April 5th, 2010

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I feel like the vaginal wipes post plunged us into the e-equivalent of uncomfortable silence. When is the last time that happened to you irl?

What are you watching/listening to right now?
Rainymood.com and the sound of my fan blowing.

What is the temperature like right now?
cool at the moment but dreadfully hot during the day :(
Watching 'The Road to El Dorado'...


I'm willing to bet that this question has been asked before (if not plenty of times) but I have yet to see it: if you could morph into one animal at any given time, what animal would you morph into?
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What is your favorite kind of tired?

After Sex Tired
Bedtime Tired
Sunburn / After Beach Tired
Exhausted from Crying Tired
Exhausted from Sports Tired
Knowing You're About to Get Away with Falling Asleep in Class Tired
Afternoon Nap Tired
Other (In Comments)

I like sunburn tired. Idk whyyy, I just love coming home after the beach and sleeping.
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So say you took someone home from a party. It's not a one night stand because you were both drunk and have issues so you just had a nice, cuddly sleepover. You're attracted to this person, and wonder if you guys are gonna stay in touch.

Would you rather have them tell you "no, I'm not interested" OR "no I am too fucked up to date you"?
What the hell does that second one mean? Do they really mean the same thing in different words?

Do you like your partners completely sane, or (a little) fucked up?

this is all purely hypothetical of course
sherlock holmes - sophisticuffs


Is it possible to trace mail back to its owner assuming that there's no return address?

What if you're a part of law enforcement? Do they have some special powers or summat to do that sort of thing?

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Does anyone know a good custom tattoo artist in Las Vegas?
I want to get a back piece done and was thinking of doing so when I was in the USA.

DK/DC: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
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What is the worst thing you have ever tasted?

I was 14. A giant horse pill didn't go down on the first try, and started to dissolve in my mouth. I tried again and gagged and accidentally spit it out on my pancakes. 

What is the worst thing you have ever smelled?

My friends and I used to play in their dad's garden during the winter. He fished a lot and buried the bones and scales in the garden. Guess what I dug up one day? 

Mitty box

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Is there a website where I can put in like 3 airports I can fly out of and 3 airports I can fly into AND put in a date range and see which days and which airports will give me the cheapest flight? (No, Expedia does not do this)

If there's not, I should invent it, y/y?

If not, can YOU help me find the cheapest flights for a 7-10 day trip from either RDU, GSO, or FAY to MOB, MSY, or PSN from between April 11th and July 8th?

Traveling is hard, yo. Also I am sleepy.
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I am currently having a religious crisis. I am utterly torn between whether or not I want to claim my religious allegiance to the Flying Spaghetti Monster or the Invisible Pink Unicorn. I mean, both sides make perfectly valid arguments and all that. I love pasta, but unicorns are so cute! I really don't know what to decide! Will you be my religious counselor, TQC?

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TQC, I had a dream last night that there was a giant tsunami wave (over 100 feet tall) coming toward me. I was in a crowd of people so we ran in to a brick building and I shut and locked the door behind me. We all rode the giant tsunami out. I was finally brave enough to open the door and everything was flooded and destroyed. We then set out to find survivors. I woke up shortly after.

What does this mean???

Serious and Non-serious (though I prefer non-serious)

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I really want new glasses. I do not think I need a new prescription, though. And I am still sort of in denial about needing to wear glasses and thus do not want to keep getting stronger prescriptions until I really need to.

If you wear glasses, do you usually wait until you need a new prescription to get a new pair?
If I walk into a glasses store, will they sell me a pair with my old prescription?
How do you even know when you need a new prescription?

Why do Mondays suck?

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are there any things you are paranoid or worry about (reasonably or unreasonably) that affect your current relationships (with anybody)?

I'm paranoid about becoming a do everything wife and having a do nothing husband (I think because thats how my parents are)..I always mention things like warnings to my boyfriend "just so you know....i'm not going to cook every meal and clean up after you..i'm gonna have a job too..and even if i didn't you should help too" and he keeps telling me i'm being paranoid etc. 

If you found out today that you're going to have a child (or another child) how would you react?

In the past I have freaked out (had some false alarms before, I guess) but now I think I'd be way more calm about it because I'm in a better position for it and have a very supportive and caring boyfriend who has already told me he wouldn't run lol.

DK/DC:  How's life?

