April 7th, 2010

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My car radio doesn't work. I was going to make a new mix cd because I'm getting tired of my old ones, but I want this cd to be made up of purely punk rock, GOOD punk rock. Suggestions? You can specify songs. Thanks so much :D
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What do you do about neighbors who will not shut the fuck up?

It is hot as hell in Virginia and we don't have AC. I need to have my window open or I will sweat to death. All of this is pointless anyway, because these douchebags in the house around the corner (the house my room faces) stand in the street, the ditch leading behind my house, or in our neighbors backyard shouting until three in the morning every night. I have work, and I cannot sleep with their shenanigans.

We've called the cops on them a few times, we even tried to play nice and go over and talk to them and ask them to take it inside. They told us to fuck off.

The upside of this is they regularly walk drunk through our side yard and out of that they have repeatedly dropped expensive electronics which we keep and enjoy. On the downside THEY REGULARLY WALK DRUNK THROUGH OUR PROPERTY.

What do I do, TQC? This is getting to be detrimental to my ability to get to sleep to get up in time for work.

edited becuz i r gud speler
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 More tales from the "stupid freshmen I'm required to be a mentor for" crypt!

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being total ambivalence and 10 being "about to call in the firing squad on your ass," how upset would you be to discover that your roommate used your razor in the shower to shave their armpits, once or twice a week for a couple of months? (her story is that she forgot to put a new razor in the shower and so she used her roommate's, and then just "forgot").

This question brought to you by the shrieking, indignant 18 year olds down the hall who each insist that the other get a fine for, alternatively, "using my things without permission" and "total harassment". 

ETA: They both use separate razors for their pubes, so the only things this razor has touched on either body is armpits and legs.

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I injured my neck pretty bad today and I'm getting ready to take muscle relaxers. However, the container doesn't have the 'amount to take' information on it. Can I take two and still be ok?

**Figured out how many to take. Thanks guys, now I'm going to bed**

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do you find any particular journalist/news anchor attractive? if so, would you care to post a picture?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


still can't believe he's 44

if not, do you have a favorite journalist/news anchor?

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TQC, I took you're advice and went to the ER around 5pm today about my tooth pain.

I was finally seen at 10pm and given a pack of four Percocet.I took 2 when I got home and it worked for an hour and a half. Then I was in more pain that before I took the pills. I want to save the other ones because while it sucked even worse after while I was on them I felt nothing. So I took 2 motrin instead.

I have been screaming and crying on the floor in pain, I have to work tomorrow (overnight) and I'm freaking out right now. I feel like total shit.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to take my mind off things? 

Drugs aren't working and I have to wait at least 3 hours to try to take anything else or I'll OD on pain killers. Keep in mind that it's after 2 am here and I can't drive on this shit as I hallucinate.
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What's the worst idea for a movie to musical?

My friend and I decided Schindler's List the musical would be horrible on so many levels.  Or Spider-Man (Oh Bono you and your 40+ million dollars).

Pitzer College

Hi, guys.

So I'm pretty sure I'm going to do my junior year, next year, as a domestic exchange student at Pitzer College. If there's anyone here who goes or has gone that can answer my questions, I'd appreciate it.

1. Being in the position that I am in (not a freshman but an upperclassman), what level of ease should I expect when it comes to making friends?

2. Should I or should I not bring my car?

3. Any experience with the creative writing department? (I'm a fiction writer.)


religion theme maybe?

Do you know anything about The United Centers for Spiritual Living? Anyone who has been a part of it? Are YOU?


WTF do you believe then? (edited since I found no satisfying answers in post previous)


What kind of pickles do you like?
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"It's in the nature of my breed".

