April 14th, 2010

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TQC, can you provide me with a photograph of the bird in a coo coo clock leaving its clock? I need one thats pretty zoomed in if not large. I would also prefer it from the side but head on is ok too I guess.

I cant find a picture of this elusive bird anywhere, is it endangered?
I just want to draw it man...
Wonder Woman

The bear question reminded me of this...

My mother and I were discussing this earlier today and couldn't come to a consensus.    So TQC, maybe you can help us.

Hypothetically speaking, let's say I have a life insurance policy.

One day, I'm out in the marshlands with a group of people and we spot an alligator.  On a lark, I decide to wrestle the gator.   I jump into the water and am horribly mauled and killed by said gator.

So my question is, will the insurance company pay out to my next of kin?

Could it be considered suicide? (I did knowingly try to wrestle a gator, after all.)  Is there a clause for "people too stupid to live"?   
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What are your favourite and least favourite scents?

My favourites are Chanel Coco, the original Dolce & Gabbana, and the sadly discontinued, Perfumers' Workshop Rosebud. ♥

Least favourites by a mile are CK Obsession, and Dior Poison.
Bite me, bitch...

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What's the deal with this POP LIFE and when is it gonna fade out?

And while we're being really bored together, will you post a question from a song lyric and see what answers your fellow tqc'ers have for it?


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Is there life after potentially bombing an Accounting exam?
How do you cope with this?

This is my second time taking it and it is the only class I have ever had in my entire grad school career that no matter how much I study, I still continue to suck at it.


dk/dc: What are some careers that don't involve sitting at a desk in front of a computer for 8 hrs a day where I can utilize my MBA training?

Serious or Non-serious answers ok.
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What is your sleep pattern like?
I seem to be on a 3-4 hours for two nights, and then 12 hours for a night schedule at the moment.

What magazines do you subscribe to?
Shape and Self

Would you agree with the statement that "it doesn't matter what you wear, it's all gonna wind up on the floor anyway"? Why or why not?
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I'm going to my boyfriend's mother's (TAME) bachelorette party in May and have been asked to bring an appetizer. I am down for salsa (standard and mango), but I would like to bring something else, preferably with a little more substance as I will be going out with the boyfriend's sister after and I would like something real in my stomach before drinking.

Any super fun ideas? Super classy ideas? My only restriction is that it cannot look like a penis.
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Vegetarian grocery list items? I feel like I'm missing something, and I know it isn't steak.

Could you tell me about the last time that you just kind of felt content and at-peace with the world?

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TQC I think we have an addiction problem. How long do you think I can go without you today?

IT (IPS now, you pretentious nerds) is going to hard start my system in 2 hours after they install "software". How much do you want to bet they're going to block my access to my beloved TQC ??
video - Gaga's ok
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Which of the following situations would it be easier for you to forgive? Consider this a very serious long-term relationship (or at least prior to this coming out.)

After being together for several years, you find out that your significant other has cheated on you with four or five other people. These aren't one night stands either, but, 'relationships' where the shortest one lasted for a month.

After being together for several years, you find out that a few years ago, your significant other hit someone while driving drunk. The person survived, but was injured and will never be back to 100%. Your SO was never caught and hasn't had a drop of alcohol since.

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I have jet black hair. And i want to dye my hair something like this , a little darker

how do you think it will fare?

Edit: I dont know how to sye my own hair, ive only done my mums white tresses so i am going to a proffesionalCollapse )
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let's play a game

Pretend you're a dragon -- fire-breathing menace, wise hidden counselor, protector of the local populace, whatever you like. Any way it goes, you're rich and powerful.

Other than the traditional heaping stacks of money and gold and jewels, what's in your hoard?

(For me: Books! Also music of all sorts, seashells, and smooth polished stones.)
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 My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I know that he wants a really expensive BBQ as a gift, which I was planning on buying him.

I recently found out I need a really expensive dental procedure done (root canal) and soon.

I'd still like to get him the BBQ and was going to ask all of his friends plus his sisters / dad / mom to pitch in and get it as a big gift from everyone, but wasn't sure how to politely ask his friends if they'd like to contribute and I know his dad is loaded so I figured he'd probably supply most of the funds for it.

