April 11th, 2010


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Just looking for some music recommendations along the lines of Phoenix or The White Rabbits. Something poppy, really upbeat - but not streamline pop or rock.

Any suggestions?

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are you friends with your ex's? why or why not? if so, was it an easy transition for one or both of you?
eta: if you remain friends, how do you feel about them dating other people?

eta: my cat is staring me in the eye and meowing loudly. what is he saying?

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would it be totally fucking stupid to take a couple over the counter sleep aids after drinking?

i've had like 5 beers and a mixed drink but i always sleep terribly after drinking. i usually take a couple lorazepam to get through the night(drinking or otherwise) but i'm out.

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If Mickey Mouse has pants and Goofy has pants, why doesn't Donald Duck have pants?

Only furry creatures have shameful genitalia
Donald's a belligerent drunk who always seems to be losing his drawers
Easy access. Sometimes when you're really horny, you can't be bothered with all the unbuckled and unzipping
He's a strict nudist. He only wears the shirt because he needs pockets to hold his money
ha ha

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Does anyone here have or know someone who have estoropia? Does it bother you/them? Have you/they tried to do anything to correct it and has it worked?

I'm just wondering because I have intermittent esotropia and I get very self-conscious when I meet new people (especially little children) because of it.

Edit: My bad. It's exotropia. Meaning outward.

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Should I take Modern Hebrew, next fall?

a) I have an Arabic background
b) I am not a Jew or Jewophile -- I just think it would be silly and fun
c) I am also taking a one-credit Spoken Cantonese and 5-credit Hindi class
d) Hebrew is only 3 credits

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I was trying to make a statue of Courtney Love out of Legos but I ran out of Legos. Will you help me, both with the blocks and the assembly of the Hole singer?

Will you make LOVE with me?
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What would you call those shots on those shows like CSI and House MD where the camera goes through the skin, organs, etc?? Where its all 3D and computer generatedish?

I'm at such a loss, help me out TQC!!

ETA: Yep. I know its CG/fake/computer generated but what kind of shot is that? Like if I'm looking for similar videos on youtube??

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did you see justin beebers on saturday night live tonight?

am i the only one who thinks he looks like ellen page circa hard candy?

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name your favorite show, your favorite actor or actress from that show, and the character he or she plays

(the boondocks, katt williams, a pimp named slickback)

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How do you feel about hats? I like the way they look on some people, but unless they are, like, giant visors, or your head is cold, then I can't justify wearing them because they seem so...~extra~.

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When was the last time you were annoyed? 
What did you do about it?

So, as you know I had my wisdom teeth out the other day and I've been at my moms recovering. To be nice and fair I took my son so my fiance could have some time alone and to take care of some cleaning on the weekend. He's at work now and I'm picking him up later. I asked him what he got done at home and he said "I made some CD's and played online video games". He "forgot" to clean up his mess that him and his friends made the past three days I haven't been there.

I don't know why I bother. I can be sick, in pain, on fire and he just wont be helping out at all.

...Now he's changing the conversation to if we're going on a trip this summer. lolz. so stupid he's cute. I still want to kick him though.

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Which is worse?
Giving a known creeper stalker your home address or giving the creepy stalker your cell phone number?

edit-o-matic: this is of course, hypothetical. You have nothing to fear....lol
Coffee cups

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What's something weird/special/interesting about you?
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Also, I have like 4 hours to kill in the Detroit airport on Monday and I don't want to be cooped up inside. Is there anywhere fun and close I can go to kill time?

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So, I ordered a DVD from half.com and I got it in the mail today. I think it's pirated. There was no security tape around the box and the images seemed pixelated at times while I was watching the movie. There were also parts of the movie that would like...just go to a green screen or it looked like it was an old VHS. I'm pretty bummed.

Is this something that happens often when you order movies/music on half.com? I never used that site before. I contacted the seller and hopefully there will be a response soon.
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What is something you want to tell somebody, but can't because it's either too mean, inappropriate, immature, or unprofessional?


