April 4th, 2010


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Which race of people do you think are generally most attractive?

What body type do you generally find most attractive?

Do you think women look better when they wear a ton of makeup or none?
doctor who - tardis

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do you believe there is a "one, true" religion? if so, which one?
do you believe in a heaven and a hell (any way you wish to think of it)?
what do you believe disqualifies someone from getting into heaven?

what's your favorite thing to order from mcdonalds?

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Do you have a lookbook.nu?

Would you be so kind to pm me an invite code?
If so, thank you very much!

D/C: What currencies do you frequently use?
I use British Pounds £, Euro's €, American Dollars $ and Japense Yen ¥

EDIT: I forgot I use American Dollars too XD

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Let's assume a machine exists that'll let you relive any part of any relationship. It could be the best week of the relationship or the entire thing from start to finish or anything amount of time in between. Would you want to relive any of your past relationships or are they better left in the past?

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all that glitters is gold, so only shooting stars ...

break the mold
bet and fold
days of old
for whom the bell tolls
quelque chose

anyone remember smash mouth?

what do you think of Collapse ) beautiful portrait of the beautiful detective fin tutuola (aka ice-t)?

am i the only one who, when they hear Collapse ) song, they can't help but think, "well, mr. derulo, it wouldn't have to be in your head if you hadn't cheated on her in the Collapse )?

what do you think of the book tess of the d'ubervilles? how about ernest hemingway?

edit: what is your favorite kind of internet wank?
i for one am a huge fan of fat and welfare wank. the last one usually provides a bevy of stupid
My Wild Irish Rose

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It's  1:05A.M.  I am not going to sleep for a while.  I'm in a house with my parents, siblings & cousins in rooms all around me.  I have nowhere cool to sneak out to.

I should:

go get some ice cream
download the new Doctor Who episode 'cause otherwise I'd have to wait for two weeks to see it (locationFAIL)
download Doctor Who and then get ice cream
work on homework
work on non-homework related stories
stalk the internet a bit more
plot world domination
actually go to sleep at a reasonable time
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Do you eavesdrop if you hear your neighbors yelling?

Do you have any good neighbor drama stories to tell?

Tonight, the people who live in the apartment across the hall from us were yelling a bunch and it turned out that the boyfriend of the girl who lives there hit her. So the girl & her roommate were yelling at him to get out. They then called the police, & I guess it was a slow crime night in Boston because there were at least 4 cops around at one point, including a motorcycle cop. And she threw all his stuff out on the street. They left their apartment door open the whole time though, so we kept looking out our peephole to see what was going on. Nothing like that ever happens in our building, so I was pretty surprised.

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TQC, I am up at 1:30 AM on a Saturday writing what is supposed to be a 10 page group paper because two of my group members haven't been to class all week and are ignoring all Facebook messages and emails.

How swift and unusual should their punishment be? Any ideas?

How much do you hate group projects?

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It's 2:40 am here. I don't need to sleep in all day tomorrow, because I have to go to bed early tomorrow night. But, I'm not that tired.

Should I try to get to sleep by 3 am, or should I stay up and watch a movie I've been meaning to watch, and hopefully be tired by then? 

What's the last movie you watched? Was it good?

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1. I'm supposed to show adult students a film in my English class. It is up to me to pick. Which movie would you pick (other than "Dead Poets Society")?

2. What is your means of transportation?

3. When was the last time you stuck your foot in your mouth?

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do you think a librarian would be a cute halloween costume?

i plan ahead ok

as far as halloween costumes go, what was your personal best? or, what's the best halloween costume you've ever seen?

do you plan on seeing the remake of a nightmare on elm street? how weird do you think robert englund's lack of presence will be?

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My LOL nephew has been thrown out of his house because he's lazy and sloppy.
He's moved in with his lazy and sloppy girlfriend and her two roomates.

If you were the roomate and your roomies BF shows up and crashes on the couch for the unforeseeable future....what would you do?

the more drastic the better.

music questions

What style headphones do you prefer? What are some songs you can listen to over and over without getting tired of them?

My answers: 
I like the ones that go over the ear (they have a piece on the back to keep them from falling off your ears, not the headband thing). The ear bud things don't fit in my ears comfortably. My ears are small.