Do you have any character traits or faults you blame on your biology (Gender, race)?
I no longer do, but my grandfather had me convinced for 5 years I was bad at math because I was a woman. When I turned 12 I realized he was an idiot and that I was poor at math because I did a rubbish job of studying.
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sort of a fml post+question.. I realised that when my parents die, I am going to be all alone here.. I mean, its not like Im not alone right now, but i do have people to go back to... I have tonnes of friends. But my tonnes of friends only use me and they dont really bother when I need them, they find it troublesome if i need someone to cry to... or talk to.. Or when they go out somewhere fun.. Im just the 'use up all you want' friend. I dont have a boyfriend.. I had one.. he left me after 5 years and now hates me because Im me..I dont think I will ever get over him, and Im really ok with being single all my life. Problem is Im not ok with being alone..

My question is... How do you 'do alone'.? How do you have vacations alone? How do you go clubbing alone? How do you do alone? I so wanna go to the beach right now... and, no one is willing.. not even my parents.. I dont even know what to do with myself if i go alone..

how do you do alone?

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I wanted to wear my hair down today, but I just looked outside, and it is windy as all fuck. What should I do with my hair now? It goes to mid-back, and I also have bangs. All I'm doing today is dropping off some paintings for the student show at school, and then I might go to the library. TQC, halp my hair?

How are you doing your hair today?

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I'm priming and painting the hallway walls this week. Have you ever painted your house (indoors or outdoors)? Was it fun? Would you do it again?

Should we paint the guest bedroom grey, a delicate peach, or cream like the rest of the house so far?

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Do you over think? What have you over thought lately?

My boyfriend (just recently got back together) got shipped over seas to Korea 4 days ago and I wrote him a super long message about how I missed/loved him and instead of responding he just wrote "hey you...I miss you" Now I'm afraid he doesn't love me. Wtf I must be over thinking this. validate me?

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Why did i get deleted before i could edit my post?

i'm hurt. deeply hurt
I'm shocked too. Deeply shocked
I'm a Republican. Deeply Republican.
I'm also deep fat fried

EDIT-O-MATIC: the girl at work here is sporting handcuffs on her body armor. How aroused should I be?
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yesterday, I just saw my best friend finally getting married..
what surprised me is that seeing her exchange vows with a man, scared the crap out of me.
I feel so scared for her, because at that moment she's getting into a commitment that has no turning back.

Which made me think,  are you scared for a lifetime commitment?
What makes a person be sooooo willing to have a lifetime commitment with somebody (except LOVE)???
how does a couple survive for a lifetime relationship??.
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How can you tell the difference between general tooth sensitivity and cavity caused sensitivity?    I have a tooth that has this problem a lot and it was gone for a while but it's coming back again and I never know for sure it it's just a temporary thing (as before) or a new problem.   If it was any other place in my mouth, I would know it was a cavity.   

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For my class on Tuesday (Mythological Narratives); I have to dress up mythologically, and bring some kind of mythological food.
I have NO IDEA what to do..
do you guys have any suggestions?

Obviously it's not completely serious; so anything will work really.

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TQC, what is your experience with Delta Air Lines? I'll be flying to Costa Rica for school in a few months, and I'm wary of checking any bags.

DK/DC: What do you normally take with you when you travel?

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I'm dyeing my hair with semi-permanent color, and I have one question - is it better to put the color on just-washed clean hair, or on unwashed hair? I read somewhere that you're supposed to wash it beforehand, but my mom thinks it's the other way around.

DK/DC: How many colors has your hair been? Dark brown (naturally), auburn. 

Really awkward situation

My best friend is having a hockey-playing birthday party. I cannot play hockey. Or any sports. If I go I will either end up standing on the ice and avoiding everyone else (which is lame) or sitting there watching them and being bored (which is also lame). My friend said she would understand if I didn't go at all, but if I don't go I will look like a jerk; however, there's a good chance they're doing something after the hockey so I could just show up afterwards, but I'd still feel bad about it.

What should I do?

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TQC, should I drop about $900 to go visit a friend of mine in the Netherlands? If it helps, she's offered to pay for my trains, drinks, and food and I would stay with her so no hotel.

