March 31st, 2010


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I am still on crutches after a fall, but tomorrow I have to get a suitcase around.

How am I going to do this, TQC? It's a medium-sized rolling suitcase.

Getting someone to help me isn't an option, since my roommate wants to sleep in.
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what was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
i loved rockos modern life, the simpsons & ren and stimpy

did your parents regulate what kind of cartoons you got to watch?
a friend of mine says her parents forbid her from watching "tiny toons" because apparently there was sexual innuendo? lol. and one of my sisters will only let her kids watch disney cartoons/shows and NOT nickelodeon cartoons/shows. and both my sisters wont let their kids watch the simpsons or family guy. i (and my sisters) got to watch everything, i think we all turned out just fine.

have you ever been very attracted to someone in all ways but physical? could you ever get over that little part?
because it sucks really bad.
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i'm feeling incredibly shallow right now. in what ways are you shallow?

do you ever post a question without looking at the recent questions and really hope it wasn't posted about 5 questions ago?

what was your favorite questions YOU ever posted to TQC?

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What was the last minor little insignificant thing to make you way more ridiculously happy than it should have?

I went to Subway for breakfast this morning (like I do most days, since there's nothing else on base)...AND THEY HAVE ENGLISH MUFFINS NOW!!!  I can get an [imitation] egg McMuffin now without driving 20 minutes to the closest McDonalds!!!
Nyoron Canada

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Sometime yesterday, I wrote this down on a scrap of paper:

"Pushing buttons, loss of control, drama ensues."

Could someone tell me what I possibly meant by that? I can't remember why I wrote it.

DK/DC: pens or pencils?
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 I ordered pizza the other night and due to a mix up on my part, my debit card was run twice. The guy I talked to assured me the money would be back on by yesterday. I still don't have it. Should I give it a little more time or should I call and bitch them out? For what it's worth, I'm horrible at any kind of confrontation. 

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Did your parents ever spoil you after you had shots or surgery or other medical procedures? What did they do?

(My 3-year-old is having a pretty painful medical procedure done this afternoon and I am in Operation Spoil The Crap Out Of Him right now. Kinda hoping he doesn't catch on.)

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How weird would it be to buy the deodorant that my friend uses just to smell it? For what it's worth, I think it's Old Spice (I'M ON A HORSE) and I'm pretty obsessed with smelling things.
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Can I borrow $10?

Who would you lend $10 to? Would you have any second thoughts about it? Would you care if you got it back?

What if it was $50?

Is there anybody that you would lend $1000 or more to with an uncertain payback term?
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This weekend I moved into my boyfriend's house. Right now he's out of work, so he's been a big help in taking care of some of some stuff in my apartment while I'm at work- letting in the Salvation Army for mattress pickup, spackling the walls, getting all that last minute "Hey, the office called and we left a blender in the cabinet, can you go over and get it?" stuff.

I feel like I should reward him somehow. How, TQC? (Hookers/blow/bjs/cookies aside, those are a given. :P)

Anyone care to share any moving-related horror stories?
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You are tasked with saving the planet by sleeping with one of these people. Age/gender of the person does not matter--they will be able to conceive. Who do you hit it with, to save the planet?!





I would let the planet die before sleeping with any of these people.
I abstained from this poll purely for absence of TICKY

& WHY?!

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Do you like documentaries?
What are some of the best/most interesting/most memorable documentaries you have seen?

I recently saw a good one about people with harlequin-type ichthyosis, and another good one about people who were in love with objects, like the eiffel tower and a ride at a fair.
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What are some of your gamer tags for my fellow gamers out there?
Do you use the same ones all the time or like to make up different ones?

If you're not a gamer, what are some of your internet names outside of LJ?
HM - Melissa says whatevs
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Have any of you actually completed all 3 levels of the 30-Day Shred?
Did you do it every day or take breaks? I can't imagine 30 days straight of it.

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guys, i feel really sick. will you make me feel better?
if no, what is wrong with you? how can you say no to an adorable little panda who is waving at you so cutely? :(

how are you all feeling today?
Bite me, bitch...

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I'm in the mood for a good laugh.

Will you guys give me some math problems so we can LOL and marvel at how bad I am with numbers?

I'm gonna call Mercy Rule and not do any ridiculous ones but I'm really gonna try to do the rest and post my answers.

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What is the worst pick up/proposition line ever used on you? The best?

(A gentleman once informed me, to paraphrase, that he would like to take me home, because I looked like I had a deep and roomy hoohaw...
I don't really have a best though.)
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TQC Bums

If you needed money, who would you feel comfortable asking if it was...

Have you ever asked to borrow money from somebody? Did they give it to you?

What's the most amount you've borrowed?

Did you pay it all back?

