April 10th, 2010


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Do you ever feel like you have premonitions?

I do sometimes..the day my grandpa died I had this crazy urge to go to the church and pray and light a candle for him (I even left work to do it)..a half hour later I got the phone call. Then today, I was walking down the street and I pictured getting hit by a car...then immediately after, I saw somebody get hit by a car :S..

Will you tell me something you love about your SO or best friend?

Mine is so understanding, and I cannot stay upset with him (don't worry..caused by my own paranoia).  He always makes me feel better and is very receptive to my moods and thoughts. He's so calm and caring... it calms me down and brings me back into a rational thinking space..which is something I need.

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how do you put up with a friend's significant other you don't like?

i don't think i'm going to like my friend's new boyfriend. not only do i hate being the third but he made me feel like an idiot tonight. not on purpose(i don't think) but he's clearly one of those elitist nerds and he clearly did not appreciate my "bubbly-ness". i'm not even a bubbly person, i'm just talkative, and i was just trying to get to know him a bit. i dunno. now i'm just sad.

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I have a lot of people tell me that even though I'm thin now, my metabolism will slow down and I should enjoy being able to eat everything I can right now.

I don't eat too much junk food and I'm going on 22 this year. What are the chances my metabolism really will slow down?

DK/DC: If you are watching TV, what are you watching? I'm watching Drumline.

**edit for one more question because I don't want to make another post in such a short amount of time**

Does anyone run or walk fast and find that their ears pop or does it sound like you're underwater (if that makes sense)?
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Any of you who resides in Kansas City, will you tell me anything good about KC?

I plan on visiting a good friend there, but I know very little of it even tho I've traveled right straight through that city while taking a road trip out to west in years ago. All I remember is Missouri River.

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what's the best thing in the food court?

(auntie anne's and saladworks ftw)

do you harbor any particular feelings toward the state of new jersey?

how about arizona?

(the ghost towns are cool, arpaio is not)

why does Twitter load super slowly?

I've had a work-related Twitter account forever and I finally decided to create a personal one to keep in touch with a few friends and watch amusing feeds like woot.com. At work (T3 connection), it's fine, but at home it loads SO incredibly slowly. If I try to tweet or reply to someone, each character appears at a rate of about 1 every three seconds in that little tweet box. I have DSL and it's not super fast, but fast enough I can watch video at home. It's only Twitter that's so slow. Even their FAQ page is slow to load. Anyone have a clue why?

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If you have an alarm clock, do you hit the snooze button several times before actually getting up? If so, how many?

If you don't (or just want to answer more questions), when do you usually wake up? About how many hours of sleep do you get each day?
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They redecorated the bulletin board on my floor of my dorm so that the first thing you see when you get off the elevator is a big purple and green display reading "4/20", decorated liberally with cutouts of marijuana leaves. Closer inspection reveals attached information about the dangers of smoking weed but SERIOUSLY TQC.

What was the last thing that made you go WTF or laugh out loud?

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The past week and a half I have been talking to this guy who I met at work. We've hung out once and he came into my work a second time to see me. We've just casually been talking. Nothing inappropriate. But for today, he wanted us to go to a nice hiking spot that is almost three hours from where we live. It was HIS idea, 100%.

This morning, I get a call from his girlfriend.

My question is, Why do girls attack girls and not the guy who is at fault (classic question)?

How would you react to this situation?

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Please share your stories!

She threatened to kick my ass. Is she all talk, or should I watch my back for a few days? Lol.

Thanks everyone :)

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Poll #1549559 How would you spend your time?

How would you spend two days?

D1: Zoo, D2: Aquarium & Science Center
D1: Aquarium, D2: Science Center & Zoo
D1: Science Center, D2: Aquarium & Zoo

I'm planning a mini vacation to St. Louis for my son's birthday in June, but I can't decide how to divide up our time. I haven't been to the zoo in 16 years and it has been almost as long since I've been to the Science Center. I've never been to the aquarium. I'm not sure what he'll like more, although both he and the husband can spend time geeking out at the Science Center.