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The other day in class we were discussing how men tend to value their masculinity very high, but women don't value their femininity, they value androgyny. This irked me because I think that if men are proud of being men, women should feel like they could do the same. But even when given a list of traits randomly assorted, most cultures picked even the bad traits of men above the female traits (like people were picking 'Cruel' over 'Anxious'. WTF!). I'm very feminine and I'm proud of being that way, so I hate seeing girls put their own gender down like that. So when I went home and was telling my boyfriend about this, my manly women roommate reared her head into the conversation and said, 'Well that's because guys are better. Think about. Women are weak. Women are whiny.'

I wanted to hit her for the sake of future generations of men that she would raise to believe the same. Instead I just informed her that women can withstand torture better than men and that if every women acted like a man, then there would be no balance in relationships.

I woke up this morning still pissed.

Anyways, my question is this...Do you think it is important for women to be proud of being women?

Would you consider yourself feminine, masculine, or androgynous?

What do you think of feminists?

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1.) What's the most embarrassing that's happened to you lately?

(*I pocket dialed my Husband and left a ten minute long voice mail of my singing at the top of my lungs while driving :/*)

2.) What's something about yourself that you REALLY dislike? What's something you REALLY like?

3.) What is your biggest stress/worry?

4.) Do you have any diagnosed mental/physical problems? How do you deal with it?

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How long is a "long term" relationship for you?
Or is it something other than just time that makes it so?

Do you think all brides look much the same? Photo evidence welcome.

Hmm, ok, Edit: Do you think most traditional brides look much the same?
One of my partners got married with blue hair and a pink and orange dress, which was gorgeous and it was a lovely wedding.
However, I see all these white dress, plastic-curls, brides, who must have spent HOURS AND DAYS making their wedding ~unique~ and they all look the same to me.
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Fake hair

Do you know anyone with a toupee or hair piece or plugs? Does it look good/natural? (You can share pics if you'd like)

If not, would you ever consider getting fake hair if you started to lose yours?

What is your general opinion of toupees/plugs?
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If someone were to run a background check, what would they find?

What about parking tickets?

Or speeding tickets that are currently being dealt with?

Or felonies committed as a child that have been "hidden"?

**You assholes, always want to talk about yourselves. I'm asking what sort of shit shows up in background checks...

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My boyfriend asked me for my ring size (yes, that finger) and when I said I didn't know (I only wear some hand me down rings from my grandma..no size in sight and they're on my thumbs and middle/pointer fingers)  he said he knows that it's about the same size as his pinky and that's all he's got..

does he want to propose?  (he has been talking about marriage plans with me.)

I'd like to live with him first but I'm pretty certain that he's the one/we'd work really well together in the long run and have similar goals..but living together is a pretty big way of knowing better (at least I think so since I'm paranoid about the division of responsibilities).. would you risk it and get engaged first knowing you'd live together before the actual wedding?  or would you wait anyway?

Is it important to you to live together before engagement?  before marriage? 

DK/DC what are you excited about?

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I have insomnia. it's a struggle for me to fall asleep even with sleeping pills, and I'm an extremely light sleeper. my boyfriend likes to lie in bed and watch youtube or read wikipedia on his laptop for hours... it keeps me awake, even when he wears headphones. unfortunately, that's the only way he can fall asleep. I'd (lovingly) kick him out of bed and make him do his computer stuff on the couch except I can't fall asleep without him in bed next to me.

so, TQC, what the hell do we do? is there some obvious solution or compromise that we can't think of for this situation? will I never get a decent night's sleep again?

what do you do when your SO has annoying sleeping habits?

DK/DC: are you allergic to anything? do you have seasonal allergies?

it's getting warm in Boston and my allergies are fucking killing me. I've never taken medication for them before but I'm about to go buy 40 boxes of Claritin and just stuff them all in my mouth at once, if it would possibly make me feel better.
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Have you ever had any friends or relatives that got picked on a lot in school? Did you do/say anything to encourage them? If so, what?

I have a cousin in high school right now and he gets picked on a lot. I wish there was something I could say to make him feel better or have more confidence, but I only know about it through word of his mother to my mother to me. I feel like if I said anything about it to him it would embarrass him.


How would you feel/react if one of your good (male) friends fondled you while you were sleeping?

eta: In this situation, assume you were either half-asleep (but he presumed you to be fully asleep) or that you're such a light sleeper that his touching you woke you up.

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Are you from/ know of a family where the parents quite clearly have a "favourite" sibling, and the "favourite" is actually the one who would be least expected to be the favourite?

Care to share your experiences with this? Why do you think the parents do this in your case?

