April 2nd, 2010


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1. Are there any weird rules by which your life seems to operate? Think along the lines of Murphy's Law. (For example, whenever there's a contest or drawing and I feel self-conscious and don't want to win, that's when I almost always do.)

2. How do you decide what hairstyle to get when you want something new? Do you know of any websites for pictures/ideas other than the horribly designed, unhelpful ones that a Google search brings up?
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I just bought a candy thermometer, so obviously I need to start making candy.

Have you ever made your own candy? Do you have any favorite recipes? (esp ones that are vegan or can be easily veganized)

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Do you have any songs stuck in your head?
Will you post them as youtube clips so they can be stuck in TQC's head as well?
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I have a bunch of Interpol songs in my head

Don't know or care, will you post funny Youtube clips?
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Pretend you're like old, and have a 30-something year old daughter who comes to you one day to invite you to her wedding with a notorious prison inmate (think one of the Menendez brothers, or Charles Manson). What the fuck do you do next?

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I've been facing some serious writer's block lately. I tried to relieve it by reading a whole bunch of books (within and outside of the genre I'm interested in), comic books, watching a few artistic movies and listening to my favorite musicians...even shamelessly flirting with customers at work (not that that has anything to do with anything) but nothing's working.

How do I get my muse back in gear? Short of drugging myself, seeing as I have no access to hallucinogens.
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I just realized I haven't pooed in a couple of days. Constiptation makes me unhappy :(

When was the last time you pooed?

What time is it where you are? If it's late at night/early in the morning, why are you still awake?
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Because TQC statistics anecdata prove there's never an "only one," help me out, guys.

Poll #1546504 muffins~

Which part of the muffin do you prefer?

The top!
The bottom!
I don't discriminate.
I dislike muffins.
obligatory "other" option
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 Sorry to post again so soon. TQC just isn't active in the morning. :)

Anyway, TQC, will you help me figure out a way to keep my coworkers out of my coffee creamer? I was out sick most of this week and when I got back, my brand new, only been used once bottle of creamer was almost empty. My name is on it, but that obviously isn't helping. :-/ Thanks guys!

Serious and non serious answers appreciated. 
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Kinda boring q's today.

Other than prescription drugs, what's the best way to get rid of nausea?

If you have plans with friends, what would make you cancel? What do you think are approriate reasons?

Edited to add another related and slightly more interesting question:

Have you ever had a bad reaction to medication? What was it and what happened?

I was given Reglan by IV once for nausea and felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin. It was horrible.
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I'm organizing a bachelorette party for a friend of mine.

We're meeting at a friends house to drink, then going to dinner, and then to the bars.

I don't think people will be expecting us to pay for their dinner, but is there a wording I should use to make sure that people don't think we're paying for their dinner?

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I brought in a microwaveable lunch for work yesterday. I know they're high in sodium but I'm trying to watch calories and only have them one or two times during the week. The other three women had Chinese food. I sat down and they spent ten minutes talking about how they would never eat something so bad for them and how awful it was for me to eat.

What's the appropriate response to this kind of thing?
One of them is ALWAYS on some new kind of diet and picks apart what I'm having. I put cranberries in my salad today and I know she's going to say something about it.

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When having a regular one meat, two veg (or three veg if your vegitarian I guess) dinner, my preferred bread option is...

warm fluffy biscuits
soft dinner rolls
cornbread/corn muffins
a slice of some kind of wheat flour bread
a slice of gluten-free bread
I don't like bread of any kind
something else

*you're vegetarian.

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 Well, I'm looking for a new apartment. We have very little money, so we're looking for a one bedroom for around 500/month for rent. The only problem is, I feel like I'm paying for a pool in all of these cheaper apartments in return for not getting things I want like an in unit washer and dryer and a dishwasher, or a location close to the highway.

What amenities in an apartment could you do without?

Do you think it is fair if I'm looking at apartments that are closer to my school than my boyfriend's school, even if his school is located in a rougher city? 

How many hours a week could you handle working on top of 16-18 credits at school?

What plans of yours have fallen through?

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Guys, I am going out tonight for my manager's birthday. She's turning 30 and needs a good party because she's feeling kinda down on herself. So I need to go and buy her various drinks.

