April 6th, 2010

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So today for breakfast I had a banana, lunch I had some animal crackers, dinner I had a veggie wrap and an apple. Why do I feel really bloated and gross? What is wrong with me?

Do any of you have tiny stomachs also? Or do I not have a small stomach and it's just something else....ugh. Lately I've been eating less and less and feeling worse and worse.
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 Have you ever hung out with someone who's really nice and fun to spend time with, but is so full of SHIT it's ridiculous? I know a woman who lies constantly and it drives me nuts! What do you say to a person like that? 
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will you tell me about something that infuriates you?
i was reading the comments on this post and i had to stop because i'm so sick of white people saying the term "oriental" is inoffensive just because they have asian friends who say so.
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 Are you more attached to one parent than you are to the other? Which, and why?

Inspired by the realization today that if I lost my mother I'd be fine but if I lost my father I would be completely devastated.

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Dear TQC,
If you remember my sordid post about my love for my roomie with a blind date, I have updated in TQC_Updates.

After this whole situation, I got my tax refund (YEAH), so I am thinking about spending some monies on a tattoo commerating this chapter of my life.  Good idea, Y/Y?

How is it that my roomie can be screaming about artillery in CoD: WaW after this epic proclamation of love?

DK/DC: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


I'm going to Chicago this summer to meet up with friends, and holy crap hotels in the city are expensive. (I should've known: chalk that up to inexperience on my part). So now I'm looking for alternatives, outside of the city. (Then again, I'd have to worry about parking then, but it might be worth it, I think.)

So I'm looking for suggestions. Does anyone happen to have any hotel recommendations near Chicago?

For those of you who don't give two shits about my vacation, will you tell me your vacation horror stories?
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how do you like your mac and cheese?

just made some sooo soupy and it's amazing.

ETA: should specify that i'm talking about the boxed kind. but feel free to discuss any kind of mac and cheese.

Rise up this mornin', smile with the risin' sun

TQC, How do you start your morning?

Do you have a "set" routine you cannot break?

Do you have things you MUST do, but in no particular order?

Do these things change with travel?

Not a morning person/DK-DC? How are you feeling right now?
Some mornings I shower, depends on what happened yesterday and my plans for today in addition to if there's time to do my hair. Probably 5 mornings a week I do. Then I have a cup of coffee, bowl and eat toast (the exception being when I'm at my boyfriend's house in Ottowa in which case I have a lamb'sbread bowl (yessss) and go out someplace for food.).
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How do you put up with negative friends?
It's kind of too late to break up with them and you've already invested way too much.

For example, my "friend" wants me to friend her co-worker maybe to set me up as for a date or just as a platonic friend. She shows me his facebook page but I'm not really interested in either. I have no idea what's she said about me. Then I ask what she's told him about me, she goes "Not much. There's not much to say about you." I say, "Yes, there is." She's all "Actually, there isn't." but in a condescending tone. It's not the first time she tries to make me feel like shit.

What's the worst thing a friend has said about you to someone you later on became friends with?

And have you ever had Waffle Crisp cereal? Do you like?

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It seems the stars and planets are going to align and I'm, going to meet freepostage in Berlin in May.
Will you suggest some things we can do?
What are some precautions you take when meeting somebody off the internets for the first time?

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Ever since high school, I've always been very nauseous in the very early morning(like before 9 am). I can't even brush my tongue if I get up that early, and certain foods that are heavier like oatmeal are guaranteed to be thrown up.

Does anyone else get nauseous like that? What is wrong with me?

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So my BF and I are trying to figure out when our first date was (it wasn't very defined I guess..)
We kissed at his birthday outing for the first time and were official after about a month so...

Would the first date be..

a) Pub dinner and a movie about a week before said birthday party sans kissing and "as friends" yet we were into eachother?

b) his birthday outing?

c) going to an outdoor concert after said birthday outing and makings outz?

d) going out to my show after deciding we were official?

YES I know it does not matter, this is just for the fun of it.

DK/DC: what's your favourite board game or party game?

edit: sorry guys, I fail at tickies.
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Where do you draw the line between a right and a privilege?

Are there things you consider rights that others don't?
Things you consider privileges that others consider rights?

