April 8th, 2010

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Let's say you have the money saved up to buy a brand new car in full, however you have no credit history and would like to take out a loan to start building credit. What percentage of the cost of the car would you put as a downpayment? 50%? 20%? 75%? Something else?
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what time do you usually get up in the morning?

if you have an alarm clock, what noise does it make? like radio, beeeeeeep beeeeeeep beeeeep? etc..

6.30am D:
mine crows like a rooster. it's very annoying.

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Will you post a picture of some delicious looking food?

Also, does anyone know how to make buttered popcorn at home without it being completely disgusting? I just want movie theatre-style popcorn without driving 45 minutes to get it!!

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Can we play 20 questions?


you guys aren't asking very good questions! WHERE IS THE TEAMWORK HERE?!



That may have been too obscure, sorry bbs.


I'm thinking of an animal


booktomato WINS!!

I was thinking of a PENGUIN.

FOR MORE FUN GO TO tqc20questions!!!
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TQC, do you often feel guilty?
Do you feel guilty about small, insignificant things?
What are the symptoms of your guilt?
What was the last thing you felt guilty about (if you want to say)?

Right now I can't be bothered to eat, sleep, see people, do anything. Rough week (private stuff). I don't know a lot of people who feel from guilt as much as I do.
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1. When is the last time you saw nature do something that really freaked you out or amazed you?

I went to the grocery store after class and when I walked outside, it was (very briefly, as usual around here) windy. I stepped out into the parking lot in time to see a gust of wind carry a towering cloud of pollen across the parking lot. It was about 3 car lengths across and just a bit taller than the store I walked out of, so maybe 2 storeys. I don't even have allergies and that freaked me out a little. In a "I BREATHED that, did I just lose my tree-virginity?" kind of way.

2. Have you ever had an "I am a Grownup and I can do whatever I want BWAHAHAHAHA!" moment? Will you tell me about it?

...and that's how the Lucky Charms ended up in my shopping cart.

Gosh, I must be Rip Van Winkle

When did dressing for the club go from “Do I look enough like Doris Day in this wig?” and “Will everyone think I’m just another Clara the Chicken imposter?” to “Do I look slutty enough?”?

Edit for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about: When did club kid culture die?

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1. You are making a playlist of songs to listen to while in the tub. What do you put on it?

2. You have a 6 year old kid. What movies do you get for them? Books?

3. What's the happiest song you know?

dk/dc: What's the last thing you ate?
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Have you ever had a seizure?

If so, was it at night?

While driving?

Were you cognizant during it?

Once you came out of it, how did you feel?

Why did you have it?

I just had one, it is 3 am so it happened midsleep, I have had one while driving before. This one, I felt myself violently shaking, and once I got myself sitting in an upright position the shaking stopped enough that I could drink my emergency juice. I am now scared to go back to bed and waiting until my blood sugar is back to normal, but I feel horrible. Groggy, achy, my neck hurts, :( :( I have type 1 diabetes, and went to a baseball game tonight. I didn't eat enough at the game after all the walking/drinking/shenanigans and have gone waaay too low. This hasn't happened in probably 8 months though, so its sucky.
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for pet owners

Would you have your pet (dog or cat) microchipped?

From what I last checked, the chip is about the size of a piece of rice, so that wouldn't be an issue except it costs several hundred dollars. Based on the article I've came across, the police dog without tags was killed in a pound after being held for 5 days, that's why I'm being concerned for my pets in case of missing, including the missing tags/collars.

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I just want to ask, how do you teach yourself to be more disciplined? I have to admit. I am not that disciplined, but I need to be, because I'm not making it very easy for those living in the same house as I am.
so, how?
tiger on your couch


If you had two animals that were completely identical and you were unable to tell them apart, how would you try to distinguish them? Assuming that you did not want to put a traditional collar-type deal on them.

BRB need to paint a splotch on one cats head

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At about what time do you consider it to be mid-morning?

My boyfriend kept me up last night (not purposely) so I only have had three hours of sleep. Should I make him buy me a latte? If it helps, I painted our house for nine hours yesterday and will be painting again today and I am tired. I also brought him breakfast this morning.