It depends on my mood, but lately I've been addicted to Destination Nowhere by ERIKA (a Japanese Pop singer. She also starred in the J-Drama series 1 Litre of Tears).  I can't get enough of that song.

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So my almost 5 year old son has managed to get poison ivy.

Needless to say, he's pretty effing miserable. I think it is a bit worse due to the fact he has really sensitive skin (eczema breakouts ALL the time now).

What should I do to cheer him up and make him quit thinking about how itchy he is?
Can you recommend any tried and true products or home remedies to make him less itchy?

Have you ever had poison ivy? I haven't.

If so, was it in a funny, yet embarassing spot?
One of my friends decided to have sex in the woods and ended up with it all over her ass. Her boyfriend ended up getting it on his balls.

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As you've gotten older and your tastes have changed (for the better I hope), are there things you appreciate (food,music, movies etc.) that you used to hate???

I have developed an appreciation of Johnny Cash that I used not to have.
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How do you tell someone you appreciate what they bought/did while refusing it? What if it's someone who is very easily butthurt and doesn't understand why you do what you do, but won't listen to why you do it? (aka why i won't eat milk/eggs/cheese/meat)

dk/dc: what is the last surprisingly painful injury you've had?
all this week i've given myself numerous paper cuts (when it rains, it pours etc) and yesterday one i got is right on the underside of my knuckle, so every time i bend my finger, it busts open :( soooo i have a giant bandage on it keeping my finger straight. i look like an idiot :(

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On a scale of 1-10, 10 being a lot, how important is Easter for you? Do you rank it with holidays like Christmas (i.e. fun, great holidays)? Or is it just whatever?

What are you doing today?

ETA: Maybe a 1, because I get free candy. But really, it's just whatever.

Working, eating ham, doing homework.

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The other day I was at Wal-Mart and in kind of a hurry. I saw some sad looking orchids that were part of their seasonal Easter display. I wanted to rescue at least one because I knew they would just wind up in the trash, but I was on my way to work, and then to the gym, and you can't just leave orchids in your car....

Should I go to Wall-Mart today and buy them, since I now have the time, and because they'll be on super sale? Or am I disproportionally, unnecessarily, worried about them?

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if everyone over the age of 1 suddenly diassapeared would the internet still be up? Who would I call on my iPhone?

DK/DC I've been skinny all my life and can't look girls in the eyes. Whats wrong with me?

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Your friend got stabbed almost to the point of death, is on life support and was unconscious for days. His dad is from out of town and has no connections in the city. Would you let your friends dad stay with you? You've never met his dad.

I'm not sure how long my friend will be in the hospital but his dad is staying with me and my family. It's only a little bit weird, we have a bed set up for him by the back door and gave him a key. I've given him towels, some dishes while he's here (the best ones) and a spare key so he can come and go. Should I also let him eat our food or should he take care of that himself? 

He's gone all day (ALL DAY) to be in the hospital and he comes back at night. I see him for about an hour each day but it's weird to hear some guy downstairs walking around when you're trying to sleep.

What are your plans today? 


Have you seen the movie Food, Inc.? If so, how did it affect you?

Are you watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? What are your thoughts on that?

Do you trust the U.S. government (if you live in the U.S., of course) to be in charge of your food supply?

If you’re from another country, who is in charge of your food supply, and do you trust them?
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do you think women should wait until they are a certain age before having children (ie 18, 21, 25 etc)? why?

do you think women over a certain age (ie 40, 50 etc) should not have children? why?

do you think there is ever a 'good' age for a woman to have children?

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1. Every so often I grab all the comforters in the house and head to the laundromat and stuff them in the super-giant front loaders, but I never know how much detergent to use. These are the really big washers, some of them labeled five-loader, six-loader, up to eight-loader machines. How much detergent should I add?

2. I went to the dentist to have three bad teeth extracted. When my mouth recovered enough for me to run my tongue over and around, I realized that he extracted two bad teeth and one tooth that had already had a root-canal and only needed the crown put back on. What does the dentist owe me?


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Will you tell me about the last time you bought something and ended up being disappointed with it when you got home? Did you keep it or return it?