But this last week his dad and I had a HUGE disagreement and I honestly couldn't be more pissed at this man and we have no desire to talk to each other for a very long time.

Should I try to communicate the idea through one of his sisters? Or just drop the idea altogether and get him something cheap instead? Or maybe an IOU for when I have more money... For the record I think he is pretty upset with his dad too though they are still speaking to each other and I don't think the issue is enough for his dad to not want to get his son a birthday present. 

Any other ideas?
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I have an appointment at the girltime dr today. Is it in bad form to be currently bleeding? My periods are super messed up due to my birth control so I go a week bleeding and a few days off then start all over again for another week. I wasn't bleeding when I made the appt but now I am. I'm so worried about it. :(

And anyone else have their implanon out before? Does it hurt? How much did it cost? How long didtake?
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it's the 14th. should i just pay H&R Block the $30 to e-file my state or should i go to my dad's, print it out and do it myself?

keep in mind i'm not sure i can do it myself. i usually do it by hand but my dad helps me and he'd kill me if he knew i waited, haha. i'm thinking yes but i'm sad i gotta pay $30 when i usually do it myself for free. but i figure since i'm always really good and do it in February, i've earned one year of being stupid about it.
oh mr. tea

I will hide my peeling face behind books...

1. Has anyone else here tried the new overnight clearsil fashwash (edit: FACEWASH...lolfashwash) and had problems? I used it for about a week, and my face is SO SO SO DRY AND FLAKING AND UGH. D: I normally NEVER have to moisturize, I'm Clammy McClammerson, and this is horrific. (Moisturizing would make me break out.....did they create an evil cycle to torment me?)

2. What was the last book you finished? What are you currently reading? (I just finished Greg Mortenson's Stones Into Schools and now I'm reading Shahrnush Parsipur's Women Without Men: A Novel of Modern Iran)
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1. What special precautions do you take to make sure that you don't run out of coffee?

2. When Jesus returns he will need a new set of miracles if he expects to impress the jaded cynics of the twenty first century. Multiplying loaves (or even fishes) just won't do it, nor will walking on water, and any old passerby with a semi-automatic defibrillator can raise the dead.

In fact, some say the reason Jesus has been holding himself back is that he is inventing and perfecting the new miracles to get them -just right- and see if he can avoid being waterboarded by some new Pontius Pilate or Dick Cheney. So what do you think Jesus will do to score a hit on his second coming?


Hey, look...it's a rednecky question!!

(This is relating to the truck that I just inherited from my late grandfather.)

I need to add some extra carrying capacity to my little truck, so I come to y'all for opinions. Here are my options:

1) Leave the camper shell on it that my grandfather put on years ago. Pros: free, lockable, and doesn't hurt the capacity TOO badly (just can't put anything really tall in there. Cons: ugly, scratched all to hell...and I don't like it.
2) Put on a tool box. Pro: lockable, looks good, and leaves half the capacity. Cons: Only offers a few more cubic feet of cargo space, and takes away half of the capacity.
3) Tonneau cover (soft). Pro: allows me to cover the ENTIRE bed in inclement weather, and I maintain all of my capacity once I roll it up. Cons: not lockable, looks kinda silly (IMO), and must be removed/rolled before I can put anything taller than the sidewall in the bed.
4) Be a cheap bastard, don't put anything on it, and just hope that all my stuff doesn't get wet/stolen.

Background: it's a standard cab GMC Sonoma, so there is NO room for bags, suitcases, etc in the cab. So if it's raining, I need something I can put these things in. So it's pretty much down to two options: lots of space, but unlockable (tonneau cover) or just a little bit of space, but lockable (tool box).


What should I do? Stay or go?

So I have the opportunity to go to Yale this weekend for a Global Health Conference. It would be great fun and I would definitely learn a lot., however, I have 2 papers due next week and finals is around the corner and quizzes like no other this week and next. If I go, basically I will definitely screw my grades and that sucks a lot. There's always next year for sure, but I already paid for the conference so I'm stuck with a pass. Oh and on top of that, I still need to buy airfare and lodging costs. Argh!

