April 3rd, 2010

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Any Catholics in TQC?

For Catholics, did the controversies surrounding the Vatican and the priests accused of sexual molestation change your view of Catholicism?How has this affected your faith?

For non-Catholics, how does this make you feel about Catholics, especially the pope?

I guess I'm just in a ~Catholic~ mood today because it's Good Friday
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So, I keep hearing all about this new thing the kids are into: chatroulette. Mostly I hear you see a lot of penis.

My questions:
Would you recommend these penises for one's viewing pleasure?
Would you show your penis (real or hypothetically speaking if you don't have one) on chatroulette?
Would you recommend chatroulette for when one is bored?

DK/DC: Are you sick of the word penis yet? I'm not.


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What commercial (or series of commercials) most makes you want to punch an advertising exec in the face?

What commercial (or series of commercials) makes you laugh or is very effective.

I really hate the Sienna commercial with the douchy parents. Also the Old Navy mannequin commercials

And, much as I hate to say it, the old spice commercials are a stitch.
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 So I got fired from my job today, that I've had for a year and a half. The reason I was fired is because I had a status on facebook about not wanting to be at work, and being tired of my current job. "If you're not happy here, we don't want you here", said my boss. My facebook profile is private, people who are not my friends can only see my default and my network. 
My boss said he was also upset that I updated my status while I was at work, so I asked him how he read it. Apparently, he was able to get my browser history (which I suspected), but he had printed out my profile with the comment on it. He cannot access my profile without a password, and I ALWAYS sign out. ALWAYS.

Is it legal for the company to get my password off the work server (which is the only way this could have happened)?

tl;dr, dk/dc: Have you ever gotten fired? Why?

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Okay, so I haven't splurged in a while and Aerie is having a pretty good sale/clearance. I've got two bras, three undies, pajama pants, and a shirt and it's all come out to $75. Worth it?

I figure 2:21 A.M. isn't the best time to make these decisions myself.

EDIT!: I just went to a few sites to sign up for some free stuff, and my empty-field history is suggesting that I've used Walter for my first name and Burkert for my last name. Weird, yes?

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Asking for someone at work, which would you rather have/is  more thoughtful?  A boutique of personalized cookies (with sayings on them) or a personalized cut out cake? (It's just a cake that's cut into a certain shape (Like a guitar or a car. It'd be tailored around graduation and his favorite thing) It's for a high-school graduation if that makes any difference.

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Do you think "2012" is going to happen? Why or why not?

EDIT: I didn't think I had to clarify what I meant, but what I was referring to was "the end of the world". Obviously not the actual year...


Is there a way to block all attached pictures from showing when you open an email BEFORE you open it? I just got sent something gross from an unfamiliar email address, is there anything I should do besides ignore it?

What are your plans for today?
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I start my new job today. I always get incredibly nervous and imagine everyone is going to hate me and say "EW EW NEW GIRL EW". I usually end up so nervous I get an achy in my tum-tum.

Does the first day at a new job (where you know no one D: !) make YOU so nervous you get sick or am I the only person in the entire world this happens to?

What makes you really nervous?

How do YOU get over it? (preferably something that will take less than 1.5 hours)

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Even though a zit may not have a head to it, do you still feel compelled to squeeze it?

Don't you just love zits in your nostril?

Do you and your S.O. squeeze each others back zits?

Where do you have a zit RIGHT NOW?
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I have a $50 gift card to Amazon.com.
Over the summer, I'm going to be making a significantly larger ammount of money than I am now.
Should I save the gift card for then, and buy the camera I've been wanting?
Should I spend it now on something random because right now I'm barely making any money?

If I should spend it now, what should I buy?
(Ridiculous suggestions are welcome ^___^)
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Why does my son have to take all of his clothes off to use the bathroom? It's like I'm raising George Costanza.

Do you take off all of your clothes to poop? If yes, do you do it at other places/people's homes/truck stops?

Which sitcom characters do your family members remind you of?

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I was drunk last night and watching Comedy Central and this comedian, I think his name was Eugene Mirman, made a reference to Strunk and White. Now I can't find a clip of the reference anywhere. Help?

Who serves the best coffee? I'm having some from McDonald's and it's yummy.

(no subject)

1.) Does your appetite change on a daily basis?

For instance, this morning I had a mix of oats/oat bran with all natural peanut butter and some chopped walnuts for breakfast; a meal that normally holds me over for at least 3-4 hours. However, not even two hours later and I'm feeling the hungry rumble. Could it be the migraine I had yesterday? that my period is little over a week away?


