April 15th, 2010


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Why do some photo-booths have it where you take 4 different pictures but other photo-booths have it where you get 4 copies of the same picture? What is the benefit of the second type?
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What is the last thing that got you unreasonably excited?

When is the last time an old friend reached out to connect again?

My friend just texted me and said, 'Have you ever read Harry Potter? I'm on the sixth book and I need someone to discuss this with!' Harry Potter ruled my life for almost a decade, and no one ever discussed it with me, so I'm just about to pee myself.
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I need your help, Dr. TQC.

My scalp itches. Frequently. I wash my hair every 2-3 days, and I'd say it itches most on the days I wash it. I've tried dandruff shampoos, and right now I'm using that new Selsun Blue for itchy scalps. No dice. I'd say this has been going on for a year or two, at least.

Any idea what I can do to get some relief once and for all?

And before you say it, it's not lice.

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What do you have stuck in your head right now? I have had "Two Worlds" from Tarzan stuck in my head for almost 48 hours. I swear I will never listen to that song again. It's driving me crazy.

What do you do to get songs out of your head? 

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so trazadone is pretty great

what was the last medication you had and actually enjoyed the effects of?

for a change of pace, who is the ugliest person alive (in your opinion of course)?

(deleted the video but will post later)
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i can't sleep, tqc is slow, and i'm bored so idc that i'm breaking rule 9.

will you post the dumbest piece of porn you've ever seen? ideally something that's free so we can all bask in its fail.

zomg were iz teh pr0ns

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Have you ever bought anything from a spam email? If not, do you know anyone that ever has?

DK/DC...Go answer another question.

I've never known anyone that has, though I do know a guy who has been conned by giving his bank account details to Nigerian scammers not once but twice!
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I'm leaving Dubai at 1AM on the 27th. Flying 15 hours to Atlanta, then flying home. I'll rest a day (28th)then fly to Berlin 12 hours on the 29th. Landing on the 30th.
I'm supposed to catch a train at 7:30 am in Berlin for Wittenburg on the 1st of May.

What are the odds the jet lag monster is going to catch me and I wind up over sleeping on the 1st?
Bite me, bitch...

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I live with six people so it's rare that I get a moment like this when I'm in the house by myself.

What should I do with my newfound (and sadly temporary) freedom? :O

Nonsrs preferred. Try a little harder than "MASTURBATE!" please.

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My SO said he would come right back after dropping his daughter off at her preschool field trip to pound me. He has decided to stay and participate in the field trip. Do I have any right at all the be angry? I asked him repeatedly if he was going to be staying and he said no every time. I got all ready wearing NOTHING and called him and said he wasn't coming home. I'm all pissy now.

It's rainy today and so I have to clean the house. What songs would you put on my cleaning mix tape?

Would you like to come over this afternoon for brownies and hot chocolate? It feels like a chocolate overload kind of day.
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Why won't my dog stop barking? She's seriously been at it since 8 am (it's 9:30 now). Shouldn't she be tired or something?

Non srs answers preferred.

DK/DC/stfu about your damn dog: what size bed/mattress do you have?

Allergies. Somewhat new to me

I am 63 years old and I have never been afflicted with allergies. Lately, though, I have been noticing that when I go outside my eyes begin to water and I get all sniffly. Sometimes I have a sneezing jag but this is rare. Does anyone have some advice on what to do? Grin and bear it? Seek medical advice? Alternative routes?

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If you were interviewed by 3 different at the same time, do you write a thank you letter to all three people? What if you only have the contact info for two people? (the one person whose info you don't have is the HR personnel, who contacted you by phone first)

Help me choose my plans for tonight.

I am having trouble deciding what to do tonight. I have been invited to two things at the same time.

1) Movie night. They are showing a movie that is in my top five. There is free popcorn. My friend Eli will be there and he is obsessed with the movie and will get really wasted and quote it, and it will be hilarious. I will know probably everyone there. It is free to attend. It is forty minutes away by train, and longer on the way back because NYC considers 10 PM "late night" and the trains run local. I might get sad when watching the movie because one of my favorite (dead) actresses is in it.