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TQC, what do you do when your friends makes the occasional remark about people that makes you want to tell them they are being subtly racist and/or sexist. I'm not talking about them saying things like "All women are whores", but things that they can say in a public setting, and most people listening wouldn't bat an eye about it.

Do you keep silent? Do you call them out on it? Do you stop being their friend?

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I have a job interview (YAY! Finally). No, this is not a 'what am I gonna wear' question. I can dress myself, thanks!

There is an weird situation surrounding everything though. My boyfriend and I have driven past this business before and he recognized a car parked outside. He knows the person who owns that car. Well, that business is the one who called me for an interview and turns out it's the same person who owns that car.

So my boyfriend and interviewer know each other, but the interviewer doesn't know this. My question is... Should I bring up the fact that we have a mutual friend?

I tried to ask my boyfriend many questions about this, like why don't they talk anymore and if they were on good terms. He didn't make it very clear to me. Both of them belonged to a car club and had an argument over $40, but he thinks that they won't hold a grudge since it wasn't directly his fault. I'm thinking if I bring him up, it will either make or break the deal .. What should I do?

ETA - One more fact is that his ex-gf use to work there and was/is friends with interviewer. All this I find out after they call me! Even if I don't bring it up and I do get the job.. it's going to be awkward at some point in the future!!

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I'm about to buy presale tickets for a concert. I have no idea who I am going with yet. Or if I am even going with more than one person. I plan to buy at least two tickets and then sort it out (the concert is in July). Should I buy the general admission/floor tickets or the ones with assigned seats if the seats are good?

Disadvantages of floor would be the fact that I am short and don't really want to get smashed up in the front.

Disadvantages of seats would be if more people wanted to come we would not be together.


Edit: I got GA.
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last week i was out of town and cousin A stayed in my apartment to watch my cat, and i let cousin B (they are sisters, and close friends) borrow my car. i asked specifically that there be no smoking in my apartment, and i left the car with a half tank of gas.

ETA: they both used the car and stayed in the house. but the house is more A's responsibility since i asked her, and B is responsible for the gas mileage.

when i returned, my gas tank was empty and there was a leak in my tire which, upon fixing, showed that my tie rods are loose and will cost me around $400 to replace.
my apartment smelled like weed and cigarettes and i had to re-wash all the clean clothes that were left in the basket in my room. the bed was un-made, the litter box was full, and the garbage was overflowing. the only thing cousin A seemed to do was the dishes. they ate all my food and drank my wine and none of it was replaced.

i said to A that B left my tank empty and she said "well what did you expect, that is how she rolls" WTF

i am going to hire my mom's cleaning lady to come and clean my place to get the smell out, etc. i am planning on asking my cousins to split the cost between each other, which i think is fair. how can i go about this nicely? should i not even bother trying to be nice?

have you ever let someone borrow your things/space and had a shitty experience?
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Interested parties are interested - What do you consider "cheating" on your SO (in a monogamous relationship) to be? Meaning, at what point does it cross the line from being okay to cheating? Kissing? A well-orchestrated affair that lasts for months?
In what circumstances is cheating forgivable?
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i'm seeking some serious retribution against my coworkers. one thing i'm wanting to do is clog the sink drain - just for pure inconvenience. but it's damn near impossible! i've had petals, stems, pollen, the goopy stuff we use [i work in a grocery store that has a flower dept].. it all just sucks on down the drain. any suggestions? i'm hoping to avoid anything with an odor.. if at all possible..

i've google searched every way i know to phrase it, but everything comes up with UNclogging the drain. i've searched -un, -declog, -prevent; whatever, it's not come up with how to clog it. so i need some ideas :) thanks!

ehhhh - it was a bad idea all along. you were right.. end of story.
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I'm hungry and have an hour before class. I have about 13 dollars.
Should I get something from my college cafeteria, from the mini Taco Bell in it, from the student store or just wait until later to eat?
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gym choices

Okay TQC, I'm getting back into going to the gym, but I can't decide which to go to, so here is my ridiculous pro and con list, hyper organized into a table lololol

Collapse )

I know it seems as though I've made up my mind, but the one thing really weighing me down is the traffic at the Gold's location. If it's a busy time, it'll be a nightmare getting in and out. If it's not, it should be okay.

