April 9th, 2010

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Has anyone else here realized that they didn't want to be happy because they were afraid of having it taken away?
Does anyone have any words of encouragement for how to get over that fear?
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If I asked you to recite the introduction to "Law & Order: SVU" (the spoken bit at the beginning before the credits), how accurate would you be? No cheating obv.

Do you have any TV theme songs in your music library? (If so, what?)

using men's razor's to shave legs

so recently, sick of the stubble i always seem to have on my legs regardless of how well i try to shave, i switched to men's gilette razor. now my roomate says that as a female i should stick to women's razors because the men ones will lead to thicker hair growth. is there any truth to this?
what kind of razors do you use?
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Don't you think it's fucked up that cops die on their way to the scene instead of actually getting killed in the line of duty? They're supposed to be protecting us, but how can they when they can't even get there!
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I cut my hair super short on Monday. I love my hair, and I know that it's going to take some work to keep it up.

However, my mother is furious at me for cutting my hair so short, and has basically been acting like a spoiled 16 year old girl who's daddy didn't get her a new car for her birthday. She hasn't spoken to me since yesterday morning. She has shut herself in her room all day, and gives me very dirty looks whenever she sees me.

Am I crazy, or is her behavior completely uncalled for?


What video game are you currently playing? Shin Megami Tensai: Strange Journey
What song are you listening to? Kiara by Bonobo

Edit: Due to popular demand, here is a pic of newly cut hair. Be warned, I might look a little crazy! :3

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A law and ethics question...

I am writing this for a friend, not myself personally.

My friend is in college and graduating in May, working several jobs, has so much out in student loans... and recently found out that her parents are cosigning her name on loans without her permission. They also stole her sister's credit cards which caused her to go bankrupt. Also, the family has filed her taxes for her and taken all of her income.

She is Chinese-Jamaican and says that this is in their culture-- that children support their parents, and is afraid by saying or doing anything, she may be disowned by them and other extended family as well.

Should she try to bring this case to court?

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I've had a weird feeling in the bones on the top of my right hand for like a year. It's definitely related to overuse of my wrist because it's only bad when I type or write. It's not pain exactly, just a really weird unpleasant feeling, like I can feel the bone on the top of my hand/wrist. I don't know how to describe it and I'm having trouble looking it up online because I wouldn't really call it pain.

I doubt anyone's going to have any idea what I'm talking about because it's really hard to describe...but has anyone ever experienced something like this by any chance? What could it be?
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Where can I go to report fake Nintendo games?
I was sold an Animal Crossing and the game is obviously fake, you can tell by the case itself and the instruction booklet. I have already put a case into ebay. This is what I get for being cheap and buying a cheap DS game from China :/.

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 Earlier tonight the circle K by my house was robbed. Everyone inside was shot (one may have died).

If my dog hadn't fallen asleep with his muzzle on my leg, I'd have been at that store when it happened.

Has your pet ever saved your life?
If not, do you know anyone who's pet has saved their life?
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TQC, I really want some tomato soup, but the campbell's condensed kind we have, even when made with extra water, is still super salty to me. How can I water it down without making it lose all flavor?

What is your favorite kind of soup?

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Guys, I just watched the entire Marble Hornets series back to back and now I'm far too freaked out to sleep ever again. Will you please post some happy pictures or your favourite gifs to take my mind off the idea that an entirely fictional character is going to break into my house and attack me?
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FireFox users, what addons do you use? Any that I've just gotta have?
I just installed LeechBlock and my GOD so far it is amazing!!! I also use LJ Hook, Foxytunes, and Adblock plus.

Non-FireFox users: what browser do you use?

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My exam starts in 4 hours. I've been having a really hard time sleeping lately and if I do manage to pass out, I likely won't get more than an hour and a half of sleep. Is it worth it?
It's an easy exam so I'm not too worried, but still.. sleep or no? If you have experience with this sort of thing, how should I try to perk myself up in the morning?


Does my shirt look good on me?
Its short sleeved and yellow. Dark buttons up the front, has a collar and no pocket. There is a slight coffee stain half-way down that I did not notice when I picked it out of the clothing recycling box (trash can). I did have it washed.