ETA: Do you think unboundbebedora realizes hir question has commenting turned off?
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I've lost 12 pounds since the beginning of the year! I want to celebrate and reward myself for a day before I set my sights on the next 12.

What should I do?

Serious and nonserious answers welcome. And I cut out hookers and blow along with sugar and soda, so they're out...
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Let's say you're a B-list writer/journalist dating an actor/musician and you get this message from one of his (change to "her" if you want) fans on your twitter:

"Bitch! You fucking whore! You better stay away from my man cunt you fucking slut go die!"

You have a bunch of followers of your own, and anything you respond back may hurt your professional outlook. But your fingers are twitching to reply. What's a nice passive-aggressive comeback?

Mine: "It's going to be okay. The nice doctors in masks will give you your happy gas soon, shhhhh."

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If I am one of the three owners on the title deed of my house, is it possible for the other two owners to sell the house without my consent/signature? ETA: Under what circumstances would they be able to do this? I mean besides me dying or being otherwise incapacitated. I live in BC, Canada.

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1. I know this gets asked a lot but I couldn't find it recently and actually need info =x What type of teeth whitening product do you use/does it work/will I end up with gingivitis?

Dc/Dk - My psy classes keep talking about how depression and suicide is most common in people age 60+ yet I hear all the time that generally people are happier as they approach middle/late life, which do you think is true?

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What are the most frequently asked questions on TQC?

Let's say for the sake of this question that the world is definitely going to end in 2012. What is the most likely scenario? What is the most unlikely scenario?
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Say you break up with someone (dating or married). They respond by putting a bumper sticker on their car that says:

"All women are idiots. I broke up with their queen." or "All men are idiots. I broke up with their king."

How do you respond?

Does it change things if you guys have mutual friends who see the bumper sticker regularly?

What if you have shared custody over kids, who see the bumper sticker regularly?

Would you, under any circumstance, bring them to court over it?

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Anyone else have trouble bringing themselves to go out and do things when you have bad (in your opinion, anyway) acne?

I have a big cyst on my chin and it feels/looks awful, but I have 2 sunny nice days off.. I really just want to lay in bed and play Pokemon, hurghl.

If you're a pure skinned asshole, what makes you want to be a hermit?
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I have recently discovered windowfarms.org.
I think this is awesome, but the room I am moving into only has one electrical outlet and Im not sure exactly how a hydorponics system would work out in my room. So now Im looking for alternatives.

I know I can just plant the damn things in soil, but the root benefits for putting them in water are great for small containers to still produce large plants. Can I just put em in water and change it myself often? Will they grow that way? Other ideas? Know any good communities I might be able to ask?

DK/DC: When I figure this out/ give up an get window boxes, what kind of plants should I grow?

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Ok, so somebody asked "Is it insensitive to describe something as orgasmic to someone you know has never had an orgasm?" 

A follow up question then:

Is it also insensitive to say "better than sex" to a person who is a virgin?   Particularly somebody who is well of age (not talking about college students since they are still kind of young to really be worrying about having kids etc...in my opinion at least).    

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My fiance and I watched some episode of Storm Stories where they talked about a tornado going through downtown Atlanta in 2008. That got me to thinking of a few questions...

1. We're on the third floor of an apartment complex. (The stairwell is outside - our doors open to the outside, not a general room.) If a tornado were coming, what would be the safest thing for us to do?
2. Does your city have tornado sirens? My hometown did, but where I live now doesn't.
3. Have you ever experienced a tornado?
4. What's the worst storm you've ever been through?

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My period was over about a week and a half ago. I started bleeding again lightly on the 3rd of April. Now I'm bleeding even more and it's bright bright red blood. Is this normal? It's freaking me out.

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I'm completely fed up of university, TQC. All my enthusiam's gone, and my work is looking a  bit impossible. People are telling me it's just a few weeks until it's over because I'm in my final year now, but my department are telling me that judging by my status as Very Behind at the moment, I should put off graduating until December, without the rest of my friends. I've lost my fire, and I don't want to be here anymore.

Can you offer me any advice? How would you try to fix it?

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I friend and I were talking today, and came to the conclusion that everyone, no matter how happy they are with their life, has certain life moments that they look back on and think, "How would my life be different now if I'd taken that other route?" No really regets, though...just thinking about how you would have turned out differently.