2.) I usually work Sundays but I have Easter off to spend with my Husband! We don't have any family plans soo.... what should we do?? :)

3.) What is something you eat frequently?

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There was a big storm last night and so it is really cold outside, and obviously my house sucks so my house is really cold as well. I am hungry, but if I go downstairs I will have to put the dishes away because they are sitting in the dishwasher and are staring at me. Will you tell me about all the yummy things that YOU want for breakfast to motivate me to make some food? Pictures welcome.

I'm going to a baby shower today and I can't choose what to wear. I have a really pretty blue shirt that looks good on me, but then I have to wear jeans.
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Which outfit should I wear?

What are your plans for the day?

Real Estate Agents

I called my real estate about some problems we have with the house (dodgy shower, broken drawer etc) and within days they have sent people out to fix things. I am really confused, real estates don't do things, and certainly not in a timely fashion. There is some kind of conspiracy - WHAT IS GOING ON?

Edit: Australian - Real estate agents manage the property (rent collection, repairs etc) for the landlord.
Edit ii: I told them these things were broken like 18 months ago and they didn't do anything then.
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TQC, it is that time of the year again-- with the sunlight and all that-- so some warm weather themed questions:

1) I really hate tanning, and I am naturally very white (one of the reasons I hate tanning is I don't really tan, I burn, and then the burn fades into a tan),  but I also really hate tanning salons and anything that leads to ORANGE.  Does anyone have reccs for looking tan and not looking orange without going to a tanning salon?
2) Like, omg, where do you go for your spring and summer fashion? 
3) What are some of your favorite activities during the spring and summer months?
4) what is your absolute #1 favorite thing about warm weather months?
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Why do bad things happen to good people?
Do you know where I can find some awesome panacea to make someone better when no doctors know what is wrong?!

What is the last bad thing that happened to you?
Are you a good person or a huge douche bag?
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A weird clicking noise is coming from my bathroom. I think it might be the fan because when I turn the fan on the noise goes away... but WTF? There is no power going to the fan right now and it's making random clicking noises (no discernible pattern).

I don't know if I can live in a house that makes weird random noises! What should I do??
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What is something you were trained to do on a job, and now cannot help but do in your every day life?

My first job was at a bakery, and the owners had a certain method to bagging bread. Now whenever I use bread, I always close the bag that way. Always.

Now that I work in retail, sometimes I 'face' products when I'm in other stores, out of habit.
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Do you have a song stuck in your head? If yes, what is it? If no, what is the last really amazing song you listened to?

Do you like tofu? What do/don't you like about it? For those of you who do like it, how do you like to cook/flavor your tofu?

What is the best flavor of pudding? The worst?
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Have you had an unpaid internship at any point in your life?

Did you gain valuable job skills for your future career? Was it "educational"?

How did you support yourself during your unpaid internship?

Inspired by this NYTimes article that says there has been a spike of illegal unpaid internships in the current economy.
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Oh my god it's an iTunes question!

How the FUCK do I get my movies into iTunes? I tried adding the folder and I tried dragging it over and it's not doing anything at all!!! This thing is stupid y/y?

Am I dumb? Am I missing something?

I am using Windows Vista.

EDIT: I converted them and they added. Thanks guys!

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my sister brought her cat to the vet tuesday morning to get fixed. He's been acting fine until last night he wouldn't open his eyes, and today he still won't.
Vets are closed today and we're not sure if it's something serious or not.

any help is appreciated! :)

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My dog's sister died yesterday. She seems okay, but how do I know she's not really crying on the inside? What can I do to help her through this hard time? Do they make cards for this sort of occasion?

(no subject)

What exactly does one say when making a follow up call for a job? It's just a part time job at an ice cream shop.

I haven't read a GREAT book in a long time. If I liked books by Murakami, Salinger, and Jonathan Safran Foer but don't exactly want to read more books by them, what should I read? What was the last GREAT book you read?
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I asked this before a couple years ago, but my computer has crashed since then and I lost the website I used.

What is a website that I can find criminal background stuff for specific people? I know it was a public records type site. I'm in Illinois, if that helps.

ETA: It was also free.

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What are your opinions of The Blair Witch Project? Do you know how much money it grossed? Does that impress you considering it only cost $35,000 to make? How do you think TBWP has affected Internet marketing? 