Here are the other details:
- I might not have a job over the summer, but I have enough saved to live off of in case I don't work.
- I also might have to go to the middle east for research, but unless someone is paying for me to do that lol it ain't happening.
- My family across the country also wants me to visit, and I may have a short summer position there so I'd have to pay to fly there too.

tbh though I'm burnt out and I kinda just want a vacation with my friend.
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should i work from 3-9:30 tonight or can you think of something better for me to do?

will you draw a self-portrait in paint and post in comments so i (or we if others would like to participate) can rate your looks from 1-10?

do you have a planner? is it helpful? should i get a planner for school to keep up with the reading/assignments?

ETA: should i get my belly button pierced, or is that too 1995?

ETA2(because TQC is going slow today): what the most ridiculous thing you've seen today?
my answer:Collapse )

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TQC, I seriously hate vegetables. Like, I avoid eating them at all unless they're on a cheeseburger. I don't think I've eaten a vegetable outside that context in over two years. Can you give me your most delicious, flavorful vegetable recipes?

(Considering I hate all vegetables equally, I'm down for trying anything.)

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What flea treatment do you use for your pets?

What type of vehicle do you see the most of where you live?
(In my office parking lot, 27 of 32 vehicles are pickups.)

Do you drink 8 glasses of water per day?

What sort of toppings should I get for my burger grilling tonight?

Apples or orangutans?
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Camera Suggestions

I'm traveling to North Africa this summer. I'm on the hunt for cameras. Currently, I'm looking at the Canon Digital Rebel XSi. What do you suggest? The most I'm willing to pay is probably $800.

What has been your experience traveling with dSLRs? Should I just purchase a compact point & shoot?

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So my friend is seeing this guy (they aren't really official) and earlier today she saw on his facebook wall from a chick saying....
"What are you doing tomorrow night? Wanna make it a movie night? Text me."

Is he seeing this chick behind my friends' back or is it just a friendly thing?

Have you ever been in a situation like this before?
Cats pawing at mommy's face

My grandmother would smile down on this drinking game

I'm going to my grandmother's memorial this weekend. I'm going to be around my uncle that I hate, cousins I don't care for, and a bunch of people I generally feel awkward around. The upside is that my mother has promised me that there will be booze.

The clear answer to my social awkwardness and disliking people around is a drinking game!
So far I only have a few "drink when" cues:
- when my uncle says how much he cared about his mother (who he saw twice in the last 6 years of her life, despite living within a few hours' drive)
-when someone says she's smiling down on me/tells me that she's with God now/other cliched funeral phrases

What else can I add to the list?

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There are what I assume are wasps stuck between the screen and the glass of my bedroom window, two of them. I can only see one of them right now, but I know there were two a little while ago.

Why would they do this to me?
i am freaking out omg im crying help me :(

Staffing agencies

Is it worth it to use a staffing agency to try to get a job when I have no professional experience? All I have is a few years of fast food service, and I did an internship at an office where I used really simple programs only (Microsoft Word). I want to work in an office or something...well, something not related to fast food.
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You live on the third floor of a house with no Air conditioner. Its summer. What do you do to keep your room cool?
The room is smallish, and has one large window and gets a lot of sun.

what cheep thing will feed 7 people for dinner tonight

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I'm not the MOST html inclined person, but I know the basics. Is there any way for me to put my tumblr feed into my livejournal so that it updates my lj in sync with my tumblr?

dk/dc What's your favorite place to buy dresses and such for spring time? Im so excited for this 86 degree weather we're having in Mass!
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Question 1: My fiance is ALL EXCITED about grilling tonight. His pick: Italian sausage. I am trying to find something reasonably healthy to go along with it. Grilled veggies aren't totally out of the question, but I kinda hate to pick up the sad looking and super-pricey squashes at the grocery when there will be cheaper fresh ones available soon enough. Any suggestions?

