March 30th, 2010


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Any physically large people in the house? If so, are you sick of fake-ass people coming up to you and the first thing they say is, "WOW, IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE LOSING WEIGHT!" even though you know you've gained or stayed the same since actually seeing the person, so you know it's a flaming crock of (deep fried) baloney?

Do you get panic attacks? If so, what triggers them?

And finally...

Am I the only one whose eyeballs hurt like hell after a 3-D movie?? Damn technology..
possible she wants you too.

tough luck

so i was never really a guy-magnet. but i've always received some sort of attention from someone at certain points in my life.
when i was at community college, for instance, i had 3 guys hit on me constantly one who even had a girlfriend. not that i encouraged such a thing, in retrospect it was flattering.

now however, for the past two years i'm having the toughest luck with guys. a. i do not encounter any. i'm an english major so most people around me are female and those who are male show no interest in me at all. almost all of my friends are girls and the occasional guys i come in contact with are gay. b. when i do encounter boys at bars and parties i do not get any attention. wtf am i doing wrong? is it the braces? lol
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RDS From The Gate

Okay, this is a long shot, but I thought I'd ask.
There's a radio broadcast called "RDS: The Gate" or something like that. This guy tells a bunch of creepy paranormal stories with classical music in the background. They play it on WBCQ sometimes, but I'm thinking there should be some place where you can download an archive.
The ones I have are one where he tells a story about a train that wrecks into a UFO, and a Halloween broadcast where he talks about the curse of Allister Crowley.
I'd like to hear more from this program, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
My friend tells me the narrator is Ringo D Starr, but I have no idea if he knows what he's talking about.
Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? These are really good programs.

What is the swollen lump on my upper inner thigh?

It does not hurt, it is not red, it does not itch, etc. It's been there for as long as I can remember (I'm pretty sure I've always had it). It's located on my upper right inner thigh (close to my groin area but a few inches down.. Like right below where my underwear begins). It doesn't look like a "bump", it just simply looks like my inner thigh is swollen and it does not match my other inner thigh, which looks perfectly normal. It doesn't have a hard texture.. It feels soft and tissuey.

This is the best way I can think to describe it visually:

One of my inner thighs looks perfectly normal and the other is misshaped and looks swollen. I plan on seeing a doctor about it very soon, but I was hoping maybe someone would know what this is before I go?
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I've become really down and I could seriously use some cheering up. Can someone PLEASE make me laugh my ass off?

What are a few things that make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts?

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AMERICAN TQCers who are still awake! Thinking about your high school English teachers/classes:

-Did they seem to grade more based on subject or on grammar?
-Which of those things (topics/grammar) gave you the most trouble in class?
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 What is some unusual thing that you're bad at?

I'm bad at drinking/being drunk. If I start to feel buzzed, I get really nervous, quiet, and tense because I don't want people to think I'm drunk. If I have one or two more drinks past "buzzed", I throw up for 3 hours. For this reason, I've never been what I could call "wasted". 
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Flapover pants?

So around 1990 or so there was a brief trend of these baggy pants that had "wings" or flaps on each side along the upper leg, and the flaps would cross over and button in the front. I cannot find much at all via Google about them, but I did find some references to Z Cavaricci pants, and one picture of the style (here).

I begged for a pair of them, which I got, in light blue denim. I think it had an elastic waist and no fly, and pockets sort of built into the sides of. I'm sure it was some knockoff brand but I felt like the coolest most trendy pre-teen in my little town, and I wore them out everywhere I could. In retrospect, they were the most bizarre, bulky, and pointless pants.

Anyway I was talking to my friends about them and nobody seems to remember these insane pants! What was this style called, officially? What brands made these pants other than Z Cavaricci? And most importantly can anybody find me any more pictures of them? Thanks in advance!

