April 13th, 2010

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this is probably a long shot but do any of y'all have a cartoony clip-art type picture of a penis? if it has a smile that is even better.

ETA ok i just drew one and i am pretty pleased with myself. now the question is... Collapse )
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Spore question

I have just been given a copy of Spore. Never played it, but I've heard the news stories about the Securom.
All I want is to be able to play it without having a secret program hogging all my available RAM when I'm using Photoshop or otherwise not playing the game.
How can I bypass this Securom thing and still be able to play the game?
I don't care about online content. It's okay if I can't download it.

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Any Grey's Anatomy watchers here?!

Do you know the "you are my person" quote? I thought I remembered there being something way more to it than just that...

Do you know where I can watch old episodes in full? (Not youtube though)
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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Anyone else hate sulfur burps?
(if you've never experienced them, consider yourself very lucky.)

P.S. On a total unrelated and less disgusting note, thank you to everyone who suggested I watch Sunshine Cleaning. I absolutely loved it.

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Okay, I went to a club on Saturday and got really grumpy and annoyed and then some club photographer took loads of pictures of me looking morose/cool and edgy.

SO my question is how do I find these photos?!

DK/DC, what is your general opinion on Club Photography? Have you been on any of the famous ones?
TK and Kari

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How come most love triangles in books/movies always involve a chick choosing between two guys, and not the other way around?

When it's the reverse, the guy already has a girlfriend and it's the other girl pining over him whereas in the one-girl-two-guys love triangle it's a case of "who do I pick?"

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I want to make doughnuts. I never used 4 cups of oil at once.

Can I store the leftover oil to make more doughnuts another day? Or will it be no good?
Where do you store your leftover oil? I'm stumped.
What kind of doughnuts do you like?

dk/dc: How many can you get right on the Mensa Quiz?
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for those of you who are married or in long-term relationships, how did/do you know that your s/o was/is "the one?"
are you still as attracted to your s/o as you were when you first met?
how long have you been together?
what are the biggest issues in your relationship currently?
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Would you rather have an occupation that makes you happy or one that makes you feel fulfilled?

If you want to know more about my question:

I read somewhere that people with depression should find an occupation that makes you feel happy and fulfilled, but what if you can't find one that does both? do you settle for one feeling or find one that fills both. what if you cant find one that makes you feel both?

For those who may say what is the difference, well l'll give you an anecdote where this question stemmed from. I am thinking about going to fashion design school instead of going to law school. Althouhg fashion design makes me happy, it's just clothing. Being a lawyer may not be very fun for me but it would be fulfilling to help people and make a significant changes. Of course the decision is ultimately mine to make but l'd like to hear your answers to my question.

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The general manager of my workplace was frantically running through the store looking for a little baggie of meth that she lost tonight. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being totally fucked up, how fucked up is that?!
cabaret voltaire

art history peoples please

I apologize in advance for the vague questions I'm going to ask. I'm searching for these two artists, but I can't remember their names u_u;. One of the artists is female, and she paints female figures that usually have very long necks, the facial features are exaggerated. The other one is also female and paints women with skull patterns on their faces and roses too, I think? x_x. I don't remember the nationality of these artists, but they're both contemporary. Can you help a sister out?

eta: discovered the 2nd artist! it's sylvia ji.

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1. Will you post a music video that actually tells a story? ( Like a mini-movie & Not just random images, or shots of the band/artist.)

2. My youth fencing class lost badly yesterday, I have a busload of grumpy youngin's.
What's a good way to improve morale? (We have a budget of $500)
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Dr. TQC,

Does caffeine boost metabolism?

Dr. Internet tells me alternately that it does and that it doesn't. I came to you for a second opinion.

What DOES boost metabolism, aside from eating breakfast or spicy foods?

How fine am I going to be if I stick to my fitness plan? I'm in this for the long haul (for life, hopefully, but I'm trying to reach my target weight in a year and a half). It's only been a week but I'm still going strong. As soon as I post this I'm heading to the gym for my half-hour workout. Woo!
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 I'm off today, but I had to wake up to take my daughter to school. All knowing TQC, should I go back to bed and enjoy my day off, or should I do something that's actually productive? 

Edit: Can you go back to sleep after you've been up and moving around?
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Have you ever met up with a fellow-TQCer?
How did it go? What did you do?