DK/DC: What is your favorite low-budget movie?

drops of jupiter

TQC, am I a bad person?

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[/wall of text]

TL;DR? Obnoxious usually-walks-all-over-everybody drama-queen semi-friend wants my attention as she cries and eats my ice cream. Made an excuse as to why I couldn't hang out, but mostly I just don't want to deal with her constant attention-seeking (or her constant hitting on my boyfriend). Am I a bad person?

DK/DC: What was the last video game that made you want to scream wordless rage and throw the controller at the tv?
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Have you met anyone interesting on Chat Roulette yet?

I've seen a lot of peen but haven't met anyone that wacky/interesting yet. I've been keeping my fingers crossed for the Jonas Brothers or one of those other Chat Roulette-addicted celebs but I could be waiting a while...
TK and Kari

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For those of you who needed to pee really, really badly in a public area with no restrooms, what did you end up doing?

Once I had to stop an entire tourist bus. We were in a wilderness area, and I ended up running behind some random house and peed in the bushes.

(no subject)

Does anyone else love Blackadder? I recently got the DVD boxset and I can't stop watching it. I think it's my favorite show ever now.

Also, are there any Blackadder .gifs out there? I can't find any. :(
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I am going to Germany at the end of the month!
My German is rusty.
Can you help me with a few key phrases to help me get around and to impress the frauleins?

I already have: Ich brauche zwei Schwanze in meinem Arsch. :I have two bratwurst in my pocket!
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 What things of yours do your parents pay for? Also, for reference, how old are you?

Inspired by the fact that so many of my friends just freaked out upon learning that, unlike them, I don't receive a monthly food allowance from my parents. We're in college. My parents are helping me pay for tuition and textbooks, but those are loans that I'll be paying back once I'm able to do so.

(no subject)


MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHAT SHOULD I NAME LINK? besides bitch or stinky because i name him those a lot.
Watching 'The Road to El Dorado'...
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I'd like a colored bald eagle, please!

This is a question for those of you who never plan to get a tattoo: if you were forced, for whatever reason, to get a tattoo of anything you desired, what would you get a tattoo of?

Also, did you know that bald eagles build the biggest nests of any North American bird?

What are some interesting facts about animals that you know?
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in the media, what are some things you've heard public figures say that you just CAN'T buy? like Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," big-boobied women claiming they're all natural, etc.

do you feel GREAT?

(no subject)

My phone froze up while I was texting, then cut off. Now, it won't turn back on. I've taken the battery out several times and tried everything.

How can I fix my phone? :( It's a G1, if it matters.

(no subject)

In the fashion design/ fash mag industry, is it crucial to get yourself involved in as many internships as possible in order to acquire the experience/skills needed? Is it easier for you to get into the industry after that? Does internship opens up to more opportunities to get connections? Or can you simply skip the interning part when you have an awesome portfolio/resume to offer? (for you to land yourself a job somewhere in the fash industry)

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 What do you think about kids and cell phones?

I thought I was young (12) when I got one but I've babysat kids that are like, 8 and 9 with cell phones. I guess it's okay depending on the circumstances, but I would just get my kid a cheap phone or one like this.

DK/DC: What's for dinner?
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Yesterday I hung out with a dude who's phone made the sound of a truck backing up whenever he got a text. and he got like 15. it was really annoying.

what's the worst ringtone you've ever heard?

(no subject)

I posted a page back about my phone not turning on--but now I have another question.

My phone is a T-Mobile phone, but I have it unlocked with AT&T. If I take it to a T-Mobile place, will they help me? I'm thinking the battery might be dead, so I need to replace it. But, even if it isn't--could they look at it/help me even if I have it unlocked with AT&T? I'm not technically using their service so I didn't know how they would handle that.

Are cell phone batteries expensive? Do they usually have them at the store/kiosk, or would I have to order one and wait on it?
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(no subject)

 Do you still swing when you're at a park? If so, how old are you?

Absolutely! I love the swings and I'll be 28 in a couple weeks. 

Edit: You all are making me feel old! ;)
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What is your ringtone?
"i2i" from A Goofy Movie. 

What is your text alert sound? 
The Kim Possible beep.

What is your favorite ringtone you've had in the past? 
I had the Superman fanfare on my old phone. Every time my phone rang I felt all heroic. 