So, which one?

Gold's Gym
LA Fitness


No ticky.

DK/DC: What are you wearing right now?

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Do you think its OK to buy a foreclosed property at auction and flip it for a profit?
What about if you just want to live in it?
Level it and build an enclosure for the tiger you want to buy?

Post a picture of your dream house?

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when you are in some crowded place and the thought of 'SOMEONE HERE MIGHT BE PSYCHIC AND CAN HEAR WHAT I'M THINKING' pops into your head, do you do any entertaining irrational things to keep them from hearing your true thoughts? will you tell me about them so i can laugh at you?

Fuck you Richard Kelly!

When I finish the housework I'm going to attempt to watch Southland Tales again & try to understand the fucking thing.

So to do this I'll need

A huge bowl of popcorn
That half full bottle of bourbon I've got in the cupboard
Left over easter chocolate
An icepick to the ear
Something else


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If you could go on a vacation right this moment, not considering price, probability, etc., where would you go? What all would you do? 

I am craving a trip to the beach. I usually hate the beach, but right now I want to pack up my swimsuit and head to the coast. I would stay in a nice high rise hotel on Myrtle Beach, and go out to a dinner of crab cakes and beachy music. In the morning I would go parasailing. Lunch at Hard Rock, tacky souvenir shopping, playing in the waves. I need it. Now. 

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My mom is about to turn 60 years old, she has been taking care of her elderly mother for the last 5+ years. First in her home and then this year, as my grandma's health has declined, she's now in a nursing facility. (Putting my grandma in a nursing home was something my mother fought with for a LONG time.) My mom goes there every day after working full-time. She feeds her, helps bathe her and takes her to the toilet. My grandma has arthritis and Parkinson's Disease, so she can't do anything on her own.
I think my mother is a freaking saint. I don't not know how she does it. She's basically my hero.

Would you be able to take care of your elderly parent?

Do you have siblings?

Have you ever discussed the distance (or near future) and how you might be called to duty so to speak?

Is it the adult children's responsibility to care for their parents if needed?

Meta question

Do any of you ever plan on asking a question in this community and then randomly change your minds at the last second?  If so, what is your most common reason for doing so?  Are you suddenly unsure of your question or do you feel that some questions are better left unasked, either in general or in a public forum?

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This poll is actually more fun if you know nothing about football (soccer) so take your best guess :).

Who do you think will win the Champions League [sic] this year?

Inter Milan. (Italian team)
Bayern Munich. (German team)
Lyon. (French team)
Barcelona. (Spanish team)

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You are in a technical writing class and have to perform a Consumer Report-style review of a product. The product has to be widely available in at least four brands. What would you review? It can be edible, but it doesn't have to be.
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I have to fly from dc to israel at the end of may. What do you think would be the best way to get a good deal? Would a travel agent help? I don't even know how they work. Has anybody used priceline (the name your own price part) for international travel?

Challenge yourself

What is the most convincing argument you've heard for the opposite of one of your strongest opinions?

For example, if you are against universal healthcare what's the best argument you've heard for universal healthcare? If you are an atheist what is the best proof you've ever heard of God existing?

Do you often use opposing viewpoints to make your arguments stronger when you're trying to convince other people?

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How much student loan did you have? How much have you paid back?

I am really tempted to not allow myself to buy anything but food and the essentials for the next year, so that I can put half of my paychecks into repaying my loans.

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I'm just getting over a really nasty stomach bug, and feel like i've been beaten up.
It's sunny outside. I have lots of revision. I need to sort out my room. I need to write an article for my volunteer post.
What do I do? I have 4 weeks to revise, need to get the article done pretty soon, can't bear to do either when my room is such a tip, but don't feel up to doing anything more than staying in the garden.
Which one?

Deleted Post?

Was a post deleted or did I hallucinate one between the All relationships are controlled by the person who cares least." and the Jane Fonda one?


I got the text:

Do you run? How did you get started?