However, the person who normally picks me up from these types of shindigs is out of town. I'll probably leave before all of my friends because I have work at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Should I:

Try to find parking downtown? (it's a Friday night and also I've never parked downtown)
Get a ride with someone? (who will probably be driving tipsy)
Take a bus down and back?(it's free, but I'll have to wait a while for the bus back, alone)
Take a taxi? (I'm strangely uncomfortable with this idea; it would probably cost $10ish to get home)

Also, where is my pepper spray? I'm pretty much the ideal victim and have no idea where my pepper spray has gone...
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will you please tell me of your epic childhood imaginary adventures?

did you have an imaginary friend? will you tell me about them?

will you know it's me if i change my icon?


okcupid and vegetarians!

1. My friends in college all recommended Okcupid as a way to meet people since it's difficult to do so after college. I'm tempted to try it because I'm that bored, but...I dunno, it seems really embarrassing! Do you have an Okcupid account TQC? Are you most often contacted by ppl in awkward situations like krystina from several posts down? Do you run into old high school classmates on there? Is it less shady than, say, craigslist? Errrk.

2. Oh! And oy you vegetarians! At work one day (at charbucks) one customer was asking if we had any vegetarian breakfast sandwiches and my (ugh) boss was like, "Well, we can take the meat patty out" and the customer got offended. Now, I totally disagreed with my boss on how 'just taking off the meat patty' can't work - I mean seriously the meat has already contacted the bread by then - but on the other hand that lady was like, "You meat eaters just...ugh. You don't understand." Do you guys really think of everyone else as a 'meat eater'? I always thought I was more of an omnivore, myself.

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I just met this guy who laughs without smiling. It's not a fake laugh; it's really loud and he slaps his knee sometimes, but he doesn't smile. I don't think it's weird (he could have a reason for it), I've just never seen anyone do that before.

Which brings me to my question: TQC, how do you laugh? What does it sound like, what do you look like, what do you do, etc. Does anything make your laugh different than someone else's?
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Inspired by a post yesterday: Will you post a pic of a spider found in / around your house?
Photos you've taken are a plus but if you know what kind, pics found online will do.

Apparently, these charming fellows like to hang out in my backyard. I dunno about y'all, but I'm never going back there again unless it's in a space suit.

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[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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So my mom just called and asked if I wanted to go shopping and get a pedicure with her tomorrow. She and I almost never have "bonding time," unless there's a serious talk about an issue in my life involved. As long as I can remember it's been her way of saying "we need to talk" without actually saying so. I can't think of anything she'd want to talk about, but my mom is surprisingly sneaky.

Anyway, should I be stressed about this or do you think my mom just genuinely wants to hang out?

If this affects your answer, I live with her, so it's not like we never see each other.

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So lately I've been all blah blah grow my hair out for my wedding blah blah blah but I look like an idiot with this horrible hair so I'm chopping it off. Would you please post pictures of your favorite hair cut? I have very short pixie ish style hair normally. My icon has it all pinned and teased so it looks longer. It's not.

How much do you normally eat for lunch? I always eat SO MUCH FOOD.
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My highest degree of education is/is the equivalent of

haven't finished high school/GED
high school, no college
high school, college undergrad currently

If you went/go to a college or university or technical school, what was/is your major or area of study? If you're undecided, at least say something general like Arts or Science or Pre-law/Pre-med or something.

Are you a cop?

That is classified information.
I don't remember.
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 do you like fennel?

how do you pronounce the word "herb" ?

I have a 50 dollar gift card for a bookshop, what book should I get? 

(I do love physics books, books written by north korean defectors and stories about things that happened in wars, like hiroshima told from both sides)

I would love any recommendations though :)

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My future father-in-law is Bipolar. (So am I, although it's not relevant to the story.) He stopped taking his meds cold turkey for about a month. Then all of a sudden he started taking them again at full dose. Well, he flipped his shit and ended up in the hospital. Yesterday we found out that he had to be transfered to a facility with lockdown because he went up to the meds station, refused to take them, promptly stripped, and ran around the hospital naked.

So my question is: How out of your mind would you have to be to run around a hospital naked? Would you do it in your perfectly "normal" state?

Say you're a smoker. For the purpose of this q, you roll your own. You have decided to quit smoking as soon as this bag is empty. You accidentally knock over the open bag, spilling ALL the contents on the floor. You don't have money to buy a new bag.

Do you decide that it's a message you should just quit now, or do you try to scoop up the contents and salvage as much as you can?

(If you prefer it can be a bag of weed or coke or whatevs)
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Did your parents make any sort of financial plans for you after you turned 18 (Pay for your college tuition, find you a place to live, etc.), or did you have to fend for yourself?

Just wondering if anyone knows. D:

Can you use saline nasal spray (that isn't really a spray; it's in a bottle that you squeeze and it comes out in a stream) as an oral rinse? When you use it as a spray, it comes out your mouth, anyway. Do you think it'd be harmful? 