2) Comedy night. Two girls I went to school with have a comedy troupe, and they are hilarious. They host a monthly show, and it's time again. It is free to attend, and it's in a bar (I am of age but do not drink alcohol). One of my best friends clicked "attending" on the facebook invite, and I want to see her since I've only seen her once since we graduated, but "attending" doesn't necessarily mean attending. The venue is eight minutes away by train and it is moderately close to a White Castle (and I love me some White Castle). Apart from the two MCs, one of the burlesque dancers, and my friend (if she attends), I won't know anyone. I had fun at the last one, but I know that if I go and my friend's not there, I'll be disappointed I didn't go to movie night. I will be calling her in a few minutes to find out if she can go, but I'm still undecided even if she can go because she lives two blocks away from me now and I can technically see her whenever.

Where should I go?

DK/DC: Post your favorite Glee GIF

ETA: I'm definitely going to comedy night. She just texted me to tell me she was going and wanted me to come. It saves me a LOT of traveling time, and I found out that the White Castle is less than 200 ft from the bar!
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Does anyone know if Walgreens sells sweatbands and party masks? I can't find anything on the website but I might just be being Walgreens-website-illiterate. thanks :)

DK/DC: what's your favourite type of bread? I have some pretty wicked crusty bread right now that is making me happy

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 My daughter lost a tooth last night. I was sick and completely and totally forgot to play Tooth Fairy. Am I the worst mother ever?

At what age do you think kids should be told Santa and the Tooth Fairy aren't real?

DK/DC? What is the last klutzy thing you did? I somehow managed to burn a hole in my shirt on the way to work. :(
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And hilarity ensues...You got saved by FB?

Apparently I left my cell and coffee mug somewhere around campus, I didn't know this until my friend left a Facebook status on my page saying I did just that. I just got saved by FB! This is ironic because I used to be one of those people who swore won't have an FB page because everybody has one and all other excuses.

So have you been saved by a technology you used to hate? Tell me a story.

Oh, If you lost your phone, what discriminating evidence will people find?

Mine: I have semi-naked pics of myself. I was in my underwear. It's for weight loss reasons, I like to see how well or horrible my body looks that day. It motivates me to work out more. I don't ever send them to people.
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Do you know of any reliable websites besides Craigslist and Sublet.com that could aid me in finding an apartment and/or a long-term sublet? I'm in NYC if that makes a difference.

If not, How did you find your current residence? How long was your housing hunt?
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I had braces for two years when I was like thirteen or some shit. My front teeth were a little fucked up, but my bottom teeth were fine. I had braces on both the top and bottom though, just to be extra painful. It sucked.

Now I'm 23 and my top teeth are pristine. But one of my bottom teeth seems to want to marry my tongue and has been gradually migrating towards the center of my mouth to be with it. It noticed this when I was about 18 and it's gotten worse. What the fuck, TQC? Can your teeth just decide to get crooked again in new and exciting ways at any point in your life?

ETA: My wisdom teeth have already been removed. They were taken out before my tooth started to go wonky.

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do you use sprint cell phone service?

if so, what do you think of it?

do you know if it is possible to block an individual number from calling or texting you?

if not, what cell phone service provider do you use?
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What do you do when you are annoyed at someone, but it's not a big enough annoyance to actually talk to them about it (more a meh, I'll get over it annoyance), but you're still hella annoyed at them and now at the rest of the world?

Who do I take my annoyance out on? Difficulty I am at work, so it has to be quiet.

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1.) Have you ever made a decision to be drunk all day? What was your reason?

2.) What is your biggest personal regret?

3.) If you could change one thing about your life what would you change?

4.) How often do you have sex? What's your favorite position?


Im going to chicago for my birthday april 22-25, with my boyfriend.

What should we go see? What should we do?
So far I only have the hotel planned and going to the Shedd Aquarium and the Navy Pier, WHAT ELSE TQC?!

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I'm bored, people. OMG so bored! I haven't watched South Park regularly since about the 8th season, and right now it seems like a good way to cure my boredom.

So can you please tell me your favourite episodes from after the 8th season?
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i got a call from Target saying they have a prescription for me to pick up. thing is, last time i filled one out there i picked it up the same day. they've called me about this before, and the last time it was a prescription for strattera. i'm assuming this is going to be strattera again and that they're doing auto refills for it. i never requested they did this and they don't auto refill anything else i've filled out there. what is the deal? how do i get them to stop filling this prescription out for me?

if you dk/dc what are you listening to? i'm listening to talk normal.
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What movie do people go on and on about that you have either A) never seen or B) didn't think was so great?

