March 29th, 2010

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What's the last thing to really, truly frustrate you?

My ex is adamant that I took her copy of Across the Universe. I've already explained to her that the only movies I took when I moved out were not that movie (and I'm sure, because I only took about 3 or 4 movies that I knew were mine). Plus, I already have a copy of Across the Universe, so why in God's name would I take hers? She doesn't know if she lent it out, and her and her sister used to borrow movies from each other a lot before her sister moved away, but apparently she's sure her sister didn't take it. Argh.

On a less serious note, what is your favorite lyric that you've heard in a song recently?

They say that love's a bitch, read my lips, I've waited all my life for a bitch like this.
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Are tumblrs stupid? I just made one. Do you wanna be friends with me on it?

What infomercial gadgets do you totally want to buy? the InStyler looks awesome. And I do want a silk pillowcase, but it doesn't have to be BeautySilkz.

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I'm taking care of some friends' pets this week. Their dog licks me. A lot. Way more than my dog does. But I figured that's just the way she is.
But then the cat started licking me a bunch too. And then it tried to eat my fingers.

TQC, do they just have particularly licky pets, or do I taste like chicken and not realize it?

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how many of you own a website?
any experience with ?

i'd like to create a website, basically just to publish graphic design, and any other little projects i'd like. i just want a website to do a bunch of random shit on.

any help is appreciated! (:
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Do your animals have a personality? Do they really act this way, or is it kind of a "joke" you and your family have assigned to it?

I'm pretty sure my cat has mommy issues. His mom-cat abandoned him under the couch when he was born and I had to rescue him. He was nearly on the verge of a psychotic break when I got home from the hospital today.

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so i just started talking to this girl, who just so happens to live on the street before mine. we've only texted, but i have this notion that i'm bothering her and i've kind of let it affect the conversation. wtf is wrong with me? how do i stop this? she's obviously doesn't have to talk to me but chooses to.

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It's nearly 3 in the morning and I want to go to sleep. My boyfriend's computer is in the room and his game consists of banging loudly on the keyboard. Asking him nicely 100 times to wrap it up has not worked thus far. What is my next course of action?

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okay, so, i had an interview with sears last thursday. it went REALLY well and i got called back for a second interview. that went super well also... until i accidentally let it slip that i only planned for it to be a summer job, as i was moving away at the end of july. up until that point i was convinced i'd get the job but right at that moment i could tell i'd fucked up.

well, my plans have changed (in the course of one weekend) and i'll actually still be living here in the fall. at the end of the interview, she said there were a few more applicants and then they'd call and let me know.

would it be silly to call and tell her that i'll be living here in the fall, if it affects my application any? just as a heads up?

i really need a job.
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When the world DOESN'T end in 2012, what is going to happen to all the people spouting the doom and gloom prophecies? I'm watching this guy on Bullshit telling us about how the earth is going to turn around on its axis and all hell will break loose. How is this guy going to show his face come January 2013?

What do YOU think is going to happen in 2012?

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My daughter is getting a ride to Charlotte NC for Easter with an "awesome" guy.

EDIT-O-MATIC: Thanks ya'll. I'm going to rest so much easier.

EDIT-O-MATIC pt 2: XXXXX is awesome because he is a great guy, he's easy to talk to, fun to be around, he's a gentleman, and he's homeschooled. Any questions?
Well DO i have any questions???
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I have a big thing of chorizo I am unthawing that I want for breakfast. It's not like the little sausages I'm used to, it's in a big tube like you would find breakfast sausage in - not sure if it'll have casing or if it's ground chorizo. What should I cook it with? There is almost anything imaginable in the house, and a grocery store four blocks away.
I went for the choriqueso. OH HI HEARTBURN.

If your child was murdered and you lived in a death penalty state, would you want the death penalty for their murderer? I'm watching Somor Thompson's mom on the Today show and she is firm in her belief that he needs to get the death penalty.
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Do you have a favorite sleeping position?
Are there ways in which you can't sleep?

