our choice in partners.
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Who is your favorite person outside of friends/family? I'm thinking along the lines of like your teacher or a cashier at the local store that always makes you smile, etc- or I guess an acquaintance that hasn't become a friend for whatever reason

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My 2 best girlfriends & I want to go away this summer but we aren't positive where we want to go.
We've all had a pretty rough year and we kinda just want to get away from here, party a bit & BE OFF WORK.

Money isn't a HUGE issue; but we can only go for about 1 week because we all work FT & have limited holidays.

We're strongly considering Vegas, Mexico, Cuba or Jamaica...
Vegas was our #1 but I dunno, it will be expensive & I don't gamble. I'd like to go and all, but.. I think we would probably get more for our money at the other places.

Where should my girlfriends & I go on vacation?

If ages are relevant to your decision we are 23, 25 & 27 :) & we live in Vancouver, Canada

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what kind of job do you have?
is it fun?
who do you work for?
how much do you get paid?

I make Ice cream at a local factory.
Yup! I get to eat all the icees and italian ice I want!
I work for j&j snack company
7.30 an hour :(

By the Numbers

1 What's your area code?
2 What's your zip/postal code?
3 Tell us one of your measurements? (Bust/Waist/Hips)
4 what's your favorite /lucky number?
5 What would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?
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Fate's a bastard!

1. Having sex with underage persons is illegal. Hence the appropriate slang 'jailbait'.
2. Increasingly, as time goes by, younger women are wearing more sexually revealing clothing.
3. The age of consent is not universal and varies from 12 to 18 all over the world.
4. Some places it's even younger.
5. Younger men do not really get more sexually revealing clothing. Life's unfair, girls rule.
6. Young people are sexually developing faster then they used to for whatever reason.

What does it all mean?!?
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About seven months ago two woman were murdered and buried under the floor boards of a house two minutes away from where I live.
I go past that property everyday and think it's just a terrible reminder of what has happened.
(this type of thing never happens here.)
The house was set on fire and it has since been pulled down, the council has done nothing about the land left and if they did decide to build new town houses no one would even think about living there.
If you lived near a property where such things have happened what would you like to see there and have you ever had anything bad happen or something like this happen in your neighbourhood? (i hope i wrote this okay)

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Does anyone remember this game that was popular around 2002.

I think it was called Drug wars, but I'm not positive.

All I really remember is the website was dark and you had to enter different numbers for drugs.

Anyone remember what this is called?!


What song are totally sick of? Who is it by?

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When you shave various body parts to you use soap, cream, gel, or something else?

If you shave in the shower, do you wash your body first and then shave, or shave and then wash your body?


If I win the lottery tonight and I sent you $500 what would you use it on?
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I'm going through my first ever break up and I'm pretty miserable. I just texted my best friend (who is aware of my break up) to ask her if I could come over, but apparently, her boyfriend (who lives an hour and a half away) came for an impromptu visit. She said, "You should come over and hang out with me and Boyfriend! :D"

I'm really not in the mood to put on a happy face so I don't make her boyfriend feel awkward. I've only met him a few times and I don't want to go all emo in front of him.

Would it be rude to text her back saying something like, "Oh, I thought he wasn't visiting this weekend. I'm feeling really down about breaking up and kind of just wanted to hang out with you alone, so I think I'll take a raincheck."

Or does that sound really bitchy? Is there a better way to phrase that?
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TQC, I've decided to rely on babysitting full time to supplement my income. I already have a couple of regulars, but I need more, so I'm trying to come up with promotions that make people want to call me instead of the kid down the street.

So far I've come up with a referral bonus--as in if you refer me to a friend, you get $XX off the next time you call, etc.

What other kinds of deals should I offer to entice people to call?

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Someone you love very much is having serious mental health problems.

You're helping them out in any way possible. From going and doing their shopping to staying up all night while they sleep because  you are worried they may attempt suicide. Long story short, it is exhausting being their crutch and infuriating that they refuse to get help for it. They say that it would not help and is a waste of time.

How would you deal with it? I love and care for him a lot but it's tiring me out. I want to help but I can't do everything. 
oh mr. tea


1. Who was/is your favorite Babysitters Club sitter?

(Mary Anne for lyfe!)

2. Is the character you like(d) best also the character you feel you're most like IRL? (Yeah, I'm a Mary Anne)
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I want some ice cream, specifically White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, but I know all we have is vanilla.

What flavor would you like?

People who don't like ice cream are not normal. yes/yes?

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If you have visions/dreams that come true, perhaps years later (and nothing big maybe just a single moment) do you think you have special abilities, or do you think it's a coincidence and then reflect on all the dreams/visions you've had that have not and probably will never come true? Hmm?

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Is it safe to use peroxide to clean your ears? As in to fill your ear up let it sit for five-ten seconds and rinse it out?

I told someone I'm obsessed with my ears feeling clean, and she told me to use peroxide. Its not the first time I've heard this, but I also heard its a total NO to do it.
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You have to have sex with one character from the Harry Potter book series. (It doesn't matter if they died or not, and assume that they are all over the age of consent.)

Who would you choose?
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 Does anyone have a Kindle or a Nook? Do you like it?

If i have some e-books on my computer that aren't downloaded from amazon or b&n, can I put them on the kindle/nook, or do I have to use their formatted books?
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 I don't know if there's any practicing artists out there, but I'm looking for a little advice on what kind of education is best for fine art.  I've been told both ways - that you should get to know your general studies so you're not painting empty headed and that you should start training in art as early as possible to get the best portfolio together as early as possible.

My question is: Would a liberal arts education at an university or a specialized education in fine art at an art school most likely help me make a living selling paintings?

I am planning to study art in graduate school after and I would major in art at the university if I choose it!  I'm leaning toward the art school right now but I wanted some input from someone actually working in art on how important studying history/science/language is after school before I mailed in my choice.  Since I don't many artists personally, I decided to try asking online! :)

The schools I'm choosing from are Washington University in St. Louis and Cooper Union (in New York City).


(no subject)

What's something you didn't bring/prepare for when you moved into a college dorm/campus that you wish you had?

Where did you reside for college?

Did you like your choice?


Glenn Beck: Insane or Eccentric but correct?


If you had a guy friend who never corrected you/etc when you talked about him "getting a boyfriend" or when you say something like "well, in the future when you're screwing some guy or girl..."  would you assume they maybe aren't 100% straight?
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So my week has been terrible, I'm having a lot of problems with my mom and I don't think they'll ever be over. My family is growing apart and I feel like crying very frequently. I'm scared of talking to a therapist because I think I might be overreacting but at the same time I feel like I need to.

Have you gone to a therapist? How was it?
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What is considered dating?

I just reconnected with someone, and he asks "remember when I was dating you?"...but, we were just hanging out. I didn't think that was considered dating.

What do you need to do, but can't cause of money issues or any other kind of issues?
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