I have never seen A Christmas Story and I thought some guy was going to punch me in the face or something when I admitted that one time. I saw The Big Lebowski once and didn't think it was anything special, although I'm about to watch it again so idk we'll see.

bounce elephant

How much of a voyeur are you?

-Have you heard of this show? If I Can Dream

For those who haven't, or don't want to click the link (it's pretty flash heavy)...it's made by the same guy who created American Idol, apparently. Six young Hollywood hopefuls living in the same house, with 50 cameras or more recording their activities at all time, minus going potty or camera blind spots. It looks like they edit the footage into a show once a week.

-If you click "Watch Live" and then "All Cams", you can see what they're up to right now. Is that appealing to you? Creepy? Creepily appealing?

-On a scale of 1 to Hell No, how uncomfortable would you be with the idea of people filming/taking pictures of you 24/7? How about 12 hours a day? 8 hours? 2?

-Have you ever worked or lived anywhere that had cameras on all the time?

-What habits or behaviors would you be ok with people seeing?

-What habit or behaviors would you be most uncomfortable with people seeing?

-Is there anyone or any place you wish you had unrestricted visual access to--a "fly on the wall" and all that? What would you hope to see?

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will you name something interesting, obscure, or disturbing that i should look up on wikipedia?

does urban outfitters piss you off? i'm convinced their female models are no older than 12 (EDIT: i'm also convinced their male models are no younger than 25 and all seem to have those full hipster pedo douchebeards which just takes it all to a whole nutha level of creepy)

what are your post-breakup remedies?

EDIT: how do you think things are holding up in poland right now?

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stock ;; nyc cab

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"If such and such really is true of X, and if X and Y really are just alike in all the respects that are relevant to whether something is such and such, then such and such would surely have to be true of Y too. If such and such is not true of Y then either it is not true of X after all, or else there is some relevant difference between X and Y that explains why it is true of one but not the other." WTMF?

TQC, what is the most you've spent on a textbook for school that was a piece of shit and/or you never read.

this hunk of junk costed me 63$

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What's a song you sing really well?
What's a song you can play on an instrument?
If you play an instrument, can you play and sing at the same time?

Do you like rain?
I'm having the most beautiful spring rain right now.
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How important is your sense of touch to you on a daily basis in mundane world type things? (Like being able to feel the telephone when you pick it up to answer it)

What is an ordinary object/thing that you really like the feel of when you touch it?

I am really picky about keyboards for some reason.  I love the way that good ones feel on my fingers; there is something about the smooth feel of the keys and just the right amount of resistance to pressure when you touch the keys and I like that in combination of the way the keys sound when you push them.  Weird, right?

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I'm doing my linguistics revision on a 1983 study done on linguistic socialisation in the classroom. One of the criticisms was that there was a "lack of awareness of racial stereotyping within the research". Prendergast (2003) instead "proposes using CRT to explain how 'literacy became a means of asserting a separate White identity in the years after 1954'".

What happened in 1954 that I should know TQC?

ETA: Duh me. The study was undertaken in S.Carolina, and at the "beginning of educational desegregation", if that helps.
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I need your help, fashionistas of TQC.

I was looking around a second hand store today and found a pair of bright red pants. They're, like, crazy bright red.

They fit me really well (they were flared at the bottom! Holy shit, I can never find flared pants anymore!) and they were very cheap (like, eleven dollars), but...they're bright red. I have no idea what to wear with bright red pants.

I didn't end up buying them, since I had no idea what to do with them, otherwise, I would post a picture of myself wearing them. But I have them on hold until tomorrow, if I still want to get them.

Are bright red pants fashionable, TQC? And if they are, what should I wear with them?
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So me and my husband have a jont account on wachovia. And there is a purchase there for 37.50 that says PURCHASE LATINO SPORT MAGAZ.

What the hell could this possibly be?? It sure wasnt me. And I want to know before I call up my husband and start interrogating and bitching him out =D

I searched on google but didnt really find anything.

Whats the last time you purchased something and regretted it right after? What was it that you bought?