What can I do to get rid of a coffee stain?

Can I stain the shirt more and call it a design?

I just found out

Through snooping (omg I can't believe I did that) I found out that my boyfriend (very recently got back together with) who is stationed in Korea, told another girl to wait for him and maybe when he gets back to the states they could be something. I'm crushed.

I can't message him about it because I'm not supposed to know.

What would you do?

will you post things to cheer me up? I can't stop crying.

ETA: I can't get in contact with him. Should I just e-mail him? I sort of want this to be a conversation but it's truly eating at me. I know I shouldn't of snooped, I was there to erase a message I sent him.

ETA2: I've decided that no matter what he says, I'm single. I'm not putting up wit this shit.

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What is your favorite Afghan name?

Should i ride my bike the 2 miles back to my container and get my cap? or just say 'screw it' and not wear it today? I only need it for when I go to lunch.

LeSportsac Bags?

Where in Atlanta would have the largest selection of LeSportsac bags? There's some new prints I really like, but I am particular about placement. I checked the Bloomies in Lenox, but their collection was not impressive (to be fair, it was the end of their Friends and Family event, so maybe they usually have more). Thanks a ton and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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Shower or bath?

My sister is taking the longest shower ever I think (she is here visiting on spring break).  How long is "too long" for a shower?  How long are your showers?  Does that include shave time or brushing your teeth?

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Confession: I get secretly excited when my boyfriend goes out of town, because then I feel I can breath again. When he didn't get into grad school located 4-5 hours away, I was disappointed more because that meant I wouldn't have some breathing room and less because he was disappointed that he didn't get in.

Does this mean it's time for me to end things??
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So I was looking through fakefreedom's thread and it appears there's some interracial humping going on in TQC. I've found myself intrigued:

1. Have you been in an interracial relationship? (I won't lie, I'm more interested in ones that are obviously interracial. If you're welsh and dated someone irish, whoopdifreakin'do, y'know?)

2. Have you ever had any weird experiences because of it (ie people staring, making comments, treating you differently)?

Serious and honest (not necessarily politically correct) answers are encouraged. tl;dr's will not be frowned upon because I'm really interested in what y'all have to say about this.

Collapse )
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Dear TQC,

I'm a full time student, and I only work in the summer. I still live at home so my parents take care of my basic needs.  Since I don't work, I don't feel that I should ask them for money to buy things I ~want~. 
So I did my taxes a couple weeks ago and am excited to get my refund and spend it!  I've really been wanting this camera.

Poll #1549231 Refund, yay!

What should I buy?

Digital camera linked above?
New undies?
A years worth of contact lenses?
New shoes?
Other? Please elaborate.

What did/will you do with your tax refund?
If it does not apply, what would you if you were given back $100+?

Bonus: Why do you think that livejournal.com runs so slowly at my school?

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Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, even when you wake up you think it really happened?
Does it ever affect your mood? (make you feel weird, b/c for a second when you wake up, you don't know what really happened and what was a dream)
Will you tell me about the dream?

I just had a dream about cheating on my boyfriend that felt extremely real. It was with his roommate, but he had my b/f's body. Well, except the penis. The dream penis was really skinny and grossed me out. Then in the dream my b/f called and we panicked and put our clothes back on; and in real life my b/f was calling to wake me up. I woke up a little panicked like I had done something wrong.

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Have you ever had to defer a loan payment (car or mortgage)?

How did that work out for you?

The unemployment office neglected to tell the husband that they'd hold his money until the appeal is decided (which could be another month). So that leaves me $600 short. :( I'm trying to make up the extra cash, but erg.

On the bright side, he should start his 2nd job in the next week or so, so that'll make catching up a whole hell of a lot easier.
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So I'm looking to get a photography website set up, something to display my work that isn't flickr or tumblr, which is what I've been using so far, something that's all mine and professional looking.

Ideally I'd like to build it myself, but I have absolutely no knowledge of where to get started on this journey of mine.

Do you have a website?

What are some good hosts?

What kind of costs am I looking at?

Yeah I could and have googled, but everything looks needlessly complicated to me :(
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I'm bored....
What would it take for you to pose nude?

