April 12th, 2010

Minchin wtfbbq?

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Will somebody please explain to me why the hell this EXISTS???

What's the most sense-defyingly fucked-up movie you've ever seen/heard of/accidentally discovered by clicking links or reading summaries?

EDIT: Apparently IMDB is filled with fail. For anyone who does not want to fuck around with borked links, it goes to the plot summary of a movie called "Queer Duck."
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

oh, my life, it's so ~high school.

So for the last couple days this guy and I have been flirting on and off. He just recently broke up with his SO of about seven months. I recently broke up with my SO of just under two years. I like him a lot and wouldn't be opposed to getting into a relationship with him, but since he broke up with his SO much more recently than I did, I'm a little worried he's just using me as his rebound. Though, to be fair, it's just been nice to have someone to talk to, so I think I could (unconsciously) be using him as a rebound too.

Are we each others' rebounds? Should I shut this down before it even happens or rather, goes any further?

(To add to the complicated-ness of this situation, it would be an LDR if (and this is a big time if) we were to get involved in a relationship.)

DK/DC/Enough with the H.S. bullshit: What is your opinion on Joel McHale?

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Oh my shitfuck. My dad finally went to bed and just now out of nowhere a stinkbug just kamikazed into my forehead and plunked onto my keyboard. Almost had an aneurysm. Now there is another one on the curtain next to me. gdfgbjhgfhdfcgnvjgulkg,dfg

Is this some kind of plague being brought upon me for shooing my dad upstairs?
Where the hell are they all coming from?!?! Why meee?
Have you had an insect encounter recently?

Bugs are ok when they're not near me. :[


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Bee states they do not want to be in a relationship with Aye, but Bee is aware that Aye loves them anyway. Bee kisses, hugs, and cuddles with Aye and has Aye over all their place all time.

Is Bee leading on Aye? Or no, because Bee explicitly said they did not want to be with Aye?

Do you hate it when people write stories with person A, B, C? Does it help to spell letters out?

What the fuck is Cee doing during all this?

Which one do you think I am in this situation?

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Hey arty TQC members, what kind of art do you do?

For those of you who write poetry/prose, how do you find inspiration? How do you motivate yourself to write?

I may have the opportunity to read a couple poems for an audience as part of my area's weekly "Community Stage" poetry nights; should I? This is assuming I can force myself to churn out something decent in the next few months :P

What inspired you to say that:?

So I just saw the movie After Life, and actually met the director and was just so inspired. The movie was about death and living, and anyway it kinda made me think. If I was to die today, have a said all the things I wanted to say to people? Will there be things that I would regret? Me, tipsy and inspired texted this boy I really was into (long story short: It was an affair to remember and it kinda ended in a weird way). I said : "I just wanted to say that I liked you a lot, & I have no regrets meeting you. I hope you the best in life & I hope you will find your purpose. Good luck to you. :)"

My sister was like, "Why are you giving him the upper hand? Now he knows your feelings, and he might not even feel the same way. It's like that movie He's just not that into you. You're dumping him blah blah blah"

What did you think of my text? Was I wrong and my sister right? I only wanted to say how I feel and I wanted closure since it ended so weird. BTW, I do not have ulterior motives. I just wanted to put my feelings out there.

Have you had similar stories of second guessing yourself?
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How did you cope with your pet's death?

My cat that I had for nearly 10 years died today and he was my first cat I owned. I feel numb and empty inside and yes, I cried. I have another cat that seems to know what's going on so she gives me comfort and I comfort her in return.

eta: I couldn't thank you more for your sympathies you've expressed.

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TQC is planning its annual ~community barbeque~:


2. Who do you want sitting at your TQC picnic table with you?

3. Should we play capture the flag or ultimate frisbee? Or something else?

4. You can bring ONE non-TQC member with you (human or otherwise): Who do you bring?

5. There's a large chance the police will have to be called in because SOMEONE does something SCANDALOUS. Who is this scandalous TQC-member and WHAT-OH-WHAT did they DO?

This is definitely a case of TMI

How can I get rid of my acne once and for all? I'm 19 and I'm fucking sick and tired of dealing with it.

