April 1st, 2010

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Backstory: My SO makes absolutely heavenly chicken wings and hot wing sauce. He knows they're my favorite thing he makes. He planned a great evening for us Friday night for my birthday, and has the wings ready and is all prepped to make the sauce. Plus, he has 2 desserts lined up. But he says even though they're my favorite, he doesn't want to serve me only wings on my birthday, so he was trying to come up with something to serve with them but neither of us could come up with anything.

TQC what would taste yummy served with chicken wings when chicken wings are the main course?

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would/have your ever tried a ouija board, evp, ghostbox, ect. or will you not touch that shit with a ten-foot pole?
if you wouldn't do it is it because you believe a ouija board is nothing but a board with the alphabet and some numbas or is it more of a "I don't bother dead peoples they don't bother me!" thing.

~I am watching White Noise for the first time, picked it up at Wally World for 3 bucks and dat be some spooky shit xO
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What are/were your favorite 90s songs? Bonus points if you share a video.

DK/DC/"I was born in the 90s" how do you feel about pretzels? Do you place them at the bottom of the snack hierarchy (WHERE THEY BELONG RIGHT BELOW SUN CHIPS) or do you like them enough to actively seek them out? Soft pretzels are obviously superior and as such are not applicable to this question.

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inspired by (really stolen from) a question posted a few months back:

show us some of your user icons so we @ tqc can judge what kind of a person you are (;

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also, is this video

the best thing ever
the worst thing ever
the orangest thing ever

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Why the fuck isn't king of the hill on adult swim?! Its 2 am in MI, and ITS TIME FOR KING OF THE HILL!

DK? What is the last date you went on? Who with? Are you "with" them?

What is a good recipe to make for round steak? Im new at this cooking on my own thing and boyfriend bought round steak on a whim, and im not sure what to do with it. Is it even different?!

EDIT: I had the dumb. April fools. FUCK YOU ADULT SWIM.
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What are your favorite cartoons?

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DK/DC/incredibly lame person who does not watch cartoons: what kind of porn do you watch?

If you don't like porn, lets say somebody has a gun to your head and will blow your brains out unless you start watching porn, NOW!!! What kind do you choose?
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worst non-ke$ha song you've heard recently?

what do you think of that hey soul sister song or w/e? i would consider it a guilty pleasure if the guys in train weren't a bunch of dbags

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What was the last thing that depressed you?
What was the last thing that stressed you?

Don't know or care, I'm taking you on vacation for a week. Where would you like to go and what do you want to do while there?
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A guy at work just got back from a trip to Africa. He gave us all necklaces, he said mine was an ivory charm.
Should I all HDU IVORY!! on him?
After looking closly at it, its actually PLASTIC! So now do I LOL IVORY! RLY?

HALP me Tee Kew Cee! I don't know how to abuse this joker!
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My husband's brother is getting married this month and my husband is a groomsman in the wedding.

I though I'd drive the both of us to the bride's parents house (where they are meeting for food and photos before the wedding), then to the church and reception.

The couple rented some sort of bus to take everyone in. They want us to park our car at the hotel (where the reception is) and drive which his parents, and then take the bus.

But we aren't checking into the hotel until after the ceremony (like, 4pm) and they wan us to park our car at 10am.

My husband is trying to make sure it's ok with the hotel - I don't want my car towed because we're not technically guests yet.

Will the hotel let us do this? Is this normal wedding stuff?
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Long story short:

I bought my first iTouch in February 2009. In January 2010 there was a problem with the sound/headphone port. Took it to my local Apple store and they replaced it because it was still in warranty. Two days ago my 'new' iTouch's backlight has stopped working. I have restored the thing twice and have all the updated software. Tomorrow I'm going back to the local store to visit the 'Genius Bar'. I have checked the serial number of my iTouch on the Apple site and it says it's outwith warranty.

What are the chances of getting my iTouch repaired/replaced for free?

If it's going to cost a lot to get this fixed, I was considering investing in a Creative Zen because I heard good things about them. Are you a Creative Zen user? Are they good/bad? Are there any other MP3 players out there you could recommend to me?

DK/DC - Did anyone use minidisc players back in the day? I was at my friend's house yesterday and her boyfriend has hundreds of them. I got one with my first proper paycheck in 2003 and it cost £120 :) Then I sold my soul for a mini ipod.