I usually sleep on my stomach. If I try to sleep on my back and I'm not really tired, I can't fall asleep that way.

they need the $10 for hookers and blow.

Poll #1544644 poll time, gather round!

which of these MATICS would you loan $10 if they asked?

both, i am so desperate for friends, i wouldn't even want it back.
neither, because i am a douche.
either, but i would expect TQC favors/benefits.
oh suzer, my mind - you blew it.
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TQC, every Monday for the past three weeks at 10am a phone number from Arkansas calls me. They never leave a message and I never answer because it looks like a shady number. What do they want? Why do they only call me on Monday at 10am?
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If you have your own car how often do you give people rides?
Do you ask for a couple dollars gas money if they aren't going the same place as you?
Do you drive your friends around?
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So, my laptop came with this feature that has a touchpad that lets you adjust volume, turn on wireless internet, and press play/pause/stop/foward/rewind on movies right abovve the keyboard. When you adjust the volume, a little bar shows up on the screen.
WELL since yesterday, the volume is adjusting itself. I have googled how to fix this SEVERAL times and the only solutions I am coming up with have not helped (uninstalling the program that makes the touch buttons work, restarting without a battery in place, etc). It's not just that the sound changes, it's the fact that this big black bar shows up on the screen! I want to die because it is so annoying, and the thought of never having my computer work properly again is really suffocating/annoying. I just bought it last July! Apparently, HP has not helped anyone fix the problem. Getting another laptop is not an option, and I've had this less than a year. I spent $700 on the damn thing, it should work without issues.

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So I have this painting that has to be done for class in an hour an a half. I haven't really started, and I really don't want to do it. I'm sure it would take 10 hours to do a decent job anyway.

So what should I do? Take a zero? Half ass it in the next hour and a half? Hand it in late for a few marks?

Don't know/don't care? Than you probably shouldn't comment, I guess?
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What is your relationship like with your exs?

For the most part, I ignore them if it ended terribly. There's one or two from high school that I maintain healthy friendships with, though.

My boyfriend's ex wants to "be friends" or whatever. Frankly I don't want him to see her at all and he's all "why" about it. What's normal? Why would you want to be friends with your ex?

If you don't know/care, shed some light on this- why are there some people in this world who don't like being naked?
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canadians: did they change the ice cap recipe? the last 2 i've had at different locations have been weird.

everyone: do you ever get back freeze when you drink cold stuff?

if you watched pushing daisies, have you seen the last 3 episodes?

if you watch lost, are you caught up or getting bored and falling behind? the next two episodes are sun/jin- and desmond-centric, jsyk. :)

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Inspired by the post below...

Do you have a nickname and who calls you it?
Do you like your real name better?

I have a ton of nicknames, mom calls me Kate, boyfriend calls me Bean, roommate calls me KC, boss calls me Duckie...but I like my real name the most.
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I'm really sick but I really need a job. I was thinking of resting through lunch hours and going to follow up on applications at 2. Is this a good idea or bad idea? I don't want to wait another day

Are you a healthy person?
Do you exercise regularly?

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My best friend and I want to make dinner together tonight.  She's a vegetarian (I'm not).  What kind of fun, flavorful recipes could you give me that would be a blast to make?

Who would you like to see play YOU in a movie about your life?

Wood floors or carpet?


What kind of educational institution loans out equipment to students that is valued at $500, $1000 and more, and doesn't have insurance on that equipment?  That just seems crazy to me.  I mean, sure, if they lose it or break it or whatever you can bill them, but everyone knows students are poor and probably can't afford to replace the equipment.