I just attempted the first day of the
Couch to 5k program and it was such a massive failure. I got a really bad cramp in my side, my shins hurt like crazy, I was so scared that I was gonna stumble and fly off the treadmill, and now I feel like I'm tripping balls from that post-treadmill feeling. I only lasted 10 minutes, and only like 3 of those minutes were actual running! I am not in terrible shape, so I thought this would be easy. Durrr.

Do you have any tips for me? Mostly I'm wondering about the shin pain and side cramping. Do I just have to work through that stuff, or did I do something wrong to begin with?

dk/dc: Tell me about your failed attempts at fitness.
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So, I am a single lonely fortyish-year-old male, and have been presented with the possiblity of a threesome with two eighteen-year-old (-ish) friends. This is legal where I am. Should I follow this up, TQC?

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I am sending a sympathy card to a family (family friends, the mother/wife has just passed away). I am not sure how to address the envelope - the card is to "Bob, Jo, Susie" etc, but do I just write "The MacIntoshes" on the envelope? Is that how you pluralize MacIntosh? :/

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Me and my mom called my Band and my Oral Surgeon and asked them "wtf". They have scheduled my to have me wisdom teeth (all 4) out tomorrow morning!!!

How should I celebrate?! 
Should I still be bitter about them taking so long when really they made the decision, which is an "8-10 week" over the phone after only 4 weeks? 8-10 weeks seems like a cover for being lazy about it, but what do I know.

Have you ever been stoned at work?
Last night on my pain medication when I was working O/N I got stoned on them. It was terrible and I was freaking out about being stoned and at work on my first O/N alone. I'm glad I don't have to take these pain killers anymore (Oyx's).

What was the last thing you ate?
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so me and my most recent ex live in the same neighborhood and, you know, MAYBE i'm still not over him and his stupid amazing-good looks... and MAYBE i'm still mad at him and slightly holding a little hope that MAYBE we'll get back together (for the third time), even though MAYBE he's a big huge giant douche bag.
so to the point, i'm often driving around and he thinks he can stroll around the neighborhood on his stupid bike like he owns the place and all it does is remind me of him because he always seems to make it a point to stop and watch me as i drive by. i don't think he has the right to ride around this neighborhood like this because i'm older and i've lived here longer.
how should i stop this offensive behavior? run him over? drive over to his place at night and steal his bike?
SRS ANSWERS ONLY, THIS MUST BE STOPPED. i don't think i'm thinking creatively enough.

PS: TQC, you're all my favorite.

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Do you ever do online reviews of things like movies on netflix, a product you bought, a business, an apartment complex, or anything like that? If you can find one, can you link to one of your reviews?

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Do you have any tips for disciplining a cat? We've used the spray bottle, clapping & yelling "no," but our kitten Tony (8 months) continues to push the boundaries. He'll jump off the counter or away from whatever food he's stealing/keys he's knocking down/window blinds he's bending, but then will slink right back over. He used to only go back when he thought we weren't looking, but now he'll blatantly just go back and do it all over again. I think part of the problem with the spray bottle is that he actually loves water (but does get startled by it, so at least we have that). He's adorable but totally getting on my nerves! Help! Do you have any experiences like this to share?
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what are your favorite EASY (preferably healthy) chicken recipes?

for example, tonight i made pseudo mexican chicken by putting salsa and shredded cheese on a chicken breast and baking it. so good, yet super simple.
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Have you ever seen really cool stuff on the bathroom walls?
At the coffee place I'm at, the bathrooms are covered in it. My favorite says "Bathroom graffiti is done neither for fame, nor monetary gain. Therefore, it is art in its purist form. Discuss?"

What are you holding behind your back?
Space Cadet
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Cruising, Working, Singing and Dinner

Is it possible to take a cruise ship from the west coast of the U.S all the way through to Asia?

Do you know anyone who is working for, or going to work for, the Census Bureau? What will they be doing?

Do you sing when you're driving in your car?

What's for dinner?

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What was the last thing you noticed about yourself, appearance-wise?

I didn't realize until somebody pointed it out, but I have three freckles on my nose. :(

DK/DC: What was the last thing you noticed about yourself in general?

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Your SO has a sex dream involving the celebrity s/he finds most attractive.
Your SO tells you s/he had this dream.
Do you feel as though this is cheating? What would you do and how would you feel? Would you even want to know such information?
This came up on the radio this morning.