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I've been trying to brainstorm ideas for a business name for almost a year now and it's definitely crunch time. I've got a name I LOVE, but turns out if you drop the last word, it's the name of an imaginary company in a video game.

Would that be illegal or copyright infringement or anything? Cheating? Don't want to give it away, so for example it would be like the company name was Daisy St. Patience, and my name would be Daisy St. Patience Studios.
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If you go to to Facebook right now is your feed looking all weird, or totally normal?

My news feed is mashed over to the right and where my feed is supposed to be is just a bit white nothingness.

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Fuckkkk TQC, help me. I woke up this morning with the worst menstrual cramps I've had in a LONG time. They are always severe, but holy shit, I don't know why they are so bad this time. I am out of those Thermacare heating pads that I rely on, I don't own an actual heating pad, and I've taken as much ibuprofen as I can at the moment. A hot bath didn't help either.

What can I do to relieve the pain? I drank my ~women's tea~ and it hasn't helped either. :( I'm going into town to buy some heating pad things but I need relief asap. D:

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For those of you with phobias:

Have you faced your phobia? Did you face it intentionally or unintentionally? What happened? How did it work out for you?

For those of you without phobias:

Do you find it easy to empathise with people with phobias, or can you not help but be shocked by how ridiculously illogically they act in a phobia-relevant situation?
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I just was offered an enumerator position for the US Census! Wooo! So excited to double my hourly pay for a few months.

What crazy things will I experience going door to door forcing people to fill out their forms?

What exactly does "business casual" attire entail? Khakis and nice shirts? I'm a student and really have only worked in restaurants/retail positions, so my clothing options are pretty limited.

Do you use Slacker Radio Plus? Do you think its worth the $5 a month for the extra features?

I just got it on my phone and I love it, but I'm considering upgrading since my iPod died and I can't afford one anytime soon.

How much time do you have left in school this semester? I'm down to 28 days and thrilled about that while anxious about the amount of paper writing and exam taking I have to do in the next few weeks.

awkward situation

A repair guy is coming over soon to take a look at my stupid broken refrigerator. i don't mind a whole lot, i just feel a little bit awkward in these situations. what would you do to keep yourself busy/occupied while still availible enough to communicate with a stranger in your home? i don't know, help me out?
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Hi, quick citation question.

For this paper, two pages are summarizations of two different articles (as per professor's instructions). I'm using the Chicago citation style, and the manual isn't helping me at all. Should I cite after every paragraph? Every sentence? Am I OK just indicating where the summaries start and stop with footnotes, or is that a no-no?

(the manual is just telling me to cite ideas that aren't mine, which would be pretty much every sentence for the first two pages. I don't want to have 30 citations a page or anything...)

I'm just not used to citing straight out summaries of articles.


My girlfriend and I have known each other for over 5 years. We dated back in 2006, split up when she moved away, and got back together when she moved back in '09.

A few months ago, we spontaneously started calling each other "fiance." For the last few weeks, she's been watching wedding shows and talking about plans for our wedding in 2012.

Last weekend she mentioned that once I propose to her, she'll start wearing her grandmother's ring as an engagement ring. I commented that a proposal seemed redundant as we had pretty much agreed that we were getting married.

Now, she's upset.

So, TQC: is a proposal the asking to see if marriage is in the plans, as I see it? Or, is it part of the process and necessary even if the answer has already been discussed, as she sees it?


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where are the financial aid secretaries? i've been calling since 12:30


should i drop my algebra class? i have an f and there are only 5 weeks left in the semester and i really think i need to be in the class just before this one.
have you ever dropped a class while on a pell grant? did you owe them money?

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What were the last five status updates in your FB news feed? 

Sam Sun sun sun sun sunny....
Drew is officially an art history major. 
Sterling just loves having allergic skin reactions at the beach. 
Sarah is going out on the boat all day today. 
Ashlee just touched down in Hawaii. 

It's quite obviously Spring Break here. These statuses are making me jealous. 

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1) Do you prefer wine, beer or liquor?
2) What is the most disgusting thing you've ever drank to get drunk?
3) Do you have any alcohol that you are saving for a special occasion?
4) Would you think it was weird to be at a wedding reception with no bar?

Don't know, don't care? - When was the last time you had sex?

Hoping you remember your childhood books better than I do...

Okay, I've been trying to remember the title of this book for a while now, and I've scoured Amazon and other book-selling sites, but I've had trouble finding it...

Does anyone remember an old kids' book (from at least 15 years ago) about a little kid who had this favourite pair of rubber boots... they were either red or yellow, can't remember which. Anyway, the kid would go outside whenever it was raining/muddy and just have the best time ever with their rubber boots.

Then one day the kid finds that their feet are too big for their boots (oh noes!!). So their mom gets them a new pair (again, either red or yellow, can't remember), and at first the kid hates them but then they love them just as much as their old ones...

