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My Position: If you know what you're saying is false, and the person you're saying it to knows that it's false, and you know they know it's false, then the statement is not a lie, even if it is untrue. The motivation to deceive is what makes it a lie.

His Position: Regardless of motivation, if you give a statement that is untrue and know it's untrue, then it's still a lie.

An Example: *speaker has a black eye* "I fell down."
"I know you really got into a fight, but I'm going to let it go anyway, because it's not worth the bother of filling out the paperwork."
"I knew you'd say that."

The Question: Who do you think is right?

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I'm spending the night in my dad's office/guest room. I hibernated the computer 5 minutes ago and it just turned back on! Is this normal or is it possessed?

Also, my roommate's computer likes to randomly wake up from sleep mode. WHY?! Is there any way to stop this from happening?

Kill Bill - Elle
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Could you ever be a medical examiner (someone who does autopsies)? I am watching a show about this five-day old who died and the thought of autopsying a baby that size just squicks me out.

What do you do when you can't sleep, besides get on the internet?

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Is the movie Paranormal Activity really as scary as everybody says it is?

What movies/tv have scared you the most?
There was a documentary on the Enield Poltergiest that I saw (part of) when I was around 12 or so. I couldn't sleep properly for months afterwards. I figured that watching it at the age of 24 I'd see it to the end. (I've never been scared from a movie or anything) Yeah, I couldn't finish it either, had to switch it off I was so spooked.

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Hey TQC, I'm going to be gross for a minute.

A few days ago, I noticed something that looked like bruises underneath (or possibly on?) the nails of both my big toes. I took my polish off today to look at it, and stupidly googled, which furthered my worry. I came up with bacterial infection and melanoma. :| I'm not sure how I would have gotten either, and I haven't dropped anything on my toes so I'm pretty sure they AREN'T bruises.

Here's an awesome picture. TQC, what is wrong with my toenails? Are they going to fall off? :( Will I need my toes amputated?
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If you could choose your children's genders and birth orders, what would you have? How many kids would you like to have? What would you name them (first and middle names)?

I would like 3 kids: 2 girls and 1 boy (girl, boy, girl).

Possible name combinations:
Athena Rose, Eamon Michael and Cassia Mary. The middle names are all family names. Rose = aunt, Michael = dad, Mary = grandmother
Paulina Elizabeth (Nickname Nina), Rhys Andrew and Kaia Genevieve. 

As you can see, I tend to go for unusual and classic names.

Edit:   I would be happy no matter what I have and what order my kids are born. I simply have always dreamed of being a mom to little girls, but a boy is fine with me too. I'd love him as much as I'd love the girls. I am not trying to be picky, so sorry if it sounds that way.
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Would it be rude of me to start packing at 5am when my future former room mates are asleep? Remember, it's Saturday.
What if I told you they woke me up every single damn day I had the opportunity to sleep in and I really needed to be packed by, say, 1pm?

Dk/DC: When was the last time you felt smug about something?

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We've just been watching the most recent chunk of Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant) and we've really gotten into it. We're quite bummed we've nearly finished with it, and we're going to watch TW next but we don't think it will be the same even if Jack is awesome and should have stayed as a main companion.

If we really like the most recent incarnation, would we be likely to enjoy going back and watching from the start/some earlier point?
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On Thursday night/yesterday morning I drank a bit and smoked a ton. My throat is exceptionally sore and now I've begun coughing up bloody phlegm. I'm going to die right?

Do you use humor to assauge situations that should otherwise taken seriously?
How's the weather?

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Inspired by a question below,

If you have had a lucid dream, have you ever looked in a mirror during one?
What was it like?
I've always wondered what you might see in a mirror. I feel like it'd be scary.
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Do you use StumbleUpon?

What are some pictures/websites/videos/whatever that you have come across (whether or not you found them using StumbleUpon) that you like/love/can't live without?

***Edited to fix my mess of a post! grrr.

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When do you think it's ever ok not to give your 30 day notice to your roommate (besides immediate threat)? Share some personal stories?

My co-worker just moved out with 10 days left in the month (she paid for the full month) because she was really tired of her and I think she said that she was worried that the roommate would fuck up her shit if she gave her 30 day notice.


How can a medication list as potential side effects weight gain and weight loss?
If both are happening in your test group, wouldn't you think it maybe had nothing to do with the medication and was just normal variation?