It's actually gotten worse as I've gotten older, which proves once again that God hates me.

I wash my face twice a day with benzoyl peroxide soap and exfoliating scrub. At night I take antibiotic pills and sleep with this really strong topical gel mask. I use supposedly anti pore-clogging makeup, and try to get enough sunlight. This is the stuff everyone tells me to do.

And yet it doesn't ever fucking getting any better. WTF is wrong with me/why did I get stuck with horrible genes in pretty much everything?

Should I consider birth control? I hear it helps. What else should I consider?

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so i have this one professor that i would like to eventually get a letter of recommendation from. i'm currently auditing one of his classes for fun and was planning on auditing one or two more in the future. would it be weird to ask him for a recommendation when all he knows of me academics-wise is his 101 class that i took a few years ago (and did very well in) and then i just audited a bunch of his classes so i didn't have to do any work? i don't want to take them for credit because i don't need them and i'd rather focus on my other courses but i also don't want a lame letter of recommendation either :(

eta: and we do talk a lot and have gotten kind of close so it's not like i'm just some nameless faceless student asking him for a rec.
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I am posting this from my iPod Touch becaue I am currently unable to log into my laptop. I know I'm typing in my password correctly; I tried logging in 20 times or so. Why won't my computer recognize my password?

FFFFFFFFFFF finally able to log on. I swear to Lydia Lunch I wasn't doing anything wrong. Oh well. New question:

In what ways are you a freak of nature?

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Because my grandfather (93) just died:

How old were you when you had your first experience with someone close to you dying? How well did you handle it?

I'm 25 and, though I've had distant family members die in the past, this is the first person I was actually REALLY close to.

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I'm having these awful and weird stomach cramps all the time. They hurt and last for about a minute or two and go away come back. I think they are growing pains because I'm 4 months pregnant, but I'm not sure.

Is my little baby trying to come out early? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I go to the doctors on Wednesday, so I'm trying to wait to talk to the doctor till then, but they have gone on for about a week.

What did you/are you having for lunch?

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I'm having my gallbladder removed next Tuesday, and I've been reading about how 20% of patients experience chronic digestive issues after having this surgery. Yikes.

Question for those who've either had a cholecystectomy or know someone who has: What permanent and/or temporary side effects did you/they suffer after the surgery? Please be as detailed as possible, even if it's totally gross - I want to be prepared!
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Do you use your turn signal while driving even in situations where it's not really necessary? eg: if you're in a turn-only lane or there's no one else on the road.

Do you not use your turn signal even when you know you should? 



I am looking to expand my perfume collection, maybe.

So far, the only scent that I really love is J'adore by Dior. What's your favorite perfume? Can you describe the scent?

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Anybody out there have asthma?  

Do you take a controller medication (so you don't have to use your rescue medicine as much)?

What time of year is the worst for your asthma flare ups?

I have asthma and I use Singulair (which is not doing such a great job as this is my bad time of year for flare ups).  I've been having issues lately and it sucks! 

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This question is inspired by "The Words I Would Say" by Sidewalk Prophets. It's about what advice the singer's grandfather would give him if he were still alive. I liked the song before, but I never fully appreciated it until now.

What would you like to say to one friend/family member who has died?
What do you think that same friend/family member would say to you?

Related, but not from the same inspiration:
What would you want your obituary to say about you?

Because of amberssims2 's answer:
How would you want to go out?

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Do you pronounce the 't' in words like 'mountains' and 'Canterberry'?

EDIT: Looks like it's basically just a dropping of the T whenever 'nt' appears in a word, I can't think of any other that have that in the middle.

Apparently a lot of people do, but back home, mountains is prounounced like 'mounins' and Canterberry (a neighborhood back home) is pronounced 'Cannerberry'.
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I want to start seeing a psychiatrist. Someone had left a card to one at my job and I held onto it. After googling the name, I don't think the doctor would be right for me. Should I give this guy a call, or should I ask my regular MD for a referral? I will be seeing her in May.

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Will I survive this semester? Me thinks not. Will you post things, i.e. anything that will make me smile, laugh, want to shop, feel girly and special? Words of encouragement?