As an example:
*brother A was a quiet, good-natured child, was dux of his school, did a difficult degree at uni, is fit and good at sport, treats others kindly, has close female friends and has had nice girlfriends.
*brother B was a loud, moody child who through tantrums a lot, did poorly at school and didn't have a very good attitude towards it, failed several easy courses at uni out of laziness, stopped playing sport and let himself go, treats others selfishly, takes advantage of girls who shows an interest in him.

brother B is quite obviously to everyone the favourite with the parents.

(I'm not saying parents SHOULD have favourites, or that siblings should be ranked. Ideally, brother A and B would be loved equally. But I'm asking specifically about experiences with parents who unfortunately DO have favourites, and have made what seems to most to be an unusual choice of favourite)


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How do your SO's friends feel about you?

The current SO's friends probably think I'm boring and a bitch, because I almost never hang out with them, and when I do, I'm completely quiet and have nothing to say. Part of it is because I'm a horribly shy person around large group of new people and part of it is just because they aren't really the type of people I would hang out with anyways. (ie, they always go to bars, restaurants, and talk about either work, people I don't know, or how much they enjoy certain alcohol.)

One ex simply didn't bother introducing me to any of his friends, ever since then, I've always been pretty sensitative about the whole subject.
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Tipping for car maintenance?

When I purchased my car, I got the Audi Care plan, which covers the cost of all regular maintenance. The dealership provides valet service, which means they send someone to pick up my car and drop off a loaner, and they bring back my car when they're done. I don't pay anything (other than what I already paid for the Audi Care plan). Am I supposed to tip the guy who picks up and drops off my car? If so, how much?
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 do you prefer wired or plastic hangers?
i can't stand wired hangers and i have no idea why.

what is the color of your curtains or blinds in your room?
my curtains are beige.
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Is it rude to read someone else's mail--even when it is open but still in the envelope?

(I opened my mail and the phone rang so I left it on the table to answer it and then forgot about it--still had the mail IN the envelope, just the envelope itself was opened and then I find a family member reading it.)

Am I justified in being a bit pissed off? I mean it was nothing private or earth shattering (wedding invite) but still, I feel like it was rude to read my stuff without asking.

What do you think of dating sites and matchmakers?

Do you think it is rude for someone to tell you to try them because they assume you can't get a date on your own? (Especially when they know NOTHING about your love/sex/dating life?)
Geeky Girls

Remounting Rings?

I may be getting a ring that will need to be remounted on a new setting. Apparently, the current band is way too thin to be resized to fit my fat fingers, so there's no choice in the matter.

Have any of you done this? About how much did it cost? I just want a plain white gold band, nothing fancy or intricate.
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What would an odd prenatal class specialize in?  Like prenatal class's that specialize in water births... but out of the box I guess you could say.  It can be real or fake.
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1)Do you count/calculate calories or measure how much food you eat?
2)When your alarm goes off do you hit the snooze button or get out of bed the first time the alarm goes off?
3)What's your favorite thing to have for a dessert?

EDIT: Also wtf do I have to do to get a person on my friends list? I added this guy and his posts are still not showing up on my filtered page or my regular friends page. What am I doing wrong?

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How inclined would you be to fondle your 50-year old next-door neighbor while he's standing on his porch? Would you be more or less inclined if he were wearing a towel? What if he were asleep in his bed and in a towel?

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What was a job that you were looking at that you were surprised with what they were asking for as far as qualifications?

I was looking at a county job where you determine medicaid, food stamps, etc. for people with disabilities and the elderly and all they wanted was a high school diploma and a year experience working with them. Experience could be let go with some college credit.
Bandit Driving

Questions Based on Other Questions

Have you ever been in a rebound relationship?
Which side were you on? The rebounder or the non-rebounder? How did it work out?

Also, my friends are participating against each other in a weight loss challenge but are disagreeing on how it should work. Should it be percentage of weight lost or total weight lost?

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So I kinda have a problem. I have work tomorrow at 4. I also am supposed to go to a 'very important' after school lab for AP Bio, which may last until 6. What should I do? Skip the lab? Or call in sick to work? :/

DK/DC: How do you balance school and work?

Lot's of q's.

1. What's that gummy stuff that people use to stick posters and things to walls? I think it's green.

2. You have $10 to spend somewhere online. What do you buy?

3. Do you have of any places online that have free shipping all the time? Besides sockdreams.

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Today I went to the funeral of a relative whom I hadn't seen in a long time. My uncle came up to me after the service and said, "Thank you so much for coming." Without thinking I said, "You're welcome, I had a great time." 