I'm so confused.

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Have you ever experienced anything similar? I've had panic attacks but they've never been anywhere near as bad as this.

What do you do when you need to try and think of something else? I'm in limbo, kind of wandering around, waiting by the phone.

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Hypothetical dilemma.... riiiiiiiight.

Say that upon cleaning your fridge out, you find two plastic (Tupperware-esque) containers. One contains pot roast, the other contains spicy rice and beans, both of which are between a month and a half and two months old. Would you risk dumping out the contents in an attempt to save the containers, or would you just dump everything, containers and all?

What grocery store(s) do you shop most at? Do you have a frequent buyer card?
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 When was the last time you inadvertently insulted someone?

I was getting my hair cut yesterday and the guy offered his hand to help me out of the chair, but I didn't take it. He looked insulted so later I explained that I don't like strangers touching me. (I didn't mention, especially guys.)

Calling all chefs

I've been asked to write about various kitchen appliances and to include recipes in my reviews.  I'm not exactly an expert here, so I'm looking for some ideas.

Besides smoothies, what kinds of things do you make with your blender?  

Do you ever use your microwave for actual cooking, and not just heating up leftovers and tv dinners?  If so, what do you make and what settings do you use?

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If you (you in particular) were to be 'touched by an angel', how do you picture the touching would be like?

The angel would gently lay its hands upon you, filling you with light
Angel would honk your nose a couple times
Angel would hold your hand
Angel would poke you...and continue poking you and poking you
Sucker punch, most likely an uppercut as soon as you got out of the front door
One word: motorboating
Angel would squeeze my buttcheek
Angel would tug my ear playfully
Angel would crawl into bed with me and administer much pleasure using only its mouth upon a certain sensitive area of my body
Titty twister
Angelic kiss
It would massage my shoulders
Angel would take my foot and do the 'little piggy' thing with it
The only angel that I'll allow to touch me is Criss Angel

I want fans of...

What shows, books, games, movies, whatever, do you wish you had some more fans that you could be friends with? Post them here, and maybe we can find friends or recommendations for cool things.

What's your favourite painting?

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So a while back I accidentally backed into my parent's neighbor's babysitter's car. I did the right thing and went to her and told her what happened and offered to pay for it out of pocket if she didn't want to go to the insurance company (first mistake). She agreed to let me do monthly payments to pay off the damage. She has been horrible to work with. First, she refused to get a second estimate for the car, saying she was too old to drive all over town(bullshit!). So I peddled the estimate she gave me around to several mechanics, asking them if the prices were fair and such. After settling on a mechanic, I told her I would prefer to be there when she picked up the car so I could get a copy of the receipt. She never called me. I told her she needed to bring the receipt before I gave her the first payment. She didn't. I gave her 200 dollars anyway and in a friendly way reminded her to bring the receipt by my parent's house when she worked next. I called her up last night telling her I couldn't give her anything else until she gave me a receipt. She claims she already gave me a copy and threw the original away. She also claims all it said was the price. She thinks I need to call the mechanic shop and get the receipt if I want it. I say, 'Bullshit. If you want money, give me a receipt, I've done enough leg work for you.'

I'm smelling a rat biiiiig time, I think she had her mechanic son do all the work for none of the cost and is milking me for what she can before I figure out what's going on.

My parents have requested that I solve this civilly since she works for their neighbors, but if she's lying to me I want to bring her up on criminal and civil charges. I want my money back and I have proof that I paid her for the car.

What do you think, is she just a lazy old bat or is she trying to steal from me?

If she is trying to steal from me, would you bring her up on criminal charges or would you let it go for the sake of neighborly peace?
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How do shows like Intervention/Addicted show people committing illegal acts like taking drugs, stealing, prostituting and no charges are ever filed? Couldn't the police just use the episode as evidence in court?
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So, last night my friend went on a first date. They had dinner and then went to a different place for drinks. At both places, when the check came, the boy immediately took it and gave it back with only his card before she could even look at it. At the end of the night, he asked her for half of the cost of the date.

Is this acceptable?
Would you be pissed if it happened to you?
Would you do this to someone?