Some people at work tell me I'm "obsessed" with having a masters because I mention my degree and grad school sometimes. I think that when I'm constantly undermined at work and spoken to as if I'm a moron because I don't have an associates in Child Development like some of you, I've earned the right to be proud of myself for having my degree. It's not as if any of my graduate level classes on theories of crime, punishment, or juvenile delinquency were ever relevant. So forgive me if I ever mention anything that would suggest that once in a while I know what the fuck I'm doing.

DK/DC: I made vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcakes last night. Want one?
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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How's your favorite MLB team doing so far?

Mine is 3-2 and second in their division. Gotta love the NL West.

DK/DC/Don't give a shit about baseball: Favorite board game?

I'm the only Liberal Arts Major in my group of friends :(

1) What are your favourite declarations of love in books or film?  
eg. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett :"You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." or John Cusak and the ghetto blaster scene in Say Anything.

2) What are your favourite moments of forbidden love in books or film?  
eg. Murdoch's The Bell, Michael and Toby's kiss or Nazneen's affair in Brick Lane, or Dakin's proposition to Irwin in The History Boys.

3) Have you ever been in love with an esoteric fictional character?  
ie. not Edward Cullen :/  eg. I have a friend who insists he's in love with Christina Light in Henry James' Roderick Hudson
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What is the last really shitty thing to happen to you?
After all the excitement about being an extra on Vampire Diaries, my car broke down. It took a few minutes to crank but was fine...but then when I tried to start it back up at Target...nada. My uncle just towed me home.

How did you cheer yourself up after your RST?

As far as it goes with the casting for extras, should I e-mail them and explain? I tried to call and it was a message about today's shooting and no other option to leave a message. Am I pretty much fucked? Should I still try to show up, three hours after call time?

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I'm in Albuquerque for about a day, and I want REALLY good, authentic Mexican food while I'm here. I'm in pretty far NW, but I'll drive just about anywhere for it. It doesn't need to be fancy, just authentic. So, tqc abq contingent, do you have any suggestions?

What do you love that isn't available near where you live?
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Games for netbooks

I just got a used Asus EEE 710 netbook. What are some older games with lower systems requirements that will run on it? I don't have the specs in front of me, but I think it's 1.6MHz with an 8 GB drive, running XP.
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I have long hair with bangs. It's of medium texture, though it's naturally straight. I have to wear it up for work, and I haven't branched out from the ponytail. I'm hair challenged. What are some easy ways to put up long hair?

If you dk/dc, what's your opinion on cock rings? Vibrating cock rings?

Polyamory, Thoughts????

I have a friend who just told me that her and her fiance have an "open" relationship.  Specifically, when they are are in different states for extended periods (like 2 months), they are allowed to have sex with whomever they want.  But 'emotionally' they can't get attached.  Personally I don't think this is realistic....

I suppose thinking about it polyamory isn't the problem.  In fact I'm kind of keen on the idea of committed couples who are good friends....and also attracted to each other expressing that attraction through physical contact with each other. 
I guess the difference is that both people in the relationship are there...and it is truly open (or as open as it can be, because I am sure there are instances of unfaithfulness there as well), and you're sharing the experience as a couple.

Now I like to think that I am as open minded as the next person. But I would not be comfortable with my partner having sex with someone else when I'm not there.

The two of them are currently separated by the way if that matters.......something to do with his introversion and her need for affection.  Not even being snarky.  That's what she told me.

Soooooo...What do you think?!?!?!?

Multiple Choice seems to work well......

A) Open to sex with others while in a committed relationship
B) Open to sex with others, as long as your partner is involved
C) All this hedonism surely can't be good for you
D) I'm open to everything
E)I'm  Asexual so I do not have this problem 
bad water!

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sorry, assignment emergency question!

is there an online free website that i can use to create a diagram that i can then somehow insert into a word document?

BONUS POINTS for tips on how to insert it!!

edit: thank you everyone! unfortunately i have word 2008! but i'm trying the gliffy thing now, THANK YOU!!!

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my 16 year old sister is in her room with the door locked and is throwing shit and breaking things, and she is screaming bloody murder whenever someone knocks on her door.

what do you think is going on in there?
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 what was your last dream about?