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Our wedding colors are tangerine, bronze, with a little crimson and cornflower blue mixed in. For the background of the invitation I want a swirl of all these colors in a really pretty soft way. Could anybody use a nicer photo editing/graphic design software then I have to create such a pattern for me? Everything that I come up with just sucks and doesn't have the look I want. The invites are 4x6 inches. I am looking for something soft and swirly, like an oil spill in a puddle.

For citizens of the US, do you have one of the enhanced drivers licenses? Are you superstitious about the government using it to track you? Does it give you any travel advantages?

Are there any ladies of TQC who rock the smokey eye look? How do you do it? Pictures?
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what pranks are you seeing on facebook today? are people falling for it?

my mom and dad's friend said he's moving their family to germany (no)
one of my friends changed her status to engaged (yes)
another friend said she's joining the military (yes)
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Halp me decide TQC! I had a pair of these Onex wedge slides two summers ago and they were a fabulous compromise of comfort and dressier-than-flip-flops for slopping around in skirts and dresses when it was hot. These are the closest version I can find now - should I get the cute rainbow colourway or the ones with the black stitching?


Which do you think is more versatile?
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What is the last really stupid thing you did?
I signed up for a 90 day fitness challenge :\ But if I win, I get to spend 4th of a july on a lake on a chill houseboat!

What is the last thing you ate?
I am eating mixed steamed veggies now. Delish!

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I am invited to a co-worker's wedding (all of us at work are) and it's on a Saturday and starts at 10am. It is a Catholic ceremony (most like 60-90 min) and the reception is to follow.

TQC, I work at 1 pm. It will take me at least 30 minutes to get from ceremony or reception to work. Should I RSVP yes if I probably won't even be at the reception long enough to eat/drink? Or at all? Should I say no, but write on it that I am coming to the ceremony? Or skip it all?

The RSVP card is due...um...today :/

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I'm buying a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. That's a given because I am a corny bastard. What I need to know is: do I go with classic Lolita red or understated, masculine (well...androgynous, they are heart-shaped after all) black?
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I have to job shadow at an animal hospital today. I just have to do this for 5 hours to "make sure this really is the field I want to be in". When I talked to the lady from the vet yesterday she said just to wear my "street clothes"... do you suppose jeans and a t-shirt/button up shirt would be good? I feel like that would be dressing down too much... but I'll be dealing with animals and nice clothes seem like "dressing up" too much. I'm undecided.

What would you wear?
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Its the anniversary of the death of my best friend's mother and she is feeling down today.

What can I do to help cheer her up?

I have thought about getting her some flowers and a card, but her favorite flowers are the same as her mothers, so I'm not sure that is the best plan...

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If I were going to have a party and wanted everyone to dress casual (khakis, nice jeans, collared shirts/skirts etc) but not SLOPPY ,T's and flip flops...How would I word it? non-formal? keep it classy? I don't want to see your belly button? how? how?
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When you go to a site where people can post comments on something like a news blog, fml, youtube, or maybe a newspaper article that allows comments, do you ever read the comments? Why/why not?

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Rape related video games VS. Violence related video games

Which of the two do you think should be considered more offensive/worse?

A friend and I were watching the news yesterday and this was televised. He tried to tell me that violence (fighting, shooting, blowing up things) related video games were more offensive and should be taken more seriously than rape related video games.I completely disagreed.. I'm curious to know what your opinions are.

[EDIT] Just wanted to explain why I consider the rape video game to be the more serious of the two. Violence related games are targeted toward hurting people in general, rape related games are targeted toward hurting women. I pretty much agree with everything that this states. And here's a hypothetical scenario to think about: Let's say you're going over your boyfriend's house to surprise him and you walk in his room to find him playing a video game. Which would disturb you more: To see that he was playing a violent game involving shooting aliens or blowing up a cars, or playing a video game involving raping and torturing women?


SO.. I just went to brush my teeth and when I finished and went to wipe my mouth with the hand towel I noticed the HUGE GOD DAMN SPIDER I JUST WIPED MY FACE WITH!  Am I less manly for being all WHAT THE FUCK and throwing the towel across the room?

When is the last time a spider played his April fool's joke on you by pretending to be a common household item like a towel?

EDIT: OMG people i just had spider trauma, don't make me make sense!
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For those who have taken prednisone before, the face bloat/swelling is pretty standard, but have you ever experienced a marked increase in that swelling out of the blue? My face feels like its swelling more than usual today, to the point where its flushed and kind of itchy and people are saying it looks more swollen. I feel lightheaded, too.
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I really want to cook my SO something nice for dinner tonight, but I'm on a slight budget and I want it to be tasty.

Do you have any suggestions? He likes spicy food if that helps at all.
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Have you ever dated anyone who tried to change who they are to impress you?

I dated a guy who pretended he liked my taste in music and would force-bob his head awkwardly to songs I listen to.
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For those of you that like Friends, will you comment with the order that you think the main 6 characters are in in terms of being "the main character"? I know it kinda changes throughout the seasons, but how you generally perceive it. I'm just curious to know if others see it similar to how I see it or if its just me.

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Is Easter celebrated as a religious day where you are from?

The reason I'm asking is because I'm seeing a fair bit of wank around LJ about it being celebrated in American public schools. But here in Australia, for the majority of people Easter is just about chocolate & bunnies. I just asked the 5 people sitting around my house if they know what Easter is actually about & none of us know how it ties into religion.

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I'm going to Japan in July. What should I do?
Have you ever been overseas? Where? What would you say are the must's for where you went?
Do you like foot jewellery (toe rings, anklets)? Why/why not?

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For those of you who have homework, do you start working on it asap, or leave it for the day before it is due (or even later than that??)?

For those of you who have jobs and don't have homework (jealousjealous), do you have to take your work home with you?

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love/hate photobooths?
any photo booths remaining in your malls?
reasonable prices? Is 5 dollars worth it for photobooth pics?
Are you one of those people that only goes in with friends or do you rock the photobooth solo?
How many people have you fit in a photobooth?
LASTLY do you have a photobooth pic to share with the class?? xD
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What should I look for at an apartment viewing? Questions I should ask? The lady is very sweet and the apartment is actually part of an old Victorian house. Apparently there's new flooring and appliances and I've actually been inside one of them at a party and it was nice; old but charming. The outside leaves a little to be desired but I'm giving it a chance.

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My professor gave us this fake exam for April Fool's Day. The Collapse ) hers, or those of whoever wrote them. If you actually read all of that, and had to choose three to do for an actual exam:

Which questions would you choose?

Public Speaking
Management Science
Political Science
General Knowledge

Better yet, will you try to actually do them right now?
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So today when i was driving home, I got honked at and flipped off by a middle-aged woman with numerous Christian themed bumper stickers. I honestly couldn't help but laugh.

What was the last thing that made you laugh/made your day?

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So I just sent an order of 300 of the same print to Walgreens to have printed. How much do you think the photo tech hates me right now?

Have any of you still not done the census survey? We just found ours again and I'm filling it out today :P

Our landlord, who doesn't live in the same area that we do, came to our house to dig clams on our beach. I don't think he knows that the water that hits our beach has toxic run off in it from the chemical plant over on the main land. It is dangerous to eat clams from our beach... Do you think he is going to get really really sick and possibly die from the clams?
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If you couldn't drink anything else except alcohol for the rest of your life, what kind would you choose and why?

For the ones that don't drink, what's your favorite thing to drink everyday?

This question is inspired by me since I'm drinking at the moment.


Hey guys, I'm trying to get my numbers together for taxes. I'm not American so sorry if this is a stupid question but uhm.. lets say an item I want to write off as an expense is $2.99. With tax, the total came out to $3.25. Which of these numbers do I look for/tally when I go through my receipts?
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I'm in a pinch here. I got a pack of money right? More like, old cuban pesos  and it's in serail 100 banknotes with band , not in the best shape but still and I need to find a value for that.

So basically: I just need to know how much I'll get if I want to sell the notes. They're sort of old and valuable.

Any help?

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When you are on the phone, which ear do you put it to?
If you carry a purse, which arm/shoulder do you carry it on?

Any particular reason...? (Just curious. Don't feel pressured to spill guts if you don't want to.)

I am strictly LEFT for both phone and purse. I absolutely CANNOT deal with a phone or a purse on my right side, and I have to switch to the left IMMEDIATELY if someone hands me a phone or a purse on the right. I figure that it's because I am right-handed, and as such, want to keep the right arm/hand as free as possible...and as far as the phone thing goes, well, I'm losing my hearing in the right ear, so I think that explains that, hah.
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Nom nom nom.