What embarrassing slips of the tongue have you had recently? When was the last time you just wanted to sink through the floor and vanish? 
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Shitfest 2010

I need some perspective, because my semester has been (and only continues to be) absolutely horrible, and I'm in the stage where I am practically convinced that nobody is having a worse time than me.

Will you tell me about your worst semester of school ever? What made it so bad?
How did you deal with it?
Bite me, bitch...

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What do you say?

If you could hear all of that (including the great squirrel debate), consider yourself very unfortunate. :P

Babbling, ranting, and (non)serious answers are encouraged.

If you can't / don't want to participate: ...do you know anyone that actually says squirrel like that?

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So right now I'm eating Lifesaver Jelly Beans and the pink strawberry-flavored ones have a repulsive aftertaste...

What color of candy (be it Skittles, jelly beans, gummy bears, etc.) do you separate from the group because they taste bad?
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My fiance and I are getting married in 19 days (!!!) and for our wedding gift, my mom wanted us to go pick out some luggage to take on our honeymoon. It's a perfect idea since the stuff we have is either ripping or smells like an old storage closet. Even though she said to get whatever we want, I don't want to spend too much.

Do you have any suggestions for brands of luggage you like or places to buy them for decent price/good quality?

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Poll #1547742 Date or no date?

A girl I know just asked me to go see the cherry blossoms with her. I accepted. She said: "great! I'll bring the plum wine and some lunch." TQC, what do you think she's doing?

Trying to get us arrested.
Asking me out.
Just trying to make a picnic out of it.
Don't know/don't care.

Assume someone is actually asking you out. How good are you at picking up on that?

I can easily tell who's trying to ask me out and who isn't.
I can never tell; flirting goes over my head.
I read into it too much and think everyone is asking me out.
It depends (or some other response).

Ticky box?

Sticky box.
Tricky box.
Dicky box.
The box is a lie.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Will you tell us about the last time you showed a person something you were so sure they were going to like, but said person ended up disliking it?

My dad loves this cover of the Radiohead song "Exit Music (for a Film)" so when he was in my room the other night, I started playing the original song for him without telling him what it was. After about a minute, he said, "Jesus. Someone get a shotgun and put that singer out of his misery." :C

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Are you a boy or girl?

What do you think of the media's portrayal of women?

When in a relationship do you think sex is appropriate (marriage, whenever, etc)?

Are you gay?

How do you whiten your teeth?

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 I have one 4 oz bar of Ghirardelli 100% cacao unsweetened baking chocolate. I also have some (salted but could be rinsed) macadamia nuts, but don't necessarily need to use them. Does anybody have a cake/cupcake/muffin recipe for me? I probably have all the other ingredients a recipe could use.

O Wise and Mysterious Tee Kyu See, help me?
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My friend is getting married in September.
She has chosen dresses for the fat girls from David's bridal and the skinny ones from J Crew.
I am one of the fat bridesmaids.
The dress she chose makes me look like a fucking COW because it cuts me right through my mid section.
I have a fat fucking middle and I NEVER emphasize it.
I'm pissed.
I'm not terribly vain but I don't want to be displaying my fat in all of its glory.
I don't see anyone being at fault. The dress she chose is pretty but it's horrid for fat girls.
Doesn't everyone know that an empire waist is the most  flattering for almost all body types?
I feel like stomping.
What is a girl to do?

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So my roommate needed buttermilk for a recipe, but she could only get a 2L container (uhh, 64 oz for y'all americans, I think?) and she only used a little and I don't want to waste it.

What can I do with 2L of buttermilk?

Edit: My roommate is a vegetarian, I mostly live by her rules.


I'm bored at work and would like to see some photos.

Show me the most recent photo of yourself (pls say how recent it is)?

OR, name a movie that you can watch over and over again and never get tired of. How many times have you seen it?

Collapse )

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are there any communities where you can sell your clothes/bags on lj?

i'm trying desperately to scrounge up some money. i'm so impatient! and i'm wary of ebay because you only get to list something for so long.

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Which is correct:
"an Mg absorbance"
"a Mg absorbance"?