So...what are some of your main ones?

Somoe of my biggest ones:
- What if I had joined the Army right out of high school like I wanted to do?
- What if I had accepted that full-ride football scholarship to Memphis?
- What if I had taken college seriously the first time around and not failed out of the engineering program?
- What if I had gotten up the nerve to ask out "the one that got away" in college before she got scooped up by another guy (only to find out, years later, that she considered me to be her "one that got away", too)?
- What if I hadn't bought a house when I did, leaving myself the option of moving for job opportunities (instead of being tied down here because the housing market tanked)?

Ramblings and questions

1)Does your grocery store have a dents/discontinued/overstock rack?
2)Do you buy stuff off it?
3)What does it usually have? Mine has a lot of vitamins, hairdye, and toothbrushes.
4)Does most tooth-whitening stuff taste like ass? I have toothpaste a notch higher than "blech I'm not buying this again" and toothpolish stuff that's a hair below "oh god I can't have this in my mouth." Do the trays or strips or whatever have that nasty taste?

On zits, specifically large squishy-looking whiteheads:

5)Am I the only person who pops zits instead of covering them or leaving them alone?
7)^ this is probably mean of me to think, even if I think it in a "oh god no-one told you" way, not a "oh god you're gross" way. How can I think something less mean?
8)Is "Don't pop it because you'll 100% of the time get a scar forever and ever" a conspiracy on the part of teen magazines, since some of their main advertising clients are zit-covering makeups? (This seems like serious hyperbole to me. I'm sure it's very possible to get a scar, but I've never gotten one)

My brother is doing a charity drive for the Special Olympics. If enough people donate, he'll jump into the campus lake.

9) Just based on his stupid haircut and smarmy look alone, would you like to see him jump in a lake?
10) How could he make that haircut look worse? I'm pretty sure he said it was douchetastic on purpose, but he is at least opposed to the popped-collar fratboy look. (He's actually an extremely nice guy)
11) This lake is full of goose poop, algae, garbage, and miscellaneous dead things (fish, turtle, drowned raccoon, occasional student). Would *you* swim in it, even for a good cause?
12) Ever since he's been rocking the douche look, he's had girls checking him out. He was walking past two girls on the lawn by his dorm and heard "He's hot." "I'd do him." -- he was pretty O: D: flabbergasted at that. Why do girls find him attractive?

Edit: Trimmed. I suppose I didn't realise how verbose I was being, trying to give backstory or explain the background to the questions.

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have you accidently shown something to your SO(or friends/family) that you didn't want them to see? if yes, what was it?

last night I forgot to close my wedding inspiration photo folder and he saw a pretty good glimpse of it when I was shutting down my computer. We've been dating for 2 1/2 years, but I don't really want him to know that sometimes when I'm bored on the internet I look at wedding stuff and save picture to my computer. Also, I left livejournal open and he now knows my user name. That was fun trying to explain what my username meant.

what was the last thing someone told you that you didn't want to hear?

my boyfriend told me that the decision to go back to school for my second bachelor's degree is my decision alone and i have to do what's best for me. what I really wanted him to tell me what he thought of the idea, how he felt about it and that he would support me 100% abd be there for me through it all.

also, that he might have to move for a cop job, even though he hasn't applied for any stations in the area. i really don't want to go back to school, thinking he's going to leave me and move away halfway through it. its really stressing me out.

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Will you describe how you usually feel about each day of the week?

For me:
Monday: Ugh, weekends are too short.
Tuesday: GDI, it's only Tuesday? At least LOST is on.
Wednesday: Hump day. This week needs to end.
Friday: This day needs to end soon.
Saturday: Ugh, swimming pool.
Sunday: YAY sleeping in! (but tomorrow is Monday, ugh)

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How would you feel if you had a phone interview for a job you wanted and it got canceled 10 minutes after it was supposed to start because the interviewer was not present, then got rescheudled and canceled again 10 minutes after it was supposed to start because the interviewer was not present?
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Das Deutschlandlied

I have a sort of loopy professor who gets things wrong a lot. she's nice, but I don't trust half of what she says. today she told us a story of a time she was in Berlin, riding the U-Bahn and a hippie looking guy got on with a guitar. He began singing and playing 'Deutschland über alles' and she became so offended and started looking around the subway car, hoping someone would make him stop. No one did, but when it was her turn to get off, she said she walked up to him and said 'Shame' in German.

My question is this: isn't this still the national anthem of Germany, at least in part? Doesn't it pre-date Nazism? Was there really any reason for her to get offended? She seemed shocked that no one else on the train stopped the guy, but I'm taking that as an even stronger sign that they saw no reason to since the song has a more complex history than she understood.
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 Do you have any experience(personal or family/friends) dealing with colon cancer?(or any cancer in general)
Care to share?

My mom's going to undergo colonoscopy to find out if she possibly has colon cancer (all signs point to it), both her sister and aunt died from the same cancer. I'm really scared.
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Have you ever heard of a woman, upon getting married and taking her husband's surname, giving up her middle name and assuming her previous surname as a middle name?

For example Joan Jean Smith marries John Jones and she becomes Joan Smith Jones. I am not talking about a double barreled/hyphenated surname, but rather it becoming her new middle name.

Also please tell me where you are from/you heard of it.

(I had never heard of it until yesterday, yet I was told by an American that it is really common.).
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This Saturday, my husband and I finally have a free day to spend together.  We're stumped for something to do.  We don't want to stay in and play video games, and we're not into the whole "romantic night out" thing.

So TQC, if you were us, how would you spend Saturday?

On a related note, what are you doing this weekend?

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1.) What's something in your life that you are afraid you will never get over?

My Dad's death.
Stupid eating habits/fears.
My anxiety.)

2.) What's your definition of healthy eating?

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So, TQC, I had come to terms with the fact that I was going to have to lose a tooth.
The dentist today gave me the wonderful news that as it has no nerve and is therefore dead and crumbly, they're going to have to cut the gum and drill it out.
I have never had a tooth pulled before, let alone surgery.
Is there anything you can tell me to make me feel better? Tooth or non-tooth related.

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I woke up with a major sads this morning TQC :(

Pls tell me things will be ok, and post adorable/funny pictures? I know I just posted a picspam post yesterday but I neeeeds some happiness

DK/DC: If you got Easter goodies this weekend, what was your favourite? (Family Sized bag of Mini Eggs, aw yeah)
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TQC, registration started for school yesterday for seniors. Today it opened for juniors (aka me), but every single class I need is full. If the lecture isn't full, then the lab is full, and I can't take the lecture without the lab.

What the fuck am I gonna do, TQC? I don't wanna take shitty classes that don't go towards a general degree anymore.

Also, I still haven't figured out what the fuck I wanna do--am still taking suggestions. What should I be, now that I'm grown up?
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The parent of a six year old child is forced to move her and her children in to a relative's home after being evicted from her home. The parent was never home because she worked two minimum wage jobs, which she was made to work to "pay back" the Welfare she was on, and therefore never saw her children. The six year old found a gun in the relative's home, brought the gun to school, and fatally shot a classmate.
Who should be held responsible?
(I'm watching Bowling for Columbine - here is the scenario I am speaking about)

DK/DC/too depressing - What hair on your body do you shave, if anything?

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I need a new bag for uni. Do you have any suggestions for good bag shops online? I need a kind of large tote or something, not a backpack.

What's your favourite or most used handbag like? What's in it?
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AHHHH! I've tried everything :( How do I remove Antivirus Suite from my stupid computer? I've been running safemode and I used malwarebytes and super antispyware and nothing is working. I disabled the proxy thing in internet explorer too. Idk what else to do and everything I find through google keeps telling me to use malwarebytes, which doesn't do shit. I've updated both virus removal programs and there's still no result :'(
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So a while back (a few months or so), there was this online pictionary type game that was very popular. I remember first learning about it in TQC and I was hoping to play it again.... does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Have you turned on your AC yet?

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TQC, I have the worst toothache ever.

I have a perpetual headache, throbbing pain in my mouth, my mouth is swollen and inflamed and the toothache is giving me a fever and blurred vision.
I need all my wisdom teeth out and am awaiting the approval for my coverage. In the meantime my top left tooth has broken in two, exposing the root and got infected.

I can hardly function in the day at all anymore. Taking care of my son and my job is almost enough to kill me right now.

Is there anything I can do for my tooth? Help!