Question 2: I am currently using AbiWord as an MS Word replacement. It's OK, not great. Any other good free/cheap word processing programs out there?

Question 3 (the dk/dc): What do you collect? Do you have a huge awesome collection of something? (I have about 4000 books, it makes moving difficult :/ )
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hypothetical situation

OK, so there's a guy who likes my friend. He tried to kiss her, but she declined because she's not sure he's serious enough and she's intimidated by his exes. They're both in college and she's never been kissed; he knows this. He's apparently broken a few hearts but he's a good guy.

He also asked her if she's going to a dance this Friday and she said no, and is avoiding the dance on purpose.

I know her pretty well and I think that she's to shy to make a move. I know she likes him but I think she's too shy anyways and his skittishness about commitment may scare her off. If she doesn't...  I like to think he's fair game? I've talked with him and we have a lot in common, I think he's pretty cute, and a cool guy.

What do you guys think? Do I make a move or not?
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I have a 2008 MacBook Pro. And it's howling. Literally. I've only found two ways to trigger the howling so far: setting basic HTML as the default view in Gmail (wtf) and by loading and clicking anywhere on the Facebook homepage. The basic HTML thing makes it howl every time, but the Facebook thing works intermittently. It's a kind of crappy-quality audio sound that plays through the speakers and is of a wolf howling.

From Googling, the only explanation I've seen is a widget called "Flappie," but this only does it in the evenings and only once. And I don't have that widget. Soooo ... why the hell is my computer howling?
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Guys, can you help me find some memes? I'm looking for ones in this style:
Collapse )

If you hate memes, what's your favorite thing to get form the Asian supermarket? I've been trying all the different candies and noodle bowls.

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i've found four of these beetle things in my room since late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. they're no longer than my pinky nail when it's cut but not quite as wide. they're black with this yellowish white stripe across the back middle, side to side.

they look kinda like this, though a bit smaller. and keep in mind i'm a terrible drawer and am using a laptop:


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Because we're talking about hormonal contraceptives in my human sexuality class right this second...
Do you use any kind of contraceptive/birth control methods? Condoms/pill/shot/IUD/cap/whatever, anything.
Do you combine methods?
i ain't into that!

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How do you pronounce the word 'tour'?

Too-er or tore? Something else?

EDIT: does the beginning of the word sound like "too" or does it rhyme with "more"?
I think that makes more sense. I hope.

Where you from? 
Old Fashioned
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TQC, Decide my life for me: Should I try to get a 2nd job this summer?

One one hand: I could really use the money- I'm going into my last year of university next year, am not eligible for provincial student loans, and am going to have to take a sizable chunk of private bank loans to make it through. Also, travelling to see my parents/ long distance bf (which I'd love to do more of) is expensive.

On the other hand: I already have a full time summer job that may ask me to work some funky hours, and I'm taking an online course on top of working over the summer. I've worked 2 jobs over the summer before, but I was starting to burn out this winter and I'm worried if I overload myself too much I'll burn out completely before I finish. Help?

DK/DC: What country would you most like to visit? Why?
thanks fulloforliness


 I've been noticing somewhere weird going on with my body for the past few weeks. My upper back hurts ALOT. It's not a bad pain but it's more dull agony pain. Also, I've noticed that I have problems breathing at night when I'm lying on my side and the only way I can sleep is on my back. Also, my heart has been racing for the past few days and I've been going short of breath when walking around campus.

What's wrong with me??? 

dn/dc what's the temperature were you are?

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 Have you ever fostered a dog? What was it like? I've never owned a dog before and was thinking fostering could help the local rescue group and also be a good way to see what life with a dog is like. 
i say, old bean

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is there anything you feel you should be used to by now, but aren't for whatever reason?

for me, it's earthquakes. like, forreal wtf am i doing in california?

what is one thing you've seen that you'll never forget?