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What would you do if you were in my situation? :

2 weeks ago, you meet someone at lunch through mutual friends. They definitely show that they're attracted to you, but since you're with a huge group of people, the two of you don't get around to talking much. After lunch, everyone decides to get coffee at a cafe where you planned on going later in the day after running important errands. The interested person says that they'll be there for awhile anyway to read so they casually ask for your number. You leave to do errands then about 3 hours later, you go back to the cafe. As soon as you arrive, you get a text from the interested individual asking if you plan on coming around as they plan on leaving soon. You respond saying that you've just arrived. He/she finds you, but because there are no empty seats around you and because he/she said in the text that they were planning on leaving soon, you awkwardly make brief small talk then just say, "Well, it was nice meeting you."

Fast forward 1 week later:
You meet up with the mutual friend and she tells you that she thinks this person likes you because they seemed eager to talk to you. She texts him/her to come out but they're occupied, so a missed connection ensues.

Fast forward 2 weeks later:

You can't get this person off of your mind for some reason. You regret not having talked to him/her more. You're not sure when you'll see this person again because the mutual friends that brought the two of you together are friends that you only see maybe a few times a month because of busy schedules.

a) Find a reason to text them and ask if they want to meet up at the aforementioned cafe again.
b) Just wait until you cross paths again through your mutual friends

SO most of you are saying that I just get in touch, but what would the best way to do it be? I definitely plan on texting, but how do I word it so that it's casual and not awkward? Do I just say something like, "Hey, (our friend) keeps telling me that you're an awesome person and it's too bad we didn't get to actually hang out at that cafe. I plan on being there today for awhile. You should drop by!"???
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Have you ever dwelt upon a relatively minor mistake and blown it all out of proportion such that you drove yourself to experience crippling self-hatred over it? More than once?

If you have: Any tips on how to get over such a bout? Non-chemical solutions preferred (i.e., while hookers would be an acceptable answer, blow would not).

If you haven't: What was for breakfast (or whatever your first meal of the day was) today? I had a bacon burger with onions and a glass-bottled Coke. Delicious.
Why is it so hard to find Coke in glass bottles when this is obviously the superior vessel for it?
Do you prefer a different package for your carbonated beverage? Imo the hierarchy's pretty much glass bottle > can > plastic bottle, with fountain location varying depending on the mix.
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I'm around 101 lbs, short, and I don't drink frequently. When I do it's usually hard liquor and I get drunk quickly. Tonight I'm going to a friends house and all the drinks will be beer. I've never had just beer in a night,  how many beers is too many for someone my size who last drank like 2 months ago?

How many beers is too many for you?
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So I just called AAA about half an hour ago to make an appointment to get my oil changed. It rang about five times and no one answered, and I got a message saying "all operators are busy."

What do you think they're doing, TQC?

Non-serious answers only, please.

(ETA: There's a repair shop run by AAA fairly close to my house. I'm not actually calling them roadside, haha.)
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Dancing Fool

Have you ever been to a contra-dance? Do you go regularly?

Have you ever been folk dancing? Do you go regularly?

Have you ever been to a square dance? Do you go regularly?

Can you do the Salty Dog Rag? If so, where did you learn to do it? Do you ever go anywhere that people do it now?
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1.) They're doing some construction near the building that I'm working in.
I was just in the bathroom washing my hands, and for a minute or so, the water was brown and then went back to normal. Is that bad?/Should I tell someone?

2.) What are you wearing today?

3.) Do you like Mondays?

4.) Will you describe your day so far in two words?
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Regrets after college?

 Do you guys have any regrets after college? Do you feel like you chose the wrong career or wish you could have done more while you're still in school?

serious/non serious, it's up to you...
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Home Ownership

If you were selling a home, what is the highest % off of your asking price that you would still consider to be a serious offer?

If somebody gave you an offer that was *not serious*, would you be offended enough to not consider subsequent, more reasonable offers from that buyer?

On the flip side:

If you are a home buyer, what is the highest % off of the asking price that you think is reasonable to ask?

EDIT: Two scenarios--

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my friend is having a baby soon and he asked me for some parenting tips (i dont have children so i have no clue why he would even ask me), but i cant really think of anything that isn't common knowledge.

SO tqc, do you have/know any important tips on raising a new born or parenting in general to give to a soon to be dad?