I don't know why, but I really wanna know what this book is called, lol...

DK/DC: What was/were your favourite childhood book(s)?
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iPod Touch Difficulties

Can someone help me with an iPod Touch problem I've been having please? I hope this is an okay question to post here- I've already tried Apple's forums and it's not helping.

Last week, I had 864 songs on my iPod Touch and it was hardly taking up even a fourth of the space I had on the drive. However, a couple days ago, I went to look for an artist I'd uploaded onto my iPod and could not find her or several others. When I checked my song number, I only had 360.

I did not manually delete any of these and I didn't delete them from my iTunes sync either, so I really don't know where they went or how to get them back.

Is it just a setting I may have accidentally pressed or do any of you know what I can do to fix this problem?

*UPDATE: Now I only have 19 songs. Oh my gosh... seeing how it happened when I put my iPod on charge, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the sync. But I don't want to have to recheck and resync all my songs every time I charge it- so is there a way to keep the checks saved, so it doesn't delete them each time? By the way, thanks to all of you who commented already. I appreciate the fast replies.*
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This might seem silly but does anyone have any suggestions as to how to slow down how fast your nails and hair grow? I'm at the point where I have to trim them once a week and forget about dying my hair- I'd have to get my roots done every other week because an inch plus of my roots are there.

I know most people want to speed them up- but I'm at my wits end!
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Have you guys ever had to bake a penis shaped cake? Can I see pictures of it? 
I have to bake one this weekend for a bachelorette party, and I'm trying to figure out what frosting to use.


Passover Question

Friday I am going to a Passover dinner/party/get-together.
It's a casual thing amongst friends.

I offered to bring a dessert.
Are there any special dietary restrictions for Passover?
(I'm Catholic, so I don't know much in the way of Jewish tradition, but I didn't want to offend anyone).


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 So the guy I'm with got moved (because of his job) to a city 300 miles away from me...
It was originally a 'temporary secondment' position but there is a CHANCE he might not get to come back up here after the secondment is up (June/July)... He will find out in May where he is going to be permanently...
Any TQC psychics out there?! The waiting is driving me NUTS!

srs/non srs

dk/dc: what food are u craving right now?
i would kill for some ben and jerrys chocolate fudge brownie right now...
zombie baby cede! :D

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Okay, I need help finding a 'rescue story' where someone goes out of their way to risk life and limb in order to save someone (I'd prefer it if they lived?!?) in the news or media.

Not for a class (because I know it sounds like it), and google is failing me. D:

Any ideas or links????

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Recently I've grown interested in fiction writing and like it so far, but there's a problem: I can't title my stories worth CRAP.

Can some of you fine people give me some suggestions for coming up with interesting story titles? Tips are loved, and links are appreciated, too!
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I'm a cashier and a large man just burped in my face. He's a fairly regular customer, and someone I feel I could joke around with.

So what witty comment would you have made to let him know you disapprove, without being rude or crossing the employee/customer line?

Post from mobile portal
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Tomorrow I will be spending the first day at my new house. It (should be) empty and I plan on spending the day painting, but I will also be getting my couches delivered, cable/phone/internet hooked up. All my friends will be at work so I will be mostly alone.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? I have the painting stuff, paint, etc. My ipod and ipod dock for music, a tv, my laptop, a phone... what am I missing? What do you think you'd want to bring with you to spend a day alone painting a house?

How screwed am I?

Ok TQC, here we go:

With the recent huge rainfall the Northeastern US experienced, people have been having issues with their septic tanks. One person that I know had their tank completely fill and back into their house, going into their bathroom. I helped yesterday with the containment. I had a mask on but no gloves (I wasn't actually touching the floor/anything contaminated... I think).

How horribly sick are we all going to get? Should I just check myself into the hospital now and get it over with?
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For those of you that have children, what was the best gift you got for your child's 1st birthday? (My fiance and I are going to our friends' son's party and weren't sure what avenue to go.)

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 A few days ago there was a post about everyone's opinion on seeing The Last Song. Most people said no, including me. My friends dragged me along to see it today and I must say... I'm impressed.

Have you ever been so against seeing a movie and then actually ended up liking it? What movie was it?

What was the last movie you saw?
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo

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Since this weekend is Easter weekend and I'm not going home, I decided to plan a Foreign film/art house film/lesser known film movie weekend? What are some must watch Foreign film/art house film/lesser known films that I should add to my list?

So far I have Hero, House of Flying Daggers, 2046, Charlie Bartlett and The Hurt Locker.
My criteria for the movies are that they're not Hollywood big budget so suggestions for The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, etc. are going to be ruled out. They can be well-known just not big budget.
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My mom just made a facebook, apparently because my sister made facebooks for my 7 & 5 year old nieces. I saw her request and denied her and blocked her, and changed my email to my school address so no one will find me... but now I feel guilty cause I do love my momma. What's the last stupid thing that made you feel really guilty?