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Will you use this post to ask TQC members personal questions? Perhaps they'll respond.
Alternatively, will you use this post to air any thoughts, feelings, rants, etc.?
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 I hardly ever get sick, but I have the cold from hell right out. None of my meds are working and I have Day and Nyquil, Theraflu, and Tylenol cold. TQC, how can I make myself feel even just a little better? It feels like my head is about to explode. :(
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What was the wildest thing to happen to you or someone else at a wedding?

My old roommate and his other friend were best men at their best friend's wedding recently. His other friend got punched in the face by his extremely drunk wife since she's a violent drunk. And she's a cop. LOL.
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Where is the fine line between being an empowered self-assured individual or a narcissistic self-absorbed blow-hard?

eta: Have you ever met anyone who seems to have the two confused?
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Bronzer Suggestions?

Hey! I'm tired of wearing foundation..I've been wearing less and less but I need some coverup for under my eyes . I tried using different brands of tinted moisturized but it always gave me a "muddy" look.  Maybe a bronzer powder?? 
I have very fair skin. My skin is in good condition,  but not perfect. Any suggestions?. What success have you had with makeup that covers up your flaws but isn't "heavy" makeup?

PS I've tried Bare escentuals and I don't like the look.

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1. Are your doctor and dentist offices always really cold? I'm going to the dentist today and I put on a sweater because I know it's freezing in there.

2. How the hell do you get people to agree on where and when to go to dinner? My husband and I are making reservations for his parents, brother, and his brother's soon to be wife, and we can't get any information out of people (what they want to eat, what time they will be available, etc). This is for Friday, so it's not like we have all the time in the world to talk about it, either. Would it be rude of me to just pick a place and a time and tell them, if we don't come to a decision soon?

Hey, T-Jew-C

Did anyone else attend a seder last night?  Was it awesome?

We had ours up at my parents' house with just the immediate family.  The meal included asaparagus soup, salad, brisquet, chicken, potatoes, carrots, creamed spinach, nutcake, and macaroons.  My sons each got $25 for finding the afikoman.  Yes, we still do this even though they are in their 20's.

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So I need wedding shoes. I really have no clue what I want other then something that has a little glam and not a high heel. I will be getting married outside in June, and I will be 6 months pregnant :)

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Will you help me find shoes? I hate shoe shopping and don't even know where to start rather then zappos. I would like to be able to wear them again aswell.

What are your plans for the day? Are you warm or cold?
Whats your favorite trashy movie?
I <3 TLV

Cooking help!

I'm baking bread, and the recipe calls for water between 110° and 115°. I don't have a thermometer - is this temperature super important? I have no idea what exactly that temperature feels like, but it says "warm" so would just adding water that feels warm work? Or should I go buy a thermometer?

[Edit: Where can I buy a normal mercury thermometer? I went to Rite Aid and CVS and they only have electronic ones that you stick in people's ears.]
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¿Va a utilizar esta entrada para decir lo que quieras siempre y cuando se trata de un idioma distinto del Inglés?

Siéntase libre de utilizar un traductor si es necesario. :)

ETA: Por el amor de Dios, I said use this entry to say whatever you want as long as it's not in English. Feel free to use a translator if you need to. -.-
And indicate what language you're using we can use google translator. Lol. I'm in Spanish for now.
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What is something teachers always write/wrote on your progress reports/report cards about you?
Where are my fellow bullshitters, you know, you can just throw anything together for a class and make it work? Holla!
What kind of student are/were you, grade wise?

-"Very bright, does very well on tests, needs to work on turning in homework."
-A potential, usually B-C effort unless I did not give a shit.

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A friend and I drank our weight in beer while cooking a pork roast wrapped in bacon with a head of garlic stuffed inside. Apparently, one whole head of garlic was not enough because we also cooked a head of roasted garlic to smear on our genitals the roasted vegetables to go with it.


Yes, my farts were a beautiful fragrant wonder of nature and my buddy and I spent an inordinate amount of time dutch-ovening each other while laughing hysterically later on that night, burp. Despite my colon full of air wrapped around a pile of poop for hours, my farts did not smell like poop, oh no. In fact, my beer poop the next morning didn't smell like poop at all, it smelled just like glorious clouds of garlic. And maybe a bit like bacon.