It doesn't count if you're married to another TQC-er, unless you met through TQC.

Don't know or care, what are you wearing today?
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If you are a waxer, piercer, gyno, urologist, doctor, a person who deals with the nethers of others, will you tell us about 1. how often people are not-so-fresh in the underpants area and 2. any particiularly wonderful/disturbing horror stories about people's genitals? (In a non-patient-confidentiality-ruining way?)

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1.) If I apply for a job online (A Customer Service Rep at a FedEx location near me) is it a good idea to go show up to check on it? Or do online applications not really work that way?

(I ask because I applied online at Borders and when I went in and asked to check on the application, the woman looked at me like I was crazy and said as if it was very obvious, "You applied ONLINE... if you don't hear from us in 90 days.. you can reapply. Sorry, but that's all we can do.")

2.) What are your favorite websites to look for a job?

3.) What is the thing you dislike the most about your job?

Thanks in advance for help on the first question :)

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Im planning to dye my hair blonde/brown and I saw this one gurl whos hair colour was great but didnt look so good on her. My friend said it would look good on me. So Ive been googling a nicer picture of that sort of hair colour and have yet to find. Its something like this. Collapse )

Does anyone have or know where I can find pictures of hair colour(more like gallery.) ? the ones i found, the models dont quite meet what i want. Help?

EDIT:(found the perfect picture :D)
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 You finally managed to fall asleep an hour ago after much tossing and turning for two hours, and you're exhausted. You wake up, and glance at the clock: you have to be at work in 5 hours, and if you get up you're not sure you'll be able to fall back asleep right away - but - you have to pee. It's not an insanely bad pee, but it's a dull pressure in your bladder. 

Do you get up to pee, or just go back to sleep?
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Who is someone that can always make you smile, no matter how bad a day you've had or how bad a mood you're in?

For me, it would have to be one of my teachers at school. He's an American History teacher and he's just insanely funny. He can make fun of you in the nicest way possible and get you to laugh at yourself and your stupidity. I was in a foul mood a few minutes ago, and I was sitting on the computer in my school library when I saw that he was wandering around when he spotted me, came up, and started joshing me. He left and I didn't even realize that he had turned off my computer monitor. :D I'm okay now.

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Do you still buy CD's, or do you buy your music online? (Or both?)

What album/single did you last purchase?

I still prefer to buy CD's, because I like to have a physical copy, and I enjoy looking at the artwork. Last album I bought was A Perfect Circle's Thirteenth Step.
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 I stated exercising and eating way healthier and consuming lots of protein a few months ago. I never knew pooping could be so awesome.

So TQC, are you irregular? Do you love pooping?

ETA: What's your favorite euphemism for pooping? Mine is "dropping the stepkids off at the swimming pool"

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How far away does someone have to live from their SO for you to consider it a long distance relationship?

What's the longest you've ever gone without seeing an SO?

How do you eat your spaghetti? (i.e. twirl with fork and spoon, cut it, shovel it in)

Where do you go for porn?

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Do you date people you don't like? Why?

I met a guy recently who said his girlfriend was "a crazy bitch who deserved to be depressed" and they're not living together or anything so I can't see why he would keep dating her. I have dated people I'm not particularly into for sex, but noone I would describe that negatively.

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I got a Logitech headset+mic combo and it is now not working. Yesterday, it seemed like the USB port was loose, it would go back and forth between headset and my laptop speakers. Today, none of the USB ports work. I tried google and none of it helps.

I run windows 7, if that helps. And my USB ports aren't seeing that anything is there.

What can I do? I don't have the money for a new headset and I checked everything and it all seems to work just fine. What's wrong with my computer? Or is it the USB ports? Any little tricks you can think of to help?

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Why does this girl I have on my facebook talk about her job all the time? She averages around 4 updates per day about the job, the money she makes, but curiously, I still have no clue what she does for a living. What do you think she really does?

I will probably defriend her in a couple of days, I thought we were going to be able to be good friends, but it turns out that she has some "interesting" ideas that I don't agree with.

Edit: We are more acquitance than friends. I met her when I was still new to the area, and haven't hanged out in the last two months or so.
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TQC, you are so inspiring today.

So, yes, please someone explain some things.

Why is it that in recent times, I have seen people FROSTING brownies? I mean, this defies all reason and logic.