TQC, will you help me make a list before I go to the food library?
So far I have bread, cold cuts, and cheese.

What is your 'buy in bulk' food item?
For me, it's salsa.
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fashion help?

So, I like the skirts from Glee that Rachel wears - the pleated kilty-style ones? Sort of like the one she's wearing in this picture.

Does anyone know anywhere that sells skirts like this? I trekked all over town today and couldn't find one. Would really appreciate the help!
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Have you ever broken gender-defined roles, such as best man/maid of honor? Did you face scrutiny for doing so, or did it go unnoticed?

Where are you right now? Pics a plus!
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DK/DC: What are you listening to right now?
Amazing - Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy

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Poll #1546346 What up, fool?

A good April Fools' prank could involve _____?

Whipped cream
Duct tape
Assuming a fake voice
A buttered floor
Fake dog poop
Real human poop
A 911 call
A woodchipper
An antidote
A swarm of locuts
A tattoo
A dead hooker

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What are you having or what did you have for dinner?
i now realize this has already been asked, sorry. (:

What was the last song you listened to?

What color are your sheets on your bed?

Do you like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate the best?
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This week alone, I had 3 morons try to change lanes while I was still in it. One even kept going, despite the fact that I was laying on the horn and screaming hysterically. (Someone tries to veer in the lane @ 60mph, I'm gonna freak out a little)

Tell me, TQC, is your car invisible too? Should I paint my car neon orange & see if that helps?
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And now for something completely different.

I like to do Peep experiments around Easter. This year is the Peeps Test Kitchen. So far, I have bacon-wrapped Peeps, Peep Jell-O, Peep sushi, Peep Krispie Treats, something with peanut butter and Peeps, and...nothing else.

1. Any last-minute suggestions for Peep-related culinary creations?
2. I can't cook the Peep with the bacon because the Peep will melt. I'm thinking of forming a Peeps-sized circle out of the bacon, securing it with a toothpick, and baking it before sliding it on to the Peep. Do you have a better idea?
3. If I bake the bacon, how long should I leave it in for? What temperature?
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I heard that if you refuse to answer a question on the Census, you can be fined $100. I didn't think they really NEEDED to know anything beyond how many people live in your household. To me, this seems unethical and unconstitutional. It didn't even say this on the form. What do you think about this?

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If I'm planning on going to San Francisco and want to take a road trip to a semi-near city what would be a good choice?

Places that have been considered include Reno, Sacramento area, Yosemite, Mendocino.

Unfortunately we're only going to have four days total, maybe five if we stretch it...so the shorter the drive the better, but I also want to see somewhere that looks a lot different and has a lot of nature-y things to do.
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I am once again having a food crisis and require TQC's impeccable tastes to make my decisions for me.

I am definitely serving ham and homemade macaroni and cheese for Easter dinner.  
Poll #1546374 Pick your high cholesterol!

What other combination should I serve?

Scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, steamed broccoli
Scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, steamed asparagus
Scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, mixed greens salad
Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, steamed broccoli
Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, steamed asparagus
Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, mixed greens salad
Red potato and green bean saute, mixed greens salad
Red potato and asparagus saute, mixed greens salad
Some other combination of deliciousness that I will mention in the comments

I've made it with asparagus before and it's delicious.

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How long was it before the first time you got caught masturbating?

6 yrs for me, this question brought to you by cousins who don't knock.

Alternative: Would mixing regular black sweet tea with pink lemonade be a disaster, or delicious?

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What is the worst thing that you have done or do to your body?

do you think there is someone in this community who has posted at least one question every single day for the past year?

who do you think submits the most questions?
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What celebrity would you describe as "fabulous"?
Will you show me something you would buy and wear if you had the money?
Will you show me something people wear you think is absolutely hideous and should be burned?

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If you had a roommate...

How would you react if you caught your roommate masturbating?
How would you react if you caught your roommate going at it with his/her SO?

Don't know or care, have you ever felt so out of place that the smile on your face was to keep from crying?
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TQC, have any of you ever gotten into a fist fight?
If so, why?

If not, when was a time that you had to exert a lot of effort to not punch someone in the face?
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If someone takes a huge fucking dump in yo bathroom, would you prefer the person to use air freshener (which kind of just mixes with the stank) or would you prefer the person to leave the room without spraying anything?