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What are your favorite shows?

Has there ever been a show that you loved but stopped watching because a new person showed up and replaced your favorite cast member(s), like on Law & Order?

Do you ever stop watching a show when a new character pops up but the original cast is still there, like Married With Children when Seven suddenly appeared?
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I have to give a four minute long tribute speech in my public speaking class tomorrow. Half of me really wants to choose Sarah Palin and do a Stephen Colbert and seriously mock the shit out of her, but the other half wants to take it seriously.

So, TQC who should I pay tribute to?!

DK/DC: I'm buying everyone a burrito! What kinda tortilla will you be having, and what'll be on it?
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When it rains, and you see all the little wormies crawl out of the ground, and onto the parking lot do you feel bad for the ones that don't make it?

Are you grossed out by the dead ones that remain on the ground for awhile?

Are you grossed out by worms in general or do you think they're cool?
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 I start job training as a barista with a non-Starbucks coffee shop Wednesday. My training is between classes, so I have to wear whatever I'm wearing that day all day long. TQC, can you dress me? Will nice jeans and a decent top be good enough for a first day of coffee-shop work?

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1. Assuming they're far enough away that you can't regularly see them, how good are you at staying in touch with people when/if they move?
2. If you do stay in touch with them, how do you do it (e-mail, letter, phone...)?

DK/DC/Never knew anyone who moved: Would you take the handwriting test here (or wherever you want) and tell me what your handwriting "says about you?" If you don't want to take a test, what do you think it'd say?

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so last night my roommate decided to put about 6 - 8 gallons of bleach directly into our washing machine. he put some sweatshirts in there to bleach them... and let them soak overnight. isn't one not supposed to put bleach directly into a washing machine, especially that much? he filled the whole area where the clothes go, to the brim.

edit: yes, the entire house smells like bleach now... i forgot to ask though, isn't that bad for the washer or the clothes that i had planned to wash today and now probably wont be able to wash for a couple days?
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During the night, I heard a loud screeching noise, like metal scraping against metal. This morning I got up and asked my husband if he had heard anything outside while we were in bed. He hadn't, apparently I was having a nightmare. He woke up when I was twitching. The weird thing is that my ear hurt this morning and it still hurts now.

So, TQC, have you ever had a nightmare involving noises? If so, what was it like?
If you haven't what are some of your most memorable nightmares?
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Is there a band or an artist you've been a fan of for as long as you can remember? How old were you and what got you into them?

Mine is silverchair and it was when Freak Show came out (1997). One of my sisters bought the CD and I listened to it with her. She has since fell out with them but I'm utterly obsessed with them still.
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 Does anyone know anything about AmeriCorps?

I've been doing a lot of research online and I am in the process of applying for them. However, today I came across a few sites from people who have served in the past and they only had really horrible things to say about it. I want to believe that it's a good organization, and I'm still applying to it, but I was wondering if anyone here could give me any of their 2 cents on it.

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Do any of you get a "bounty box" or similar (a box full of usually local and organic produce)?

How much does it cost? How frequently do you get it?

Give me all of the juicy details. I'm considering signing up for one to take the guess work out of vegetable buying while grocery shopping.

excuse my fat.

I was talking to my artist yesterday and im supposed to go in this week and start finishing my arm.
The only problem is i have no clue what to add onto it.
We were talking about a Salvador Dali inspired piece but i not too sure if its me.

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Edit: This isnt my artists work and im only getting it fixed up/added on to is because his ex-employee fucked it up.
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When was the last time you felt great about being a little bit of an asshole?
I'm hanging out with a former friend's ex girlfriend today. I was friends with him before, during, and after their relationship, but never met her. She and I came across each other accidentally on LJ, and we started talking and it turns out we have a lot in common. I was weird about it at first, because I wanted to reconcile with him, but every time I've tried, he's ignored me and then whined to our mutual friends about me. Anyway, he found out today that she and I are friends and flipped out. He treated both of us like SHIT, so I honestly feel good that he's upset by it. The fact that he KNOWS we have been and are going to talk about him and it eats him alive makes me feel great. In fact, he's probably on the phone with one of his friends now, making us look like a pair of bitches. My thought is making a new friend > begging for him to be my friend again when he treated me the way he did. :D

When you read the_mza's screen name, do you read it like how you say Rza's name, or M.Z.A?