And how is it that you prefer to poo - do you really not care about pooing while someone is in the stall beside you? Do you just make all kinds of pooey noises around people with no qualms? Can you please pass on these super powers if you are indeed so free?

I had another question but I can not remember it. I hate that. How about some Pepperidge Farm cookies in your life today? How about that.
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There is a crazy intersection I use everyday and it's made me wonder:

If a car who goes around a car waiting to making a left hand turn at a light hits a car coming from the opposite direction who is making a left hand turn, who's fault would it be? I know typically a person going straight at a green light has the right away, but does that apply if they were stuck behind a person trying to turn and drove around them?

If this is confusing, I can draw a shitty MS paint diagram. OKAY I DID IT.

Collapse )
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Have you watched The Perfect Vagina?
Have you ever considered cosmetic surgery on your vagina?
Have you ever considered cosmetic surgery on any other part of your body?

I'd like some surgery on my eyelids and a nose job, but I quite like my lady cake.
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As I was scouring the depths of Facebook last night I happened upon a girl I went to high school with who, without remembering her name, I would've never recognized. Homegirl had some major plastic surgery is an "Ashlee Simpson nose job good" as opposed to a "Hedi Montag disastuh" kinda way. She's also no older than 21. It blew my mind (and possibly made me a little jealous) that she had changed her appearance so drastically in such a short amount of time. I just hope she stops at what she did now because it's working for her.

Do you know of anyone you went to school with who has had work done? How'd that go for them?

Or are you the one who has had something done since graduating? Have you had positive reactions or awkward encounters?

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How many of your relationships have developed from a friendship?

How long were you friends for before becoming a couple? What was the defining moment that transformed the friendship into a romantic relationship?
Peggy Blink

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Question for those who know:
Can you file some sort of a restraining order for someone to cease contacting you if they live overseas? This may sound dumb, but my abusive ex keeps contacting me after I have requested several times that he stops doing so, and it's very traumatic/stressful.

DK/DC/Less depressing question: If you could have any animal in the world, what would you have? What would it look like? What would you name it?

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I used to visit a website where you picked which was better between two choices, and I cannot remember the name of the site, and it was really fun cos it had really awesome choices. Does anyone know what website I'm thinking of?

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When you're sick and tell your close friends about it, what kind of response from them would you prefer? Condolences? Offers to bring comfort food? Tips for managing your symptoms?

Do any kind of responses rub you the wrong way?
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party party party

Did/do you go to keggers in college? I've been to plenty of college parties but never to any that supplied keg beer. There was root beer kegger on campus once but I don't think that counts, lol.

What makes a good party so awesome?

What kind of music do you like to hear at a party? Do you wanna link me to awesome party songs?
Big Love

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I went on a second interview last Friday. The interviewer said she would be away all of last week and would have made a decision either Monday or Tuesday. It's 3:30pm on Tuesday now. Should I call and see if they've made a decision yet? I definitely don't want to seem annoying, but I'm also crawling out of my skin waiting.

If I do call, what should I say?

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My friend offered me a ticket to an event this weekend and insisted that I not pay her for it. I told her I'd buy us dinner before the event and that I wouldn't take no for an answer.

The same friend is offering me two free tickets to a different event because it turns out a she has a final scheduled that day and can't move up the date. She knows I'm not doing well financially lately and will not let me pay her for them. She gave me the impression no one she knows but me would be interested in this event. I will likely be better off financially in a few months when a bunch of full-time gigs open up in my field.

I am thinking of offering to take her out to two different events/concerts/shows of her choice in the fall. Do you think that's reasonable? I don't want to take advantage of her.

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My camera has been broken and I need to buy a new one.
Should I get a good compact or should I just bite the bullet and get an dslr?
Which camera do you have?
Would you recommend it?

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When applying to a new college, do you need to get transcripts from schools where you didn't receive any credits?

Ever fail an entire semester of school?

Do you think it is ridiculous to charge a $40 fee to send transcripts??

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So you thought losing your meth at work was bad...

UNIONTOWN, Pa. — The father of a kindergarten student is in jail after police say he went to his son’s school to retrieve four ounces of pot he had stashed in his son’s Elmo backpack. It all started when DAD, called the school to check if his son had arrived there safely. He then called back a second time and said he was on his way to retrieve something from his son’s backpack. The school administration became suspicious and decided to check inside the bag themselves, and there ...were a couple sacks of weed. By time DAD got to the school, police were already there waiting for him and he was arrested. Because the drugs were found at a school, DAD got a pretty high bail of $100,000.

