April 16th, 2010



It seems like this might be a strange question BUT:

Does anyone here fly kites? Like actively fly a kite often?
I want to buy my dad a kite, and myself a kite, and not spend a ton of money, and not have it suck ass.

Hes really into kites and not much brings him joy since he is such a miserable,overbearing man.
I've been looking on ebay, but I dont know what kind of kite would be best.
TQC, tell me about your kites, or kites in general..please?

He has been flying kites like his whole life so, not beginner.
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TQC, my beloved Altima has bit the bucket :( and now I have to either have the engine rebuilt or buy a new one.

I'm now looking on Craigslist, and I found an ad for a car with a blown transmission that has other parts and would fit just right, but it says that they "lost the title". Wouldn't I need the title, to prove I hadn't stolen the car? I've seen Full House, I saw what happened to DJ's 16th bday present! I would just be taking the engine and maybe a few other parts, if it matters.

DK/DC: what is the last major damage that happened to your car?
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Which do you think is the truer statement?

Most strippers end up knocked up/on drugs, and stripping is their only/primary job.
Most strippers are only doing it as a job until they have the money to pursue a real career.

(ps I am the only one who can see your answers so no one is going to judge you. I mean in theory I could but I promise I won't tell. PINKY SWEAR. I'll probably forget about this post in about 5 minutes. So answer honestly OK TQC?)

oh and edited to add:
How would you HONESTLY feel if your adult daughter became a stripper? How do you feel about strippers in general?

Do you ever lie on the internet? What about?
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will you share silly things that still make you laugh?

I was watching meet the press american version (im in australia though, so it was on at like 4 am) and i couldn't sleep, and they had a senator i guess talking and her title was like

Katie so and so (DOH) and i guess it stood for something but i laughed forever
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Do you/have you ever cut yourself?

If so, how long has it been since the last time?

If you don't, do you know anyone who does? How does it make you feel?

Inspired by the fact that I've just realized I have gone a year without it after having done it for six years or so.. I'm very proud.
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Will you post an article or talk about some really weird phobia?

Mine: I recently read an article about trypophobia. The fear of small clustered holes. The symptoms are getting itchy when seeing (for example) honeycomb. Things like that.

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i woke up having a panic attack this morning after having probably the worst dream of my life, i crap you not. it embodied all of my issues. it was awful.

do you think that justifies a mental health day(the waking up to a panic attack more so than the dream)? 'cause i took a lorazepam and called into work.

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Are there any tv shows which no longer air that you miss? What are they?

I just realized that I haven't seen Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman in years. I particularly liked the actor that played Sully.

Also, Xena, Hercules, and Jack of All Trades.

[edit]Grammar fail!

DK/DC, what was the last thing you said aloud?

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How many keys do you have on your key ring?
What do they go to?
How many non-keys do you have on your key ring?
What are they?

Truck, car, house, parents' house, office
Petsmart card, library card, and Winn-Dixie card

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Yesterday when I was walking I started to get a really uncomfortable pain in the front of my shin. When I flex my foot it really aches, and it drives me nuts. I didn't think I pulled a muscle, but maybe I did. I don't do anything super active, besides walking my dog everyday and using an eliptical for 10 minutes daily. But I never noticed it during those activities.

What did I do to my leg?

What is your favorite flavor of yogurt?

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How important is it for you to have some sort of creative hobby?  Do you feel unfulfilled if you don't do anything other than work/hang out/watch tv? 

Brought to you by me with the art and music and crafts ETC vs. my boyfriend with the go to work and chill out at home/play video games/watch movies thing.   I don't mind, I just don't understand how he can be happy doing just that (no I don't feel ignored by video games lol).  Am I just hyperactive? haha

edit:  he's an artist, he just hasn't done it in a while.  He even has a degree in fine art.. so I keep trying to suggest doing some art haha
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How often do you use sex as a bargaining tool?
How often do you succeed in getting something in exchange for sex, e.g. if you come with me to my office party, I'll screw you when we get home?
How old are you and your partner/s?