EDIT: Okay, apparently thats the name of the store that he plays soccer for. And that the fee for being on the team or something.. Or so he says =/ Although I find that odd.
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Little background: I have been interning at a big reference lab for the past two weeks. My internship ends tomorrow and my supervisors have been nothing but complimentary towards me - telling me I'm a quick learner, intelligent, organized and have given me the general indication that they really like me.
The hiring manager explained to me that they are in a hiring freeze.

How would I go about wording asking my supervisors to write me a reference or letter of recommendation to help me out when I apply for other jobs?

What's the difference between a letter of recommendation and a reference?
Which one do I want?
Will it make a considerable difference do you think, in helping me get a job?

Most importantly though I just want to know how I should ask for one.
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 What do you you make for dinner when you don't feel like cooking?

I really don't feel like cooking, and I'm oh so tempted to go through the drive through.  I need inspiration TQC.
I'm feeling very tired and would appreciate something quick and easy.
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How old are Voldemort, Dumbledore, Lily Potter, and James Potter?
How old do you picture these people?

I'm curious b/c I always think of Voldemort as a young bad guy, and Dumbledore as a middle-aged good guy. With Lily and James, I can't remember if the books ever mentioned their age or not and I'm too lazy to read the darn series over. I picture them as a cute twenty-somethings couple.


I'm doing a spoof on guidettes.

I did the dark face, blue eyeshadow, light lips, black liner.

So my question is:

Why do I look more like a ganguro and not like a guidette? What can I do to fix that?

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I do realize that guidette is a "white girl" thing, but I see white girls try to do the ganguro look... so....

Edit to add: LOL THANKS GUYS

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Today I was searching for a job and saw a mistyped job ad that implied you had to work 66 hours every weekend. This gave me an idea for a question:

What if your job offered you a new shift that consisted of 18 hours on Saturday and Sunday followed up by a 4 hour shift during the week to bring you to 40 hours? Would you take it to get 4 days a week off or is that just totally insane?

I think there are people out there who'd take it. My friend works 16 hour shifts 5 days a week (ouch!) and would probably be overjoyed with the 18 hour arrangement. (he once worked a 32 hour shift as well. That must have been tiring. He claims he punched out at one point and slept for 45 minutes, but worked the entire time otherwise.)

Follow up: Do you know anyone who works extra long shifts routinely? Do you think they're crazy?
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Have you ever talked your way onto a show? Would you be on a reality show?

My friend wants to go on What Not To Wear, but she has no idea where to start. (She also thinks I'm the Google Queen, naw, I just have you guys to help =P) Can ya help me (& her) out?

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Do you have a lucky object (t-shirt, pants, thing-a-ma-bob)?
Do you have a lucky color?
Do you have a lucky number?

Don't know or care, did you work hard today or did you hardly work today?

Also, will you tell me about the people at your work place or in your class that you dislike?
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I'd like to learn how to use my camera better. Can anyone recommend a good book about digital photography for beginners?

To make this more TQC-friendly:

1.) What camera do you have?
2.) Will you post a picture you've taken withvit that you're proud of?

Sam outside

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 I'm scared to check my grade online! Does anyone else get nervous when checking grades? What was the last grade you got on something?

So, I'm too sick to work, too sick to actually go to school (all my classes are online) so I spend a lot of time at home. I'm getting so freaking bored I don't know what to do. Do you have any project ideas I could work on at home that aren't too expensive? 

What was the last bit of gossip you heard? Who told you?

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because of pcos i havent had my period in months and my doctor wants me to try BC to try and even it out. the paperwork with the BC says I need to start it the sunday after my period...can you see my problem? does this mean I just take it whenever?

if i don't get a solid answer here i WILL call my doctor tomorrow.
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I have maybe a cup and a half left in total of semi-sweet and white chocolate chips. I think there's more semi-sweet than white left.

What should I do with them?

I used the rest of the bags to make chocolate chip cookies before - one cup of each dumped into the batter - and those turned out pretty well. I have mini-marshmallows in the cupboard too if that brings out any ideas.

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my friend broke her humerus bone back in mid-late February, then rebroke it Tuesday on her horse(i don't fucking know why she got on that brat of a horse before her arm was fully healed, seriously).

does anyone know it might heal this time? it was healing at a slight angle before. my biggest concern is that it'll heal worse/not fully because it's happened again.

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TQC, what do you do when you are SO angry you can't bear to just sit still anymore?