On the scale of ONE to GOOGLE....how whack is THAT?
Quinn Twin

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I had to go to the doctor this morning and give EIGHT vials of blood after fasting. It took a lot out of me and I ended up 'napping' from 11:45 - 4. I have to go back tomorrow and give more, but less than the amount today. I really want to exercise, but I am still struggling to wake up. So...

Should I try to work out?

Yes - move it tubby!
No - are you *trying* to pass out or something equally stupid?


Riki tiki tavi!
I LOVE YOU, TICKY! That other ticky is an impostor and the other other ticky is a weasel. Literally.

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I know this is last minute since uh, taxes have to be out tomorrow, but! If my parents pay for full-time college courses for me, but I basically support myself (rent, food, car) otherwise, is my mom allowed to claim me? She kind of surprised me by ~claiming me for school, and I ended up getting dicked over and owing money, and I don't think that's fair since I lived on my own Feb-Nov, and even though my boy and I moved in with her (to save her money), we pay for rent, food, utilities, etc. Some sites say yes until your child is 24 (I'm 20 btw), and some sites say no if your child supports themselves.

TLDR: If my parents pay for full-time college courses for me, but I support myself, can they claim me?

eta: My mom already filed, and surprised me by claiming me. I just want to know if she's really... supposed/allowed to so or she just screwed me. :\

Iffff you don't know/don't care: Will you share what dream you had last night? Because I definitely had a dream about TQC where I posted without a question and got flamed to shit. Weird.

party time!

TQC, what do you consider being socially late to a party?

[Like say the party starts at 9 pm, would 9:30 be considered socially late or would 9:15.]

ETA: lol yeah fashionably late, i guess. [She used "socially" late and i just thought it was cute.]
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Have any of you guys published academic papers?
Any tips? Stories?

I have this prof who wants to publish a paper of mine (I'm working on it right now) and I'm kinda nervous about messing this up.

When you're full but still want to eat stuff, what is it that you normally want?
I always want bread...

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I really need your help. I know it's tl;dr but I'd really appreciate it.

My SO's cat is very old and dying. He's a sack of bones, shakes when he stands or sits up, is hungry but can't eat, we've discovered a few tumors, and the list just goes on. A minute ago he tried to jump off the chair for feeding time and face planted because he's so weak. My SO insists that he's not suffering and doesn't want to euthanize him because he can't afford it. If it were my cat I would have him put down, but obviously I can't do that.

I have this horrible feeling in my bones that it's coming any minute now and my SO is out with his friends because he doesn't think he can handle being here for it. I've been sobbing all day but I refuse to leave. My question is, how do I make him the most comfortable possible? Sometimes we find him sleeping in the bathroom in the dark, but he'll lay down wherever we put him. Should I let him be alone? Is that what would be best for him?

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What sort of books do you consider to be good literature?
What sort of books do you consider to be bad literature?

Define 'good' or 'bad' however you please.

Don't know or care, will you replace books with movies or music and answer this question?

[edit] For the DK/DC, I mean good or bad examples of movies or music.
Quinn Twin

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Has anyone here ever ordered girl shirts off 6dollarshirts.com? If so, can you tell me about the sizing?

I was wondering if they ran small, large or true to size because I have decided I have a terrible lack of tee shirts for summer and it doesn't get much cheaper than that.
bunny cat

Maggie Gyllenhaal day looks / Have you been on "kicks" lately?

I like the way Maggie Gyllenhaal dresses.  Any suggestions for what she would wear for a "day" look? I always see her in "evening" types of clothes.   How would you describe her clothing style..quirky? weird? ugly? etc..

Have you been on any kind of "kicks" lately?

Food: I've been eating a lot of "go-gurt" and  grape nuts cereal heated up with milk.
Clothes: vintage dresses/skirts, purses and Benefit makeup.
TV: Watching way too many "Forensic Files" for my own good.
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 tqc isnt moving very fast right now so i might use the time to ask this

totally hypothetical,

you have a dream/nightmare that feels extremely vivid and real, about someone who you do know but don't see very often. And in the dream they are in danger, upset, and angry. Upon waking up you feel scared for them and want to check if they are okay. Would you track them down to ask if they are doing okay? would you pass it off as just wanting to catch up?

has this ever happened to you before?