I was in a city that looked like my own but it wasn't.And there were all these rival gangs across the road from a library i went to to get information about artists. Someone used electricity to shock food one gang was eating and they declared war and A bunch of people including myself hid in the artist library until the war ended.

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my permanent retainer just fell out, but since i have an orthodontist's appointment for tomorrow morning already scheduled where i can get a new one fixed on top of whatever else they're planning to do, my teeth should be fine, right? i'm really paranoid about them shifting since i only got my braces off like, four days ago.
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Are you the type of person who prefers to buy more luxury style products? (e.g. Victoria's Secret rather than packs of underwear from Walmart; Urban Decay makeup rather than drugstore brands.)

Why or or why not?

Pokemon HG/SS

 So, my friend just loaned me her extra Heart Gold copy, which apparently she just got back from someone else. She said it was ok to save over the old file, but I can't save over it without deleting it first. I can't find the info online, and neither she nor I have the instruction manual. Does anybody know how to delete the old file?

The game told me to hit up/B/select on the old game, but all that does is a) take me back through the title sequence to the main menu or b) make me walk north.

eta: main problem bolded to clarify.

I was only holding it down for three seconds rather than five. Aha! Thank you~ Problem solved.

Day Off Tomorrow

So because my workplace has no work for my team tomorrow(monday)we were told not to come for the day.

So here's my multiple choice question:

What should I do on my day off?

A)Do a much needed clean in my room and get ride of clothes and other things I no longer use.

B)Lounge around and watch movies that I really want to watch.

TK and Kari

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If you get interviewed for the job and they say you have a schedule conflict so you can't do it but they'd like to keep in touch with you once you graduate from college, how much of that "keep in touch" part is legit? Because I went to an interview that went very well, did a follow-up interview, and the woman gave the whole conflict schedule speech even though she knew my schedule before the 2nd interview.
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I'm going to a wedding next weekend. My husband is in the wedding, it's his brother getting married. I expect to take a lot of photos.

My phone (the Droid) has a great camera on it, but I think it might be awkward to have my phone out to be taking pictures.

I do have a digital camera, would I be better off just bringing that? Or would it be not-as-weird as I think to take pictures with my phone?

Edit: If I do use the phone, I'll have the ringer on silent, of course.
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Gaaaaaah. TQC, will you help me think of the word/phrase that's on the tip of my tongue?

I swear, there's a specific word for when an unexpected problem crops up that's related to a larger problem. What is this mystery word?

Does your brain flake out on you like this? It happens to me an embarrassingly large amount of the time.
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Is it weird to ask someone to quiet their baby or the child they're babysitting? This is in an apartment/condo setting at varying times during the day and night.

What's the best way to deal with your neighbor babysitting a baby whose means of taking care it is screaming SHUT UP SHUT UP in hopes the baby will actually shut up?

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Clem & Joely

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Do you know of any fairly easy dances that are danceable by one person? Something along the lines of "I'm listening to music and want to groove." I have my own dances - but it would be fun to have something somewhat more coordinated. :D

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TQC, by this time next week, I will have my very own car (1999 Pontiac Sunfire SE). Will you tell me your car-buying stories? Or car stories in general? Or at least tell TQC what kind of car you have?

Don't know or care, how on earth can companies such as Comcast and Bank of America stay in business if people hate them so much?
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So TQC, my laptop seems to be fucked.
I accidentally let it die from not charging, and it went off. I charged it again, went to turn it on, and nothing. The power light comes on, the fan comes on, nothing else happens. :(

I have tried removing the battery and leaving it just on the charger, and vice versa

What to do??

Btw if it matters at all, it has XP on it, and it's about four years old.

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I'm moving into my dorm in September and besides the obvious, what should I bring to college with me in the coming fall? For example: things that I would otherwise overlook or forget. 

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Do you think it's unethical to wait until sex becomes a part of a relationship to tell someone you have an STI? And I'm talking about someone you're planning on dating long-term.
Also are you male, female, or transgender?

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Do you think that if you're born with very little artistic skils that you can learn to draw well?

What age were you when you realised what you wanted to do with your life? What was it?