(no subject)

what do you think of the current trend towards bisexuality (at least in terms of females) in popular culture, especially in music?  

have you ever done anything sexual with a member of the same sex?  do you consider yourself bisexual?  


what's your favorite lyric of all time?  
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 TQC, my best friend and I broke up today.

Despite the fact that I feel so miserable that I can barely eat and bawled my eyes out as I walked the dog tonight (freaked out some passers-by, that's for sure); I have a some pizza next to me, a gin and tonic in one hand and a dog curled at my feet. I have It's Called A Break-Up Because It's Broken sitting on my bedside table and lots of silly TV to watch later.

What else can I do to cheer myself up? I feel hollow :(

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I just recently moved into a new apartment with a friend. Friend has a cat. I have nothing against cats, but she remarked several times that it had a habit of going to the bathroom in the wrong place. But, she reassured me that she'd be letting it outside a lot once we got into our new place, and otherwise she'd be keeping it in her room.

So, we've been in new place for about a week now. Friend has changed her mind about letting cat outside, she says there's too many cars around. She hasn't kept it in her room much either. So far, cat has peed on both living room couches twice (furniture is mine, friend doesn't have much furniture), peed on my towels that it pulled down in the bathroom, and left it's other business on the hall rug a few times. In the span of a week.

Friend doesn't always clean it up, sometimes I clean it up. I'm a bit tired of this happening, especially to my stuff. I don't want my friend to get rid of her cat, she loves it a good deal, but something has to be done.

What kind of compromise can my roommate and I come to concerning the cat?
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Have you ever had a one night stand?
If so, where did it happen? (Your place, his/her place, club bathroom, etc.)

I've been wanting to hook up with someone recently and I'll have the opportunity to pick someone up Saturday night at a party but it seems weird to bring him back to my place or go to his.

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would you say being scared to make friends with most guys because you're worried they won't stay friends with you after they figure out you're not going to sleep with them a legitimate fear?

eta: i don't mean like, "Oh wow she's so gorgeous. All I want to do is have sex with her." but more like, "She seems like a sad lot. She's probably down on herself enough that it'd be easy to get her in bed."

Drinking alone

Why is drinking alone seen like such a bad thing?

I don't drink very much or very often, I don't deliberately hide the fact that I have a drink, I in no way need it.

I don't really think it's safe to drink in clubs etc, only in your own house or a friend/relative's house.  And I'm not some hermit staying in with my beloved booze rather than going out.  I mean, I don't go out loads and loads, but I go out enough, and I have fun, whilst sticking to the cola.  But if I fancy a drink (purely because I enjoy it, same as any other food or drink), chances are it will be when I am in by myself.

I don't want to drink with dinner because I want to concentrate on enjoying dinner.  And if I'm having a drink, I want to concentrate on enjoying my beer/glass of wine/gin and lemonade/whatever.  Personally I think that this means I am likely to drink less.

I do not want to go over board with the amount I drink, and I don't.  In fact I seem to be going the other way, and not drinking when there are loads of distractions to stop me from realising exactly how much I have had.  I personally see a crowd of mates, or a crowd of people like in a club, or dinner, as being those distractions and I expect it to be easy to drink more than you wanted to.

But I am 'having' to hide it because people can't and won't understand this and start blowing things out of proportion and either not believing me or telling me that it's wrong.  Like, drinking by myself is this massive social taboo that should never ever be broken, but they don't really say why.


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What were the best and worst pranks you experienced today?

I didn't get many good pranks, but one friend texted me telling her not to ever talk to her again because she heard what I said about her and it was really fucked up and she ended it with "and wipe that stupid look off your face because it's April Fool's!"

I had someone tell people they were diagnosed with cancer, and another person say they were quitting school. Both of those were obviously upsetting to people who care about them.
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This poll is closed.

Which movie should I watch tonight?

P.S. I Love You
Mulholland Drive
The Machinist
Girl, Interrupted

ETA: I've seen P.S. I Love You before. I haven't seen the other ones yet.

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This is a birthday gift present, but I'm not looking for ideas: just opinions. (I've already asked him for ideas because I'm a lame gift-giver without help)

Should I get my super-geeky but adorable boyfriend one of the new Pokemon games (in which case I would want to buy myself the other), or Katamari for PS2?

Why does my roommate slurp her soup and clink her teeth with her spoon WITH EVERY SINGLE BITE?

What is on your favorite sandwich?