*I am currently home alone without a car b/c my parents borrowed mine. I SHOULD be studying, but I'm too angry after a fight I just had with the boy to actually concentrate. Suggestions?
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Imagine you're in a relationship. It's fairly serious, but you're not engaged or married. You've been together a couple of years. Now, your significant other confesses to you that he or she has committed a crime but is as of yet uncaught.

Which crimes might you be able to forgive the person for and continue the relationship?
Which ones would be dealbreakers?
And....would you require him or her to turn themselves or if they did not, you'd do it for them?

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1) On the Census, why is "Are you Hispanic/Latino?" its own question, separate from the race/ethnicity/nationality question? [ETA:] I just found it weird that Hispanic had its own question. I'm Mexican and I'm used to just answering "Mexican" for both race and nationality...hmmmmmmm.
4) Do you think they should keep the word "Negro" on the Census?
3) Would you rather have the ability to fly or to read people's minds? Why?
4) If you could either come in to work an hour late every day or leave an hour early every day, and still get paid the same amount, which would you choose?
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Guys, I just got my census and it says that Hispanic is not a race. You have to say whether or not you are Hispanic as well as mark down a race. Obviously, I'm superwhite because I don't know about this shit but: since when is Hispanic or Latino not a race? I know many people who self-identify that way. What gives?

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i started biking about a month ago, after years of very little extra physical activity. i can now bike from work to home, which is about 6 1/2 miles, but more downhill than up. i also biked for about 2 hours on Saturday with my friend. i'm sweaty when i get home but not really winded or pooped. i mean, i'm too tired to bike much further but for regular activities, not tired.

would you say that's good progress? i don't know a lot about sports/physical exertion/the power of the human body/etcetc.

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Is there a band/singer that you don't listen to anymore but still holds a special place in your heart? If so, who is it?

if not/dkdc- Where is your next vacation spot (or where would you like it to be)?
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Do you think you'd be able to have a relationship with someone who was into BDSM when you yourself were rather vanilla?

DK/DC -- what kind of body wash or soap do you use?

Curry emergency

I just got curry and there is way too much! But I'm staying in a hotel and there's no refrigerator in my room and I don't want to waste it. It's vegetarian but has yogurt in it.

It would be a bad idea for me to save it for lunch tomorrow without keeping it cold, y/y?

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why can't i judge distance?

like, i'll watch soccer games and they'll be like "so and so scored a goal from 5/10/30 yards away." or IRL someone will say something is 50 yards away or 100 or 50 feet away and i just... haven't got a clue.

or like my friend was just like, "That's six miles!" and i'm like, "Whoa, I thought it was like 2." and i'm thinking, how do people just know these things?
Watching 'The Road to El Dorado'...
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Poll #1551709 Roller Coasters!

So, roller coasters...what do you think of 'em?

Love 'em!
Hate 'em!
I've...never been on one.

EDIT: If you do love 'em, what one is your favorite?
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Last night, I woke up at about 4.30 a.m. and every faucet in the house was on. Just a trickle, but they were all running: bathroom, kitchen, utility and even the outside spigot.

TQC, what happened?

(personally, I'm leaning to either poltergeist or crazy hobo)
kiv dancin.
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alert: lyric questions

Who made you this way?
Who is going to bear your beautiful children?
Do you think you can just stop, when you're ready for a change?
Who will take care of you when you're old and dying?
Who has had a hand in your loneliness?

if you don't like these, which lyric questions would you rather get?
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TQC, my dad's crazy friend is staying with us for the next two nights. She showed up barefoot (the soles of her feet are completely black with dirt so she must have been walking all around the airport/parking lot/god knows where shoeless...she claims her shoes are uncomfortable) and with wayyyy more bags than any one person could possibly need. She didn't even pretend to be interested in meeting the rest of us and she's been wearing - NOT using - a bluetooth headset since she got here hours ago. She has her hair pulled back using the biggest scrunchie I have ever seen. I should lock the bedroom door tonight, y/y?

Will you tell me about the weirdest or most awkward house guest you've ever had?


I have a final coming up and I've been telling myself all night that I need to study but every time I crack open my book, I read one or two lines and immediately get distracted and/or lose focus. arrghhhh so frustrating!

How do you guys block out all distractions, find the motivation, and put 100% focus on what you're studying??
Any tips or specific methods that help?

TIA! :)