DK/DC: When will you next vacation be and where will you be going?

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Can you run a mile?

Yes, with relative ease.
Yes, with a medium amount of effort.
Yes, but with a shit-ton of effort.
No, but I can WALK a mile.
I don't run or walk any miles.

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Do you know of any sites where I can read kids books online? I'm looking specifically for There's a Nightmare in my Closet.

I need a picture of the pages of the book that read "I was mad...but not too mad" or something along those lines. It's for a project I'm making....I can't find the book anywhere in stores/or any online pictures from it besides the cover :(


ps what were your favorite books as a little one?

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TQC, how do you hide your hickies?

Inspired by me wearing a silk scarf today for work, because the hickies I got during a drunken hook-up on Wednesday are still there >:I But at least they don't look like a disgusting infected rash now AND I get to wear ~pretty scarves~

Who is/are your favourite comedian/s?

Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran, Lee Evans, Eugene Mirman, John Cleese, Rick Mercer

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So, I noticed a lot of you run for exercise.

How many miles do you go in a session?
If you don't count miles, how long do you run?
Do you take breaks to walk?
Do you run on a treadmill, outdoors or what?
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i'm really considering becoming a vegetarian. or a pescetarian, until I recently found out the fish/sea animals are tortured as well before/during getting killed for food.

i'm not the healthiest person, i don't eat very well, but the thought of eating meat is disgusting to me. i'm going to college next year, so it will be potentially easier to be a vegetarian then at home because all we eat is meat.

i'd most likely go to a doctor and ask him what I should eat if i do decide to began a vegetarian.
is this stupid/idiotic/smart/healthy? helpppp

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Can anyone help with an xbox problem?

We have an xbox that we want to play an avi file on, but we need the update for it. We don't have xbox live, so I followed the instructions here for updating via a USB drive.

The xbox can manually browse to the USB stick fine, but when we restart it doesn't automatically start the update like it says it should. Has anyone else tried updating via USB and have any idea what might be amiss?

From the mom jeans question...

If you're a parent do you dress or present yourself differently than you did before you had kids?

If you're not a parent, do you get a little embarrassed for people who are trying to be all OMG hipster cool while chasing around a rug rat? Or do you think it's cute that they're at least trying?

If you don't care, can you tell me about what shoes/socks/toe dirt you're wearing right now?

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does anybody here know how to use Photoshop WELL?

Would anybody be willing to do something with it for me? I have a reciept from Circuit City that's really faded. It's for a TV, which is now not working, and I had a warranty on it, which is evident on the reciept, but the reciept can't be read. I've tried..to no avail.

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 When was the last time you cut ties with a group? (IRL, online, whatever)

Will you tell me how much better your life is without the drama? Because I'm struggling with knowing I did the right thing. 

If you don't care, what are some easy packed lunch ideas besides sandwiches?
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fucking bank

How do I go about canceling a bank account??

I have an account with Wells Fargo. Its about 4 years old. But I dont use it anymore since I moved from Texas to Georgia and there arent any Wells Fargos here.
Well I was still able to use the money I had in my account by using my debit card. But one day at an ATM machine it ate my card for no reason. So I called WF to tell them to send me another one. But the dickhead I talked to apparently misunderstood me and instead of sending me a new debit card he CANCELED  my debit AND atm cards!

My balance at the time was about 40.00. This was 3 months ago. And my balance has gone waay down because they keep charging me these monthly service fees (WTF??)

So can I just call and have it canceled?? How will I withdraw the rest of the money in my account?
I ask because these people always give me a hard hard time and ask for the card info which I dont have. And I dont have a ssn number yet so they make it even 100x more difficult for me to even ask a question concerning my account.

For those who dont care, whats the last thing that pissed you the fuck off?

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I love to craft, my bf however, not so skilled. What are some fun/easy things I can give him to mess with while I work on invitations this evening? He's been wanting to do something like this, btw.
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When was the last time you felt like you just couldn't catch a break?

Money is really tight right now and I never carry cash, but a friend finally just paid me back the $40 he owed me. And of course I somehow lose my wallet today. I'm just so sad.

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Will you tell me about your first date? How old were you? Where did you go? Did you go out again?

I was 17. The guy was someone I had met a few times before, and had been texting constantly for a month. He took me to see our younger friend's ballet recital, then we went out to eat and went to a late movie. I had fun, but he seemed kind of grumpy when I refused to kiss him. He stopped texting me a few days later. I wasn't too disappointed. 