My son will be 5, my daughter will be 18 months if that sways your decision at all.
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what do you do when you know you're going to be alone for the next 2 days?

i don't have any plans today and i work 3-9 Sundays so there's really no time to see anyone since i sleep in. so i'm probably not going to see any of my friends or anyone i really like or love until Monday morning when my friend comes back to work.

what should i do to keep myself from going insane?

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girls, when you are getting ready for a period, do you ever get really anxious a few days before it? this always happens to me, i'll get really anxious over nothing specific, and it will last until about the second day of my period. this means i am an alien y/n?

what do you want to eat right now?
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Dear Dr. TQC,
Do you have any ideas for quick-relief cough suppressant? I have been coughing non-stop for the past few days and it's been getting really bad. I.E. coughing so hard I cry or throw up. I'm sucking on a cough drop and it isn't working.
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Has anyone here ever lived on there own and then moved back in with their parents? Because I will be

Can you tell me about your experiences regarding your social life, sex life, relationships with your parents, saving money, etc? And some tips

I can save like $14,000 living at home this year... so I'm gonna do it :(

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How much work (time and money) will you put into a rental home as the tenant? I know a lot of people that put a lot of money into redoing a home, mostly repainting. One couple totally redid a room into a nursery when they had the kid.
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gang, I really need your help please -

I need to take something starchy like a potato or pasta dish to my sister's for dinner tonight, but because of the late notice, I need it to be very simple or something ready made I can pick up from like a deli counter or shop.

so what would you bring or make in such a situation? (please include recipe or instructions if it's something you'd throw together at home.)

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My father-in-law travels a lot for his job. He stays in hotels 5 nights a week, every week. Because of this, he has racked up a shitload of points or whatever for free hotel stays.

Does anyone know (generally speaking) if those points are transferable? If they are, he said we could use some for our trip to St. Louis.

dk/dc: What kind of laundry detergent do you use?

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How are you today? 

I just ate week-old spinach lasagna, and I'm feeling nauseated. It had spinach, ricotta cheese, and regular cheese in it. It's been refrigerated all week. Am I in any danger? I have chronic nausea related to migraines, just btws. 

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Last night I came home to a boyfriend who had had an entire pint of Jim Bean to himself and my roommate sitting on the couch with her boyfriend who has anger problems. He previously had made some bad moves and as a result, my roommate and I agreed that she was to warn me if he was over and that he needed to be in her room after 10. So of course, in retaliation I had a few shots myself (a few, not a lot). This morning my roommate said that I should not have drank. I think it's none of her business, especially if she's ok with my boyfriend drinking an entire PINT of Jim Bean. She is always playing 'mommy' when anyone drinks and its a real pain. Anytime we whip out the alcohol and she doesn't feel like drinking, she jokes that we are alcoholics. She's constantly asking how many drinks we've had, if we feel drunk, telling us that we should stop...things like that. We aren't out of control drinkers, and I've never even been really hung over.

Do you think most people don't know what alcoholism ACTUALLY entails?

Do you ever have people who constantly ask you how many drinks you've had, and constantly asking if you feel drunk?

Do you want to hit these people?

What a freaking buzzkill.
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After watching a doco on Eric Gill I was wondering

Can you value and/or enjoy the work produced by someone whose private activities you find morally reprehensible?

Edit to add; Eric Gill was an amazing artist, however he also sexually abused his two eldest daughters and engaged in bestiality and an affair with his sister. Many of his carvings feature his pubescent daughter- one of the ones he molested.

What about technology that comes from sources like Nazi experiments and so on?
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I have a job interview at a department store on Monday. Is dark nail polish okay to wear? I have on Lincoln Park After Dark by O.P.I. If it makes a difference, I'm wearing black wide leg pants, a royal blue top, dark gray blazer and gray flats.

Also, can you wish me luck at said interview? I really want this job!

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What do you think the #1 reason why otherwise good people would be bad roommates and couldn't get along with other roommates?

Communication and not talking about expectations of each other before moving in with each other.