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TQC, my SO's mother has a case of the stupids and somehow thinks that buying her son a family cruise for his 21st birthday is the Greatest Idea Ever (TM). Mostly because she wants the cruise herself. I mean, the guy has friends, and I'm totally going to be romantic and take him out to get shitfaced. The cruise isn't even to anywhere he wants to go (it'd be in the Caribbean and he hates the beach/beach-related activities). She's probably going to end up guilting him into it and it kind of sucks because I probably won't be able to go. Isn't this a really idiotic idea? What awesome ideas could I propose instead? If you had to have a big trip for your 21st birthday, where would you want to go?


Today on my way home from work I noticed a few particular trees that seem to have blossomed overnight. They have triangle-shaped clusters of light-ish purple flowers that hang down from the branches... what kind of trees/flowers are these?!

Alternatively, I am heading to the grocery store to buy (among other things) chocolate. In what form should I buy it? (donuts, cookies, ice cream, etc... be specific!)
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Can you recommend a functional desktop printer that is fairly priced and does a decent job? I'll mostly be printing boring school stuff, so it doesn't have to have color (or do all printers have them both, now?).

DK/DC: If you had to serve in a branch of your local Military, what would you choose? You can leave your current country if you'd like, but where you went instead, you'd have to serve in theirs.
United States Marine Corps

EDIT: Are you doing One Day Without Shoes?
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when you're in a relationship with someone, how do you handle holiday time? do you and your s/o go your separate ways to be with your own families or do you split the time?

have you ever been in a situation where your family hated your s/o and refused to allow them to attend a holiday get-together? how did you and your s/o handle it?

dk/dc: if you are overweight, what is your biggest challenge as far as losing weight is concerned? my sister is trying to lose weight and told me that she can't do it because she likes pop too much and literally can not bring herself to give it up. she probably drinks 4-8 cans per day.

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How ill have you been this year?

My whole family have got this really nasty stomach bug. I'm coming out the other end, but am in a lot of pain. I feel the need to eat something though.
What's a good, light thing to eat? I managed a pizza and some grapes last night.
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Back in 2007, I was able to skip French 1001 at my college and go straight to 1002, because I was fluent. I got an A in the course. I'm no longer fluent, though I can read/write/speak it enough to get by. I'm currently registering for classes, and FREN2001's only prereq is having passed 1002 with a D.

So, do I challenge myself and try to jump into 2001, or do I take the easy way out and go with 1001?

If it makes a difference, I will also be taking Survey of Chemistry + Lab, Macroeconomics, and Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry.
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 My boyfriend and I just got back from our daughter's parent teacher conference. Her teacher could not stop raving about how well she's doing. TQC, how should I reward my wonderful daughter?

Edit: My daughter is 7. 
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as a borders employee, should i be worried about the store that i work at (which is in a major city) closing? i recently learned of 200 stores across the country that closed this year & of course the management at the store did not say anything. do you know any further information about the future of the company?
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I'm sick. I have tonsillitis and the doc prescribed Kelflex. He prescribed four doses of 500 mg per day. This means I am taking 2000 mg of this drug every day for 7 days. The side effects have almost been as bad as the sickness. (Dizzyness, fatigue, the shits ew.) Have you ever been on this drug before? Have you ever had these (or other) side effects? In your professional opinion do my tonsils need to come out?

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feel the rush

Where would YOU study abroad?

If you were to pick between these 4 places to study abroad in college for a semester, where would you go and why?

1. Bolivia (and you get to go to the continent's largest festival)
2. Botswana (lots of safaris, lots of animals and camping)
3. The Amazon rainforest in Brazil
4. Zanzibar (coastal island off the coast of Tanzania)

(no subject)

How far in advance would you feel comfortable planning things when you're in a new relationship? At what point can you safely assume you'll still be together with the person in x months?

I've been in a relationship for four months and we're probably going to book a vacation together soon, to take place in two months. I'm pretty sure we'll still be together then but it does feel a little odd to me to be planning something fairly big like that when two months is half the total time we've been together.
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I have 8 sunflower seed sprouts in little pots on my back porch. It's going to thunderstorm soon. Should I bring them inside? or should I stick them under the tarp?