We took turns farting into ziplock baggies after, marked them with felt pens and put them in the freezer (because we are 10 year old boys at heart). A week later, they still smelled wonderful and we had a contest to see whose was more powerful. I won.

Has anyone else ever farted into a container and put it in the freezer and then opened it to see if it stinks days later?

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When people come over to my place, I've noticed a few of them opening closets and doors to rooms they have no business in even after I told them not to. What can I scream at them to get them to stop?

ETA: I have been trying to work on being a more sociable person and these people are not helping. I am thinking I should invite over the people who do this and have a bunch of their photos in a closet, arranged in a shrine. This will freak them out and make them stop, y/y?

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 I know I already posted today but...

My boyfriend and I live together. We are great together, but we are very very VERY different people and we have a small living space. Before I begin bitching, I would like to say that I am not perfect. I have an insane amount of clothes, I hate doing dishes, and I leave lights on.  However, he has guns. Everywhere. Way more than what is reasonable and he has places outside our apartment that he can keep them at. He uses them for hunting season which is only a few months of the year. He also leaves his socks and towels everywhere and leaves the toilet seat up.

Everytime I try to tell him how much this all bothers me, he gets very defensive and it turns into us talking in circles about who is the worse housemate. I'd really like to work this out with him, but I have no idea how else to say it to him other than a straight forward, 'I really wish you wouldn't do that.'

To those with live in boyfriends, do you have any advice for how to make our living more harmonious?

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Dear TQC,

My roommate has a blind date on Saturday (maybe). I am totes secretly in love with him. What should I do to keep myself from crying in the bathroom with the door locked that night? If I do choose to cry in my bathroom with the door locked he's threatened to break it down before, and I don't want to buy a door.
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I've gone to 11.

If you accepted every single shift your coworkers (save for two, because of family obligations) needed covered for the last 9 months, regardless of how last minute they were and if they put you into 15 hour days, and you needed three days covered so you could go to your grandmother's memorial, and no one was willing to cover those three fucking shifts, how pissed would you be, scale of 1 to 10?

Any tips for maintaining my irritation at them? I haven't yelled at anyone yet. Yet.

Is it inappropriate to try and use guilt to make my coworkers cover these shifts?

It's a fucking memorial service, it's not like I'm asking them to cover so I can go to Hawaii or something enjoyable.

ETA: We have set schedules, so no, there's not an option of saying "hey there, bosslady. Can I have this day off?" We're responsible for covering our own shifts.

(PS, thanks for validating me.)
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If you could learn to speak a language fluently, not based on it's usefulness to you, but just based on how fucking awesome it sounds, which one would you pick?

I'd have to go with Norwegian and/or Swedish. I'm 80% they are just made up and based on whatever sound a person thought would be coolest given the situation. Dutch/Afrikaans is a close second.

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It is alternating between snowing and raining here. Bah! How's the weather where you live?

What product have you used today that you love so much you'd do a commercial for free?

What viewpoint (religious, political, or otherwise) drives you batshit insane? (Inspired by my flood of anti-Obama/anti-immigration emails today.)

What's the healthiest meal that you make?

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So, has any of TQC heard about the controversy about Corpus Christi at Tarleton State University?
I ask because I've been getting interviewers about it from Taiwan, and I was curious as to how big it actually is.
What are your thoughts, if you have heard about it?

so tired... sleepy=new hairstyle thoughts.

Does anyone know how long after getting your hair permenantly straightened/relaxed til you can safely dye or bleach your hair?

or reversly, how long after dying/bleaching your hair can you have it perm. straightened/relaxed?

I need to re-dye my hair or go for something more fierce for my bday party, havent decided, but i also finally decided to get my hair straight- my party is in two weeks, i'm wondering if its do-able without my hair breaking off.