What was the meanest thing that someone had said about you?
Old Fashioned
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TQC, I bombed a final today. I have to get up early tomorrow to study, and all of my friends are ALSO in the midst of studying, so what can I do alone tonight to make me feel better? I don't want to watch tv/movies.

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This was a message I got on my honesty box on Facebook. What the heck should I think? I don't act very confident ever. I just am kind of laid back and shy....
" i think you act confident, but really, you despise yourself."
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 TQC, I just got an email from myself. Or at least an old email account I haven't used in years. It had a link that looks highly suspicious. Has my old email been hacked? Do you think if I click the link it'll destroy my computer?

Edit: Wow. I just hopped into that old email account and saw something sent this email to EVERYONE in my address book! Including people who I haven't been on speaking terms with for a very long time. I've never had this happen before. Any advise for me?
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Have you ever had a language exchange partner? Did it help you? What did you talk about?

I'm really wanting to pick up my language learning again and I'd like to get a language exchange partner but I don't know what we'd talk about. Would it be more like casual conversation, or like giving each other lessons but in a conversational format?

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I just found a box with my original Nintendo and 20+ games (including Duck Hunt/gun). I haven't seen this in about 15 years and feel like a little kid again.

What's the last thing you found that you had forgotten about/made you feel like a kid again?

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Dear Question Club:

I bought some gyoza wrappers and really want to use them, but I can't think of what to put inside. (for those of you who don't know gyoza~japanese dumplings) What kind of interesting/delicious things would/do you put in dumplings?
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downloaded a movie on bit torrent and it's a jigaxx file. only the audio plays. google is not helping me figure out what i need to download in order to fix this. i've never even heard of a jigaxx file.

anyone familiar with this?

if this is breaking the rules, someone let me know lol

eta: nevermind, i figured it out. thanks for all your help.. lol what is a good netflix instant queue movie you can recommend to me?

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Do you think less of people who got their GED instead of their diploma?
Do you think less of people who never completed either?
Will you tell any stories you have related to this topic?

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 What should I make for dinner?

I can go to the store, but the only thing I can't do is grill outside.
I have a microwave, toaster, oven and good ol' stove top.
Oh, and I would love for it to be a bit healthy. :)


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This week, a child bride from Yemen died from internal bleeding 3 days after her wedding. It is a disgusting and horrible occurrence.

I do, however, have to admit that I have no idea how one would die from internal bleeding upon losing their virginity. Explain?

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Have you had someone tell you something like this?

"I went to get my haircut today and I really want to get a lot chopped off, but my stylist wouldn't do it/wouldn't let me, so I only got a trim!"

In the last few days I've had two people say this and I'm left wondering, WTF.

Do you bend to what other people want for you?

I understand the idea behind letting an "expert" make recommendations for your hair type, etc. But "wouldn't let me"? I do not get this. Do you get this?


If you love a dress or top that you're trying on but the friends you are with say it's gross and hideous, do you get it anyways? Do you all of a sudden hate it too?

Do what other people say have any bearing on what you choose to like/dislike, wear/not wear?

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My mum is desperate for some of this stuff (John Frieda Color Glaze in Honey to Caramel). However it is discontinued in the UK.
Do you know of any beauty companies that ship to the UK for under $25 or where we can get this in the UK?
I know there's a website that gives you a US PO BOX and will forward your shopping to you, does anyone know what this is?

How much are you willing to pay to have something shipped to your country if it is unavailable in your own?
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What words do you think are pretty? I dont mean what words sound pretty, but when you write them out and look at the word it is aesthetically pleasing to you.
I think Brunette, Symphony, aero, brulee' are pretty looking words

I The Little Mermaid a good date movie? 
I think so, I mean, SING ALONGS? Awesome for dates.
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Do you have any "respect dealbreakers"? (not necessarily with romantic partners, but with friends, acquaintances, coworkers--people you already get along with well, or tolerably well.) And by "respect dealbreakers" I mean....things you discover after initial introductions are over, that make you uncomfortable and view that person in a diminished light.