(If you're in the UK) What do you think is better, NHS or going private? (For the record, psychiatric help)

Your best friend or SO is suffering a kind of mental breakdown right now. They drink a litre of whisky/vodka/whatever one night and talks for half an hour or so about how 'they don't have long left', 'its their time to go'  etc. Would you inform their mother about it while knowing that if your BF/SO was to find out you'd told her, they would be really really angry? (They don't attempt anything and the next day says that it was just down to having drank so much)

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Are you growing anything this season? What?

I'm trying out gardening for the first time ever. I planted two rose bushes, some other flowers, and an herb garden (in the windowsill) so far. Waiting till next month to do vegetables.


How do you like to wear your hair on a day-to-day basis?

How do you like to wear your hair when you're going out or want to look especially nice?

What style of haircut do you usually opt for?
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About an hour ago, my manager backed into my car because he is too oblivious to look behind him before backing out of our parking lot. When both cars collided, he got out, checked his car and mine, shrugged, and pulled off.

What has your manager/supervisor done that could rival this? Please give me stories that will make me appreciate this man, because I have to work with him Tuesday and I think I may lose it.


 So, my dear mother and I are going to LA in August to celebrate my birthday! WHoo!

What should I do to celebrate the day of my glorious birth?

A) Go to Disneyland! 

b) Go to Girlbar an find a hot girl to take home! 

c) Go to a fancy dinner, location of which I will suggest to you

d) stay home and play on LJ....but in LA!!

e) go on a shopping spree

f) something fantastic and celebratory which I will describe in the comments

g) Randi, I do not care about your birthday...I don't even know why I'm answering this question...CURSE YOU FOR FORCING ME TO READ/CLICK/RESPOND!!

Sorry I'm so ragey today...

I picked up my fiance from work, annoyed at him for not cleaning or doing anything he said he would while I was at my moms. I dropped him and our son off at his parents because they were going to have dinner. I was invited I just wasn't in the mood.

He didn't clean and he also didn't charge the phone so when he called a few hours later the phone died when I picked it up. He got home about 30 minutes ago. About two seconds ago my mom burst through my door and asked "What happened at Jamies parents house?!". My mom lives 30 minutes away. Apparently my fiance tried to call me there since I wasn't picking up here (though I emailed him and told him the phone was dead).

How annoyed would you be that your SO is so lazy that I don't even have a phone if I need it? And then they called your mom to see if you were there?
How annoyed would you be if your nosey mom drove over because she's a drama queen who can really dislike your fiance and couldn't get a hold of you by phone THAT SECOND?
How would you have handled it?

I basically said "I didn't feel like going. He's here. Period." and shut the door because I was sooo annoyed at everyone.

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so my video card is broken and i thought it had a one year warranty but i just found out it actually has a lifetime warranty since i registered it which is nice but now i've gotta ship it to the manufacturer to get replaced. i have an electrostatic bag to put it in and a box but i don't have any bubble wrap or anything. it's one of those fancy ones where everything is covered so the only parts that are at risk of damage are the part of the chip that plugs in to the motherboard and the port to plug in your monitor. you think it would be ok if i just stuffed a bunch of plastic grocery bags in there (my usual method for shipping things) or should i go out and buy some bubble wrap just to be safe?

how much does that stuff cost anyway?

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I'm having a hard time deciding on such a trivial thing.
But apparently it's trivial enough to make my brain hurt...

What should I watch tonight?
A. Spirited Away
B. The Office (US)
C. Big Fish

Also, are there any other shows that are comparable to The Office? I'm going to feel empty once it's over, so any recommendations?

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I transferred a folder (full of pictures) from my old computer to my current one (a Mac). Something went wrong during the transfer process but I didn't notice until just now, and I've already deleted the original. What I have now is not a folder, but just an unspecified "document" that's about 200mb. When I click on it, it opens in TextEdit (notepad equivalent) and there is a lot of random characters that makes me think the file is corrupt. However, amidst the random characters I see a list with some of the original file names that I had in that folder. Screen caps are posted below.
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Is there ANY way I can recover my original files from this? The pictures are very important to me, and I'd be eternally thankful even if I can only recover a portion of it.
Thane looks good

First Time Renter Jitters

My boyfriend and I are attempting to move into our first apartment. As we have never done this before, I have a few questions.