I just bought some foundation and the pot looked really deep, but when I got it home I discovered the foundation was only in the lid and the rest of the pot was taken up by a sponge. Wtf.
TK and Kari

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For those of you who are scared of huge-ass bugs, how do you get rid of them?

I see one of those huge-ass mosquitos the size of my fist and instead of going over and killing it, I'll just stay away from that entire side of the room for a while until someone else can play hero and kill it for me. Pathetic, I know.
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I've been fat since I was a kid... There's this somebody whom I really really like and we have known each other since grade school, and now we are already in College.

My problem is that even if we've known each other for a long time, I couldn't talk to him if it is just the two of us, and I couldn't even look at him in the eyes!!... huhuhu... how can I overcome this excessive shyness??? What should I do??
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Cadbury Creme Egg

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Have you ever studied (primary school, high school, college/university, etc.) in a country that was not your home country?

What about in a country that spoke a different first language to you?

What were your experiences like?

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 Easter has me nostalgic for my childhood.

Would you take a picture of something from, or that fondly reminds you of, your childhood?

Alt: If you don't want to / can't take a picture, would you tell me about a memory from childhood that makes you happy? Even if it's the only diamond in the coal mine, lets hear it.

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What's your default ringtone? What about for texting?

Do you personalize your ringtones for some people? What did you choose and why?

Collapse )

This question brought to you by my idle wondering while trying to choose a song for my brother.
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Where is my bunny?

AN ASIDE: Yanno, once i fantasized about winning the lottery and flying everyone from tqc to Las Vegas for a meet up. But since i have found out 90% of ya'll are vegans...i'd have to have a buffet for non-vegans and a table full of celery and carrots for everyone else.
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Favorite Non-Comedy TV Series?

My roommates and I are going to be bored tonight so we thought we'd find a new TV series to watch.

What's your favorite non-comedy TV series?
(None of us are big fans of comedy)

Bonus points if it's a non-American series because there's a higher likelihood that we've never heard of it before.

Lamb curry?

Anyone have a simple lamb curry recipe? I have leftover lamb from tonight's dinner, and I want to try my hand at making curry (not to mention I have congested sinuses and the spices may clear them)
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I'm trying to decide what to put on my Netflix queue. Could you tell me which of these you have seen and if you would recommend them?

-Dr. Strangelove
-Dead Poets Society
-The Goonies
-Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
-The Boondock Saints
-Shakespeare in Love

Also, should I bother to watch Firefly, or am I just going to end up depressed because it was so short-lived?

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Do you have any true friends?

Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

true friend = someone you have no problem showing you darkest, most vulnerable, most repulsive side to, and will do that for you. the person you are sure will have your back til the day you die.
minnie and zeus

Making a mix cd! Who wants to help?

I'm making a Hawaiian vacation-themed mix cd as an anniversary gift. Do you have any songs to recommend that have themes or lyrics about any of the following ideas? He likes indie, alternative, 80s new wave, catchy songs without being too poppy, but open to any suggestions!

Islands / Hawaii
Vacation / travel
Swimming / Sea / Ocean
Mountains / Volcanoes / lava
Airplanes / airports / flying

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DK/DC: What was the theme of the last mix cd/tape/playlist you made?

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I have a huuuuuge cystic pimple that WILL NOT go away. I've been washing it with salycilic acid in the shower and applying benzoyl peroxide during the day. I use tea tree oil as a cleanser at night (always have). Last time I had one of these it lasted 4 months, I went to the derm and got an expensive injection, and it STILL didn't go away.

I'm going to the pharmacy tomorrow. Have you tried any product other than salycilic acid and benzoyl peroxide that has worked well for you? Or any home remedies? Google has some remedies but I'd like to hear firsthand from someone who's tried a product that has worked. I really want this to go away or at least go down significantly by this weekend. )-:
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I know a lot of TQC majors in the fine art of literature one way or another, and being in science, i am really stuck here.

I have to write an essay for the 15th that is on In Cold Blood. I was told that i need to write about what his description of the setting communicates, which isnt the part im stuck on. I have to compare it against a 'scholarly article or book chapter' (which i guess means from a piece of reference material?) that is also focused on the setting. I understand the idea of research, but as i never typically look up scholarly articles, i asked my prof for assistance. He said i could simply "google a scholarly article online", but im trying with no avail. We cant use e-zine articles, and im not really finding much else that isnt study notes. Is there some secret English major site that i am missing?