What kind of bird are you?

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Give me an excuse to feel like I'm revising while procrastinating, TQC. What do you think of the human need to be validated? Is it something everyone has? Something only a certain type of person has? Where do you find it? Is it important? Is it automatic?

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What are your turn-ons when it comes to an SO or potential SO?
What are your turn-offs when it coems to an SO or potential SO?

Generally speaking... What do you look for in a partner?

When do you consider to be a good age to settle down?

ETA (sorry to everyone who has already commented): DK/DC - do you think that people are inherently good, bad, or neutral?

which one

If you had a choice to be either a Lycanthrope (Werewolf) or a Vampire, which would you choose and why?

Oh and if you were a Vampire you wouldnt sparkle like they do on that stupid film.

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i got glass stuck in my right foot about 7 months ago and never managed to get it out despite much effort, eventually it was just getting too painful so i gave up. i was on holiday and i couldn't be bothered to go to the doctors and it healed over in the end and i kind of forgot about it. last week a hard sharp lump appeared in the fleshy part of the middle finger on my left hand. i didn't cut it on anything, the skin was unbroken but this tiny hard thing was pushing through from below. is it possible that that piece of glass somehow moved around my body or is that nonsense? also, i tried to get it out but i lost the fucker again, it has sunk below the surface. what do i do? or am i going mad?
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I spent some time early on Saturday assigning album art to almost every song in my library. After that I transferred the songs I wanted to my phone only to find out that of the transferred songs, only like 20% (if that) of them transferred with the album art. 

I did it mostly just for seeing the art on my phone!

Will you share something you've done recently that ended up with extremely frustrating results (or lack thereof)?
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What colour are the walls in your bedroom??
now the long one ;)

So, basically my cousins girlfriend (of 4 years) has decided to go crazy.
She keeps telling me and my cousins off via text message; keep in mind she is 30 so it's quite strange... and her and I have always gotten along fine so I'm totally lost.

My uncle passed away just over a week ago (great timing you dumb bitch, wait until a guys father dies then go crazy); and in his will left his company to his son (owner of crazy girlfriend).

This girl does not work. She is a dietician, who just finished school (she did not work while in school). Her and my cousin live together; in his apartment. She took his keys and locked him out of it and is now saying if he breaks up with her she will take him for everything.

They are considered common-law I guess, so technically could she take him for half of all he owns?
Also, because the company was left to him would she get part of that as well? It's a HUGE company that is pretty important to our family; especially now that my uncle has passed away and it was his pride and joy.

She sent a text saying she won't leave until it's completely transfered to his name so she can ruin it. If I save said text message and this thing goes to court, could it help?

Do you know anything about this kind of stuff? Have you ever gone through something like this with a common law relationship?
I don't know what kind of laws apply. She didn't pay for anything so could she even take him for half of everything?

Obviously they know more than I do; but I just wanted some people to ease my thoughts about it haha. I'm so frustrated because we are all really upset right now over my uncle dying; and her heartlessness is honestly coming from NOWHERE.

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Two of my friends are studying in Australia. One in Sydney and another in Melbourne. I want to send them something funny(reminiscence of childhood stuff) but that something funny contain cheap chocolate. Well the whole thing is cheap but that's the funny part. Anyhoo...

How strict are the people who scans the parcels in Australia? I know that food product almost never make it through but I'm hoping chocolate is an exception?

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What was the last thing you ate/saw/bought that reminded you of childhood?

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What was the last new book you read? How was it? 

I just finished The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane a few minutes ago. I bought it impulsively at Wal-Mart the other day. It wasn't amazing - a lot of build up to nothing - but it kept me interested. 
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I've got a friend who calls me waaaay more often than I'd like. I'm talkin' several times a day, sometimes as early as 8am in the morning, which is fucking ridiculous and kinda infuriating because I'm still sleeping goddamnit. It's not like either one of us has anything to yakity yak about, just her homework and her boy "drama". Suffice to say, I ignore most of her calls these days. I don't like doing that, but I'm just not that into talking on the phone.