Should I say F it all and just go, or be a good premed student and do what I have to do?

What opportunities that came your way that you feel you have to sacrifice for the good of humanity? LOL...


I checked out the airfare. I am looking at spending about over $500 if I leave on Friday night (my last class is at 6 pm and I am available only after that). If I leave @ Sat 7 AM, cheapest airfare is about $205 but I will miss half a day of Saturday seminars. I can bunk with some attendees, too. I'm looking at extra give or take $100-150 for lodging costs. I can definitely do homework in between lectures and at night which I plan to do anyway. Knowing how much this will all cost, did this change your opinion?
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What was the last thing you accidentally dropped in the toilet?
Had you used the bathroom before dropping it in there?
Did you get it out?
What did you do with the aformentioned item after getting it out?

When did you start showering on a regular basis?

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So I've been looking at a lot of job ads lately. I've noticed that some employers are listing requirements/responsibilities under admin assistant/office assistant positions that I don't really associate with those jobs.

Including accounting, bookkeeping, develop and implement systems, research speaking engagements, maintain database, preparing reports and financial data. Am I off on what admin assistants really do or are these people just asking a lot? I feel like a lot of those things should be done by the accounting, finance, and IT department instead. What do you think an office assistant does?

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Have you ever tried finding a subletter to take your place just for a month or two? If so, was it hard to find someone?

I'm trying to find someone to take my room just for the month of June, but I'm not sure how difficult it's going to be. I live in NYC, and I don't know if that makes it easier or harder.

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I have a roommate who subleases from me.  She moved in in September.  If I want to get a place with my boyfriend sometime in the future, how mean would it be to kick her out to do so?  (If I move out, she has to move out too since she's not allowed to lease either) Should I just wait until she hypothetically wants to move out?  what if it's never......? lol

Why am I waking up at 3:30 am everyday for no reason?

serious/non-serious whatevs.

DK/DC:  What's your favourite time-wasting method?
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Honestly, I am tired all the time. It doesn't matter if I get 9 hours of sleep or 3, I am sleepy through my day - sginificantly enough for me to wish I could go lay down and take a nap. I don't want to get up and walk around or even write a journal entry, I just want to sleep. But at night, I am wide awake. I could stay up until the break of dawn and never get sleepy. This is very frustrating. What is wrong??

Have you had a Mounds bar? Do you like it? Why/ not?

Purple or green? (of any shade, I don't care, just pick one.)

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TQC, in my con law notes I have indicated to myself in vicious shorthand that a particular case (Brandenberg v Ohio) took place "post CR&V acts." Neither I nor my con law professor know what I could've meant by the CR&V acts and the rest of the internet has failed me.

Do you know?

Do you ever screw yourself over by using obscure acronyms in your own notes? Thankfully I know what I mean by RBT, SST, CPDT, PP, etc.
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Meeting friends


Under which circumstances is it rude of a friend you make plans with to bring someone with them (not necessarily their SO) without telling you/asking you?

Do you tend to bring people with you to meetings with friends no matter what? Or has this happened to you?

If yes, has this ever been problematic in any way? What happened?

Are you the type of friend who prefers having a group or more than one friend at a time when making plans or do you prefer having only one friend?
Watching 'The Road to El Dorado'...
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I just learned that Leo Tolstoy's birthday is the day after my own. What surprising facts have you learned lately? They can be related to you, your family, friends...whatever!
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How long does it take you after having an orgasm to be ready to go at it with someone else again? Are you male or female?

DK/DC: Other than a spoon, what do you think Nutella goes best with?
I vote strawberries and apples.
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TQC, my husband really wants a motorcycle. He is the sole breadwinner. Is it unreasonable of me to say that if he wants a motorcycle he needs to have a really awesome life insurance policy? I'm thinking 250k+. He thinks I'm being unfair.

FWIW, he's never ridden a motorcycle in his life AND he wants one of those sporty Japanese cycles.

Do you ride a motorcycle? Have you ever had an accident?
Do you know anyone who died riding a motorcycle?

I should ask for a pony y/y?


Assuming you live with someone(s), do you share:

anything else?