I'm confused because if you read it out loud as "em gee absorbance" then it's "an"...but if you read it as "magnesium absorbance" than it's "a". Spellcheck says "an" but I'm hesitant to trust Spellcheck's crazy ways, and Google says both. Any grammar experts out there?

inspired by the celebrity crush post and this song

have you or someone you know ever made fun of a celebrity to their face?

my friend and her boyfriend moved to NYC back in December or January. a few weeks ago they were out for a walk my friend's boyfriend sees this dude walking his apparently really goofy looking dog. he starts sayin' shit about this dog within earshot of the dude, so dude gives him a really dirty look. they get passed the guy and the boyfriend says to my friend, "Anyway, why does he look so familiar?" and she says, "That's Jason Schwartzman."

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Why was Christian Slater famous?

Seriously. Someone enlighten me. I think I've seen like three movies he's been in but I can't barely remember what he looks like because he was so unremarkable. But apparently he was once a big deal.

In ten years, who is going to be the next Christian Slater?
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 Doctor TQC,
Whenever I sit down, my right side of the hip hurts.  What do you think it is?  

Do you have seasonal allergies?  How do you treat it?

What time is your alarm clock set to?

ETA:  I'm now suspecting it is sciatica.  I have been getting a shooting pain with walking lately, and sometimes a sharp pain in my foot.  O.o  Have any of y'all had sciatica?  How did you treat it?  

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This is probably totally random...but do you have a really good blender? I'd like a suggestion for a brand that isn't expensive. My sister has killed every blender we've ever had, so clearly I'm not good at picking them out.

I'm going through an upsetting family situation. I'm student teaching and fairly close with my cooperating teacher. Should I let her know about what's going on, or is that unprofessional? I'm afraid I may be coming across as scatterbrained or unprepared but it's really just other stuff.
TK and Kari

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Your boyfriend treats you like a child (picking up after you, telling you what your faults are that you should work on) hot or not?

Why is my cousin engaged to a guy like this?

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This is probably a really stupid question, but does anyone know if a paper ID will work for someone in Vegas? He is over 21 but his old ID is expired and he can't renew it because he is in a different state and they need a new picture.

Would his expired ID work better?

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Have you ever taken a trip via Greyhound bus (or something like it?)?
Where did you go?
How long was your trip?
Did you have any issues?

Am I an idiot for wanting to take a Greyhound (~48 hour trip) to see my boyfriend when I've never traveled alone before?
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Your two roommates and a mutual friend are hanging out and being rather loud (watching youtube videos, laughing, talking loudly, etc.). They are loud enough that you can hear them through your door and they're distracting you from whatever you're trying to do.

If you're trying to get work done, do you ask them to quiet down or move somewhere else? How long do you wait before asking?

If you're trying to sleep, do you ask them to quiet down or move somewhere else? How long do you wait before asking?

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What is your opinion on couples therapy/counseling (or even just solo but bringing your SO to a few appointments) when you aren't engaged or married, just dating? Is it silly?

I have been eating horribly lately--usually only one meal a day, and it's been fast food. What can I do to fix my horrible eating habits? Are your eating habits good or bad?

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Have you ever seen a movie that has left an impact on you long after you watched it?

I watched Bloody Sunday about 4 or 5 years ago & started crying a couple of hours ago when I randomly thought of it.
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1. Ladies would you be comfortable dating someone shorter than you? Men switch it to taller than you.

2. What time is it where you are?

3. What continent are you on?

4. What's the best thing you've ever eaten?

5. Are watches making a comeback?

6. Do you wear a watch or just look at your phone?

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My old Dell desktop is running SUPER slow. I want to do a clean install, but I lost my startup disc! We got it right when Windows XP came out, so I'd love to run that. This is my parents computer that I gave to them and they aren't very mechanically inclined, so I'd love to stick with windows XP. However, all I can find via my google search is start up discs for floppy discs. I have a floppy drive, but I'd much rather do it cd rom.

Can anyone help me? I'm sorry if I don't make any sense, I just came home from a long shift at work.

renovation question

has anybody ever renovated their floors to hardwood and more specifically:

1) is ~$5/sqft a reasonable price to pay for hardwood? or is going even higher worth it for a house that my family will be living in for the next 3+ years?
2) what is your opinion on using european/german beech in canada? (alberta, in particular) the brand that i am looking at specifically is pollmeier. or is it better to use a north american wood?
3) is a particular brand for hardwood really important? if so, can you recommend a good brand that is reasonably priced? i don't mind paying a bit more if it's good quality.

i've tried looking for reviews for specific places, but there's so much selection and so many options it's quite confusing. thanks for your help in advance.