Question(s): Am I wrong for ignoring most of her calls? Should I just go on and tell her to stop calling me so much even though I'm pretty sure she'll take it badly? How many times a day/week do you think is excessive for calling someone?

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TQC, I need your help. About microphones and cameras.
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DK/DC, will you post an unflattering picture of your pet? Or any picture of your pet, but unflattering ones are so much funnier. Also I know I've asked this question, like, four times before, but they are ALWAYS TURN OUT SO GREAT.

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 On Sunday I made a post thing on my FB saying: is happy her wisdom teeth are out. I don't want to die anymore guys! 

3 hours ago I got a comment on it from one of my fiances friends who doesn't like me saying "oh...i think it might be too late to call it off though...lemme make a call..."

What exactly does he mean by that? 
Is he implying I should still be suffering and in pain?

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TQC, will you help me find a cute/funny birthday e-card? Apparently my step-mom is having a competition with her twin sister to see who can get the most birthday cards. So...I want to send a good one!


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Have you ever had a friend who copied you to the point it really frustrated you? I'm talking buying identical things after they see you with them, wearing clothes just like the ones you've worn before, and saying things like "We're twins now!" or "Look, I'm just like you!" How did you deal with them?

I feel immature for getting annoyed with this, but it's happened so many times now I can't help but wonder what I can do about it. I really don't want a clone of myself :/

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Please dictate my life for me, TQC.

Should I adopt this puppy from the local county shelter?

7 week old female GSD/Rottie mix.

I have three dogs as it is. A male GSD, a male pit bull, and a female pit bull. All my dogs are rescues. Two from a shelter, one was a stray. Is getting a fourth crossing into dog hoarder territory? lol. Our yard is a decent size and our house isn't disgusting. It gets dirty easily from the fur and dirt but we don't wallow in it.. our house is presentable. All the dogs are well fed and seem pretty happy. They all live indoors and have a doggy door to go in and out as they please when someone is home. My husband and I work opposite shifts usually.

Obviously I'm probably going to get the puppy anyway but still.. SHOULD I NOT? lol sorry if this was tl;dr.

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What separates the casual, make-the-baby-laugh player from the serious Peek-a-boo player?

What would one have to do to 'win' a game of Peek-a-boo?

What standard would a pair of players have to reach before qualifying for Peek-a-boo championships?

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Spending ~$40,000 in 6 months when you have no bills = really, really dumb; y/n?

Unrelated: I've been getting random shooting pains and cramps in my left ring finger. Why? And how can I make it go away? :(
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If you could pick, what days would you have off? What days do you currently have off? 

The owners of my company just decided to make us work on Saturdays so I now have Sunday and Tuesday off. This is the first time I've worked on Saturdays in 8 years so it's still a very foreign concept to me. 

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I just received an invite to a friend's craft party. Everyone is to bring a 'crafty' project.

I am not crafty in the slightest, so what is an easy project that is impossible to screw up? Preferably something that will only take a couple of hours to complete.

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A group of friends are going to be coming on a trip with me for my birthday; this is going to be a really long drive, followed by two days at a theme park/hotel. None of them have ever met each other before.

How do I stop this from being really awkward?

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my friend has a juicer..and wants people to come over for a juice potluck of sorts lol. 

What veggies or fruit should I bring?
What are good juice combos?

DK/Don't like juice:  Whats your taste in music like? 

I like EVERYTHING.  not even joking...well as long as it rules.

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for my graphic design final, I'm making a flipbook. however, I have a little over a week to complete it so it can't be overly complicated.

my problem is what I want to convey. I was thinking about having a boy and a girl lying on some grass, pointing at the clouds and imagining the different cloud formations interacting with one another. any ideas on what the clouds could turn into and what story they could tell?

or any flip book ideas in general?
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Why are flights to Tel Aviv so freaking expensive?!

Does anybody have any suggestions other than priceline/expedia/kayak/studentuniverse/etc.?

(I know I asked this question a couple days ago, but it was on a Sunday morning when like, nobody, TQCs)
I &lt;3 TLV

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The last time I got my bangs trimmed the stylist cut them in a way so that they weren't just straight across, but I forget what the technique was called. They still look the same length, but different bits are a little angled so it's not blunt. Does anyone know what that's called? I remember it having a specific name, but I have no clue what it was.