I'm asking because I have an acquaintance/friend I've known for about 8 years, and I just recently found out that he supports Roman Polanski. Our relationship is casual and distanced enough that "knowing" this about him won't necessarily change the way we interact, but it does drop my respect for him.

Have you had this kind of moment with anyone you know? What was it about?
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so i bought a pair of flats online from the american eagle website and as my luck would have it, they're a size too big. i think ae shoes run large. anyway, what can i do to be able to wear the flats comfortably? are there any good inserts? i wouldn't mind sending the shoes back as an exchange for a bigger size but shipping is like $10 :(
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 Are you a city person or country person? Do you live in your desired locale?

Could you live in the opposite type of place?

Under what circumstances would you move to a location you hated?

City girl, currently in the 'burbs of a major city.
I honestly don't know if I could.
If my job absolutely required it, or if my SO's job in said location was well paying enough to buy me all the alcohol in the world to drown my sorrows, especially if its a rural area in a hot climate.

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have you had your boobs done? details please.

okkk who wants to buy my stuff?! i'm selling a lot of my possessions because i need to raise some funds. i'm selling a lot of my small sized tops and books, accessories, bags. i'll put up an public entry on my journal later with pictures if anyone might be interested. do you know any communities on LJ that are relevant for this? i already am on ebay, craigslist, and etsy.

do you go to a dog park?

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I had a job interview yesterday, to work at a daycare, and I think it went well, but I'm kind of freaking out. Will you tell me something reassuring?


Any clue how to clean a thrift store purchased original Teddy Ruxpin? It looks pretty clean, but I'd rather give it a slightly more thorough scrub before exposing daughter to it.

Survey questions for anthropology project

I am doing an anthropology project on alternative health care options, and I decided to focus on midwifery as my subject. In order to do this project, I need to be able to ask pregnant women about how they are going to go about having their children. If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, would you mind answering a few questions?

1. What pregnancy are you currently experiencing? (1st, 2nd, etc)

2. Are you planning on having your child at a hospital with doctors, a birthing center, or at home with a midwife?

3. What made you choose this option?

4. How has your family and friends reacted to your decision to have your child at home?

5. How did you learn about the alternative options for having a child?

6. I f you have already had an experience with a midwife or alternative option, how did it go? Would you do it again?

7. If you have had a child in the hospital, was there any thing that happened that would encourage you to seek other options?

8. If you have recently had a child, could you please explain your experience, either with a hospital delivery or a delivery with a midwife?

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are you important to anyone? (or at least do you think you are?)

if yes: do you ever realize it without having it brought to your attention?

if no: how does it affect you / make you feel?

sorry for fail. posted from phone.
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 My SO's parents called him this morning to tell him they're starting divorce proceedings.

He's currently living 500 miles away from me/his family. I asked him how he's feeling, and reminded him that I'm always here to listen.

What else can I do to help him?

leave me alone, please?

What is the polite way to tell someone you recently met that you don't want to be their friend?

Backstory: I organize Magic: The Gathering casual events. I gave them my phone number upon request, without really thinking about it (end of a long day and I was thinking more about the game I was in the middle of), which was a mistake. It's a new player and if they want to ask game-related questions sure, but they have called with some general "hey what's up" chit-chat (which I have let go to voice mail). FWIW, I'm not friends with many of the regular MTG players so I wouldn't be excluding this person specifically. Oh, and it's a girl, who I'm starting to think may be interested in me (and I am definitely not interested in her).

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This is my first year of marriage. Both my wife and I work. What are the options for filing taxes? Do we file separately or together? Which gives us the best return? What forms do we use?

I've always used the EZ form, cuz I don't make much or own a house.