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What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are horribly depressed/heartbroken?

Today I returned my horrible impulse purchase of those stupid Reebok Easy Tone sneakers, bought some panties at Victoria's Secret, and had cigarettes and Taco Bell.

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Have you ever had your butt massaged?
If your butt cheeks hurt, would you ask someone to rub them?
What would you ask this person to rub onto your butt so that it would feel better?

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i'm having dinner with my SO and his parents tonight, for his dad's birthday.. i see the family often, but i'm always so shy around them. (and anyone else for that matter) lately i've been trying to open up to them, what the heck should i talk about tonight, so i won't seem like the awkward girl who just sits there?!

srs/non srs :o)
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Fig leaves for everyone!

Apparently I have a fig tree in my yard. And by the looks of it, we're going to have a whole lot of figs this year.

Do you like figs?
How do you like to eat/prepare them? (Recipes or suggestions welcome.)

Do you want some figs when they're ready?

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What do you think about having sex with music on?
Any particular genre?
Does it depend on the mood?
Do you think the music can set the mood?

If you're not into the sex talk, what about different music for different moods in general?

(Inspired by me sitting alone in the library studying, but listening to Robin Thicke on Pandora Radio. This is baby-making music right here...haha)
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This is so lame, but IDC & and I don't know what to Google.

So I just got a used copy of Phantom Hourglass and I'm at the part with the spooooky Ghost Ship mist and it's not letting me get through the mist. I found the map, scribbled the path on my sea map, and even when I follow it, I get as far as the rocks and it resets back to the bottom.


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Last week at work, we were talking about some of our favorite recipes and I mentioned how I don't actually have any cookbooks.

So today my coworker comes in and hands me this nifty recipe binder for me to fill with my favorite recipes..only I don't have any really awesome favorite recipes. :/

So, cooks of TQC, will you share one of your favorite recipes with me?
What online sites do you like to visit to find recipes?
I should steal my grandma's cookbooks, y/y?

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Would you please tell me about the last time you did something the hard way? WHen you realized there was a far less painful, stressful, and complicated way of doing that same thing, did you kick yourself in the pants or ask someone else to kick you?

(no subject)

My mother and cousin are having a feud of sorts. My mother loaned my cousin some pictures to copy. This was a few years ago. She still hasn't returned them. Now this is like the straw that broke the camel's back to my mother, since they've had lots of drama before and this just is on her mind lately. I love my mother but I also really love my cousin, and I like hanging out with her cause it is nice to have that older sisterly type connection with someone. I've told them to keep me out of the middle of it but my mother still finds ways to make remarks about it to me and my cousin as well. It's making me be bitchy and snap. Like today I was at my cousin's and happened to be texting with my mother, it could have been anyone for all my cousin knew but she was like "What's your mother's major problem now!?" I snapped at her. It's really stressing me out.

How could I handle this situation better? I don't want to give up my friendship with my cousin, which would be my only option because I live with my mother.
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i am a 22 yr old high school grad who wants to go to college finally. problem is, i never took the SAT. is it possible for me to take this test as an adult? do i even need to take it as an adult? are there resources for people like me? a google search takes me to collegeboard.com which is not helpful. if it makes any difference, i'm planning on going to buffalo state college.
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What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Read, watch a movie, take a nap, play with my awesome cat... and also being on the internet.

How's the weather where you're at?
It's 47 and rainy here. Gloomy shit!
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School Clubs

I'm a member of my school's whiz quiz and a pretty decent one, I think. We made it to Nationals, but our teacher was only allowed to bring certain people to go. The way she decided was that she tallied up the attendance and those who attended practices the most could go.

I was cut out and feel that this is slightly ridiculous, especially since my mother passed away in the middle of the school year and I didn't even attend school, not to mention practice.

Should I try to contest my teacher's decision by going to a principal or vice-principal? Or should I just let things lie and forget about it?
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Washington D.C. residents don't have full representation in the U.S. Congress: no senators and a delgate who can't even do anything lol.

Statehood for D.C., yes/no?

Personally, I'd rather they carve out Federal space for the White House, the National Mall, the Capitol, etc., and give the rest back to Maryland. Too bad neither D.C. nor Maryland wants this to happen.