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Is it okay to cut someone out of your life because they are being a drama queen?

If you could afford to have Charm City Cakes (from Ace of Cakes) make a cake for you, what would you want your cake to look like?

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Do you smile at random people when you walk past them?
Do you ever wonder whether the people who smile at you are being sincere?

Don't know or care, what is your favourite color for underwear? Least favourite color for underwear?

[edit] I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes white underwear.
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Lands' End

I tried to buy my kid a jacket at Lands' End and they finally sent me an apologetic letter saying the jackets were all sold out. Now I have a $50 credit from Lands' End. What should I get with it? Note: I hate capris and will not buy them, and I do not want to dress like my grandma either. I am female.

Srs and non srs answers, please.
batman, bruce wayne

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I'm so angry right now oh my god, I HATE online homework.
It's one of those times where nothing goes well, like everything is against you 

Okay. I'm trying to calm down now, so..

How  do you deal with stress?
Have you ever used 'Blackboard'?
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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I bought a few new (when I say new, I mean to my collection) movies today, and have come to you TQC to help me decide what to watch.

Should I watch:

The Soloist
Rachel Getting Married
Observe and Report
or Sunshine Cleaning?

Today's lack of a proper poll brought to you by the fact I'm on an iTouch and am too lazy to do one.

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I was talking to a guy friend today and he said he was turned on by "crazy girls". I asked him to clarify and all he could say was the "good kind of crazy" not obsessive crazy.

What do you think would qualify a "good kind of crazy" girl?
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How do you pronounce this year's name?

Two thousand ten
Two thousand and ten
Twenty ten
I am not a slave to the Gregorian calendar and shan't bow to its numbering system
It's like, woah, man, it'll always be 1974 to me
[elephant] pink/orange

partial spay

So tomorrow we're taking our cat in for her second spay.

Backstory: When we adopted her, at ~8wks, she was spayed. After about a year, she started showing signs of heat. Took her in for blood tests and vet says that a piece of ovarian tissue must've been missed that is still putting off hormones. Tomorrow we're finally able to take her in and hopefully get it fixed. Vet says they may or may not be able to find the tissue, and that the surgery will be a longer process with a larger incision.

Question: Have you ever heard of or dealt with a partial spay? How'd it go? Did recovery take longer?

DK/DC : Do you think Scottish Folds are cute?
South Park me by Megan

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Poll #1550459 Next movies for my book
This poll is closed.

I'm writing a book on movies of 1973; 3 of them are to be decided by lj poll so the top 3 in this poll win!

The Day of the Dolphin - www.imdb.com/title/tt0069946/
Jonathan Livingston Seagull - www.imdb.com/title/tt0070248/
Bang The Drum Slowly - www.imdb.com/title/tt0069765/
Black Caesar - www.imdb.com/title/tt0069792/
Charley Varrick - www.imdb.com/title/tt0069865/
Godspell - www.imdb.com/title/tt0070121/
O Lucky Man! - www.imdb.com/title/tt0070464/
Please Don't Eat My Mother - www.imdb.com/title/tt0069100/
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf - www.imdb.com/title/tt0069820/
The Iceman Cometh - www.imdb.com/title/tt0070212/
The Werewolf of Washington - www.imdb.com/title/tt0070908/
The Creeping Flesh - www.imdb.com/title/tt0068424/
The Clones - www.imdb.com/title/tt0071336/
Cinderella Liberty - www.imdb.com/title/tt0069883/
Alabama's Ghost - www.imdb.com/title/tt0068187/

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Do you use sex toys? If so, what kind(s)? Any favorites?
My friend and I just came back from the adult store and we had a fun time.

What's the gist of the last conversation you had with someone in person?

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Is there a literary phrase or cliche that will make you stop reading something?

If I see anyone's eyes compared to gemstones, I'm done. I don't need to hear about emerald/sapphire/onyx or god forbid amethyst eyes. Or even worse, orbs.