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Okay, so I went inside the grocery store and when I came out, there was a half of a small white pill in my seat. It is very small and the letters that I can see on it say WATSO, it is cut in half though so maybe there are supposed to be more letters. Do you know what this pill is?
Should I take it?
Who would leave half a pill in my seat?

non srs prefered.

i don't want my roommates to know i just brought up half a pound of potato wedges to my room BUT i also don't want to enjoy with them without ketchup, BUT i ALSO don't want to go down to the kitchen/dining room, where my roommates are watching South Park on a laptop, and just get a plate of ketchup and come back upstairs.


holy moly, at least these Canadian Blues are twist offs. i'd hate to have to bring a bottle opener up with the ketchup. they'd really think i was bonkers then.
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kick them in the shins

Do you have any friends or family or acquaintances who are making REALLY STUPID decisions? What are they doing?

When people are making stupid decisions around you, what's your MO? Do you bite your tongue and vent about it privately? Do you get in their face and tell them exactly what you think? Do you not care enough to be bothered either way?


Poll #1546731 Laundry day is a very dangerous day!

How often do you do laundry?

Once a week
Every two weeks
Once a month
I don't even know how long it's been...

What day of the week do you do your laundry?


How many loads do you do at a time?

5 or more

Where do you do your laundry?

My own washer/dryer
My apartment/dorm's laundry facilities
A local laundromat
Someone else's house (parents, friends, etc)
Down by the river

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It seems a lot of TQCer's have sleeping issues - do you have problems with sleep, and if so what do you suffer from?

Mild insomnia, nightmares and sleep paralysis.

Do you have trouble falling asleep; staying asleep; waking up; or sticking to a sleep schedule?

Everything but waking up.

Are you a light or heavy sleeper?

Light sleeper.
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When I was a kid, I was abused. My dad was an alcoholic and when he was drunk he would twist my arm until I cried and then he'd start to laugh, etc. My mom knew but didn't do anything. Later on she beat me too.

I kind of put that in the past for a long time, but lately, all these memories get triggered all of a sudden and I end up spending hours crying over something that happened ten years ago. I can't afford seeing anyone about this because I'm a broke college student. I was wondering if anyone had any information for former abused children who have lots of problems relating to their childhood, like free hotlines/anything they could talk to even though they're no longer in need of emergency help?

Thank you very much for your help.


Do you have any personal experiences that could sway me to have or not have LASIK?

I went to the eye doctor today and he said I could get one of my eyes corrected to 20/20, although right now I think I have 20/30 or 20/40 vision so my vision isn't too bad, I just have to squint a lot. I have another bad eye that he said isn't even worth correcting. So if I got LASIK I would have perfect vision in one eye and horrible vision still in my other eye (glasses don't help that eye, either - it's a lazy eye).

My parents would probably pay for it so cost isn't an issue, it just seems like a lot of hassle to go through to only get my vision corrected a little bit. Plus I'm concerned about it potentially causing me to not be able to see as well close up.
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Have you ever just picked up and moved to another city/state without having a job or knowing anyone?
I have no job and aside from 3 months at a temporary job, I've been unemployed for the better part of a year. Any place hiring either doesn't hire me (even after applying multiple times) or I'm unqualified for or I can't work due to being unable to stand for long periods of time.

I'm too chicken to actually do it, but it's nice to think about.

What's your favourite type of cheese?

Probably bleu. I like it in dressing, crumbled on burgers and salads, and sometimes just eaten plain. I'm also a big fan of string mozzarella. I'm eating one now. :D

ETA: My gram just bought 2lb of goat cheese (which apparently can cost around 80$) for 6$. Now I have to find something to do with it. What's your favourite thing to do with goat cheese?
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 What the hell are you doing at home on a Friday night?

I'm drinking beer and watching hockey in my pj's with my roommate who sucks and his friends who suck more. I'm not too happy about it.

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My boyfriend is sick. He got up in the middle of the night last night and threw up. He's worried that he might be getting nauseous again. I told him that if he ends up vomiting again I will sympathy vomit for him.

Is that love or what?
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Are your animals 'inside' animals or 'outside' animals? Or both? Are most animals in your area the same way?

Where is the cat in the house I'm sitting for? The dog barked at it and it ran off somewhere. It hasn't gone outside unless it has magic door-opening skills...  I found him! I could hear his little collar-bell jingling so I went in to the other room and there he was...creepy!
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On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being NO WAY IN HELL, 10 being SIGN ME UP, THIS SHIT'S AWESOME, how much would you like to do what my *friend* suggests and "catch a PREGNANT squirrel and raise squirrel babies as pets"  ?