If you do share any of those, do you share with friends/family members/SO(s)?

Inspired by How I Met Your Mother and, you know, life with roommates.

Also, now that the weather is getting really hot around here and the sun is shining brightly... do you wear sunscreen? Just for walking around outside? I've started using it every morning, but none of my friends do and they don't seem to understand that I'm pale enough to burn badly just walking to class.
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Job stuffs

So in January I applied and interviewed twice for a position at a local university. I did not get the job. They called me today saying the job is available again and that they'd like to talk to me if I'm still interested. The job sucks and the person they hired quit cause it's awful, right? Has this ever happened to you? What did you do? Do you think they'll expect me to interview again? I can't stop wondering why they hated me the first time around.

I seriously need a job so I can't really turn this down, but wondering about all this is making me anxious.

ETA: I returned their call and they offered me the job. The person who got the job first was relocated to another location of the school! THANK HEAVENS!
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In about three minutes, I'm going to finish totally legally obtaining the seminal 1997 film Gridlock'd, in which Tupac and Tim Roth shoot heroin and have adventures or something. I'm pretty pumped. What are you pretty pumped about?

Also, what actors/actresses make you feel the need to see everything they were ever in ever, even if it doesn't have Tupac in it? I think I could basically watch Daniel Day-Lewis or Gary Oldman take a dump. I don't know if I'd like to watch Meryl Streep poop, but she's definitely also cool.
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hot stuff

game the whole family can play

Incest is bad, evil, and wrong! Not only does it make God smoosh you under his gigantic thumbs but it also results in situations like in the films The Hills Have Eyes or Wrong Turn. Those are basically series of cannibalistic, inbred, hillbillies in case you didn't know.


If you and your sibling were extremely sexually attracted to each other & mutually wanted to jump each others' bones, with the proviso that no unwanted pregnancies would result and nobody would ever find out...would you do it?
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Can you list 3 movies that share thematic elements and we have to guess the elements?

Catch Me If You Can
The Terminal
Planes,Trains and Automobiles

Bonus if they share more than one thematic element

hajiomatic needs to watch more movies

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Whose responsibility do you think it is to know where the student stands in the amount of credits and prerequisites they have for graduation (college wise)?

How seriously hard is it know where you stand? And why are you relying on someone to tell you where you stand?
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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On Monday, I posted a personals ad to Craigslist for lulz (and believe me, there were lulz). However, since then (and after weeding out the obvious LOL NO replies), I've been corresponding with a few seemingly cool guys.

What are the odds that they are crazies in disguise?

Do you use Craigslist? What types of things do you use it for?

I love CL. Through it, I found a part-time job, an apartment, a microwave, a good friend...maybe I'll find ~love~! (but probably not)

ETA: Sorry guys, but I don't want to post these poor fellows' responses to the internet at large. However, if you are desperately seeking lulz, just check out the personals ads for your local area. Or you can check out Atlanta, which is my local area. The folks in the ATL take bad personal ads to a whole new level.

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I need advice, please.
Collapse )

What should I do?

Keep my car until the clutch completely burns out, then figure out what to do
Take the Jeep
Some other option I haven't thought of and you'll tell me about in the comments

DK/DC: What's your favorite restaurant? Chain or local, I don't care. What do you like to order from there?
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Is there a term used to refer to someone (such as politicians and religious apologists) who goes off into excessive extravagant explanations often using fancy words in an attempt to avoid answering a simple question, confusing the listener into making them think they have said something intelligent when really they have said nothing really useful at all?

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What's an old movie you watched for the first time recently? Did you like it?

For me, it was Brazil, and I watched it last week at my aunt and uncle's house. I really liked it; it was weird and cooky in all the right places :D
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job fair

my school is having a career fair tomorrow for full-time AND part-time jobs. the only information i was given is where it is, and that i should dress up and bring a resume.

have you ever attended a career fair? any idea what i should expect? will i be interviewed on the spot? is it possible i'll leave tomorrow with a job?

thanks tqc.
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Why do they ask you if you're wearing nail polish before you go in for surgery?

I went into the hospital for surgery in February, and while I was in pre-op one of the nurses asked me if I was wearing any nail polish at the time (and I wasn't).