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Will you post a few song lyrics from songs that typically get stuck in everyone's head as soon as they hear them?

I'll start:
This is the song that doesn't end,
Yes it goes on and on my friend!

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my boyfriend got me a BEAUTIFUL diamond ring for christmas, and i absolutely love it. i want to give him something similar, except he hates the idea of wearing a ring. i'm leaning more towards a nice necklace of some sort, but i have no idea what kind or even where to look.

can you show me some necklaces for men that you like, have bought someone, or wear (if you're a guy)?

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So, someone just emailed me to call them to schedule an interview. The problem?

The place is an 1 1/2 hour away from me, which means that I would have to take a day off from work and take the bus up there or wait until I go on vacation in 2 1/2 weeks and have my hubby drive me up there. What should I do?!

ETA: She scheduled for me during my vacation! 

Would it be shitty of me to quit during my vacation? Us, including my husband, since we work together? We have 5 staff everyday and that would be a major blow when we quit. Our boss was actually really decent about our vacation - she approved it without us finding coverage first because we never call in and this is our first vacation we've taken off since we started the company almost two years ago. 

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Myself & my flatmate are trying to quit smoking. But earlier today I got antsy & went & bought myself a pack. I haven't had one yet but I did use some of my flatmate's change he had lying around to buy them.

When he gets home from work I know the first thing he'll want is a smoke because he's got a huge day today.
Should I hide the smokes & pretend like I never went to the shops?
Or, should I give him a smoke seeing as he did pay for some of them?

I can't decide between supporting his quitting & giving him what he is owed. And also, we always take each others money so that's not a problem.
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What sports do you like?
Do you have any fan gear?
Do you wear a shirt of your favorite player?
Do you go to games?

If you were a NY Mets fan and wanted to buy a new shirt, who's number would you buy? I already have Wright's!

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I'm looking for this style shoe:
It looks like the kind race car drivers wear:

Has anyone seen any similar styles anywhere recently?

Ps. WOW! Not everyone has the same taste. Get over it.

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What's something rude, disgusting, or not done in polite company, that you have a special talent for? For instance, projectile vomitting, making sounds with your armpit, burping the alphabet, etc.

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TQC, will I have my trig test tomorrow? For weeks my prof has been saying it will be "probably in the middle of this week", and there is no school Friday. However my prof has been out sick for 3 class periods now. We haven't heard anything about the test since the beginning of last week and our sub doesn't know anything about the test at all. We haven't gotten a review nor an outline of what will be on the test (and we usually do). What do you think? Other students in the class and I have been pretending that the test is tomorrow but we don't even know what will be on it.

You find out that a Matrix-like technology has been developed where you can implant knowledge and skills directly into your brain, immediately mastering said knowledge. Thankfully you don't need to be surgically altered to receive it. They just use electrodes. You can only pick one skill or set of knowledge to learn. What do you pick? On the other hand, if you get yourself a big hole with metal in it implanted in the back of your head, you can learn unlimited skill sets. Would you choose to have this done if the option were available?

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Is Eragon a bad movie? Have you seen it? I'm in the mood for a really good-looking, bad/tacky movie, and I have this one sitting in my lap right now. I have never seen it. I also have Batman Begins sitting here, which I have seen before, and enjoyed, but mostly only because Christian Bale and Liam Neeson are in it, and I think they are good to look at. I ALSO have The Saint with Val Kilmer, which is a movie I absolutely LOVE, and have seen millions of times (but I haven't actually seen it in years and years) and Val Kilmer is hot in it, but I think it might be a bit too...~emotionally intense~ (lol) for the mood I'm in right now.

Which movie should I watch?

Batman Begins
The Saint
Something else which I will share with you in the comments
No movie ever. Go do something productive with your life, hippy.

P.S. My mother just unloaded a ton of her old DVDs on me, so I will probably be asking some more What Movie Should I Watch Tonight Guise questions in the near future, jsyk.