He believes that this is a legitimate career goal.  What do you think TQC?

PS How do you tell if a squirrel is pregnant?
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Will you post a picture of how you look right now?

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And along with almost everyone else....
If you had to name your kid from an alcoholic beverage or any kind of alcohol, what would it be?
Mine would probably be Bacardi, even if it's a boy or a girl.
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weirdo question

So I'm in San Francisco right now and there's a comics convention (Wondercon?) a few blocks from my hotel. In the hotel elevator just now I started talking to a guy who told me he was a comics writer. He was maybe about 5'10" or a bit shorter, not skinny but not noticably fat (he was in a sweatshirt), had a goatee that was black peppered with gray, and possibly had a shaved head (he was wearing a baseball cap). He was nice, funny, seemed pretty normal, and apparently turns 40 this year.

ETA: He kinda looked like the dude from Ace of Cakes, if that helps.

Any clue who I was talking to? I know next to nothing about comics.

dk/dc: What's your favorite non-chocolate pastry?

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First, a short 3 sentence story to set up the question: In 1994 when I was 19, my first serious girlfriend cheated on me after we'd been together about 6 weeks. She said, "But I was thinking about you the entire time!" My reaction was, "THAT'S AWESOME! She's so into me she can't stop thinking about me even if she's having sex with someone else! We're gonna be together forever!"

My question: Am I the only person in history the "I was thinking of you" line has actually worked on? Followup: I was a pretty dumb kid, wasn't I?

(Because I know someone will ask if I don't say: The relationship actually lasted about 8 months and she slept with _at least_ four other guys after that first one. I'm pretty sure there more she never mentioned. And even after all that, I still didn't want to break up. She's the one who ended it.)
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You are a pair of glasses; black, rectangular, Gucci if that helps you get a feel for yourself. Every day your mistress puts you on her face and sometimes gets drunk and abuses you. One day, she is taking a nap and you see your opportunity. You run off into the wild bedroom yonder, of course! Where in this bedroom do you go? What do you do on this adventure (fall off the bed, get stuck in the duvet, bounce under a bookcase, etc.)?
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Should I skip out?

Ok, so imagen that you get treated like total crap at your job. Make that worse than crap. One manager hates you, and goes out of her way to show it. She has already written you up twice for bogus reasons. Your getting written up for your register being off. You were not the only one on it. This is your final write up, and you will be fired. You are supposed to open at seven am with said hateful manager. Do you go?

DK/DC: Have you ever been fired? If so, why?

I have never been fired.... yet. X.X
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Will you tell us who or what your default icon is?
Mine is Titanic before she sailed from Southampton. 

And total change of subject, but my boyfriend has become addicted to some card game online and I'm bored to death now. Will you share your favorite websites so I can go check them out? 
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This one's deep.

So here goes...

Is everything is subjective?

Do people say that because they actually believe all views are correct... and want the image of being tolerant?

Or do people say that because deep down they know it isn't true and they don't want to acknowledge the chance that they could be wrong, themselves... and forcing subjectivity ideas down other people's throats because if they convince enough people, "it might become true"?

Is it intolerant of the objectivist to argue against those with different ideals?

Or is it intolerant of the subjectivist to insist on subjectivity because they don't want to have to change, themselves?
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this question brought to you by mad men

If you are in a relationship, and your SO cheats, do you place the blame solely on the SO, or do you think that the blame should be divided equally between your SO and their other liaison? Does it matter if the liaison knows that your SO is taken?

Singles/when you were single: when you went out on a first date, did you flat out ask if they currently had an SO? Have any of them said 'yes'??

DK/DC: if you could be anywhere on the planet right now, where would you be?
I would be on the beach, somewhere tropical
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Who makes the best gummies?

Black Forest
Someone else
I don't like gummies because I hate things that are delicious/I am a vegan

(no subject)

Do you have bunnies? Would you care to show us pictures of your bunnies, or pictures of your other pets with Easter Bunny ears?

Or just pic spam random images of bunnies because they're just so damn cute.
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Sorry TQC

I know you guys hate homework questions but I am fairly desperate. I have a week to find a text and have no idea where to start.

To those who have read 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy, is the theme of conflict evident in the book?
Or should I just suck it up and try and read 1984 within a week?

Other: What are you guys reading at the moment? What is your opinion of that book?

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Very often I'll write an entry in a community or in my journal, or write a comment on something then just delete it without posting it.

Do you guys ever do this?

How often do you want to say something but then you don't for whatever reason?