My sister and I are planning to get manicures together this weekend, and I'm also going in again for surgery next Tuesday.

Do they ask you whether you're wearing nail polish because then they'll need to remove it before the surgery (in which case a manicure this weekend would be a total waste of money), or is there some other reason they ask you this?
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Have you ever thought you would date someone if they didn't have a certain physical characteristic you found unattractive?
Edited. What I mean to say is (thank you to imaquaboo for helping me sound more normal): Would you not date someone with a certain physical characteristic that you find unattractive? What is the physical characteristic?
Or (thank you nuclearpez):
Is there a person which you're attracted to but will not date them because of one particular trait?
Or (thank you stakingaclaim):
Have you ever thought you might date a particular person if not for the fact that they have a certain physical characteristic you found unattractive?
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is there any store brand or generic brand foods you think taste better than name brand foods? what are they?

i think safeway's 'moose tracks' is way better than dreyers 'fudge tracks'. also my dad just brought me some MINT moose tracks. i'm in HEAVEN... but i'm lactose intolerant so in about an hour you'll find me in the bathroom.

(because you really wanted to know that last part.)

CV:did I break wind?

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how much would you pay for a used cd in perfect condition?

Do you have a record player?

I really want to open a record shop. I've been collecting vinyl since I was 8 and have a small network of people I know who sell records, but the closest record shop is 45 minutes away. I'd sell new and used CDs, DVDs and Records and do Buy, Sell Trade. I'd also have a small stage in the back and have an open mic night once a week. Would you come to my shop if you lived in the area?
Adam - idk my bff jil?

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This is going to be a problem, isn't it? (For reference, the gap is a little over an inch high.)

Have you ever lived in a "House of Usher"?*

If Johnny Depp and Tim Burton made a movie version of The Fall of the House of Usher and did it old-school style like back when Burton didn't suck, would it be the hottest thing EVER? Especially if Depp played Usher and his weird little BFF was played by someone else incredibly hot like Jude Law and they were portrayed as being all slightly HoYay?

Why the hell is TinyPic in Spanish when I go to it? Does it think I am in Mexico?

*For those unfamiliar with the story, it's about a guy who lives in this big old house which ultimately falls on him because he was Evil and Deeply Fucked Up. He buried his sister alive, possibly after having relations with her that are unholy in the eyes of Man and God. It's told from the POV of his paranoid BFF who comes to visit for reasons I cannot recall and only barely escapes the carnage.
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Am I craaaaazy?

Non-serious, let's-see-what-you-think question.

Things tend to go "missing" around my apartment. Flashlights, keys, my change purse. They go missing from open spaces where I know I'd left them. I tear the room apart, give up, come back a few hours later and - wait for it - the damn thing is right where I thought I'd left it.

Collapse )

I have no explanation for this. Out of curiosity, what's your take on it (serious and non-serious, of course!)? Elves? Cats? DID? Me just being stupid? I'd be inclined to believe I'd finally snapped and developed a second personality, one that delights in stealing things and returning them just to mess with me, but when I leave the scene be for a while, I don't ever "lose" time. Personally, I doubt it's the cats: they're smart little buggers, but putting the Thing back where I left it is a little too smart, even for them.
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TK and Kari

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If someone asked you where Armenian people come from, would you think "wow what a dumbass" in your head or do you think it's a legit question?

ETA: What about Dutch/Persian people?

(no subject)

I gave a friend my housekey for emergency purposes. I've since let him use it pretty often for fun as well because sometimes he'll arrive there way ahead of me or simply need to grab something he forgot and I'm not home. I honestly don't mind so I always say yes when he calls.

Am I wrong, then, to absolutely mind when he does the exact same thing as above, just without calling to check with me first?

(no subject)

i love how my boyfriend just texts me out of the blue saying "hey, i'm getting a tattoo in 30 minutes!" and he didn't even talk about it before :(

would you be slightly mad at your SO? i just hope he's making a good decision.

i should dye my hair tonight then, y/y?
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(no subject)

Does anybody know the name of this movie I'm trying to find?