P.P.S. I am drinking champagne if that will have any influence on your decision.

dinner and braaaaaaains

I'm planning to have pasta (whole wheat rotini with sundried tomato alfredo sauce), spinach salad (with pecans, tomatoes, apple chunks and feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette) and chicken for dinner. What spices/seasonings should I put on it to make it delicious with the rest of my meal?

THE ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE IS UPON US, TQC. THEY'RE AFTER YOU. What is your weapon of choice to ensure that your brain stays intact?
-->I'll take one of my SO's machetes from the closet so it doesn't accidentally fall on me again.

give me some kind of stimulus.

What movies should I watch?

What author should I look up?

What subject should I read about on Wikipedia?

What else could I possibly do to pass time on a rainy, boring, moody day? Distract me from monotony, pleaseee.
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I'm going to dinner with my SO's mother, step-dad, and little sister in a few minutes. I've spent lots of time with them and love them all, but I'm a very anxious person and I can't help but be jittery. Will you give me words of encouragement?
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I have a friend in the military currently stationed in Japan, the friend recently got a phone so we exchanged numbers so we could text. Problem is; they're telling me they sent a few texts but I haven't got one. I have a blackberry tour and they have an iphone, fwiw. Anyone have any idea why I'm not getting the texts? Any similar experiences, maybe? Is there something either of us needs to do? They've texted (is that a word?) other people here in the states and it worked.

Will it cost me extra money to text someone in another country? How does this work?

Me and the friend thank you in advance.

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Has your relationship ever gone through a period of small arguments every single fucking day?
Mine has been like that (and worse) since we've become very sleep deprived and without the financial freedom we once had, since the baby a year ago.

What should I do?!
I'm really annoyed right now.

What are your plans for tonight?
My plan consists of not freaking out and making things worse. Ugh.
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what was the last thing the universe told you?

i have been searching for a specific brand of headphones in shops since my last pair i loved to death, and i can't find them anywhere. it must be telling me to save my money instead.

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Do you have any of your food delivered to your home?

I've started having these 'graze' boxes delivered. They have 4 little punnets of nuts, seeds and fruit and are really yummy! I feel healthy and feel like i'm not spending anything as I don't see any cash being handed over.
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Will someone please do a decent photoshop of my hair brown, deep and bright red shades?

Pretty please?

I'll love you forever.

DC/ Why can't I find white chocolate covered pretzels at any of my local grocer's?

What's your favorite "really bad for you" snack?
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legs motherfucker ?


i think this is the most i've posted in the littlest amount of time, but i think the rules let me have two questions on a page...
so friend-in-japan apparently sent me a text using something with an address that said this should be free, yes? i'm afraid now because you guys told me it'd cost a lot for international texts, but this is like an email, yeah? an thus, should be free, i'm assuming?

DK/DC: what do you want your wedding cake to look like if money was not an issue/you could have WHATEVER you wanted?
i want details... what kind of cake, what kind of filling, pictures of examples, whatever. i've been watching cake shows too much, and now i want a big bird cake for my non-existant wedding. my mom hates this idea, but i think i'm warming her up to it.

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if i send unsolicited internship applications... should i follow up? by phone or email? when?

i can't work at any of the places that are actually looking for interns because i live in outer space lol
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Today my mom gave me a Passover gift. I told her that there is no such thing as a Passover gift but she doesn't believe me idk. It was a cropped jacket. It was nice, but I think cropped things make me look really weird for some reason. I told her I didn't think it fit me right and she said she would buy me something else, but I said she didn't need to.

Do you think it's rude to tell someone you don't like a gift?
What sorts of clothing do you avoid due to it looking completely stupid on you?

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So I just finished a pin-cushion making project that I randomly picked up. Now, i'm obsessed. I need another sewing project, something I can make that doesn't take too long. I have unlimited supplies, since I use the stuff from my theater department's costume shop. Any ideas?
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1. Someone very close to you does not wear pants that fit. Basically this person's pants do not fit and they looking fucking ridiculous. You can see ass crack, muffin top, their fly is always unzipping itself, etc.