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Have you ever snuck into the movies? Did you use creative methods or just wait til one movie was over and then sneak into a second? What did you see?

This seems like a good way to spend tomorrow.

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You have 8 pages of a 15 page research paper due in a day and a half. This paper is the major grade for the course, and while you're interested in the topic, you're a college student and have procrastinated. A lot. You have sources, but you haven't really looked through them much yet. Your professor just gave you the option of not doing the paper and taking a final exam instead. You haven't been paying as close attention throughout the semester as you would have had you known you had a final in the course.

Do you stick with the paper or do you go for the final exam instead?

DK/DC, what is your favorite Disney movie?

Edit: Eight pages are due in a day and a half. You'll have to write seven more pages within the next few weeks.
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i'm so forlorn. Manchester United are out of the Champions League, i'm so distressed over this boy situation and "Man in the Mirror" just came on iTunes and it makes me miss Michael like a crazy person. i just don't know what to do with myself.

will you post things to cheer me up? give me some advance? Western Union some money to me to buy many beers? this mac and cheese ain't doin' it for me.

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So, I don't feel like looking through pages and pages on dafont.com. Can you post your favorite font(s)?
Just whatever you've got saved.
Preferably fonts that are narrow, cursivey, and pretty OR fonts that are texty-booky-tipewritery.
Or, you know, if you have both, you can post both. :D

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1. you would stay friends with someone if you learned they were a sex offender?

2. would you continue to date someone if they told you they were a sex offender?

3. how many, if any, sex offnders are in your town?

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I have a split shift on the 10th. I work from 10:30 to 3. Then come back at 3:30 and work till 8. They did this so they wouldn't have to give me an hour long lunch? y/y?

Found this. What a wonderful state I live in.
Alabama has no meal or rest break laws for workers over the age of 18. Nineteen U.S. states have laws that require employers to give lunch breaks or coffee breaks to workers; Alabama is not among them.

The best practice in HR is go give workers a 30-minute unpaid meal break and two 10 or 15 minute paid rest breaks, per 8 hour shift. That’s because those breaks have been shown to increase productivity. However, there is no law requiring them in Alabama.
deal with it
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I have a 2001 Saturn SC. In the winter, while trying to get my car out of the snow, I damaged the "rack and pinion" (whatever that is @_@) and the power steering has been out ever since. As I don't have the money to fix it, I just left it be. However I need to get my car inspected this month, and I am wondering if anyone knows if it would be able to pass without power steering? :\

Also how do you like your bagel?


what else should i put in a smoked chicken soup?

(right now i'm making the broth with a smoked chicken carcass/what's left of the meat, a little bit of dried onion, and some adobo...i am going to add baby carrots and maybe half a real onion in a little bit).

i want to put black beans, but i can't as my mother has a legume allergy. so...what else? i was thinking maybe potatoes?

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For those of you who don't wash your hair every time you shower, do you rinse your hair out or keep it dry?

What is your favorite potted plant? Plant in general?

Where did you get your favorite spring/summer dress or skirt?
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For many years, I've suspected that I've had a math-related learning disability or something similar. Because I was declared ~*gifted*~ in second grade, my inability to do math was always chalked up to poor study skills or laziness. When I've tried to express to my parents recently my opinion that I might have a learning disability, they just said I was over-reacting and that math is just my 'bad' subject. I don't think they understand just how little I can understand numbers. I'm 23 years old and don't know my times tables, nor can I do simple addition and subtraction in my head. I also often reverse numbers as I'm reading them, either in my head or aloud (something that, when I worked in retail always used to cause customers to freak out what I thought was an inordinate amount).

Do you think I'm overreacting?
Is it worth it now, as an adult about to graduate from college, to find out of I have any sort of learning difficulty? I'm fine as long as I have a calculator but I'm very self-conscious about how stupid I must seem when I can't add things in my head.
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What's the last good thing that happened to you?