It's a sort of dystopian society where emotions are forbidden, since they are believed to be the source of wrongness in the world, the cause of wars, greed etc. and everyone has to take injections to prevent themselves from having feelings. If they refuse injections, they go to jail. And a group of literally underground people who live underground rebel against this.

legs motherfucker

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my dad's friend (well his son) needs a home for a 10 month old long haired dachshund, he told me to find a home because i know a lot of "dog people". the owners split up and he won't let his son keep her... well i'm in seattle and my friend in utah is a HUGE dachshund fan, and has one. but the problem is that she's in utah and i'm in seattle. and that's kind of far away. but she really wants this dog.

has anyone ever "sent" (i don't know if that's the right word for this) an animal to a different state? how does that work? any idea on cost?

and just because the question is about him, i give you a picture of the cute little guy

Collapse )

pancakes at 745 PM?

 I need to stress eat so... TQC should I make pancakes right now, or, wait an hour to make blueberry pancakes after I get back from the store, because I try to be a healthy eater. OR should I just warm the frozen strawberries from the freezer? OR should I just say fuck it and make them as is, with extra syrup and vegan butter (because I am vegan...) MUST KNOW NOW. =)

(no subject)

Dear TQC, I have no talents, no reputable skills, no passions and no interests. I suffer from a mood disorder, an anxiety disorder and severe depression. I have poor people skills and even worse problem solving skills. I've also run out of money. So, what exactly should I do for money considering there are no jobs out there even for people who DO have skills? I spent a year at Starbucks, but had to quit because it became too hard. That's all the experience I've got. Non-serious answers are welcome, but serious suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, for Tim Hortons drinkers out there, how are you all doing with your Roll Up the Rim?

(no subject)

Bra wearing people: what do you do with your old bras? Mine are stretched but I feel throwing them in the bin would be ridiculous when they are still technically wearable. They just don't look good. :P

Have you finished all your Easter chocolate yet (after-Easter-sales chocolate counts)?

(no subject)

Let's say that you're a high school senior, graduating with every intention of going to college. You got into your dream school and guess what? You're so awesome, you scored an awesome full ride scholarship. Everything that associates with school is paid for - tuition, books, rent, utilities, food. Your response is needed tomorrow or they'd cancel the scholarship.

You also got offered (possibly by a generous family member) as a graduation present to take the year off and do whatever the fuck you want on their expense - travel around the world, smoke pot all day everyday on your couch, volunteer, whatever. Because you were a kickass student, you're a bit burnt out and would like to take a year off before college just to relax and recoup before heading out to college. Your response is needed tomorrow or they'd cancel the offer.

If you choose the latter and you go back to college, no other financial offer is available to you EXCEPT student loans, so you have to rack up debt to go to college.

What would you choose?

I would take the scholarship. I could always work during school and save every paycheck. By the time I graduate, I should have enough money to take a year off after I graduate.

Google didn't help

What is the name of the profession of a person who rings a bell in a bell tower? i.e, the hunchback of notre dame - what would that position title be?

edit: my cousin from ireland called me to google it b/c its the anniversary of the titanic and in their small village many people died on the ship....a bell is rung at 2:20 am. and he wants to know who rings the bell haha
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(no subject)

1. how long, do you think, is too long to have a FWB "relationship" with a good friend of yours?
2. hypothetically speaking *COUGH* is three years too long? is it just ridiculous at this point that it's lasted longer than friends of mine's relationships (who, i'm going to add, some are now getting married)?
3. if you got into a relationship with someone who had been 3-year FWB with a still-good-friend of hers/his would you mind if they hung out with each other alone, or would you make them not be friends with their friend/former-FWB?

bonus: did i word this horribly? will you fix it for me?

(no subject)

How do you keep yourself from staring down at something and going: "....Egh, I'll do this tomorrow."?

Procrastination can be a very ugly monster. Yeah, I should shut up and stop trying to swerve around work like it's a squirrel on the road.

(no subject)

Would red and gold (along with black or white) be good colors for a bathroom? I have a piece of art that's those colors that I would like to put in there, but idk if it would look strange or not in such a small space.