What would it take for you to do porn??

Never would I ever....is an acceptable response

and the only other thing I could think to ask involves my personal distaste for excessive tatooing....
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lets pretend, for a minute, that you could actually "buy" love. you put in everything you wanted out of a partner into a computer and some lights flashed and out popped the man/woman of your dreams. they would always love you and stay faithful (or not faithful, if you so please), and be just as you designed them.

would you do it?
what are some things you'd want?
and most importantly... how much would you be willing to pay?

and since i don't want to hear some sappy "i've already met the man/woman of my dreams ~SWOON~"... if you've already got yourself a partner, pretend you're single.

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My flat needs to be cleaned.
I lack motivation to clean the house.
1. How do you motivate yourself to do chores (or other things)?

2. What is a chore you really hate doing?
For me it's cleaning the bathroom...eww random flatmates hair *shudder*
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I want to eventually make a blog and write about my 'journey' becoming a teacher. i'd also be including things every aspiring teacher should know, and different bits of information.

tqc, what would be a clever name for my blog?

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Anyone know of a site/store where I can get a shirt that plainly says "I love toast" on it?
I want to get it for my uncle for his birthday, and he's quite a toast lover.

Thanks in advance :)
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Final Cut Pro 4 Price and Selling It

After my best friend received Final Cut Pro 4 from her parents, but had no Mac to use it on, she sent the program to me. I originally thought that I would be getting a Mac for my birthday to use it on, but I didn't. So both she and I have agreed that I should sell it and put the money towards buying a ticket to visit her up in Alberta (I am in Dallas, Texas right now).

My question is- how much can I sell it for and where/how can I do so?

I recently read somewhere that someone was selling theirs for $1000. Is that a good average or is there a better price (higher OR lower) that I should be selling it for instead? Where can I put it up for purchase?
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What do you do when you feel as if you've hit a dead-end, especially with something important like finding a job/your career?

What is your favorite thing to do when cleaning your apartment/house?
Where did you buy your furniture?
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 I had a pair of Sanyo headphones I loved to death, they fell apart and are unable to be fixed now. I contacted sanyo and they said they no longer sell those headphones in Australia, so I might try another brand. ( i could buy online, but i like to test a product beforehand)

What headphones do you use?

What do you recommend?

I need headphones that have a good grip and will block out other sounds while being used. Just awesome fuckoff ones basically. thankies!
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Psychologically unstable friend: help!


My bf's best friend is having a lot of trouble. He seems to have a lot of trouble he can barely speak of and has moments when he shakes without being able to control it. He seems psychologically very unstable and my bf is worried about him. He (my bf) called his mother to make her aware of his state (she lives in another town) and he tries to check up on him all day, and has told him that they should go together to the doctor on monday. The way things are going, it seems he will need to be sent to a clinic and stay there a while.

so, dear people of TQC, how can we help this guy out?
How can I support my bf through his best friend going through this?
How can we protect and help him? We were scared last night thinking he might, you know, kill himself or something but he wanted to be alone, so we had to leave him alone. His gf's even visiting and he doesnt want to talk about it with her. He barely could tell my bf, and like I said, they're best friends.

Any other advice or similar experiences would help!

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I want to go to to a metal show. It's a band I've seen before, and while fun and generally pleasant, their shows get really rowdy. I'm a small lady, and I've never actually gone to a metal show without like 5 dudes. However, I am now across the country and I have no metal friends and no friends remotely interested. Should I go alone? I wouldn't mind really, and it would be a chance to meet some new metal friends. I guess I'm just concerned about my safety.

Is there a genre of music that others would be surprised to learn you're a big fan of?

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HYPOTHETICALLY: If you know some one online for a long time, then you hook up once, is it still a one night stand or a FWB?

DANE COOK...who laughs at this schmuck?

I fixed my derailleur, replaced a chain and the entire rear wheel....whats the last NEW thing you did? sorry this is the standard Tee Kew Cee thing, but I'm kinda proud of my accomplishment, and as a reward I an riding all around the perimeter of Bagram tonight
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can you give me some encouraging (or maybe harsh) words to help me get in the ~zone~ to be able to stop smoking?
i really want to stop, but i just need a bit more of a push in the right direction to get me going.

dont care:
what's your favorite food to munch on when you watch a movie?