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Are you presently being affected by the Icelandic volcano action? If not, do you know people who are?

I'm not, but my boss is probably going to get stuck in the UK (she's due to fly back to the States on Sunday). She's probably going to start stressing out about it... any minute now. Also, my wife had a trip to Switzerland scheduled for next week, and we'll see if that happens.
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I'm working on a presentation that's due next week on umbilical hernias and their repair for my adult health nursing class. I'm tired of the standard templates that are available in powerpoint and have been scouring the net for free backgrounds/templates. So far one of the only reliable sources I've found has been Microsoft itself. Anyone have any suggestions for where else I can look, or have any input on your favorite background/templates? I'm having a hard time choosing something that's fun yet still semi professional.

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1. Is it ok to take a Senna laxative every day? Not a bunch - just one. This isn't a bulimic thing, just a regularity thing. Sorry if this is better suited for too_much_info.

2. Also, how does one typically pay for a PhD program in the US? Is it just loans or are assistantships and whatnot readily available? My husband wants to start his but I don't want to be broker than we already are. How broke are we? We didn't have enough in our bank account for me to get a cake on my birthday. It was the worst birthday ever. =(

ETA: The problem is probably my diet. I'm doing South Beach again to lose some weight and the lack of fruit and carbs for 2 weeks is slowing down my already sluggish digestive system.
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Best name for a high-fiber cereal?

Fiber Extreme
Locomotive Oats
Sh*tting Br*cks
Sargeant Bran (he's here to whip those bowels into shape)
The Cleaner (with a picture of Jean Reno on the box)
Royal Flush
Branmeister 3000
Shits Ahoy!
Human Drano (unclogs those pipes)
Log Unjammer (picture of a bunch of logs piled up)
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Ug. TQC, we are moving! I have to work when the truck is getting packed up.

My fiance's plan is to put the boxes in the truck first, then the furniture.

How can I convince him it is stupid to leave the sofa and other large items until the end?

I am pretty sure he is spatially challenged.

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TQC, Have you ever been too dependent on someone?

Lucky for me its my Husband. The odd thing is I'm actually kind of a loner and usually like being alone. But my anxiety has been chronically terrible lately and I seriously only feel calm and safe with him when he is around. Since he works 9-5's and I usually work 2 or 4 till 8 or 9 We are apart a lot. I almost feel bad for him. Luckily he likes me as much as I like him but.. sigh.
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How do you feel when people say something racist/sexist/classist/homophobic/transphobic/xenophobic/anything else offensive and then follow it with "lol jkjk it's just a joke! It's not supposed to be taken seriously! God, why are you taking it so seriously, I said it was a joke! You need to get a sense of humor and stop taking yourself so seriously hurhurhur."
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TQC, I can't believe I'm wasting my first question on this one, but...

I've been listening to Glee's Like a Prayer non-stop since I dl'ed it a few nights ago. I've never been a Madonna fan, but I feel like I need to be now...so I need some rec's.

What are your favorite Madonna songs?

If you aren't a Madonna fan, what artist/band do I need to listen to?

dk/dc: What are you currently eating?
Muh Life.
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The Annoying Thing

TQC, can you help me find a particular product?

Backstory: My sister is mentally ill (not the "ha-ha, she's crazy" ill, but the serious, abusive, controlling, "the world is out to get me" mentally ill) and has a seven year old son. He attends school locally and does pretty well, but has an obsession with legos. He'll allowed (by his Nana, my Mum) to take two lego guys and a small ship to school everyday. His backpack has a couple of small holes in it and this week, he lost some pieces to his little ship. He's heartbroken! To prevent the situation from getting any worse, my mother gave him a backpack she's been stashing for a couple years. Ever heard of the Annoying Thing / Crazy Frog? Well that's what's on the backpack! You can even push his belly and he makes the Annoying Thing noise. Cute, right? Well... my sister has a problem with her son having anything "nice", and because this backpack is "nice" she took it away from him and is using it herself. Yes, you read that right: She took it from her 7-year-old, for her 29-year-old self. So now, he's heartbroken over the loss of his little ship, AND about having to use the old backpack that has holes in it. She also said he is no longer allowed to carry his legos because of his old backpack.