Do you do anything? What do you say? It's been 3 years and you're pretty sure no one has said anything. This person can afford new pants. But they will not go shopping with you.

2. On the other hand, why the fuck can't I get a better job? I pretty much spam every ad on Craigslist with my resume.
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Party music suggestions?
Upbeat, alternative/indie and pre-00's preferably, but whatever you like putting on at parties to set a good party vibe.

dc; how serious and protective are you of your hair? For example, if someone was to shave your hair into a mohawk while you were asleep/unaware, would it be OMG END OF DAYS NEVER LEAVING THE HOUSE AGAIN UNTIL IT IS RESTORED TO ITS FORMER GLORY or would you laugh it off/just keep it or change it to something slightly less ridiculous?

I'm about, oh, a 0.5 on the hair-seriousness scale. I already have a mohawk and if someone fucked with my hair when I was asleep I'd probably just keep it for the lulz.

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So, i am 16, turning 17 in June and i asked my sis previous week how she would feel if i wanted a tattoo for my birthday. much to my surprise, she said she is okay with it if my mom is and even more surprisingly, she offered to pay as a bday gift. so just asked mom she would be okay with it. she would be, though it depends on the design and the place. both have several, so it wasnt shockers that i came up with the idea. 

but to get back to the question part:

i would like to know if:

- you got any tattoos? if so, how did you pick the design and what was your motivation to get one?
- any nice designs for a tattoo on the back?
- any tattoos you would really want but will never have? (e.g. people's reaction or just offensive signs or words?)
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I am interning/studying in this graduate research lab at a major university. I'm trying to find 4 articles published by the lab, through the university's search engines. Only ONE of the articles is available, and it's the oldest one. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO YOU?!

Any tips for finding free versions of articles that are for some reason unavailable via the usual methods?

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I'm getting a pair of rats on Friday, TQC! What should I name them?

They're a female-female pair; one is black and white and the other is black and grey, the person said. I don't have photos of them yet. Collapse )

DK/DC: Have you started wearing skirts/dresses or shorts/capris yet? It was gorgeous out today so I wore a dress to work and it was soooo nice.

How pale are your legs right now?
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So um... what do you think about Black & Milds?
I like them and since I quit smoking cigarettes 67 days ago, every once in a while I'd have one of these.

How do you feel about Bloody Mary's?
Fucking delicious I say! =)

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What is your FAVORITE kind of cheese?
I personally love feta and blue :)

Have you ever heard your SO refer to someone, like an ex, as babe? You know there is nothing going on and about an hour afterwards you had amazing sex with them. Are you still bothered by it 3 hours later? yes...

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Does anyone know what this is? I'm in Austin, Texas and I came across one in my backyard. It was in the ground maybe 5 inches underground.

Collapse )

Googling the closest we get is a mouse spider but they don't have that white abdomen

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Favorite kind of fruit juice?

Other (in comments)
I hates fruit juice!

Lady Gaga or Beyonce?

Oh man, I couldn't choose! Love em both!
I'd rather slit my own throat with shards of glass from Princess Diana's car wreck than listen to this shit! (Too soon?)

What is your middle name?

If you had to choose an ailment that would affect you on a daily basis for the next 5 years, would you choose...

An Earache
A Toothache
A Migraine
Severe menstrual cramps

Do you know... (and by know, I mean, you've talked to them in person or on the phone at least once)

Someone who gets paid for sex?
Someone who became a parent at age 16 or younger?
A celebrity?
A dinosaur enthusiast?
A little kid who has a paper route?
Someone who uses only pads instead of tampons?
Someone who's license has been revoked or suspended?
An illegal drug addict?
Someone who has a car? (I need a ride)
A pilot (helicopter or otherwise)
A racist
A vegan
A Trekkie
A wealthy person

Do you hate those really bright blue headlights on cars?