(Just to clarify because I feel like people would comment about it, I don't think there's anything wrong with the girl paying for half the date, but the way she described it, it was like she was getting an invoice at the end of the night)

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In this scenario, you have a young son. He's going to a private school because the one in your area has a reputation of high academic achievements and your significant other really liked that feature. One day, your son tells you that he wants to be an altar boy. For training, he and another boy would have to spend a few hours in the chapel with Father Bruce. How do you respond?

Sure. If that's what he wants
Um, no. We don't do anything religious in this household, son
NO. I don't know this Father Bruce character but he sounds a little suspicious
What's an altar boy?

Same scenario. You have a young son. He's in the boy scouts. There's going to be an upcoming camping trip with Scoutmaster Travolta. Travolta is unmarried and 40something and a few other parents suspect that he's gay and don't want their little boy stuck in the woods with him. Mr. Travolta is a photographer by profession. The head count of the scouts going (not including your son) is 4. Do you let your son go?

Sure, if he wants to.
I don't let him go because I feel the Boy Scouts are a religious group and my family doesn't do that stuff
No. This guy sound a little suspicious to me.

Your hypothetical 14 year old daughter wants to join the volleyball team. The girl's volleyball coach is a 20something year old guy named Mr. Tribbiani. Mr. Tribbiani is an ex-Olympian from Italy and usually he'll be the only adult around, as they practice on Saturdays. Do you let her join?

Sure, if that's what she wants
No. I don't want her to play. She may get hurt. It's too risky
No. This guys sounds sketchy

Your 14 year old daughter wants to join the NRA club at her school. The sponsor of the club, Mr. Limbaugh, has a lot of guns and twice a month he'll take the club out to shoot bottles. The club's motto is 'Exercise your God-given right'. Do you let her join?

Sure, if she wants
No. This goes against my core principles. Plus, I don't want her to become a right wing nut
No. Sounds dangerous
No. This Limbaugh guy sounds suspicious

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Will you recommend me some awesome Pandora stations? I like to listen to music at work (but would prefer not to wear headphones, as I'm answering phones, so no iPod) and I like fast-paced, melody-driven, get-up-and-go music. So far my favorite stations are Bloc Party, Mika and Phoenix.

DK/DC: What are the most recent albums you've downloaded? Mine are "Intimacy" by Bloc Party, "It's Not Me, It's You" by Lily Allen, "Do You Feel" by The Rocket Summer, and Story of the Year's discography (lol). All downloaded this morning.
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Does anyone have the Oregon Trail app on their iPhone/iTouch? Is it worth the 5 bucks? Reading the reviews on iTunes doesn't help me much because they're all mixed.

Alternatively, what are some of your favorite gaming apps? I'm pretty sick of most of the ones I have. (Sally's Spa, Doodle Jump, Cash Cab, iFarkle, etc.)

P.S.: Thank you for making me laugh/smile last night, TQC. If I could make cookies for all of you, I would!

One more resume question!

I am updating my resume (I said I was doing this a couple months ago, and then I didn't, but now I actually have to!) and I've realized that it looks like a 5 year old wrote it. I know what changes I need to make for the most part, but one thing I was wondering about was - I'm 26 years old. Do potential employers actually give a shit about a bunch of extra curricular activities I did in HS/college? There are a couple that are relevant which I will leave, but other than that... how much do they look at that stuff? I have a lot listed and I feel like it's just taking up space.
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Do you photoshop your pics?

Do you photoshop your pics? Do you know anyone online that does? It's amazing as to what you can do with photoshop, sure the celeb's get shopped all the time, but actual normal people who shop their own pics is interesting. I have no clue how to use photoshop, it's just really interesting to see. Some examples of cosplayers who photoshop themselves to death are interesting! (Kinda NSFW..)

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Dear TQC,

I have a large amount of rolled oats. I also have to make some delicious treat to take to a class potluck. What delicious oat related treat should I make? Do you have a good recipe?

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TQC, I just found out that the 3rd annual Tamale Festival will be in May! I am REALLY excited because tamales/salsa/guac/etc are pretty much my favorite foods.

They are going to have a guacamole contest, salsa contest, and tamale cook-off (and eating contest). My boyfriend and I are thinking about making some guacamole to submit. We have about a month to perfect a recipe. I am fairly certain it's free to enter. Should we do it?!

Have you ever participated in a cooking/baking contest? Did you win? What did you cook? 

Hair questions

What color hair do you have? Is it curly, straight, or wavy? Coarse or fine?  How long is it? Do you like your hair or hate it?   Do you dye it? If so, what brand of hair coloring do you use and which color(s)?

My hair is naturally medium brown, shoulder length, and it is curly and a little on the coarse side.  I don't like it very much, mostly because I hate curly hair. It gets tangled easily and it's difficult to manage it. It also gets frizzy all the time.   I dye my hair sometimes.  Right now it is light auburn and I use Clairol Nice 'n Easy. I like reddish shades.

American Eagle

So being a duduhead that I am..I signed up with American Eagle credit card to get a discount on my purchase...and a $45 purchase has turned into $180...I gave them my mom's address because that's on my license. I temporarily moved out for school and they've been sending the bill to my mom's address...So I get home yesterday with about 5 bills and a letter from a collection agency.

What do I do? If I call American you think they will lower the amount if I explain the situation? Any tips :(
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I went out last night and got drunk. I'm somewhat paying for it today. I get a text from my friend that wants to go to the same place I went to last night because us ladies drink free from 10pm to 11pm tonight.

Should I go or should I stay in?

Do you get nasty headaches the next morning after a night of drinking?

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What age do you think is appropriate for one to start drinking and being let out to parties?

If you are a parent [if you arent pretend you are] would you tell your child to wait untill the age where you can legally go out clubbing and buying alcohol [18 here] or let them to go to partys do drugs smoke and drink when they fell their old enough.
My step-brother is 15 and hes into drugs alcohol and partying which is insane because of how old he is.
Im 18 and i dont drink, ive never been drunk and i dont like going to partys or doing drugs.
I'ts just not my cup of tea. I dont think that really effects me on how i view him at the moment but he is just stupid.
But i do think 15 is faaarr too young!
Disagree or agree?!?!
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Do you consider yourself to be completely free of bigotry um... prejudice?
(I am referring to a variety of biases such as racism &/or sexism &/or transphobia etc etc etc)

My answer in the post

Edited to add;
If you answered no, do you try and address your prejudice? How?
If you answered yes, have you worked on your prejudice to reach this point? And do you honestly believe that you don't hold some sorts of biases against any demographic?

Bigot might be too strong a word, so let's go with prejudice instead.
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How do I go about killing my next door neighbor, who thinks it's an excellent idea to play super loud electric guitar all morning and then all afternoon? I hate the thin walls here >:(

Also, I have to wonder if he heard me badly sing Disney songs last night. Is this revenge? I tried to be super quiet!

ETA - What are your neighbors like?

Stuffed crust

I got stuffed crust pizza last night. I brought home three pieces, and I just ate one. That was likely a mistake, because now I want the crusts from the other two, but I don't really want to eat all of the pieces, but I don't want to leave the rest...

When you have leftover stuffed crust pizza, do you ever eat just the crusts? Are you ever tempted to?
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A friend (K) and I had (have?) dinner plans tonight. She was taking a four hour test in a city about two hours away. I don't know when the test started/was supposed to end, but it's now 5pm and I haven't heard from her. I sent her a text this morning at 9 am wishing her good luck; she replied at 1 pm saying thanks...then nothing. I sent her another asking if we're still on for tonight at 3 pm and nothing back yet.

A singer I like is gonna be at a street party an hour away, and another friend (J) asked me to meet her there. Am I at the point where I ditch K and just go to the concert with J?

If it's relevant, K and I would be somewhere nearby. J is 60 miles away.

DK/DC: if I don't do either, what should I have for dinner tonight? Vegan friendly.

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Does Tyra Banks drive you insane?

Is it just me, or is the entire fashion industry the most stupid, shallow waste of time/money/space, ever? (I was watching America's Next Top Model)

Are you over the show, House? Don't you think it's become super repetitive, predictable, and makes people afraid to eat ham or get splinters?

Should I get wings implanted?

How can I become a werewolf? Know any gypsies who will curse me?
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Guys, I've been, like, super depressed lately. Uh, seriously, I have trouble making myself get out of bed. I've been thinking of going back to therapy, but in the approximately six or seven years I was in therapy, I don't think it ever really did anything. Whatever, I'm probably going to do it anyway since it's not like it's going to make things worse.

If you've ever had an issue with depression or some other mental illness, did you find talk therapy helpful?

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If you know with 100% certainty that your feelings are not returned, what's the point in expressing them?