I feel this is wrong and have vowed to find this backpack and buy another one, so he can use one. The one she took from him is two shades of blue and has one main pocket and a smaller pocket on the front with an embossed, plastic picture of the Crazy Frog with a little speaker housed inside so when you press his belly, he makes noise. The problem is, I can't find it ANYWHERE!

TQC, will you help me find this backpack?? Please??
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Have you ever had a friend with whom you fight with so much it almost seems like you're in a relationship with them? Are you still friends? If not, how did it end?

How many best friends have you had in your life?
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Dear TQC,
I need help for a word meditation essay I'm writing.
I don't know what's wrong with my brain right now but I can't remember many pop culture references about pets other than Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell, Tweety, Scooby Doo, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

What are the famous pets you can think of, real or fiction?

What are your plans for the weekend?
I might go to the movies tonight, but the rest of the weekend I have lots of projects and essays to get done.

(no subject)

Which primarily English speaking nation makes the blandest, worst, boiled goose-est food?

Which primarily English speaking nation makes the most exciting, interesting, delicious food?

If the only two contenders were the UK and USA, which one wins?
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You have just found out that, for reasons unknown to you, two people are hunting for you. The First is Ralph, God King of the Primordium, the other is Destructicus, the Tickler of Bunnies.

Which one are you more afraid of?

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So, my friend bought a bike (motorcycle), and then sold the bike six months later to some other guy.

turns out the bike is stolen, my friend got a call from a cop about it yesterday.

My question is: Do you think my friend should pay back what the guy paid for the bike?

My friend did not know it was stolen and got the paper work for it and everything when he bought it- there was nothing to throw out a red flag at all.

The guy has mentioned something about getting his money back, and my friend is between jobs as is (layoffs are rapant in his area) so he's leaning towards dodging the guy and think he doesn't owe him money anyway.

ALSO: what reprecussions could my friend face for selling a stolen bike, even if he didn't know it was stolen?
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What makes a person "dumb"? Can you cite an example of a well known person or fictional character who you would consider "dumb"?

Backstory: discussion about dumb protagonists in another LJ, whether Forest Gump was dumb, and what makes a person/character dumb.

Personally, I'd say to be dumb you need to have neither intellect nor wisdom yet not be mentally retarded.

(no subject)

Is mixing a can of tuna in with my Kraft Dinner macaroni and cheese...

a) a really good idea


b) a really bad idea


I don't have anything else to add to it at the moment, but feel free to suggest other ways to liven up mac 'n cheese.

study study studyyyy

hey everyone. i'm currently studying for one of my finals and while doing so, i'm listening to some music to put me more in the mood, i guess. i'm listening to Emme Bunton - Something So Beautiful right now and i think it`s just perfect. it`s mellow, soft, and really elegant. would any of you be able to suggest more music similar to this style?

TIA! and good luck to all of those who are studying their brains out for finals! :)

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How many hours of sleep do you usually get each night?

If you work more than 1 job, how many do you work?
Do you like it? Do you have time for anything else? How long have you worked more than 1 job? How long do you plan to work more than 1 job?

The husband started his 2nd job this week. He's going to be working 10p - 7a shifts 4 days a week, and then 8a - 2p shifts a few days a week (although next week he's scheduled 5).

This means he's going to be able to get maybe 5 hours of sleep on the days where he has to work both jobs. He's doing it so we can pay off our $6k in credit card debt and pay off his car quicker. His goal is to work both until at least December, if not this time next year.

Any tips to keep him sane?