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Is there anything from your childhood that you have relived as an adult, and still love?

I've been watching the animated X-men series from the 90's and enjoying just as much as I used to. :)

If not, how has your day been so far today TQC?
drops of jupiter

Oh yes dear that's so clever.

I had left my DS on the arm of the chair for a while and my boyfriend came up and picked it up. I got it back in under a minute, and just now picked it up because I'd caught a bunch of new Pokemon and wanted to train them up for the next gym. Apparently he had taken the cartridge out. The new stuff wasn't saved. It's gone. All of it. He didn't realize it was on at the time, and now I get to redo about two hours' worth of playing, including beating the previous gym leader.

I'm so frustrated I just needed to rant. Has this ever happened to you? What frustrated you today (maybe more than it should have)?
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This morning I went to the Martha Stewart show & saw Mario Batali & Martha. Then I went to class where we had a buddhist monk come speak to us. Then I went to see Ann Coulter speak in the theater of my school.
My mind was blown like 4359083905745 times today.

Have you ever had a day that was just so wtf you couldn't even process it? Please share!


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Does anyone have the Motorola Backflip? Is it a good phone? Pros/cons?

My G1 crapped out on me and I'm eligible for an upgrade. I would like another Android phone, and the Backflip is the only Android included in the phones I'm eligible for.

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Oh... Oh god... OH GOD NO.

TQC, would you eat it?

Edit: My answer! No. Though I don't find this especially horrifying in comparison to other fast food items, I just find it extremely Onion-esque which make me laugh my balls off and be completely horrified at the same time. In all honesty, I'll probably make something much like this at home (I just don't really eat fast food and I love to cook).
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have you ever had a physical ailment that freaked you out to the point where you were convinced something was horribly wrong, only to find out it was nothing or hilariously off-base? (akin to "OMG I AM HAVING A HEART ATTACK oh wait it's just gas nvm")

does the season change from winter to spring wreak havoc on your sinuses or other bits and pieces of you?

TQC, I have a big painful lump on the side of my neck that appeared last night. I have no symptoms of a sinus infection/a cold/the flu/anything and it hurts to the touch. I am dying, y/y? :(
cabaret voltaire

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Will you describe what an orgasm feels like using only song lyrics?

Since we're on the topic of sex, I'd like you to fill out a poll.

Penis or vagina?

A fun combination of the two
rpattz dali

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 Poll #xxxx


I'm too excited that I can't think right.

Are you going to watching Glee tonight?!?!

lady gaga; cherry cherry boom boom
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A friend of mine got into a fight Friday night. The kid he fought hit the ground/his head and was in a coma over the weekend. My friend was obviously arrested and held for assault. Apparently the kid was taken off life support last night and died. My friend is being arraigned tomorrow with the possibility of murder. He's 23 and has never ever been arrested or in trouble with the law.

What is the last thing that has been a complete reality shock to you? This is so devastating. He's like a teddy bear. I'm just in awe right now.

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Will you play that game where people list an actor/actress and you name one movie in which that actor/actress starred that you like? Alternately, you can name a movie that you hated by that actor/actress.

[edit] No cheating by using IMDB or Google. Honor system, people.
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TQC, a friend of mine is coping with some issues dealing with her alcoholic mom. We've been e-mailing back and forth, and she's been in therapy, but she's still having issues that the therapist isn't helping with. I try to comfort her as much as possible, but I don't know how to answer that one. How do you answer that question??

DK/DC: does anyone in your life have a problem with alcohol? How has it affected you?

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I was reading the following thread and thought that this was a really interesting story and wanted a little more information.


 I tried looking up a news story to read more about the circumstances ect, but can’t find it anywhere.    I found something here that sounds similar, but this guy really does not look like a “teddy bear” to me. 


Any Google sleuths think they can find a news articles that support this post?


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the smoke alarm downstairs is in my roommate's bedroom. i set it off making dinner and not only did he NOT kill me, but when i tried to take care of it he was all, "No, no, you don't have to. It's OK!"

how did he not bash my head in??

eta: probably i'm just so used to my dad and sister flying off the handle for incredibly mundane, meaningless things, i can't imagine people reacting rationally to things.