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So I've hear a lot about people ending up disliking a name because they met someone with that name who was a real douche. But can you think of a time you met someone and you really disliked them, but you really liked their name?

Or just do you like any names that most other people think are dumb?

I met a girl called Jovanah and I strongly dislike her but I like that name, even though it sounds like something you would order at Starbucks.

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i LOVE adding new DVDs to my collection. when i woke up this morning, i saw a Walmart bag with some medication and a copy of Inglourious Basterds. what DVDs have you recently aquired? what surprises have you recently had or gave?

ETA: How much does this movie rule? 1-Tarantino at his finest
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How do you feel about naps?

I usually get a good night's sleep so I don't nap very often, but the past couple days I discovered if I'm angry or anxious, a short catnap is the Best Cure Ever. You guys, I am going to be sleeping EVERYWHERE from now on.

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Do you have a hard time interviewing?

I have four interviews with the same company on wednesday within a 5 hour time frame.  I do not handle public speaking well and have therefore been freaking the fuck out all night and will probably have several panic attacks over this.

What's something that most people consider 'normal' that you've never done/are too scared to do?

I have never gone driven through a drive thru.

Edited for clarification!
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TQC I mailed off some packages at the post office today and i dont think i got a tracking number which i need to confirm that i shipped them. is this hidden somewhere on my receipt? am i SOL? is it too late to get a tracking number? the post office is closed so i can't call until tomorrow.
thanks guys!

what really freaks you out that doesn't seem to bother anyone else?
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I've used Paypal's printable postage for domestic (USA) items before and always just popped them int he USPS box to avoid post office lines. But I've never used it for international items. I need to ship something paid for in Paypal to Canada and it's giving me the option to print postage, but what about customs forms?? Do I have to stand in line to fill those out? Do I not need them because of the printed shipping? Has anyone shipped internationally with Paypal's printable postage successfully before?

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While looking for pizza ingredients, I found a nice-sized package of cheese in the fridge. It smells fine and it isn't moldy... but the expiration date is September '09 and it wasn't sealed shut properly. Is it still safe to use?

ETA: Turns out it was frozen until just a couple of days ago. I wondered how it was still good...

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I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and I'm planning on buying baking supplies because occasionally i have the urge to bake. Other than flour and sugar, what other necessities should I be looking for?

(no subject)

Months ago, someone here recommended a site to shop for handbags and now I can't remember what it was. All I can remember was that you could browse thousands of bags by color (and other things) and that the page scrolled horizontally to view them.

Do you know what site this is?
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Get your Bible on

 What fruit would you be most likely to accept from a talking serpent in exchange for "all the knowledge of the world," assuming it was the most delicious piece of {fruit name} you will ever eat in your entire life?

(no subject)

 1. Those of you who wear makeup: What product would you recommend to me? Why? Bonus points if I can buy it through Sephora, but not necessary. 

2. Those of you who drink craft beer or soda, what would you recommend to me?
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Do you do/know of any ab exercises that are gentle on the neck and back (and don't require the purchase of any equipment....although using furniture/regular household objects would be fine)?

I do regular leg and arm exercises, but my belly is my main concern. I can't do more than 25ish crunches or sit ups without experiencing horrible neck and back pain. I do sets of fewer reps to give my neck a break, but the pain just progresses with each set, so I'm still unable to do many (total) reps. I try to support my neck with my hands, without tugging or pulling, but it still hurts quite a bit.

I want a flat belly, TQC.