I just checked my email and my paper that was supposed to be due tomorrow will now be due on Tuesday. Which means I don't have to write it tonight since I've been putting it off and I can continue putting it off until Monday night.
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Your Opinion?

What makes a woman "mysterious" in terms of her outward appearance?

The only "thing" I've detected is dark (often black) hair.. coupled with a slender frame, semi-sophisticated fashion aesthetic, and a tall height. This is a stereotype, I am aware.

Do you agree that black hair is often more mysterious (on an attractive person)?

(Relatedly, I am obsessed with guys who have seemingly untamed, wild hair like this. Are you? Why am I?)
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

i'm trying to word this so it doesn't sound retarded (and i've probably failed).

Alright here's the history behind the question: In my dating history, I've dated 1 guy (I dated him twice though, both times were short term and he lived in my neck of the woods), but I've dated 3 girls (1 short term and 2 long term) and all were long distance or started off long distance (I lived with my most recent ex for 6 months before we broke up). My longest relationship was just short of 2 years with my most recent ex, and my shortest ones were tied at 3 months (one with the aforementioned guy and one with a girl). For now, I'd rather date guys because my most recent girlfriend had a few screws loose and turned me off to girls.

So my question is: guys, would you date a girl who's only had long term relationships with women or would that send you running for the hills?

DK/DC/Alternative question: What magazines do you subscribe to?

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1.) What is the easiest way to advertise a new LJ community to a particular target demographic without spamming the shit out of existing communities?

2.) What's the last thing that really pissed you off?

3.) If you had an alter ego, what would they be like? What would they look like? What would they do? (Inspired by watching Fight Club earlier, lol.)

(no subject)

Do you think you should have a Facebook if you're born in 1996?

Hm, come to think of it, how old were you when you had your first foray into social networking ie. MySpace etc?
we want the beatles back

Just curious

 Do you think I am overreacting if I get hurt/sad because I just found out my boyfriend sent a friend, who happens to be a girl that he used to like, a text saying "happy easter" when he didn't even tell me that?

edit:  not "you don't love me!!" sad, but "ouch" sad. I actually did think about this for a good 10min and then got over it, but was really bothered that it affected me for that long. So I was asking if it was normal to be a bit sad at all, which according to most of you, it's not.

Since some of you ask. I didn't snoop through his phone. I ran into her today and she said "yeah he sent me some 'happy easter' texts and asked how I was doing." I didn't hear from him at all that day. It wasn't so much about what the message said but the fact that I didn't hear from him at all. 
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 Can anybody tell me the etymology of the word "Rochambeau" or the words "Ro Sham Bo"?

Not the history of the game, but when it was first coined that and if it's not nonsense words, what language it is.
The first, obviously LOOKS French, but I couldn't find anything to back that.

EDIT: I know it refers to Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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those of you that use half.com:
in my payment history it says I was paid today. does this mean i get paid 7 days from now? or 7 days from the 31st? I'm having trouble comprehending what it says on the help page.

dk/dc/don't use half

what do you look like right now? picture, please.

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wheres you favorite reliable place to watch TV online?

i dont wanna d/l a plug-in, or really do anything. i just wanna hit "play" and have it work for once.

DK/DC what do you do if you have to poo at work? are you a girl or a boy?

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Does the word "verbiage" have a negative connotation?

ETA: The editing machine at the UoP, when I plug a paper into it, say that it has a negative connotation and not to use it. This seems very stupid to me, but sometimes I don't know. So I'm asking others, to see if I'm crazy.

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If we were forced to live like cartoon characters and wear the same thing for the rest of our lives, which clothes would you wear?

What's your name?
If you were forced to change your name, what would your new name be? (can't be a variation of your old one)

Paypal question. In a dispute against someone, paypal holds the money, and if we don't reach an agreement, the dispute ends within 20 days. But who gets the money? The person who filed the dispute or the one paypal took the money from?