What are some questions we should be sure to ask the landlords when we go check out possible apartments that first time renters like us might overlook?

Are apartment locaters worth it?

What are some things about renting apartments that first timers might not know?

Any tips on creating a budget?

Just basically any advice ya'll could offer on the whole process would be greatly appreciated, as I'm a little nervous about the whole thing. Excited too, but nervous.

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So what was the most craptastic series finale or movie ending you've seen? Please describe in full detail.

If you don't want to talk about the worst ending, will you tell TQC some of your favourite endings to a TV series or movie?

I just watched the highlights of the ending to the Little House on the Prairie TV series. Why the fuck did they blow up the town? If I actually lived in the town of Walnut Grove, MN, I'd be pissed at the way my town was represented.
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My best friend has had a couple of very strong drinks, but she prefaced them with wine, which she doesn't normally do.

The wine has made her barfy. She's on my floor.

How can we quell the barfyness, TQC?

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I know this is asked often but I'm about to take a hammer to my computer (which is only two years old but fucking sucks like all hell)

What's the best computer I can get for the least amount of money?
I don't download music- I just type up papers and go online...that's it.

What's making you cranky?

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My mother just wandered off to bed but my father decided that it would be ok to stay in the living room and fall asleep where I'm watching TV. That would be no big deal except he snores LIKE A FUCKING TRAIN. I just woke him gently and asked him if thought he should head to bed because he's falling asleep as it is. I just got an earful of "If there's one thing someone wants to do to piss me off it's to tell me to go to bed!!!!!1one!!" followed by other mindless hollering. Does he have any idea how fucking loud he is? (Hint: Yes, because I've recorded him on my cell phone before and showed him!)

Whyyy!? Why would he prefer to fall asleep in this old, uncomfortable easy chair and not his comfy bed?

Would standing over him and pinching his nose closed actually kill him?

Are you an annoying snoring person too or want to bitch about someone who snores?
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 Is this dress worth buying?

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Could you post pictures of pretty evening dresses like the one above please?

ETA: You've been very helpful, I'll look for another -prettier and cheaper- dress, Thanks everyone!  :)
The Girliest Taco

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If you are a student and you've registered for classes next semester, what are you taking?

Which physical education class should I take?

First Aid and Community CPR
"Senior Year Experience"

(Senior year experience: "Examines the challenges one faces post graduation. Utilizes text, articles, and guest speakers in a framework designed to enhance or build new knowledge and life skills for students preparing to enter the work force or graduate school. Discusses issues such as health, maintaining a fitness routine, housing, etiquette, and legalities.")
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If I have an image/photo...about 500 x 600 pixels...is there any way, using the supreme magic of the internets/computers, that I can enlarge it to, say, A3 size without it losing quality?

Getting a larger version of the photo from somewhere is not an option.

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so i go to this salad place where they will make you your own custom salad... and they have a variety of dressings to choose from as well as olive oil, red wine vinegar, and balsamic vinegar. usually, the red wine vinegar is mixed with the olive oil for a salad, but what about the balsamic vinegar? is it usually put on a salad alone or is it usually mixed with olive oil?


 I tried google, it's not helping.

I lost my CareCard when my wallet got stolen a while back. If I bring government-issued photo id to a hospital, will they be able to look me up in the system or will I be SOL?

Give me a random fact or "fact" about Canada?
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 Have any of you ever had to totally switch up your biological clock to work a job? Right now, I don't have class Monday, Wednesday or Friday until 3:30 pm, so my body's used to staying up until 3 or 4 am on the other nights for lack of anything else to do. Well, now it's 11:30 pm and I need to sleep but my body is like "No, bitch, it's only 11:30 - party time!"

So, TQC, how do you help reset your biological clock so it will go "Oh shit, 11:30, go to bed" sooner? Because I can go a day or two on 3 hours of sleep, but it's going to catch up to me and strike woe.