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So, some backstory:

My roommate has a cat, Dewey. Dewey has suffered a lot of abuse in his past and was in danger of being euthanized until my roommate came along and adopted him. Now he still hisses occasionally and is a little grumpy but he won't usually do more than swat at your feet or bite a little bit - but after he bites he feels remorseful. He cannot be around other cats AT ALL because they were an integral part of his abuse, but he hasn't been around many dogs.

The question is - I have had dogs my entire life, and this is the first time I haven't had one. We're looking at houses (we currently rent an apartment) and I want to adopt a dachshund puppy - or at least a puppy would be ideal, because I would like to be able to raise it with the cat and train it to be good with cats. I feel like a dachshund is small and non-threatening enough. Do you think this will work? Have you had any experience with this sort of thing? Anything would be helpful.

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Help me!

A few days ago someone posted that they were having a rough time and needed gifs, videos and pictures to help cheer them up. In the comments was a video of a formulaic movie, or what a movie would be like with just a summary of the stereotypical message/character etc. (this is actually really difficult to explain for some reason). Anyway, at one point the male protagonist yells "LEAD FEMALE'S NAME!!!". What is this video called? Please tell me the title or link me to this youtube video, it's driving me crazy!!!

DK/DC What do you like on your hotdog?

(no subject)

What's the cutest spontaneous thing that's happened to you recently?

It was photo night for my production of Beauty and the Beast the other night, and while the villagers in the cast were getting their pictures taken, a bunch of us enchanted objects were behind the drop set waiting for our turn. then the boy playing the beast came in with us, and he went up the set and picked up the book that was lying there. we all crowded around him like he was reading us a story, and then the curtain raised up and all the parents taking photos saw us and just AWWWED all at the same time. still gives me warm fuzzies. :)
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TQC, can you recommend me some good video editing software and/or recording devices?

My dad and I are both interested in learning how to do some basic filming and probably minor editing. My dad will mostly be taping speakers at events our company organizes, then editing them and putting them online (using a private host so they can be downloaded or viewed from a professional website, not on YouTube -- the company has a web person who handles all of that but we'd like to be able to take on most of the filming/editing so we can control the content and quality ourselves). My interest is more in being able to put together an alternate reality Game like Marble Hornets, or filming short documentary-blurbs on historic places I visit/work in. So I may want to be able to do some slightly fancier editing in terms of what more or less amounts to applying photoshop filters to film and audio clips. Also, my dad uses a tricked out PC, I have a Macbook, so suggestions for either platform are great.

TY in advance.
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banana bread

who doesnt like banana bread? seriously, do you know anyone who doesnt like banana bread?

I'm meeting my boyfriend's mom for the first time and I want to bring her something. Was thinking a loaf or two of banana bread would be appropriate. What do you think of my plan?

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Do you know any good money saving tips? Stuff besides bringing my own lunch to work. It's actually cheaper to eat at work.

Is there a non-douchey way to decline to chip in on a birthday gift for a coworker? I have over 40 coworkers. They do this every time. :(

Did you do your taxes yet? Do you owe? I just e-filed both state and fed for free and I am getting money back!
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(no subject)

What are some of your "shows"? Ones that you actively watch/keep up with.
Chuck, Big Love, Dexter, Glee, Its Always Sunny, and Project Runway

What are some that are over or have since been canceled, but you loved?
Pushing Daisies and M*A*S*H

Some that you could care less about?
most of them on t.v. currently. American Idol, mostly

DK/DC: What was the last thing you ate?

small room

i have an incredibly small bedroom..
any ideas on a color i can paint my walls to possibly  give an illusion of a wider room?

any other suggestions to open up the space?

Icon see clearly now

Before Christmas, I had a Santa icon.  After New Year's, I changed to confetti.  Now my Lent icon is about to expire.

Tell me, O ye who are so multiplicatively blessed by Sophia herself, what kind of icon should I change to after Resurrection Day?
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My right ear keeps doing this ringing thing every 5 seconds... WTF is that?? It's driving me insane! Has this ever happened to you, almost to the point of ripping your own ear off?