Do you drink energy drinks? Do you think those will help on the days when he's only going to get 5 hours of sleep?
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(no subject)

do you ever notice any patterns that happen in your life? something like "bad things happen in 3's" or something of that like?

are you superstitious in any way? how so?

(no subject)

Does it bother you when people have an unusally shaped user pic? How about no user pic?
What was the best user pic you have seen (that is not yours, but maybe you stole it)?


(no subject)

Hello to you photography people, if any. I am looking for a view/large format camera but I'm having a hard time finding a website that even lists a price for them. Does anyone know of any legit websites with good feedback that sell film cameras?

I'm trying to avoid ebay. :(
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My friend and I decided we're going to go as Helga and Phoebe from Hey Arnold on Halloween.

Anyways, we're looking for cheap glasses frames that look like Phoebe's, like this, and so far we haven't been able to find any for cheap. We found a perfect pair on etsy.com but it was sold out :( Anyone here know where we can find a pair like that? Thanks.

(no subject)

when i took communication class my freshman year of college, a starting exercise was to go around the room and choose an adjective that starts with the first letter of your name. what would you say?

eta: say your name and the adjective

(no subject)

did you attend your highschool prom? if so, was it worth it? If not, did you regret not attending?  What do you think are the pros and cons of attending or skipping out?

I'm debating if I want to go, I have no money to put towards it and it's pretty pricey to go, I have no date and my prospects are limited. I rented a house for the weekend with some prom goers so the whole night wont be waste if I don't attend. I fear if I don't attend I'll regret it or if I do attend I'll be kicking my self for blowing so much money if it's a drag. I'm a senoir btw, i'm chill with about half the ppl in my class, but still I'm on the fence.

Don't care? do you like your peanut butter creamy or smooth? 
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I'm wondering if there is a website somewhere that would let me stream full episodes of Lost for free, particualrly season 6. Preferably wihtout having to download something with virus-risk.
I just finished watching the first five seasons on netflix, and hulu has only the last few episodes  of the season, so I'm missing the first like 10 of season 6.

I dont know if I can have the patience for the whole season to come out on dvd.
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(no subject)

1.) Is anyone here or has anyone here ever been involved in the insane and wonderful world of Model United Nations?

2.) Are there any Model UN communities on Livejournal? I swear I've been searching for hours to no avail. It's like a huge international thing. It shouldn't be so hard.

3.) If you had an alter ego, what would they be like?

4.) Do you have any plans for the summer?

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(no subject)

Did you participate in Silence day? What are your views of Silence Day?

For those who don't know what Silence Day is: It's a day where people who support gay/bi/trans-gender rights and/or are gay do not speak all day long to show what the world would be like without them there.

I don't condone the behavior if said gay/bi/trans-gender person claims to be christian, but if they don't claim to be christian, I don't have any bad feeling towards them being gay/bi/trans-gender.
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(no subject)

Does it bother you when someone intelligent goes on about how intelligent they are, or do you think they deserve to if they do have a very accomplished background?

ETA: If someone considers another person less intelligent, are they being a huge douche even if it's true?

(no subject)

I have to walk about 10 blocks to work in the middle of a thunderstorm. How can I get there without getting struck by lightning? (I tried looking up thunderstorm safety on google but all i really got is "seek shelter" which doesn't help me at all.)

ETA: Umbrella or no umbrella?
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(no subject)

Have you ever played Civilization? Did you like it?

Civilization 3 is $5 on Steam right now and I need a pretty low-key, chilled out game to play when I get home from work to decompress that I can walk away from without having to complete a quest/dungeon.
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(no subject)

drunk posting to TQC - good idea or bad? something else? is it any different in any other comms or pretty much all the same?

if it's just tipsy posting, does that make a difference?

what's the next thing you're looking forward to?

(no subject)

So I'm baking about 150 mini cupcakes for a sports themed baby shower, and I have a bunch of edible decorations for them. But now! I need to figure out which will look better.