(no subject)

I've been a vegetarian for about ten years now. I'm not so much an animal activist (I own leather) but chewing meat or touching bone creeps me out. I can't disassociate the meat from something that was once fleshy, bloody and alive. Of course, I'm totally all for other people eating meat. (You're an idiot if you don't believe in the food chain, just saying). A few months ago I figured I would try to start eating meat again because I'm tired of being an inconvenience, and even if they are horribly disturbing, I want chicken wings soooooooo bad.

But I couldn't do it. I had a few bites each of chicken soup, stir fried chicken and beef, hamburger, pepperoni, deli meats, and some other stuff, but all of them just creep the hell out of me and I either spit it out or vomit.

TQC, how do I shake this?

What's crack-a-lackin'?

Do any of you crack 'weird' joints (ie not just fingers/toes)? How about your neck? Do you know of anyone who's actually been hurt by cracking their neck or back? I do it but I'm terrified that one day I'm going to paralyze myself or something. I'm worried but somehow I can't stop!

what do they call "making love" in other languages?

OK...if you speak a language other than English fluently, please answer: what is "making love" called in your language? I am not looking for dirty words, the equivalent of "fucking" or "screwing" etc., or humorous expressions like "making the beast with two backs," but rather the word/phrase used to describe sex between adults in a committed relationship. It occurred to me that "making love" is kind of a weird thing to call it, and I was wondering how other languages express that. So--in your language, what is it called and how does it literally translate to English?

It's for a poem cycle I'm working on, so srs answers are much appreciated, though I suppose I'll get non-srs answers as well (please just let me know if it's a serious answer, thanks).

(no subject)

 My boyfriend's grandpa is in the hospital and refusing care. I really like him a a person and he had such a huge impact on raising my boyfriend...I just really wanted him to know how much I appreciated and cared for him. I'm so shy, I think he wasn't really sure that I enjoyed spending time with him. Today, my shyness got in the way again and I didn't tell him how much he mattered to me while he was still lucid. Now he's going to be on a lot of pain medication for the short duration of his life. I feel like such a jerk. He deserved to know that he was important to me, because he probably doesn't know. And now he never will.

Have you ever lost someone?
Do you have any regrets or anything left unsaid?
Are you shy?
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(no subject)

What's with the DK/DC phenomenon of the last 6 months to a year? Are you guys really that ADD that you can't answer one or a series of questions pertaining to the same topic that you need to have a sloppy seconds question tacked on? Or is the question asker fishing for more replies to their questions? How dumb are all of you, I mean really?
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(no subject)

 My roommate "George" and his friend "Alex" (their real names are Chinese, and were not used in their introductions) just walked in, waved, and went into the bathroom. The shower is on. I can hear them talking, but they're speaking Chinese so I can't understand them. O wise and powerful TQC, what are they doing?

eta: There was a hair dryer going for a few minutes, and they just left again, the scent of shampoo strong in the air.
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(no subject)

 My roommate George is taking his third shower since I woke up around 12 hours ago. (This time he's alone, but he's singing.)

Why in the world would someone need to shower that often?!

fake phone isnt hip, ;]


How much does inspiration mean to you? How far would you go to be inspired?

Would you take drugs like LSD? Sell all your possessions and move to the middle of nowhere? Join a spiritual movement or a cult?

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of inspiration?
Bandit Driving

(no subject)

For woman that are married:
Did you take your husband's last name?
Did you discuss it beforehand?
If you didn't, did he have a problem with it?

For those that aren't married, do you plan on taking your future husband's last name?

Men: Would you have a problem if your wife didn't want to take your last name?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

(no subject)

For anyone who saw The Wrestler:

What did you think of it?

I just watched it for the first time and I have to say I wasn't completely thrilled. I can appreciate what everyone who praised it said about it, but I didn't really enjoy watching it.
CV:did I break wind?

(no subject)

I have not puked in 12 years, is there something wrong with me?
(I get sick alot, but haven't actually puked)

When you buy a new movie or a new cd (or download one) do you watch it once and then file it in your collection or do you watch/play the heck out of it non-stop for a week and then file it?
(I am the latter, can't help it)

(no subject)

is there a movie that you've seen and have to acknowledge that it was good but you never ever want to watch again?

kids was great, so was irreversible, but i will never see them by choice more than once

what is up with the chloe sevigny obsession? am i the only one who thinks she's hideous? i mean i'd love to raid her wardrobe but damn

are any of you familiar with that old (i'm talking like 2002 old) canadian soft porn cable tv show bliss that they used to show on the oxygen network? bc i'm pretty sure that guy in det_munch's icon was in a couple episodes