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you are on a camping trip with your closest friends. you decide to go on a walk through a path in this random national park that for some reason isn't very popular so it is pretty secluded. while you're walking the person in front notices the hope diamond laying there in the dirt and pick it up. like five minutes later a large mob of gangsters comes crashing out of the woods shouting at all of you to give back the diamond because it fell out of one of their pockets. you and your friends all run for it, but you suck at running and get caught and the gangsters yell to your friends that they'll shoot you if they don't come back and give them the diamond. your friends don't come back and you get shot. would you be angry at your friends? or would you have done the same thing as them?

visiting London

I'm planning a week long holiday with my family to London over the summer, and would like to know of any places you'd recommend checking out when I'm there? I've already taken note of all the usual places (Madame Tussauds, the museums and galleries etc), but basically I'd like any tips from people who have been there and done it before. Any less well-known places I should visit/places maybe only locals would know of?

I'm a 21 year old female if that helps narrow it down!

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When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? What percentage of shit in there do you actually wear/use? How much do you think has been spent on everything in your closet total?

Just put some bags up to sell. Didn't get to the clothes yet. The amount of shit in the pile I pulled out of my closet to get rid of is SICKENING. A lot of them still have tags on. I hate that.

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 What do you think when you see the Confederate Flag?

A. Good way to identify a racist. 
B. The south will rise again!
C. Guys, you lost 145 years ago, get over it.
D. As God as my witness, I will never go hungry again! 
E. I don't think anything because I have evolved past your need to feel. 

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Do you have any tips for getting rid of house centipedes? Aside from smashing them, I mean. I've seen 3 of them around the house in the last few days and we clean every nook and cranny of the place regularly so there aren't a lot of dead bugs around that might be attracting them.

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My bedroom has a very deep cupboard. Its about 3 foot deep by 4 or 5 wide.
I was thinking of putting my desk and bookshelves in there, and using the freestanding wardrobe my mum keeps offering me to keep clothes in. ETA: I 'm not home very often so it's not my main desk and it gets very messy.
Is this a good idea?
Is your bedroom minimalistic or do you try to pass it off as clutter chic?

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Earlier I experienced a bit of a problem at work.
I'm so used to saying sir or ma'am to customers, that it comes out on its own.

A transgender person came in and I said ma'am, but (s)he looked female, but sounded male.

Q: Do you call a transgender person by what they are, or what they are trying to be?

( Sorry if I worded this offensively, I'm a bit ignorant of these things >_< )
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What is the biological reason we get hiccups? I understand how it happens, but what is the benefit of hiccups to our species? What does it protect us from?

Have you ever had beer bread? Do you love it?
Deathly Hallows Poster

The Kids Are(n't) Alright

Should kids be bribed to do well in school? Not just monetarily, but with things such as more freedom, time to themselves, ect?

If you have kids, do you have some kind of reward system? How does it work?

Inspired by: http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20100410/us_time/08599197858900

The one thing I really got out of this article was it was like kids were being held to a standard higher than adults ie expecting them to work for the "love" of work rather than money or other incentive, when adults *generally* don't do the same.


Do you wear socks most of the time? At least once a week? Never?

I wear socks every day. I usually take them off just to change to new socks, or for showering. In hot weather, I don't wear them to sleep.

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If someone gave you a package containing sex stories they had written about you, portraits of you done with menstrual blood/chewed up food, and labia that they had removed during a labiaplasty, would you at least be their friend?

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You know that poster of Rosie the Riveter? She has her hair gathered in a bandana.

How did those women do that? It can possibly be just piled in there, what if a lady has really long hair?

I want to know and the vintage hairstyle communities don't really have any posts about that- I guess it's natural.

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 I'm 24. I went to a workshop and I befriended some of my classmates but they were all younger than I was. 
A younger guy (I think he's 16-17) from the workshops wants to hang out with me and be friends. 

There's nothing wrong with him, we got along. 

Would it be totally weird for us to hang out as friends? 

ETA: I just asked. He's 15. 


Last night I had a dream that I accidentally exposed myself to a friend I had in the first grade and then saw a cat that only had it's front two legs and was dragging it's hindquarters on the floor. It scared the crap out of me. Also, two nights ago I had a dream that I was breastfeeding a baby and then all of the sudden the baby turned into a dog that had sharp teeth and was attacking me. I don't have any children.

Wtf is my problem?

What weird dreams have you had lately?

Do you think dreams have meaning?