Yup, hate em.
Nah, doesn't bother me.
What are you talking about? I've never seen blue headlights!

You're flipping through the channels. Which show do you land on?

Spongebob Squarepants
Dancing with the Stars
FOX News
Dr. Phil
American Idol
Family Guy
The Daily Show
Full House
Celebrity Apprentice
Pawn Stars
30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray

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i'm applying for a second job, and in the online application is a space entitled "comments regarding your availability". i have no plans to leave my first job, but should i mention that? they already know i'm currently employed.

eta: right above the box is the space where you indicate your actual availability. i already put 8am-11pm sunday-saturday, but i want to know if i should tell them i have another job that i intend on keeping.

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I'm in the mood to write, but I'm short on ideas. Sometimes I find that a good song can help get the juices flowing.

Can you recommend a song with really good lyrics to help get me ~inspired~?

(Vids, of course, are welcome.)

(no subject)

how do you deal with writer's/creative blocks?

i'm coming up on a dead line, and I am beating myself against this wall I hit three hours ago.

i've got two red bulls and some coffee brewing, i'm ready to sit this out as long as it takes.
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What is something (a book, a movie, a tv show, a person, a food, whatever) that EVERYONE or a LOT of people seem to love love love-- to the point that it's just expected that you should love it too--but that you actually really, strongly dislike?

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I whanged my hip really hard earlier tonight and have thusly been complaining a lot about how much it hurts. Aside from complaining about how sore my hip feels, what are some things I can do to make me seem like more of a crabby old lady?

Assuming of course I already told the kids to turn down that damn rock and roll, and damn it get off my lawn!

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Didn't Firefox 3.5 have the ability for you to just type in something like "caloriesperhour" in the address bar and it would autofill in the website and redirect to the actual website for you? 

Because I have 3.6, and when I do that, it redirects to an AOL search page that has the link, but it doesn't redirect automatically. Am I crazy? 

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It takes me a while to open up around people, and a friend that I'm facebook fighting with (omg.. don't get me started. this is the most immature shit in the world) told me that he doesn't know how I EVER expect to have any sort of real friendship.

I mean... I don't know. I just feel like I need to completely trust people before they get to know my private life. Even then, I don't tell them EVERYTHING. Is that unreasonable?

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Which bones have you broken? How old were you?

If none, have you had any stitches? Where? How many? Any cool scars?

What's been your worst injury so far in your life?
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TQC, I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with my life. I started with Dental Hygiene, then switched to Business (marketing), and now I've switched to Pre-Pharm, and I'm just now realizing that it's really not what I want to do. If I'd done the whole four year thing the right way, I'd be graduating this spring...but clearly, it ain't happenin'. I don't have any particular interests, and don't think I have a natural affinity to anything. My career testing suggests I should be a travel agent, which I am not interested in. I'm interested in vintage things, but can't think of serious careers that can be made out of it.

So, TQC, I ask: what sort of careers can you think of, that would be suited to me? SRS/nonsrs, but just know hooking and selling blow have already been ruled out.

DK/DC: What kind of cell phone do you have?
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My friend is in a situation.

She had a baby with a loser, who wanted no part in the child's life. The eight times he has seen the kid within four years, he has physically lost her three of those times. Two years ago, he had the option to seek custody of their daughter, and he didn't bother, thereby forfeiting his rights. Now, he's trying to seek full custody (out of no where.) Also, he is trying to get any type of visitation that he can get. The parents don't get along -- he has made death threats, harassing and verbally abusive phone calls and texts (which are saved.) She is worried for the well-being and safety of her child, especially since he is involved with drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

Now, what can she legally do to keep him away from her family, and more importantly, her daughter, for good?

ETA: He's been in rehab twice for drugs, which should be on record. He has been in two car wrecks, because of drugs... also on record. She isn't sure about a restraining order, because she wants something absolutely permanent. Is one? I have never filed one, nor she, never even known someone who has...

Thanks for any help.