Obviously i will be going to ask a librarian this week but if i can just google it...

Can you tell me what the temperature is where you live?

EDIT: Sorry guys, i put an i instead of a u :(

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Poll #1547447 Milk Preference

Which kind of milk do you prefer?

whole milk
I don't like any of those
another kind that this poll is forgetting
Full House - Stephanie Eh?

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A boy and a girl both get very drunk at a party. They find a room and have sex. The girl later claims she was raped. Do you think the boy has any culpability in this case?

Food, sex, and the grammatically impaired

 What is your "death row" meal?

Who is on your "laminated list of five?" In other words, which five celebrities would you consider having monkey sex with, even if you're in a serious relationship or marriage? As a rule of the list, your partner must allow it.

Also, when in disagreement with somebody over SOMETHING online, and they reply with an honest-to-goodness "ur a idot" (idiot), does it take away the credibility of the statement?
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Summer's coming!

Has anybody used a 'tanning lotion'? (By that, I mean a lotion that darkens your skin a bit when you use it.) Do you recommend it?

I'm as white as a zombie, but I burn easily. (And skin cancer is no fun.)

DKDC: What's the nicest hotel you've ever stayed in?

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 What don't you understand?

I don't get why some people don't like freckles. i love them. a few at a time, or a whole spray of them, they're adorable.
do you like freckles? your own and/or anybody else's?

Maybe we are kidding ourselves...Travel

My husband and I are looking to go away for a long weekend in mid-May for less than 500 a person for airfare and hotel. Does anyone have any suggestions of places we could go? We're leaving from Philly and not going to Vegas or Disney.

Are we kidding ourselves?
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kids in the car

In your town/city/area is it common practice for people to leave kids in the car while they run into a store/establishment for a quick errand?

How often do you see it?

Are you bothered by it?

Are there certain parameters you witness being pushed before you get involved? Have you ever gotten involved with a parent because of a perceived indiscretion/questionable behavior?

ETA: Would it bother you more/less if it was a DOG? Why?

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the boys from queens

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What have you bought on Craigslist?
What have you sold on Craigslist?
Have you had any sketchy Craigslist encounters? Details?
What is the funniest/craziest/most bizarre ad you've seen on Cragslist?

And most importantly...
Why am I reading Craigslist right now when I should be doing the insane amount of work due in the next two days?
Why is Craigslist the most interesting when I am procrastinating?

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I realised a woman I work with has the same interest in serial killers, true crime and WW2 as myself. However it is impossible to converse about these subjects (or anything else for that matter) with her as she does all the talking. And when I do get a word in sideways, it is ignored.

Do you know anybody like this? How annoying do you find it?

Who was the last person that really pissed you off? Why?
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Have you ever heard of the Aral Sea?

How do you pronounce Krygyzstan?

What lesser-known issues are important to you? (a.k.a. things that you really care about that lots of people aren't even aware of)

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How old were you when you first had an orgasm? (Any method, either you did it to yourself or a partner did) Research I've done (horribly unscientific googling about) seems to indicate males tend to be between 12-14, where as females are about 14-16.

Strange, as I thought women matured faster than men in that respect. So, I'll see how your answers compare...

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What do you think of someone who's quiet when you first meet them?

I was super quiet when I first met my SO's mom and now she thinks I'm a bitch, a snob, and not friendly :( I'm really just super shy!(and I was terrified)

Are you closer to any of your siblings more than the others?

I hate to say it, but I'm definitely closer to my brother than my sister.
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What is the last mundane thing that got you really excited?

Washing my clothes! I haven't had a functional washing machine for three weeks and now I am just so gleeful every time I put a load on :D
It's Yamapi approved!

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Do you hold hands/link arms with your sisters, cousins, or friends when you go out? Do people give you weird looks? (in a platonic way)

I've held my sisters' hand sometimes and I've never gotten strange looks.
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On Tuesday it will be a week until my birthday, and for some reason I feel so nervous about it. Maybe it's because I don't want shit to go wrong.

Has this feeling ever happened to anyone before?

When was the last time you went to a fancy restaurant?