They're calling for 25mph+ wind gusts! I don't want them to fly away! But if I bring them inside, the cats might gnaw on them.

Do you have a green thumb? I do not. These sprouts are a fluke. They were doing well until I went on vacation and my roommate forgot to water them for 3 days. Now they are all wilty and yellowish. Do you think they'll come back to life?? They're in some Miracle Grow soil!
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this is a stupid question

I got my hair cut one week ago. I have decided that I want it to be much shorter. Would it be weird to make an appointment for next week? If so, how weird?

I don't want them to think I'm ~strange~ for coming back so soon and it's also kind of expensive, so I can't decide. I know I'm over thinking this.

getting off unemployment

I know a guy who yesterday said to me that he wants to stay unemployed. His reasoning is that Unemployment pays him $850/month with no taxes and he doesn't have to do any work. If he gets a minimum wage job and manages to get full time (40 hrs) he'll only make a little more than that; more than likely he wont even get full time. So why bother getting a job?

How can I knock some sense into him, other than beating him with a baseball bat?

(no subject)

I've had the shittiest phone on earth (it usually won't even make calls) for about a year. I was waiting for my contract to be up so I could get a new one discounted but I can't wait any longer, so I'm just going to splurge and pay the full price.

What kind of phone do you have? Would you recommend it? If not, can you recommend me any other phone you or an acquaintance have had that works really well? Preferably with a keyboard, but not a smart phone.

The AT&T guys and online reviews recommended the phone I have now so I'm not trusting them anymore, I want personal opinions!

[ETA] I have an LG Neon right now.
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my visa bill is due today and i didn't see the due date until tonight at 6. i paid online asap but i reaaally don't want to have to pay interest because it's a pretty heavy bill. and since i paid after 5pm, it probably won't go through until tmr. how strict is visa with their deadlines?


Which condoms are the best/most effective?


Does anyone have a subscription to the Consumer Reports website and can send me their ratings of condoms? (I found a list of the top ones on the site, but I want to see the chart  =/ )
Bite me, bitch...

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Why are a bunch of TQC'ers pretending to have a life just cause it's Friday Thursday night?

What're those posers really up to, TQC?

nonsrs only if you haven't caught that yet

Uh, whoa. Edited for the actual day of the week. LOL. -.-
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what is the most ridiculous pathological lie you've ever told?

ever told a lie that got so big you had no choice but keep telling lie on top of lie just to cover up your existing lie? what was the original lie?

(no subject)

I am about to legally have the ability to buy alcohol from the good ol' 7-Eleven down the block at the stroke of midnight. (!!!)

Will you please give me some of your favorite booze suggestions so I can try them all out, at the same time, all night long?
Watching 'The Road to El Dorado'...
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Incidentally, he is from Russia....

What do you guys think of Collapse )
Do any of you guys have other freaky manips you'd like to share?

Also, does anyone have a certain photo of Vladimir Putin that I saw here not too long ago? It's a close-up of him in a fur hat and he's looking up slightly...he looks really young and I'm pretty sure the photo itself was a black and white one. I do remember it catching me off guard because he looked so attractive in it, lol. (I looked through Google, Wiki, and even through photos in a Putin fan page on Facebook, all to no avail.) Thanks!

EDIT: Yay, I got the photo...:-D! Thanks again, oneminutecloser!
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i have verizon and just selected the option to block my ex from being able to call or text me.

if she tries to call me, what will happen on her end? what about if she tries to text? will it let her know that she's been blocked or appear as if i never received it? (you know how in your sent txts it either has an arrow or a check mark depending on whether it's been delivered or not? will it just remain an arrow?)

if nobody knows, is there someone willing to exchange numbers with me and experiment with this blocking feature? lol

(no subject)

What's the quickest way to delete facebook friends/is there a quicker way than going to a specific persons profile and clicking delete?
ETA: Thanks, found this one after a bit of clicking!

How private is your facebook?

(no subject)

I am incapable of burping. Instead, my throat makes these strange gurgling noises. Does anyone else have this problem? I've tried to research what it could be but have no clue. I don't think It's acid reflux since I don't feel anything come up. What could it be?