ETA: I don't mean painting the walls red and gold. That would be waaaay too much, haha. I'm talking moreso about accessories/theme.

If you have no opinion, will you show me a picture of your bathroom or a bathroom that you love?

(no subject)

I'm getting my bike fixed up on the weekend for the summer! I can bike to and from work now!!!

Do you bike to/from work? How long is the trip one way? 
My job is new so I don't know how long it'll take me but I'm thinking 15-20 minutes only. Not long but biking downtown sucks anyway.

What are you excited about?

(no subject)

What movies did you love as a kid? Do you still like them?
I still love The Goonies and Big.

What toys/games do you remember from your childhood?
Lego, keypers, glo-worm, lite-brite, fluff-it pens.
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Have you ever taken a class in which you felt you had nothing valuable to contribute to the discussion? A class in which you are surrounded by individuals who know a lot more about the topic than you?

What do you do in those situations?

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can any of y'all recommend any chant music? i like it but know nothing of it.

and while we're at it... what are some good summery songs? they don't actually have to be about summer and can be about poop sandwiches for all i care as long as they are just fun and upbeat.
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Hi guys!

If my ICQ settings say that people need my authorization to have me in their list and I have them in my list (hence there was authorization) but I then remove them, is this like revoking my authorization? Do they notice that I removed them?

EDIT: I live in Germany and ICQ is very common here!
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TQC, I messed something up at work this past week and my punishment was getting my hours cut. A bit of paycheck shittiness (but I'll make that up next week), but I have other jobs lined up to supplement it, anyway. So I ask you, TQC: best punishment ever or what?

DK/DC: Have you ever been summoned for jury duty? If so, were you selected for the trial? How much did you get paid?
I have to go in May for the first time. It's $25/day, but I could work/babysit for hella more :(

Since the chance of me getting out of it are equal a snowball's chance in hell, how can I make the most of my time? I heard selection takes forevvvvvvvvver and is super boring.
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What do you call it when you take a drink from a water bottle but don't let the rim touch your lips?

I referred to it as a "birdie" casually, and someone went "WTF is a birdie? We call them 'waterfalls.'"

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have any of you done work study before? what is it like? is it just a regular job? do i have to apply for a job or am i just given a random job? if i accept it am i stuck with that job for the semester or am i allowed to quit? or are all these things school-specific things and i am going to be stuck waiting in the 10 million hour line to talk to a financial aid counselor?
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wahh wahhh whhaaambulance

so i'm on a dating site. i just found out that my recent ex and i have been talking to the same girl. it's only been about 2 weeks or so since i've been talking to said girl and maybe a week for my ex, idk. my ex is a piece of shit and i have done everything possible to keep her away from me (blocking her calls/texts, blocking her on social networking sites, severing all mutual contacts, etc.) because she's an abusive maniac.

i think this girl that i'm talking to is nice and good looking and i would like to be her friend, but the situation with my ex is making me VERY hesitant. it's wayyy not appropriate for me to ask her not to speak with my ex, cause hey, maybe she'll be nicer to someone new. should i keep talking to her an hope for the best? or should i tell her i'm uncomfortable and say goodbye?

tl;dr, dk/dc

what do you do for work?

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Have you ever taken time off from school? What did you do during that time, and how was going back to school afterward?

I'm thinking about taking a year off from college to do something I really enjoy, but I'm afraid going back will be excruciating, since I already dislike being in school so much. Any thoughts, especially from those who have been through similar experiences, would be great.
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I've been sick all week and somehow or another as of yesterday, I've lost my sense of taste. Everything either tastes very, very bland or like nothing at all. And no, my nose isn't stuffed. Not one bit.

1. Have you ever lost your sense of taste? What happened?

2. What was the last WTF thing your body did to you?

I really hope it comes back. This is driving me crazy.
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Will you describe your last sexual experience using only alliteration?
Bible quotes?
Iambic pentameter?
In the style of an abstract for a science paper?
Or something else?
perhaps a haiku?

You will be given copious internets if you do more than one of these things.
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What's the last movie you saw that you thought was going to be terrible but was actually really enjoyable?

What's the last movie you saw that you thought was going to be amazing but ended up horrible?