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My SO has a second job interview for a server position at a restaurant tonight. She's fairly certain she will be hired. We have a vacation planned in June that we both really need. Should she tell them about the vacation upon receiving the job or later (but asap)?

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I am going into my junior year of my undergrad in psychology. I want to be either a forensic or clinical psycologist. My parents and I have been arguing about this for a while now, they think I should switch to human resources and someday go back to get my graduate in psychology if the time is right. The main thing they are concerned about is loans and money. Psychology grad schools are very competitive though, and I know that if I don't get my bachelors in psychology or if I wait to go, then it'll probably never happen.

My academic advisor is much more positive, she has told me that most grad schools give students jobs on campus to sustain their living and that psychology can be very rewarding financially. My parents think she's full of it, many schools DO lie about the success rate of their students to sell kids on a major.

Also, I am borrowing about $11,000 a year.

Even given the economy, is it seriously worth it to give up passion for a career that pays more?

Do grad schools really assist students financially as much as my advisor claims?

Is there a compromise here?

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Are they all lies?

Will you do my laundry?

ps. Don't you think they should secretly make leggings catch on fire if you leave the house without the butt covered? I'd pay money to make that happen.
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So. I moved from a place with lots of natural beauty to a flat town with bad air and nothing but highways, with no natural beauty for miles. I'm finding myself getting very depressed in this environment. Almost every day I feel this pressing need to escape. I've always had a fear of wide, open spaces, and here is just not a good fit for me.

I don't really know what I came here to ask, but anyone have any tips for feeling better? There's nowhere really to even bike or walk, but tomorrow I'm going to drive 20 miles out of town to get to a trail that at least goes through some corn fields. I'm hoping it will help, but even the air here is so terrible I feel I can't escape.

Should I just print some pictures of trees and put them on my walls and pretend I'm not here?
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I turn 21 tomorrow and my coworker was giving me "grown up" advice. She told me that if I ever go to a bar and order beverages, to always order the "well drink." She never got a chance to explain what it meant, so TQC, what does it mean?

Also, what songs should I request while celebrating my birthday?
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TQC I need your opinions!

I was on a site for girls, under the masturbation board. And girls were talking about finding their mother's vibrators and sex toys. And one girl posts that her parents bought her a vibrator at 8 years old. I personally think that is disturbing and sick. Because I wouldn't buy my 8 year old daughter a penetrating vibrator. I would still want her to be my child.

What do you think TQC? Am I being crazy or not?


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So a week ago I go really sick and threw up for about a day. I assumed it was just a bug or food poisoning or something. I've pretty much been nauseous off and on ever since, and it seems to happen after I eat. Any ideas of what it could be? And yes, I know, doctor; I haven't really had time this week, so I ask you first.

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The guy I'm seeing is at a party where he doesn't know anyone and is bored, so I'm texting him obscure challenges. So far he's had to tell people about his new star wars lunch box, and the high profit margins of porridge mines (he's doing a mining degree). What shall I get him to do/say next? All in the name of fun of course.

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I've got money burning a hole in my pocket, TQC, what should I spend it on?

1. I've got to buy a birthday present for my wife, she'll turn 52 at the end of May. Budget $50-100

2. I'm open to impulse purchases of the buy-it-today or-lose-it variety. I already know woot.com (and kids.woot, wine.woot, sellout.woot, shirt.woot) but what other today's-deal sites should I check out?


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Then we got on the subject of strippers being whores. He said that just because they act like a whore, doesn't mean that there having sex with the men, which makes them not a whore. i disagree. i believe that you can be just as big of a whore w/o having sex with guys.
What are your opinions on this? Do you think that the strippers that don't have tons of sex are not whores?
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What's your preferred method of butt-chugging alcohol? I heard wine is preferable because it doesn't burn.

Also, where was the worst place you puked? After today I can add "On myself, all over various parts of i-87 and the Hutchinson Parkway" to my resume.