Different colored frosting and white cupcake liners or different colored cupcake liners with white frosting?
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Questionclub, I have a really funny friend who is also a raging, contrarian bitch. It's causing me a lot of grief and causing her to have less friends which causes me to have less friends.  I've already said "People think you're kind of a bitch" and she replied with "Haha, yeah. I can be a bitch sometimes. *laughter*"

I want to slap her face but I'm morally opposed to violence.

How do I stage a successful, mature intervention and get her to tone down the bitchiness?
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(no subject)

As of late, my professional life has sucked massive ass. When I started grad school, I set my sights too low and took a crappy job that any idiot can do and pays a laughably low salary. I finished my masters almost a year ago and still haven't really progressed in the career department.

So now I'm planning on taking a year off. I found a free group trip to Israel where I would learn how to speak Hebrew for the first month or so, and spend the remainder of my time doing volunteer work. I'm hoping that this will give me a break from job-hunting, and when I come back, I'll be in a better position to find a job in the states.

Some people I've spoken with said that by doing this, I'm giving up and fucking up my life. Others have said that this could be really good for me. What do you think?

(no subject)

Where would you like to go on pilgrimage, if you could go on pilgrimage anywhere?

Don't know or care, have you ever wanted to post a question to TQC, only to change your mind and not post it? What was the question about?

[edit] It doesn't necessarily have to be a religious pilgrimage. It can be something such as visiting the home of someone you always admired or a place you've been longing to visit your entire life. E.g., I visited La Coste (home of de Sade) in 2005.

[edit] More grammar fail from yours truly.

(no subject)

I have mock interviews in my Admin class. Which means I have to have dress up and look nice and fancy!

My sense of fashion comes in at a -7 on the scale.

I know I'd like to wear a skirt (Which is odd, cause I NEVER do) and possibly some low heels.

Here's where you all come in.
Will you help me find those?!

Haha, I'm plus size, so my options are kind of limited. Price = $$ if that. Also, I don't really know how to walk in heels, so they'd have to be low. I'm a converse/nike wearing girl.


What are you absolutely terrified of?

(no subject)

what do you consider "rough sex" to be? 


what would you do if an employee of a store tried to make fun of you to another customer?  would you gut them like the dog they are or would you let it slide?  
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(no subject)

Rabbit or small animal owners:

Would it be safe to use this as bedding for my bunny? --

More info here. Bear in mind that she will probably consume some of it.

Everybody else: what period in history do you find the most interesting ("right now" does not count)?
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Have you, as an older child or adult, tried human breast milk? Old enough to remember what it tastes like and to know what you were doing. Inspired by the Friends episode.

If yes, why did you try it? Was it good?
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(no subject)

I want to buy some TV programmes to watch on my iPhone from iTunes.

I was just wondering if there was a noticeable difference between the HD and normal versions on the smaller screen of my phone?
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(no subject)

I have a Youtube account with lots of old videos on it. I don't want to just delete the videos and have them disappear forever... I want to save them. I was able to save two of them because there was a link by the videos that said "download mp4," so I did that for the first two of them, but now the videos don't have the "download mp4" link beside them anymore. Why not? And is there any other way I can save/download my old videos to my hard drive so I can then delete them from my Youtube?
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(no subject)

Do you know how badly I want to just buy fancy dresses on sale and wear them all day every day?

Do you know I feel the same way about everything glittery/sequined and pink?

I'm going to do it.

What was the last clothing/accessory you bought that was under $100.
What about over $100?

(Pictures are awesome)

(no subject)

how old are you?

do you like to read?
what would you recommend for me to buy to read next?

23 (as of yesterday!)i love autobiographies, but i love to read so pretty much any good book ill enjoy.

(no subject)

If you marry, do you intend to take your husband's name? Or give your name to your wife?
What did your parents do (if they were married)?
If you believe in both partners keeping their names, what do you think they should name the kids?