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Why do tourists stare at me? And why do they keep staring when I catch them? Is it a foreign thing? Have they never seen a person before?

And why do groups of them walk in a horizontal line really slowly (or come to a complete stop) in the busy parts of the city?

Sorry for the boring question

I have somehow managed to lose one of my psychology textbooks, and I have a pretty important exam tomorrow that I really need to be studying for. Is there anywhere online that has textbooks that you can read for free?
I've googled and all I can find is places wanting to sell the book or places that will only let me read one paragraph for free. Thanks in advance!

ETA: I think Google books is going to let me read it for free! Thank you for all the responses.
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I've recently watched Manhattan, Annie Hall and Deconstructing Harry, and I'm surprised to find I'm quite enjoying Woody Allen's stuff. What would be a good film of his to watch next? (Except Match Point, I saw that a few years ago and hated it.)

& if you don't like Woody Allen, who's your favourite writer/director, and what's your favourite film by them?
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How can I make a home gym cat proof/safe for my cats, when I don't have space to put it somewhere with a door to shut them out of the area?

And the home gym equipment I'm looking at having would include a power rack, weight plates and "tree" to store them, and of course a barbell and dumbbells.
I'm really worried about the cats being able to knock a weight plate free and end up crushing themselves :( My mom and my sister think the cats will be fine, but I worry about it.

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would you rather:

wear footed pajamas with trains on them to the local grocery store everyday for the next year and shout "choo choo" complete with arm motions as you walk down the aisles


attend the funerals of 10 people you don't know in a hot pink mini dress, over the course of this year?

Careers in America

In England we have a website that has a page for nearly every single career along with advice on how to get into this career & the average salary. Is there a site like this but for careers in America? I tried to google but my skills fail :(

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I am hung

like an ox
like a cat
like an elephant
like a pig
like a cute little puppy dog
like a whale
like a dolphin
like a donkey
like an average dude
with the world's greatest vagina.


have you ever had an upskirt picture taken of you?

was it by accident or on purpose? was it your idea or did you find out about it later?

is it on the internet?

were you wearing panties?

*inspired by me stumbling across pictures of myself on some girl's facebook. I met her at a party. She took an upskirt picture of me (I was sitting on a couch and she was sitting across from me) AND posted it AND didn't even friend me! wtf LOL - and that's not even the only problem with it ...THERE ARE SO MANY RIDICULOUS PICTURES lol

I am glad I always wear panties with minis! Holy fucken fuck

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I just transferred a prescription from one Walmart Pharmacy where I paid $7.40 to another Walmart Pharmacy where they charged me $9.20.

What on earth would cause this? Both Walmart's are in the same state but different towns.

How close do you live to an airport? How much time do you give yourself to check in before a flight?
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People of TQC who wear makeup:
Will you name your top five must-have cosmetics?
I'm a sucker for 1. My Cargo Hands of Hope palette 2. Revlon ColorStay foundation 3. Nars Orgasm blush 4. Urban Decay Primer Potion 5. Almay Lipstick in Bronze (which I can't seem to find anywhere!)

How do you organize your collection (pics are strongly encouraged)?

If you don't wear makeup or want extra credit, who do you talk to on instant messenger the most?
Panda, for sure.

(no subject)

If you drive on the right in your country, have you ever been to a country where they drive on the left? Did you find this weird?

(if you drive on the left on your country, please reverse the question)

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i'm trying to install the skype setup application, and it stops and then a window pops up and says "we're having problems connecting to the download server. to download an alternate installer for Sykpe, hit the 'download' button." from there, it redirects me to skype.com. what's going on? fixed, i think!

do you have a boston terrier? if so, will you post a picture?

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how often do you see fellow TQCers in other communities?

i see a couple in like ohnotheydidnt and beauty101 and i just approved SOMEONE'S POST at ontd_discussion despite it being the second post for that show. but maybe that was 'cause i didn't see the first. lol.

idk idk i always like to comment with like "Haaayyyy gurl" when i see TQCers in other communities. then find out they're boys. hahaha.