Do you know anyone who takes facebook too far? Do you think it's ridiculous (like I do) that my sister has made some for my very young nieces?

Anyone else REALLY NOT LIKE mixing family and friends?

Will you tell me some lol-worthy facebook stories you've personally experienced?
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I'm addicted to popcorn with hotsauce, but everyone thinks it's weird and gross. (But it's really good, I promise)

What food combinations do you love but it seems like no one else agrees with?

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I've just been sorting out my photos on my laptop, and some of them are partly covered by a big grey box. I have no idea why that is, and google can't tell me. Do you anything about it?

How can I get rid of it?
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1. Tomorrow my office is treating me to a lunch of my choice and a cake because it's my birthday!

What food should I choose? We have a wide range of places, so pretty much anything goes.

What kind of ice cream cake? Must be ice cream cake because I don't eat normal cake, lol.

2. Will tomorrow finally be the birthday where no one makes fun of me for being born on April Fool's Day?

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1. Remember how you used to wait for the turn of midnight Texas time so you could see the new item on woot and maybe get to buy it if you were quick enough? Weren't those the days? Now what kind of exciting high-tech bargains do they have? Flatware! argh!

2. I'm going to have three teeth extracted in the morning (but I'm sure the good pain meds will make it all worth it.) What sort of food should I have ready for when the Novocain wears off?

3. Did you know that they don't actually use Novocain anymore?

Bite me, bitch...

You ain't got no alibi

You ever just hate someone's face? Will you post a pic or describe it?
(This question brought to you by Jay Baruchel and wanting to hurl something at the TV each time the She's Out Of My League commercial comes on.)

Collapse )

He's not even the worst I've seen, I just can't stand it for some reason. =/

master's degrees

Does it make sense to get your Bachelor's Degree in one thing and pursue a Master's Degree in a different area? Have you done it? How hard is this to do/get accepted into a program with a degree in something unrelated? (Ex: Art major trying to go to grad school for a Master's in Social Work or something like that.)
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I have been invited to my friend's for Easter dinner this weekend. Now, I don't know, but I assume that they will be serving ham. I used to keep kosher and once turned down a pork chop at this very house, which lead to my friend's mother seeming to get a bit offended or something. Either way, it was awkward.

I no longer eat kosher. But I do just generally dislike the taste of ham. Should I eat it to be polite and skip the weird vibes (something I would do with any other gross food a host gave me) or safely avoid it based on my pork-shunning history?

Also, if you don't eat something for whatever reason, has it ever caused awkwardness when you were a dinner guest?

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How do you figure out if you're being financially manipulated?
Like, your friends are total moochers, but they're your friends. Where do you draw the line and how do you stop them?
Can you give me a specific experience? I'd like to see if I can nip this in bud while it's not too late.
Clem & Joely

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1) My roommate's friend turned my lovely bronze kettle black. I've tried scrubbing it. Is there any turning it back?

2) Have you ever had a guest do anything upsetting while staying in your apartment/house when you weren't there?

My roommates and I each have our own cupboard of food, and the girl still managed to go into my cupboard and eat all of my rice (it was special rice, too! It was a Christmas present D:) among using other things. She also rearranged our furniture. After finding all of this stuff out, I was annoyed, but now that I've found my blackened kettle I'm kinda pissed.
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Is it not uncommon for a straight female to watch lesbian porn?

Guys: How do you feel about girls watching porn? (It's hot, you're indifferent, it bothers you...)


Do you ever add people on FB who you don't recognize, and you're sure you don't know them? Why?

I don't. If there's a clear profile pic, and I know for a fact I don't know this person, I just ignore him/her.
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What are some safe topics to discuss with a friend that you have been fighting with after a huge misunderstanding? We finally began texting again after 2 months and I miss him terribly, but I don't know what to talk about since I know I need to earn his trust back and that he is probably still kind of pissed at me. (Long story short--we decided to cool it with our friends with benefits relationship and I got mad at him for blowing me off in a group setting, vented about it and a bunch of other stuff to someone else, who told another friend and caused a shitload of problems for all.)

Can men and women truly be friends without the sex part getting in the way?

I begin a new job Tuesday and need to dress business casual-professional...what does that even mean?
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Someone in my facebook feed just joined the group PROUD TO BE WHITE! The profile picture is a sign that says "We want white tenants in our white community" and one in the album that says "We serve whites only". WTF is this madness?
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What are you looking forward to this week?
I am getting a few dresses in this pattern made on Friday! Or, at least started on...

For those of you who have seen Mean Girls, if we were drawing "Newbie's Guide to TQC", what would our lunch tables be labeled? Pic, for reference: