March 28th, 2010


Which film am I talking about?

1. Michael Pitt's pants came down and there was a photograph stuck to his peckerThank you ultimateairn

2. John Travolta took a shit and the bald man shot him when he was done. Thank you jorai_nix

3. Paul Giamatti broke all the man's fingers and still didn't find out where the lactating hooker wasThank you novelized

4. Vin Diesel died and the French girl ran back to her familyThank you jorai_nix

5. Vince Vaughn took the girl's cigar, but refused to keep her phone numberThank you schexyschteve
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broken glass and now this... good thing i didn't go out tonight?

I just spilled a little water on my laptop. I mopped it up, turned it over, and it works just fine. Should I turn it off anyway? I have a ton of work to finish by tomorrow, so it would be an inconvenience that I'd rather avoid if it's not going to destroy my computer...

Last year I poured almost a full cup of black coffee into my old laptop and it survived perfectly, minus a key or two that had to be replaced.

What's the worst thing you've ever done to your computer? Did it survive?
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"People with birth defects or deformities don't get stared at because they don't choose to look the way they do. It's your fault you look different."

How would you respond to this comment? 'Cause all I got is "buh!?"

DK/DC: What were the last three words said to you?

edit w/ backstory: this was recently said to me by a friend, while we were out shopping. i was in my typical vintage style and a couple of people stared, as usual. i am not bothered by it anymore, but she apparently was, hence the comment later at lunch.

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Whats the worst band you've seen live? Whats been the worst concert experiance you've had (regardless of how good the band was)?

For as many concerts as I've been to , I don't think I've seen any bands that were memorably bad. My cousins band was pretty bad I guess. But they were entertaining at the very least.

my stories are under the cut
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If you were (or if you are) a flat-chested woman, would you consider getting breast augmentation surgery?

If you are romantically interested in women, would you rather date a woman who was flat-chested or a woman who had fake breasts (just superficially speaking)?

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there's this stray cat that hangs around my house sometimes, and he showed up today with one eye completely shut and leaking some kind of liquid. the eye didn't look swollen or anything, but i obviously didn't want to touch it. it also sounded like his breathing wasn't 100% normal (like he was congested or something). other than that, he seemed fine.

wtf do i do? this isn't my cat and i don't want/can't afford to take him in. i don't know of any no-kill shelters in the area (there may be some, i just don't know of any).



How did/do you go about asking a guy/girl out when you don't know them too well?
How did that end up?

What did you do when a lady/gentleman, that you just met/didn't know too well, ask you out (accept/reject/etc.)?

[Cellie phone]

#1. What interesting writing is there on concepts such as the misportayal of Satan/Lucifer as evil and Jesus as perfect (e.g. as a sort of political move by God to enforce his ideology)?
#2. What are the best book recommendation websites/communities/forums/etc and why?
#3. Sup?

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Im kinda in a debate at the moment about earth hour, it's a pretty cool idea. For an hour everyone in the country turns of their power. Okay so there is only like 4.5 million people here but you have to take the tiny steps before you leasp right?
But apparently this will have no effect on people/earth. I think it does because it teaches people just how easy it is to make steps towards earth not being in such a bad condition.
But the people i am talking with just think its stupid and the earth/people arent going to benifit out of anything. I know its people opinions and such but i still think its a very important issue
But it IS attitudes like that, that stop things from happening [as far as saving the planet goes.]
So TQC, do you think earth hour is a stupid idea and we should just stop doing it?
What are your opinions on the matter??

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I could really go for some baked goods right about now. I don't have any, so instead I'm going to have you guys go on about food and make me lament that fact even more.

What is your favorite dessert?

Bonus points for pictures.


I went to the doctor for the first time in years a few weeks ago, and talked with him about some issues I've been having. Some, not all. I felt kind of overwhelmed and didn't know what to talk about, so I didn't get to everything. He did some bloodwork and told me everything was fine, but I've been too busy to call him back and ask him what tests he ran, since I'm curious.

I went to the ER for leg pain last year, and it's still a nagging issue that I should've brought up with my first visit. Would it be bad to make another appointment to talk about my bloodwork/leg? I don't wanna waste his time, but I feel like I didn't make good use of my first visit.

Doctors. :(

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What's that on Lindsay's feet?

Powdered sugar. She dropped a donut on her foot.
Fungal powder. Linds has athlete's foot
Flea powder. Mean Girl has a mean case of ticks
Laundry detergent
Baking soda
Chalk. She was playing a game of hopscotch and got some of the chalk on her
It's an apparition. Lohan's haunted by a ghost with a foot fetish
Baby powder.
Um...I don't see anything wrong with her feet. What are people seeing that I don't see?
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What's your favorite sports/sports-related movie?

I'm watching Remember the Titans and I can't ever resist when it's on TV, even though I own it, and could watch it without commercials.

That being said, what movies are so good, you'll watch them with or without commercials?

cell phones

so i have the ability to upgrade my at&t phone now. the phone i have is in TERRIBLE shape. i was planning on getting an iphone, but now i don't have the money. i'm currently job searching.

if i want the iphone, i'll have to wait a few months and put up with my shitty phone. OR i can get basically any other phone i want now, for free. so what should i do?

Poll #1544249 iphonez~

is an iPhone really worth it?


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Do you like classic monsters (vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc)?

What's your favorite book or movie with a classic monster? (Mine's An American Werewolf in London)

Do you think (like I do) that Twilight pretty much neutered the vampire by taking away their fangs, uncontrollable bloodlust, and making them sparkly? Don't get me wrong, I did actually read the series (well, most of it), but was really disappointed by the lack of true monster-ness (bad writing aside...) Even the werewolves were tame... :(
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Will TQC give some me some ideas for a French themed birthday party? It's a kids party, but there will probably be more adults there. I'm looking for food, decorations, music, and ideas for games.

All I have so far is to serve madelines :P

For your troubles:

Lady Gaga: BR Dragon Animated
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I am having a mattress delivered, and my old mattress taken away. Am I supposed to tip the delivery guys? I have no cash! The delivery was free and included in the mattress purchase.
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I'm thinking of going blond for the summer.

My ID says I have brown hair. I can't get a new one. Will I still be able to buy booze or do I have to match what my ID says?

OKAY, it just hit me how stupid this question is, rofl. What's the stupidest question you've ever asked? If you're too smart for that shit, what's the stupidest question you've ever heard someone ask?

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 Did you have any weird/over the top rules in your house as a kid?

Your friends?

What's the weirdest/worst 'family rule' you've ever heard of? Any that maybe aren't that strange, you just hate?

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Has anyone here switched from using PCs to Macs or vice versa? What did you think?

What brand of laptops do you think is best?
(If it matters I don't mean for anything serious, just one of those light ones for internetting and assignments.)

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TQC, I'm awkward and shy and want to make more friends.

I was eaves dropping on two guys talking about Call of Duty and Halo earlier at the dining hall. I wanted to say something (Cause I play those games too and want more gamer friends) but didn't know how and was afraid of annoying them or something. What should I have done/said?
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I'm working at a gas station by myself for the rest of the night. This always leads to too much time for me to think about things that fill me with despair.

Will you please use this post to tell me random facts that are bouncing around in your lovely skulls?

How would you entertain yourself, in my situation?
All I have, entertainment-wise, is a book and my blackberry. I'm too pensive right now for either of these to keep my attention.

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Do you guys chatroulette?
Have you ever ended up with a person you've chatted before?

It's usually something that I open when I'm bored or when I need a break. The dude I chatted with this morning was still on there now. It's been 6 hours and he is still wearing a bathrobe. It's a real person. Haha.

As a child, What cartoon show you look forward to on a weekend morning?

Me: Tom and Jerry!
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So my parents are going to see Paul McCartney in concert tonight (and I'm absolutely jealous).

I am doing nothing (besides staying in and watching a Degrassi marathon).

Doesn't it blow when your parents have cooler plans than you?

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I just watched the circle of eight, and i dont really get the movie.. I know Jessica is supposed to relive the same thing until she gets the ending right.. but.. what i dont get is.. the movie.. sigh... anyone elaborate for me?

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What is the best way to make yourself sleepy at night when you slept in way too late that day? I didn't get up until 3 pm today (had trouble sleeping the night before) and I need to be in bed by 10 pm. :\

I have one melatonin left, and it helps me fall asleep--but without fail, I always wake up 4 hours after I take it and can't get back to sleep.

Also: I seem to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep all night when I don't have to get up early the next morning. But, when I do have to get up early, I have the worst time falling asleep and seem to wake up numerous times in the night. Is there something I can do about that? Am I just maybe worried too much about trying to get to sleep early that I can't?

Do you have sleep problems? 
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I'm not sure where a good place to ask this is, but I figured that TQC could steer me in the right direction.

We (my husband and I) are looking to do inexpensive but meaningful things for holidays this year. My MIL loves crossword puzzles and I was thinking of asking people to send me theirs from their local paper. I'd bundle them all together with a nice card and send it to my MIL.

What do you think, where could I get people to help me with this? (I've already asked my friends list on LJ, and my friends on facebook. Problem with FB is that lots of my friends are in the same city as me!)

And are your mothers/mothers-in-law/step-mothers/etc as fanatical about Mother's Day as mine are?
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Is anyone in TQC excited for baseball season?

I got my ticket to the Diamondbacks home opener against the Padres yesterday and I'm so stoked.

If so, who's your team?

I'm a die-hard D-backs fan. Yes, I know they've had their shitty years and that the Dodgers pretty much have a lockdown on the NL West. I can't help but love them anyway.

If you don't like baseball, what upcoming event are you excited for?

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Have you ever hit you computer, because it froze/didn't work properly/took forever to load/any other stupid reasons?

I did it more times that I will admit. Never broke/damaged my laptop, but destroyed my desktop computer.

dk/dc: What's the stupidest/funniest shows you like to watch just for laughs?

I just watched One Minute To Win for the first time ever, and it's so entertaining!

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TQC, will you help me figure out this mystery?

I took one of those amazingly cheap buses from Chinatown, NYC to Chinatown, DC to celebrate my birthday with old college friends. When I got there I found out my cash was gone. I had a purse with me that only has one clasp in the middle. Inside was my camera, phone, wallet (credit cards and cash), etc. I sat on the aisle seat with my bag on the window seat, the straps around my wrist, and my jacket covering me and the purse. I passed out on and off for about 20 min at a time. I went to the bathroom once, and I took my purse.

Where did my money go? Did I get robbed? And was this the work of a magical thief?

Srs and non srs answers are welcome. I am baffled by this.
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Have you ever moved to another country?
Under what circumstances?
Care to share stories and details?

I live in Canada and my girlfriend lives in the States and I'm in the preliminary stages of planning to move there. I'd love to hear what others have to say!

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My dog seems out of it, and I just noticed she is lifting her one back paw up, and not walking on it as much. When I feeling it out-she didnt yelp or anything, so IDK. The muscle keeps twitching, though. And, she seems in pain. Whats up with her? And can you give dogs any pain reliever medication? :/

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I sold a chair to a girl off of Craiglist and she seemed really cool. I'm lacking friends so I was debating emailing her back to see if she wants to hang out sometime with myself and my SO. If you were this girl, would you be creeped out by this?
(I'm a little socially inept at making friends so I'm paranoid that she'll be really creeped out...)

ETA: We chatted for a bit when I was helping her load it into her car - she's around my age and had some similar interests. So it's not just a stranger that I didn't talk to.
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Are shows like Hoarders taking advantage of people when they are down for entertainment purposes? Do you think The Biggest Loser degrades the people who are on it by making them go on scales shirtless?

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What kind of external hard drive do you have? How much space do you use?

I'm looking for one for mainly music, movies etc, can you recommend one? I'm using a MacBook if that makes a difference. Where can I get an external hard drive? I have a budget of $100 but would prefer something cheaper than that.


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do you have any special ways of eating oreos?
do you like peanut butter or nutella or fluff on them? do you pull them apart? do you stack a bunch of 'stuff' together, and make a huge oreo sandwich? do you just shove them in your mouth? I MUST KNOW.
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Let's say that you replied to a post and someone replied to your comment asking a question.  Between the time you commented and the person asked you a question, you have gone to bed and won't see the e-mail notification for at least another 8 hours.

Will you reply or will you skip over it because you think that they probably don't care anymore?

How much time has to lapse before you feel like it's too late to reply?

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My dearest and most darling Tea-Queue-Sea,

What pet names can you absolutely NOT STAND?

You know, the ones that make you want to rip peoples' tongues/larynges out so they can't say those ridiculous things anymore.

ETA: What are your favorites?

paper writing style

when you're writing a paper/essay, do you use two spaces between the end of a sentence and the start of a new one? or would you use only one space?

the SO and i were writing papers in bed together today and  noticed him double spacing. i've never heard of this! Is it common?
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let's say that someone hasn't eaten meat in 8 years. however, for 7 of those years, they ate marshmallows and fruit snacks because they didn't realize that gelatin was non-vegetarian. would you consider it a lie for them to call themselves a vegetarian of 8 years?

don't know: favorite holiday and why?
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To girls: what kind of programs for computers do you use as an alternative to calendars to keep track of you period? Free ones are preferable.

To guys: do you fart or burp in front of your gfs? Do they get pissed off? Do they do that in front of you?

He does it. I don't care. I can't burp, and will never fart in front of him.