BONUS QUESTION: are you drinking tonight? 'cause i sure as shit am.
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People, I have a school assignment that I'm actually really excited about, and since I don't want to mess it up, I came to you. I have to take an argument that's floating out in the world and analyze the persuasiveness of each side, how they're doing what they're doing, etc.,

BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TOPIC TO PICK. The only thing off the table is the abortion debate! So, TQC, what do you think is the most interesting debate/argument happening in the world? It doesn't have to be big like abortion, just--anything, which kind of frog is best flycatcher, anything you think is interesting.

What are your plans for the summer?

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What are your favorite films that are set in a college/university? They don't need to be ABOUT being in college (although they can be), as long as they take place there. Please give a title and brief plot synopsis and/or why you like it. Weird independent films are a plus.

[[I'm graduating in a month and want to watch some movies about people in college before I feel like I'm no longer part of that world. Weird? Probably, but that's how I roll.]]

What the hell is that website that rates how much ads are objectifying women? I've Googled it up and down and I can't think of it and it's driving me crazy. They had a section for good ads as well as bad ones. It's a really simple name.

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it's going to be 50 degrees and rainy tomorrow. should i bike to my doctor's appointment? it'll only be a 10ish minute ride. i'm mostly just vurried about zee vatar on zee rrroads. i just started biking and i haven't BIKED during rainy weather yet.

can we stop saying...

My son thinks we should permanently retire the phrase "think outside the box." As for me, I'm really sick of "put on your big girl panties."

What trite, overused expression would you like to strike from the language now?

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What would be a GOOD excuse for a professional photographer to not have a DVD of photos for a couple 6 months after their wedding after they paid 2300 bucks to do engagement, bridal, and wedding photos?
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What's the best way to tone your thighs and abs?
When you gain weight, where does yours go?
Should I take summer classes and get some of my certifications (CPR, first aid, lifeguard) or spend the summer looking for a job/goofing off/partying?


okay, so i need help with my phone, i dropped it in water...
this happened to me before with the same phone, and i put it in rice. this time around, it didnt shut off so i thought it was fine, but turns out it was acting weird. so then i shut it off and turned it back on, it was just like blinking and shit. i have it in rice.

problem is, all the websites tell me i shouldnt have turned my phone on and off or it short circuits it -_-

so my question is, have you ever had water damage to your phone? did you act like a moron and turn it on and off like me? did it still work afterwords?

if you dont know dont care, what cheap new phone should i get?? (i have verizon)

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Inspired by that question about what I'm anticipating in the future, what should I do in order to prepare me for not having a stable home? My parents have sort of thrown me out, and I can't stand to live back there for long either. I need to reduce my tat, I know that much, but what else can I do to help myself not be homeless?
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Do you play an instrument? 

How long have you played?

How often do you practice? 

What kind of music do you play? 

and, if you don't play an instrument, do you want to learn one? What kind of music would you play? 

Blackberry's and fake nails.

For any women out there that have Blackberry's, have you ever been able to get a set of fake nails and still be able to type easily/properly on your phone with such small buttons? What was your experience?

I made an appointment today to get my nails done, and then I realized later on that the nails might make it really hard/annoying to type - Already when my thumb nails get a little bit long I can sometimes find it really bothersome.
I see girls all the time with fake nails able to type on their Blackberry's, but I don't know how they do it! 


So I just watched "Spanglish" the other day. Every time I watch it, all I can think about is how good that sammich Adam Sandler makes must be.

So my question:
Have you ever wanted to make a food or beverage, or have you made food that you saw in a movie or read in a book? (excluding the obvious of cookbooks/cooking shows etc)
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hi docotor, i am 26 years Old, my penis balls are very loosy, but i dont feel any problem, but my friends are saying that i can become a facther of child.. can you please give me information about ?

dk/dc how do convience my fam that im not bent?

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tqc, i am in amsterdam for the next three days with tours during the day and free evenings.

i pretty much don't know anything about the area but i have gps on my iphone and 500 euro to spend while i'm here.

for those of you who have been here, what should i really go see or do?

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What was the last thing you learned that you honestly could not believe?

If you speak a language other than your native one, how noticeable is your native accent?

I just found out today that my cinema techniques professor is French., after being in her class for 4 months. As in, was born and raised in France, lived there until college, speaking French as her native language. I never would have guessed in a million years. She has a perfect American accent, like she was raised in the middle of Illinois. I never ever ever would have guessed.

I am thoroughly impressed. How does she do it? How long does it take?