If you knew you were going to die young, would that make you more or less likely to get into a committed relationship?

Would you get into a serious relationship with someone you knew was going to die young?
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So my plans fell through tonight, tqc...both sets :( so, what are you doing tonight? Have any ideas for me?

I have the option of still going to dinner with K but it will involve crashing her dinner with her mom, which I don't wanna do.

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is there any way to make brownies from a cake mix? or at least something that resembles brownies. i don't have any frosting but i've got a devil's food cake mix and i don't really want frostingless cake.


Have you ever had a (semi-)serious relationship that was physical as well as emotional in which you rarely used your tongue for kissing? My girlfriend and I almost always keep our tongues in our own mouths when we kiss, even when we make out--I don't particularly enjoy frenching. Am I alone?

Inspired by another kissing question in which several people said kissing with mouths closed wasn't "real" kissing.

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Got a suggestion for a movie to watch? I just got back from an epic hike/shooting day in the mountains, and I just want to veg out and not have to think for a while. :P

Preferably comedies, but anything will do.
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I just shattered a glass in a corner of my kitchen too far away from any outlets for my vacuum cleaner to reach. HOW CAN I CLEAN IT?

fab Julie

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I'm currently reading James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young man and I can barely understand what's going on in it.

Is it me or is this book a load of crap?
Also, Joyce should've diaf, y/y?
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When I saw She's Out of My League, I still couldn't find out why the girl was into the guy by the end of the movie.

Anyway, do you know any couples in real life where one person is OMG OMG 10!!!! and the other is "meh"? Not necessarily talking about attractiveness, can be in all qualities.
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I'm thinking of getting a tattoo and wanted to hear your stories. 
  • What did you get done? How much did it cost?
  • How much did it hurt?
  • Any interesting/catastrophic stories?

EDIT: lol, my mom just told me not to get one "on my wrist, my neck, or my forehead". XD

Stay In or Go Out?

I have been driving for the past 13 or so hours from Georgia to Chicago, and common sense would tell me to stay in the night and rest. But part of me wants to go out and shake this angst-y feeling. I feel a little rebellious and I need some attention. Should I stay in, stalk people in Facebook and be miserable. Or should I go out, knock back a few shots and maybe feel miserable? What do you think?

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My friends and I want to go to the cinema tomorrow night. We'd need to drive.
There are 6 of us and my car only seats 5.
Do I put someone in the boot?
(I'm in the rural UK if this affects your answer.)
ETA: Taking another car is not an option, i'm the only one with a car (we're students, no one has cars here!) And by put them in the boot, I generally mean take more people than the car's capacity. I hadn't thought of 4 in the back!
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I met a guy who is an actor. He's Persian, and the only roles he can get on TV are terrorist roles. He ends up playing that random guy who throws a grenade while yelling "death to America!" then gets shot and dies.

What's your cast-type role if you were an actor?

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I have a question for any and all Tragically Hip fans out there. Was I hallucinating when I recently heard on the radio that the Hip will be playing at Massey Hall in May? I've looked it up on Google, and on the Massey Hall website, but so far, nothing... So, are they in fact on tour (and coming through the Toronto area), or was I just imagining things?
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If you were making a movie out of the book "The Hobbit", what music would you use? Say you had to come up with a playlist of around 10-15 songs.

Any particular songs for particular scenes?

I know it's a bit of a silly question but I've always loved the story and I heard they're making a movie! :)

Multiple questions!

Today fucking sucked. How was your day?

dk/dc? What are your favorite sites to shop online?

dk/dc? Show me your favorite pair of shoes!

dk/dc? Are you an only child? If not, do your parents favor you, or one of your siblings?

dk/dc? ...tuff.

In april I have to prove to insurance that I am a full time student because I will be 19, how does this work? What do I turn in? I am not doing well in school at all, but I am still *~*enrolled*~* but mother dearest will be LIVID if she finds out how poorly I am doing, can I do the turning in of the insurance information?
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Sticky boot soles

I had a pair of steelcapped boots with what I think were rubber soles.

I left them sitting on a shelf for a few years, and when I picked up, the soles were very soft. They were initially covered with a fine layer of dust, but if you moved the rubber around it was sticky, sort of like a very thick caramel?

Were my boot soles probably rubber? What caused the material, whatever it was, to become soft and sticky?